The pledge of allegiance was a World Fair project with Ties to Ancient Rome. and the Helen Keller Connection


 The Helen Keller Connection

[I came into this bc of a background check on John Macy, he was a central character in the Helen Keller project in the beginning and married to Anne Sullivan. In his time at Harvard he worked for a publication called the Youth’s Companion, a Socialist propaganda rag saying they have been printed in Boston for 100 years, the most circulated mag of its day, just ask ’em. The rags stated goal was ‘virtue and piety…and to warn against the ways of transgression’ but in actuality it was used to carry Socialist military industrial complex ideals into the family unit and specifically targeted children in the classroom. It was another manifestation of indoctrinating the population as children to be ideal State citizens through a centralized education system. The Prussian Model. YC was a regular contributor to Atlantic spook mag as well, those guy are pretty messed up. I got articles on the Atlantic and the Prussian Model if you check the tag bar. Except for a few revisions I didnt have to do much to this one, I wrote it over a year ago and before I realized Columbus was a historical fictional icon, his name is on everything bc it is mockery. Undoubtedly I missed alot but there is always more, this is only a few good paragraphs, its impossible to tell the complete story in such short length but the details are most often chatter and I get the core message across. enjoy]

…To further support this claim let’s look at the Youths Companion’s greatest legacy. The September issue in 1892 printed the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time. The official bio of the Pledge says it was written by self-acclaimed socialist, Baptist minister, and advertising guru Francis Bellamy as part of a larger appreciation for Christopher Columbus. It was published in ‘92, the 400-year anniversary of C.C. but it was really intended for a ceremony at the Chicago World Fair in 1893, called the World Columbian Expo, and held on Columbus Day. History has a hard time explaining why the 400 anno is held on the wrong year, (1492 but the world fair was 1893) whatever but the introduction of the pledge was early on purpose, it was part of the build-up, so that by the time the Fair came the kids were already hooked

Bellamy spoke to a national convention of educators and politicians to help implement the program, which includes the government takes charge of all public schools and a flag placed in every school room with a daily ritual chanting with gestures. The convention loved the idea and made Bellamy the chair, I guess it helps when he is also president of the National Education Association and a celebrated freemason. The freemasons themselves confess Bellamy was not listed as the author in 1892. They admit the pledge was a free mason collaboration between the YC’s owner Upton; Bellamy just wrote his name on the paper, similar to Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto. 

Bellamy adored the military and wanted the entire economy to be nationalized and emulate the military. He wanted the government to take over the schools to create an “industrial army”. A type of “military Socialism”. He has many other Socialist connections including published works and political groups. Bellamy’s cousin Edward authored a famous book about a socialist dystopia, its the family biz 

A military salute was chosen as gesture in the flag ritual; it was called the Bellamt Salute bc it was his project but it is only a variation of the Roman Salute featured in paintings. It would later be known as the Nazi salute.  Bellamy was credited with the entire show but it was happening simultaneously in Germany and America. Germany was also a firm believer in the Prussian Model of Pestalozzi and I see this as evidence there was instructions handed down from the top on both sides of the pond. The notion that mainstream history pushes is that the pledge was nothing more than a gimmick to sell flags is laughable. Also is the claim it was supposed to be a one-time occurrence that just ballooned organically. We saw the same thing with Sammy howes wife, Julia Ward Howe and her song, Battle Hymn of the Republic, that was planned in advance to go viral but media said it was all natural, the Star-Spangled Banner too for that matter. Its like the algorithms that control viral videos now. Spread faster through hyper patriotism during the Spanish and WW2 scripts that were about to come up. Sounds more likely the pledge was pushed that much harder as part of a broader war machine propaganda drive. 

This is the source for whats called the Roman Salute, Some say its not a salute at all but orator theatrics. Thats the thing about Ancient History, its all made up so you can say whatever you want. As long as your not questioning its authenticity but only its interpretation. Some people be like “Its proof of giants” lol, sorry i couldnt help it.

Many religious people were persecuted for not joining in. They saw it as sacrilegious, a type of government worship. The original script did not include the phrase ‘under God’ and when it was added in 1954 the lying media sensationalized the separation of church and state argument but to Bellamy there was no distinction, the school is the church and the religion is the state. This is just political and medic rhetoric to keep the subject in daily conversation. Its always religion.

After the war the salute was deemed too Nazi for Americans and changed it to the hand flat on the chest although according to their own timeline Americans used the salute first. The fact it was used by the two countries at the school and military arenas at the same time is farther evidence they are using the same model. The Prussian Model. That’s why it was introduced at the world fair. The world fair was a cover for intelligence factions to meet up without unwanted attn. Thats just inserted Patriotism, its the action of the salute itself, not the particular variation thats important.

Post-civil war reconstruction needed to bring north and south back into the fold. They needed to unite the people again after dividing them for the last few decades. The children were targeted… well, bc they were children, and didn’t have the experiences personal like an adult. They take to indoctrination better. The children are always targeted.

Flag Day

A natural question one should come to would be ‘What about Flag Day?’ All this ritual chanting and military saluting the flag you would think Flag Day would be the most appropriate, why Columbus Day? At the same time the ceremony at the World fair is taking place the Flag Day movement is gaining momentum right alongside of the Pledge of Allegiance. His-story would have you believe the two are totally independent of each other and unrelated. Both were introduced in 1893, Flag Day and flag ritual at world fair 

Col George Balch was on a patriotism kick as well in the late 1880’s, he also proposed placing a flag over every public building and every classroom. He also came up with a national icon (flag), motto (pledge), which included a gesture known as the Balch Salute. Mr Balch was not just an educator, as normie source try to mislead you, he was superintendent of the Board of Education of New York.

[* This position would be important in the near future when the Board of Ed tries to sort through the Dot War on the Blind info.] 

Balch started with a military intelligence officer career during the Mexican and Civil War. If he were Intel he would have known the wars were proxy. After the war he went over to the railroad where he was an auditor for the Eerie RR. Another proxy position since the railroads have always been here, the RR are an ancient artifact. After he cooks the books, he goes over to education… Consider he stays military intelligence the whole time. Did you ever think about that? That’s what spooks do. Thats when he decided to go on a sales drive to have a flag at every school and public building? This was the end game, why he was placed at head of the board, bc he is military and we are in a psychological war and the children are always targeted first. [*Thats also why he oversaw the Dot War] 

George ancestry goes all the back to Plymouth company, he was a founder of Salem, in war he served on the war-sloop Plymouth. Fake history for birth-right status

Flag day was once a year and the pledge is every day, have twice the saturation and Everday, Effective propaganda is repetition.

  • There would be other influences in the creation of flag, such as the Colonial Dames of America, Those are some treacherous bitches that travel around coopting Old World sites and slapping a false American History on it, they were involved in the Jamestown Settlement hoax, which was another World Fair project. part of their build up includes:
  •  in 1891 the Betsy Ross House held a ceremony.
  • In 1893, at the urging of the Sons of the Revolution, the Pennsylvania Society of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, lead by Elizabeth Duane Gillespie, adopted a resolution requesting the mayor of Philadelphia and all private citizens to display the Flag on June 14th. The Public Schools of Philadelphia joined the movement and hosted a large rally of students in Independence Square, each carrying a small flag while singing patriotic songs. 

Columbus Day 

We can stray a little bit but not quite that far. Another lead may be the first Columbus Day celebration on record. The 300 anniversary was held by Tammany Hall, also known as the Colombian Order, they were the political group that ran NYC and the celebration supposedly was a big deal. It could’ve been a model for the 400yrs expo,  [nope, the 300 anno was just to give the impression that this had been an ongoing thing forever. Fake history.] We saw the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Columbus being held by the Columbian Order. In the 1930’s the day was recognized by the feds but only after much lobbying by the Knights of Columbus, so for 150 yrs the same circles within circles tried to politized the day, at the world’s fair there are many references to Columbus as well. In 1954 the Knights of Columbus lobbied for the words ‘Under God’ to be added in. That it was expedited through says there were other motives involved. [See how the people use a fake history to make it appear as if they have been around and done such wonderful things?]  

These events were taking place in the early 1890’s, John came to Youths Companion openly in 1901, less than a decade from the Flag ritual. Contemporary newspapers admit he was appointed but by whom is not mentioned, he probly worked on the Pledge drive too but he would’ve been too youth to take credit. Now we have a resume and character background of Macy we can continue.

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