The “Industrial Revolution was Psychological Warfare on the Wage-Slave” thread

There was a Reset Event, accept it and move on. After the Repopulation started there were a few steps to take before we could get where we are today, some political, some technological, all social engineering projects to create a new class of people just to wage Class-Warfare to parasitize them with trauma-based mind control.

You might be amazed at the beginning how close all the threads run together. History is a patch-quilt, not a timeline. They all overlap and they all are meaningful.One thing the Inheritor class had to do was figure out how to control the food supply, this plays into the health and labor threads. Control the food supply, control the people. This was done with the invention of the Combine Reaper, development took most a century and was worked on by the international community. I call them World Fair Projects bc the would meet up at the World Fairs to exchange information, debrief each other. Also speed up or slow down speed and direction of progress, the patent office was created for that. Thats the Agricultural Revolution, this is Industrial, get you Revolutions right buddy, oh yeah, its all the same one.

This same thing was done with the sewing machine.

Once the sewing machine was developed there could be made a surplus which could be sold for profit. The sudden availability of food meant there was plenty of time for other activities since we didnt have to spend all day trying to feed ourselves. The labor question was how do you keep a slave class from figuring out they are a slave class and fighting back. The answer from these guys is a string of psychologically traumatizing industrial “accidents” and a couple controlled opposition strikes to bully everyone into compliance.

Eventually it would all come down to some legislation in the form of the New Deal, a binding-contract ritual that made the State swoop in and seem like the saviors compared to the mill owners. The State is never the good guys. The New Deal was really the old deal the scripted false history narrative echoes every chance they get; the French Revolution, the Railroad Strike of 1877, the Paris Commune…

Pemberton Mill Collapse was an Inside Job. psychological warfare, domestic terrorism and the Industrial Revolution

Pemberton was a mill that collapsed, part of the Industrial Revolution used to consolidate the worlds labor force and control industry and manufacturing,i.e., the economy. The Revolutionary part was the psychological warfare waged on the Orphan immigrant class. The collapse features the same families.

People dont realize how big this ‘Mill Island” really was, With the Army Corps of Engineers stealing credit for building a massive stone dam and canal system and the superintendent already taking credit for engineering two other star forts this indicates to me the whole island is an ancient artifact, Who is going to have built this in 1860? Not the donkey and wagon culture of orphan immigrants

The city of Lawrence seems to have been built for these kinds of psychological terrorism projects.  It was built by elite industrialists which the surrounding towns were named after and they hidden-handedly controlled every aspect of what was known as ‘Mill Island’, there was nothing more than the mills and the workers boarding houses.  

Built by John Lowell and his brother J. Putnam in 1853, the building is only 7 years old. The contractor was Essex Corporation, under the supervision of Bigalow, I cant help but not the name Essex as its the same as the insurance scam whaling ship. Bigalow is credited with building a canal and a stone dam that made the town what it was, it had the nickname Mill Island. His mention is enough to know he didnt build anything. the massive stone dam is an ancient artifact and potentially a man-made island.

Bigalow was married to a Briggs another military Industrial family, Harriet, daughter of the late gov. Bigalow was charter member and first prez of the association of philanthropist that founded the Lawrence Free Library. Libraries are a big thing. Always pay attn to the people around them. Charles H Biglow is also credited for the construction of Ft Warren and Ft Independence with his time in the Army corps of Engineers. The Ft’s were starforts, ancient artifacts. the Corp is always trying to take credit for old stuff, this matches his=story claims of his stone dam, that are as old as the star fort Bigalow didnt build.

Heres an hour long doc about it but you can tell it is a mark by the terrible editing job. The editor cuts an unnatural amount of space between words causing… well, you’ll see. whoever edited this new they were doing it. Not only that but the actors reading the queue cards are fucking it up on purpose

The Army Corps of Engineers was involved that means whatever happens is planned. The factory collapsed bc of too much weight of the machinery. The building was not that old and the engineers and builders used second rate materials. They knew the stress limit was low, they made it that way on purpose and then just kept loading and loading till it finally gave way.

In 1857 the Mill was sold to George Howe. See Samuel Gridley Howe for more on his family, not surprized to see him here. The Panic of 1857 is cited as the reason. The stock market was just as rigged then as it is now. Theres an interesting story about the gold ship that was lost in a freak storm, potential weather machine. this incident is said to be the cause of the panic. Howe was the one to escape within an inch of his neck.

In 1860 the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence collapsed, January 10th to be precise, almost exactly to the day of the beginning of what would become the Bread and Roses strike in 1912.  (1/10, aces baby) with 800 employees inside, mostly women and children. 88 deaths

Memorial for the 88 dead on the 1/10 attack

As the rescue was taking place that night a fire broke out. I’m sad to say this is a common occurrence with the Industrial revolution episodes. First there’s a tragic ‘accident’ then the rubble pile catches on fire. The media loves it and the insurance companies even moreso. The psychological effect is the important part.

  •  The first historian for the tragedy was Lawrence mayor and writer Robert Tewksbury (yeah Tewksbury as in the Almshouse that fake Agent Sullivan didn’t attend). 
  •  Tewksbury listed the death toll at 88, with injuries numbered at 176. We have covered the usage of aces and eights being used as intel markers in orchestrated events . Doubles are moreso.
  • The owner miraculously escaped at the last second.  
  • It is acknowledged by normie historians to be likened to the Triangle Fire. They always promote their own works. Gets ‘em every time  
  •  National headline news called it the worst industrial accident in history. Im not saying every national headline is a project, well yes I am saying that.
  • The city of Lawrence and Pemberton Mill declares bankruptcy in 1857. 
  •  Boston merchant pair buy mill at substantially low cost. In 3 years, they quadrupled output and insurance payout was more than they originally paid for the whole building. 
Frank Leslies Illustrations is another spook rag that pays tribute to their own works, here an artist showcases the attempt made by overseer Palmer, how slit his own throat with a pocketknife rather than burn to deadth. He survived both the cut and the fire but later died of something unrelated. Sorry Im not buying it
  •  No punishment or consequence was had by anybody even though it is openly admitted it was preventable and caused by greed 
  • The NYTimes supplied most of the details, which means it is guarded behind paywalls to researchers today. Still, we get a glimpse from newspapers of the day that the insurance claim was far more than they originally paid for the whole building. NYT name-drops a Gleason, from the Boston art-spook community. Times lists him as a mason (sure he is) and he confirmed the stabliity. (Im sure he did)
  • The site was closed to anyone except mill employees. No outside investigations. 
  • The new owners were Coffins… from Nantucket. Furthermore, it turns out Bigalow was given a nice cushy job in New Bedford. A promotion. 
  • SSHHH! Don’t tell anyone but I don’t think the tombstone below is really pointing up to Heaven like they tell you. I think it’s a signal, “We Were Here, but it’s a secret.” Tombstone of Ann Sullivan, alleged victim. no shit, No relation to our Anne Sullivan of the Helen Keller Project 
I have found Three identical tombstones with the SHHH finger. The lonesome dove church in roe vs wade and the Gammons harvester

 From what I could find in a glance I’d say the Coffins were in it from the beginning and probly had a hand in the town bankruptcy. The mills were sold far below market value probly bc the payment was far more valuable than the mill itself. The middle man owner sold his share as soon as the insurance payout went thru. The insurance companies are in on it, shit the insurance was probly owned by the Coffins themselves. Remember the whaleship Essex, the insurance scam by the Coffins that paid his own policy using shareholders’ money. The mill complex was built by the Essex Corporation. Bigalow was the superintendent of the Essex Corporation and he was given a promotion to take the fall. Shit he probly built it flimsy on purpose to collapse when under a specific stress load. The building was only 7 yrs old. Bigalow and Essex are also responsible for building all the bridges and famous stone dam that made Mill Island what it was. They literally built their own slave Island. That’s the kinda shit the Army Corp of Engineers does I guess ay. That way it would be a legit looking accident, right? So they just kept piling up heavy machinery and ran a sweat shop until it finally happened. Then to make sure it was a total loss and also for the psychological trauma instilled on the people they light the debris pile on fire. Coffins don’t want to do any dirty work, he probly hired the previous owner just to handle from the bankruptcy purchase to the insurance payout. Now Coffin can come in with a brand-new textile factory the year our country enters its civil war. 

There is a specific paragraph in the memoir book about how hard it was for survivors to receive help bc of lack of proper identification. There is some examples of misspellings, brothers, mother/daughters… It’s a whole paragraph. It seems to fit except it is really just another marker. It is an opportunity to name drop Guy Fawkes. It’s a shout out to their own, to let others in the circle know they were here too. The author gives the example as someone name Fox, but it is incorrectly spelled like the Jesuit agent Fawkes on the original doc. 

am compelled to include it in my paper if for nothing else than in the memory of the victim. I did not include a lot of supporting evidence for time’s sake. The way the mill people treated the survivors and their families was less than human. Pretty much the only thing they did was ‘clad the naked’, clothing was determined to waste away naturally so replacement was not an option. They kept tight books for insurance purposes to the exact penny of all costs. Back pay was issued, the last pay was given 38 days before hand, survivors or families of the dead were given 38 days’ pay and nothing more. No pain and suffering or hospital bills or housing assistance. Thats why they always come back and burn the survivors. The average pay was 32 dollars for 38 days. The relief funds were all set up by the agents like the fucking Kellers and the IWW people who are on the same fucking side. They know exactly what it is, but hey they can virtue-signal like theyre good guys and skim a little off the top so what the hell.

Investigation committee

The investigators determine 3 causes. substandard building material. substandard construction methods. The walls were found to be too thin for their oversized windows and the overweight distributions. That has the army corps of engineers name all over it. The investgation was there to clear anybody of charges, like they always are. A cross section of the support columns show how ‘substandard’ it really was.

cross section of support column shows irregularities contributing to collapse

Grover Shoe Factory Boiler Explosion 1905: 3/22 Attack

Brockton Massachusetts in 1905, About 300 workers present. Around 30 stores in the chain… they mean 33. it was specifically the 20th but close enough for govt work

Robbins B. Grover- factory owner, military industrial complex shoe manufacturer for the Union army.

Manufactured Emerson Shoes. Emerson is a big name in the area. not a coincidence

Shoe references are a tell. Cobblers, shiners… Havent found the origins yet but goes back pretty far, to the ‘Wandering Jew’ paintings in the Basel Art Museum

State Inspector green lighted the system 5 mins before explosion. The factory just got a new state of the art system only two years before, the new system was unexplicibly shut off that morning

18 missing and unidentified, Aces and Eights, always insert that somewhere.

The fire inspector came in from Boston immediately, resulting in an overhaul of standards and codes… Control.

Pic of the factory before the explosion, another potential old world artifact brought down and one the day after. All these industrial ‘accidents’ are psychological terrorism events.

This picture is on the Ministry of Truth site. Any time a Pratt is involved theres some kinda fuckery afoot. I’ll kiss your ass if this boiler exploded and flew across town and landed miles away in a Pratt house. No fucking way. In fact, this issue of Engineers’ Review in 1905 calls it the Hood House, so the Pratts really did insert themselves. Dead giveaway.

Furthermore this issue came out in April, just a few days after the explosion, theres alot of technical details in here, maybe a steam engineer could make better sense of it but all I know is the case should still be under investigation at this point. Reminds me of the ‘burning jet fuel melting steel beams’ kind of science that was being pushed before the buildings hit the ground. Its entirely too early for such a definitive report to be released, unless they had it sitting on a shelf somewhere like they usually do

just in case you werent sure, any time the NYTimes speaks of a “mystery not cleared up” they are talking about one of their own jobs. Its mockery. The Rockwell faked his death, maybe it was an early retirement, maybe he was reassigned. Another thing, why would anything be under armed guard?

One more just to seal the deal incase you still mightve thought all these were coincidences. They dont put an arch and obelisk monument up for victims unless its one of theit jobs… Not only that but the cemetery is registered haunted place. these are spooks. referrences to haunting are talking avout themselves


  1. the lead up to the Triangle fire
  2. the Triangle fire
  3. the Wolf Muslin fire
  4. the New York State House
  5. the Missouri Statehouse

The Triangle Fire is arguably the worst Industrial Accident of modern times, we examine the events that lead in and find a smaller prequel fire across the river in Jersey. than 4 days later we find the state house was torched, making it politically motivated as well. Next we find the same thing happened in multiple states, indicating a national drive to scare people into accepting whatever new overreach laws were coming next.


The string of false-flag industrial ‘accidents’ climaxed withe Triangle Fire, the torture-murder of over a hundred people in broad daylight on an affluent city street. This event was used to justify a series of new laws, 32 to be exact, 8 passed immediately, which gave the Overlord class even more powers of interference.

This road would eventually lead to Roosevelt’s, New Deal, which is really just the old deal with a PR team. By Roosevelt I’m talking about Eleanor, (You know who wears the pants in that family!) People in today’s climate overlook the significance of this era. Things like the 8 hr day and 40 hr week were nothing new, they were included in the Constitution of the Paris Commune/ French Revolution, the Communists constitution, they were about to become federalized. Power was transferring from the robber barons to the government, not that the two are completely separate entities. Before then, the mill owners could set whatever system he wanted as far as wages and hours and safety/sanitary conditions. The government appropriation of the labor force represented a big step for central authority. Things like fire prevention safety regulations gave Big Gov new jurisdiction which allowed them full control over who could operate and who could not, Government is the manifestation of centuries of accumulate binding-contract rituals. Big Bro only exists on paper and is the biggest black magick spell ever cast.

Background Context

The Industrial Revolution was a string of false-flag industrial ‘accidents’ used to keep workers in fear. This was needed in order to consolidate and organize the works labor pool/slave class. Now that they had the technology they needed the manpower.This article is focused on a series of events in the early 1900’s surrounding the full spectrum dominance psychological warfare on the slave class. One thing I have learned is history is not linear, its impossible to cover such a broad subject in just a few paragraphs, I do not try to. This is only an outline.

Where we pick up the story is not at the real beginning, in this chapter the beginning would be closer to the development of the sewing machine, a World Fair project that was one of the first of its kind. World Fair projects were collaborations between international overlords to develop (or delay) particular inventions that were required to install the prison planet paradigm we find ourselves living in today.

Maybe you still think the world fairs were a happy-go-lucky day in the sun. They were a military operation set to insert a fake historical narrative and develop technologies

The sewing machine made it possible for the mass-production of clothes, sounds like a little thing right? His-story would have you believe this technology happened organically but thats bullshit. Developers might have been in competition for the newspapers but they were all on the same side. This is a class-war.

Once the Sewing Machine was completed there was a surplus of goods for commercial and military value, uniforms… Such a thing is often overlooked but say you have to clothe an army of an entire nation, how do you plan to do it if each article is produced by hand? Now you have an army of laborers. The whole point is to make everyone little obedient drones, so the next thing to do is organize them using controlled oppositional leaders and traumatic psychological warfare tactics… Thats pretty much where we pick up.

This is the women’s turn, the men had already been worked over in the mines and fields, there were the fledgling workers rights groups, the proto-Unions of today. Women were used in the garment industry where there was a high concentration of unskilled laborers, most of whom could not even speak English let alone unit and defend themselves from the slave conditions of overwork and underpay.

Whata the best way to accomplish your mission? Send in one of your own to act like they are working in the peoples behalf but ultimately they only leading them further into the trap. Where we pick up is at a meeting where it was put on the table for the first time to decide whether an all out strike for better conditions was appropriate, this incident would set off a preplanned chain of events that still resonates today. That’s what trauma-based manipulation is all about. We have a collective traumatic event in our past, shit, our WHOLE past is a string of trauma based mind-controlled events.


In November 1909, at the International Ladies Garment Workers Union conference, labor leaders met to decide what should be done about unfair working conditions. The ILGWU was the largest labor organizer for women at the time and would play a central role in the labor question throughout much of the coming decades.

Another key player would be Local 25, all the members were Jewish, Russian, and Socialist/Communist. They organized a strike first in September. It was the first against the Triangle Company but not the first strike, they had been striking in Boston and Newark as well in the years running up to the big show.

Here is organizer Pauline Newman, we dont see women throwing up the Hidden Hands gang sign often. Newman emigrated from Lithuania as a child, her father taught the Talmud to wealthy children. The problem with that is most people are unaware of what the Talmud really is. Newman worked for the women’s unions for 70 yrs as an organizer and journalist (propagandist), content creator for New York Daily Call, Progressive Woman, and the WTUL publication Life and Labor.  Worked with Eleanor Roosevelt and Francis Perkins and lived with her partner in Greenwich Village for several decades. She also organized civil unrest wherever the call was placed, like a US strike tour, she traveled around helping form activism. After the Uprising striked popped up in all the Old World cities; Boston, Philly, Chicago, Milwaukee…

November is when there was a real Union sit down with Samuel Gompers, he was head of the AFL, he was supposed to be for the Worker but tended to only look out for the skilled trades. Unskilled labors like those in the ‘Needletrades’ were lowest. The exact date was 11/22 which I’ve seen come up a few times, JFK was supposedly shot on this day.

Clara Lemlich (Shaverson), an unscheduled speaker, was given the floor and gave a spur of the moment passionate speech that had the whole crowd erupt into cheers and within hours 20,000 immigrant slaves were striking in the streets. She called for general strike against employer tyranny from sweatshops. In Yiddish. They took a Jewish pledge, an oath, led by the chairperson in some accounts. It was a variation of Psalms 137, it sounds like quite the scene.

“If I turn traitor to the cause I now pledge, may this hand wither from the arm I now raise.”

What if I told you none of that shit happened like that? That all that drama might make for a good bedtime story it is completely made up? What about that, did you ever think about that? Ok let me just say that I never have or never will promote the NYTimes cuz all they do is spread disinfo and they’re a gatekeeper Hall of Records, however, because they are a gatekeeper Hall of Records, I am forced as a researcher to view said records occasionally, just to get the official narrative. If anybody was going to act as a hype-man it would be them, yet they tell a difference then everyone else.

According to the Hall of Records nothing out of the ordinary happened, it was just a regular strike as all the rest of them that had been going on the last few years. Not only that but the first condition of the strike was to acknowledge the ILGWU as a union, that means these people had no authority until that point. All the self validation these people do its easy to forget that its all just blowing their own horn,

I used to think the speech was written in advance and the whole scene was theatrics, Clara was well known as an activist and founder of union Local 25, then there was the Ava Morgan group also, they claimed openly that they were separate entities with dif motives and strategies but they are all on the same team. Now it seems most probable the incident never even happened at all, sure it was scripted and all, just not like I thought, these things have many layers and everything connects. The sources of today acknowledge the seam where the scene was inserted and brush it off by saying the papers were pro-industrialist, thats why no mention was made, as an insult. Nice try, Pumkin Tits, the papers never mentioned it bc it never happened.

By no means is the NYT ever a credible source, even though their story doesnt not match up with public education story they are still lying

Of course it was fake, it was a Mink Coat Mafia project. The Mink coat Mafia was a group consisting of the wives and daughters of the most elite of the bankster and celebrity politicians in America. They were invariably jewish lesbians and used the labor struggle to virtue-signal. Their project ran close beside the suffrage movement (womens right to vote) and the America aristocrats paid bail and hospital bills and funded the bread line. Some even walked the picket line but that was just a photo op, they certainly werent there when the strike breakers came through busting ribs and noses.

The three biggest factories were the Rosen Brothers, the Leiserson and Triangle Shirtwaist Company, but the specifics arent necessary, these companies are representative of the whole industry 

The ILGWU was started in 1900 by a group of 11 jews representing different trade unions.

Another Hidden Hand spook job. Clara comes from a Jewish town of Gorodok. Its difficult to tell much from that though, there are 5 towns with the same name spread out though Poland, Ukraine, and Russia, making it hard to backtrack. She came to the states to flee anti-semetic hostilities in 1903. Once in America she wrote letters for her illiterate neighbors to afford her school books, thats when one of the neighbors gave her a book about revolutionary Communism and she was a devout Commie her entire life. OK so this sounds good in a PBS bio-pic but in real life its not how things work. Although I will say the stories of her sustaining broken ribs from thugs and cops hired by the factory owners are probably true. She knew going in it was part of the job, and she probably was arrested 18 times, maybe not 18 bc thats the aces and eights mark, but you catch my drift.

*Start with WTUL ‘Mink Coat Mafia’ research here (ThoughtCo.)


Their black magick signs and sigils give them away everytime.

The Fire

A major turning point in the book of organizing the slave class was the Triangle Factory Fire, dubbed the worst industrial accident of all time. It included all the same players from the Uprising of 20,000, especially noteworthy are the factory owners that refused to cooperate with strikers after the Uprising.

March 25 of 1911 a factory named the Triangle Shirtwaist Company caught fire and killed 146 women and children. Most of them teenage jewish immigrants from Brooklyn that jumped out of the windows rather than burn alive.

“The worst fire in a New York building,” said Chief Croker as he came out among the ambulances and fire apparatus again, “since the burning of the Brooklyn theater in the 70’s.” This quote from the fire chief lets us know that the 70’s theater fire was another project, [along with another name-dropped, the river steamboat Slocum explosion]

The company was unorganized, meaning they weren’t part of the union. This means it was intentionally burnt down for the cause. In the aftermath we saw the creation of OSHA and Fire Prevention Bureau. The Triangle fire is also the textbook event that’s used to justify farther restrictions, over-reach and regulations.

Trauma-porn images like this were blasted all over media of the day. What the fuck is wrong with that guys face? Except his job sucks, he looks like he is wearing a plaster ‘Thanksgiving Masker’ mask… Wait, the building said ‘Meyers’. First I thought it was the Hollywood ‘MGM’ entity (this is a ‘big production’, correct?) but it looks like Michael Meyers, (the Halloween guy) wearing a fire hat.

The Factory Investigating Commission is another spin off, as is the omnipresent Safety Committee. As honest as any kind of committee that gets paid to investigate themselves is gonna be, look at the Warren Commission and the 9-11 commission. They would eventually lead to the US Dept of Labor in 1913. Ironic that the secretary of Labor was Frances Perkins of the notorious Boston Perkins clan of slave traders, now as Labor secretary is still a slaver. Perkins was indeed head of the Safety Committee that oversaw the investigation.

Perkins said she was eating lunch outside in Greenwich Village when it happened and witnessed the girls jumping out of the windows. She used it to ride in on a white horse. Greenwich is an art spook base camp. Alot of prominent people within their community lived here and many operations were based out.

NYC developed strict codes and penalties for noncompliance, other cities soon followed. 8 new laws enacted. Major pieces of the political-industrio infrastructure.

The fire was contained in under 20 mins, this indicates the fire department had prior knowledge, they were given Bureau of Fire Prevention as payment for involvement. In Dec ‘10 the fire chief testified about the dangers, predictive programming. The ladder truck only reached the 6th floor, bet they got a shiny new truck after this. 

Not only were there political motives but the owners Max Blank and Isaac Harris were set to collect a lot of money from insurance. They were said to be on the tenth floor when the fire was announced. The fire started on the 8th and moved extremely fast, calls to the 9th floor weren’t there in time and many jumped out the window to their deaths. Somehow the bosses on the 10th floor did get the call and were able to escape thru the roof. Do I even have to say it out loud? Blanck is said to have lost more family members than anybody, this is of course the beginning of a new assignment. Agents can appear out of nowhere with any background the handlers choose. 

They took advantage of new technology, installing mechanical sewing machines, which were five times faster than those run by a foot pedal. This is the World Fair project tech, the whole reason for the development of the sewing machine on an international field at breakneck speed was for this exact purpose, to further enslave the human population on a free-range tax farm.

There were other companies in the building but no damage was done to any other floors. The whole thing was over in less than half an hour. Thats because it was a controlled fire.

The date was March 25, 13 months after the strike ended. Im still counting it as a 3/22 attack even though it was a few days off. It was a Saturday, when the streets would be at their busiest, this was a profound traumatic psychological warfare attack on the collective psyche. thats why its called Psychological, duh.

A makeshift morgue was set up near the site and people could try to identify the girls. Newspapers descriptions are intentionally morbid about how the girls were burnt beyond recognition and still smoldering after the damage of a 10 story drop

This newspaper clipping is about the hero that made 18 trips up to save people. No he didnt but this is a good way to make an aces and eights number drop.

Max and Issac tell their story that they only made it out by the skin of their teeth, One grabbed a little girl in each hand and ran out to the roof and climbed over to the other building, which was the American Book Company. They formed a chain which passed girls up to safety and single handedly rescued 20 women. Wow a real fuckin hero this guy. I know most of you dont understand the significance of these co-conspirators like Am book club, ABC is one of the early spook publishing houses and their involvement alone is enough to suggest whatever their name is attached to is an operation, they are part of the Hall of Records.

*Speaking of the Hall of Records, heres an article published by our friends down at the Atlantic Monthly about Mink Coat Mafia, about to be US Sec of Labor under Eleanor Roosevelt (no pun intended; if you get it, you get it) Francis Perkins just so happened to be coincidentally outside having lunch when the event happened and witnessed first hand the bodies of women splattering on the asphalt. Perkins was employed as a factory inspector at the time and would use this event to virtue-signal her entire career.

Image of young women/girls picketing fire death traps. The funny thin is its fake. Their feet dont touch the ground and the center character is throwing the ;Hidden Hand’ gang sign.

Mock trial

The owners were Max Blanck and Issac Harris, also both Russian-born jewish immigrants, charged criminally charged, but not in the way they deserved. They had lost several previous factories to fires and had a substantial insurance policy, also neglected workplace regulations. The charges were first- and second-degree manslaughter, focusing on the locked door which was the only fire escape that prevented the women from escaping. The trail lasted 13 weeks and featured over 100 witnesses. There is even a post on the Famous Trials website that covers every mock trial in history.

The States case was presented on the death of one person, who represented all of them, in the end it boiled down to the the door being locked and whether the owners were aware of it.

The manslaughter charges were beaten on a technicality that they didn’t know the door was locked. The entire court case was a sham, just like we have seen in so many cases before. An actual name of the witness is Ida Mittleman, lol, gtfoh. She testified that she had never seen the key not in the lock and tied to a string and that the door was not locked at the time of the fire. Mittleman say she was one of the first ones to escape and rode all the way down calmly on the elevator. This same elevator shaft was said to be clogged up with dozens of girls that jumped down to escape. This crisis actor was never there and was whitewashing the owners.

It was common practice to lock all the girls in during the working hours for many slave owners. This is slavery in its newest form, since the abolishion of slavery in South it just moved into the factory of the North.

Here is an article about the star witness in the trial, Kate Alterman. Another commentor pointed out how ‘Russian’ the name Alterman is but I think it is more tell, Alterman is more of a title or job description than a name, the mind is referred to as the ‘Alter’ in mk ultra-type cases, The Alterman is the handler, its a play on words anyway, the article showcases the court transcripts of her testimony which she openly says the legal team took her to the scene and coached her on what to say. They say it was because she didn’t speak English but the same paragraph she admits living in Philly for the past 9 yrs and she speaks fluent English. This slip up is evidence that the whole trail is a scam but whitewashers today say it is the fancy-pants Jew lawyer that caught the state coaching witnesses is how the case was won. This is an example of whats called ‘Revelation of the Method’, where they tell you how everything was done, you just have to see past the thin layer of bullshit for the true meaning.

Here is another one about the Alterman testimony thats a Revelation of the Method article about scripted courtroom theatrics

Fire Engine 33 was the responding truck, maybe it was, more likely it was inserted into the narrative later. They could’ve had Lucky 33 on standby though, knowing it was a working day. One contemporary source says that Croker responded bitterly about the Manufacturers Association meeting held recently which the board laughed at his prevention suggestions. This tells me that the fire dept had been in on it for a while, it had been building up in the media. This is called predictive programming, also called the Revelation of the Method. *The Manufacturers Association was made up by Macys and Bambergers and companies that started the Thanksgiving Parade, (Check this one out. My link) [court transcripts confirm engine 33 responded]

It was sensationalized by Pulitzer himself and reminds this researcher more of the OJ Simpson trial. And like OJ the pair were acquitted in criminal court but years later lost a civil suit and had to pay families 75$ per head, the two men ultimately collected a large chunk of insurance money — $60,000 more than the fire had actually cost them in damages. Harris and Blanck had made a profit from the fire of $400 per victim.

All of their revenue went into paying off their celebrity lawyer, head of the American Jewish Congress, Max Steuer. Im sure Mr Steuer was well compensated but so was the Triangle company, not that it was ever about the money anyway.

They were sued in early 1912 over their inability to pay a $206 water bill.

In 1913, Harris and Blanck moved the Triangle Shirtwaist Company to a bigger location on West 23rd Street. In March of that year, the two men reached a settlement with the victims’ families in which the factory owners paid out a week’s worth of wages for each worker. Later that year, Max Blanck faced legal action again after he locked a factory exit door during working hours. For this he paid a $20 fine. In December, Blanck was issued a warning after a factory inspection revealed hazardous conditions similar to that of the original Triangle space, including the presence of flammable wicker scrap baskets lining the walls. In 1914, the two owners paid a final fine when they were caught sewing fake Consumer’s League labels into their garments, labels certifying the items had been manufactured under good workplace conditions.

In 1918 the Triangle Company officially disbanded, Blanck would only change names but stayed in the biz, operating as Normandie Garments.

According to court records the cause of the fire was a cigarette in a scrap bin that once ignited flashed through the factory. Yet the NYFD put the blaze out in 18 minutes?  

The biggest telltale sign is the workman’s comp law passed in 1909 was declared unconstitutional the day before. Let me repeat that, on March 24th, less than 24 hrs. before the fire that supposedly killed 146 people the workers compensation law was repealed and declared unconstitutional. That means bosses don’t have to pay for work related injuries. That means they had all the paperwork done first knowing they were gonna burn the building down. This is akin to Rummy telling congress the pentagon lost 6 trillion dollars on sept 10th.  

 It may not be surprising now to learn the compulsory workman’s comp law was overturned in a case that determined the law violated the railroads 14th amendment and the railroad wasn’t responsible for injured workers. The overturned law wasn’t going to last long since the RR bought the verdict the peasants were getting restless, after the Triangle fire it would still be 2 years for the legislation was caught up. The RR seems to be the primary industry blocking the workers comp laws The RR syndicate is given constitutional rights as a living soil person. The RR still doesn’t have Workman Comp today the have Federal liability fund, that was another layer, to set up railroad employees for higher end coverage.

*Happened in the Asch building, National Register of Historic Places and was named a National Historical Landmark in 1991. As on 1915 the 8th floor has been occupied by New York University, later the entire building was bought and donated to the school. The University network are all one single unit and this has their involvement all over it. in 2002 it was incorporated into the Silver Center Arts program, Members that lived or worked here include: Samuel Colt developed the revolver and Samuel Morse invented the telegraph; John William Draper in 1840 took the first photograph in the United States in the original Main Building that the present structure replaced. Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman lived and taught and privately lectured there, Winslow Homer painted there, and architects Alexander Jackson Davis and Richard Morris Hunt had offices there. The guest list associated with the building suggest not only military but World Fair Intelligence; the phonograph, telegraph and revolver were all major projects.

Max Blanck and Issac Harris were the company that wouldnt respond to strikers of the Uprising that set off the chain of events leading up to the fire. They absolutely knew the door was locked and this was an attack in the war on humanity, not just a few immigrant workers sacrificed to the gilded barons. I believe the witnesses at trial that swore the door was always kept unlocked with a string attached to the key, somebody locked the door and cut the string on purpose to ensure the desired outcome.

One of the best parts of the whole show is Blanck, Harris, and Steuer all claim to have started out as a sweatshop slave and rose out of the tenements through hard work and determination. Good One, huh?

The controversial judge Thomas C.T. Crain is among the most elusive figures in the story of the Triangle fire. Scion of a wealthy New York family, Crain nevertheless owned his career to the political machine known as Tammany Hall. (Steuer was also closely tied to Tammany.) In today’s world, Crain would not have been allowed to preside, he too had been blamed for a deadly fire. While serving as Tenement House Commissioner in New York City, Crain failed to prevent an apartment house blaze that left 20 people dead. The judge’s instructions to the jury at the end of the trial provoked widespread criticism but its 27 pages of legalese rhetoric, I think the ‘widespread criticism’ is Normie bullshit speak for ‘nobody said shit.’ More on that below.

Newspaper illustration of Harris and Blanck during trial with the ‘Thinking Man’ pose, classic mark.

[*See Martha Bruere, noted reformist, Mink Coat Mafia]

Rose Schniederman

The quote under her headshot “…must have bread, and roses too”

Prez of the New York chapter of the WTUL. Named Rachel but called Rose bc she is credited for coining the phrase ‘Bread and Roses’, which is humorously not true but sounds good in her bio. Jewish Socialist lesbian immigrant.

“I would be a traitor to these poor burned bodies if I came here to talk good fellowship.” Rose’ speech deliver after the fire contains the word ‘traitor’, like Lemlich supposed speech that incited the Uprising started off saying should she turn traitor may her arm whither off. This is subliminal messaging of warfare mindset.

in a relationship with fellow union activist  Maud O’Farrell Swartz for decades

helped organize the first women’s branch of the United Cloth Hat and Cap Makers Union in 1903,

died Aug 11. (8/11, Aces and eights) Early Socialist.

 1911, she co-founded the Wage Earner’s League for Woman Suffrage

Friends with US Prez Eleanor Roosevelt through the WTUL, put her on the New Deal, Labor Advisory Board. ‘Brain Trust’ member.

Rose will come back into our vision at some point soon, she just gets a nod right now.


It appears there may have been a practice run up to the Triangle fire as well, an earlier sweat shop fire in Jersey at the Wolf Muslin Undergarment Company in 1910. 4 months before the Triangle fire another sweatshop burst into flames and women were jumping out of windows to escape 

The first report that all others cited from was written by Mary Alden Hopkins, that’s right, a Hopkins. Not only was the reporter a Hopkins, but she worked for the Atlantic Monthly. You can’t make this shit up. This Hopkins was another literary propagandist as well, she was editor of several leading normie mags and rags, including the NYT and Harpers and Ladies Journal. Her great fortune on being a presence completely by coincidence was printed in McClures Magazine. That means all the papers that reprinted her article verbatim literally were just copy and pasting, no journalism, not that the free press was dead and gone, it never existed to begin with.   It is fitting she would write this narrative cover story as she was a suffrage and women’s right activist bc it targeted the woman worker. The feminist and suffrage movement took over abolitionist in the character bio’s but they meant the same thing. 

Her article is a masterful example of how to manipulate the public by pushing a false narrative, seeming to button it up tight, without even giving the opportunity to question if it might be a lie bc every detail is answered before you even get a chance to ask it. This by itself is a red flag, why would somebody work so hard at explaining every little detail like the reader is fucking retarded unless its bullshit and they are trying to work you over. The example that comes to mind is the Harley-shirt crisis actor from sept 11 that put out the jet-fuel-melted-the-steel-beams just minutes after it happened. 

 The floors were wooden and were two inches thick when they were laid. Nowadays floor requirements for new construction in New Jersey call for three and three fourths inch thickness. For fifty years this two-inch planking had been soaked in grease and oil from machinery.

Anyway, she starts by going into the buildings history and admits among other things it produced pistols for the army and at multiple points it housed explosive materials. The USS Monitor was also developed here as well, the famous ironclad warship of the Union Army. Hopkins tells you all this to frame a story about how the oil-soaked wok combusted in minutes, but guess what, Weapons and war machines development is who boys and girls??? Military Intelligence, that’s what. Did you ever think about that? This to me says it was owned by the military the whole time.

Domestic Brand Sewing Machines was housed in the building as well. We started this report with a brief excerpt about how the development of the sewing machine was directly tied to the enslavement of the planet at the World Fairs. The famous battle of the Monitor was featured prominently at the Jamestown Worlds air in 1907, that another World Fair connection, similar again to the Triangle Fire who housed several tell-tale occupants.

Same shock-value imagery in the newspapers in both “accidents”

*Hopkins mentions Paterson, NJ, another spooky town of criminal master operations, home of a famous strike like Lawrence and steamship accident involving 600 Italian anarchists; a lawsuit from Paterson says company not responsible for making separate men/ladies bathrooms, its the gender bathroom drama in the normie media for a different generation

Hopkins article wasn’t published till April 1911 in McClures magazine, she was given the ‘official narrative’ task. The very next day after the fire on Nov 27th 1910 the NYT ran their article. Keep in mind Hopkins is the editor of both. They start their predictive programming narrative push right away, they don’t even make it past the shock value headline before the lone sentence “Defective Law Alone To Blame” … Um yeah so how do they know what’s to blame, less than 24 hours, there is procedure, investigations. This again is Harley shirt crisis actors’ proclamation about jet fuel and steel beams. Then the article starts by attacking fire alarm and fire exit laws, which they admit are up to code. “The building had obeyed the fire exit laws; therefore, blame cannot be laid on any one person.” They are setting the stage for another sham investigation and trial. 

*I would also like to point out both this and the Uprising of 20,000 were scheduled on Thanksgiving, give or take a day, Thanksgiving is a special holiday for them since it is based totaled on fictional history; Pilgrims and Indians. Thanksgiving operations are like the new 3/22; the Triangle Fire was 3/25, the first Saturday available after 3/22, the dates fit a pattern.

The fourth floor where the fire was worst was run by the Wolf Muslin Undergarment Company. Their CEO’s Albert and Irving Wolf are scrubbed clean. I was able to confirm that the govt used a lot of muslin cloth for their uniforms but not who manufactured them. Wolf, sometimes spelled Wolff, or Wolfe, or DeWolf if an elite family that made it off of slave and opium trading.

I was unable to locate any of the immigrant workers from Hopkins’s article, the victims, relatives, survivors, in cases like this the names are highlighted and given a wiki page even if nothing but the incident occurred. Meaning, they are made up or covered up. We have to ask why. (Well, all except the hero Paddock of course, and the three sisters that all burnt up trying to find each other and are buried under a single tombstone, Minnie, Tillie and Dora… Gottlieb. This is a huge name in the spook intel world, connects to Sidney, head of the MK ultra project, these are all mass-mind control operations. The name is another marker but I doubt the three girls are all buried together. I doubt they died if they even existed. 

The hero of this event is none other than Lorin Paddock. Paddock is a family that traces their family all the way back to the founding of Nantucket, there is a whaling legend that Captain Paddock gets swallowed by the whale. There is also the alleged shooter in the Vegas Sniper false flag. Trying to research Lorin Paddock is trying to find Anne Sullivan’s family all over again. The misspellings, multiple accounts for the same people but have details that don’t match up like locations and birth dates. The incontinuity is a red flag by itself but there are other fingerprints of intelligence. Lorins parents were married on July 4th, in Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge is a major flag, Ive come across several Oak Ridge places, each one is some sort of Psychological warfare construct.

[See Nantucket founding families report for clarity] Lorin’s profile says he has 13 siblings but of the 12 listed every one is a dead end, meaning there are no children or spouses to follow up on. Several Paddocks have early war records; Rogers Rangers was a British Intelligence agency, another is accused of shooting a red coat in the back which led to the slaughter of 20 people. Find-a-grave admits even though the words are chiseled into his headstone official records aren’t really clear about his service. He has a relative named Aaron Burr Paddock, we have also covered how people name their children after the people they emulate…. It’s not even one person, its two. The names are literally Aaron Aaron Paddock and sibling Burr Burr Paddock. Lol, yeah. Also, Frank Jesse Paddock, like the outlaw brothers. References to the ancient gods Apollo, Zeus, Neptune and Minerva are incorporated into family names. The matriarch is listed as Magdaline, that’s all, no maiden name, a shout out to Jesus’ woman. 

Now that Paddock is back in the production let’s take a closer look at his whaling legend surrounding Ichabod’s ancestor being a Roma Gypsy deported from Britain. No puritan girl would marry a Gyp-o so he took an Indian bride. Not just any Indian bride either but the Chief Satchmo’s daughter. A princess, a flaming red haired blue eyed Indian Princess, a legacy left over from Viking explorers of a thousand years ago. Now this legend is about as believable as Ichabod’s fling with a succubus in the belly of a whale. Consider the whale story and its elements contain poker, alcohol, sex, music, dancing, the devil… those are common gypsy traits. Even the real-life Ichabod is said to have been exiled from the Quaker church for dancing on the sabbath, gypsies are famously good dancers. I don’t believe it that Paddock was related to a Gypsy and red-haired Indian princess but we see the similarities regardless.]

110 girls at work. Reports very on the number of deaths, about 30. 6 died in the building and 19 jumpers. All this happened in 2 mins 45 secs. And get this, Hopkins also admits there was a fireman on scene, with an extinguisher. This is like when a live shooter training exercise goes live and the media praises law enforcement for responding in minutes, but that just means they knew it was coming and were standing by. I’m not saying this was a hoax, I am saying this was murder and arson. Both incidents were politically motivated by rich jews and targeted women and children and immigrants,the most easily exploitable

 One story of a man that takes home the wrong child believed to be his daughter but then figures it out later and takes it back to swap it out… completely fabricated. A father would never do that for one most obvious, but he is listed as a shoemaker and could tell by a spring in the shoes he installed. Shoemaker for in occupation might as well say weaver, or merchant. It’s another agency fingerprint.

The fire department could only reach the third floor with their ladder truck; the fire was on the fourth floor, its the triangle script being dry-tested. They had a station right across the street! There was some uncertainty regarding the appropriate time to pull the alarm.

  Three were sisters: Minnie, Tillie and Dora Gottlieb, ages 19, 21 and 29, who were buried under a single tombstone. Gottlieb is a name like Hoffman or McKenna. Sidney Gottlieb was head of the MK Ultra project, his family members inclusions is guilt by association, meaning its a psychological operation.

On Nov 28 the papers let us know the coroner swore in a jury of six members of the community. The first time since the Clifton Trolley Collision in 1903. Fire jury member C. William Heilman was in the spotlight as jury foreman that conducted a probe into the accusations against the Railroad in an incident known as the Clifton Avenue Trolley Disaster ten years before. The railroad is all over this job. Any event that sets a legal precedent of worker rights the Syndicate is behind. This time they burnt up a few dozen factory girls but politicians were all the same, its still a type of slavery. 

C.W. Heilman is the undertaker, he decides how people die or do not die. The artcle also plugs him as an Odd Fellow and AOUW (Ancient Order of the United Worker) not a very common spot but Helen Kellers father was a member and they had their own pavilion at the 1901 Pan-Am Expo in Buffalo.

Clifton Ave Trolley Accident

Clifton Avenue Trolley Accident

So, the Clifton Trolley Disaster was yet another production. A speeding locomotive was unable to stop and collided full steam with a trolley full of high school kids, killing about 8 and injuring 30. The contemporary newspaper reports tell the story with the same imagery that they use for the fire. Shock Value headlines, I guess. Most of all I could find was behind paywall but I say it is a usual production bc of the names attached. The hero on the scene was Joseph Alden, as in Mary Alden Hopkins, the agent from the later fire, maybe it’s a coincidence huh, even that on find-a-grave Joe-Joes wife is a Mary A. (Rich). Sure the dates or locations don’t match but that’s more than spooky. Also, the railroad syndicate foreman is listed as A.W. Pratt. The same Pratt family that was the judge in the firebombing case in Michigan Central is on the other side of the bench in this one. Wonder if this Pratt is the same fella that wrote the anonymous editorial about the dangers of society under the initials AW 

Also a red flag worth note is both the trolley and the factory incidents happened on or very near orange street. Orange is a fav tell. Orange is the color of freemasonry bc if you add it all up in numerology its supposed to equal 33. Whatever the reason Orange is a mil-intel mark.

The paywalls prevent us from finding any useful info beyond saying that the coroner’s jury found the railroad the city and the board of education all in fault. The railroad was provided a safety feature which was supposed to derail the train within a certain distance but they neglected to install it.

Here is an article about the engineer having a mental breakdown and potentially placed in a sanitarium


Orange St factory Fire, Nov 26, 1910

So now I feel better already knowing this guy Heilman is back on the job, the job is to protect the guilty and help them by assigning blame wherever it would help politically. First, they tried to lay blame the fire on the tenet, Wolf, who of course shifted blame to the floor supervisor. Through legalese word fuckery they came up with a way to get the tenet and the building owner off the hook. Hopkins cites a statute she claims supersedes the common law. That’s a lie. She lied about the law on purpose to confuse you. Violates due process. State the broken law.  We have already determined the building was run by Research and Development, there is no owner or tenet, only a meat puppet on paper. The statute places liability on the owner. 

Since the owner and the tenet were off the hook the jury summoned the City Building Department and State Labor Department superintendents. They appeared before the jury and testified the legislature was to blame. The law itself was inadequate. The only way to fix it was to tighten up the laws. Its a trickle down effect, exactly how the American system was designed to work, avoid all accountability and blame everyone around you.

The jury’s official verdict ruled that the girls “came to her death by misfortune and accident… and not as the result of criminal act, either of omission or commission, on the part of any individual or individuals, whether as private citizens or public officials.” 

The article goes on to mention a few other precedent-setting events which required the law to step in in the name of safety to protect everybody that we would all benefit from someone revisiting with a critical eye. The Iroquois theater fire, Slocum Steamboat disaster and Collinwood school fire in particular.  

Insurance companies were advertising new laws before the incident even occurred, indicating they had advanced knowledge. 

4 months, that’s all it took to complete the investigations. That just seems awful quick for the level of importance associated with the fire. Nov 26 was the date of the factory fire and immediately after blame was officially put on legislation the Triangle factory was orchestrated front and center. Downtown Manhattan where everyone can see. 

In this time line we see the uprising of 20,000 was a pivotal point for workers’ rights, not only did it start in the triangle building that was torched intentionally but there was a trial run just to establish liability and get the imagery fresh in the population psyche. Predictive programming psy-op. 

State House Fire 4 Days After Triangle Fire

Sorry to the folks that don’t like taking the long way. You have been parroting to mch timeline history if you think its not relevant. Its all connected bro. I gotta take a detour for a few pages.

This pic of the State House was featured by the NY World Fair Commission at the 1907 Jamestown Tercentennial Expo

Just in case legislatures needed a reminder of who they work for the Capitol building was torched 4 days after Triangle. Four fucking days. guess what part was ground zero… the library and the section that housed all the colonial archives, lol, yep, no to mention the revolutionary war records and genealogical docs.

The State House was home to the State Library, a popular and respected library, one of the largest State joints in America. The fire started on the Northwest corner but the most damage was done in the southeast corner? The Senate Finance Committee headquarters, lol. I remember I read in the Washington post a few years ago there was a fake leak thing called the Panama Papers scandal, there was a small office fire at the IRS building where the tax records were kept, completely unrelated and coincidental. And the people fall for it every time. The biggest one still is on Sept 10 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a congressional meeting and announced “we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions“. and then as everybody knows a few hours later the missile, I mean jumbo jet, took out the accounting offices of the same agency. Just crazy when that happens

The fire also took out the State Museum holdings, Court of Claims, the Assembly Library and document rooms, most of the offices of the Excise Department. Lets put that in perspective, the Excise Dept are the people that do the liquor taxes and licenses and stuff. Throw the State Commission of Prisons offices. There is a clear pattern starting to form over the types of offices spared and the ones burned or flooded. On the first flood the damages offices were the Board of Lunacy, Board of Ed, State Tax Commission, State Treasurer, and Superintendent of Buildings. These guys torched any evidence they wouldv’e had to support every lie they tell, there was no evidence, thats what they were destroying. The Education Dept was the ones that had all the scientific and historical documents. It completely missed the Attorney General and the Governors office, hmm, imagine that. Add the Forest, Fish and Game Commissioners office and the Commissioner of Labor, thats a big one, we are only here bc of the labor wars

The fire department was delayed an hour arriving to the scene, no word on why, just that they were late

NYTimes printed an Extra Edition at 3.30 a.m. March 29… That confuses me, why didn’t they wait another day… Oh I get it. There has to be time for the event to make it to the frontpage; even if the story is sitting on a shelf for years there still is a delay, the fire was started in the middle of the night the day before, that way they could print the Extra at 3.30 a.m. but have the full page story complete with expert and witness interviews on the real target day, which was on March 30, (3/30) See how that works?

says the fire was started possibly in the office of H.j. Levy chairman of the Judiciary Committee due to faulty wiring, other official normie sources say it was a cigarette. Article is mainly devoted to writing the cover story of the building itself, they say this thing was started in 1867 and has never been in a state of completion. They dont even say much about the fire, only repeat about all the priceless articles lost, and drive home a fake history narrative about construction mismanagement… The building is a relic, an ancient artifact, they didn’t build it. What were so many people doing there so late, the fire said to have broke out around 215 am, right after a meeting had broke up, two virtue-signaling politicians even say they were the ones to hold the hose that started the first stream, maybe thats why the delay was about, they were waiting for the right photo-op.

The scandal surrounds the funds which have been astronomically inflated and then the fire destroyed everything unfortunately there was no insurance so all those millions of dollars now get washed clean

Crazy right? Get this, most of the lost historic and scientific artifacts belonged to the State Museum and the Board of Ed, had been scheduled to be moved in January however construction delays prevented the transfer and all the relics were destroyed in the fire. Also lost to the Board of Ed was practically all the big high school examinations in NYC. Dont forget a large part of its files containing the application for professional examination. School records and professional applications could be used in too many ways to sort through right now…

New York governor was Dix, the Dix family includes Dorothea and Samuel Howe partner at Perkins. Dix is said to have shown up to his office the next day.

The state architect was Franklin B. Ware, for real, his name is B. Ware, GTFOH. The building was supposed to be fire proof but all discussion about the building burning are over-ridden by the contents of the building

[*Damage compared to Paris Flood]

Night watchman was an Abbott, bankster elite family, Samuel, 78, Civil War vet (second lieutenant Company B, Gaines Mills VA), supposedly died from smoke inhalation and died and his ghost is said to jingle keys and lock doors. We have run across the theme of haunting and ghost stories, its a tell. Abbott was Postmaster of Syracuse and connected to the postal service.

A second potential victim is thrown in, maybe an early retirement or a new assignment, David Mintz of Newark left his companion at the RR station to go sleep at the State building and was determined to have died in the flames. No mention of him after the first day, maybe he showed up late, maybe that one sentence was all the out he needed.

State militia was called in to protect the site from looters, also to protect the State from eye-witnesses.

The Senate Chamber Room was black onyx and well known in politics, aside from a door had a notch cut to allow a hose if necessary but the water was never turned on, no water/smoke/or fire damage… But the other side was compared to a flood, a Paris flood, that was name-dropping. The reason for all this is because the militia was there and controlled burned the building; they didnt arrive early to protect the site, there were there all night to make sure everything was destroyed and the other parts werent harmed. Even the art on the walls was removed in advance just in case

The things said to survive was Iroquois Indian artifacts and Washington’s Farewell Address, and Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation. Ironically all those things are fake, of course those would be the things.

One of the recovered items is a section of the iron chain link that stretched across the Hudson River between West Point and Constitution Island to prevent British vessels from navigating up the river during the American Revolution. West Point was a strategic site because of the s-curve in the Hudson there that forced large ships to slow down and become an easy target. The links were recovered from the State Library ruins after the fire. Another section of the chain is preserved at the West Point Military Academy. I wonder the significance of the chain. To be displayed at two such prominent spots indicates the chain link was important for something, even if what they say is a lie, like the crack in the liberty bell.

[*The only permanent building erected at the Buffalo World Fair a few years earlier in ’01 was the NY State building, check for leads.]

ti-state arson campaign, remember these are federal laws and regulations being pushed

Heres an unrelated article neighboring one about the Blank and Harris jury, the side article is about a diptheria outbreak measures banned handshaking and kissing and all stray cats and dogs were to be killed.

Commoditizing the labor force after the Great Reset: The Merrimack Valley, Bread and Roses Strike and the introduction of Margaret Sanger Leading into the eugenics and Birth- Control Pill Development

The early 1900s was an era of great social metamorphose; at the same time the labor pool was being organized, the attack of the natural order picked up speed as well. Women were the targets of widespread campaigns designed to break up the traditional family unit. The Industrial Revolution was not a revolution of technology like they would have you think, but was a military operation. It was a revolution of the Orphans and Immigrants

The Industrial Revolution was string of false flag industrial ‘accidents’ and controlled opposition civil unrest. I’ve covered several specific events such as boiler explosions and factory fires but this incident is also different bc it introduces a young radical, Margaret Sanger, who will go on to play a central role in the birth control/abortion/eugenics arena, an entire new branch of social warfare projects.

Boston Associates

The Boston Associates is a loose umbrella term given in more modern times to a group of ambitious manufacturing barons that made a series of whats called “far-sighted investments’ that are credited for creating much of the status-quo that prominent even still to this day. There is no official list of members, it is kind of like a status symbol, or a way for history to dismiss pre-existing infrastructure. Anyone with a town named after them. They included Nathan Appleton, Patrick Tracy Jackson, Abbott Lawrence, and Amos Lawrence, Cabotts, Lowells… These names are used interchangeably to explain away any evidence of early development in about all of New England, similar to Washington or Napoleon but just on a smaller scale.

Since 1793 when the first water-powered mill was open in Pawtucket RI by Sammy Slater there were dozens of textile mills popping up in New England. In 1813 Francis Cabot Lowell organized the Merchant Associates to profit from some building instructions he smuggled out of England, He met up with Nathan Appleton in Edinburgh who helped him devise the system. Edinburgh is a tell, around the 1800 was the start of the repopulation; Edinburgh was a seat of authority. Ground zero in the Agricultural Revolution. There was also the Academy of Arts that offered cash rewards to advancements to certain technologies.This time frame and location suggests that the power loom device and early textile manufacturing equipment is a World Fair project, as we have already seen with the sewing machine wars, the textile mills are the end game of the sewing machine, the epitome of mass-manufacturing consumerism.

In the old documents they call themselves the Manufacturers Association; The North American Manufacturers this, or the US Association of United Manufacturers that… Some variation, they got a hundred ways to say the same thing. This is how they hide, modern times lumps them all together under a new name to hide them all, as if they are an old and defunct group, they just change the label from occupation to location, from Manufacturing to Boston, but the Association is the same, there is only one Association. These are the same people that were responsible for bringing the railroads and banks to the area.

These are the group credited with engineering the area to be a dedicated manufacturing center. They engineered dams, canals, and laid city street plans out. Spinning, weaving, dyeing, and cutting were now completed in a single plant. The system of labor organizing was given a series of small steps, each improving off the others. Sammy Slater and his system were inserted to hide that a fully integrated system just appeared out of nowhere, so they made some shit up that was never really real. This means the earliest steps which are always used to justify the 8 hr system people are locked into today; when they say, “Back in the day barefoot children worked 15 hrs a day 6 days a week…” No, they didn’t. I’m not saying there wasn,t horror stories, but the public-school propaganda thats tells kids America is so great because we were the first country to address the labor question is a lie. How do you get people to accept the 8 hr slave system? Scare the kids with stories of the 16 he slave system.

Here is a partial list of mills the Boston Manufacturing Co. built or modified:

  • Waltham, Massachusetts (1813)
  • Lowell, Massachusetts (1822)
  • Manchester, New Hampshire (1825)
  • Saco, Maine (1831)
  • Nashua, New Hampshire (1836)
  • Dover, New Hampshire (1836)
  • Chicopee, Massachusetts (1838)
  • Lawrence, Massachusetts (1845)
  • Holyoke, Massachusetts (1847)

There is another pattern I’m starting to see now, the occupants of the mill sites today all share a common theme: Waltham is home to Raytheon; Saco is home to General Dynamics Armament Systems; Nashua-  BAE Systems; Chicopee- Westover Air Reserve Base plus financial district with handful of banking institutions; Holyoke- Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center… They are all still home to Military Industrial Complex fractal companies today. I didn’t even look farther than the Ministry of Truth pages. Many old mill sites are now superfund sites.

*See also: Lowell tomb discovered in 1894 Boston tunnel dig with 900 bodies. Tomb #36. Time period is when a rash of fake tombs and catacombs are being installed all over the world to support false historical narrative, Lowell is an Americanized version of the Catacomb Saints

*Waltham is also home to Samuel Gridley Howes old Perkins School for the Blind, Ferndale, the one where the DOE irradiated the little retarded kids in the Quaker Oatmeal Radiation Tests.

Essex Company

The Essex Company is the creation of the Boston Associates. They were created for the sole purpose of the construction of dams and canals to supply power to the Merrimack Valley and the river was straightened for easier transport. They laid out the cities and built the infrastructure. so they say, if you wanna pay for their bullshit the official history is written by the power company (Green family)

All of the pre-existing infrastructure is hidden through compartmentalization, meaning there are so many splinter and fragmented companies it makes researching history near impossible. The Waltham System, the Rhode Island System, Ames Manufacturing, Beverly Cotton Manufacturing (Boston Manufacturing Associates is a revised copy of the Beverly Cotton Manufacturing Proprietors, a group of investors featuring the Cabot family and some of the other same phantom family members to false-claim birth-status. (Washington is remembered for his visit to the Beverley Mill, not what we did. just that he was there.) Thats what all this timeline history bullshit is, fake normie timeline to paint a self-validating history for generational power and wealth status. This is also the model seen with the founding of Nantucket families.

The scale of these undertakings indicate that much of the infrastructure is an ancient artifact left over from the pre-Reset world; The Essex Company was created on paper, a ‘legal fiction’, its a thing look it up, but they were created to explain the things that were already there; a fake history attached by a binding-contract ritual. The same type of energy makes it ‘real’ that gives fiat currency its value.

All the documents that prove the early history are house at the Immigrant City repository, They were also created on paper through contract-magick. Immigrant City Archives sole purpose is to prop up the fake history of the so-called Essex Committee. Official Birth of the repository is here, but summed up it just offers up names of collaborators, people with an interest in maintaining the false narrative; the library, hospital, YMCA, coal company (power) and Eagle Tribune (Media)… Its the same people that wrote the fake history are the ones that are the default ‘experts’, this self-validating system is like when the politicians form a committee to investigate themselves and conclude nothing is wrong and oh yeah, hive this guy a raise. Its the M.O. to the whole show.

Immigrant City would go into an old building scheduled for demolition and find boxes and boxes of records and photos and schematics and mill histories down to the minutest detail. I’d say its more like a gatekeeper org like that time the Colonial Dames of America went into an old farmhouse about to be razed owned by some Revolutionary War General and find a complete list of military records for half the county and everything confirms what they already said. Its like that. The historical narrative is based largely also on family and org donations, that includes first-hand oral recordings from the elders. This means any ol schmuck from the right class can walk right in and say “Heres my grampas journal when he built the canal”, and this will be taken as fact, or bring in some wino and pay him to ad-lib a story about some shit. You know what I mean, they’re all fake. Another similar org is the American Antiquarian Society, they are a federal repository for all things Colonial and include all the Indian stuff. Hello! McFly, anybody home?, there were no Colonies or Indians; you can add the Essex Company to the list

But Wait, Theres More. I didn’t even tell you the best part yet: When the Immigrant City Archives was looking for a facility to house the repository they ‘found’ the complete Essex Company collection of every little detail of multiple logistics masterpieces was discovered by accident. They approached the owner who refused to sell. A buyer was eventually found and the Immigrant city approached him, Wilford Cyr. Not only did Slick Willy donate the collection, this nigga gave them the entire building! GTFOH, lol. Thats good. The collection is housed in its custom made vault dating to 1870, the contract-ritual that transferred ownership through a third-party took an unspecified few number of years. This is the time period which it was created, the period of the interim owner is when the vault and collection were created. The previous owner is not listed, them the joint got put in Cyr’s name for a few years while them fixed up the display so when it was put in Immigrant Cities name everything was ready and they just move right in and be like “See, told ya so, it was here the whole time.” This was in the early 90’s, lol, 1990’s not even 1890’s.

Surprisingly or not, this is the modus operandi, not the exception when it comes to confirming history, like the Colonial Dames and the war docs, there was an instance in Rome where a college was so fortunate to ‘discover’ an ancient catacomb under their courtyard, what luck! The thing there is Im pretty sure the catacomb was built first, the school was built on top of the site solely for the purpose of discovering it. If you think thats a coincidence wait till you hear about this, the Jamestown Colony site was ‘found’ on property owned by a professor the College of William and Mary, who get their namesake after some Colonial-era bitches that were never real either but Jamestown verified everything they said, not only that but the area had been the scene of intense activity by the Army Corp of Engineers, when they built the site 50 years earlier! Do you see? It’s All Fake, and this is how they do it. The Essex company is the same as the Corp as in they both are given credit for engineering stuff that was already here. The Essex was a private enterprize, created by the Associates, not part of the US Gov. I think thats the distinction, its more evidence that the area was not part of the United States.

The Essex Company shares the same name as the whaleship that faked the whale attack that inspired Moby Dick. Anything named Essex is part of the Association. The charter was issued by MA gov Nixon Briggs on March 20, 1845. (3/2)

Pemberton Mill was an Essex Project. Capt Bigalow and Robert Tewksbury were head honchos of the company and Bigalow, from the aerospace military industrial family, was the engineer credited for building the Great Stone Dam, that still stands today, he also built the Pemberton Mill that collapsed bc of structural failure from overload, by design, he was given a promotion in New Bedford, the whaling capitol after Nantucket, he was hired by the Coffin family, also of Nantucket. Bigalow took the fall as the head engineer for the mill collapse but above him was a Coolidge. A Coolidge is of the presidential line and wont be blamed for shit even though he was the plug, Tewksbury shares the name of the notorious almshouse/asylum family (theres a link in the Anne Sullivan stuff), he wrote the cover-story for the mill after the collapse.

Lawrence is one of the later projects of the Company, Lawrence was designed to be the pinnacle of the Industrial Complex Complex. It was a man-made island, separated by a series of canal from the mainland, it held its own charter granted by the authority of the Governor of Massachusetts who was a mill owner and member of the Associates himself. It used to be referred to as ‘Mill Island’ but that label seems to have been faded out.

All of the textile mill complexes are built off of improvements from the previous, Lawrence is the last one and represents the Capital of Industry.

Other BA projects include

  • Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Boston Athenaeum;
  • The care to do business primarily with relatives and friends who often were or became relatives;
  • The development of mechanisms such as trusts to protect estates;
  • and even the pragmatic and aesthetic preference for controlling natural surroundings.


First thing lets go over a few of the bigger mills. Supposedly the development of the Merrimack Valley into an industrial capitol of the world is one of the most well-documented engineering projects in history. That claim alone is enough to say, “It’s your story buddy, you can say it however you want to.” Im not going thru the construction images, yes there are literal miles of them but the thing is they’re all bullshit and like I just explained, they were all found in like 1997.

The thing Im getting at is I think these buildings and the whole complex was some kind of seat of power in the Old World, it was just converted over to an industrial headquarters recently, when they were supposed to be building the whole thing Im sure there were alterations. Some buildings still have the clover pattern in the parapet walls but most ornate features would have been removed; smoke stacks added. One of the things the Company is known for the most is arranging housing and border houses owned by the Company. Iff the main halls were open it wouldn’t be difficult to plan and build the houses around the pre-existing structure.

The 1876 Centennial Expo in Philly. Im just gonna use this one for times sake, you could go through the World Fair buildings all day long and pick out thats one I can name off the top of my head that not only is the build structure similar, but they are laid out in much the same way as the industrial center. Philly is only right down the street too, relatively speaking, Philly and Boston are both Pre-Reset seats of power.

There are many enigmas surrounding the International Expo thread, the size of their buildings and there orientation are only small ones. Wood Mill was the biggest mill-house on earth, said to have been built in 1909 but then torn down in less than 50 years. The long building style also looks like some of the French hotels, minus the ornatries.


Here is a show case example of what is labeled ‘construction’ evidence. This is only one picture of one mill but it is representative of not only Lawrence and Mill Island but of the entire Old World structure cover up as a whole. This pic is just as well be from the Library of Congress building construction or any of the World Fair/International Expo sites.

They all use the same trick photography methods in all cases.

  1. It looks fine at a glance and from a distance but when you zoom in and really look the only thing it could be is a fake.
  2. People walking around empty-handed going nowhere, every once in a while there’ll be someone pushing a wheel barrow, just to show they do indeed have the wheel.
  3. this one has the pair staring off into space where there is nothing to even look at. Plus the trio bent over so their ass blocks the view so you cant see whats going on. (spoiler, they’re not doing anything)
  4. I guess this explains how those great timbers were moved without the use of nothing but some good old fashioned back-breaking labor and the trusty wheel. The ramp in the background is a nice touch. On a small scale this would be plausible but what they are saying is almost as bad as how the Pyramids were constructed.
  5. Another group bent over with nothing in their hands, no work in front of them, or anywhere around. The barrels in the background i guess explains how the timbers were lifted onto the deck, I guess the artist forgot to add some pulleys to go with their inclined-plane, fulcrum and lever, and wheel and axle theme. Look the the guy to the side.
    • Trees are also part of the fake construction pics arena; this one has them from and center and small, so that you will subliminally register them, other pics use big mature trees but make sure you can see the limbs have all been topped off. This comes up later for people scrutinizing the images. The amount of time it takes for a tree to mature doesn’t match the timeline which they say it was built, so they add trees to fake construction pics in a subtle way so this explains everything.
    • Notice the way this scene has been framed; the break in the beams being equal distance from the action in the center; the sapling in the foreground. This took attention to lay it out like this. Once the spell is broken you can see the illusion for what it is, you never go back.
  6. They always insert themselves. I used to call them the Hidden Hand club, Now they are the Professional Pocket Pool Players club. The hat is a tell as well, its not beaver fur but it still stands out. Dont know what’s hanging around his neck.
  7. I reckon heres the Plug, sitting down with his feet up is symbolic, reading the paper too, maybe the stock market. (Good one huh) The name given in the collection is Eugene Gilman. Gilman is a Founder name and connects us to Harvard again. Arthur Gilman had the women’s annex, Radcliffe, started in his tenure. Harvard plays a huge role all throughout history, even one strong connection is enough to throw shade, the Bread and Roses saga has so many its hard to keep track.
  8. Here is another construction image that features the tree limbs cut back and the lone pocket-pool player. The Colonial Theater appears to be the only structure completed in the early days. A house of entertainment. The name Colonial is more word play. There was no Colonial America.

Ayer Mill Clocktower

The Ayer complex is said to house the largest millclock in the world, shorter only by a few inches to Big Ben. The site is familiar looking as any of the World Fair/International Expo sites. Mill Island was chosen as an Industrial capital while other places were chosen as seats of finance and government.

Im convinced time-keeping is a modern construct. Before the clocks were installed these would’ve just been bell towers.

Thats the Chateau Fountainbleu, beneath it is just the background I enlarged of a “construction” photo at Lawrence. That doesn’t look like no construction method I ever seen, shit just piled up in crumbles. You arent gonna build much with that. My point is the building in the background. On the French canals its called a Chateau, in the industrial canals its called a boarding house. I’ve seen several ones in the backgrounds that were more detailed but at the time I wasn’t sure what I was looking at

During the 1830s, Daniel Saunders, called the Founder of Lawrence, purchased strips of land on either side of the Merrimack River to gain control of waterpower rights. In 1843 he, along with other visionaries, formed the Merrimack Water Power Association and accelerated land purchases along the Merrimack, including a total of seven and a half square miles from Methuen and Andover, which would eventually become the city of Lawrence. Saunders took steps to secure ample capital and petitioned the state to build a dam and to create and sell water power between Lowell and Lawrence.

Lawrence was incorporated in 1847 by a group of Boston industrialists for the sole purpose of building a textile milltown. This group was comprized of the same families that built Lowell and other manufacturing centers and called themselves the Boston Associates. The BA owned the town and set up features like worker boarding houses, which were owned by the industrialists and controlled the living arrangements of the workers and land-use restrictions.

Charles Storrow, the agent and chief engineer, as well as the City’s first mayor. The records offer a glimpse of a man with a comprehensive vision and a determination to control its implementation. Storrow established banks, directed the development of the schools, influenced the direction of cultural activities. He dominated the local distribution of relief funds, whether for the Irish famine (mass immigration event cover for the Repopulation), the Free Kansas movement, or the Pemberton Mill disaster.

I want to talk about the story of Mayor White, who was sent to jail and not only maintained his position as mayor but was elected multiple more times and pardoned by Gov Foss. The NYTimes says he was elected 4 times but everybody else says only three. In 1908 he defeated Michael Collins for mayor, Collins was later among the co-conspirators of Willy Wood, charged with planting the dynamite. Collins was found guilty

A simplified timeline goes something like this: 

Leading up to the strike,

1911: The Lawrence Survey published, detailing overcrowding, working conditions and contamination as causes for high rates of disease and death among Lawrence residents living in poverty.

1911: New Charter for the Department of Public Safety was approved on November 7, 1911, to replace the one in existence since 1853. Under this “new” charter the Department of Public Safety included police and fire department. The charter adopted by the ‘voters’ of the city of Lawrence is found in St. 1911, c. 621, Part II, to be exact. This is important later and the date is a well, November 7 (11/7) Lucky 7’s but 1911 is right before the strike, the office was manifested by contract-magick 33 days before the strike on Jan 10. January 10, 1860 is also the exact date of the Pemberton Mill Collapse, 52 years separated; 52 doesn’t mean much to me. 52 cards in a deck…They are in the same place bc the town was founded by Reset Agents to serve as there headquarters and operations center. I bet the town has its own constitution, it is not part of America it is private property with its own security force.

1912, this time it’s a little closer to home in Lawrence MA. The trials for Blanck and Harris, Triangle Factory fire had ended in December, less than a month before. There have been a series of major national headline events one after the other for years already, and there will be more to come. Lawrence is only the first of dozens of labor strikes 

Lawrence, Massachusetts, an immigrant exploited industrial town on the outskirts of all the major spooky New England centers, was the home of engineered civil unrest in the form of a labor strike.

Morgans daughter Anna was involved with the ILGWU and the WTUL, these were the leading women workers union advocacy groups. Anna was a major public supporter of the Triangle factory workers. Her and other wealthy elite socialites dubbed the Mink Brigade funded the Triangle strike itself and paid bail money and court fines of arrested strikers. She withdrew support after the offer to increase wages was refused in favor of forming a union. As if she had no clue what was headed their way. The Mink Coat Mafia inherited their way of life from the blood of the immigrant worker, You really think they’d do anything that seriously threatened the status-quo


Harvard itself would play a divisive role in the activities. Students who enrolled in the state militia and were out water hosing strikers during the New England winter examination times were given an automatically passing ‘C’ grade, not that the majority of people there get grades like a normal student. The Prez of Harvard was also a mill owner, as was the Ma. Governor Foss. Several parts of the school, including Radcliffe where the woman’s annex was housed helped the striker side. 

you wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but guess who the Prez of Harvard? Abbott Lawrence Lowell, 1909-1933. Not one of the history books tell you about that. He wasn’t just a mill owner, he was descended from the founder of the town. Not only that, these people are pretty particular about how they name themselves, they keep track of their pedigree like thoroughbred horses, this guy was royalty

  •  January 1st 1912. A new law goes into effect reducing the number of hours a person could work from 56 to 54. This resulted in a paycheck a few cents short which the mill owners refused to cover. The new law only affects women and children. This was too soon to be the result of the Triangle fire, this indicates multiple states were at least in the know, if not actively participating.
  • On January 11, after receiving their first short pay check a few women “spontaneously” decided to stage a walk out. The next day a few more mills joined in and by the end of the week 25,000 immigrant millworkers, mainly women and children, were on full blown strike. The first women that walked out listed occupation was Polish weavers. That means Jewish, but they won’t just come out and say that. 
  • January 13th the International Workers of the World responded immediately by sending 2 organizers, Joe Ettor and non-member Arturo Giovannitti to help things along.  
  • January 15th Ettor whips up a frenzied mob and storms city hall which triggers the mayor to call in the militia. He enacted martial law, i.e., curfews and no gathering 
  • January 21st the media reports dynamite was found on the strikers. Mill owners say it was intended to destroy mill property. 
  • January 24 International workers reinforcements arrive, radical celebrity crew Big Bill Haywood, Elizabeth Flynn, Carlo Tresca, and William Trautmann 
  • January 29th: Striker Anna LoPizzo was shot through the heart while picketing. Strikers say she was killed by police but police say the intended target was the police, the shooter missed and struck Anna. Strike organizer leaders Giovannitti and Ettor were arrested for accessory. Joseph Caruso was arrested as well but not until April, the actual shooter is only referred to as Scuito, he has been scrubbed of all reports and docs. John Breen was arrested for the explosives, trial in May. 
  • January 30th Militiaman bayonets 20-year-old musician John Ramey in the back. He dies as a result.  
  • February 10th children are paraded across town and trained out to foster families in neighboring city’s like NV and Philly. This is cover for mass relocation of operatives. Shuffle everyone at the same time to start new projects. They had time for preparation. like jade helm.  
  • Feb 24th military involvement to forcefully stop any more children from leaving. Reports of police clubbing women and children trying to flee. 34 arrested. 
  • March 1st Mill owners refuse worker/striker demands. 
  • March 10th Socialist congressman Victor Barger launch’s official investigation. This is just for show and will officially clear any truth, as we see in all instances, the involvement of any kind of investigation or oversight of a government authority main purpose is to protect the real perpetrators. Barger’s comments were open that the ‘non-white races were inferior and even an impediment to the triumph of Socialism’ 
  • March 12th Mill owners give in to original demands 

Ok let’s kick things off. The Strike

As part of general sweeping labor reforms a new Massachusetts law reduced the maximum number of hours of work per week for women and children from 56 to 54, took effect January 1, 1912. (1/1) On January 11 (1/11), workers discovered their employers had reduced their weekly pay to match the reduction in their hours.

That difference in wages was said to amount to several loaves of bread a week. Bread is always used as a symbol for revolution and violence, the mustneeds of life worth fighting and dying for. Always be on the lookout for bread symbolism. Bread and circus also. [link]

A mill overseer is quoted, “the strike began like a spark of electricity.” Polish weavers at Everett Cotton Mills realized that their employer had reduced their pay by 32¢ and stopped their looms and left the mill, shouting “short pay, short pay!” Workers from other mills joined the next day (Washington mill); within a week 25,000 workers were on strike. That should tell you right there the thing was planned and orchestrated, the whole factory just shuts down spontaneously and the whole town follows? It doesn’t work like that in real life. This is more people than the Uprising of 20,000 and that one got international headlines. Short Pay is another trigger slogan, it was used in Europe during their version. The mills were part of a larger estate belonging to the American Woolen Company, owned by William Wood. The double ‘W’s’ are a marker.

According to the experts at Marxist. org, contrary to the general belief, the first strike did not occur in the American Woolen Company, but in the Lawrence Duck Mill, the day on which the new 54-hour law took effect. On the preceding friday a committee representing the employees held a meeting about the effect the new law would have upon their hours and wages. They were told the company was not willing to pay 56 hours’ wages for 54 hours’ work. This was not satisfactory to the committee and a strike was called, before the short checks had even been issued

On January 9 a meeting of the employees of the Duck Mill was addressed by Joseph Bedard, afterwards secretary of the Strike Committee, and sixty-eight persons filed applications for membership in the Industrial Workers of the World. The following night a mass meeting of almost all the Italian workers of the city was held to discuss the new law and to hear reports of committees which had been appointed to interview their respective mill agents. At this meeting, the chairman of which was Angeline Rocco, the secretary of the Italian branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, it was decided that all Italians of all the mills should strike Friday evening. They declared that wages received owing to the 54-hour law were insufficient to live on, and they “wanted” pay kept at the amount which they received under the old law. This attitude indicating the temper of the operatives was emphasized by the action, on Thursday afternoon, January 11, of the Polish weavers in the Everett Mill. Prior to the outbreak there were three branches of the Industrial Workers in Lawrence, the English, the Franco-Belgian, and the Italian, affiliated in one “local.” The nucleus of the English section was a remnant of the Independent Textile Weavers, a union formed after a Weavers’ union of the United Textile Workers of America collapsed about 1905. The Franco-Belgian section was founded in December, 1907, and the Italians were organized by Ettor in May, 1911. The Wobblies were officially founded in 1905, the same year as the collapse of the UTW faction, the old guard only changed names for the sake of compartmentalization and deniability, they were still the same core of people, this is how the Textile Workers were able to keep their distance in public.

The skilled laborers had organized labor representation, the proto-unions, but not the unskilled immigrant labor. In NY the Mink Coat Mafia was passing out bread and paying bail, in Lawrence, nothing. A call went out to the International Workers of the World who responded immediately by sending professional agitators. Big Bill arrived within 2 days on Jan 13, 1/13, (In number marks the 1 represents whatever it is standing with, doubles are special, triples moreso… but not always. [School of Intel Agent Aleister Crowley says the 11 is the duel phallus and was his mark for homosexuality])

The IWW was a revolutionary group that used work and the worker as a cover for creating chaos and disorder. What made the IWW so radical is a termed dubbed ‘syndicalism-ist’, (as like in an international crime syndicate) they wanted what founders called ‘One Big Union’. aka New World Order. What separated them from other traditional labor organizers is they fought for a general overthrow of the wage system itself. Everywhere the IWW turned up there was civil unrest. Loggers, railroad, miners, longshoremen and mill workers, any exploited workers. A string of assaults, arrests and deaths followed anywhere the IWW turned up.

They go by International for short, this is significant bc that is the same shortened nickname taken by Karl Marx’ International Workers Party, Many of the officers are openly Socialists and they share the same name bc they are two branches of the same entity. Another branch is the International Harvester company that is the culmination of a century of developing the Combine Harvester to ultimately control the food suppl; they go by International.

Along with Big Bill they sent in a Socialist Anarchist dream team including Elizabeth ‘Rebel Girl’ Flynn, Carlo Tresca, and William Trautmann. Smilin Joe’ Ettor and Arturo Giovannitti were the first ones on the field. Normie history admits Ettor had been organizing in the Lawrence area leading up to the strike and was able to respond so fast. They were both known to be multi-lingual and great orators. They were the ones here to direct the walk-out. The ability to overcome language barriers is a reoccurring theme in many instances of organizing immigrant workers, its part of the script, goes back to the Railroad Strike of 1877, which in turn goes back to the French Revolution.

Ettor was an organizer in multiple cities on both coasts; this was a major production, they wouldn’t leave it in the hands of someone of low status or inexperience. Giovannitti was not a member of the IWW but he worked for an Italian Socialist radical paper, he was just as qualified and had ‘plausible deniability’

The first thing Ettor did was put together a Strike Committee, this is more French Rev and Railroad Strike script, getting a representative from each country to act as a go-between between their people and the Committee. Known for his enthusiastic speeches he whipped up a crowd at the City Hall which caused the mayor to call in the State militia. More than 50 militia troops would take part in the strike, I guess even back then theres no sense in wasting a perfectly good false flag for training purposes.

Parts of the Bread and Roses script was recycled French Revolution, Paris Commune, Railroad Strike of 1877. The connecting factor is socialism, worker rights are always a cover story. And songs, anytime history records people singing ‘Internationale’ in the streets

The Mayor Spot

On May 18, 1910, White, his private secretary Matthew Degrey Ripon, Chief Engineer (head of the Fire Department) James A. Hamilton, former aldermen Matthew Burns and Xavier Legendre and six businessmen were indicted for bribery, conspiracy to bribe, and larceny. White was alleged to have conspired to bribe the aldermen in December 1909 to remove Hamilton from office. On July 13, White was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison and fined $1,000. White continued to serve as Mayor while in jail until his resignation was accepted by the board of aldermen on July 25. On December 27, 1911, Governor Eugene Foss pardoned White on the unanimous recommendation of the Massachusetts Governor’s Council on the grounds that the sentence he had received was excessive.

The mayor, Michael Scanlon, was brought in just for the show, he started the same day the new laws went into effect, he was only in office 10 days before the strike, it was a new charter for the town. The new charter changed the mayor spot to a two year term; Scanlon died during his first term. I doubt he died, maybe retired early, he only had one job to do and once it was over he was no longer needed.

There was a brief vacancy holder before Scanlon took office, the servant before him was Willie White (again the Double W’s), white resigned after he was convicted of bribery and sentenced to 3 years lock-up. Not really surprizingly he was re-elected later on in 1920. Possibly a third time in 1931, if only the Hall of Records could keep their story straight. White continued to serve while in jail until his paperwork was approved for resignation. Governor Foss pardoned him based off the recommendation of the Massachusetts Governors Council. Imagine that. They also go by the Executive Committee, their position is said to go back to the Colonial days which is all a bunch of bullshit to try and obscure the fact they just admitted the Governor has no power.

The Explosives

Jan 21 the headlines ran “Explosives found in Lawrence Strike”

The story reports 3 small bundles of loose sticks of dynamite and blasting caps were found scattered across town. Inspector from Boston led the bomb squad that made the finds. One was in a shoemakers store of Urbano diPrado, the package was in the window sill which officers noted was not there earlier in the day. Shoemakers is a mark, it means he is on the same team. It also says police made multiple visits to the same place. If it was just sitting in the window it wasn’t being hidden very well, as itf it was intended to be found. Del Prado claims the bundle was left by a customer that said he would return in the morning.

The second bundle was found in St. Marys cemetery, resting on top the snow, leaning up against the trees, with no indication it was trying to be hidden. The same officers found this as the first, the Boston officers were a Cavagnaro (Cavanaugh) and Ferrari, the State pig is a Proctor, as in Proctor and Gamble. The City Marshal is a Sullivan for fux sake. guilt by association, these are multi-generational family operations. Notice the guys that owns the shoe shop is Prado and the cop is a Ferrari, Im not saying these players are on the famous family Christmas card list, but the only reason those people are so famous to begin with is they are in the same family as the actors from Massachusetts

The third bundle was found in the back of a closet of a Syrian group. The Syrian head of household was Faris Marad, he was speaker for the Syrian people and led the parades, while acting as special officer and translator to the court. This means he is a pig, it means the Strike Committee are pigs and it means the pigs planted the dynamite, probs not even real, stage props. Dynamite is declared to be part of a large shipment from Pennsylvania and suspects were in Lawrence and were being “shadowed”. They are fear-mongering, as if there are terrorist bombers roaming the city, but dont worry, the pigs are here to serve and protect you. Those bitches are the ones bringing it in.

The best part was that it was printed in the newspapers before the police even knew anything about it. This based on the assumption that the police and the media are two separate entities, on the surface they appear so but they’re the same, of course the pigs knew the bombs were gonna be printed, and planted for that matter, maybe not all of the pigs were in on it, there has to be a genuine response, real Innocents, but at the top levels they work together bc they are the same. This will come back up a little bit farther.

Police were quick to accuse strikers but it was soon clear the explosives were a plant, a set up to frame the leadership of the strike put on by the mill owners. Actually, the pigs never accused the strikers, at this point Ettor was still out of jail and I almost believe him when he responds with disbelief, he even says the police probably just said they found them but nothing was even there. Beside printing his reply, the media, who printed the story before the cops even knew about it, jump straight to the mill owners framing up the strikers. Thats who it is all about the whole time.

Another headline but not till Feb 29th, over a month later. The Jan 20th article mentions the Dynamite had come from Philly, so what took them so long to pick it up? In the article it says the explosives were turned over to the Railroad police, who would work with local pigs to determine its origins. But wait, the local pigs said they know who was bringing it in and had them ‘shadowed’, so wtf? How about if the pigs and the ppl planting the explosives were the same? did you ever think about that?

Another important player is Breen, John Breen was the first Irish-born Roman Catholic mayor and served on the Board of Ed and Board of Fireman. Fortunately for him he died in 1910 so his son, John J Breen, took over the family undertaker business and was also on the Board of Ed.

The explosives found in the shoemaker’s shop, wrapped in newspaper with Breens name and address on it, the paper was an undertaker publication titled Shadyside. Breen was eventually booked in the Salem jail. Salem is a marker in itself, going back to the fake Witch-Trials, so you know they’re quick to jump in with a psychological warfare case.

Breen was only convicted by a Salem judge of conspiracy to destroy property, a 500$ fine which was not even imposed because John was a member of the School Committee. After his conviction in the misdemeanor case he was immune from the more serious charges about to be filed, he could admit to anything he wanted and there was nothing anyone could do even if they were serious about it.

The introduction of the explosives was not only an attempt to discredit the strikers but gives Mayor Scanlon the opportunity to close all the streets and impose curfews and gathering restrictions, Martial Law. Not only that but it was the first step in what would be the removal of Ettor and Gio, the leadership, which was necessary to provide an intro for the headliners, Big Bill and Rebel Girl.

The big clue that everyone seems to avoid bringing up is how did the media know about the dynamite before the cops did? The police were alerted when they read it in the papers. This is because they are all on the same team; the media, the police, courts, strike organizers, mill owners; its a Class war.

His-story well documents the involvement of Breen and his financiers of the American Woolen Company but there is another that much of which is left out. Dennis J Collis was also arrested for planting the 19 sticks to the underside of a train set to go off in Lawrence, or in the station itself depending on what version you come across, the dynamite was said frozen and therefore didn’t go off as intended. Collins was also a member of the first Mayor White’s office that was imprisoned for corruption.

Eventually all of the major mill-owners were Subpoenaed, including Cox who was appointed Postmaster General by the US Prez Roosevelt, he was also an ex-senator with a firm in Lawrence. Cox served 7 weeks during the strike as captain of Company C, the Harvard Militia. Mill Island overlord William Wood and another one of the large mill owners Frederick Atteaux were charged and put on trial for conspiracy to plant explosives. Judging by the names of the jurors and the court officers the mock courtroom drama was just as fake as all the rest of the show. These were the most important people in America at the time, in business and politics.

This is where it comes out that Breen was the one that tipped police off to the whereabouts of the explosives. As if he had some kind of change of heart, you could say the police found his name from the label of the wrapping but then you forgot the media knew about it before the police did. They all knew.

Cox was also the defense lawyer for the Syrians that were arrested when the when the police found the dynamite in their house.

Also left out of most normie history books is Ernest R. Pittman, wealthy mill contractor from Andover that was subpoenaed to testify on July 26th and shot himself dead on his front lawn on July 27th… Hes an interesting character but his name has been scrubbed from 98% of the material; theres still a few newspapers archived behind paywalls. Apparently this guy was the one that brought the house down around the Boston Associates being connected to the dynamite and once he had spilled the beans to the State they told him he had to testify. Ernest was a building contractor for the Associates for years already, supposedly building several large mills like Ayer. Pittman is either murdered to keep from squealing or faked his death and retired early. I dont think he was murdered bc none of it was real, it was all scripted for the illusion. The district attorney and everybody knows the whole place belong to the Company, it is theirs by binding-contract which is the core of the Justice (Just-us) system.

This was Pittmans early retirement. The newspaper says he was under financial pressures that climaxed with the subpoena. That means he had been paid for handsomely and this was his out. Not only that but the paper-trail of the building costs is gone…he was the builder…Wait. Shit, this is huge… They didn’t build it, it was an artifact that was already here with a fake history and date slapped on. Pittmans suicide doesn’t hide the financial records, it hides that there was no records.

Not only that but it gives the feeling of importance to the sham case. These are the representatives of the ruling entity, in this case the entity is the Island itself, The Company is considered a living person, this is true of all companies but this case would equate to bringing a royalty to court over his fiefdom. They can do whatever they want, as proved at the Pemberton collapse the generation before, this is the same Company. Pittmans suicide is just him tipping his hat on his way out to his own private estate somewhere and the media can play it up like they really mean business.

Willy Wood would also use the suicide get-away trick himself some years later, just so depressed he hung it up. gtfoh.

Mill owner charged with planting explosives, Willie ‘Hidden Hand’ Wood, The mill owner who made a large unexplainable payment to the undertaker just before the dynamite was found was put in a mock trial to clear him of any legal accusations. Woods story would end with suicide as well, in ’29, dont think I believe it yet. Wood was found guilty of a lesser charge and sentenced to a $5,000 fine, His limousine waited for him as he left the courthouse after he paid with five crisp $1,000 bills. Woods’ defense attorney was Massachusetts Representative Sammy Powers. Powers practiced law in Worcester and was a political string-puller.

Standard propaganda, looks so much like the Democratic Convention in Chicago I half expected to see mill girls sticking daisies in all the rifle barrels. Picture 3 you could argue he is hiding his hands bc it is cold outside. I would reply that maybe true but when somebody is marching you across town with a bayonet point stuck up your ass I dont think the cold would be so noticeable. Call me crazy.

Anna Lopizza

When on 29 January strikers blocked a streetcar carrying scabs, breaking its windows with shards of ice, the police waded in. In the mêlée a gunshot from one of the officers killed a striker, Anna LoPizzo.

Strikers accuse officer Oliver Benoit of shooting her. 3 would be arrested, 2 leaders and a striker months later.

The number markers hit all over here; Death Certificate number 303, 33; she lived at 18 common St, Aces and Eights and Common St is a play on words, like if the town were called ‘Anywhere, USA’. Autopsy report dated Jan 30, 1/30, 13, buried Jan 31, 1/31, 333, at 116 Common St. (666). Numbers are used as a form of communication, to announce oversight. Anyone ‘in the know’ at any point in time and on any place on Earth can see this document and understand whats really going on here

So the incident occurred on the 29th, examination on the 30th, and burial on the 31st. This just seems awfully quick to me. Not much time for funeral arrangements and preparations, not just the body but the burial, that shit aint cheap. 48 hrs is barely enough time to dig the hole; first you gotta find a place, if Anna was a recent immigrant I doubt she had arrangements. And who’s paying? A mother and father are listed so it shows at least there are supposed to be family. She also was noted to have worn a wedding ring although there was no husband mentioned at any point other than the fact she was married. You cant just burying people without an opportunity to claim the body. Fact check that, bitch. There was no grave to be dug for either casualty bc the ground was frozen solid. Participation of the churches helped ensure nobody would notice there was no body

Joseph Caruso, a striker, was charged with Anna’s murder, but not til months later as part of a much broader sweep caused by “secret indictments”. Also arrested was W, Trautman an IWW organizer from Chicago and W. Yates, who led the strike after Ettor was removed. Cops said Caruso admitted to stabbing the accused cop and was witnessed by others to be in the immediate vicinity and witnessed stabbing the cop.

Lets talk about the propaganda factor for a sec. If the Anna narrative was real the media would have delayed as much as possible to build up the drama. It’s what they do. The media is a psychological warfare machine, you think they would just let it go after just 2 days, they were trying to cover it up real quick (no pun intended) I mean they had to bury it (couldn’t help it) before anybody started asking questions like, “Hey, Wheres the body?” Remember, the Triangle Fire happened at the end of November, just 2 months before and the celebrity trial was only a matter of weeks, this was only one part of the Industrial Revolution, a mental war to organize the slave class, its a trauma-based mind control illusion. The factory fires just a few months before this had processions numbering in the tens of thousands and was a tremendous photo-op for virtue-signaling elites, yet now we here crickets. This girl’s death was a martyrdom, a rallying cry. I find it hard to believe there was not even one day notice for a funeral.

I see no evidence Lopizzo was ever a flesh and blood person to begin with, let alone the person written in the annuls of history as the martyr of the Breads and Roses Strike. Cover authors try to dismiss this just like the hasty burial, it is all but admitted there was def NOT named Anna Lopizzo but they spin it in the context of the day this was a common occurrence for immigrants to use false names and a vast majority of the immigrant population was using papers with a name different from the one they were born with.

There was one report I could not corroborate about the local undertaker opening up his shop to the public and putting the body on display for thousands of ppl lined up for several blocks. I don’t believe his story. This is the person we are to believe held an open casket viewing of Anna LoPizzo? The guy that planted the bomb was the same one that told officials were it was?

The burial itself, or at least what is supposed to be her gravesite went unmarked for 88 years until some union officials decided she needed recognition, her headstone was donated by granite cutters (masons) and featured a rose with cereal grains behind it. These are all indicators of intelligence operations. strike two. Even more unbelievable that she had no funeral ritual is that she had no headstone and in an unmarked grave.  The undertaking and burial costs were paid by persons wishing to remain anonymous for fear they would be unemployable.  

This pic was supposedly taken on Jan 29th as scab workers arrived on the trolley strikers prevented them from entering the mills. A fight broke out and striker Anna LoPizzo was hit by a cops stray bullet. To me this pic looks staged AF, I mean it looks like an actual stage, totally not organic or natural feel. The flag has been cropped in half but theres enough to get the message. The flag is product placement. This is a reoccurring theme in most of the large group shots. Theres not much a group.

The tombstone donated to the said grave of Anna features a rose with shafts of grain as its center piece. These each have so many layers of symbolism it has already been covered in too many books to count so I will only mention it as a note as we pass by. The grains are usually a fertility earth goddess symbol but can also mean a life of abundance when featured on a tombstone. Its counterpart the sickle is associated with communism. The rose has just as many interpretations but has been openly used by the Socialist Party since the 1880’s because of its color red, which alone has been the color of revolution since the beginning.

The image on the stone is obviously reference to the Bread and Roses name given to the strike which seemingly popped up at several places simultaneously and unconnectedly. The name or some variation has been tossed around for quite some time before it was used in the script; our  girl Rose Sneiderman gave a speech that “women need bread…and roses too”, around the same time a poem by an Oppenheim contained the chorus “Bread and Roses”. Bread was used as a symbol for life’s mustneeds during the French Revolutions. I think mainly it is connected to the Bread and Circus theme. Its all a show. Entertainment.

John Ramey

Here is the eyewitness account of a Pratt, he was stationed in Lawrence for the duration during the action and wrote a book from the standpoint of a militiaman regarding the death of the Syrian boy. This tells us he only went there to write the book, or he didn’t even go and just had some papers drawn up to make it appear that he went, or he didn’t even write it and just attached his name to it and did a little editing. As long as he backed-up the death story. Whatever the case there is no such thing as an honest Pratt.

My fav part is his occupation is listed as ‘Operative’, lol yup

In the photo above you can see the undertaker at the bottom is Breen, no shit, the same guy that was fined for planting explosives and went to court for the other case was very much included in other areas of production, being the autopsy technician for one of the dead fictional characters. 

Jonas is considered a victim of the strike even though he supposedly killed a year later. Smolskas was beaten to death for wearing a IWW pin on his lapel instead of an American flag.

I noticed to always zoom in on the flags in the pics of old buildings. The flag is usually a product-placement type of subliminal messaging, it offers a chance for mockery and can be used as an indicator, thee is a high amount of miniature scale models passed off as authentic images, you can tell if the flag is fake. This time it has been colored in, early photoshop techniques.

American Woolen Company was the umbrella “trust” company, founded in 1899 by 8 private smaller companies would grow to consume over 50. Wood was just the front guy, as if one man could control everything in his own little manufacturing empire. Even with the mighty Baphomet as his magick sigil.

The Committee of Ten was chosen to negotiate with mill owners for the workers, either they are all chronic pocket-pool players or the ‘Hidden Hand’ gang sign is showing where their true allegiance lays

The Children’s Exodus

When the potential for most damage reached its highest point organizers pulled a slick one. They lined up all the workers children and marched through town in front of all the cameras, then sent the out on trails to receiving families where they would be out of the way of danger. They were sent to supportive families in other jurisdictions like NYC and Philly.

This made the town and politicians look bad in the eyes of the camera so the strawman-mayor Scanlon ordered that no more children were allowed to leave the city

February 10:Children’s exodus begins; 119 (666) children leave Lawrence for New York City
February 17:Another 150 children leave for New York and Vermont.
February 24:At train station, police crack down on third group of children and their parents.
March 2:U.S. House of Representatives begins hearings to investigate the strike.
March 4:Children of the strike testify before Congress.
March 7:William Wood meets with strike committee members and is ready to bargain.

Town marshal John Sullivan was the person that was ordered to stop the movement of children to police, not the militia. newspaper headlines around the world told of police beating women and children indiscriminately, multiple accounts of both mother and child being arrested and detained. Two women supposedly had miscarriages. Not just the two-bit local propaganda rags but Big Bill himself gave his condolences publicly.

The militia was run by a guy named Sweetser.

In this episode we find an early radicalist Margaret Sanger, future abortion advocate and birth control pioneer. Sanger was part of the medical detail that rode with the children on the trains back to New York where they were given sensationalized check-ups for the media; 100 percent of kids were malnourished.

Sanger also testified at a Congressional hearing..

“No God, No Master”. Slogan of Margaret Sanger who oversaw the ‘Exodus of Children’ out of Lawrence, creating a public spectacle and using the scene to propel her own eugenics and birth Control Movement. Carlo Tresca lead the parade this day that was used for the Flag Parade on Columbus Day, as if the timing was a coincidence. Tresca would work with Sanger in future projects; his publication The Hammer, was used to violate the Comstock ‘Obscenity’ law by advertising Sanger birth control information. Carlo supposedly was sentenced to one year but received a presidential pardon. Tresca also was also editor of the same Italian Socialist Federation publication as Giovannitti.
Pics like this were put on the front page of National newspapers. Everytime you see a kid on the cover watch out. they are lying about something

February 24th another pilgrimage was planned but police and militia were under orders to physically stop anymore children from leaving the city. Press reports indicate billy clubs were smashing mother and child heads indiscriminately and two mothers miscarried. Multiple accounts of child and mother being not only arrested but jailed as well. 

Honesty is of no consequence, regardless of how accurate or falsified these reports are using children as propaganda political pawns certainly was effective. Socialist congressman Victor Barger launched in official investigation. Mill owners started working on a resolution immediately thereafter to avoid the spotlight by Capitol Hill investigative committees. The investigation committee was held to generate publicity and sympathy, critics say the in-depth questioning surrounding the kids shoddy clothes as evidence the parents dressed them this way intentionally. I would only like to comment it wouldn’t have been the parents but the organizers themselves had arranged the costumes as part of the whole charade. 

Pres Taft got involved in the investigation but he was under orders of his wife, who was a member of the Mink Coat Mafia 

‘Nurse’ Margaret Sanger was present supposedly to offer medical treatment and check-ups to the children for the cameras to help escort the children to New York sympathetic families. She was one of the main organizers of the exodus and followed them to the congressional hearing with Anne Morgan, of the Mink Coat Mafia. She was an open member of the IWW and appointed to this position by Haywood personally. We haven’t heard from the eugenicist camp for a while now and she was about due. Sanger also offered testimony at the congressional hearings and more literary propaganda in the usual outlets, the New York Call this time.

The children Schtick was used s a regular feature of IWW manufactured unrest. At the Paterson silk operation in jersey immediately after Lawrence with Sanger and the rest of the crew now that they had some rehearsal. The children poly was developed by the Italian branch, the Carbonari as they were known at another time but it is still in the same people. we will come across you will see they are connected though this event are project leaders all of their own 

Complete set of ‘woman rebel’ vol 1-7,
In 1914 Sanger wrote and self published and distributed copies of borderline smut rag ‘Woman Rebel’. The intent was to create controversy by using shock-value propaganda, she wrote on all the social taboo subjects at the time and featured all her radicalist friends. Sanger exploited the children of Lawrence to propel her name into the spotlight. I consolidated all 7 of her 8 page pamphlets for one easy download. They are worth skimming through just for historic interests.
the-woman-rebel-complete Download
You’re Welcome

The Trial

Ettor and Giovannitti were miles away from the shooting when it was said to have happened, they were arrested for the murder of Lopizzo.

Do these look like the faces of men on trial for killing someone they are not guilty of, or do these look like the faces of actors enjoying their role?

Next up to the plate is Arturo Giovannitti. Born in Italy he was first a writer than the editor of Italian based Socialist Federation newspaper. This ties him to both the Carbonari and the Jewish Socialist Bureau of Agitators. The Socialist Federation was the Bureau in a different wrapper. His former occupation is even listed as a coal miner, the root word of carbonari is carbon (coal), this is the equivalent of a free mason listing his occupation as a bricklayer. He also worked for the railroad but I couldn’t find in what capacity or even what line. Went to school at Columbia. Helen Keller even wrote the forward in one of his later books. Self-described revolutionary and anarchist. Hes another character like so many we just will have to return later for a dedicated article. 

Ettor freely admitted to have been organizing in Lawrence for some time before the initial walkout, the IWW said to have had #00 dues paying members at the beginning. I doubt that, its just a number drop but they were there the whole time. Collaborating with the AFL, who would only support white national workers, the Lawrence arena was said to be so troublesome to organize bc there were so many communication barricades. We know ALL communications are spook intel platforms so while this was formerly used as an excuse now was cited as a strength. The two made a system based on race, two from each nationality chosen as representatives. This was the intelligence network. Meetings were translated into 25 languages. This is mass communication. All forms of outlets of communication are controlled. Ettor spoke several languages fluently, one was openly admitted Yiddish. This ties him to the Jewish Socialist Agitation Bureau and the Carbonari as well 

After the alleged shooting of Lopizzo the two were arrested even though they were known to have been across town speaking at a rally. The IWW accuse police of trumping up charges as an excuse to get the two off the street, out of the picture, where they were held without trial for 8 months. I say the two were never in jail and were free to do special ops with an official alibi. History books like to claim the IWW sent these two first and after their arrest sent in the celebrity big hitters. If you look closer however you see everyone arrived at the same time. In fact, as we will soon see, they were there before it kicked off. 

The trial itself was held in Salem, another tell. Giovannitti acted as his own defense, sure he did. An Italian anarchist immigrant was able to beata state prosecutor at his own game in such a high-profile case? You betcha. At one point the whole defense committee was rounded up and arrested in Boston. Debriefed would be a better word. A worldwide coordinated one day strike was organized, 15000 workers in Lawrence struck and countries boycotted goods and ports refused ship entry or ships refused US docking. The two were acquitted 2 months later and were immediately at another headline making precedent setting event remembered as the Paterson Silk Strike in nearby New Jersy. I assume this is where they were operating during their supposed jail time.  

Writer was counterpart of August Spies, flamboyant writer from the Haymarket Event. 

Ettor said in one of his speeches: “With passive resistance, with the workers absolutely refusing to move, laying absolutely silent, they are more powerful than all the weapons and instruments that the other side has for protection and attack.” The passive resistance marker is used with Martin Luther King and Ghandi

The defense lawyer was Fred H. Moore, a celebrity hotshot socialist lawyer/actor from LA that represented the railroad. Moore handled many IWW cases including one from 1919 which also included Elizabeth Flynn and Eugene Lyons, Charles Kreiger, an IWW organizer was accused of dynamiting a Standard Oil office in Tulsa (didn’t Tulsa have some big race riots out there back in the day?)

The Church

The Catholics would play their role as the voice of blind obedience. They made some early moves nobody has yet to comment on, either bc nobody has identified them or bc they are still trying to keep their participation covered up. We wont go back too far, just a year and change, back to 1909.

The Venerini Sisters are a Catholic org that traces their lineage back to the 1600’s in Italy, that’s a bunch of bullshit bc there was no 1600’s, so theres that. Legend has it that foundress Rose Venerini, born in Viterbo felt compelled to educate the poor class of Italian girls. She got support from the local religious authority who hooked her up with the Jesuits and together they opened a chain of schools. Later on they received a visit from Pope Clement XI and eight Cardinals who decided it was so good they should expand their operation worldwide.

In 1909 they came from their headquarters on the Capitolium of Rome, very significant by itself as a center for many Vatican-inspired operations, (the Capitol Hill of Ancient Rome that started as a temple to Saturn). The first stop on their world tour was none other than Lawrence MA, after the invitation of the local pastor, to help with the influx of Italian immigrants flooding the area. They opened the first day-care center in the state and would found their American basecamp at the Venerini Academy in Worcester. Worcester is a tell.

This is the Jesuit connection, Rose was said to have joined the Dominican Order to follow her spiritual leader Ignatius Loyola, (See my Ancient Rome is fake essay for more on them) After her death she was interred at the Jesuit monastery at Gesu.

Also in 1909 the Italians had sufficient funds to erect a new church in Lawrence, the Holy Rosary Church but other sources claim it was 1904. None of the records of the church mention the Bread and Roses Strike, to confuse matters farther, there was no church leadership either; the Boston overseer, O’Connell was in Rome receiving his Cardinal-ship (promotion), and local head pastor, O’Reilly had left Dec 31 for a vacation in Florida, to mark his 25th jubilee was given 2,000$ and a free vacation, the day before the events started.

The churches all publicly said to restrain from activism still allowed strikers to use their halls for meeting places and IWW speakers to address the people. Mariano Milanese was pastor of the Holy Rosary parish and was pro-strike, he was the one that started fundraising for the workers, undermining dependence of the IWW. The other church leaders supported Milanese with donations. Requests for funds was made by the St.Vincent de Paul Society. Those guys are a Catholic charity, a way to fund things like the strike without drawing attn directly to the church

The church was trying to stay neutral, to be supportive of the workers and families but they were not with the IWW bc they were trying to abolish the wage system itself, the church was an authority, it was an indirect attack on the church’s authority as such, so they couldn’t really support the political causes.

On January 30 IWW leaders met with military leaders and Milanese to plan the funeral for Lopizzo. There was no body but there was the procession. The meeting shows collaboration between all three.

Funeral services were held for Lopizzo in the Holy Rosary, appropriate since she wasn’t a real person. During the funeral Milanese spoke a few words then, fearing public disturbances, the body was “secreted out the back” where it was placed in a tomb, the ground was too hard frozen to dig a grave. Similarly, the service of musician Ramey was on 1/31, there was a gathering hundreds deep but the militia kept the crowd moving so nobody saw the body, it was placed in a tomb as well, No grave. The Father from St. Anthonys eulogized him as a martyr and started a collection for his monument. The services is the point when martial law was declared as all gatherings were forbade. On Memorial Day, 5,000 people went to decorate the graves of the two martyrs, complete with Syrian Band. but O Reilly wouldn’t let them in to the cemetery because he said they would trample the graves, really it was bc there was no graves to visit.

Milanese visited Ettor and Giovannitti in jail regularly bringing them reading material, this is appropriate too considering they weren’t locked up; every other person that tried to visit was arrested for disturbing the peace. Rocco was another character history books have erased through omission, Rocco was the IWW local contact, a 17 yr old from Lawrence High School is the one said to have made the call at the very beginning of the Everett Mill walk-out. My question is how is he only a high school student if he is 17 yrs old already? The members of the school board are also on the fake death certificates, it wouldn’t be difficult to write up some phony school records. Rocco was a member of the Italian Socialists. I bring this up now bc he is said to have been arrested for trying to visit the pair while in jail, perhaps this was a way to remove him as well… Paterson NJ was next on the list, same script with the child exodus and all.

Father O’Connell coincidentally returned from Rome on 1/31, he made a visit to his home town of Lowell but stayed clear of Lawrence. Connell called back O’Reilly who returned early from his vacation mid February in time for the Children’s Exodus. and jumped in with the strikers.

After the strike had ended and workers had returned to the mills Gio, Caruso, and Ettor were still in the the Salem jug. Sept 29th Carlo Tresca, an Italian anarchist and writer, led an non-permitted march across town with the banner “No God, No Master”. This was the same slogan used by Margaret Sanger in her radicalist publication, showing it is all connected. Father O’Reilly in response organized the patriotic “For God and Country” parade. on Oct 13 The 10/13 parade is part of the Flag Day/Columbus Day patriotism propaganda campaign psychological warfare waged on the whole population outside of the milltowns of New England. There is some dispute as to the exact date of the God and Country parade, original sources say both the 12th and 13th, the flag pole/victory column memorial is dated the 12th, for Columbus Day.

32,000 Paraders. All parades are a military exercise. Marching bands are lowest military squad, they perform drills and march in formations. The God and Country parade was not a spontaneous occurrence, part of a larger Patriot operation. A flag is a magick sigil for the governments, its the corporate logo of U.S. Inc.
The only gathering I see evidence that tens of thousands of people are gathered is at the Flag Parade.

Shattuck Flagpole

The Shattuck Flagpole was erected to commemorate the God and Country parade. It is the symbolic Roman Victory Column, the Column of Vendome, center of the Paris Commune climax of the French Revolution, with ties to ancient Rome. The Flag Parade was part of the patriotic propaganda happening at the same time. Columbus Day wouldn’t be official till 1937, however, the Pledge of Allegiance, Flag Day, the Star-Spangled Banner are all part of the same thread that inserts Patriotism as a psychological warfare tactic.

As part of the memorial features the ‘Fasci‘, the bundle of rods and ax, which is a Roman symbol of the authority of the State itself, is where we get the word ‘Fascist’ and ‘Fascism’. The bas-relief sigil crowned in laurel wreathes is the eagle and serpent. The body is a bell like the liberty bell and in the eagles talons are the hammers; flags for wings and cannon plunger and spear included. Appropriately the only picture online features a big fat chemtrail right in the background (accidental, Im sure)

The symbolism of the snake and serpent is up for the seekers interpretation and can be found in nearly every culture in every time period on Earth. This is evidence the is a central source distributing the iconography world wide, not evidence that there is a thousands of years old mystery school hidden behind every seat of power.

The plaque reads:

The flag pole was donated by Joseph Shattuck to remind the people of Lawrence of October 12, 1912, when 32,000 men, women, and children of the city marched under the flag for God and Country.

32 is a Freemason marker, the available photo evidence indicates it was nowhere close to this number however it appears this was the most popular march, more participants than the mostly-peaceful protest strikes

Up Next

  • Ipswitch Mill strike 1913, Ipswitch Mill also owned by Amos Lawrence.
  • Paterson NJ. Carbon copy of Bread and Roses, child exodus at Madison square garden
  • Milford/Hopedale
  • Barre, Ma
  • Clinton, gingham mill
  • 1919 48/54 strike in Lawrence
  • 1929 Lorey Mill Strike, mock trial. connects to Civil Rights movement.

Other names

  • Josephine Liss- arrested for assaulting soldier, court translator, congressional hearing
  • Anne Walzenbach- Committee of 10 member, highest paid millworker, Arrested in public but only to remove her from the scene, she wasn’t really in jail.
  • James J Sullivan was the town marshal, Sullivan are actor family (Anne Sullivan); Dr Michael Sullivan owns tenement housing. James Sullivan was also the Pres of St Louis World Fair committee
  • State inspector Flynn, relative of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, control both sides.
  • James P Thompson, head cracked in nighttime assault, police refused to investigate
  • The name of the star witness in the congressional trial was Camela Teoli (Camel Toe), LOL, For reals, the star witness in the Triangle Fire trial was Ida Mittleman. The last remaining Indian from King Philips War is Princess Red Wings. Sick little puppies
The flagpole in the back right corner is said to commemorate the Flag march, the Shattuck Flagpole on Camel Toe Way. Camel Toe. At least they have a sense of humor.

Maybe I was Wrong

Maybe I was wrong about the whole thing. If these are the only pics of the actual strikes than there was no strikes. There are supposed to be 100,000 people here… I see only a large group in frame of the camera and empty space along the outer action. All with the American flag product-placement. These arent a few cherry picked images that I chose to try and prove a point, most of the images available are only re-cropped versions of the same image, or weirder, the same scene from a different angle, the dreaded photo-op.

Lets look at the one image above, turns out it was the cover to Harpers Weekly. HW is the counterpart to the Atlantic Monthly, they write the whitewashed cover-story for all these psy-ops. Zoom in on the soldiers, I can already tell they’re early photoshop.

Maybe its real… I’m not an expert on early film development but I sure do look at alot of them and I only see the drastic outline contrast on the fakes

Atlantic Monthly

The spook writers down at Atlantic are Statist-Elitist apologists and intentionally confusing with unnecessary 3 and 4 syllable words. Once you recognize the psychological warfare propaganda for what it is it does start to add its own clues. You have to ask yourself why are they highlighting this and downplaying that? This is how you should treat every article they print; they are all wartime-propaganda articles.

Before we break down the article by our friends at Atlantic Monthly first note the title, ‘The Lawrence Strike’, the Bread and Roses wasn’t formally adhered to the Lawrence Strike till years later. The Atlantic article says virtually nothing useful taken at face value. Seems that’s its intent, to write way over-the-top sounding eloquent and sophisticated the average person struggles with the vocabulary to the point he ‘can’t see the forest through the trees’.

The title ‘Bread and Roses’ has had controversy since the beginning, it seems to have popped up independently in several places over the last few years, this is by itself a flag since it is never unrelated and independent. The reference to the strike at Lawrence as the bread and roses strike wasn’t until 1916 in an Upton Sinclair literary work. Sinclair claims he was inspired after looking at a picket sign with the slogan on it. At this time, it was already in circulation, in 1911 it was published as the title of a poem by James Oppenheim. Many report that it was first published by our friends at the Atlantic Monthly, although it would be fitting it was however published in a similar rag, The American Monthly. Regardless of where it was first published the date in not contestable, December 1911. A few months early ehh guys. A poem with the same title and subject matter just weeks before the real thing? The title is also attributed to our good friend and Yiddish speaking agitator Rose Schneiderman in her speech to the Triangle strikers. In fact, a good deal of the ‘facts’ written down in today’s his-story books are all derived from a few contemporary articles from outlets like Atlantic and Harpers and NYT, all which are under the same editor and are not on the side of the good guys. An even older variation of the Bread and Roses strike is the Paris Commune socialist revolution wartime slogan Bread and Blood. This would play out in the civil upheaval of 1877. 

These jerk-off at the Atlantic start off by using the best go-to and effective piece of propaganda literature ever created, the Bible. To justify the slave wage system, as if God Himself was a Capitalist. Mattew 20:2 –  

 ‘And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard.’ 

Matteew 20:2

 Its most often true the best thing to do is just shut up, be on the lookout for omission as a form of deception and lying as well but usually the more you talk the worse you make it for yourself. That’s how the Atlantic fails, bitch won’t just shut up and we get all kinds of leads. She even tries to lay blame on the worker… for having children he cannot afford to provide for in the first place and hints at reproduction rights being ‘regulated’ (predictive programming of things to come). She then blames the consumer for creating the supply and demand system. She blames the legislators for making the laws which enable the mill owners to pay so little. She makes excuses and defends mill owners charging for clean water. As for squalid living conditions she goes on some racist rant about immigrant hygiene and live 16 to a 3-room shanty by choice. Immigrants don’t pay taxes like the mill owners that pay for, get this, fire protection and education. 

During the second half it is mostly about the IWW, a lot of misinformation and hype and their take-action revolutionary stance. Really it is a promotion. All the hype about their revolutionary stance and lists past strikes in such a way like bullet points on a resume’. Sure, there are competing factions within the arena but they all serve the same end. The IWW for all their overthrowing the social order rhetoric is only ensuring the Order remains intact. This does not mean those planted explosives, if real, would not have killed a competitor, it means that both parties keep it to themselves and outwardly follow the same parameters. The IWW was the Antifa or BLM of its day 

One slip up clue the Atlantic gives us to support this claim is the fact the city of Lawrence had just declared bankruptcy. They were granted a new charter and new officials two weeks before hand. This means not just the mayor was brought in for the show, the entire cast was brand new, the system itself was 2 weeks old, therefore there can be no blame on any public servant and it supports the comments like irresponsible breeding practices lead to the strike. The best part is the reason claimed for being brought to bankruptcy was having to pay for education and policing of non-tax paying immigrant workers.    

The mayor that resigned before the town bankrupted was William White. White and his officers were convicted of multiple bribery and larceny charges. This case is what led to the new charter and new politicians only 2 weeks before the strike occurred. White was sentenced to 3 yrs in prison and continued his duties as mayor from jail until his resignation was accepted. The Governor pardoned him shortly afterward based on unanimous recommendations of the MA Gov Advisory Council. The best part is Ol’ Willy returned to the mayors office in 1919 and again in 1927. 

The Atlantic also gives us another important clue; as the city was bankrupt, they did not have a police force of its own. This ensures the Governor will call in the state militia to protect mill property. The Governor was a stockholder in the mills. This means there was major steps taken in preparation for this orchestrated event. They knew the bankruptcy was coming for years they could spend unaccountably bc it was all getting written off anyway and better yet, a new crew was coming in to deal with the consequences.  

Lawrence was well known for being unorganized, this means they didn’t have a union, the excuse was that there were so many nationalities no one could communicate. This is the from the fall of the Tower. This is Babylon. Phoneticians. But not navy. Unless you consider Lawrence as an autonomous Mill Island privately chartered to private entities. Who wrote the charter, under whose authority? And to whom was it granted too, the recipients? I have connected the Coffins of Nantucket to one of the hidden hand owners of Mill Island., this could be the naval connection to the town and its growing rap sheet. This would later be one of the reasons listed as why the strike was successful was their communications grid based on representatives of nationalities. Yet it is also uncontested Ettor and Co. had been in working Lawrence for years. Local 20 of the IWW had been established in Lawrence since 1906. The AFL had shown interest in Lawrence, catering to the skilled native-born laborers, declared the unskilled immigrant labor class was beneath them. They used the IWW as the boots on the ground to do all the field work, they came in afterward and picked up all the political ends. They kept the unions out on purpose to prepare for the show. What place could the whole thing happen if there was already a labor union, it would’ve messed the entire thing up. The unionizers worked in the shadows, pretending to stay away till thing naturally boiled over, then they would show up and save the day. The nationality representative committees (communications grid) were already established. That level of preplanning takes extreme amounts of cooperation. 

After the town had been bled dry knowing it would all get wiped out in a few years anyway the new charter was granted, the new charter was the motivational driving force, not the consequences this was the new hour restriction law. This was the gambit new law led to a reduction in pay, which btw, was only 2 hrs., sure things were already bad enough, but IWW propagandists frequently framed it as taking 3 loaves of bread off the families table per week. (The incident was also referred to as the ‘Strike of Three Loaves’) Move this to the bread and roses paragraph. The ‘short pay’ sparked the staged walkout. The shadow workers step out and take control with no resistance, also impossible if there was preexisting labor orgs. All the demands made by the IWW were met by the mill owners. They held off and feigned protest but not really. They already knew the stipulations and it was already agreed to. The short-term loss was necessary for the larger picture. The illusion of victory in the Industrial Revolution. Most all the concessions were taken back within a few years anyway, after the IWW left town, the mill owners chiseled away any advancements one piece at a time.

All Inclusive Experience

Sorry guys, history gatekeepers have tried to insert the Black experience into the narrative, here is a photoshop job, Im kinda surprized they admitted it to be fake. Maybe one day someone working at the archives will find a shoebox in the attic full of Black pictures, then they can tell school kids it has always been so. Hubert Harrison (88) was the socialist for the Black community, the Anti-W.E.B. DuBois that argued in part about the importance of voting.

Ipswitch Mill Strike

This was the headlines on June 11 (6/11, 666)

Speaking of fake strike pics, Im not convinced of this ones authenticity either. The crowd is in too neat a formation that straightlines the fence and house, see how they come to a point in the middle of the frame? The guy in the very back is holding up a large sign but it doesnt look like a strike sign. The back ground could be just a painted backdrop and the balcony could just be attached to some scaffolding with exterior of the house tacked to the front. In other words it could be a simple movie set.

Some other things about Ipswitch mill, it is also owned by Amos Lawrence. Everything is kept completely compartmentalized, as if every single thing in this report has been random and isolated and unconnected. Fuckin crazy.

It even has a cute little nickname given by the media. Says police had come from miles around, that means it was a training exercise. This was like an Antifa protest where a bunch of paid agitators come loaded in a bus but the cops are there ready

  • A foreign mill girl was shot and killed by unknown police. Police say striker did it
  • serval IWW strike leaders were arrested for the murder and denied bail
  • police open fire into crowd killing 1 and wounding 7 (8), the wounded were taken to Salem hospital
  • funeral at 3:30

Big Bill Murder Case

Before the Bread and Roses Strike Big Bill got started with the Western Federation of Miners. in 1907 he was tangled up in a celebrity trial in Idaho where the Govenor was blown up by some dynamite attached to the gate latch. The hi-profile case featured the same lawyer from other hi-profile mock cases Charles Darrow and the same Pinkerton agent that took down the Molly Macguires back East.

This isnt a detail of the case but I just wanted to share a newspaper clipping from 1907 that mentions all of the above and sends us to the Cripple Creek Strike. All these normie narrative papers do best is name-drop other agents and events and locations. Thats why they’re called gatekeepers duh.


Intro by Helen Keller
This ones a riot; Monarch is the name of the mind control MK Ultra Project and the butterfly is its symbol.

Atlantic Monthly pdf

Big Bill sums it up in a speech during the trial

Den Rock Park

The immediate area is significant for other reasons. Here we are led into another thread, see my Tourist-Trap History essay for more information

Den Rock is the home of a paleolithic site. I didnt get much a chance to investigate but the location of the find is now a gravel quarry. You dont say.

Historians place Native residents in North America as long as 12,000 years ago.

The 81-acre plot was bought by the City of Lawrence in 1877. The original intent was for a city cemetery. That never happened, but in 1896, it was designated as a public park. The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration laborers installed a set of stone steps and built trails, amphitheaters and boardwalks in the 1930s. It has also been, over time, a city composting site and a source of stone for the construction of nearby Interstate 495. *The CCC and WPA came out of the New Deal and like the Colonial Dames of America, who they often work together with, go around the country and landscape certain areas to match what the history books say. They ascribe fake history to starforts and participated in the Jamestown hoax. Their involvment in the 30’s suggests to me any later sites were fabricated and then buried for later discovery, the Jamestown Model from here on. Thats why the place was later scraped to build 495, they were destroying the evidence of a fake, not of an ancient culture. This is why the first places targeted in invasions and war time are the museums. People mourn the destruction of mankinds earliest civilizations but in reality those artifacts are targeted bc they are fakes.

[Note to self, CCC’s role in completing the Appalachian Trail

In the mid-1990s, developers hovered over Den Rock Park. The Andover town about developing 40 homes, a shopping mall and a golf course. The pressure to yield to progress proved too much to overcome. In relative short order, up went the Apartment complex towering over Route 114, Boston Market, a vitamin shop and a drycleaner. As does yet another apartment complex. Completing the loop around the park are two dozen luxury homes. The housing development proceeded much as proposed. The golf course did not. Maybe it was never intended to, like you overbid on purpose so you can haggle down to what you really want. Golf courses are a Modus Operandi of the C.C.C. There are a few starfort locations that are now parking lots… One by Pittsburg is a Colonial Dames job is now a parking lot for Boston Market. Gotcha, Of course it would be Boston Market, it’s Boston for fux sake

For the future, the Merrimack River Watershed Council gained ownership in 1999. The MRWC sold Den Rock to Greenbelt Essex County’s Land Trust which are now responsible for the stewardship. They change names like this all the time just to confuse researchers.

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