Mothers Day is a Feminist Assault on the Nuclear Family

Mothers Day

This is an extension of the bio about Julia Ward Howe, mistakenly credited for creating the Mother Day holiday, find the rest of her story here

 The Mothers Day story takes place over the course of several generations on the international stage. The movement itself was much larger than one person but julia did have an early role as advocate for a day of recognition. All of them have different reasons why they advocate for mothers day but none are straight up, all half-truth virtue-signaling.

Perhaps the Mothers Day drive did not take place in her time bc of politics. Most of the early proponents of Mothers Day direct it to war-torn families, the Orphan Class, a psychological manipulation tactic.

Julia was involved in early feminist-movement arm of social justice. Womens suffrage. The feminist movement was always funded by bankster elite ‘philanthropists’ as a way to dissolve the nuclear family and created a wider tax base. She lobbied for the creation of an International Mother’s Day as far back as 1870. Ward is a small player in this field. A player nonetheless but the majority of credit belongs elsewhere.

You might be thinking, “How could she be dedicated to eradicating the family unit and at the same time advocating for a special day just for mothers?” Good question. I’m glad you asked, Julia’s vision was to isolate the woman, to make her consider herself as a separate entity apart from her family, it was not just about hallmark cards and flowers either, originally at least. Ward called out for a day for women of the world to unite as an official day of peace, a Womens World Peace Day or something similar. The proclamation was for women to rise up in peaceful protest to the Franco-Prussian war, AKA the French Revolution, The Crimean War, the Civil War… in which all the mothers would send their children out to die, its all virtue-signaling, appearing to be virtuous for the appearance only, not the inherent goodness of the deed itself, they always target the children and specifically the war-orphans. These people call themselves Pacifists and preach non-violence as psychological manipulation to create the docile obedient slaves that just shut up and take it. Not only was she was of the elite Reset class but even if she was just some gutterwhore Sammy picked up, she was still wife of legendary war hero Sam Gridley Howe… He was a war hero for wars that only existed in the media, she knew there was no Franco-Prussian war, whatever the fuck ‘Franco-Prussian’ is supposed to mean anyway.

It would be decades later and credit would go to one of Julias old associates, Ann Reeves Jarvis, from the Sanitation Committee, before it was given federal recognition. Ann was the 8th of 11 children, only 3 survive to adulthood and one was blind from Scarlet Fever. None of that is true but it is how numbers are used as markers, thats a pretty bold statement. Daughter Anna was born May 1st (international Workers/May Day) and died Nov 24th (Thanksgiving) both of these are holidays with formations developed like Mothers Day as well, dates are markers just like numbers. In 1913 the House passed Resolution 103, the numbers game is a method of communication, a ‘revelation of the method’.

In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrase “Second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, Founder”, and created the Mother’s Day International Association. She specifically noted that “Mother’s” should “be a singular possessive, for each family to honor its own mother, not a plural possessive commemorating all mothers in the world.” This is also the spelling used by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in his 1914 presidential proclamation. So now that turned it into a spell, a binding-contract ritual, it changed the energy around it to be negative, ‘singular and possessive’, are not just used in the literal context, this is part of the spell, casting spells with speech and nobody knows it… Its even called Spelling for fux sake. Have you ever used the words singular and possessive next to each other and it was about something positive? This is also the spell-ing used by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in his 1914 presidential proclamation.

Mothers Day is celebrated all over the world and popped up all about the same time frame, even though they are all supposedly independent of each other and just kinda merged at the end. The exact date and wording of the observance might vary a little bit but thats just a local flavor. A pillar of each country is greiving mothers for children lost to war. Some countries try to disguise the military theme and say it honors the sacrifices made by the mother for her kids, thats bullshit. This line of thinking still separates the family unit and tricks the mother into seeing herself as outside of the family. Ann even used the argument that holidays are sexist in mens favor in order to sell the idea

Not only did Mothers Day start showing up around the same time on the international stage but even within America itself there are multiple chapters of pre-history. Examples include Juliet Blakely, of Albion Michigan and Frank Hering, called the ‘Father of Mother’s Day’. If you thought it was possible that the world scene was a string of coincidents hopefully now you can see the whole thing is part of a script. Normally when things play out on the world stage like this there is a World Fair connection.

Ann’s daughter, Anna, picked up the slack when mom died writing letters to politicians asking for acknowledgement. In 1908 the first modern Mothers day was held in Grafton WV. Grafton was a scene in the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, so we already know what kind of shot-callers are holed-up there.

Mothers Day Financed by the World Fair Agents

Financing was provided by a Philly merchant,, John Wanamaker, who opened Americas first dept store at an abandoned railroad station in 1876. Philly hosted the Centennial Expo in 1876, the first offical World Fair in the New World. It was a World Fair project, of course it was.

Not only once but two World Fair connections, Sammy Howe was in the U.S. Sanitation Commission, they hosted a series of fundraiser events, the Sanitation Faisrs, for the Union army during the Civil War, proto-world fairs. Julia wouldve been directly involved in her husbands work, meaning any special-interest assignments like Mother’s Day wouldve been handed down by the same people. If youre completely lost right now you’ll have to read some of my World Fair reports; they were a tribute to conquest and enslavment and psychological warfare and inserting a false historic narrative. Any kind of connection to the World Fair only means the same thing.

A Railroad station? Are you kidding me? Wanamaker invented the printed-advertising flier for crying out loud, he just printed his products and the prices and passed it out and when people found out it was true his business boomed. They call it, ‘Truth in Advertising’, GTFOH, You mean it took almost 1900 yrs for someone to think of that? You dont believe that do you? The thing that made his different is that he had his price sheets copyrighted, That copyright is a title, the seal stamp is a sigil, that magick symbol gives his binding-contract that power.

Wanamaker is the embodiment of Commercialism, In fact he might not even be a real person I just found out about him, I mean his name is fake af, unless he’s got some loopy parents, Wanamaker is a play on words “I want. I want. I want”, is “Wanna Wanna Wanna”, Maker, he is a maker of “I want, I want, I want”, get it? Hey, weren’t we just talking about casting spells through everyday speech is really a thing? it doesnt matter if he is real or not anyway, it isnt even about him. The infrastructure and system is fully developed, it is Consumerism/Commercialism as an Institution. The insertion of the shopping experience is an entirely separate World Fair Project, (you see what I mean when I say that now?) The first department store. he married into the Brown family, as in Brown University. Opened a store at 818 and Market, opened another at 13th and Market. Modeled his dept stores after the halls of the Universal Expo.

There is a lot of black magick going on in this thread, the only other place I’ve seen this much was the insertion of the Santa Parade and Thanksgiving as a commercial holiday. I say black magick bc it is using deception and enslavment at its root.

One more thing, Wanamaker’s also was home to the second largest pipe organ in the US at the time, incidently it was the same Organ featured at the St Louis World Fair in 1904. This give it a religious angle that should be noted. Only important structures get organs, like Cathedrals. Sporting venues get organs too but this is still early, this gives the consumer an almost religious experience, the Shopping Mall Temple of the Consumerist Religion. The organ was expanded by Wana’s own organ builders and is now the largest pipe organ in the world that plays everyday. Recognizing and understanding these things is so important if youre trying to understand whats going on today. Little seemingly insignificant things like the organ mean so much more than words express.

When some prime movers like Wanamaker doing the financing and Ward-Howe doing the lobbying it means chances are theres more going on than you think. Mothers Day was part of a much broader attack on feminism, ironically the people calling themselves feminists are the ones doing the most damage. During this same period is also the suffrage movement, which was about women voting, the birth control and abortion movement was really under way with Margaret Sanger in NY. The Industrial Revolution was another one, women were targeted in a series a industrial ‘accidents’; boiler explosions, factory fires…

Also worthy of mention is the early association of flag imagery to go with mothers day, white carnations were included as well but the flag is significant bc the leaders of that movement to get federal recogition share alot of similarites as this, seems like there could even be a central overseeing body that directs things from above and sends the agents out to do the work… Hmm, that would be crazy if something like that were true, even though Flag Day was a World Fair ritual too, the first ceremony held in Chicago… but, nah.

The Betsy Ross house in Philly was one of the first promoters of the day and helped get the movement off its feet. The Betsy Ross House connects us to the Colonial Dames of America; these were the flag day/world fair agents. Here is my article about that.

*See Also: American War Mothers groups, their flag is flown on the US Capitol on Armistice Day (11/11) Anne Jarvis crashed a AWM party for using Mothers Day and was arrestted for disturbing the peace. AWM is part of the show. Jarvis soon died of ‘dementia’ in the hospital paid for by the card and candy industry.

(*Wanamaker was appointed General Postmaster by Prez Harrison, this was during the Comstock Years, which was lead by Anthony Comstock and the obscenity police. Comstock was the founder of Christian-front org YMCA, Wanamaker was the Prez of the YMCA, and the elder in a Sunday school group. None of this is relevant right now but the entire promise is built on seemingly unimportant connections just like that. The Sunday School group comes up sometimes in research, its a front club.)

This lithograph by C. Parsons of the Interior of the Crystal Palace, published by Appleton’s of NY, is plugged by the State Archives as an accurate representative of written descriptions of Wanamakers joint, “compartmentalized” they call it, the problem is Parsons is one of the most notorious generational spook families of all times and Appletons was so bad at publishing historical fictional people even the normie culture had to throw him under the bus as a fake-ster. The decision to plug this was not based on “accurate representation”. Not only that but it is housed at the Metro Museum of Art, a whole other layer. This is how the World Order works, its certainly not new.

Commericalized from birth

Jarvis made the jump from Womens Peace Day to Mothers Day but didn’t respond well when commercial interests tried to capitalize on her solemn day of appreciation. She is most remembered for trying to have the holiday repealed after spending years trying to get it recognized. Her mock-anger over how the true meaning was wrapped is only part of the show. Its wrestlemania and serves as advertising. Greeting card and candy companies were cleaning house. Carnations are part of the spell somehow, they are a recognizable feature of Mothers day all over the World, the price got so high for carnations people were breaking and entering greenhouses to steal them.

In her ending years Jarvis tried to get the holiday rescinded, she never married or had children herself (judging by the associates she was a jewish lesbian) Her health was declining so she was placed into a sanitarium, fitting since it was her mother and Julia Ward on the Sanitation Committee that got us here, that connection would not be forgotten. Ironically her medical bills and final expenses were paid for by the flower and candy businesses that made a mint off her. It was Big Biz that paid to keep her in the hospital at a time when she was actively fighting to have the day taken away. It doesnt work like that. Unless they were paying someone to keep her jacked up on electroshock therapy and Thorazine they were not paying her tab bc she was not in any asylum. Ann was keeping the holiday in the spotlight. She would not have asked the supposed inventor of the consumer religion for a loan if she did not want the day to become commericialized.

Mink Coat Mafia member Ann Jarvis never had children,
or a mother herself probably, not the best spokesman for a day
of maternal devotion. Died in Nov 24th, Thanksgiving is
another consumerist based holiday mindfuck, it is highly unlikely she died this day but appropriate it is listed in her bio.
Here is her inner meaning to Mothers day, a
“singular, possessive” term for industrial propaganda.

Mothers Day, the Stamp

Anything that gets immortalized on a stamp is gonna make for a good research subject, Ive come across some spooky shit, The ones that get their own stamp are in a separate class. Check out my stamp collection.

*Wanamaker was appointed General Postmaster by Prez Harrison, this was during the Comstock Years, which was lead by Anthony Comstock and the obscenity police. Comstock was the founder of Christian-front org YMCA, Wanamaker was the Prez of the YMCA, and the elder in a Sunday school group. None of this is relevant right now but the entire premise is built on seemingly unimportant connections just like that. The Sunday School group comes up sometimes in research, its a front club.

The postmaster office would come back in to play later. In 1934 Postmaster James A. Farley planned to issue a three-cent Mother’s Day stamp reproducing Whistler’s Portrait of the Artist’s Mother . Anna asked for an audience “at the White House (preferably Thursday, 22d [February], as I shall be in Washington then) for a better understanding re Mother’s Day celebration, and the proposed stamp for it.” Anna believed the stamp idea came from Hering and the American War Mothers. “This stamp,” she alleged, “is one of the cleverest tricks that any women surely ever put over on a President so gracious as to see them.” The Post Office removed the words “Mother’s Day” from the stamp and added a vase of carnations to the painting. [link to 1970 American Heritage spook-rag mag]

FDR issued the stamp in ’34, that means it was part of the ‘New Deal’. Mink Coat Mafia member and Jewish Lesbo Eleanor is the one who put together the New Deal, she just had the man put his name on it, this is probs why Jarvis got the stamp to begin with, though Ellie.

*Pythian Sisters Lodge promotes Mothers Day Stamps in 1934.


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