The Triangle and Wolf Muslin Fire. A Series of False Flag Industrial Accidents.

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  1. the lead up to the Triangle fire
  2. the Triangle fire
  3. the Wolf Muslin fire
  4. the New York State House
  5. the Missouri Statehouse

The Triangle Fire is arguably the worst Industrial Accident of modern times, we examine the events that lead in and find a smaller prequel fire across the river in Jersey. than 4 days later we find the state house was torched, making it politically motivated as well. Next we find the same thing happened in multiple states, indicating a national drive to scare people into accepting whatever new overreach laws were coming next.


The string of false-flag industrial ‘accidents’ climaxed withe Triangle Fire, the torture-murder of over a hundred people in broad daylight on an affluent city street. This event was used to justify a series of new laws, 32 to be exact, 8 passed immediately, which gave the Overlord class even more powers of interference.

This road would eventually lead to Roosevelt’s, New Deal, which is really just the old deal with a PR team. By Roosevelt I’m talking about Eleanor, (You know who wears the pants in that family!) People in today’s climate overlook the significance of this era. Things like the 8 hr day and 40 hr week were nothing new, they were included in the Constitution of the Paris Commune/ French Revolution, the Communists constitution, they were about to become federalized. Power was transferring from the robber barons to the government, not that the two are completely separate entities. Before then, the mill owners could set whatever system he wanted as far as wages and hours and safety/sanitary conditions. The government appropriation of the labor force represented a big step for central authority. Things like fire prevention safety regulations gave Big Gov new jurisdiction which allowed them full control over who could operate and who could not, Government is the manifestation of centuries of accumulate binding-contract rituals. Big Bro only exists on paper and is the biggest black magick spell ever cast.

Background Context

The Industrial Revolution was a string of false-flag industrial ‘accidents’ used to keep workers in fear. This was needed in order to consolidate and organize the works labor pool/slave class. Now that they had the technology they needed the manpower.This article is focused on a series of events in the early 1900’s surrounding the full spectrum dominance psychological warfare on the slave class. One thing I have learned is history is not linear, its impossible to cover such a broad subject in just a few paragraphs, I do not try to. This is only an outline.

Where we pick up the story is not at the real beginning, in this chapter the beginning would be closer to the development of the sewing machine, a World Fair project that was one of the first of its kind. World Fair projects were collaborations between international overlords to develop (or delay) particular inventions that were required to install the prison planet paradigm we find ourselves living in today.

Maybe you still think the world fairs were a happy-go-lucky day in the sun. They were a military operation set to insert a fake historical narrative and develop technologies

The sewing machine made it possible for the mass-production of clothes, sounds like a little thing right? His-story would have you believe this technology happened organically but thats bullshit. Developers might have been in competition for the newspapers but they were all on the same side. This is a class-war.

Once the Sewing Machine was completed there was a surplus of goods for commercial and military value, uniforms… Such a thing is often overlooked but say you have to clothe an army of an entire nation, how do you plan to do it if each article is produced by hand? Now you have an army of laborers. The whole point is to make everyone little obedient drones, so the next thing to do is organize them using controlled oppositional leaders and traumatic psychological warfare tactics… Thats pretty much where we pick up.

This is the women’s turn, the men had already been worked over in the mines and fields, there were the fledgling workers rights groups, the proto-Unions of today. Women were used in the garment industry where there was a high concentration of unskilled laborers, most of whom could not even speak English let alone unit and defend themselves from the slave conditions of overwork and underpay.

Whata the best way to accomplish your mission? Send in one of your own to act like they are working in the peoples behalf but ultimately they only leading them further into the trap. Where we pick up is at a meeting where it was put on the table for the first time to decide whether an all out strike for better conditions was appropriate, this incident would set off a preplanned chain of events that still resonates today. That’s what trauma-based manipulation is all about. We have a collective traumatic event in our past, shit, our WHOLE past is a string of trauma based mind-controlled events.


In November 1909, at the International Ladies Garment Workers Union conference, labor leaders met to decide what should be done about unfair working conditions. The ILGWU was the largest labor organizer for women at the time and would play a central role in the labor question throughout much of the coming decades.

Another key player would be Local 25, all the members were Jewish, Russian, and Socialist/Communist. They organized a strike first in September. It was the first against the Triangle Company but not the first strike, they had been striking in Boston and Newark as well in the years running up to the big show.

Here is organizer Pauline Newman, we dont see women throwing up the Hidden Hands gang sign often. Newman emigrated from Lithuania as a child, her father taught the Talmud to wealthy children. The problem with that is most people are unaware of what the Talmud really is. Newman worked for the women’s unions for 70 yrs as an organizer and journalist (propagandist), content creator for New York Daily Call, Progressive Woman, and the WTUL publication Life and Labor.  Worked with Eleanor Roosevelt and Francis Perkins and lived with her partner in Greenwich Village for several decades. She also organized civil unrest wherever the call was placed, like a US strike tour, she traveled around helping form activism. After the Uprising striked popped up in all the Old World cities; Boston, Philly, Chicago, Milwaukee…

November is when there was a real Union sit down with Samuel Gompers, he was head of the AFL, he was supposed to be for the Worker but tended to only look out for the skilled trades. Unskilled labors like those in the ‘Needletrades’ were lowest. The exact date was 11/22 which I’ve seen come up a few times, JFK was supposedly shot on this day.

Clara Lemlich (Shaverson), an unscheduled speaker, was given the floor and gave a spur of the moment passionate speech that had the whole crowd erupt into cheers and within hours 20,000 immigrant slaves were striking in the streets. She called for general strike against employer tyranny from sweatshops. In Yiddish. They took a Jewish pledge, an oath, led by the chairperson in some accounts. It was a variation of Psalms 137, it sounds like quite the scene.

“If I turn traitor to the cause I now pledge, may this hand wither from the arm I now raise.”

What if I told you none of that shit happened like that? That all that drama might make for a good bedtime story it is completely made up? What about that, did you ever think about that? Ok let me just say that I never have or never will promote the NYTimes cuz all they do is spread disinfo and they’re a gatekeeper Hall of Records, however, because they are a gatekeeper Hall of Records, I am forced as a researcher to view said records occasionally, just to get the official narrative. If anybody was going to act as a hype-man it would be them, yet they tell a difference then everyone else.

According to the Hall of Records nothing out of the ordinary happened, it was just a regular strike as all the rest of them that had been going on the last few years. Not only that but the first condition of the strike was to acknowledge the ILGWU as a union, that means these people had no authority until that point. All the self validation these people do its easy to forget that its all just blowing their own horn,

I used to think the speech was written in advance and the whole scene was theatrics, Clara was well known as an activist and founder of union Local 25, then there was the Ava Morgan group also, they claimed openly that they were separate entities with dif motives and strategies but they are all on the same team. Now it seems most probable the incident never even happened at all, sure it was scripted and all, just not like I thought, these things have many layers and everything connects. The sources of today acknowledge the seam where the scene was inserted and brush it off by saying the papers were pro-industrialist, thats why no mention was made, as an insult. Nice try, Pumkin Tits, the papers never mentioned it bc it never happened.

By no means is the NYT ever a credible source, even though their story doesnt not match up with public education story they are still lying

Of course it was fake, it was a Mink Coat Mafia project. The Mink coat Mafia was a group consisting of the wives and daughters of the most elite of the bankster and celebrity politicians in America. They were invariably jewish lesbians and used the labor struggle to virtue-signal. Their project ran close beside the suffrage movement (womens right to vote) and the America aristocrats paid bail and hospital bills and funded the bread line. Some even walked the picket line but that was just a photo op, they certainly werent there when the strike breakers came through busting ribs and noses.

The three biggest factories were the Rosen Brothers, the Leiserson and Triangle Shirtwaist Company, but the specifics arent necessary, these companies are representative of the whole industry 

The ILGWU was started in 1900 by a group of 11 jews representing different trade unions.

Another Hidden Hand spook job. Clara comes from a Jewish town of Gorodok. Its difficult to tell much from that though, there are 5 towns with the same name spread out though Poland, Ukraine, and Russia, making it hard to backtrack. She came to the states to flee anti-semetic hostilities in 1903. Once in America she wrote letters for her illiterate neighbors to afford her school books, thats when one of the neighbors gave her a book about revolutionary Communism and she was a devout Commie her entire life. OK so this sounds good in a PBS bio-pic but in real life its not how things work. Although I will say the stories of her sustaining broken ribs from thugs and cops hired by the factory owners are probably true. She knew going in it was part of the job, and she probably was arrested 18 times, maybe not 18 bc thats the aces and eights mark, but you catch my drift.

*Start with WTUL ‘Mink Coat Mafia’ research here (ThoughtCo.)


The Fire

A major turning point in the book of organizing the slave class was the Triangle Factory Fire, dubbed the worst industrial accident of all time. It included all the same players from the Uprising of 20,000, especially noteworthy are the factory owners that refused to cooperate with strikers after the Uprising.

March 25 of 1911 a factory named the Triangle Shirtwaist Company caught fire and killed 146 women and children. Most of them teenage jewish immigrants from Brooklyn that jumped out of the windows rather than burn alive.

“The worst fire in a New York building,” said Chief Croker as he came out among the ambulances and fire apparatus again, “since the burning of the Brooklyn theater in the 70’s.” This quote from the fire chief lets us know that the 70’s theater fire was another project, [along with another name-dropped, the river steamboat Slocum explosion]

The company was unorganized, meaning they weren’t part of the union. This means it was intentionally burnt down for the cause. In the aftermath we saw the creation of OSHA and Fire Prevention Bureau. The Triangle fire is also the textbook event that’s used to justify farther restrictions, over-reach and regulations.

The Factory Investigating Commission is another spin off, as is the omnipresent Safety Committee. As honest as any kind of committee that gets paid to investigate themselves is gonna be, look at the Warren Commission and the 9-11 commission. They would eventually lead to the US Dept of Labor in 1913. Ironic that the secretary of Labor was Frances Perkins of the notorious Boston Perkins clan of slave traders, now as Labor secretary is still a slaver. Perkins was indeed head of the Safety Committee that oversaw the investigation.

Perkins said she was eating lunch outside in Greenwich Village when it happened and witnessed the girls jumping out of the windows. She used it to ride in on a white horse. Greenwich is an art spook base camp. Alot of prominent people within their community lived here and many operations were based out.

NYC developed strict codes and penalties for noncompliance, other cities soon followed. 8 new laws enacted. Major pieces of the political-industrio infrastructure.

The fire was contained in under 20 mins, this indicates the fire department had prior knowledge, they were given Bureau of Fire Prevention as payment for involvement. In Dec ‘10 the fire chief testified about the dangers, predictive programming. The ladder truck only reached the 6th floor, bet they got a shiny new truck after this. 

Not only were there political motives but the owners Max Blank and Isaac Harris were set to collect a lot of money from insurance. They were said to be on the tenth floor when the fire was announced. The fire started on the 8th and moved extremely fast, calls to the 9th floor weren’t there in time and many jumped out the window to their deaths. Somehow the bosses on the 10th floor did get the call and were able to escape thru the roof. Do I even have to say it out loud? Blanck is said to have lost more family members than anybody, this is of course the beginning of a new assignment. Agents can appear out of nowhere with any background the handlers choose. 

They took advantage of new technology, installing mechanical sewing machines, which were five times faster than those run by a foot pedal. This is the World Fair project tech, the whole reason for the development of the sewing machine on an international field at breakneck speed was for this exact purpose, to further enslave the human population on a free-range tax farm.

There were other companies in the building but no damage was done to any other floors. The whole thing was over in less than half an hour. Thats because it was a controlled fire.

The date was March 25, 13 months after the strike ended. Im still counting it as a 3/22 attack even though it was a few days off. It was a Saturday, when the streets would be at their busiest, this was a profound traumatic psychological warfare attack on the collective psyche. thats why its called Psychological, duh.

A makeshift morgue was set up near the site and people could try to identify the girls. Newspapers descriptions are intentionally morbid about how the girls were burnt beyond recognition and still smoldering after the damage of a 10 story drop

Max and Issac tell their story that they only made it out by the skin of their teeth, One grabbed a little girl in each hand and ran out to the roof and climbed over to the other building, which was the American Book Company. They formed a chain which passed girls up to safety and single handedly rescued 20 women. Wow a real fuckin hero this guy. I know most of you dont understand the significance of these co-conspirators like Am book club, ABC is one of the early spook publishing houses and their involvement alone is enough to suggest whatever their name is attached to is an operation, they are part of the Hall of Records.

*Speaking of the Hall of Records, heres an article published by our friends down at the Atlantic Monthly about Mink Coat Mafia, about to be US Sec of Labor under Eleanor Roosevelt (no pun intended; if you get it, you get it) Francis Perkins just so happened to be coincidentally outside having lunch when the event happened and witnessed first hand the bodies of women splattering on the asphalt. Perkins was employed as a factory inspector at the time and would use this event to virtue-signal her entire career.

Mock trial

The owners were Max Blanck and Issac Harris, also both Russian-born jewish immigrants, charged criminally charged, but not in the way they deserved. They had lost several previous factories to fires and had a substantial insurance policy, also neglected workplace regulations. The charges were first- and second-degree manslaughter, focusing on the locked door which was the only fire escape that prevented the women from escaping. The trail lasted 13 weeks and featured over 100 witnesses. There is even a post on the Famous Trials website that covers every mock trial in history.

The States case was presented on the death of one person, who represented all of them, in the end it boiled down to the the door being locked and whether the owners were aware of it.

The manslaughter charges were beaten on a technicality that they didn’t know the door was locked. The entire court case was a sham, just like we have seen in so many cases before. An actual name of the witness is Ida Mittleman, lol, gtfoh. She testified that she had never seen the key not in the lock and tied to a string and that the door was not locked at the time of the fire. Mittleman say she was one of the first ones to escape and rode all the way down calmly on the elevator. This same elevator shaft was said to be clogged up with dozens of girls that jumped down to escape. This crisis actor was never there and was whitewashing the owners.

It was common practice to lock all the girls in during the working hours for many slave owners. This is slavery in its newest form, since the abolishion of slavery in South it just moved into the factory of the North.

Here is an article about the star witness in the trial, Kate Alterman. Another commentor pointed out how ‘Russian’ the name Alterman is but I think it is more tell, Alterman is more of a title or job description than a name, the mind is referred to as the ‘Alter’ in mk ultra-type cases, The Alterman is the handler, its a play on words anyway, the article showcases the court transcripts of her testimony which she openly says the legal team took her to the scene and coached her on what to say. They say it was because she didn’t speak English but the same paragraph she admits living in Philly for the past 9 yrs and she speaks fluent English. This slip up is evidence that the whole trail is a scam but whitewashers today say it is the fancy-pants Jew lawyer that caught the state coaching witnesses is how the case was won. This is an example of whats called ‘Revelation of the Method’, where they tell you how everything was done, you just have to see past the thin layer of bullshit for the true meaning.

Here is another one about the Alterman testimony thats a Revelation of the Method article about scripted courtroom theatrics

It was sensationalized by Pulitzer himself and reminds this researcher more of the OJ Simpson trial. And like OJ the pair were acquitted in criminal court but years later lost a civil suit and had to pay families 75$ per head, the two men ultimately collected a large chunk of insurance money — $60,000 more than the fire had actually cost them in damages. Harris and Blanck had made a profit from the fire of $400 per victim.

All of their revenue went into paying off their celebrity lawyer, head of the American Jewish Congress, Max Steuer. Im sure Mr Steuer was well compensated but so was the Triangle company, not that it was ever about the money anyway.

They were sued in early 1912 over their inability to pay a $206 water bill.

In 1913, Harris and Blanck moved the Triangle Shirtwaist Company to a bigger location on West 23rd Street. In March of that year, the two men reached a settlement with the victims’ families in which the factory owners paid out a week’s worth of wages for each worker. Later that year, Max Blanck faced legal action again after he locked a factory exit door during working hours. For this he paid a $20 fine. In December, Blanck was issued a warning after a factory inspection revealed hazardous conditions similar to that of the original Triangle space, including the presence of flammable wicker scrap baskets lining the walls. In 1914, the two owners paid a final fine when they were caught sewing fake Consumer’s League labels into their garments, labels certifying the items had been manufactured under good workplace conditions.

In 1918 the Triangle Company officially disbanded, Blanck would only change names but stayed in the biz, operating as Normandie Garments.

According to court records the cause of the fire was a cigarette in a scrap bin that once ignited flashed through the factory. Yet the NYFD put the blaze out in 18 minutes?  

The biggest telltale sign is the workman’s comp law passed in 1909 was declared unconstitutional the day before. Let me repeat that, on March 24th, less than 24 hrs. before the fire that supposedly killed 146 people the workers compensation law was repealed and declared unconstitutional. That means bosses don’t have to pay for work related injuries. That means they had all the paperwork done first knowing they were gonna burn the building down. This is akin to Rummy telling congress the pentagon lost 6 trillion dollars on sept 10th.  

 It may not be surprising now to learn the compulsory workman’s comp law was overturned in a case that determined the law violated the railroads 14th amendment and the railroad wasn’t responsible for injured workers. The overturned law wasn’t going to last long since the RR bought the verdict the peasants were getting restless, after the Triangle fire it would still be 2 years for the legislation was caught up. The RR seems to be the primary industry blocking the workers comp laws The RR syndicate is given constitutional rights as a living soil person. The RR still doesn’t have Workman Comp today the have Federal liability fund, that was another layer, to set up railroad employees for higher end coverage.

*Happened in the Asch building, National Register of Historic Places and was named a National Historical Landmark in 1991. As on 1915 the 8th floor has been occupied by New York University, later the entire building was bought and donated to the school. The University network are all one single unit and this has their involvement all over it. in 2002 it was incorporated into the Silver Center Arts program, Members that lived or worked here include: Samuel Colt developed the revolver and Samuel Morse invented the telegraph; John William Draper in 1840 took the first photograph in the United States in the original Main Building that the present structure replaced. Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman lived and taught and privately lectured there, Winslow Homer painted there, and architects Alexander Jackson Davis and Richard Morris Hunt had offices there. The guest list associated with the building suggest not only military but World Fair Intelligence; the phonograph, telegraph and revolver were all major projects.

Max Blanck and Issac Harris were the company that wouldnt respond to strikers of the Uprising that set off the chain of events leading up to the fire. They absolutely knew the door was locked and this was an attack in the war on humanity, not just a few immigrant workers sacrificed to the gilded barons. I believe the witnesses at trial that swore the door was always kept unlocked with a string attached to the key, somebody locked the door and cut the string on purpose to ensure the desired outcome.

One of the best parts of the whole show is Blanck, Harris, and Steuer all claim to have started out as a sweatshop slave and rose out of the tenements through hard work and determination. Good One, huh?

The controversial judge Thomas C.T. Crain is among the most elusive figures in the story of the Triangle fire. Scion of a wealthy New York family, Crain nevertheless owned his career to the political machine known as Tammany Hall. (Steuer was also closely tied to Tammany.) In today’s world, Crain would not have been allowed to preside, he too had been blamed for a deadly fire. While serving as Tenement House Commissioner in New York City, Crain failed to prevent an apartment house blaze that left 20 people dead. The judge’s instructions to the jury at the end of the trial provoked widespread criticism but its 27 pages of legalese rhetoric, I think the ‘widespread criticism’ is Normie bullshit speak for ‘nobody said shit.’ More on that below.

[*See Martha Bruere, noted reformist, Mink Coat Mafia]

Rose Schniederman

Prez of the New York chapter of the WTUL. Named Rachel but called Rose bc she is credited for coining the phrase ‘Bread and Roses’, which is humorously not true but sounds good in her bio. Jewish Socialist lesbian immigrant.

“I would be a traitor to these poor burned bodies if I came here to talk good fellowship.” Rose’ speech deliver after the fire contains the word ‘traitor’, like Lemlich supposed speech that incited the Uprising started off saying should she turn traitor may her arm whither off. This is subliminal messaging of warfare mindset.

in a relationship with fellow union activist  Maud O’Farrell Swartz for decades

helped organize the first women’s branch of the United Cloth Hat and Cap Makers Union in 1903,

died Aug 11. (8/11, Aces and eights) Early Socialist.

 1911, she co-founded the Wage Earner’s League for Woman Suffrage

Friends with US Prez Eleanor Roosevelt through the WTUL, put her on the New Deal, Labor Advisory Board. ‘Brain Trust’ member.

Rose will come back into our vision at some point soon, she just gets a nod right now.


It appears there may have been a practice run up to the Triangle fire as well, an earlier sweat shop fire in Jersey at the Wolf Muslin Undergarment Company in 1910. 4 months before the Triangle fire another sweatshop burst into flames and women were jumping out of windows to escape 

The first report that all others cited from was written by Mary Alden Hopkins, that’s right, a Hopkins. Not only was the reporter a Hopkins, but she worked for the Atlantic Monthly. You can’t make this shit up. This Hopkins was another literary propagandist as well, she was editor of several leading normie mags and rags, including the NYT and Harpers and Ladies Journal. Her great fortune on being a presence completely by coincidence was printed in McClures Magazine. That means all the papers that reprinted her article verbatim literally were just copy and pasting, no journalism, not that the free press was dead and gone, it never existed to begin with.   It is fitting she would write this narrative cover story as she was a suffrage and women’s right activist bc it targeted the woman worker. The feminist and suffrage movement took over abolitionist in the character bio’s but they meant the same thing. 

Her article is a masterful example of how to manipulate the public by pushing a false narrative, seeming to button it up tight, without even giving the opportunity to question if it might be a lie bc every detail is answered before you even get a chance to ask it. This by itself is a red flag, why would somebody work so hard at explaining every little detail like the reader is fucking retarded unless its bullshit and they are trying to work you over. The example that comes to mind is the Harley-shirt crisis actor from sept 11 that put out the jet-fuel-melted-the-steel-beams just minutes after it happened. 

 The floors were wooden and were two inches thick when they were laid. Nowadays floor requirements for new construction in New Jersey call for three and three fourths inch thickness. For fifty years this two-inch planking had been soaked in grease and oil from machinery.

Anyway, she starts by going into the buildings history and admits among other things it produced pistols for the army and at multiple points it housed explosive materials. The USS Monitor was also developed here as well, the famous ironclad warship of the Union Army. Hopkins tells you all this to frame a story about how the oil-soaked wok combusted in minutes, but guess what, Weapons and war machines development is who boys and girls??? Military Intelligence, that’s what. Did you ever think about that? This to me says it was owned by the military the whole time.

Domestic Brand Sewing Machines was housed in the building as well. We started this report with a brief excerpt about how the development of the sewing machine was directly tied to the enslavement of the planet at the World Fairs. The famous battle of the Monitor was featured prominently at the Jamestown Worlds air in 1907, that another World Fair connection, similar again to the Triangle Fire who housed several tell-tale occupants.

*Hopkins mentions Paterson, NJ, another spooky town of criminal master operations, home of a famous strike like Lawrence and steamship accident involving 600 Italian anarchists; a lawsuit from Paterson says company not responsible for making separate men/ladies bathrooms, its the gender bathroom drama in the normie media for a different generation

Hopkins article wasn’t published till April 1911 in McClures magazine, she was given the ‘official narrative’ task. The very next day after the fire on Nov 27th 1910 the NYT ran their article. Keep in mind Hopkins is the editor of both. They start their predictive programming narrative push right away, they don’t even make it past the shock value headline before the lone sentence “Defective Law Alone To Blame” … Um yeah so how do they know what’s to blame, less than 24 hours, there is procedure, investigations. This again is Harley shirt crisis actors’ proclamation about jet fuel and steel beams. Then the article starts by attacking fire alarm and fire exit laws, which they admit are up to code. “The building had obeyed the fire exit laws; therefore, blame cannot be laid on any one person.” They are setting the stage for another sham investigation and trial. 

*I would also like to point out both this and the Uprising of 20,000 were scheduled on Thanksgiving, give or take a day, Thanksgiving is a special holiday for them since it is based totaled on fictional history; Pilgrims and Indians. Thanksgiving operations are like the new 3/22; the Triangle Fire was 3/25, the first Saturday available after 3/22, the dates fit a pattern.

The fourth floor where the fire was worst was run by the Wolf Muslin Undergarment Company. Their CEO’s Albert and Irving Wolf are scrubbed clean. I was able to confirm that the govt used a lot of muslin cloth for their uniforms but not who manufactured them. Wolf, sometimes spelled Wolff, or Wolfe, or DeWolf if an elite family that made it off of slave and opium trading.

I was unable to locate any of the immigrant workers from Hopkins’s article, the victims, relatives, survivors, in cases like this the names are highlighted and given a wiki page even if nothing but the incident occurred. Meaning, they are made up or covered up. We have to ask why. (Well, all except the hero Paddock of course, and the three sisters that all burnt up trying to find each other and are buried under a single tombstone, Minnie, Tillie and Dora… Gottlieb. This is a huge name in the spook intel world, connects to Sidney, head of the MK ultra project, these are all mass-mind control operations. The name is another marker but I doubt the three girls are all buried together. I doubt they died if they even existed. 

The hero of this event is none other than Lorin Paddock. Paddock is a family that traces their family all the way back to the founding of Nantucket, there is a whaling legend that Captain Paddock gets swallowed by the whale. There is also the alleged shooter in the Vegas Sniper false flag. Trying to research Lorin Paddock is trying to find Anne Sullivan’s family all over again. The misspellings, multiple accounts for the same people but have details that don’t match up like locations and birth dates. The incontinuity is a red flag by itself but there are other fingerprints of intelligence. Lorins parents were married on July 4th, in Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge is a major flag, Ive come across several Oak Ridge places, each one is some sort of Psychological warfare construct.

[See Nantucket founding families report for clarity] Lorin’s profile says he has 13 siblings but of the 12 listed every one is a dead end, meaning there are no children or spouses to follow up on. Several Paddocks have early war records; Rogers Rangers was a British Intelligence agency, another is accused of shooting a red coat in the back which led to the slaughter of 20 people. Find-a-grave admits even though the words are chiseled into his headstone official records aren’t really clear about his service. He has a relative named Aaron Burr Paddock, we have also covered how people name their children after the people they emulate…. It’s not even one person, its two. The names are literally Aaron Aaron Paddock and sibling Burr Burr Paddock. Lol, yeah. Also, Frank Jesse Paddock, like the outlaw brothers. References to the ancient gods Apollo, Zeus, Neptune and Minerva are incorporated into family names. The matriarch is listed as Magdaline, that’s all, no maiden name, a shout out to Jesus’ woman. 

Now that Paddock is back in the production let’s take a closer look at his whaling legend surrounding Ichabod’s ancestor being a Roma Gypsy deported from Britain. No puritan girl would marry a Gyp-o so he took an Indian bride. Not just any Indian bride either but the Chief Satchmo’s daughter. A princess, a flaming red haired blue eyed Indian Princess, a legacy left over from Viking explorers of a thousand years ago. Now this legend is about as believable as Ichabod’s fling with a succubus in the belly of a whale. Consider the whale story and its elements contain poker, alcohol, sex, music, dancing, the devil… those are common gypsy traits. Even the real-life Ichabod is said to have been exiled from the Quaker church for dancing on the sabbath, gypsies are famously good dancers. I don’t believe it that Paddock was related to a Gypsy and red-haired Indian princess but we see the similarities regardless.]

110 girls at work. Reports very on the number of deaths, about 30. 6 died in the building and 19 jumpers. All this happened in 2 mins 45 secs. And get this, Hopkins also admits there was a fireman on scene, with an extinguisher. This is like when a live shooter training exercise goes live and the media praises law enforcement for responding in minutes, but that just means they knew it was coming and were standing by. I’m not saying this was a hoax, I am saying this was murder and arson. Both incidents were politically motivated by rich jews and targeted women and children and immigrants,the most easily exploitable

 One story of a man that takes home the wrong child believed to be his daughter but then figures it out later and takes it back to swap it out… completely fabricated. A father would never do that for one most obvious, but he is listed as a shoemaker and could tell by a spring in the shoes he installed. Shoemaker for in occupation might as well say weaver, or merchant. It’s another agency fingerprint.

The fire department could only reach the third floor with their ladder truck; the fire was on the fourth floor, its the triangle script being dry-tested. They had a station right across the street! There was some uncertainty regarding the appropriate time to pull the alarm.

  Three were sisters: Minnie, Tillie and Dora Gottlieb, ages 19, 21 and 29, who were buried under a single tombstone. Gottlieb is a name like Hoffman or McKenna. Sidney Gottlieb was head of the MK Ultra project, his family members inclusions is guilt by association, meaning its a psychological operation.

On Nov 28 the papers let us know the coroner swore in a jury of six members of the community. The first time since the Clifton Trolley Collision in 1903. Fire jury member C. William Heilman was in the spotlight as jury foreman that conducted a probe into the accusations against the Railroad in an incident known as the Clifton Avenue Trolley Disaster ten years before. The railroad is all over this job. Any event that sets a legal precedent of worker rights the Syndicate is behind. This time they burnt up a few dozen factory girls but politicians were all the same, its still a type of slavery. 

C.W. Heilman is the undertaker, he decides how people die or do not die. The artcle also plugs him as an Odd Fellow and AOUW (Ancient Order of the United Worker) not a very common spot but Helen Kellers father was a member and they had their own pavilion at the 1901 Pan-Am Expo in Buffalo.

Orange St factory Fire, Nov 26, 1910

So now I feel better already knowing this guy Heilman is back on the job, the job is to protect the guilty and help them by assigning blame wherever it would help politically. First, they tried to lay blame the fire on the tenet, Wolf, who of course shifted blame to the floor supervisor. Through legalese word fuckery they came up with a way to get the tenet and the building owner off the hook. Hopkins cites a statute she claims supersedes the common law. That’s a lie. She lied about the law on purpose to confuse you. Violates due process. State the broken law.  We have already determined the building was run by Research and Development, there is no owner or tenet, only a meat puppet on paper. The statute places liability on the owner. 

Since the owner and the tenet were off the hook the jury summoned the City Building Department and State Labor Department superintendents. They appeared before the jury and testified the legislature was to blame. The law itself was inadequate. The only way to fix it was to tighten up the laws. Its a trickle down effect, exactly how the American system was designed to work, avoid all accountability and blame everyone around you.

The jury’s official verdict ruled that the girls “came to her death by misfortune and accident… and not as the result of criminal act, either of omission or commission, on the part of any individual or individuals, whether as private citizens or public officials.” 

The article goes on to mention a few other precedent-setting events which required the law to step in in the name of safety to protect everybody that we would all benefit from someone revisiting with a critical eye. The Iroquois theater fire, Slocum Steamboat disaster and Collinwood school fire in particular.  

Insurance companies were advertising new laws before the incident even occurred, indicating they had advanced knowledge. 

4 months, that’s all it took to complete the investigations. That just seems awful quick for the level of importance associated with the fire. Nov 26 was the date of the factory fire and immediately after blame was officially put on legislation the Triangle factory was orchestrated front and center. Downtown Manhattan where everyone can see. 

In this time line we see the uprising of 20,000 was a pivotal point for workers’ rights, not only did it start in the triangle building that was torched intentionally but there was a trial run just to establish liability and get the imagery fresh in the population psyche. Predictive programming psy-op. 

State House Fire

Just in case legislatures needed a reminder of who they work for the Capitol building was torched 4 days after Triangle. Four fucking days. guess what part was ground zero… the library and the section that housed all the colonial archives, lol, yep, no to mention the revolutionary war records and genealogical docs.

The Satate House was home to the State Library, a popular and respected library, one of the largest State joints in America. The fire started on the Northwest corner but the most damage was done in the southeast corner? The Senate Finance Committee headquarters, lol. I remember I read in the washington post a few years ago there was a fake leak thing called the Panama Papers scandel, there was a small office fire at the IRS building where the tax records were kept, completely unrelated and coincidental. And the people fall for it every time. The biggest one still is on sept 10 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a congretional meeting and announced “we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions“. and then as everybody knows a few hours later the missle, I mean jumbo jet, took out the accounting offices of the same agency. Just crazy when that happenes

The fire also took out the State Museum holdings, Court of Claims, the Assembly Library and document rooms, most of the offices of the Excise Department. Lets put that in perspective, the Excise Dept are the people that do the liquor taxes and licenses and stuff. Throw the State Commission of Prisons offices. There is a clear pattern starting to form over the types of offices spared and the ones burned or flooded. On the first flood the damages offices were the Board of Lunacy, Board of Ed, State Tax Commission, State Treasurer, and Superintendent of Buildings. These guys torched any evidence they wouldve had to support every lie they tell, there was no evidence, thats what they were destroying. The Education Dept was the ones that had all the scientific and historical documents. It completly missed the Attorney General and the Govenors office, hmm, imagine that. Add the Forest, Fish and Game Commissionars office and the Commissioner of Labor, thats a big one, we are only here bc of the labor wars

The fire department was delayed an hour arriving to the scene, no word on why, just that they were late

NYTimes printed an Extra Edition at 3.30 a.m. March 29… That confuses me, why didnt they wait another day… Oh I get it. There has to be time for the event to make it to the frontpage; even if the story is sitting on a shelf for years there still is a delay, the fire was started in the middle of the night the day before, that way they could print the Extra at 3.30 a.m. but have the full page story complete with expert and witness interviews on the real target day, which was on March 30, (3/30) See how that works?

says the fire was started possibly in the office of H.j. Levy chairman of the Judiciary Committee due to faulty wiring, other official normie sources say it was a cigarette. Article is mainly devoted to writing the cover story of the building itsef, they say this thing was started in 1867 and has never been in a state of completion. They dont even say much about the fire, only repeat about all the priceless articles lost, and drive home a fake history narrative about construction mismanagment… The building is a relic, an ancient artifact, they didnt build it. What were so many people doing there so late, the fire said to have broke out around 215 am, right after a meeting had broke up, two virtue-signaling politicians even say they were the ones to hold the hose that started the first stream, maybe thats why the delay was about, they were waiting for the right photo-op.

The scandal surrounds the funds which have been astronomically inflated and then the fire destroyed everything unfortunatly there was no insurance so all those millions of dollars now get washed clean

Crazy right? Get this, most of the lost historic and scientific artifacts belonged to the State Museum and the Board of Ed, had been scheduled to be moved in January however construction delays prevented the transfer and all the relics were destroyed in the fire. Also lost to the Board of Ed was practically all the big high school examinations in NYC. Dont forget a large part of its files containing the application for professional examination. Schhol records and professional applications could be used in too many ways to sort through right now…

New York governor was Dix, the Dic family includes Dorothea and Samuel Howe partner at Perkins. Dix is said to have shown up to his office the next day.

The state archetect was Franklin B. Ware, for real, his name is B. Ware, GTFOH. The building was supposed to be fire proof but all disussion about the building burning are over-ridden by the contents of the building

[*Damage compared to Paris Flood]

Night watchman was an Abbott, bankster elite family, Samuel, 78, Civil War vet (second lieutenant Company B, Gaines Mills VA), supposedly died from smoke inhalation and died and his ghost is said to jingle keys and lock doors. We have run across the theme of haunting and ghost stories, its a tell. Abbott was Poormaster of Syracuse and connected to the postal service.

A second potential victim is thrown in, maybe an early retirement or a new assignment, David Mintz of Newark left his companion at the RR station to go sleep at the State building and was determined to have died in the flames. No mention of him after the first day, maybe he showed up late, maybe that one sentence was all the out he needed.

State militia was called in to protect the site from looters, also to protect the State from eye-witnesses.

The Senate Chamber Room was black onyx and well known in politics, aside from a door had a notch cut to allow a hose if necessary but the water was never turned on, no water/smoke/or fire damage… But the other side was compared to a flood, a Paris flood, that was name-dropping. The reason for all this is because the militia was there and controlled burned the building; they didnt arrive early to protect the site, there were there all night to make sure everything was destroyed and the other parts werent harmed. Even the art on the walls was removed in advance just in case

The things said to survive was Iroquois Indian artifacts and Washington’s Farewell Address, and Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation. Ironically all those things are fake, of course those would be the things.

One of the recovered items is a section of the iron chain link that stretched across the Hudson River between West Point and Constitution Island to prevent British vessels from navigating up the river during the American Revolution. West Point was a strategic site because of the s-curve in the Hudson there that forced large ships to slow down and become an easy target. The links were recovered from the State Library ruins after the fire. Another section of the chain is preserved at the West Point Military Academy. I wonder the significance of the chain. To be displayed at two such prominent spots indicates the chain link was important for something, even if what they say is a lie, like the crack in the liberty bell.

[*The only permanent building erected at the Buffalo World Fair a few years earlier in ’01 was the NY State building, check for leads.]

My New York State House Concerns

Theres a bunch of red flags associated with the building itself too, a series a photos suggests there were some major alterations before the official record says. Photos and engravings and photos of photos prove the building was reduced when they say it is being constructed

Not only does the photo record not jibe with authoritive sources but the budget is off too. The building was used as a scapegoat for money mismanagement throughout the whole early history. Note the structure is square with a open courtyard. Even in the oldest official pictures there is no central tower and there never was one in the written records.

The problem is all the early pictures show a central tower. The accompanying caption clears things up like they always do and said the engravings and sketches were conceptual. Conceptual drawings show a structure that has been modified, usually in an more ornate way. Sure some are real artist renditions, but not all of them. Some show a structure as it was before the Repopulation, then it was given a face list and features like spires and domes were removed. The new building is listed as the orginial one, ith fresh construction they say the entire building is from scratch. The original sketches and pictures are then called ‘Artist Conceptual’, or ‘Rendition.’ to keep up the fake history.

On top of that the development of the camera can be dated whitch a sketch or drawing cannot. On top of that, ironcly while researching the development of photography this lead me to another special-interest field simply called ‘Miniturization’. When you try to find out more about miniturization there isnt much information available, even less in English. Modern sources treat it like a novelty, like a small hobby of some obscure french artist and all they did was paint soldiers and doll houses. The thing that made the ball drop for me is when I was I was hung up on some Old World buildings in North Adams, Mass, when I read the handbook for the Jamestown Expo in 1907 one of the displays was a full-scale model of the city of San Francisco after the Great Earthquake; (it featured even motorized platforms that would shake and separate.) Dollhouses! the model was like the size of a city block. It was a detailed mock-up of the entire city, Aside from the entrance I could find any pics of the display itself, but written descriptions are right in the official guidebook. Miniatures are a whole new layer to consider when trying to date buildings and stuff.

The problem is identifying them. Their are some of the Eiffel Tower and Washington Monument that are hard to know for sure but just like with everything, once you are aware they exist and stay on the look-out for them you start to develop an eye. After a while you start to wonder how did you ever fall for it in the first place.

So maybe the central tower really was a concept drawing. I was gonna leave it at that; mark the thread for future researchers or if I ever get a chance to follow up. My girlfriend leaned over and saw the screen, She said, “Oh, Thats the Executive Building in D.C.”, I chuckled back “Nah, not this one.” ” Oh, Well I knew it was either the Executive Building or City Hall in Philly cuz they both look the same.”

Hold on… Sure as the pope shits in the woods, as soon as I saw the Philadelphia City Hall I knew the concept drawings were real.

New State House in Albany

City Hall in Philly

City Hall is an old world relic, identifiable features at multiple cities. The focal point is the central tower, which has been removed at other sites

Executive Office Building

This piece of evidence is the only thing I need really, James Osgood was one of the most treacherous false-narrative/fake history writers out there. He made sure to catalogue this building for sure and claim it with a fake background. Osgood entered Bowdoin College at age 12, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Peucinian Society. Later he was publisher of Atlantic Monthly and accompanied Samuel Clemens on his riverboat trip writing Huck Fin. The strange part is, even though he had the most successful company in Boston, somehow he went bankrupt anyway, so went to work at Harpers Weekly. Damn thats a mouthful, I told you, this guy is dangerous, he wrote the false narrative in his book and calls it the “New” capitol!

Missouri State Building Fire

While looking into the New York state building fire of 1911 I found another incident relevent to the string of arsons, the Missouri Capitol building also went up at the same time.

Feburary 5th 1911 at 8 p.m. the building was noticed aflame. The govenor is said to have rolled his sleeves up and fought the blaze alongside the convicts temporarily released from the nearby penitentiary.

The building was outgrown and legislatures were already constructing a new Statehouse.

The only records that were manged to be saved were the original land grants… Which of course were fake, all the original deeds and grants are falsified to support the Reset narrative.

No insurance for building or contents.

Here are the images we are given that are supposedly of the fire and the next day and why I say they are bullshit.

  • 1. Pay close attention to the tower. The first image has 8 or 9 visible windows in the upper row, now compare to other pictures. How many different towers are they going to show us.
  • 2. Notice the top doesnt really match, thats ok bc luckily somebody was there to catch just the top burning.
  • 3. Here is the driveway, looks like it hasn’t been used in a long time, let alone heavy construction or a fire that burned uncontrollably for days
  • 4. This is a zoom-in of the tower on fire, the so-called flames are scratched in. The people out there old enough to remember real pictures will know, if you let a picture get surface scratches it leaves an orange-ish hue. Somebody went and intentionally scratched around the windows giving the impression of fire, you can see the individual mark rubs back and forth. The steeple doesn’t match but that’s OK bc there is a separate series of shots of the steeple alone, so we got it covered.
  • 5. Here is the full shot, the columns in front are an identifying feature, meaning in all shots, even the ones that match the rest, the columns are always in the same position. This picture to me looks like a light source on each side of the tower to make a glow and then the scratch/fire method.
  • 6. Another zoom in of another tower that doesnt match the rest. The number of windows is about half as many. The top of the tower has been cropped out. You can see two distinct building periods herel the white old stone near the bottom and new red/brown w casing on the top. Keep this in mind
  • 7&8. Supposed to be the morning after huh? nope, Id say the morning before. Look at the tower, its two distinct building periods, the original damaged stuff and what was gone berhond later and finished up just enough for a night-time photo shoot. Quite convienient about 4 photographers happened to be present the night it was struck by lightning. Rmember I said the columns are identifyable features, look how clean they are. They are new, freshly installed. The arsonist knew the columns are identifyable. They made sure that was the case. heyre brand new.
  • 9. Another shot of the two layers of the tower.
  • 10. Supposed to be an army guy but his “Captain Morgan/Explorer” pose suggests theres something else going on.
  • 10. There are a group of red images, who knows why they wanted them all red. This is a completely different occasion, look, there are people working on the steeple. Its only half complete. I think jthe Inheritors fixed up a ruined castle only enough to appear completed from the outside, and then burned the frame down and gave bunch of pics in reverse order
  • 11, 12, 13, 14. A group of inheritors posing by their ‘free masonry’, lol. The fellow in the center keeping the same symbolism going. Hmm, pretty fortunate those hardwood doors stayed in such good shape.The same group switching to the ‘thinking man’ gang-sign. The columns are Joachin and Boaz. Note the central area is still blown out but the tower has been completed. On the tower note the dots in the area that connect the top andbottom, there is a scribble of photoshop fire in the earlier picture. possible lights if it were spotlights and not fire
  • 15. sapling growing near the steps, indication of abandonment
  • 16. Tree limbs have been cut back, this is significant later
  • 17. Crack in steps away from building.
  • 18,19. Shows 3 periods of construction, the central portion with the curved perimeter wall completed on the left, one of the added wings on the right and the lower half of the tower. Most of the images has the tower top cropped out. Pay attention to the central rounded part, This is blown out in most of the other pictures, I think it is just a shell
  • 20,21,22. this is another structure cropped out of all images except one, It shows more ruins on site, not just the Big House on top the hill. Look at the elevation compared to the surrounding area, and the way the mound is tiered, its an artifical high-ground. The building probly goes just as far underground in the fake hill as it does above ground.Particular interest to the central rounded area, is blow back down the man-made hill, not as if it collapsed and came down through fire but the tower is completly missing as well, as if it was shot down with cannon. Eye witness accounts say the stone building was exploding from the heat of the flames, this could just be a cover for balistics damage. also note the two wings are new and undamaged, the central portion is a separate structure
  • 23 24 25 26. Here is what the building is said to have looked like at the time of the fire. The only problem is when you zoom up on the flag… well, you see. What is up with the one? One of the stripes came loose and is dangling. This is a form of mockery that fits their style, Im almost surprized the one pic with the scratch/flames did have a name in it. Check the flags from here on out to see if it is a miniature.
  • 27, 28, 29, 30.) These are a group of pics of the original building with the old dome tower before the wings were added. I dont trust them bc it seems the real reason they exist are tow show the tree growth. Spaced out evenly every few years just to subliminally plant natural progression. anything timelined is a trap. The tower matchs the pattern of the lower half of the future towers. O just dont see how the earliest picture with the land reclaiming the block that was blown half way down the hill has no tower.
  • What looks to me is the pre-expansion building could have been the original ruins, someone came up and knocked the dome off and blew the back halfway down the hill. Later oneone came along and added the two wings while keeping the middle section blown out. The partial tower left over from the original was added on to increase the height, (130ft). Building techniques could be similar to the temp buildings at the World Fairs. There could be several miniatures and each of them caught on fire…I know Im close, maybe abother piece will show up but for now, Im gonna wrap this up


There were a whole mess of Capitol building fires in the early years. All similar to New York and Missouri I bet. Missouri’s lightning strike happend just a few weeks before the Triangle fire and New York building shows a multi-state arson campaign, remember these are federal laws and regulations being pushed