A Serious Question about the Sun Simulator. Mid-Atlantic Skywatch

Sun Simulator Malfunction

This is a series of images I took around Thanxgiving. It had been clear skies for approx 48 hrs and that morning was very heavy blanketing. I been paying more and more attention to the sun, we do have a localized Sun, I see it all the time. I am open on suggestions on whatever the fuck that thing in the sky is. The only thing I am 100% sure of is whatever nasa says it is they are lying. whatever the school books say they are lying, besides that you tell me what it is bc it kinda creeps me out.

This one is really different from the rest i have never seen anything like this. This day is what finally made me make a dedicated skywatch post, usually I just take pics and they sit on my phone for a few months and get deleted. The beam coming out was not there in eye sight. Something in the camera made it show up and the pics it showed up in spanned about 20 minutes. I take alot of pictures of the sun, this has never happened before and it was not the whole day. Later that evening when I looked at them I saw the glitch. I guess its a glitch, I’m not saying its a DEW or the firmament or anything else. Im not saying its anything, what I’m saying is fucking acknowlege it. How could anybody live under a sky like that and pretend it isnt happening. or Not see it, idk whats worse.

I was trying to capture the localized Sun flecting off the chemtrails but thats not all that showed up. I was using just a busted up work phone as a camera, same one I always use. No filters or manipulation

If you search for info on the Sun Simulator the results are science related, evidently there has been technology patented since the 60’s. Searching for an Artifical Sun will take you to the Chinese conspiracy to control the world results. Its always the Chinese, or Russians. They go hand in hand with the fake Chinese moon landing, as if ours or any countries are real… Except India, India’s just landed on the South Pole, that was real.

The thing is, I dont see any real information here I consider credible. The images of the Chinese artifical Sun remind me of the Cern images. They could be anything. Cern just shows a bunch of overwelming techincal apparatus and provide no explanation and talk to the population like they were school children.

Some call it a Sun Dog, some say it’s a reflection off the firmament. Maybe it has to do with the lens of a giant Directed Energy device.

Localized Sun or power source for energy device?

This hexagonal series of plates is called a prism, part of a conventional D.E. rig. It has been found in clouds as in the image below but the date is 8/8, a huge mark. The monument is too. Crazy Horse. its mocking the people that belive him

The prism is associated with much that looks like this. The song “Black Hole Sun” as well.

Dec 22

Haarp Waves

Haarp waves are those little ripple you see in the particulate clouds like throwing a stone in the water. Thats frequency waves. In a nutshell whats happening is the atmosphere get blanketed with whatever the dose happens to be that day, alot of people say it is aluminum bc of its conductive and thermal properties. The frequency waves excite the particulates like say a microwave, the excited particulates produce friction which produces heat. This heat can be use in combination with other specific ingredients that can increase or decrease moisture in the atmosphere, intensify windspeeds which can control direction, essentially start a hurricane from scratch and make it as strong as they want to and steer it where ever they want to. This is not some sci-fi abstract concept. The weathermakers have got it down within a fair degree of accuracy.

This of course is just like everything else that is impossible to sum up in one paragraph. You can watch a clear sky in the morning and then spray all day and hit the haarp machine at dusk then we get rain the next morning. Happens all the time man you guys should know this. Chemtrails are one of the very first things I saw with new eyes that led me here today. It wasnt that long ago; you can look the exact date up I remember it always, I was on a roof fixing a skylight and they were spraying so thick it freaked me out, I was still a normie at this point and didnt have a clue but it just was crazy trails like cross-hatching. It was supposed to rain so I was in a hurry to finish the roof. I watched them dissipate this thunderhead cloud and stop the storm fixing to start. Later on I was looking for anything that would explain what I saw and there it was; the Pope was in DC scheduled to speak at an outdoor venue. I knew about the Pope being in town, it was a big thing, it was on his Pope World Tour when he sat in on the United Nations conference for the very first time, right when Agenda 21 updated to 2030. They stopped the storm dead in its tracks so that the Pope could give his speech, they didnt say this outloud but I knew thats what happened. That was a very pivotal moment for me when I knew theres more going on. The same time I found my first good 9-11 doc and I was hooked. Truth is a beautiful thing and it saved my life. 10 years sober last week. Thank you for letting me share.

My point is if old normie me can look up and figure out that that shit is not natural and theres something more afterall than just about everybody can. So why is everyone pretending its not happening? Chemtrails and geoengineering is one of the most heavily censored topics on all platforms, hands down. I can tell how many views I get and where they come from and those are the most worstest ones.

Haarp probs aint even real, the popular answer is never the correct answer. Plus, HAARP is old, Bill Cooper was warning us about haarp back in the 90’s for crying out loud, it’d be obsolete by now even if it ever was real. Whatever it is is a distraction, before people debate about what it is they need to acknowledge that it is indeed happening [Looks like mycelium, I want to take a culture sample, let me know if you want some free spores]

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