Ancient Babylon is a Hoax

4.000 Year Old ‘Library’ Translations Read just Like a Modern-Day Tabloid Rag

Funny how one thing leads into the next which leads into the next until finally you look around like, “Man, Nobody would even believe me if I told them.” The thing is, I already know ancient history is fake to give validation to the status-quo today, I dont need to find the info out for myself bc I know. Everything that turns up is only supporting evidence. I try to string together a few coherent thoughts and observations so that the reader will have a better understanding. If you really want to believe in ancient civilizations, hey, thats cool, I cant stop you, but its either bc you have a critical-thinking mental disorder or I have failed to deliver a reasonably coherent explanation as to why it is fake. All I can do is point you in the right direction and share what works for me.

Here is a showcase example of how ancient civilizations are invented and inserted. A headline in a gatekeeper Hall of Records entity caught my attention. Anything deemed ancient and anything from Babylon is worth taking a closer look at. This one is a two-fer.

First off its important to realize the location for the discovery, not the discovery of the artifact but the translation; even if the thing were authentic the agent ‘scientist’ could still make sure it said whatever he wanted it to. The intent seems to be to get people to associate the ancients as regular people with modern day issues. In this manner the target will associate the ancient people with familiarity and thus be more receptive and less critical. This is only one small article in a much larger assault in the psychological warfare.

The translation is made by Prof of Old Testament, F.C. Eiselen of the library of King Ashur-Ban-Apal of Nineveh.

There is even modern govt propaganda in the form of Post Office adoration. In fact the discovery of clay tablets was similar to a post office, a bunch of short unconnected letters.

Im not going to run down the whole article right now, Im in the middle of trying to wrap one up and came across this one while rooting through some old normie media. I will say it includes a fabricated love-letter as one of its focal points, the letter is only a vehicle for its true purpose. The dialogue between the two people is the clik-bait used to get the readers attn so that the intended message can be inserted subliminally. For example the names of kings and locations are dropped only to confirm the existence of the place. Its like all the other fake historical finds, they find whatever it is they are looking for that supports their narrative.

Sex sells and in 1912 we are in the middle of a paradigm shift concerning the role of women in society. The suffrage movement, labor reform, birth control, divorce, these are all part of th early fem movement that this article falls in the same line. An alimony contract, as if divorce was the most natural thing in the world throughout all time. Silly ancients had not advanced to so great a status to do business with currency, they still use foodstuffs as payment. This is an M.O. for all the scripted people in the past, one of the ways they try to make a group of people appear primitive is by saying that they did not have money. This also reaffirms that money is the thing that determines if one is advanced or not, as if money were the determining factor.

Another letter is from a boarding house renter writing home to ask father for some grocery money. Even better is Big Pharm gets some, like as if thousands of years ago everyone was running around obsessed with medical treatments instead of healthy lifestyle choices. This section is also part of the attack on traditional plant-based medicines. At this point in time the Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex was getting tighter and tighter and phasing out non-centralized doctors and regarded plant treatments as superstitition and primative; another example of how they insert modern conditioning into the fake timeline to make it appear as if it jad been this way since the very beginning of time, all the way back 4,000 years agoe

I guess 100 years ago 4,000 years was the limit of the imagination, people still probly believed in Creation so the date wouldn’t be offensive. Other shouts of ‘gradualism’ are the obelisk, the proto-pyramid was called the ziggurat sits on top for the only reason is it is a visual marker that it is so old even the great Pyramids haven’t yet been established. There is also a queue from the language-makers, as we find with all the primitive languages there is no written alphabet, Babylon represents the bridge between an oral tradition and a written record. The proto-alphabet is used in the form of cuneiform.

The take-away for me personally is the paragraph that explains how the cuneiform puzzle was solved, The good thing about these gatekeeper rags is they cant help name-dropping co-conspirators.

The key to their interpretations was found in parallel inscriptions upon an obelisk in three languages discovered in Persia. This tri-ligual inscription is to cuneiform what the Rosetta Stone was to Egyptian hieroglyphs

This is the Revelation of the Method. Its telling you not only is this love letter fake but the whole chapter is regurgitated script from ancient Eygpyt. It just said the Rosetta Stone is fake. I still havent had time to check out Ancient Egypt yet but glancing down King Tuts’ Ministry of Truth page tells us all we need to know in just a few sentences, the rest is just chatter and distraction. I can say that it sure is convienient to dismiss concern over all lack of evidence with a shrug and sigh, “tomb looters” they say. Of course. Wasnt Napoleon involved in the Rosetta Stone? I remember a story about how fortunate humanity was that the stone was spared after it was found in the rubble pile by Napoleon after he blew up the museum. Im paraphrasing in case you couldnt tell. Anything that has Napoleon in its story is fake. Napoleon is an allegory for the Reset.

After a few keyword searches I see the internet treats this find as one of top ten most important archaeological digs ever. Orginally done by a German team for the British museum in 1850’s, oopsie daisy, no original records were kept because it was the time before archaeology was a recognized branch of science.

This is the famous library that inspired Alexander the Great to build his own library. Theres a real knee-slapper

The original tablets were sold to the British Museum by the finders widow after he died, this became the nucleus of the entire Near-East collection, Other contributors include the Jesuit priests. The British Museum also was participating in the fake catacomb mills of the mid-1800’s and also the library of Thomas Browne, the non-existent bibiliophile… The British Museum and Library are some scandalous bitches that are the granddaddy of fake history gatekeepers.

All ancient history is fake.

Another website reads:

“The Ashurbanipal Library” (commonly referred to as “The Kuyunjik Collection”) is a convenient label given to around 32,000 cuneiform tablets and fragments from the British Museum’s excavations at Nineveh in the 19th and 20th centuries. The reality behind the label is not easy to discern at present. We do not understand what constituted a library, how many there may have been, and which tablets belonged there. The label thus applies to a wide variety of document types, excavated in locations across the mound of Kuyunjik. Most are thought to have been collected or produced on the orders of Ashurbanipal, King of Assyria 669-c. 630 BC, but others are earlier. In any case, it was Ashurbanipal who earned a reputation in antiquity as a collector of tablets.”

This quote is pulled from the British Museum. They try to deflect common sense questioning about details by offering up front that, “Hey, We really dont know a bunch of stuff but see, we are being transparent…” Theyre full of shit.

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