Roadside Tourist Trap History and the Civilian Conservation Corp (Updated World Sites)

File this one under the Colonial America and Indians are Fake category. All Pre-Columbian and Colonial sites are fake, so when I find references to one I like to see the angle. The thing about the scriptwriters is once they find a good formula they reuse the shit out of it. Makes for an easily identifiable pattern. These fake sites are created to support the historical narrative which is complete bullshit. North America was repopulated along with the rest of the world in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s, depending on where you live. Cities weren’t built they were inherited by a class of people that use the fake narrative to justify birth-right claims to generational prestige, wealth, land grabs via fake docs like land trusts, deeds, wills, charters… We are a world held prisoner by false documents that serve as binding-contracts. Combined with legalese inverted word spells and the extensive use of magick sigils unrecognized in corporate logo’s most people go through life and never ever even blink.

I came across Den Rock Park while researching for an article about the Industrial Revolution which is psychological warfare to organize the slave labor pool of the Orphan/Immigrant class. The Industrial Revolution and the fake narrative sites like Den Rock are all part of the same scam. Sometimes important bulletpoints are connected by places, like people that go around and everything they’re involved in is some kind of false-flag operation or other, places are the same way and anything that happens within their imaginary boundaries you can guarantee are going to be the same thing. (boundaries created by binding-contract rituals and made real by the same force that gives currency its value).

Lawrence is one of those places. An autonomous entity with the same rights as a person. The ritual contract magick created this Company that is as real as you and me, at least on paper, like I said, we are a species ruled by fraudulent documents. The same energy that makes boundaries real and gives money its value is also what makes Lawrence a living entity *Maybe what is really happening is people are turned into corporations, not corporations turned into people, regardless they are both the same.

Everything connected to Lawrence plays into the psychological slavery of humanity, from the Pemberton Mill Collapse (inside job) to the Bread and Roses Strike. Even today it is the headquarters of Military Industrial Complex giants like Raytheon, so you can understand my skepticism when I read about an ancient Pre-Colonial site found there.

Theres not much to explain, I can show you a possible scenario but its the responsibility of the seeker to process the information accordingly. I already know these bitches are fake. Its All Fake. Heres a nice little quicky example of how the history timeline illusion is propped up with matching sites. For a more in-depth article check out my essay on Jamestown.

Den Rock Park

Historians place Native residents in North America as long as 12,000 years ago.

The 81-acre plot was bought by the City of Lawrence in 1877. The original intent was for a city cemetery. That never happened, but in 1896, it was designated as a public park. The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration laborers installed a set of stone steps and built trails, amphitheaters and boardwalks in the 1930s. It has also been, over time, a city composting site and a source of stone for the construction of nearby Interstate 495.

The CCC and WPA came out of the New Deal and like the Colonial Dames of America, who they often work together with, go around the country and landscape certain areas to match what the history books say. They ascribe fake history to starforts and participated in the Jamestown hoax. Their involvement in the 30’s suggests to me any later sites were fabricated and then buried for later discovery, the Jamestown Model from here on. Thats why the place was later scraped to build 495, they were destroying the evidence of a fake, not of an ancient culture. This is why the first places targeted in invasions and war time are the museums. People mourn the destruction of mankinds earliest civilizations but in reality those artifacts are targeted bc they are fakes.

In the mid-1990s, developers hovered over Den Rock Park. The Andover town about developing 40 homes, a shopping mall and a golf course. The pressure to yield to progress proved too much to overcome. In relative short order, up went the Apartment complex towering over Route 114, Boston Market, a vitamin shop and a drycleaner. As does yet another apartment complex. Completing the loop around the park are two dozen luxury homes. The housing development proceeded much as proposed. The golf course did not. Maybe it was never intended to, like you overbid on purpose so you can haggle down to what you really want. Golf courses are a Modus Operandi of the C.C.C. There are a few starfort locations that are now parking lots… One by Pittsburg is a Colonial Dames job is now a parking lot for Boston Market. Gotcha, Of course it would be Boston Market, it’s Boston for fux sake

For the future, the Merrimack River Watershed Council gained ownership in 1999. The MRWC sold Den Rock to Greenbelt Essex County’s Land Trust which are now responsible for the stewardship. They change names like this all the time just to confuse researchers.

As for the evidence concerning pre-contact Native American sites you might be disappointed if you want to believe in Colonial History. The evidence consists of a few pottery shards and glass beads, some flint knaps and a metal flintlock firearm piece. Again here we see they only find evidence that something was here, not who they were or what they did, that area is purposely left open for endless debate. As long as you’re not debating the existance of people you can say they were doing whatever you want, the more outrageous and varied the better. All the history is presented in this manner and it is all on purpose.

The metal piece is called a cock buffer and is recognizable in part bc of the ones found in Jamestown, the piece was most common in the King Philips War, says so right here in the Massachusetts Archeological Society journal where you can read the full report. My fav part if the list of trustee names on the front inside cover, names like Hoffman let you know the caliber of people you are dealing with.

Civilian Conservation Corps

Company 808, worked on Rocky Mountain National Park. Note most of the bottom row has their hands covered up and the center figure is doing the hand-pyramid sign. Maybe this seems thin to some of the new readers but its not, its all you need and only confirms what we already knew.

The Corps was responsible for the creation of the State Parks. Under the disguise of reforestation and erosion control they could manipulate the landscape however they wanted. Erosion Control is a code word, a little smart-assy wordplay.

The CCC was created on March 31, (333, CCC is a 333 mark too) 1933 by the Emergency Conservation Work Act and put into action by President Roosevelt with Executive Order No. 6101 (666) on April 5, 1933. The speed with which the plan moved through proposal, authorization, implementation and operation was a miracle of cooperation among all branches and agencies of the federal government.  It was a mobilization of men, material and transportation on a scale never before known in time of peace.  FDR proposed to recruit thousands of unemployed young men, enroll them in a peacetime army, and send them into battle against destruction and erosion of our natural resources.  Before the CCC supposedly ended, over three million young men engaged in a massive salvage operation described as  the most popular experiment of the New Deal.

The CCC was designed to put jobless young men to work on public land projects, including “the prevention of forest fires…plant pest and disease control, the construction, maintenance and repair of paths, trails and fire-lanes in the national parks and national forests and such other work…as the President may determine to be desirable”.  In what is described by as the “largest peacetime mobilization in U.S. history,” 275,000 young men between the ages of 18 and 25 enrolled in the CCC during the first three months of the program. Many of these men had been roaming the country in a desperate search for jobs.  The enrollees were supervised by Army Reserve Officers, “often themselves unemployed” .

The CCC was primarily geared towards the employment of young men in America’s forests and parks.  The CCC ‘boys’, as they were called, received training, education, shelter, health care, food, and a monthly pay of $30 – $25 of which was required to be sent home to support their families.  More than 3,000,000 men were enrolled in the CCC between 1933 and 1942 [5].  This enrollment included jobless World War I veterans and the employment of Indians on reservation land.  CCC boys sometimes worked alongside WPA workers, as can be seen at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia and Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland. *Catoctin Park is part of the C&O Canal region and Starfort Ft Frederick false history by CCC

The National Park Service describes, in part, what was achieved by the CCC program: “Nationwide, the CCC operated 4,500 camps in national parks and forests, as well as state and community parks, planting three billion trees, protecting 20 million acres from soil erosion, and aiding in the establishment of 800 state parks.  The CCC advanced natural resource conservation in this country by decades…”.

Other accomplishments of the CCC included the restoration of 4,000 historic structures, the construction of 3,100 fire lookout towers, the building of 1,500 cabins, the installation of 5,000 miles of water lines, the creation of 4,600 fish rearing ponds, the improvement of 3,400 beaches, and 6.5 million man-days devoted to firefighting.

Robert Fechner was the director of the CCC program from 1933 until his death in 1939.  James J. McEntee was the second director and led the CCC until its end in 1942.  Though the CCC was never formally terminated, Congress had, by June 30, 1942, ended the program’s funding and set aside money for its liquidation.  During its nine-year lifespan the CCC had invested $3 billion in America’s young men and the forests and parks they worked in. Robert Fechner as director and established an Advisory Council.  Representatives of the Secretaries of War, Labor, Agriculture and Interior served on the Council for the duration of the program. (it never ended)

The only noted pushback came from Union officials concerned about the military’s role in the labor force but Fechner was a Union leader. There is no distinction in the inner circles

 The Army mobilized the nation’s transportation system, and moved thousands of enrollees from induction centers to working camps.  It used regular and reserve officers, together with regulars of the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy to temporarily command companies. The enrollees improved millions of acres of federal, state and some private land.  New roads were built, telephone lines strung and the first of millions of trees were planted.  Glowing reports of the accomplishments of the Corps were printed in major newspapers, including some that had bitterly opposed other phases of the New Deal.  (nothing is ever printed in major outlets unless it is their own works)

 Late in 1933, Clarence S. Marsh was appointed the first Director of Education based on a number of recommendations.  Education was a volunteer activity undertaken during non-working hours.  The benefits received from the education program were directly related to the amount of effort whether it be a high school diploma, learning to type, or wood carving. The Marsh family have a few articles on my site if you check the tags; they ran the Tewksbury Almshouse and held combine-reaper patents.

Today CCC survives as a string of Job Corp and Youth Conservation Centers.

Many of the CCC projects that later had major historical value were discovered during “road construction”

According to 808 Company mason Frank Beaver, soil and rock was removed from the front of Antelope Springs to reveal the fresh water spring emerging from the solid rock formation below. Enrollee Earl Pollard commented that, “The construction supervisor said that all landscaping was ‘nature faking.’ The shoulders had been graded and they wanted to make it grow back natural.” Enrollee Truman Cobb commented that he “took care of those slopes. They put us to doin’ somthin’ that would last, and make something beautiful. You go today, where they’re building highways and it’s just an old barren cut there and nothin’ pretty about it. But we sloped those things, leaving the boulders, leaving the outcroppings that would be picturesque…. We might work half a day around one boulder… kinda like an artist”. This paragraph is so full of underlying meaning I can only suggest if you dont understand who these people are and what they are talking about you should just do a little catching up.

[Note to self, CCC’s role in completing the Appalachian Trail in Maine, the AT is an ancient footpath, similar to the Silk Road, as if there was ever such a thing.]

Ft Frederick

The CCC was also called the Tree Army for the number of trees they planted, this is the ancient artifact starfort renamed Ft Frederick. This image highlights how the cover of “Reforestation” and “Erosion Control” can be used to modify existing structures to fit whatever the narrative calls for… or completely erase any evidence that something was ever there.

The CCC museum is located in Ft Frederick State Park in Maryland. The site is the location of an old Starfort they slapped a fake history on.

Textbooks say the fort has the distinction of being the only stone fortress built by a colony in the New World. Dating back to the French and Indian War in 1754, it also served a role in the American Revolution as a POW camp and in the Civil War was used to protect the C&O Canal and B&O Railroad.

What is the sigil on number 13? No background or context other than the obvious

Speaking of reforestation… In a spat of synchronicity I came across this at the same time in an unrelated thread (they’re all related) German archaeologists covered a hill in the 1800’s bc they were hiding something. The site of the Olympics was modified ruins and given a fake history, the Tree Army strikes again.

Red Rock State Park

The list of sites built or modified by the Corps is saidto be 800. Thats a bunch of bullshit but the real number is pretty high I’m sure. Anything done to the interior before WW2. Moves were made in the build up to the binding-contract creation of the Citizen Conservation Corps.

The site was first noticed by land-surveyors for the mining, oil, and railroad companies. Potential oil sites were discarded. the site was fought in court over by the Bear Creek Developers are the State, the State pulled rank. At least they pretended to, they knew free labor was coming so, theres that.

Red Rock Amphitheater

The State of Colorado showed no interest in Red Rock during the formative years of the locations existence. It was passed around by the same New England families that had branched out west for a few decades, some development but nothing major.

  1. It was out in the middle of nowhere and how the hell could you access it?
  2. It cost of land development and the amount of labor necessary was unfeasible for such a task

A few years before the CCC was born, Colorado swooped in with the Eminent Domain card and declared they were taking possession of the property. Not only that but first they had to condemn the property that nobody wanted anything to do with all along

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaurs. Jeez. The fun never ends. Thing about about dinos is I live on the fossil cliffs region of the Chesapeake Bay, I’ve been shark tooth and fossil hunting all my life. They fall out of the cliffs and wash up along the beach, or you can just dig them out of the cliffs yourself where they are found in a layer about 18 inches thick and chest-high off the ground. There are a wide range of animals too, not just of one kind but many kinds… I mean there are full aquatic predators like the popular Megladon but also there are croc/gator, whale plate, porpoise and equestrian/bovine (horse) teeth found right next to each other. The guy at the antique store has a big ass tooth thats not for sale that was identified by the Smithsonian as rhino, too bad they are fucking liars, huh. If you didn’t have the cross section from the cliff and had to dig down its about 15-20 ft below the surface. Its not uncommon for someone to find a fossil bed while digging a house foundation. My point is something happened, something was here. All those teeth i been collecting weren’t spread out during the night by some 1%er freemasons.

That being said, dinosaurs are fake as fuck. they plug all the branches of science that are fake as fuck so they all hold each other up. Its an illusion broski dont fall for it. Once you take one down they all fall together. You dont get to pick and chose, like this is real and that is real but this is fake, doesn’t work like that; they’re all bullshit. Science has been compartmentalized into so many fractals to make it appear like all these different branches all support each other. Well thats the point, they do appear to support each other bc they are all lying. Dinosaurs were invented for many layers. Hey did you know the first dinos were displayed at the World Fair. Yep, they’re a World Fair Project, which is all about inserting a false narrative to keep the orphan/immigrant class enslaved.

Thats not all I got, though its enough, for example the dino hall at the natural history museum dont even try to hide the fact that there are no genuine specimens on display, theres a 6″ plaque on one of the columns that admits all the fossils are replicas. This is at the big one in D.C. too. You remember that line in Jurassic Park where the one guy says to the couple, ” So you two dig up dinosaurs?”, and then the two start mumbling and dont even think they answer. Its an inside joke. The Inheritors know our reality is completely scripted and they rub it in all the time. Dinosaurs, aliens, Abe Lincoln… None of those bitches are real.

Anyone wanting to know about the dinosaur takeover should read up on the ‘Bone War’, which was a fake competition between a Philly Quaker and a Yale professor that produced most the collections held in prestigious institutions today. Philly even was the adviser to the World Fair held in 1876. The party included members of the American Association for Advancement of Science. It was a total and complete mindfuck.

Some of the earliest fossils from the bone war came from the same formation of the Dino Ridge tourist trap around the time 1870’s

So I’m getting distracted. Maybe I’m totally wrong and dinos are real, lets look at Red Rock Dino Ridge and find out. I want to remind everyone that the CCC came through and gave the place a makeover in the 30’s.

I’ve noticed every site Ive looked at so far has had a modern group associated as the “Friends of…”; Friends of Red Rock, Friends of Ft Frederick, Friends of Den Rock, and now Friends of Dino Ridge. Hmmm, nothing shady going on there.

Heres your first give-away, not just who found it but they found it after the project was complete, they had to finish the road so the tourists could come. The CCC built the network of national and state parks but a side note to that is all the tourist trap roadside attractions. That was what Dino Ridge is part of, the roadside tourist trap. That’s why the car club wanted to develop the amphitheater just so people would buy a car to drive there.

Thats why there was an unprecedented level of cooperation and speed that pushed the Corps through in such a short time. They knew an unlimited supply of slave labor was about to come through so they pirated the land with Eminent Domain bc everyone knew the potential value of the spot if it was eveloped, they could entice people to drive out and spend money doing so. The Corps was an economical solutuion to a broken country, it was called the Great Depression bc thats what they made it. thats why the record spped and full cooperation between conflict interests, and the education? Hell we’ll worry about that later, theyre only getting paid 30 bucks a month and 25 goes back home to their families. Its slave labor. not only were these kids making accesible the most inhospitable terrian for tourism money but they could create novelty sites to help encourage consumers, since theyre already going to be making the sites, might as well make them prop up fake science and history.

The Dino Ridge is an amusement novelty only sold as real science and history. Lets just take a look at the pics of their so-called dinosaurs on Tripadvisor.

  1. this is the main event, a field of tracks. Nobody ever said what makes them black.
This round ends right here, they admit the site was discovered in 37 doing roadwork, this was our boys at the CCC doing slave labor on pirated State property, I mean ‘cutting public access roads for parks’, sounds so much better. These would be the “…Rocks we worked all day on like artists.” spoke of by the 808 initiate above. Not only that but someone find out who the ‘Friends’ are and what happened with the 2007 stabilization project, with the help of the lottery (lol, good one)

I won’t go too far into detail for times sake, I think my readers will be smart enough to figure out why I included some pics. For now I just want to comment on the Brontosaurus Bulge, the dumbass explanation for these rock formations they give is just the kind of parlor trick illusions that the whole show is based on. You’ll have to read the plaque for yourself, I thought it was fitting that the specific name was chosen, even though the dino had been ruled a fake in normie science circles. I thought maybe they thought it was just such a catchy little jingle they decided to keep it. Then I found out the discoverer was a Marsh and the Bronto was actually discovered in this land formation, The Morrison Formation. (Morris/Morrison is an old military aristocrat family like Marsh) Brontosaurus was one of the very first dinos ever and the media has used it for 150 years to sell papers and hold up the fake history and science.

First it was heiled for its discovery, then the debate about classification kept it in the papers, which is about the common collective. Later it was removed and declared a fake, much to the tears of little kids everywhere, now it is being reclassified and brought back into the fold of Normie Science. The trick the whole time has been to keep it in the general conversation which has done effectively and appears will continue to do so for a long time to come.

This is the same tactic they are using with pluto, did you ever think about that. Pluto aint fucking real either but they use wordspells, by throwing one under the bus as ‘fake’ the others are reaffirmed as real. The fake part is only about classification, a technicality, not fake as in its all a bunch of bullshit.


This is crossing over into a fake dinosaur post I am work on, too far removed from the title to continue at this point. I’ll leave a teaser.

In 1877 Othniel Charles Marsh, Professor of Paleontology at Yale University and avid dinosaur fossil hunter, discovered the bones of an incomplete dinosaur in the Morrison Formation. He named this sauropod Apatosaurus ajax (Apatosaurus means deceptive lizard). Two years later in 1879 Marsh discovered the bones of a larger and more complete sauropod dinosaur, again in the Morrison Formation but this time over the state line in Wyoming, Marsh named this second sauropod dinosaur Brontosaurus excelsus (Brontosaurus means thunder lizard).

The skeleton Marsh found is still one of the most complete ever. It helped the Brontosaurus become one of the most identifiable and popular of all dinosaurs.

In 1903, however, scientists determined that Brontosaurus fossils were not from a new species, but from a dinosaur already discovered—the Apatosaurus. The name Brontosaurus continued to be featured on museum labels. The name was not formally removed from the records of paleontology until 1974.

In 1905 the skeleton of the newly classified Apatosaurus excelsus was mounted in the Yale Peabody Museum. However, the signage did not give this first ever sauropod mount its new name, but instead it was labelled Brontosaurus excelsus, forever imprinting the name onto the minds of the general public, lasting right up to our own modern times. The original fossil had been missing some feet and parts of the tail, which in the mount were composed of other fossil material found close by, but more notably it was also missing a head. Marsh’s own reconstructions of the Brontosaurus excelsus, in 1893 and 1891, he chose large incomplete skulls which had been found in different quarries. These skulls which were short, round-faced, and heavy set, and a cast based on Camarasaurus-like skulls was used to complete the 1905 mount. As early as 1915 this view was challenged with Dr William Holland, Carnegie Museum Director, pointing out that they had no connection with the body as, “the two skulls used by Marsh were found, one four miles from the rest of his skeleton, the other about four hundred miles from it”.

On the World scene

In an effort to condense some of the articles I got lying around I decided to attach similar themed posts. The tourist trap fake history bit isnt an American-only tradition, it gets used everywhere you look, for World history too, not just the local flavor. Here is an entire town dedicated to mind-fuck history.

The ossuary is what lead me to Brno, its the second one in Czechia at that, once I got looking around I decided this would be a good showcase display of what I mean when i say that alot of times places are significant markers, if you know a person or an event is associated with a certain place it gives you an overall clue as to what its really about.

I think I just cracked the code for finding the fake-history tourist trap locations. Brno is part of a UNESCO project called the Creative City Network. UNESCO is a jewish group dedicated to the mastery of the tourist trap industrial complex. The self-validating world authority on cultural heritage sites. The designation of the Creative City is pretty self explanatory. Hopefully by this time you can figure it out the rest. Take a look at some random cities on the list of 180 (Aces and Eights) and see what pops up. Excuse me, 180 was from 2017, the new count is 300, from 90 countries. (Do I have to explain how this is still a mark? 3 9’s=999, laws of inversion 666)

Another place that would fit in this category would be Harpers Ferry, WV. The entire town is set up like an open-air museum and history book, all complete bullshit history of course. Heres the complete list, there are only a few in America; Iowa City, Santa Fe, Kansas City, San Antone and Austin.

brno Ossuary

Since we’re in Czechia lets see whats up with this one they found in 2001. Doing a preliminary dig in St Jakob church.


Theres the thing, the town had already been benefiting from the whole ‘dragons‘ scam.

they say it was a gift from a visiting dignitary and the pre-existing legend attached itself to the thing but I’d bet the monster was sought out by town/church leaders to put on display and the ancient dragon fantasy was pushed on the public like it is still pushed today, like Hollywood has a million dragon movies.

You know how I know? Besides the fact its obvious that is, look at the wheel hanging on the wall. This aint no Tex-Mex restaurant son, thats a sun wheel that is a tag. Given the location I’d say furthermore this is the same sun wheel on the Gypsy flag, lol. In subsequent picture there is a special nook for the top so it recesses back into the cieling, meaning its important enough someone built it its own display case. That cracks me up that I would even know that. I been in too deep too long. Good stuff, because Im right about all of it. Even when Im wrong I’m still right. Look not even one person is showing their hands, either they are all habitual pocket pool players or this is a group “Hidden Hand’ photo op.


Noted Moravian city. The Moravian’s were among the very first missionaries in Georgia in the first half of the 1800’s. Let me just say now, the mission is not saving the noble heathen soul.

Astronomical Clock

And theres an Astronomical Clock, well what they call an astrological clock but its really a big black obelisk thay drops souveneres out everyday at 11 oclock. Its not really an obelisk though, its rounded so its a phullas. A big black dick that drops glass beads featuring the city coat of arms. Souveneres means its tourist oriented. They mislabel it on purpose to hide the real ones. A real astro clock is an ancient artifact, I’m always on the lookout so when I saw the headline I got excited but wasnt surprized to find a big black dick instead. The whole town is a big black dick. Those hosebags know what they are doing.

Mozart Statue

Sorry guys, IDK who composed all that stuff but this guy is historical fiction. This statue is a small naked boy with an adult sized head and a single wing. The brochure says its Mozart, I guess if the guy never existed you can say he looked however you want

Indecent church

Well maybe not all big black ones, this little statue one on the St James catherdral shining the moon gets his.


Staying with the underground theme there is a laborinth under Cabbage Square, It started out as a series of cellars under the historic district but wasnt a single unit until 2001. Its not that old and dooesnt look old but they say it is. It is true there probly was something here but there just destroyed whatever that was and opened a tourist trap. The center features and obelisk marker, and oh look at this, another wagon wheel just happens to be leaning up right behind it. Its a gypsy scam, not a big black dick, a gyp. One site called the place Vegatable Market and another called it Cabbage Square, I’m sure theres a mocking joke in there somewhere but Im not inclined and follow up. The Templar ‘Thin Red Line’ flag at the top.
The Sigil/flag of the Gypsy is the wagon wheel. They are also called the Roma people, connecting both Egypt and Rome. Ancient history is a rip off, a gyp.

Underground Reservoir

These are supposed to be construction pics confirming the date of late 1800’s but just look up close, theres no construction going on. Half the people are women in dresses. Not that they couldnt help but its more likely they are just standing there as an extra at a photo shoot. Theyre not even dirty. Ive worked construction for decades, even the best kept jobs are not that clean, you’d need massive amounts of water and brick and women in dresses are not designed for that type of work.

The most advanced piece of technology is the wheel. ;lol, These people have nothing literally except a wheel and they built all this? zoom in on the churches in the horizon, I guess those guys at least had a donkey and wagon.

The facility shut down for a while but was opened back up recently, an above ground entrance was erected but the year is suspicious too, Its too bold.

Genetics Museum

By genetics they mean eugenics. Mendel with his selective breeding programs in peas coined the term dominant and recessive genes. His work was later challenged bc the results became too predictable. He kept finding what he was looking for.

Chapuchin Mummies

Chapuchins are the Jesuit branch that broke off specialiazing in fake early Christian Burials. These mummies look like you can buy more realistic looking stuff in the Halloween store. Theyre promoted as a tourist attraction

Chapuchins are the Jesuit branch that broke off specialiazing in fake early Christian Burials. These mummies look like you can buy more realistic looking stuff in the Halloween store. They’re promoted as a tourist attraction but also used for science.

Grimm Family

First I thought it was the brothers that wrote the fairy tales, well its not the same pair but its close. ‘Friends’ is a trigger word, it means Jesuit, among other things

Catacomb Saint

This is the Granddaddy of all fake burial scams; ossuaries, charnel houses, crypts, mausoleums, hypogeums… They aint got shit on a Catacomb Saint. this one is St Clementine, an ancestor of Mark Twain perhaps

Samurai Bronze

Anything bronze is gonna be worth investigating. The Samurai class is fake history, like the native Americans and Eskimo… and every indigenous people on Earth.

Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Nukes are fake AF. This isnt the place to explain it to you, its inclusion in Brno should tell you by itself. The 10-Z was a top secret Russian facility until the 90’s, when all of a sudden it was turned into a bar and hotel. lol. Top-Secret Underground Russian Nuke Lab. Good one guys.


I knew there was one around here somewhere. The star forts in this part of Europe are more elaborate than the simple ones in America. Not much remains and its not even advertized in a tourist trap town, that should say something in itself. I only saw it in the background of another image bc I knew what it was.

Spielberk Castle

This one is maybe a little thin but I gotta wrap this up and its a nice way out. Heres the structure on top of the Starfort mountain. The spelling is different in several places. Possibly a Spielberg relative. The whole town looks like it could be a movie… because Its All Fake.

These are part of a larger thread about a group of people faking early church history, and thus the history of the world, with a series of high quality artistic forgeries. Choosing two random example from the search browser suggestions this is what came up. Part of the Fake Ancient History section

More fake tourist trap fake history sites

Catacomb of Saints Mark and Marcellian

I just picked a random catacomb in Rome, lets see what the Ministry says…

  • “In ancient sources, the catacomb is known as the cemetery of Basileo ad sanctum Marcum et Marcellianum . This double wording first indicates the name of the owner of the land in which the catacomb was excavated, a certain Basileo…”

The only reason that is included is to insert Basel Switzerland, an old-world seat of power.

  • After the Edict of Milan in 313…” and “…originates from a staircase built after 331...”

These are just the number drop.

  • “The catacomb was visited for the first time, after the long medieval period of oblivion, by Antonio Bosio. It was then explored again by Giovanni Battista de Rossi in 1868…

We covered these guys already. One is a fairy tale and the other is the World Fair trickster.

  • “…excavations above ground in the years 1902-1905, finally identified the complex with the catacomb of Saints Mark and Marcellian. In fact, he found, under the courtyard of the San Tarcisio institute, some apsidal structures (which he identified with the basilicas mentioned in the ancient sources) and the so-called crypt of the four columns , with its very important paintings. The discovery of a fragment of an epigraph of Pope Damasus , and of two engraved inscriptions referring to the two martyrs, are definitive proof of the identification of the complex, against the controversy raised by Orazio Marucchi...”

This tells us quite a bit actually, so the site was surveyed by de Rossi the con-artist, 35 years later they found exactly what they were looking for. Underneath a church institute too, well how convenient it that?! This sounds like the formula used to create the Jamestown colony site. the Army Corp of Engineers were in like 50 yrs before anybody said anything. Then the property ends up in possession of a professor at William and Mary and wouldn’t you know, they found exactly what they were looking for too. There is outside validation for any of this. Oh wait, I never mentioned Orazio, the Spanish variation of Horus should be a clue, he was a part time Egyptologist too. He played the part of controlled opposition from time to time, as it seems here. His admitting the opposing side would seem to give it unquestionable authenticity. 

No they weren’t, thats another mark, the year 47 is a big one for Intel, it was also the birth of the CIA. the Pontifical Institue of Christian Archeology are the same people that I got the report on the Rossi comb at the World Fair.

  • “…remained in the Calendar of saints until 1969 , when it was excluded due to lack of biographical data on the two saints.”

They finally had to admit these saints were bogus, or at least the closest thing to it, they were removed from sainthood for lack of data. These guys would just make up anything. Maybe thats why they did it, throw them under the bus to make the others appear more realistic, a common theme this report.

This is the pic given for the institute. no year. Maybe the Monks are builders but I dont see any rocks. Unless it was a miracle that turned all their wooden logs into stone walls… 35 years is long enough for de Rossi to install the catacombs and bury them and then build the Institute on top of the site, where it could be announced at the most opportune moment that the combs were discovered.

This is a pretty good representation of the whole. Im sure if you looked at the history of each comb, especially all the ones in deRossi’s book, you’ll find pretty much the same thing in every case.

Sedlec Ossuary

Heres one from the Czech Republic. Story goes in 1870 an aristocratic family hired a woodcarver to rearrange the family tomb, this is what he came up with. So This ties into our report, its not just cool to look at. One of the problems with the catacomb saints is it soon became taboo that the cgurch was able to find saint remains of the wealthy family looking to buy them. Here we see this play out as the artist sculpts the family crest out of bones. Its not a martyr but does have the sigil of the Jesuits, IHS, stamped on it. There is a Jesuit school in town too.

The crest has a scene where a bird is plucking out the eye. Could be one-eye symbolism? heck yeah.

Look at the people walking around, this thing is a tourist trap, just like it was designed to be.

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