The Iconic Avenues of Paris are Ancient Canals

The wide streets of Paris are an enigma of sorts. Some of the more entertaining explanations is that during the Paris Commune the Revolutionaries had blocked off such a significant part of the roads is was easier just to plow through the buildings which were falling down anyway. The path of the army breaking through the building just became the streets. The credit is given to some fictional character whose name escapes me right now but it doesn’t matter anyway, our time is short so I don’t like wasting it on people I already know aren’t real. Napoleon is said to have given him the job, that’s enough for me cuz he wasn’t real either.

Before we even start I want to share part of how I got here and what I have to compare against. I was scanning Google Earth looking for signs of landscaping, terra forming, whatever you want to call it, just looking for general fuckery. Oh boy We got all we wanted too. I found this place in china that looked like a fracking operation. The first image I saw was from a hi altitude, I thought they were frack wells bc it looked like Oklahoma or Arizona fields but the when I zoomed in I saw it was all the living quarters in tight concentrations and the biggest canal network Id even seen. Theres a reason why nobody in the West knows about things like this. The Chinese didn’t build this, just like they didn’t build that wall or the railroad. This place is the size of New Jersey. There is a link here that will take you kind of in the middle of the area and you can just scan at your leisure


Since we’re bringing it up. Venice is just one little tiny island. I havent looked past Paris yet but massive canal networks could be the norm. Like star forts, I used to think starforts were the shit when I found one in my research. Didnt take long till I realized them bitches are everywhere. Canal are like that. They connect the East Coast to the Great Lakes and then what mightve been the vast inland sea that made the Salt Flats and Grand Canyon

Venice is the closest thing left to what Paris wouldve been similar too.

A city split by a river is a feature to keep an eye out for. Even from this distance you can see they are not streets


Really this is something you have to just see for yourself. get down on ground level and check the buildings out. Ill leave a link here that’ll take you to Paris. There are very few roads in Paris that arent old canals.

Paris is also known for its roundabouts, they really have intersections like we do in the States.

This is maybe one of the most important pieces I have ever found. I say that about every one, every one is the most important, did you ever think of that? lol Im just playing. The avenues of Paris ARE the canals. In the Pre-Reset World Paris was a canal-ed city. It wouldve been just like Venice, only bigger

The Sine runs right through it, you can see the ancient canal beds that branch off. In each round about theres is some sort of identifiable marker like an arch or obelisk.

The Railroad headquarters is built on top of old canal beds. I have always said the railroads are ancient, they are built on top of the old canal beds.

the main thoroughfares are known for their tell-tale architecture wouldve lined canal walls. In some instances you can see where a canal has been reduced to, say, a 4 lane highway down to a 2, but you can still clearly see the old outline.

Circuit Velo du Polygone de Vincennes

Even the parks are laid out you can see the old canals and circles. what is that down there? a crooked 33 next to a 5 point star and whats the supposed to be in the corner? Make me have to put my glasses on.

Interesting, I was gathering up some like-articles to make one long post instead of several little parts and reviewing some of the fake Ancient Rome material I saw the star burst sigil in one of the early catacomb scams. This is the interior of an underground crypt staged to support early church history, and thus World his-story, and sold as genuine to the people. Later presented at the world fair there was a run of fake catacombs set up all over the world, there were several variations and included blueprint schematics.

This crypt is special because it supposedly housed the remains of the priests killed during the Paris Commune round of the French Revolution. The French Revolution is an allegory for the Reset, just like Napoleon. Here is my link on that. The martyred priests were in the Latin Quarters, I didnt find out exactly if that Star-burst is near the location, I didnt see the other image until after I made the Post, I just found it, so i’ll have to go back on G.E and find the location.

There is a clue here, the area is just a big sporting complex. The missionary school in my essay linked above used athletics as an opportunity for world leaders to gather at the same place and time without drawing unwanted attn, what could be more harmless than a squad of priest athletes? (Maybe if the were blind, nevermind.) This concept of international sporting competitions would also debut at the World Fair with a fake ancient his-story slapped on and is what you call the Olympic Games, No shit. If that hard to follow, like if you’re new to this subject and dont have a clue what Im talking about I can only suggest to start catching up with the links from above, how can you beat an opponent you cant even identify?

Damn hoss, Im glad I looked, this is another perfect example of why you always take the link. never just take my word for it bc I miss stuff. Everyone misses stuff, its impossible to get everything. The takeaway is to be able to tell what the person missed and if it was intentional; omissive lying.

The place is called Vincennes Woods, home to royalty since the 1100’s it served as the royal hunting grounds for like a thousand years and then youll never guess made it into the largest park in Paris, Napoleon has been farther sub-divided down into 3 parts. Before that it was part of the Ancient Roman forest. There is an obelisk weathervane to mark the woods along with out-of-place ruins that dont look so old. Turns out the place was home to the very first Olympics in 1900, the next would be St Louis in ’04. The park was also home to several Colonial Expo’s (Human Zoo’s that showcased fake narrative First-Nations people)

The Royal Chapel is said to have been built specifically to house the authentic crown of thorns that Jesus wore during the crucifiction. Im sure it was even on its own display case at one of the world Fairs too. No offense to Christians out there but do you see the context of the religious icons? Theyre fake Holy-Relic’s. It literally has it’s own Industrial Complex, I bet you my lunch money not only did the Crown of Thorns debut at the Worlds Fair but you can probly find there are many claims to be the real one. I have come across individual splinters that are said to be thorns taken from the Crown but this is the first Crown itself. The designer was also a member of the local pocket-pool team.

Fountains and water features are common throughout Paris in the circles where the old canals intersect. The canals from the Chinese farmers are more uniform and grid-like, with square intersections, Paris isnt like that and the circles were needed if 8 or 10 canals all come to a point you need a large open area. The fact that foundation or any water feature is echoed still today is noteworthy and to be expected. There is always a clue. The old fountains featured colored jets and plumes.

The new trees are symbolic of rewriting history; see the Tree Army post of the road-side tourist trap his-story

So yes, In my humble opinion whatever black magick sigil is etched into the ancient canal beds on Paris East-Side connects all of the above mentioned. Thats alot to process in only a few sentences, let that shit sink in bc its important. That is how the whole game is played, with places like this right here:

The Triumphal Arch is the center of this circle, each one has something important. To the far right wouldve been a series of aquaducts

Mémorial du Mont-Valérien, Top Secret Starfort

Google Earth really puts forth the extra effort to try and hide a Starfort on the outskirts of the city, One-half miles at its widest point. There is an observation deck overlooking the city, it would make sense a fortification would be on the highest point. The helipad would indicate its still a military venue

Under ground canal at the Bastille

Still available for an afternoon joyride today you can take the St Martin canal that still runs under the site of the Bastille. This is a hi-energy spot that has come up both in my Starforts post and the French Revolution cover story for the Reset. You can see the tiny sliver of water inside the old bed of the ancient canal, it breaks off directly from the Seine and goes under and the over a mile later it comes back out. Napoleon is credited with having engineers design this too, Napoleon never existed. He was invented to explain away out-of-place artifacts and things that dont fit in the timeline, redefining borders… Look at the deep cuts of the grid, soft curves and straight shots, it has a very fluidic feel because they are the Pre-Reset canal systems

This is the spot where the St Martin deadends. Another canal with a new name and new background picks up immediately. Its the same one, do I look fucking retarded to you?. The spot at the junction is the Battle of Stalingrad bar. Because thats what we do at all our celebrated battlegrounds, we turn them into bars. Stalingrad was a ruined city way before WW2, the war was held in order to give explanation.

Catacombs and above ground crypts

This explains why the famous cemetery where all the agent artists get ‘buried’. Theres that story called the Great Stink that said Paris just got fulled up with dead people so they dug up centuries worth of bodies, cleaned them up, and stacked them in either one of the two places, the go hand in hand. Well there cant be any cemeteries if there aint no ground, did you ever think about that, what about that?.

Likewise if the canals were filled in they could’ve been tunneled like Swiss cheese and most likely were.

Place of Nations

This is the freaky part.

The sun burst capstone of the pyramid, laid out right in front… But wait, whats that in the center?
Its a pentagram in the sunburst… GTFOH, And the name of the thing is Place of Nations. Mega creepy right? How many ways can you say Satanic New World Order?

A lot of sun burst symbolism, alot of triangle and pyramids also.

In the first pick you can see the Bastille at the mid-bottom. The brown smear to the right is the rail road depot. The Railroad has a fluidic nature as well. The railroad is built on the old canals. I think this change in technology is one of the very first changes in paradigm. The machine. Its been downhill ever since.

The canals were filled in to accommodate the new tech. Image 3 clearly shows a still functioning canal of today that ‘S’s along the full length. Zoom in and there is minimal distuinction between the canal today and the canal beds from the Pre-Reset world, just that one still has water.

Champ de Mars

The closer to the trunk line you get the more prestigegous the buildings get. There isnt really a center so much as proximity to the Seine; right there in the lead is the Champ de Mars, site of the first worlds fair. The Effiel Tower is here too, you can see the canal wouldve carried you right under the tower. A buddy brought up Atlantis randomly the other day. While of course it isnt real because his-story remembers it from some fake guy, however they do keep echos of stuff in modern circulation. Atlantis, from the descriptions I vaguely remember read like Paris, Im not saying it it but the concentric circle thing could be a tell. Paris is the preimere example but other potential cities could be philly and DC. Ive always thought Manhatten could be a man-made island. Chicago has a river that cuts right through it also.
While we’re on Paris and the Eiffel Tower I thought it would be a good place to throw in my old pic of ‘construction’, never mind the professional pocket-pool player standing midframe. A canal ride wouldve taken you directly underneath the ancient structure.

Click to expand

Man-Made Mill Island

And look at this from Lawrence Massachusetts, the industrial capital Mill Island. This is what first drew me attn, it is admitted that this is a man made island, done by some made-up company that bever existed however but the building complexes looked like those of Paris, I originally came looking for the buildings and found the canals instead.

The park here has a sigil in it as well. I may have made the worst coloring attempt ever to try to highlight it in case you dont see the vector symbol with another inverted vector symbol on top in a crude circle. This might seem kind of thin to some people that are new to the material, let this be a lesson. It is rarely ever going to be a perfect fit, there is always going to be something to throw it off, thats how the spell works. That is double vector sigil.

This is Mill Island, even though its admitted to be a man-made island people still dont believe it, how are they gonna accept Paris or possibly Chicago was a canalized city. The prestigious cities of Europe should be checked as well

The bottom series of images was made to give the illusion of gradual development. Its an illusion. There was no development, there was a Reset and Repopulation. Secondly, these are drawn by a Hoffbauer, play on Hoffman, totally spook family multi-generational agents.


Underground canals at the Bastille.

Damage is supposedly done during the Paris Commune but thats what they always say

The plan was scrapped in favor of the July Column


Alton, IL

Found under someones house


Louvre Decorations

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