The Great Reset Featured on the One-Dollar Bill

The 1896 one-dollar silver certificate to be precise. One of a series of bills the U.S. Engraving and Printing put out in a line called the “Educational Series” featuring a cast of actor scientists and war heroes, I havent looked yet but from what I’ve seen as far half of them were never even real people. The names are listed below if you want to look each one up. Wait till you see the shit I dug up on these guys, I found the bills bc some in the series feature celebrity icons but the truth about who these people are and what they did is so far removed from history books its ridicules. The bill I was looking at had Samuel Morse and Robert Fulton, you’ll have to check the tags for the full story but I was wondering, WTF are these guys doing on a bill together? Just zoomed in and recognized it instantly, been looking at to many pictures of the Paris Commune I guess, anyway, thank you and enjoy.

I found this on the bill after I read about controversy surrounding a bare-chested Lady Liberty I wanted to see her boobies, not really that impressive… Maybe a hundred years ago she was hot, when women couldn’t show ankles.

I found this on the bill after I read about controversy surrounding a bare-chested Lady Liberty I wanted to see her boobies, not really that impressive… Maybe a hundred years ago she was hot, when women couldn’t show ankles.

None of the Founding Father people were real; Washington,Franklin, Jefferson… even Lincoln was a fake, a phantom made real by the same people that make this money real, this money is fake as Abe Lincolns wooden teeth but people make it real by the energy they put in it. Thats magick, Money is a magick trick and they are getting all your energy you focus on making money real you put on their fake historical celebrities so you make them real just the same way. Think about how much belief/energy Mt Rushmore puts out.

The War Orphan. Note the upper and lower portion of the stick
You gotta watch these fuckers

We are all decedents of Orphans, Nothing but a rag and a stick. Note the Fasci on the floor, thats an important one. Its where we get the word fascist from today, it pretty much is just a symbol for the State; the rod to beat you with and the axe to execute. I think alot of Ancient Rome is foreshadowing, its just the endgame but we’ll have nanobots.

The broad is Minerva, goddess of war and wisdom. Shes got a victory crown/ laurel wreath meaning she has been victorious. She is pointing the Orphan/Immigrant to the Capitol. Capitol Hill is a Roman concept again its standard roman symbolism. Ancient Rome was founded on seven sacred hills, the center of government was on Capitoline Hill, thats why everything is capitol hill today, its all Ancient Rome, the French Revolution too but alot of times they are the same thing, history is not linear. Im at risk of losing people before we even start…

The Capitol is a symbol for authority, a governing body that which is its only function. Minerva, the victorious goddess of war points the orphan toward civilization. Authority IS civilization. You can see the ruins crumbled up in piles of the past. The smoke stack represents progress. The authority center is unblemished

The surrounding city is in ruins. Except the factory of course is running, thats the symbol for progress, industry. Building something better. This is where lady liberty is sending the child. In a very literal sense this is the condition of America and this was the real experience of many people. Orphaned to a ruined America, not wild frontier. This was commissioned in 1894, we just had the Chicago Worlds Fair, do a background check on the engraver and the director of engraving and printing, this has World Fair stink all over it, there were three artists, names below.


Theres always gotta be a Phoenix representation
whenever there piles on building rubble laying
around, this re-birth from the ashes is the
New World Order, it isnt really new though, thats a trick.

Library of Congress

The Capitol represents the authoritive body of government, the Library is all the collective knowledge

Im not sure the building in the rear. The brochure says its the Library of Congress and the factory with smoke is not a factory, its the Smithsonian Castle… Hmm, are you sure bc it looks an aweful lot like a factory to me? Maybe in a symbolic way the Smithsonian is doing the work to rebuild the ruined civilization, they’re writing the history and science books and doing all the groundwork the Library of Congress is the ones housing them and making them available to the citizens. Its a team effort.

The building itself was being constructed at the same time, reaching completion in 97, it would be the equivalent of the Library of Alexander if we’re staying with the Roman flavor. The LoA represented the entire collective knowledge of the known world. This is what the LoC tried to appear as but its all propaganda. The Library of Alexander was never even real. Before the LoC was built all the books were stashed at the Capitol Building, The thing about all that bullshit is when you look up construction photos of the LoC you get pics like this, already complete structure with a scaffolding set up to do some face work. guys this is not construction.

So whats up with the underground chambers?

Hold up. This is why you always take the link. The LoC opened in 1897, this is the same time as the bills were printed. Better yet, they put a painting of Minerva on display that was completed in 96. It features the Owl marker and phoenix and a variation of Baphomet. Spartan style Roman armor


Speaking of the team, here are all the names surrounding the border, there are 23 names. The numbers game takes some experience. Its definitely a real thing but trying to explain it to a skeptic is like smashing your finger with a hammer. 23 is W and W is an inverted M and words like wizard and magic and its also 32 and 3 at the same time, and alot of it is context… See what I mean.

Maybe I been in too deep for too long but the central wreath is Washington, it looks like someone tried to disguise an Ouroborros. I mean sure it could be a slip of the engravers wrist, and who is ever gonna see it, me and you are the very first ones ever, lol. The ‘G’ is a little funky too. Washington is like the granddaddy of fictional forefathers, the State worships him, literally creating false-idol worship and Im sure at the heart of Patriotism is some kind of sin, theres no way they would let Washington’s name pass with a marr like that.

This is an obscured ouroborros, the serpent consuming itself. I could be wrong, Im wrong all the time but being wrong about one or two little things does not affect my overall position.

Lets Go back to the War Orphan. Take a closer look at his ‘stick’. Thats a snake right? I mean if you just saw that with no context it still looks like a snake.

I thought maybe the kid was a Moses archetype with the snake cane but no burning bushes or nothing. I said to pay attn to the two halves separate because it switches up and turns into a regular stick’

Do you see it yet? I’ll give you a clue

Yeah the boys stick passes in front of the swirls to make the sigil and thats why the top half looks like a snake, they are trying to hide it, the same with the serpent eating himself, they have to hide stuff like this. How the fuck I found it is crazy for one, two, that I would recognize what it all means,

Act of Aug 4 1886– signing of binding-contract, ritual to create black magick sigils (money)

Still Dont Believe in Sigils?

Its got a Latin incantation right on the mthrfukr… which contains the word ‘Sigil’…on a big fucking red star. if thats not enough evidence for you that paper currency is a physical manifestation of black magick then you can just gtfoh. Thesaur Amer Septent Sigil. The controversy has always been why does the bank say North America and not United States? Good question, maybe perhaps its bc the entity is fake af and has no jurisdixction except that which you allow them to take.

The shield contains a scale, as in the scales of justice (just-us), a banner with 13 stars, and a skeleton key, this may or may not be connected to the Vatican, they use a skeleton key as well

No Person Constitution

An added touch is the book opened to the Constitution, did you see “No Person”, Im sure there is a normie explanation for this but I can assure you it is underlying mockery. Along with the section that is covered up by the plant. Normies say the plant is a rosemary sprig but the thing is, theyre psychopathic liars so forgive me if I have some trust issues.

Ancient Rome is fake for that matter, Ive got some real good articles here if you check the tags

Another thing is money, Money is a physical manifestation of mind-control and black majick spellcraft. I wont get lost in analyzing the paradox of using money to do good deeds, just take my word for it, money only has the value people assign it, its valueless without the mental prison required to see it through. Hence, they only put the baddest bitches on currency.

Are you familiar with Moloch on the modern One dollar bill? the little owl? You cant even see it unless you know its there. This is a well known example of minute detail art work. I have recently become acquainted with the technique of building full scale models of entire cities, This is whitewashed in Babylon when they just call it miniatures.

Moloch on the modern one dollar bill. This is also a symbol for Minerva, the chick on the older bill.

HISTORY: In 1894, Claude M. Johnson (1852‒1919), Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing from 1893 to 1900, ordered the creation of a new currency design, which set into motion the production of $1, $2, and $5 silver certificates. These became known, popularly by collectors, as the “Educational Series.” Artist and muralist Will Hicok Low (1853‒1932) was commissioned on May 10, 1894, to design the obverse of the $1 certificate. Two months later (July 10, 1894), his design was completed and accepted. Thomas F. Morris (1852‒1898), designer of the reverse, redesigned the obverse borders and lettering before the certificates were finally released on April 18, 1896. Charles Schlecht (1843–?), commissioned for this project, was a talented engraver of both stamps and banknotes who had joined the American Bank Note Company (ABNC) in 1859.

OBVERSE: Low, a painter and muralist, brought his panoramic skills to bear in creating this lofty scene. Reclining on a marble parapet above the Potomac River in Virginia is a laurel-wreathed Minerva (or Greek counterpart Athena), the Roman goddess of wisdom, art, strategy, and commerce. Wrapped in a skirt of stars, her right arm embraces a young scholar, a fasces leaning behind his legs, her left arm directing attention toward a distant landscape of the late 19th century Washington, DC. The 555-foot tall Washington Monument obelisk had been completed only six years earlier, becoming an important landmark. The Capitol building lies a mile to the east with the domed Library of Congress behind. Between, with smoke curling into the sky from its chimney stack, is the Smithsonian Castle.

On the parapet to the right leans the opening pages of the Constitution of the United States, a sprig of rosemary (known by ancient Greeks as anthos, ἄνθος, meaning “flower”) rests against its first page.

The perimeter is adorned with the last names of 23 leaders of American history, each framed within laurel wreaths, beginning at the lower left.

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807‒1882): poet, educator
  • William T. Sherman (1820‒1891): U.S. Army commanding general
  • Abraham Lincoln (1809‒1865): statesman, 16th president
  • Washington Irving (1783‒1859): writer, biographer, historian
  • James Fenimore Cooper (1789‒1851): writer
  • Robert Fulton (1765‒1815): engineer, inventor
  • John C. Calhoun (1782‒1850): statesman, 7th vice president
  • Henry Clay (1777‒1852): statesman, 9th secretary of state, Kentucky senator
  • Andrew Jackson (1767‒1845): U.S. Army general, congressman, 7th president
  • John Adams, Jr. (1735‒1826): statesman, attorney, founding father, 2nd president
  • Thomas Jefferson (1743‒1826): statesman, diplomat, architect, founding father, 3rd president
  • George Washington (1732‒1799): Continental Army general, statesman, founding father, 1st president
  • Benjamin Franklin (1706‒1790): scientist, inventor, writer, statesman, diplomat, founding father
  • Alexander Hamilton (1755‒1804): statesman, lawyer, legal scholar, economist, founder of U.S. financial system, founding father
  • Matthew C. Perry (1794‒1858): commodore of U.S. Navy
  • John Marshall (1755‒1835): lawyer, 4th chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Noah Webster (1758‒1843): lexicographer, editor, author
  • Samuel Morse (1791‒1843): painter, inventor
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804‒1864): novelist
  • George Bancroft (1800‒1891): historian, statesman, secretary of U.S. Navy, established Naval Academy at Annapolis (1845)
  • Ulysses S. Grant (1822‒1885): U.S. Army general, 18th president
  • David Farragut (1801‒1870): U.S. Navy admiral
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803‒1882): essayist, philosopher, poet

REVERSE:  designed by Morris and engraved by Schlecht, also included the George Washington portrait by engraver Alfred Sealey and the Martha Washington portrait by Charles Kennedy Burt (1823‒1892). Burt spent 16 years with the ABNC before taking the Bureau of Engraving & Printing. Controversy arose over the oversized “1,” separating husband and wife, In the upper-right and upper-left corners are two beautifully engraved seraphim, each with flowered wreaths.

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