How Big-Pharm Got Into Every Home in America 

3 words to kick it off: Petroleum based pharmaceuticals

There are 2 main things going on we’re focusing on that were majorly important to the Reset class, vaccines and birth control. Both were still in development and still decades away but these things take some preparation. The main hurdle was going to be how to get them into every house in America, even the most backwoods inhospitable terrain imaginable. Mary Breckenridge would fill the position with her specialized nursing troop.

Even before they had to worry about getting the product to the person they had to come up with a way to get their doctors into every town in the United States. This was done with a common little trick we seen it a hundred times, send one guy out into the field and have him give a report, as long as he is unqualified with no authority and self-validating it seems is the way to go. Its has worked everytime so far.

This essay is a two-fer. Part 1 is how they took control of the medical providers across America, istalling their own and removing the competition. Part 2 is how they got the pill into the house. Vaccines and Birth control pills. Dont let that divisive shit on tv fool you, birth control and abortion they have worked too hard to make sure it is available just to take it away.

The Flexner Report 

By age 19 Abraham Flexner (1866-1959) had already earned a two-year degree from Johns Hopkins. In 1905 he was studying psychology at Harvard. A Harvard psychologist. He also was founder of Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton. Let that sink in. 

A Louisville native, history tries to spin the poor rags to riches story, as if everything that happened to him was by chance and unconnected. He graduated Hopkins in 2 years, did you ever think about that?

When he returned home he got a job teaching and started tutoring other kids on the side for the extra bread, the higher-ups noticed his tutored kids placed higher in testing so the offered Funk-Master Flex a better job. Thats just some revisionist history bullshit, he was given the job for the same reasons he was put through school, it’s all birth-right, his whole entire life, and that of his brothers, is like this, a series of random and unconnected fortunate events. IDK who this guy is descended from yet but its one of the big ones, or maybe its bc they’re all Jewish. Most of the projects we cover on this website are families of aristocrats, the birth-control segment is almost exclusively Jewish, even the Labor Question had the Mink Coat Mafia and some Italian Socialist/Radicalist/Anarchists that worked along side the Jews

The Harvard stint didnt really pan out so he travelled around Europe studying medical facilites over there. He also did some time at the University of Berlin with no paper to show for it. ‘Graduate study’ they call it, more like preparation and debriefing and things or that nature. This class is obsessed with titles. Its how they rule. The diplomas are binding contract magick so its kinda important everyone has one. His big brother was Simon, head of the Rockefeller Med Institute, that might have something to do with it. Did you ever think of that?

He started his own private prep school when he got home hmm, haven’t we seen this before somewhere? Actually, two separate private schools, the second with the participation of Columbia U. He is remembered for going against the educational model grain with his own methodology however just like we have seen all the other times it is only the Pestalozzi method with a new tee-shirt on. Flexner is compared to John Dewey of the Dewey Decimal System fame but Dewey himself is a Pestalozzi man as well.  The Ministry of Truth relates:

“‘Mr. Flexner’s School’ did not give out traditional grades, used no standard curriculum, refused to impose examinations on students, and kept no academic record of students. Instead, it promoted small learning groups, individual development, and a more hands-on approach to education.”

This is the exact opposite of what the Prussian Normal model of public education is. Everyone that reuses the line about having their own private school or colony uses the same line as above, like it was some crazy notion only that particular subject created on his own. Thats some bullshit. This has been shown to be the best method of education, thats exactly why we have the opposite. See my paper about how the educational model was inserted to produce the most dumbed-down obedient tax-slave

He also worked with Princeton U, He founded the Institute for Advanced study. His first appointment was Albert Einstein, add him to list of historical icon phonies. The IAS was funded by commercial interests that made a big payout when they sold to Macys weeks before the crash of 29.’ I’m sure they had no advanced notice. 

In 1908 Flexner wrote a critique on the conditions of colleges in America thru the eyes of a Prussian model advocate. This caught the attn of Carnegie and Rockefeller, who had recently decided the medical arena is where their philanthropy was needed most. One thing we have learned is there is no chance or coincidental meetings. They commissioned Flexner, even though he had no medical training or experience, to travel to 155 (11) medical school facilities and report findings and make recommendations and suggestions on how to improve the system. The fact that Flexner was a non-physician was taken into consideration as a defense if challenged, or an excuse for any shortcomings, that means they specifically did not want a doctor. 

When Flexner wrote his report, doctors were largely trained by a combination of apprenticeship and lectures. Prospective doctors were not required to have attended college. They were not expected to have studied basic sciences. They simply paid existing doctors to shadow them and/or enroll in one of the 155 (11) medical schools, most of which were unaffiliated with a university and owned by doctors who gave lectures.

The Flexner Report is credited for initiating total reform of the Medical Industrial Complex, but we see every time the new precedents or systems are already in place before the so-called causative agent manifests, this was the orchestrated event to usher in whatever next evil phase of the plan is to be. Flexner’s and his report are given credit for bringing in big changes but the changes had been in the works for a long time. This was the fruition was much previous work. The changes were coming whether he wrote his little report or not.  

Supposedly he went to every single school that trained doctors. I think that is absurd to be taken as factual. I could try to explain why I would say such a thing but if you don’t already know nothing I could say would clarify things anyway. If he went to any schools at all it would be very specific reasons, I.e., to promote model schools and the poster children, also to target competition, eliminate resistance. 

JD had one little problem in his quest to co-opt the industry: the competition was a natural plant. The medicinal value of herbs was still recognized and widely in usage at this time by local herbalists and practitioners were widely scattered loosely in rural places. 

Flexner wrote in his report suggestions for improvement and the government implemented them immediately. For the people, you know. It was the same script used for consolidating the public education system so only their tried and certified people could become teachers applied to the medical field and the doctors. Some of those implemented included centralizing the whole system. No med schools permitted without state license and under the authority of the America Medical Association.  Half the schools couldn’t pass the new standards and were closed or merged. Doctors fired. Reduce the number of schools and make the others harder to get into. Requiring state licenses eliminated potential future threats and competitions. Require minimum university training 4 yrs to ensure even basic Prussian model indoctrination. 

Flexner’s model for training doctors is that every profession insisted that they should adopt the same approach even if there were no improvements in quality to compensate for the costs of raising the barriers to entry through credentialing. The argument was that if you want to have high quality professionals you have to adopt Flexner’s approach. Now every other profession needs to be trained like doctors. In all cases, apprenticeship models where people could acquire experience in a professional, master its skills, and demonstrate wisdom were replaced with systems of credentialing.

Compliance was rewarded similarly: high paying salaries, no liability for mistreatment. That’s a big one. Doctors that were held responsible for making wrong decisions was, as Im sure you can imagine, less inclined to prescribe certain medications and procedures. The title of doctor is a respected position and a reward by itself. Funding for projects, as long as it furthers their own position. One stipulation was there had to be one of their paid staff on the Board at the schools, this was the go-between that issued the funds to ensure it was spent in an appropriate manner. 

Rockefeller started an entity called the General Education Board which he used to channel funds but had no authority other than self-validation. Rockefeller and Carnegie were basically giving away free colleges and hospitals under the condition that absolutely no mention of natural, homeopathic treatments. Reward obedience and punish detractors. If Flexner made any photo-op appearances for the local media it wouldve been to schools like Cold Harbor, which were owned by the people paying him to write the report. Cold Harbor was also a hot spot for eugenicists at Carnegie school

There were two meat puppet objectioners. H. Cushing and W. Osler claimed that Specialist’ doctor’s field would be too narrow, resulting in a disconnection from doctor/patient relationship. One was paid off and one was given a nice cushy promotion at Oxford. I say they weren’t really in opposition, just a chirp to make it seem that way.  Osler was even a member of the ERO and attended World Eugenics Conference with his homeboy Corneilius Rhodes. So there was no real opposition. The role of the specialist was created on purpose. Without the responsibility of the patient doctors were freed up the pursue their field, creating experts in that field. It’s a variation of compartmentalizing. 

The big thing was to promote petrochemical based pharmaceuticals. Doctors really just go to 8 years of school to learn how to sell pills and become company reps.  “A pill for an ill” was the buzzword of the day with a good PR campaign. All other disciplines that didn’t use pills were forced to drop off, including electromagnetic and sound frequency, traditional plant and aroma therapies.  

These ‘medications’ were made from chemical waste byproducts of their oil refinery industry. 

The black population was the hardest hit. There was a total of 7 facilities that were for training negro physicians, the report shut them all down except 2. One was Howard U in D.C. which has a long spooky past all by itself. The black population never did recover. Flexner claimed blacks and whites should only be treated by their own race. The focus for Black health should be hygiene, to keep them healthy enough not to infect the white population around him… For real he said that. 

Black students, he said, should be trained as “sanitarians” rather than surgeons and their primary role should be to protect White people from disease. “A well-taught negro sanitarian will be immensely useful; an essentially untrained negro wearing an M.D. degree is dangerous,” Flexner wrote. Som much so that the school that offered its most prestigious award with Flexners namesake had to rename the award in 2021 due to the racist and sexist comments in the report.

It is particularly ironic that Flexner was the champion of this notion of expertise as credentialing given how he lacked both the credential and experience as a doctor. Flexner reshaped medical education without ever having studied or practiced medicine. Lacking experience and wisdom from the practice of medicine, Flexner asserted a false expertise.

The science of course would be the fraudulent Germ Theory so very relevant today. 

Simon Flexner

 Simon Flexner was the big brother that really got Abe the job. He was one of the original trustees of the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1901 JD built an institution to emulate Pasture and his germ theory, which was patentable therefore profitable. Simon was the first director 

Simon is a real life evil mad scientist. He was the lead man during the polio epidemic that, also in 1910, was responsible for experimenting on the transmissibility of the so-called polio virus. Basically, what he did was take the spinal cords of children that had died from polio and ground them up in a blender and injected the goop into the brains of tortured monkeys he drills holes in their skulls.  I even uploaded his research so you can see for yourself:

There are already articles that expose the experiment for proving germ theory is a lie so I won’t take a lot of time here but I recommend you read it in his own words. Briefly I will just summarize he could not isolate the causative agent. Even injecting ground up spinal column into monkeys’ brains he could not transmit the ‘virus’. His article does the opposite of what he claims. Inverted simulation.

He was the one manufacturing the vaccines and Brother Abe was distribution end.

In 1903 Simon married into a prominent Quaker family… but the Flexner’s are from a poor orthodox jew family? The whole time history claims repeatedly how poor the family was. The father fled Bavaria bc of “dangerous political associations” without any connections or a dime in his pocket, he landed in New Orleans with 5 companions where all died of yellow fever. Flexner Sr. recovered and went on to breed 9 children. The reocurring theme is poverty. The Flexners all graduated Ivy League schools graduating ahead of schedule and as Simon put it himself, “Without ever having examined a patient or listened to a heart sound.”

Schermerhorn ‘purchased’ this ‘farm’ in 1903 as the permanent home of the Rockefeller Institute? Looks more like some shanty thrown together on the outskirts of a ghost city. Either the date or location is wrong. This is way older than 1903 or it is not NYC. There WAS a Post-Reset repopulation.

  Puerto Rico has been used as a human experiment lab since it was annexed in 1899. The Rockefeller Institute has been one of the main forces driving the testing. Flexner was there, claiming to be doing hookworm research alongside his homeboy Cornelious Rhodes, the infamous racist and fellow evil mad scientist. The two were part of the larger International Health Board, and International Health Commission. Even the Sanitary Commission, (Think back to Sammy Howe and Dorothea Dix who were part of another Sanitary Commission after the civil war) these were all under the banner of JD’s eugenics branch the Bureau of Social Hygiene. The Rock In was ‘helping’ with polio, anemia, hookworm, yellow fever, cancer, and over population. One could easily get derailed going down this rabbit hole, as I have again strayed too far, I’ll back off here but it is important to mention bc it connects back to the Birth Control Pill, as ‘researchers’ moved experiments to Puerto Rico seeking new ground to avoid negative publicity in the States. It appears the reason for annexing PR was to have an unregulated open field of test subjects for the military medical industrial complex. The Philippines too, Flexner spent some time in Manila working on illnesses begotten by the locals. In reality he would’ve been infecting them, each “Banana Republic” as they are called, are isolated island populations, the perfect human petri dish. To call him simply “racist” is insufficient.

Simple Simon has had his name scrubbed clean of any potentially reputation-damaging articles online, funny how the internet has a way to do that, fortunately he was director of the Rockefeller Institute so we can track him that way

Brother Bernie

Seems like all of the Flexner boys were involved at some level. Brother Bernard was a prominent NY and Chicago lawyer for ‘the Company’ as he calls it. He was also a member of the Zionist Organizer of America and delegate to the first World Peace Congress world. He was also a founding member of the Counsil of Foreign Relations meaning he was in JDs pocket as well. Bernie has a full-length article in Atlantic Monthly about the Securities Act, I couldn’t read past the sentence about the “Wall Street and their beloved federal reserve”.  

James Thomas Flexner (January 13, 1908 – February 13, 2003) Flexner graduated cum laude from Harvard University, and found work as a reporter for the New York Herald Tribune. In 1931, he took a position at the New York City Department of Health as an executive secretary. The following year, he left his job to devote his full energies to writing. Although untrained in art history, he gravitated to art subjects as part of his interest in writing about American history. *perpetrating a fake history and installation of a centralized international power structure is considered the Arts

Flexner is known best for George Washington, a four-volume biography published by Little, Brown from 1965 to 1972. He won a special Pulitzer Prize for the work in 1973. [2] He wrote other historical biographies, including The Young Hamilton (on Alexander Hamilton), Mohawk Baronet (on Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet), and The Traitor and the Spy: Benedict Arnold and John André. He wrote many books on the history of American art, including a life of the American painter John Singleton Copley. He and his father, Simon Flexner, M.D., co-wrote William Henry Welch and the Heroic Age of American Medicine.

See Also

  • Bioethics is current PC term for eugenics, along with Transhumanist 
  • Rhodes racist letter was sent to the ACLU for assistance to prosecute, which means it wasn’t ever prosecuted, they dont prosecute themselves, instead he has a scholarship in his name. The ACLU was founded in part by Helen Keller.
  • This model of one person traveling around taking inventory is the same script used by Dorothea Dix and Sammy Howe when they wrote the report about the Insane Asylums. Fronteir Nurses School would be the couriers of the birth control pill and vaccines being developed by Flexner.
  • The Philippines has a hidden past I need to look at more closely, they are mentioned in the periphial lines of so many essays I’have done, from the World Fairs introducing scripted cultures at the Human Zoos to support fake narrative history to the medical experiments done by Team Eugenics. This would include an investigation into the so-called Spanish American War
  • FUN FACT: Aspirin was the first pharmaceutical synthesized from petroleum in 1887, by chemist Felix Hoffman while working for Bayer. Bayer is owned by Farben. Another Hoffman chemist working for the NWO. 
    • Back in Europe JD partnered with German Big Pharm giant IG Farben in an information exchange between Big Oil and Big Pharm. Slee and Sanger got their secret lube recipe from Germany about this same time… Farben has quite the role in WW2 according to his-story books. Top execs were condemned at the Nuremburg trials for crimes against humanity but continued work in the Agri-Tech field of America? (Operation: Paperclip is fake, it is under the pretext that all the parties were on different sides, they all worked together all the time.)  
  • See also, Ivy Lee, was Rockefellers Public relations officer from Ludlow massacre to Rhodes racist letter. 
  • See also, Ida Tarbell investigation of Rockefeller published in McClure’s magazine led to anti-trust laws and wound up in the supreme court. I call bullshit. McClures is the same paper that published the cover-up article about the Newark Factory Fire during the Industrial Revolution. The Supreme Court had to break up the Rockefeller (Standard Oil) monopoly in the early 1900s, but it didn’t really matter. The big oil companies still had complete control, including Exxon, Chevron, Amoco, and other recognizable behemoths. In fact, Rockefeller’s personal wealth INCREASED due to the big oil “break up.” That’s when Rockefeller infused $100 million into the “General Education Board” to END all studies of natural medicine (anything holistic) in America’s 150 medical colleges, and install, permanently, only the study and practice (in hospitals) of prescribing pharmaceutical medications that quell symptoms of disease and disorder, but never cure anything.
  • See also, the Spanish flu of 1918 was released at the same time they were trying to push thru Rockefellers Medical Industrial Complex. Much speculation that was a vaccine experiment loosed at military bases

Porto Ricochet Scandel

Simon Flexner had to cover for his buddy C Rhodes after it was leaked to the press about their operation in PR. It was reported in the international press a racist letter was found in the trash and said the following:

”I can get a damn fine job here and am tempted to take it. It would be ideal except for the Porto Ricans. They are beyond doubt the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere. It makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them. They are even lower than Italians. What the island needs is not public health work but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population. It might then be livable. I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off 8 and transplanting cancer into several more. The latter has not resulted in any fatalities so far … The matter of consideration for the patients’ welfare plays no role here – in fact all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.

The letter was found in the trash by the night cleaners who passed to the Nationalist presidential candidate, who intended to use it as a weapon in a political battlefield. He then passed it to the local media, who printed it with Spanish translations, the letter was passed all around the world like overnight. the early forerunner to going viral. Every case you see where something goes viral is the same today as it was since forever. All politics are scripted WrestleMania and the media exists as a psychological warfare machine only.

I dont think so.

As to be expected the TIME article omits several sentences, like the end that mentions transplanting cancer into several patients. I’m sure it was omitted just to save page space. I got this copy from the Ministry of Truth and it also has the three little dots that mean something is being erased.

The new ending looks like it was added anyway, sure he was an evil mad scientist but they dont really talk like the comic books. This sentence gives the whole letter away. The original intent for exposing the letter was political, it was propaganda against the entire Yanqui government, this was the Nationalist party. He was trying to scare monger the people away.

Without looking at the reasons I’m gonna say the number 8 is a lie. It is either way higher or it might even be zero. Its just there to serve as a marker.

The rest of the article from the beginning is just inflammatory propaganda, to portray the targets true feelings which everyone already knows anyway without having to be told, now its right on the table you have been right all along. Not only that but it’s worse than you thought, he is already trying to kill you all. Him and all his buddies are in on it too.

The target for this propaganda was almost totally illiterate and lived a near stone age way of life. Basic sanitation if that; they were kept sick so that Big Pharm could do their tests. Just like everywhere else for that matter.

The biggest piece is the controlled-opposition leader, the Nationalist Party leader was Campos. Camp is an Old family name, this was a satellite branch they have just for this reason. Mr Campos attended the elite high school for whites where he was awarded a scholarship to Vermont. Soon thereafter he transferred to Harvard. Yep, Campos was a Harvard law grad.

During WW! He joined the military and was sent to organize the Puerto Rican army. The army was segregated still so he had to serve with the African American troops even though officers were classified as White. Take that however you want it, the whole PR experience has been built on racism, but Im sure you dont yet fully appreciate the role of the Colored Troops during the segregated wars. They are the ones that did all falseflag missions like the discoveries at Jamestown fort and the nonexistent Indian Wars and the Civil War proxy missions; it is not surprizing he went with the Blacks. After the war he finished his Harvard education where he was helping the Irish in one of their struggles. Afterward he goes back to PR and starts up some radicalist activity based on his animosity built up from experiencing the racism in the army. Thats what inspired him to lead the Nationalist Party in Porto Rico against the Rockefellers and Military occupation.

He responded with this:

The mercantile monopoly is backed by the financial monopoly … The United States have mortgaged the country to their own financial interests. The military intervention destroyed agriculture. It changed the country into a huge sugar plantation … “Evidently, submissive people coming under the North American empire, under the shadow of its flag, are taken ill and die. The facts confirm absolutely a system of extermination.” He went on, “It [the Rockefeller Foundation] has in fact been working out a plan to exterminate our people by inoculating patients unfortunate enough to go to them with virus of incurable diseases such as cancer.

If he was so hot after the war he would not have continued his education. Harvard is where he was recruited and the war is where he was trained to be a radical activist. He was a trained oppositional leader. He eventually ends up going to jail for 26 years but thats bullshit too bc 26 is just another number mark like 8 was. His jail time was spent on assignment somewhere undercover, history knows him by a different face. Or maybe he was killed and they had to do away with his character real quick so they sent him too prison. Way on down the line they send out a look-a-like to play him that was finally released, some kinda Nelson Mandela story. Whatever the case nobody ever went to prison.

The worst part is bc its a propaganda piece its hard to tell whats real or not, the best type of successful propaganda contains mostly truth.They really were inflicting cancer on the people. They really did enjoy tormenting them. They really are working to exterminate everyone. I also thinks its true he said the cancer carriers hadnt died yet. Another Rockefeller researcher from Harvard would come back to PR in the next generation, they had to work hard to induce transmission bc the foundation of the medicine is wrong. Germ Theory is a lie, of course they had to put tumors in a blender in inject it directly into a patient

  • Once the copies were passed around by the time the dust settled even the Pope is said to have received a copy, doubtful but its an opportunity for a name drop, surely the pope knew about the guinea pig trials going on in PR but he is on the same side.
  • The investigating committee included the Rockefeller Institution, along with all the local fractal patterns, medical and political, meaning they were investigating themselves and came to the conclusions that they did nothing wrong. Anyone else see a problem with that logic?
  • It immediately had a cute little nickname in the media, “Puerto Ricochet”, anything with a cute little nickname is an inside job. Promise.
  • Cover-story writers, like TIME for example where the story made headlines, say the poor doctor had his car broken into immediately beforehand and he was on his way to donate blood to the locals anemics. Dozens testified he saved their live bc he personally gave his own blood. LOL, GTFOH, anytime they say that, they are lying. Promise.
  • The fact it was printed in TIME is enough to out the letter as a fraudulent doc all by itself. TIME is in the same brackets as Nat Geo, Atlantic Monthly, Harpers Weekly, McClure’s…
This article is from 1932 issue of TIME featuring Rhodes letter of extermination of Puerto Ricans.

Frontier Nursing Service and Mary Breckenridge

Breckenridge and Anne Morgan refined the use of War-Time photography for fundraising and propaganda during WW1 and later used the manipulation tactic for their population control project to deliver Big Oil/Pharm to the remotest of places

“How were the Reset overlords able to access all the dirt poor, remote, mountain-folk before the roads were put in?” Good Question Mary Breckenridge oversaw the Americanized version of the project used to ensure New World Order products could reach all parts of the world. She was instrumental in early vaccine delivery and used the isolated pockets of people as test subjects during the development of the eugenicist wet-dream birth control pill. More than that she refined the system used all over the world and created a school which taught future generations. Teaching teachers how to teach.

Like so many of her kind, she uses the children as a manipulation tool, specializing in child-birth, midwifery. This virtue-signaling quells any distrust of outsiders and allows her to operate undetected…until we showed up.


One of the agencies responsible for helping distribute the Rockefeller brand of health care was the Frontier Nurses Service. FNS was founded in rural Appalachia KY by Mary Breckenridge in 1925 after she spent several years developing a system based on European models. Rural populations only accessible by horseback. Her focus was mainly on training midwives, baby deliveries, care for the new mother. At least, that what the brochure says. After she used children and philanthropy to get her foot in the door FNS did more than just deliver babies, from vaccines to gunshot wounds and snakebites. She was just another agent like the rest, whitewashed and celebrated by the Babylon Media. Breckenridge was very aware of her image and ran a huge PR campaign through the usual channels. 

She was also chosen strategically because of her blue blood high-birth status. Any branch you look at on the family tree are powerful and influential people. Grampa Breckenridge graduated Princeton and was VP of America that served under Prez Buchanan. He gained some notoriety by joining Aaron Burr as accused US traitor after he became a Confederate General while serving in the US public office. Don’t worry though, he wasn’t proslavery, he advocated freeing slaves and sending them back to Africa. In 1865 he was promoted to Secretary of War by Confederate Prez Davis. His exact role in the Saltville Massacre is unknown now due to the amount of whitewashing done by complicit historians but he was in charge of the group that executed between 10 and 100 wounded black Union soldiers after the skirmish. Supposedly he arrived at the scene after the atrocity had been committed and tried to bring justice to the perpetrators but had no help. After the war he was involved in the Railroad Syndicate. 

The private school, Rosemont Dezaley, Mary attended in Lausanne, Switzerland. The aetheric power receivers (suppressed energy technology)

Daddy was Arkansas congressman and here was more political intrigue when during a close election a gang of masked men stole the ballot box, the recount was issued his opponent was declared winner however he was murdered by a hitman a short time before. John Clayton was assassinated, shot through a hotel window on his way to contest the election. (*Claytons will connect to our story in other ways and merits their own chapter.) Again, an investigation cleared Breckinridge of any wrongdoing in both the election fraud or political assassination. Sure. The seat was remained vacant for the rest of the term. US minister to Russia where she attended the coronation of Nicholas II. She lived in St Petersburg where she was formatively trained by tzarist royalty. He returned to America and was appointed by Prez McKinley to the Dawes Commission. In case you weren’t paying attn in US history class the Dawes Act was started to deal with the ’Indian Problem’, the allotment of land to displaced Native Americans. They were legalese binding ritual magick contracts to steal the choice land for themselves. Maybe it was his reward to doing a good job in Russia, but probs it was bc he and McKinley served on the Ways and Means Committee together. Ways and Means was in charge of allocating funds for social programs and had jurisdiction over tax rates and tariffs. Either way there was such rampant corruption the Dept of Justice had to intervene with a formal investigation which cleared him of any wrongdoings.  

 So, this means she wasn’t just some hillbilly wet nurse, a coronation isn’t something just any common carpetbagger can attend, foreign diplomat or not, it highlights her high-birth status. Mary also worked in the public health arena in the ghettos of DC and Boston during the Flu epidemic and set up a nursing class at Columbia U. The building above is the Rosemont Dezaley boarding school at Lake Geneva where Mary attended private school. *Note the etheric energy tower on the right. 

Marriage #1

Breckinridge first was married to Henry Ruffner Morrison, his history has been scrubbed completely clean except for the same three or four sentences that mirror on every site. He was a lawyer from Hot Springs, AK that died from appendicitis shortly after their one-year anniversary. The couple had no children. That’s the only info available I could find, most of these shadow people keep their profiles pretty clean. I was sent the wedding announcement from the Rutherford Foundation, I was trying to confirm a connection between these morrisons and Jim of the Doors but this family is scrubbed clean. None of the names on the notice go far either. We are given a clue with a potiential boss from Hot Springs named Stitt. Stitt was a prominent lawyer and Hot Springs was a semi famous gambling town attracting such guests as Al Capone, meaning it’s a nest of spooks as well as Capone was a figment of the mainstreet media fuckery. Notice also Hot Springs and Eureka Springs share similarites of health spa resort towns, tourist traps with false narrative history. 

*See Also: Florence Nightinggale first nurse org and Sammy Howe comments 

Stitt was a business associate from Hot Springs where his family was one of the ruling class. A prominent lawyer in a gambling town ganster hideout?

After his death Mary traveled to NYC to become a registered nurse graduate from St Lukes School of Nurses in 1910. This is roughly the same period Sanger was running around NYC pretending to be a nurse. The two being in such close proximity and the same line of work it is odd they never meet up or work on the same projects. That is bc they are intentionally separated; each is a long-game project and could raise suspicions if a professional backwoods midwife was a known associate of the birth control movement. The relationship is not public however we will see they do indeed work together.

Every places Breckenridge stays is an Olde World fingerprint. Wheres the people?
Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs. Breckenridge lived here while husband number 2 led the repopulation.

 Most of what history remembers is in her later years, Breckinridge had quite the early days as well. She married Richard Thompson, who started and was Prez of Crescent College for girls in Arkansas where she taught multiple classes. Crescent College was housed in famous Cresent Hotel in world renown Eureka Springs. Crescent wasn’t like other schools. It was for the uber elite to send their daughters for grooming. The hotel is another Old World building, this time said to have been built by  the Eureka Springs Improvement Committee, headed by a Clayton architect Issaac S. Taylor, from St Louis, connects us back to another World Fair of 04, the Louisiana Purchase Expo. World class stonemasons were supposedly imported from Ireland and cut walls 18 inches thick and fitted without mortar, their ghosts still are said to haunt the hotel. I don’t think even they had the knowledge to do this. Site was later home to pseudo-quack snake oil salesman Baker Cancer Hospital in a fake beef with American Medical Association. Seems Mary taught several classes here including French and groomed young debutantes much like the grooming she received at Rosemont Dezaley. 

Richard Thompson was head of the Eureka Springs Investment Committee, which was in charge of developing the town and founded by the Clayton family. Powell Clayton also is credited for building the Crescent and bringing in the railroad. A thorough investigation is warranted but it seems more likely these people didn’t build shit; they were left in charge after the last Reset. The timeline makes no sense that it was built in just two years and the entire town in not much longer. Powell was US Minister to Mexico in 1897 to help prepare for the coming Spanish American war; the services for the USS Maine was held in Mexico City in 1898. He was very much a reflection of his political rival Breckinridge; involved in high-stature politics, foreign appointments, banksters railroads and industry. Thompson was also head of the Eureka Springs Water Company. The whole premise of the founding of the town rests on the natural springs that have reputed healing properties going back to Indian folklore. Thompson had the healing water shipped all over the States and advertised for medical treatments. It’s ironic that the future quack and snake oil salesman that occupied the Crescent would be ostracized for product but the entire town was built very much on the same idea. The water company would eventually become Ozarka Water and a Nestle’ product and even though it retained the name has no association with the Ozarks. 

The couple had two children, a daughter which survived only a few hours and a son nicknamed Breckie. When Breckie suddenly died at age 4 the mourning mother wrote a book about his short life. The preface in the book showcases Marys belief in the occult: 

“…I have had good news of him through a friend who  
is, unknown to all but a most limited circle, a psychic of un-  
usual gifts. That I should have this news will be no surprise to  
those who have been following the work of the Society for  
Psychical Research and especially the astonishing progress of  
the last few years. It has been an inexpressible blessing to learn  
from old friends on the other side that Breckie is with his sister  
and impressing all who meet him over there…” 

This is a shout out to another Harvard psychological mindfuck agent William James. James was a forefather of modern psychology with an obsession into the occult, as in the paranormal spirit world mumbo-jumbo. His group Society for Psychical Research was devoted to contacting life after death thru seances and slate writing and would include preeminent psychologists like Jung and Freud. The one sentence shoots herself in the foot. Children of these Resetters do not die like history books say. Almost every icon we have come across has lost a child or two according to the fairy tale version, there is sufficient evidence to suggest these children are just reassigned after a certain point they begin their grooming for the long-game and will return later on in life with a new name and background. This mention of him being with his sister indicate she was taken right after delivery, not stillborn afterall. Breckinridge was just a surrogate, she had big plans ahead of her and a child wasn’t conducive to the mission. 


After Breckies death Mary ‘volunteered’ in the American Committee for Devasted France in the  aftermath of WW1. This was a group started by Anne Morgan, daughter of guilded baron JP, and her partner, Anne Dike. This means FNS was a Mink Coat Mafia operation. Both Annes would be bestowed a rank in the French Legion of Honor, this is the same title given to Helen Keller so we already know to be leery of these guys. Nobody has pointed out the irony that Morgan had created this group to rebuilding while her brother, Jack was funding the Allied bombing, even before the US entered the war. The US was supposed to be neutral. [Sigh, all wars are bankster wars huh] Anne Morgan and the Committee resurfaced in the build-up to WW2 to squash the notion held by most Americans it was a “phony war”.  ACDF would splinter into the Friends of France and many other relief orgs but behind the name it is all the same beast.  

The Committee recognized photography as a useful tool for fundraising and spreading the message, which translates to propaganda, manipulation and psychological warfare. This explains the beautiful picture above, the midwife was portrayed as a mythical being, and the early silent film about the FNS. The tactic had already been in use before then, remember Sanger setting up the photo-op in the Bread and Roses strike of the children exodus. Morgan would go on to pioneer the documentary movie industry, Im sure we will run into more of her later.  

On the surface she did a great and honorable thing, setting up nursing and midwifery training centers throughout the most isolated and backwoods locations in America. What I see it as though is she infiltrated the most remote places with the newly formed Rockefeller medicine scam. One of the hardest parts of the transition was making sure people stuck to the new med schedule, FNS was a way to combat this. They marginalized poor rural white homesteaders and kept focus on them and their needs to hide a new industry that was phasing out traditional plant-based treatments 

Bios applaud her for setting in place a decentralized system but they don’t offer any explanation on how it was in what way decentralized, they just kinda spit it out with no support. This little bitch was trained at Columbia U, Tzarist Russia and private schools at Lake Geneva. The FNS model was based on Scottish methods. She was a Breckenridge. She built a system that taught teachers. Of course it was centralized, on an international level. It was the start of the professional midwife, trained and paid, it is the definition of centralized. There was a main location for a nursing and medical treatment center, an administration location which served as Mary’s home, and within 5 years there were 6 outpost offices, one for each district, and a full-time hospital. There was also a citizen committee, which Im sure was headed by the wives and daughters of whoever the most influential freemason might be. A Courier Program was designed for blue-blood ‘debutantes’ to come and volunteer and add virtue-signaling to their resume, similar to Jane Addams Hull House charity. Couriers were used to ferry supplies and raise funds back home. All this is the opposite of decentralization but they repeat that word in every article so the reader will subconsciously form a mental association. 

The Scottish Isles were chosen bc of the similar mountainous terrain as Appalachia. Their group was called the Highlands and Islands Medical Service (H.I.M.S.), they were propagated by the British version of the Flexner Report, the Dewar Report, of the DeWars Scotch whiskey family, in 1912. Canada also had their own iron in the fire with the Newfoundland Cottage Hospital System. These were all early steps in the international centralization of the Medical Industrial Complex 

Breckenridge herself would first thing direct her own localized version of a Flexner report, following the same script, in 1923. She rode her horse around the 3 most isolated counties and annotated on the general maternal health conditions of the region and made suggestions on improvement. She abhorred traditional native or plant-based treatments which she called ‘superstitious practices’. (what about her superstitious Psychical Research friends?) Her report holds the coal mining industry and railroad access as the standard which judges the level of civilization the area attains. Likewise, her view on what makes a valid authority is based solely on whether or not it is govt sanctioned, approved, stamped, permitted… In other words, she is a reformer. The reformers mission is to make everything under control of the proxy govt. Mary is border-line insulting about people if they have a local dialect, as if someone with a twang is “extremely stupid”. 

It wasn’t her first such report. During her stint at Crescent, she took survey of the nurse training facilities in Arkansas that was used to enact state certification and what amounts to centralization. 

Originally the org was called the Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, it was just to get a foot in the door of suspicious mountainfolk in the beginning, then broadened treatment to include all health care but kept the midwife cover for the association. In 1928 it was renamed the FNS, then open to private ‘philanthropic’ donations. Publicly known donors are Mink Coat Mafia members Elenore Roosevelt and Clara Ford, wife of Socialist, eugenicist, antisemitic cryptojew Henry Ford. Services were rendered most often at a financial loss for the FNS, they would except barter goods and exchange services of the husbands but the patients could not afford treatment with cash. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. 

In 1939 a formal nurse training academy was born, Frontier Nurse University. This was part of the Mink Mafia run up to WW2 also, before then potentials were sent to Britian to train, or British agents were imported. With the looming war in Europe ahead a native solution was needed so Mary opened the school and sent graduates out into the country. This is not what decentralized means. 

Another avenue we have to take a look at is its roll in contraception. Mary’s focus on child bearing can be seen from the angle of birth control advocates. Sure, the FNS was responsible for a quarter million vaccinations by the time ol’ Mary departed but the mission of child care isn’t far removed from the rest of our investigation. Mary was outspoken against the use of contraceptives, however, she agreed to allow the FNS to participate in the birth control pill trials 

Today Mary has been thrown under the PC cancel-culture bus by her own people. FNU responded to pressure by cookie-cutter agitator social justice warriors claim she was a racist formed the Mary Breckenridge Task Force. This was another cookie cutter group that wrote the standard white-washing cover-up. The results of their self-investigation require permission to read which I applied for but no response was given at the time of writing. Fragments are found online, she was racist bc she wouldn’t admit blacks into her team, wouldn’t break bread w blacks at the table. Mary’s father was confederate sec of war, so she was involved with United Daughters of the Confederacy, she spent time growing up on the family’s cotton plantation in Mississippi and wrote a speech titled, Memories of the Old South. She wrote in regards to communicating with the locals that she had to use the “simplest language and illustrations” sounds like Sanger describing trying to communicate with the Women Auxiliary of the KKK, like they themselves had received strict orders on how to communicate or the scriptwriters recycling the same old lines. She advocated stricter immigration laws and continued racial segregation. Stated, ‘only the best should breed’, excluded locals and blacks from employment.  

Frontier Nursing

We can assume several of FNS benefactors support the founders eugenic and racist ideology; Elizabeth Perkins bequeathed them 150,000$ for the purpose of saving mommies and babies, “preferably those of the Anglo-Saxon race.” Fellow Mink Coat Mafia member Anne Morgan, who had been there since the beginning said “”I am particularly interested in this movement of Mrs. Breckinridge’s…because I feel that it means so much toward the survival of our oldest American stock.” Lemme just tell you if you are reading this you are not the same stock she is talking about. They are very much aware of their roots. 

Breckinridge managed to stay neutral throughout all the social upheaval going on around her. Leslie county was home to violent clashes between coal miners and mine owners, she traveled freely. She was able to distance herself from the public eugenics debate, the radicalism, industrial revolution…It’s all just an illusion, in 1929 the NYTimes reviewed the silent film Forgotten Frontier, it was a propaganda tool used for fundraising. The usefulness of imagery in such a manner was developed by Anne Morgan in devasted France. Breckie had complete control of its content and praised the final product, much to the anger of local residents who were portrayed as ignorant, filthy backwoods breeders living in squalor. Residents responded by saying “thanks but No Thanks”. Even though Mary acknowledged the insult and apologized the fundraising drive continued. She appealed to the same audience using immigration as a perceived threat and what would today be an early proponent of “White Replacement Theory”; as immigrant populations soared and threatened whitey, she showcased the southern Appalachian folk as a potential pool of pure blood DNA. Our good old frienda at Harpers Monthly quoted her as saying they were “…all of British decent [and] the finest flower of old American stock…” 

Mary controlled all information distributed in her area and made sure birth control information was excluded; physicians were responsible for that part of reproductive health, nurses were forbidden to discuss it, instead focusing on social service and welfare for destitute families. She again remained and make sure the patients took their pills as prescribed neutral but worked alongside organizations such as the America Social Hygiene Association, which filled the want for family planning information. 

Part of the argument came from oversight concerns. State-sponsored birth control advice threatened physician autonomy and the FNS was a direct threat to union-owned hospitals and health care. One of the largest mine owners an Leasor’s of mines was the Ford Foundation, Ford also happened to be one of FNS’s largest benefactors. Mary chose to side with her classist status-quo over improved conditions for the people. 

Another special interest splinter group that provided contraceptives and did birth control research in southern Appalachia was the Mountain Maternal Health League, funded by Clarence Gamble. MMHL was the associate of Sanger/Rockefeller eugenics groups like American Birth Control League and the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau. It teamed up with Planned Parenthood and eventually the FNS by supporting graduate midwives. Not surprisingly, the longtime director of the League and birth control advocate Louise Hutchins, her husband served an extended term on the FNS executive committee. Conflict of interest? Just wait, we’re just getting to the good part. These connections are intentionally hard to follow and show that the inner circles are all the same team.

Birth Control Pill Trials

Enter the Team. Katharine McCormick wrote in a letter that the birth control trial would fail unless they procured enough nurses to go door to door to make sure and make sure the patients took their pills as prescribed. Dr Rock was familiar with FNS and had personal ties; his wife served on the Committee for Devasted France with Breckinridge after the war. Nan and Mary stayed friends and she was on the Boston Committee of the FNS for many years. Rock himself was on the FNS National Medical Counsil and the couple visited her place at Wendover. It seemed to be a family affair for the Rocks as his daughters were involved as well. 

John Rock was running the trials at Mass General, Worchester, Puerto Rico, and Kentucky; as well as the human radiation experiments and the MK Ultra work all at the same time. He was a real life evil mad scientist too. Dr Rock chose southern Appalachia specifically bc it was the most isolated place in the country. Supposedly it had the nation’s highest birth rate but they’ll never produce a number I believe is accurate. One reason for Mary’s reluctance with using contraceptives is to maintain a controlled number of births in preparation for the big pill development. She was there to make sure the pockets of people remained isolated. There were decades of planning in this going all the way back to her grooming in Devasted France. The regions of Southern Appalachia were the same as the developing countries, only closer. 

When the time came for FNS to do what it was born to do Mary feigned reluctance, she passed the decision on to the committee who of course was Dr Rock and his wife and daughter. History makes an attempt to keep the blood off Breckinridge’s hands by claiming she was set against the trial but was overruled by the committee. She was in charge of all major decisions and usually never second guessed but now the group went over her head but she didn’t intervene farther. 

Enovid was the pill produced by Searle, out of Chicago, the same one from Puerto Rico. At the time FNS acts as couriers for Big Pharm they say the trials have already finished in PR (proven safe and effective), officially started in Kentucky in 1959. 140 women are in the record books and only 1 recorded death, from cardiac arrest, no autopsy. 

Informed consent was not a legality yet and how much, if anything, of potential side effects was told to the victim was up to the discretion of the nurse. Contemporary colleagues of Rocks provide cover for him by claiming Rock practiced the notion of informed consent even before it was a thing. This is the equivalent of Pincus’ biographer titling his bio ‘A Good Man’. Rock himself says in an oral interview his conscious was clear when the FNS trials started and the FDA approval was just a formality. While this may have been the case for Rock and the patients directly under his management the bulk of women had no such respect and nurses were advised not to say anything that might scare or dissuade the participants or donors from continuing with treatments. 

Fundraising campaigns always mentioned research in the list of goals set by the FNS, and brochures printed for donors always included updates in other areas of their services but there is a noticeable lack of information available with the pill trials as compared to the other topics. Rock made multiple visits to Leslie County; his visits were well documented but the reasons for the visit were not. Apparently, he chose to get his updates in person rather than have anything written down. The complicit media made sure no mention or details were published in a mainstream source. 

The trials were officially ended in 1965, when Big Pharm decided it was no longer giving out its wares for free. This is the only reference made to the trials in the official records of the FNS committee minutes book. At this point even Mary herself didn’t speak on the trials, in the beginning she was sheltered from any negative publicity by writers insisting she acquiesced unwillingly, the same cover artists use her silence at the end to prop up this assertation, saying she was so indifferent about it she didn’t feel it worth her recognition. That’s bullshit. 

Mary died at her cabin in Wendover just a few months after the pill was unleashed into the world. Much energy is devoted to having the public believe these are unconnected events but as we see time and again this is very rarely the case and newspapers used her death as an opening to promote the pill, that’s assuming the timing of her deaths is correct and not inserted for convenience, a new chapter in FNS history which took the opposite stance on the importance of contraceptives now that the pill was finally available, they ensured availability. Less than a decade after Mary’s death the FNS added family planning and birth control advice and techniques to their medical directives. 

There is an interesting comment from one of the nurses close to the project, Nancy Damman, that soon local residents would be ‘doctor shopping’ after watching daytime soap operas on TV, (General Hospital?) and to me it just showcases an early example of manipulation through medical propaganda on TV. I’d like to see transcripts from the shows of the day around the time the pill was unleashed, 10:1 it’s a big over-the-top drama advertisement, predictive programming and social conditioning at the least. The notion that the people ultimately made the decision for forward development is laughable. How can there be a conscious decision with no informed consent or any kind of heads-up warning and on top of all that psychological warfare and social engineering tactics 24/7 on the TV. (It’s called a ‘program’ for a reason you know.) 

An investigation into her relationship with Henry and Clara Ford should be considered. Clara was a heavy financial donor to the FNS, even after she died her son continued payments. Henry ford and the Ford Foundation sponsored contraceptive and population control programs at the same time as Dr Rock. While there is nothing on the surface, I don’t believe the two were not at least unaware of the others work. All of Mary’s closest secrets she took with her to her grave, her loyal secretary burned all of her personal records after she deceased. While most people today think is only trying to protect her and her team’s sexuality, that is the cover researchers use on everyone, the burnt records were the true nature of the relationship between all the big names in the Eugenics club. 

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