“Native Americans are Fake” Thread.

*All the fake history and political correctness aside I do realize certain derogatory terms cause unintentional harm. I only want to acknowledge this and say there is no disrespect intended.

Fake Gold Rush and Land Lotto to Redefine Borders and jurisdiction

Before the Trail of Tears there was the Territory which the military main job was to keep people out of. Legislation was enacted and the penalty for trespassing on Indian Territory was mandatory 4 yrs hard labor, meanwhile the military is supposedly clearing roads and building infrastructure. the westward expansion of GA happened in small, deliberate increments, each time there line moved the ‘Indians’ were supposedly right on the other side waiting to rape the women and scalp the children. The Indian myth was meant to keep people from wandering into restricted areas that were yet ready for repopulation. Much of the old pre-reset buildings and architecture was destroyed during the Civil War, Especially Sherman’s March to the Sea.

Finally when they are ready to repopulate the South in 1829 they have a manufactured ‘Gold Rush’, much like in Cali 20 years later for the same reason, at this point they have to do something to explain away the Indians which were never there to begin with, just another media generated boogyman. So the gov draws up some official legislation which cleans up the presence of Indians real nice, well not for the Indians.

There is even a land lotto which distributed land that was once in the I.T. (Indian Territory) to entice people to relocate. Im sure there was no gold and if there was the property doled out was not randomly selected. The Colonial America myth was mainly about land grabs. Titles, deeds, Wills, contracts, all fabricated Binding-Ritual contracts. The whole human race is governed by contracts that are hundreds of years old and were nothing but stage props to begin with, *check Magna Carta. This explains how prominent members of society got their start.

The only thing constant was a military presence. That’s bc the military was keeping the early settlers contained. The media blasted reports of ‘savage’ murders to keep the fear of the potential threat instilled like they always do and always have. The whole time the population is kept from entering territory the military is cutting roads and building the infrastructure. The Big Dig”. This could be a good way to explain how certain structures could have existed before the outside population was allowed in, they were digging out, the Big Dig. There are reports of entire ghost towns that built up around gold mines and old military post built for the Removal and then abandoned, same thing we see out west, if there was no gold rush or Indians but a preexisting town and some feral survivors that would seem more likely. The military just went in and repaired whatever they could or had to just enough to start letting the people in (repopulation), the whole time before-hand everyone was kept out under threat of Indians, plus legislation that declared mandatory minimum 4 years hard labor. Then when everything’s about ready they have a gold rush, the papers that were just fear mongering people to stay away are now urging them to jump in with everything they have. There’s even a land lotto hosted by the state drummed up to dismiss how certain people got choice locations.  

All of a sudden land that was once off- limits and could get you 4 yrs on the chain gang was being handed out for free by the Govt with the promise of gold. It wouldn’t be hard to fake the gold rush. There was a first gold rush to repopulate NC in 1804, this was the story of the 17 pound nugget used as a doorstop for years before somebody noticed it and paid $3.50 for it. Then the GA rush to expand the jurisdiction a little bit further, these two were a practice run and build-up to the big one of ’49 which repopulated all the way to the West Coast.

There weren’t many people settled here at the time, you cant believe census numbers, when real people started showing up is when the sensationalized media accounts start to taper off

While I know there were no Pre-Colombian Indian tribes I also think there were survivors of the Great Reset event. who knows how long before the Reset and Repopulation. There were also pre repopulation manufactering towns. The whole Appalachia all the way up into Canada had people preparing. the Jamestown settlement was one example of a setteled area before people started showing up, the abandoned settlement was scripted to explainaway any development left over, the attack by the savage Indains only played into the narrative, Harpers Ferry was another manufacturing town going back to prehistory. the Appalachin Trail is an ancient footpath going from GA all the way to Maine but Im sure at this early point it went even farther in Canada and the modern A.T. cut it off near the border as an attempt to compartmentalize everything… cuz thats what borders do, just ask the map makers from the Morse tribe, Resetter partners of the McKenna’s. The Trail of Tears was similar to the AT as well, an ancient footpath headed west instead of north but the concept is the same.

The T.o.T. is a good clean way, however unpleasant, of explaining away any presence of native peoples in the area. It is an unfortunate part of the narrative that must be addressed, similarly we see this with the Australian Aboriginals as well, more accurately the lack of them. If this was really a pristine environment closed to outsiders since the Ice Age one would expect to see huge populations and developed cultures but we don’t see that so the only real explanation that makes since in the colonial narrative is the cultures were wiped out by the colonists. Elaborate and heart-wrenching stories are inserted in his-story books to dismiss the lack of indigenous people but in reality, there were none.  

Historians dismiss weak spots in their story by explaining away lack of physical evidence, such as the removal of military posts, incomplete narratives, incorrect dates, numbers and locations, misstated names and the confused between federal troops and state militia. (There was no difference, only compartmentalization) to simply bad record keeping. I think the answer is the outline of the narrative was written first and the gaps were filled in later. The government’s position was never clear; sometimes they were protecting the Indians, sometimes they were rounding them up for departure.  

Prez John Q Adams supported Indian autonomy, in 1826 the state of GA asked for a removal treaty. In 1828 A. Jackson was elected, a supporter of removal. 

May 28th 1830, Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act as part of a bigger plan of annexing Native land for the westward expansion. It would be 8 years until the alleged round-up and march took place. Thousands of mostly Cherokee nations. were marched across the south to new reservations. A section of railway in AL seems to have been built for the purpose of moving them through this territory swiftly, one of our subjects in another thread is said to have been the train operator.  

Thomas McKenney, first Indian Commissioner

One of the spookiest Reset families out there are the McKenna’s, and variations thereof. The clan is involved with many psychological warfare operations from the firt officer of the fake Indian office of the Dept of War, to the counterculture revolution of the hippy days. Mckenney traveled around the country and wrote descriptive books about their customs and cataloged tribes and was a portrait painter for the War Dept. These books were the foundation for the narrative for the next 200 years.

Thomas L. McKenney is the one responsible for inventing the Hollywood imagry of the Indian rain-dance, he worked for the govt Indian Department and published a descriptive book about several tribes. The stereotype drunken drum circles with mostly naked painted bodies, chanting and two-stepping. The Phoenix backed it up. Of course they would print it, it’s why the paper was produced.  They admit in the archives the papers are taken as historical documents whose authenticity is unquestionable. 

The headlines that proclaimed the ‘Atrocity of Injustice’ and ran the story about a lotto winner that showed up at his new property and killed the native family that had been cultivating the land forever… wait for it… The Cherokee Phoenix. Who else? The media rag is also a mouthpiece for the National Council and one the front page of the same paper we see establishing other stereotypes of Indians gambling and drinking, which the Council puts a ban on, over reach. This is the second occurance of a fake newspaper printing multiple threads on the same fake doc, like in the Lexington Concorde papers from the supposed Revolution there is inserted slavery, here there is inserted drunk Indian and gaming stereotypes. This is the role of the Phoenix. So far I think it was a real paper in print at the time but the contents were completely fake and it had the appearance of being for the natives but it was for the settlers the whole time, they had no clue the contents where fake and just saw the atrocious headlines and drunken Indians, just like today we see images in the news about a fake war in Ukraine and the savage Russian potential threat, people eat that shit up. They were writing the false narrative and nobody even knew, sound familiar? 

*See also, Canton Indian Insane Asylum South Dakota 

Sequoyla is credited with developing the Cherokee language which he taught along the Trail of Tears to the other native. This is the first and only surviving pic. Portraits were done by the War Dept bc they were psychological warfare on the people, not bc they were in a war with ‘Indians’. Sequoyia’s dress appears more like the Indians of India and not like the associated imagary of Native Americans at the end of the 1800’s, which script writers would have a century to develop elaborate costumes and customs. Sequoyia also started the first newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix

This pic is the only original portrait of the Indian delegates the War Department painted their portraits. War dept of the psychological warfare involving fake Indian wars. a two-fer. The collection was lost in a fire at the Smithsonian and when this resurfaced it became the only one. That story means either the portrait is a fake or the collection wasn’t lost and McKenna released one, bc that’s what they do. It’s possible there was no collection. All they needed was one or two for the papers and the rest were all fiction with the script being known in advance they were gonna be lost in a fire. or stolen or lost, that kinda thing. It also appears that at this early in the game the image of the American Indian hadn’t been fully developed, look at the head dress and clothing. Not something you’d expect to see a pre-Colombian Native to be wearing huh? Tommy McKenny was responsible for creating. Or at least introducing the modern Cherokee alphabet. (This would be the work of the elocutionists such as Alexander Melville Bell at such places like Edinburgh.) There was a Halfbreed named Sequoyah that supposedly spent a lot of time with McKenny as he published books about different tribes and accompanying portraits. Sequoyah supposedly taught this umbrella language to fleeing Indians on the trail along with printing a bible and the newspaper. To me this character may have or have not even existed it doesn’t matter, he was just a vehicle for the: language. These were all the Ferals being corralled west to the reeducation camps and manual schools. Notice the way the language was inserted was via newspaper and religion. Religion and media were both intended from the start as a domestication tool.  

McKenna was six years Superintendent of Indian Trade, hmm, wonder how much wealth could be generated from that position, Im thinking of all the Indian Trading Posts being owned like a kwik-e-mart chain, especially considering all the funds for supposedly compensating the Cherokee for their property and belongings. Appointed by Prez Monroe first director of Office of Indian Affairs. 

For details about the official governing body of the Cherokee people and bios of the early leaders see Fake Indians Part 2

Sequoyah would write the Cherokee constitution, published only after a few editions of the Phoenix were printed, it was the first book printed in the Cherokee language. Elias Boudinot would translate the work and used special type imported from Boston. So this is more circumstantial evidence Sequoyah didn’t exist either. He was an apparition spook authors would attach his name to make it appear authentic. That’s why his portrait was the only one to survive, only to hold up the illusion that he ever existed in the first place. Native bibles were a heavy tool too. Dating as far back as the 1600’s the Algonquin bible was the largest book printed in America at the time, who could ever challenge such a document? The bible was conceived and completed by the Rev. John Eliot (1604-1690) as one facet of his mission to the Massachusetts Bay Indians, funded by the Corporation for the Promoting and Propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England. The inclusion of a religious front to serve as a way to deal with the Native Question is used repeatedly by the scriptwriters. (see Samuel Worcester and the ABCFM and institutes such as the Oak Ridge Mission in Oklahoma for those that made it all the way to the end of the Trail.) Translation of the bible was done mainly by Eliot himself with assistance from a Job Nesutan at Harvard’s Indian College. Link here for further research. In 1825 the Cherokee capital was established in New Echota by the National Counsil and the constitution was written in ’27. So within 2 years they did all that? It would make more sense to me this was scripted to look like an organic series of events that played out naturally. The egos of these people. 

Sequoya’s letter system was called ‘Talking Leaves’. He worked at a salt mine in Arkansas. Was befriended and taught by Charles Hicks. Fought in the battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814 during the Creek War. Most of the people in his-story narrative participated in the fight. Must look for significance. 

McKenney’s first official duty was to secure a treaty for mineral rights from the Chippawa Nation. There was no tribe, there were no minerals. This is a disguise for usurping jurisdiction, land grabbing pirates. 

The earlier 1804 NC gold rush I think was just media fiction. It was foreshadowing. If a fake gold rush had been planned from the beginning it would make sense to insert a story in the recent past in approximate location. Just long enough so that it would only be a generation or two away. As far as location goes the repopulation started north and worked its way down. GA was the last to see settlement, nobody wanted to go there plus the fake Indian scare, something had to happen to spur settlement. It’s a mass-migration event. This also fits the profile of the 49’ gold rush to spur development out west. 

One town by the name of Ellijay is featured frequently in the narrative, it was named in 4 different locations on the map in four different government documents going back to Indian census in 1721. Here we find another character that played the controlled opposition resistance leader which the military decided to make an example of, the Halfbreed Indian by the name of White Path (for real) 

Dawes Act

Dawes Act Image

The Dawes Act of 1887 (also known as the General Allotment Act or the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887),[1][2] authorized the President of the United States to survey Native American tribal land and divide it into allotments for individual Native Americans. Those who accepted allotments and lived separately from the tribe would be granted United States citizenship. The Dawes Act was amended in 1891, in 1898 by the Curtis Act, and again in 1906 by the Burke Act.

Elias Boudinot 

Elias was born around 1803 to Oowatie, his little bro was Stand Watie, both brothers were conditioned since childhood at the Moravian Mission called Springplace, at the James Vann plantation. Born with varying Indian names like Buck, Elias Boudinot supposedly was a mixed-race Cherokee was born into a wealthy family in New Echota GA, one of 8 children that got his namesake from a member of the Continental Congress that sponsored him to go to missionary school Foreign Mission School (they even call it a mission, as in war games). Buck met Elias at a meeting including Thomas Jefferson, no mention of what the meeting was about but any mention of a fictional forefather outs everyone in the cast. He’s already busted for being connected to a fictitious historical icon, Elias Boudinot was a compatriot of Washington’s that met Buck when he was 18 and sponsored Bucks training in Connecticut in 1818. (Well all the number markers are hit right out the gate.). His fake political connections aside Buck Boudinot is busted for attending this school. It’s a mission alright. The mission of creating a new false reality for a whole world.  the Foreign Mission School, a place set up in Connecticut by the spooks at Williams College to train people to travel to native territories and convince the tribes to acculturate to Western civilization.  

Elias also attended the Andover Seminary School, both schools were helped established by Morse. Boudinot was a lead figure in establishing the Cherokee newspaper the Phoenix and helped set up hospitals and schools in Indian Territory. 

In 1827 he was named clerk of the Cherokee National Council, the problem they were facing was the loss of their ancestral land, the Council resolved that any persons found to be helping the land grab would be executed, this would come back to haunt many signers of the New Echota Treaty of 1835, which sold out the Nation for property west of the Mississippi. None of the signers had authority to do so and Elias was stabbed and tomahawked by opposing political faction on June 22, 1839.  

Boudinot and his family were among the first to resettle in the new territory and along the way reconnected with Sammy Worcester, the spook missionary with the printing press that was in jail for living with the Indians since the early days. The two would go on to print 13 million pages including religious, school, and children’s books. The printing press was set up at Union Mission in ‘35, producing the first book published in Oklahoma, Worcester established a mission of his own name in ‘36 at Park Hill, where Boudinot was buried following his assassination. 

The son of Buck and Harriet was Elias C. Boudinot who would follow the tradition of generational spook projects and become involved with politics after the Civil War along with children from the original cast. Young Elias was placed on the Confederate Congress. 

  • *See Also; Reset elder Jedadiah Morse founder of FMS and Andover Seminary. 
  • *Moravian history starts in 1800 
  • *Elias Boudinot, the Am Rev war hero, president of American Bible Society, which printed the Cherokee Bible designed by Boudinot the fake Indian 
This is supposed to be a picture? WFT wrong with her neck?

While attending the mission training school in Cornwall (much of the Cornwall stuff online makes the town seem snooty) , him and his cousin John Ridge would both go on too marry white women, causing quite a stir that two interracial marriages in one year. Harriet Gold 1804-1836 was from a politically affluent New England family of Yale grads. Geni has her line going back to one of the 19 signers of the petition to King Charles II to make Connecticut a state; they also marry into the Clarks, that started Rhode Island. Her father was the steward and brother were founding members of the FMS and her two sisters married into the project as well. Is this supposed to be a photo? Looks like someone took a picture of a painting and pasted it on a body, or maybe visa-versa. There’s so much going on here I’m just not even gonna start, you got eyes.    Cousin John married Sarah Bird Northrup. It’s always worth noting when someone doesn’t have a Ministry of truth-wiki page. Northrups of the military industrial complex belong here in this setting. Also there is a Charles Bird fake-Indian portrait painter for the War Dept, these families work on projects together for generations. Northrups scripted history also puts her ancestor as one of the founding families in Conn and connects her to the Clarkes as well.  

  • *See Also: Mound, Oklahoma founding and First Presbyterian Church of the Mound, Sarahs’ sister Eliza founder of both ‘mound’ references.  

Harriet Gold Boudinot is said to have died and buried at the New Echota cemetery which is a historic landmark. Some estimates put the number of graves at 300; there are only 3 markers. One for Harriet, one for an alleged daughter of Samuel Worcester that died at birth, and the third is the legendary Cherokee warrior, King Pathkiller. These are the only three markers bc there are no graves. These are stage props set up to support a false narrative. Sarah Northrup moved on to OK as part of the ToT and her house is an unofficial stop along the way. *Check for mission at the Ridge place in OK 

If these family trees were real it would mean their family spook associations would go back to the 1630’s. (The early a family line is back in America the more power and prestige that family claims, the best go to the 1630’s, the only bester one is on the Mayflowers itself.) This means the episode of them turning the whole town upside down with two interracial marriages in one year was all scripted. True, we already knew it was but this connects it over again. Another red flag is the American Eagle newspaper that pushed the marriages, its racism through the media. Racism has always been a manipulation tool. Reports say the town torched the missionary school in response to the incidents. 

The Mission School was closed later the same year, as in Elias was the mission and once they started phase 2 there was no need for the school anymore. Media reports of the time say the school was burned down by the locals after inflammatory editorials published by the MSM. This is an example of race baiting through the media going back to the very beginning. What a great backdrop for a media generated psy-op, the ancestor to modern racist scripted events all around us today. The newspapers are housed at the…wait for it…American Antiquarian Society located in Worcester, MA. This is a federal repository, that means Worcester is the de-facto authority and anything the Library of Congress gets its grubby little hands on goes to Worcester. They give it a fancy old-timey name, the Antiquarian Society, but the Worcester Complex goes deep into psychological warfare, that’s why all the Indian and Colonial newspapers are housed here. Not books and not at the Library of Congress they fall into their own category which is psychological warfare on a world stage, that’s why its housed at the Worcester Complex. 

Interestingly, but not surprizing is the authoritative book written about Cherokee slave owners was written by a Halliburton, of the war machine along with Northrup herself, Halliburton writes that John Ridge and his bride were carried off in a carriage driven by a negro and four white horses. Most of the leaders of the Cherokee were slave owners and lived in mansions and ate on fine china. 

The case involving Worcester and GA the Supreme Court determined Georgia did not have jurisdiction or authority to evict Indians from their ancestral lands but Georgia did not acknowledge their decision and kept up the removal. This behavior is what led to the delegation to DC to ask for Federal military intervention. What they got instead was Prez Jackson’s terms for voluntary removal, The New Echota Treaty. This delegate and those similar are the portraits painted by the War Dept. Meaning they are fake 

Sec of War Lewis Cass presented terms which included was a condition which allowed a small number of Cherokee leaders as long as they submitted to State authority 

John Ridge

John Ridge

John Ridge was interpreter and clerk for the Cherokee National Council which gave him the opportunity to travel to DC on numerous occasions and in 1832 traveled as part of a delegation to DC to meet with Prez Jackson to discuss military intervention. Patriarch Ridge, his Cherokee name translates into ’mountain-top walker’ and he was given the name Ridge in the army, was a war leader along side Jackson during the War of 1812, including Battle of Creek Red Sticks and 1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Jackson awarded him the title Major, which he used for the rest of his life. Interesting the concept of choosing name given during military engagements as an honor, similar to Viking custom which more and more researchers are coming to the realization the Viking history is complete fabricated as well. By 1828 the Ridges were living in a two-story white clapboard mansion and controlled the ferry and owned slaves. Yes the Indians were slave owners. Major Ridge was part of a contingent known as the Cherokee Triumvirate which was an elite political group of halfbreeds which identified as Cherokee. The family before this had names like Deer Clan and Wild potato clan. This portrait above was painted by Charles Bird, kin to Sarah Northrup that would be so central to the normie history. 

The Treaty Party or Ridge Band of Cherokees was formed in 1834 and instantly recognized as an authority by the US govt for the Cherokee Nation. This party was made up of the affluent halfbreeds that wanted to take the buy-out. The Cherokee Triumvirate. The justification to their people was the only way to preserve themselves was to leave, so we might as well leave voluntarily. 

These are the people that signed the New Echota Treaty. They had no authority. This goes several layers deep since there was not even a real people, the Cherokee only existed in newspapers and govt docs, but even if there was a Cherokee people this group are outsiders within their own people. Major Ridge was invented to drum up support from old time Cherokees that trusted the old warrior, once he switched his position to the Ridge team the rest of the population was expected to follow.


John Ridge home

John Ridge home ”Running Waters” was very much a modern contemporary elegant plantation home, complete with 21 slaves, orchard, and ferry service. In 1828 this is what the house looked like. I put forth that major Ridge was fictional character used to explain the background and prestige of John Ridge. There are differing accounts of exactly how ’mixed’ john actually was but even from the most pro-Indian sources it was very little percentage, meaning he was white. The fake portrait of Major was overseen by McKenna in the War Dept, giving the appearance of authenticity. 

John Ross 

John Ross was the supposed Tribal leader from 1828 to 1866. Most of the real history begins at 1828, this is the same year the Ridge home was ‘completed’. Ross was the traditional full blood Indian though even he was known to be of only 1/8 Cherokee by the ‘blood quantum’ system that measured blood-ness heredity. 

Described as the “Moses of his people” by McKenney, leading them through their own version of exodus called the Trail of Tears. 

Ross was appointed US Indian Agent in 1811, in the war of 1812 he served with Prez Jackson in the Red Stick Wars… This is the same battle Major Ridge gained favor. After the war Ross would settle in Tennessee. This explains why the Cherokee capital moves from New Echota GA to Red Clay TN. This also explains where the capital is to the settlers that come in after the removal has started, there has to be a capital for the opposition which used to be where now they had a land lotto so they just moved it. Not that it was a thing to begin with but for the his-story books sake. Ross had a 170 acre tobacco farm including 20 slaves and was one of the founders of Chattanooga, originally called Ross’s Landing, founded in 1816. That’s the same time he was supposedly in DC and at a young age. The Normie timeline fucked up the continuity on this one. 

John Ross also operated a ferry from the Cherokee nation to the USA. Near Chattanooga. The similarities are many including the ferry operation. This could be a way to explain any pre-repopulation devices or populated or maintained areas. Check also the Harpers Ferry O.G. ferryman and possible ties to Harpers Weekly. 

The story goes that Ross first went to DC in 1816 bc he was bi-lingual and despite his young age was chief negotiator. When he returned home to Indian Territory he was elected to the National Council. The following year he became Prez of the Council. The Council members all shared similar traits; rich, English-speaking, western educated and mixed blood. shared tribal responsibilities with Major Ridge. His first action was to refuse an offer to move out by the feds.  

Ross led the National Party That opposed the Treaty Party and positioned that no buy-out would be acceptable. His-story says he attempted to stabilize the Council after the relocation to OK but the ever-divisive issue of slavery came between the nation. The traditionalist Ross believe participation in the ‘white-mans war’ would be disastrous to the tribe. Eventually he changed his position and signed a treaty with the Confederacy. Ross fled to union held Kansas leaving Stand-Watie in charge. After the Rebels lost the war Ross returned to Indian Territory and picked up the role as Chief. Stand-Watie was the last Confederate general to surrender after Lee surrendered. Ross went to DC again to renegotiate a new peace treaty where he died in 1866. Don’t think he was all on the good side, there is no good side with these people, he 

  • *See Also, Red Stick War; veterans thereof 

The Cherokee Civil War 

I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is the only time in history I believe these political leaders were truly assassinated. Not a single time I ever seen a celebrity historic figure that really were killed. They always fake it… to retire, reassignment… who cares. Details are… i dont wanna say trivial… I mean when you finally wake up to the fact every single thing is a lie of some sort and instinctively dont even question it bc you already know. You can argue if so-and-so did this and that but its a distraction. Some fake truthers will spend so much time focusing on the details bc its just chatter and they can ramble on and on without saying anything. If you need to prove it to yourself a few times in the beginning I get it. but dont get to caught up in the details. Im saying dont waste energy trying to determine if something WAS a lie Im telling you right now after years and years of borderline obsessive research its all fake. People like Crrow777 and fake truth guru agent miles mathis like to pretend we live in a solid world with the occasional false flag. Everything is bullshit bc the key point is history. I am right. the details on my pages might be wrong, te year or location but it so big even if i get a detail here and there wrong Im still right about everything else.The important parts are the connections No good fake death is ever wasted. A political assassination at that. I really believe he answered a knock at the door and got the tomahawk stuck in his skull a few times. They all did. I dont know if its my place to say they deserved it or not. They seen it coming, hell they did it themselves although I do not believe the first acct was authentic, they still knew the rules… You’ll see what I mean

In July 35 the Treaty Party member John Walker Jr. (Walker as in George W.) along with several other party members were assassinated. Walkers Ancestry page tells us there are 3 men by that name and are mistakenly used interchangeably, two are father and son. This leads us to John ‘Chief Jack’ Walker murdered after a Council meeting in Red Clay. Red Clay is a prominent staging area for the Eastern Cherokee campaign. Here we find an old news clipping: Cherokee Indian James Foreman was tried for killing Walker in McMinn County, a celebrity case in early TN. Anything dubbed ‘celebrity’ means scripted. His father, Major John Walker, also fought under Jackson in the Creek Horseshoe Bend Wars and was given the tract of land that the town of Calhoun was laid out on. It seems all these O.G. Indians fought for Jackson. I guess that’s supposed to mean they are on our side. At a basic level the scriptwriters can use this to prove obedience and loyalty. Don’t forget the land grab. 

The case made it all the way to the Supreme Court (another giveaway) which the paper clipping repetitiously reminds us the scotus took the pains to show legal documentation the land title of Tennessee traces all the way back to the Pope. Lol, gtfoh. I told you that’s what the whole thing is all about. It wasn’t just a sense of patriotism that made the Scotus document the title history on record. Nor was it coincidence the paper brought it back up, keeping it fresh. The *global population is kept enslaved by binding-ritual contract spellcraft. That’s what a title, deed and will are. 

The defense was that the murder took place in Indian Territory therefore U.S. had no jurisdiction. This is a common media manipulation tactic used to make people demand more jurisdiction, in the name of justice. The National Council used the event to scam a sizable amount of money for their defense but there would be no trial as the Removal Act swept everyone out. I guess that means Ross gave the money back, right? 

Foreman was released and reportedly had a role in more political assassinations before he was murdered himself. What they don’t tell you is Foreman was the sheriff of the I.T., if anyone could pull off a hit or a false flag it would be him. He was also commander of the Light Horse Company (check…Light horse first comes up in the American Revolution associated with a Rutherford; also, near-simultaneously in Australia and India, both with their own Native question. Its recycled material, this light horse. The whole chapter is a poorly scripted theater. Joseph Foreman was also a signer of the New Echota Treaty… he’s killing members of his own faction now? Major Ridge was also a commander of the Light Horse Company according to his daughter’s letter to the newspapers. I told you it is recycled material’ the scriptwriters are lazy. Not only that but Major Ridge along with Charles Hicks, both signers of the Echota Treaty, performed a political killing years before. Chief Doublehead made personal deals giving up ancestral land which the punishment is death. John Ridge is supposedly the one who wrote the law. 

Funny you should mention theater, Walker died on Sept 11, the next day Ross wrote to Ridge about the incident while a petition was passed around asking the impeachment of Ridge. He was found guilty of dishonoring the land of his fathers and forced to leave. This would lead to the break-away sect of pro removers that would sign the New Echota Treaty without authorization. Foreman would go on to be murdered by Stand Watie, brother of Elias Boudinot, in a grocery store in 1842. Watie was acquitted of murder by a lawyer named David Walker. Yep, Watie killed the killer of a Walker and then was acquitted of the revenge-murder by another Walker. 

 In 1839 a band of 25 Ross faction soldiers set up a raid which assassinated John Ridge, Major Ridge and Elias Boudinot in retaliation for signing the New Echota Treaty. In 1845 Waties other brother was murdered. Watie would get some satisfaction burning the new tribal building and Ross’s home during the war in 1863 

Reports say he was the last confederate general to surrender and the most highly decorated officer of his rank Brigadier General. He fought against the 1st Kansas negro infantry and captured the Steamship Williams. In March 1862 he led Battle of Pea Ridge for Freemason guru Albert Pike. Pike was the Indian Commissioner for the Confederacy. Pike commanded 800 Cherokee which would later tarnish his name as he was charged with Inciting Indian atrocities against Federal dead and injured, even after his death he is being whitewashed by modern writers. Arguments over how many people were scalped and some mercy killings. 

Nobody has personal ties with Albert Pike and no skeletons. Watie was a leader in Pikes Special Interest project called the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret group of guerilla warfare mercenaries dedicated to opening up parts of Mexico for the slave trade. The war record appears the were a band of pirates, their high marks are taking over the steamship and a wagon train. Pike would help Watie be initiated as a 32nd deg Freemason. By their own words Indians could not join the lodge. Maybe the Prince Hall lodge. Maybe that is why he made it too the 32nd deg but not the 33rd.  

 KGC is associated with Lincolns assassination, not only that but in particular an incident involving Allen Pinkerton is credited with thwarting a kidnapping so the KGC could install Breckinridge as Prez. these events are historical fiction and bc for the most part the fake events are grouped with the fake people. This plus their cameo in a Disney Hollywood production leads me to believe the group only existed in name only, the contemporary media created the boogeyman, and as in the case of Pinkerton they create the savior too and have a whole series of proxy cat and mouse chases. Furthermore the account of the plot to kidnap Lincoln and a detailed acct of the initiation ritual was printed in the diary of John Surrat after the fact, this suggest it was scripted later. The Knights of the Golden Circle, the Surrat conspirator, Allen Pinkerton, Lincoln… All of it scripted narrative fiction. The other branch of the KGC was the Quantrell and James gang, this suggests the raids were domestic terrorism and false flags 

 These plans are not secret to the Inheritor class and there was no resistance. The line between power struggles within the factions is up for debate but this was never revealed to the Orphan Immigrants. The army head an investigation and published a report so long it ensured nobody would ever read it. In 1864 they would reorganize themselves as the Sons of Liberty, this is another cover name that only exists in the media, ever since the Stamp Act around the Am Rev, organizing the Boston Tea Party and the Committee of Safety coined the term No Taxation Without Representation. There is also a Hollywood series called the Sons of Liberty, they never existed so heres another example of how they try not to mix the paint between the phantoms and flesh and bone. 

Stand Watie 

Stand Watie is important enough to get him an obelisk, bronze Templar cross, and a stamp

Educated by Moravian Mission in Springplace at the Vann Plantation. The Moravian connect him to the Bohemians. This suggests he was groomed since childhood for his role. Perhaps also why his relatives that went to the fancy-pants college and married rich white girls were all murdered once their role was over. Sacrifices maybe. The rest of the Family was also being trained by the Missionaries in the north, this was an intel network which coordinated with all points internationally. There was even mention of the Moravian Mission in the Boston newspapers, so they were connected in more ways than one. 

Stand was chosen as part of another delegation, this time in 1866 for the reason is post-civil war politics. Other members include John Ridge, Saladin Watie, Elias Boudinot, children of the original Cherokee delegation. Shoulda seen that one coming 

Watie married into the Bell clan, Sarah Caroline Bell. On the Treaty of Echota there are 2 other Bells listed on the Treaty of Echota doc, S.W. Bell and John A. Bell. John Bell is Stands brother-in-law. Schermerhorn is representative of the Feds. John is Committee of Indian Affairs (C.I.A.). Stand also was married to a Hicks, another name frequently seen. J. Bell was head of the Committee of Indian Affairs in 1830, meaning he chaired the meetings that introduced the Indian Removal Act, I think this would be some kind of conflict of interest or something. 

Excerpt from a letter from John Adair Bell and Stand Watie to the Arkansas Gazette on the murders of the Ridges and Boudinot: 

On Saturday of the same week, it being the 22d of June, a party of 20 to 25 Indians proceeded to the house of John Ridge, on Honey creek, in the north part of the Cherokee nation, and having surrounded the house with their rifles, three of them forced his doors, drew him from his bed amidst the screams of his wife and children, and having given him 25 stabs in his body, left him dead n his yard.  Maj. Ridge had started on the previous day, to Vineyard, in Washington county, Arkansas.  He stayed on Friday night at the house of Mr. Ambrose Harnage, forty miles south of his son’s residence.  He was waylaid about 10 o’clock on the same morning, by a party of Indians, five miles west of Cane-hill, and shot from a high precipice which commanded the road.  It is reported that about 10 or 12 guns were fired at him; only five rifle balls, however, penetrated his body and head.  Thus was the aged chief murdered from am ambush, without knowing the dastardly hands who sought his life.  The murder occurred in Washington county.  About the same hour, four Indians came to Mr. Boudinot, and after a friendly salutation, asked Mr. Boudinot to walk from where his hands were at work, and give them some medicine.  Mr. B. who was ever found foremost in acts of charity, obeyed the summons.  Shortly after he left the workmen he was struck by these Indians in the back and head, and brought to the earth, with tomahawks, and then stabbed several times in the back with a Bowie knife.  These are the circumstances attending the deaths of these individuals. 

Be wary of anyone you see on a stamp. Stamps go up there with bronze statues.

  • *See Also:
  • John Payne- wrote Home, Sweet Home. Linked to Thomas Payne and the Quakers 
  • William Wirt-Lawyer for 2 Cherokee cases at the supreme court, including the Worcester case. Former Freemason chosen as anti-mason nominee for election 1832. Lawyer against Aaron Burr in his trial for treason in 1807 

Add Parsons to the list of families involved with the Indian psy-op. Indian portrait painters commissioned by the War Dept. Francis was a director and treasurer of the Society of Artists, fore-bearer to the Royal Arts Society one of the many branches that would soon unite as the International Expo (World Fairs). The Society is based off the French Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture, which in turn was based off the Italian (Roman) Academia’d San Luca, whose predecessor is the Compagnia di San Luca (Luc= Lucifer). Parsons also connects to St. Martins Lane Drawing Academy, which connects to the International Expos a second time over.

Cunne Shote was part of a 3-person delegation that traveled to Britian in 1762 after a series of wars between the British and the Cherokees. The painting debuted at the Incorporated Society of Artists Spring Exhibition in 1763, it’s a thing in the art-spook underworld. Cunne Shote is the son of Cherokee folk-hero Pathkiller, brought back to England by a Timberlake for the sake of diplomacy. Timberlake connects this to the Virginia Company and the Merchant Adventurers, which connects to the City of London banksters. The Virginia Company also is responsible for bringing back Indian princess Pocahontas at a much earler time.

All these connections unraveled means some artsy-fartsy bankster cryptojews in Europe scripted the America Indian narrative. History doesnt even start till 1800, so anything before that time is a script and the people are false. Parsons invented fake ancestors to appear to have claim to birth-right status and prestige.

The Two Grave Sites of Pathkiller 

So this cat is supposed to have two resting spots. Heres the kicker, he is a fictional character so both spots are fake. One is at the New Echota Historic Cemetery there is a potential megalithic site with his name attached to it. It would be appropriate if a cemetery was built on top of a much older sacred burial site. A cemetery is supposed to hallowed or sacred ground Clearly his marker is from a later date than what’s called a table-top tomb. Pathkiller is the fabled father of Cunne Shote, Standing Turkey, the Indian featured in the painting by the proto-World Fair Art-Spook. 

Moravians , First Missionaries

-incomplete draft

They say they are over 500 yrs old. Their symbols tell us more truth than their words do. They fly the Templar flag and use the Morning Star as their sigil. This Morning Star is a connection for Jesus and Lucifer being one and the same although they don’t acknowledge that. 

They were among the first boots-on-the-ground missionaries in America along with the Jesuits. The jesuits are another potiential threat fear mongering tool, sure they exist in proxy but their works would be done whether they existed or not and many works have been attributed to him that were not their responsibility, they are the scapegoat for the profane eye. 

The jesuit missionaries were the first. America was decidedly non=catholic since the church and the state had to maintain the illusion of separation, in Europe there wasnt much to distinguish one from the other. The American fractal groups were still the same though; Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran… in Connecticut was Jedadiah Morse’ Andover Seminary and the Foreign Missionary School, the Jesuits had the original Foreign Missionary Society, their purpose was to spread the word of the church. Not even the word of god. it was the word of the church.

The Jesuit branch of the campaign for one- world religion was called the Propaganda Fide, for real, fact check me. The P. Fide was one of my favorite reports to research and write, dont want to spoil it but the founder was also a charter member of the Jesuits along with Loyola and F. Xavier, Vives was his name and he is most remembered for his role establishing a network in the Congo, the Heart of the interior.. This means they were slavers. what else would they be doing here? And not only here. the church is everywhere, in every corner of all the third-world Banana Republic country and South Pacific Island. Their sigils give them away. We know right away the open face story about saving the heathen soul is an insult to my intelligence. So what were they doing I ask again? How long do you think it took to dig out and prepare for the repopulation? 100 years? 500? More importantly, WHO do you think did all the work cleaning up, You ever seen the pics of chicago or san francisco after the fire, imagine that on a world scale? So I ask for the last time, what was they church doing in Africa? I think the Africans were here before the European repopulation.

The institution of slavery is an artifact just like railroad. It didnt come up and develop alongside population growth, it was always here as an established custom

1819 comments about the Cherokee leaders as if they are really the wild savages they are fantasized about and expresses shock at the agriculture and manufacturing developments. Moravian missionary Abraham Steiner (Roudolph Steiner) and Father Theodore Schultz in 1826. 

Indian Rights Association 

Founded by Herbert Welsh  

Congess of Indian Educators held in conjunction with the St Louis World Fair 1904. Indian Education much similar to the deafmute population. Estelle Reel- educator, modeled all indian schools after the Tuskegee Institte. Surveyed all govt Ind schools for Luepp cia director. Bureau of indian employment was responsible for sending grads to everywhere they are needed, Slave labor and Military Intelligence

Cherokees and slavery 

The claim that indians preferred the company of blacks over whites is a myth, at least to a degree. 

Anything reported before 1800 is a lie. Colonial America is a hoax. Indians are fake. Around the early 1800’s there were Inheritor class proxy Indians installed for the sake of illusion, (it’s all an illusion I.e., magick spell) This class of Indian lived no different than their white counterparts. Maybe they were ‘pets’ or maybe bastard children, they are just Inheritors, the parasite class. This includes the ownership of negro slaves.  

Back to when John Ridge escorted his Northrup wife to her new home with a four-horse chariot wearing gold trimmed britches he had a handsome black slave driver. Says so right in the newspaper. A proper investigation would include a check-up their parents. Sure there are legends about great war heros but they are all lies. It is impossible to trace the true origins of a people with a fake past. Theirs is like double fake. White people history is fake but they had to create another people with a fake history first in order to pull off the main squeeze. 

All the National Counsil members were slave owners, that’s why they fought for the Confederacy. Apologists and guilt pushers say the chiefs only picked up the custom from the white man but that not true, they were the white man. By white man I mean cryptojew inheritor. 

A series of laws were passed by the Counsil regarding the treatment and responsibility of slave and in 1824 a resolution was passed making a crime to marry negros punishable by public lashing. The act also included a resolution which prohibited negroes from owning personal property and for trading alcohol. No blacks were allowed to reside or work within the Territory without a permit from the counsil. Runaway slaves were refused safe harbor. 

James Vann, who had the Moravian school on his property had the worst reputation for slave mistreatment. Vann reportedly killed one with a pistol and burned another at the stake. Vann is representative. The church is the worst slavers. They weren’t always called that of course, they changed it for virtue-signaling and told the orphans they were the church. then the told the orphans THEY were responsible for slaves. so much so we have a proxy civil war and go blow some old-world relics to smithereens.

Division through racism has always been a tool. Im not saying slavery wasn’t a thing, of course there were slaves, the time frame and perpetrators are bullshit. African slaves were in America digging out the ghost cities before the orphan immigrants showed up.

The Moravian’s might sound like some backwoods booger-eaters but their proximity to Rome means Moravia is the Vatican’s abandoned lot out back. It was more like a country-sized private community for Jesuit priests. The missionaries were already in America helping prepare and giving the appearance of the illusion. You can read more about them here [my link]

Fake Historical docs 

Captivity by Norton 1749.  

Fake history of Indian Wars by Hoyt, first industrialist of Batavia, war-wagon manufacturer 

Samual Worcester 

There was an episode in the political ring, going up to the Supreme Court and Presidency. Prestigeous family connections, unauthorized tribal spokesmen… This was the legalese binding-contract ritual. One Supreme Court case is titled Worcester vs Georgia. Worcester is a spooky family that has an MK Ultra insane asylum named after it in Massachusetts. This should be good… Starting off, all the fraudulent historic docs like the ones above are in possession of the American Antiquarian Society, which is located in Worcester Massachusetts, Worcester as in the MK Ultra Psyicatric spook town, Of course they would be a federal repository for historic docs, its psychological warfare side project, this is its own compartment, that’s why the LOC directs traffic here 

The case is about Samuel Worcester, Worcester is one of those names like Hoffman or McKenna; just his very association gives it away. So Sammy collaborated with a Halfbreed named Elias Boudinot. They printed a paper called the Cheroke Phoenix, the first Indian newspaper. Well that’s a coincidence! 

The Ministry of Truth says that Worchester was a missionary along with 11 of his buddies they claimed to be delivering the gospel to the heathens and refused to get a permit for inhabiting Native ground. The four were arrested and sentenced to the mandatory 4 years of hard labor, all were pardoned except Worcester and one other guy. They refused the pardon with the intent of taking the case to the Supreme Court. This tells us right away the case is bogus. Whatever Sammy was doing doesn’t matter but what he wasn’t doing is preaching to heathen Natives. This case was going to the court in one vehicle or another. Its deeper meaning to what this is really about is establishing control, boundaries, legalese contract magic. It’s a binding ritual. All these precedent setting landmark cases are similar, usually involving casts from the same families, this time it’s a Worcester. There’s always a buildup too. I bet if you looked at the circumstances to how the law got passed which Sammy was in violation of you would find the same thing, these things are set up many moves in advance. They were setting up legal jurisdiction over the territory right before the gold rush and land lotto, i.e., the repopulation. 

See the thing about wiki is they can’t help but to include links to other factions and projects. In the Wor v Geo wikipage they fill us in that the case was brought about with the help of Sammy’s sponsor, The America Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. (Lol, yeah, they were on a fucking mission alright) The ABCFM was founded by some Massachusetts Williams College alumni (add Williams to Spook U folder) as Americas first Christian Missions board. Sammy Worcester was the first secretary-in-command. This was a worldwide Reset-Intelligence project. All the missionaries were involved in similar nature work everywhere they went. The Board would travel around and help set up the centralized global* infrastructure, working with proxy governments to lay foundational laws. Their first missions were sent to India, then China and Africa. In America they were responsible for building a network of missions all over the country. One notable one is the Oak Ridge Mission. A Seminole manual labor training center. (Reeducation camp). These missions would be instrumental in perpetrating the Indian hoax as they compartmentalized the feral population down to a few diff tribes on reservations. 

Check the History of Hawaii. theres alot of references to the Sandwich Islands, far as I know they were annexed by the Dole family but no confirmation yet

The hostile Indians were used as just another potential threat to keep ‘free’ men contained without them even knowing. Also an excuse to keep a military presence active. From the Supreme Court case above we find a quote that makes it very clear any white person found within Indian territory without a permit is guilty of crime and punishment not to be less than 4 years imprisonment. This sounds like a threat to keep people far away as possible. Most of the supposed Indian lands is where the supposed gold mines are of the Georgia gold rush starting 1829. History is written to make it appear the discovery of gold is what unofficially drove the Indians from their lands but after they were evicted all the land which citizens were to be locked up for four-year mandatory minimum were now given away by state lotto. I say there was no gold or no Indians. The Indian threat was used to keep people out then a sensationalized gold rush was used to draw them in. I’d like to see the land recipients from the lotto, I’m sure it was transparent and honest, also the names of the most producing gold mines. 

What I can see plausible is survivors of the Reset were stranded across the land, they would’ve banded together, thrust back into the stone age they developed to whatever time allowed before the repopulation. These tribes of feral survivors are what modern people call Indians. One of the first priorities of the Inheritor parasites would be to remove this class since they shouldn’t be there anyway, unless they were counted upon to help the repopulation effort. Children were taken to the orphanages; adults were taken to the asylums or industrial residential schools. It would only take a generation to reacclimate these people back into the matrix. They already were a people without a history. Those that would not go peacefully were kept in the prison system and insane asylum complex. This also explains why we see an overdeveloped network of such institutions in the 1800’s. I can even see the grouping of Feral’s based on genetic characteristics. (Like the Nazi that was documenting the isolated mongoloid peoples while searching for the root of the Aryan race) The classifying of people based on genetics would serve multiple facets, most projects do. The international slave industry would serve as a cover for genetic classification operations on a world scale, what are humans but another commodity or resource? Ferals with similar traits shipped to the same parts of the world setting up the global stage much like American Indian reservations were set up in a smaller scale. Later these groups would be displayed at the Human Zoo’s accompanying the World Fairs. Everything about these living exhibits were scripted; the dress, the language, the history, and even the tribe itself was composed of features some spook somewhere determined should be an identifying feature, so everyone with that feature was sent to that group. This would explain genetic anomalies today like isolated jungle tribes being closely related to the Aus Aboriginals and natives of Caanda being connected to South America. 

Worcesters’ fake supreme court trial was the lead up to the Gold rush and also established precedent on where authority drew the line. This meant it had to keep pushing the non-existent potential threat farther and farther back, always on the cusp of ‘modern’ civilization.  

*Fake Docs: Appeal of the Cherokee Nation-  Clearly NOT written by “Indians”.  This quote from the second paragraph gives the whole paper away:  

“Soon after the war of the revolution… the Cherokees looked upon the promises of the whites with great distrust and suspicion; but the frank and magnanimous conduct of General Washington… and especially of Mr. Jefferson… nearly banished anxiety in regard to encroachments from the whites.” 

This doc presents a linear timeline history of political events; treaties and legislative acts to military campaigns. Linear timeline history is psychological warfare. 

Another remark that jumps out is the comment that the land of Arkansas is so unfamiliar to them they would most certainly fail a healthy transition. I don’t see how somewhere so close so could be so alien to a people if they had lived there since the beginning of time. True it’s not just a day-hike but in the thousands of years the Cherokee supposedly lived in the same parts I’d imagine at least a few would have made the journey. The ToT is a literal trail, in some places paved with gravel and wide enough for two wagons to pass each other. This could have been a Pre-Repopulation trade route, maybe something like the Silk Road. The Appalachian Trail is coming to mind as well. The ToT could be part of a larger network of travel routes. The Indian Removal Act so early in the game provides an explanation how the trail came to be. The Appalachian Trails’ official history doesn’t start till 1921, no mention is allowed before this time even though it obviously existed at least back to the Civil War as the John Brown script at Harpers Ferry calls for an escape route through the mountains here. There is even a megalithic site overlooking the town with a scrubbed history now named Jefferson Rock. (The name gives it away) Its not a stretch to include the ToT in the same network as the A.T. 

*See Also: Lewis and Clark expedition. I don’t think that’s an actual trail though but I havent looked. The name Clark is a flag, I have written much about Clark that got the King to sign off on the colony of Rhode Island. Both fictitious historical icons. 

See Also: Fake Gold Rush script- North Carolina 1804, Georgia-1829, Cali 1849. Orchestrated mass-migration events to trick people into moving and repopulating areas. Them when the orphan-immigrants arrive to a developed city or town they can be told anything and whose gonna know? Who’s gonna question it? They’d be thrown in one of the overabundant insane asylums. There probly was no, or very little gold in these supposed rushes. Maybe some flakes left over for the common person to find in the bottom of a pan but I’m sure if you look at the big mines and/or the lucky first-timers that walked into the wilderness with a shovel and stumbled over humongous ore deposits are just as fabricated as the mine stories. I’m sure you’ll find something like they served as a cover to hide generational wealth. The mine owners weren’t really producing much if anything but the state-controlled-before-there-was-a-state media kept pumping out sensationalized headlines to keep the immigrants coming. *See Also: The Comstock Load. The two on the east coast being the practice runs, the rehearsals before the big one of ‘49 moves everyone to the west coast. 

  • *See Also: Seminole Wars. 3 wars which the Seminole tribe resisted relocation by hiding in the Everglades swamp. Andrew Jackson role. 
  • *Charles Bird King. War Dept indian portrait painter 
  • * On October 23, 1819, the Pioneer Company of American Protestant missionaries set sail on the Thaddeus for Hawai‘i.  There were seven American couples sent by the ABCFM to convert the Hawaiians to Christianity in this first company. 
  • *Mormon colonizing the West to Christianize heathen Indians 
  • *Real military troops that go out and get in fake Indian battles during the westward expansion. (like the troop that supposedly got Bin Laden) 
  • *Williams college and relation to Salem Witch hoax 


In 1819 Thomas McKenney, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs (C.I.A.) had pushed through Congress the Indian Civilization Fund Act, with this is govt set aside 10,000$ to be granted to missionary workers for assimilating the savage heathen. It was signed on March 3 (3/3) to “eliminate Native military resistance and suppress Native traditional practices. Religious denominations are assigned to specific tribes. While encouraging the tribes to convert, the hired missionaries also urge them to adopt white styles of dress, housing, and farming.” This move is just one move in a set of many, it opened the doors for other agents working on the missionary end to get paid for their services.

In 1824 the Bureau of Indian Affairs was created by the War Dept for overseeing the distribution of funds. Our good friend McKenna was placed in charge of that as well. This act led to Christian mission schools receiving federal funds, the Indian boarding schools. It was common to hear they would rather spend the money to assimilate them then to forcibly remove them, for real though they just found another scam to steal money and a McKenna was behind it to make sure all the money stayed in the families.  

These federally funded schools opened the road for the residential boarding schools, reeducation industrial training camps. The first of these schools was the Carlisle Indian Training School. Carlisle is said to be named after the same town in England but I say its more likely they are both named after the Military Industrial Complex family. Carlisle is up there with Halliburton, who also makes an appearance in the fake Indian narrative (here is a link to a free pdf book about slave owning Cherokees that fought for the Confederacy, Read my own research for better info.).

Carlisle PA is built on the site of a Star-fort, said to have been found in 1751 by a french fur trader that went to live with the local tribe. It was the setting for pretty much all of the Fictional Founding Fathers from Ben Franklin and the French and Indian War to George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion. Its was a munitions supply house for the American Revolution, that’s what they say about Harpers Ferry too. Am Rev heroine Molly Pitcher is buried in the cemetery with many other notable folk hero’s. This must be another proxy graveyard with a few headstones. 

There was a provincial fort set up so they say in the 1750’s which became the army barrack. The fort is written down as a wooden stockade fort but Im’ all-in it was another starfort, this one was fully destroyed but the memory still was hi-jacked. The Carlisle in England is home to a Roman fort as well and a Fort Carlisle in Ohio has been dated to 2,000 years ago, I don’t agree with any time or explanation but it shows consistent old usage across the board. 

Carlisle was a big stop in the underground railroad (Intel network) and was bombed heavily by the Confederates as they were leaving the Battle of Gettysburg. This shares much of the same script as Harper’s Ferry, check for other connections like Garibaldi Guard. The whole entire Battle of Harpers Ferry was staged for cover of the destruction of the town.

In 1879 the War Dept transferred authority to the Dept of Interior, which handled the “Indian question” and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School was opened…By a Pratt (queue scary music). 

Richard H. Pratt

Richard H Pratt, according to his Ministry of Truth page is all I’m gonna just do a run-down for this jackass, they put forth great effort into white-washing this guy. He has the distinction of being the first person to use the word ‘racism’. Father killed in the ‘49 Gold Rush. In the Civil War joined the 11th battalion after 8 days, (Aces and Eights) something like that, the take-away is the number drop. Same with his extensive record with the Indian Plains Wars, the wars are fake, they exist for the same reasons the Cherokee did in GA decades ago. just the man you want to have running a residential school.

Also was in charge of the group remembered as “Buffalo Soldiers” lol, gtfoh, yeah, I bet he did that. First he was in charge of an Indian Prison in FL, Ft Marion (another Starfort) (Seminoles never surrendered) but he did so well there the military industrial complex decided to give him his own colony, they just called it a school. The Swiss Pedagogues would be very proud, this was their concepts coming to fruition. Pratt is buried in Arlington National.  

Member of the Loyal Legion, a military secret society formed in response to Lincolns assassination based on Revolutionary War groups of the same brand, meaning the scriptwriters just recycled the same old crap.  The Cincinnati Society. The Cin Soc is named after a Roman Warlord that was a farmer thrust into politics and became a warlord. George Washington first Prez, Hamilton Prez before dying in a fake duel with Burr in 1804. These were the caliber of people he ran with, just going off his wiki page he is one of the few people that were flesh and blood but were associated with fictional characters, most times they keep everyone in their respective group. 

Pratt opened the first Indian Residential School and many more followed, this was the cultural genocide. These were the descendants of the Ferals. After the survivors of the Reset had been picked through and classified by physical traits and broken with no history, they were orphaned in every sense of the word. AND then they went to get reprogrammed to do manual labor. The ironic thing is, their history that the Inheritors are trying to assimilate; the behaviors, the clothing, everything was scripted by people like McKenna. They gave them a fake history and went to erase it. They even made the languages up, then they were taught to the Indians, then the Indians were sent to camps to be reprogrammed to forget what was never theirs to begin with. That’s some shit. 

I guess they did such a good job reprogramming them even their complexion started to turn white. Before and after shots were popular to show case how civilized Ferals were. Stereotypical features like high cheeck bones were found and then a little face paint and a few minutes in the costume dept made for pretty convincing Indian

The symbols tell the story without using words. normie history says the imagery is thousands of years old and spread to every corner of the world through the Mystery Schools. Thats bullshit, the scriptwriters made up all the religions for the ‘Native’ people and inserted their own symbols. Actors like Geronimo and Red Cloud were chosen to act as go-betweens and groups of people were lumped together based on racist perceptions like complex tone and skeletal structure.

*See Also; Dames of the Loyal Legion. Dames of the Colonial Wars.  

First ever recorded use of the word ‘Racism’ used by Pratt at Indian Residential School Carlisle.
Not only symbols but numbers tell their own story as well

See the numbers? 322 Skull and Bones. Oct 10th is Aces and eights. Don’t know why he didn’t say 33 instruments, maybe 2 got left behind. (the ‘1’ acts as whatever it stands with, 31 is 33) I love how he notes they marched with military and semi military of the “higher race”. This statement from the 1892 annual report reinforces the fact this is a military operation. Marching band is a military drill exercise.

Having a military troop of Indians march in honor of Columbus discovering america 400 anniversary is spook humor. Not only did the Carlisle Indians march in racist military parades in NYC, they also played for the Prez at the World Fair in 1893. See other World Fair posts.  Marching Band is considered the lowest form of military drilling and its mention in history is a marker for themselves to identify each other.

Carlisle was the model for many International Expos, what he calls the Indian Bureau, I’m assuming the post started by McKenney a generation earlier. Expos at New Orleans, Madrid, Paris and Chicago. The World Fairs were a big role in selling the American Indian imagery and narrative, and the cultures of all first-nations people in the World. The Bureau managed to get an unprecedented number of Indian Nations to attend and camp out in their tipis on expo grounds/ Historians don’t mention the human zoos with the international community of Natives being volunteer hostages. Indians sung and danced and took pictures for money.

McKenna set the Bureau up to be in charge of Indian trade profits. I see a play on words; its Indians as a trade like carpentry or printing, not Indian trade as in “I’ll give you this for that.” Ever notice how all of the portraits are taken in a studio and hardly no pics of Indian housing; wigwams and ti-pi’s far as the eye can see, nope, bc they didn’t exist except for photo-ops like the community at the World Fairs. Did you ever think about that”?

*See Also: Mexican band at New Orleans World Fair, Pratt comments in 1890 about the upcoming World Fair to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs (C.I.A.): “Indians will be the Mexicans” and “Latin countries must work as partners with America to ensure a contiguous exhibit”, He means they need to keep their stories straight. The World Fairs represent an opportunity for Reset leaders to get together w/o drawing attn to themselves, like Bohemian Grove or Bilderbergers.  

TJ Morgan

The C.I.A. was a T.J. Morgan, TJ is for Thomas Jefferson. Anyone named for a faictional founding father is a spook. TJ was a civil war general most noted for enlisting African American soldiers. His buddy Pratt was the HNIC of the troop known as the Buffalo Soldiers, Morgan and him go back to the good ol’ days. TJ wrote in the NYTimes his outline for the future of Indians; it reads like the outline for the immigrant orphan population set forth by the Prussian Common School to make citizens into manual laborer robots. Compulsory school was the law and withholding support was openly used as a coercive measure to force families to send their kids to school. The target is always the children. 

Im sure you probly noticed by now the Officers commanding Afro Americans during the war would control Indians afterward.

Morgan wanted to change the paradigm of Indian Education from residential to the ‘Common Normal’ system.

A YMCA at the Carlisle facility connects us back to Comstock and JP Morgan, their pet religious front project. 

The title of this one is about the girls exercising with ”Indian Sticks” idk what an Indian stick is but I know those look like jester sticks that the clowns juggle. I think we been had. 

 Heres a good article about a researcher named Red Star, (Get it, Red Star like the Commie magick sigil) that was putting together a tribal photo album and noticed early photoshopping and props associated with the Expo pics. She pretends she doesn’t realize what she has stumbled into and barely acknowledges the implications. Of course they’re faked, silly goose. It’s in the AtlasObscura website, they do know about the Indian psy-op, which is why they printed the story to begin with. Modern gatekeepers M.O. is to point out flaws in old narratives and smooth them out, its probable she did know about her fantasy background. Spook status would explain how she got the exhibit at the art museum in the first place. She is a representative of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, another JP Morgan connection. Of course she knows they’re faked, thats why she wrote the article.

Somewhere back there is a link for the 1893 annual report filed by Pratt, its a dead link now, As is often the case, esp with information like this that is not the norm or highly sought after, nobody knows when it turns up missing… You can always check the wayback machine to see if the link is still good. I have been trying to switch the busted links for the wayback links but it doesnt always work like that. Thats why I uploaded the whole report so you can read it for yourself whenever you want.

*See William Clark of Lewis and Clark, was head of Bureau of Indian Affairs, timeline conflicts with McKenny. Lewis and Clark was a fake expedition and the name Clark is like a brand. 

*See Also: Molly Pitcher  fake American Revolution heroine

Fake Indian Imagery published by F. Gleason in Boston.

Alex Gleason also inserted Flat Earth Map into Boston Public Library at the same time, sorry flat earthers, you’re fucked. Gleason map is a fake, it even has a patent number, just the same as the Gleason Indian Family. Its a fake history narrative put on by the same families as all the other psychological warfare operations.

America was repopulated, not Colonized.

Gleason Weekly was prominent publisher of illustrations and introduced ’Dime Novels’, called the Father of Illustrated Journalism. These are the people scripting the American history, Dime Novelist and circus sideshowman. They only provide support for the script written by the original Art Spooks, crazy French Aristocrats.

Rivals with PT Barnum (by rival I mean partner) who propped up the fake Indian as entertainment, not just American Indians but all Indigenous Peoples and would eventually evolve into the Human Zoo at the World Fairs.

Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show was another form of entertainment that secured the Native American hoax as historical fact. Cody’s actors and performers would make up the army of ‘Indians’ that were later filmed by Edison to document all the details on the newly developed movie picture. This would take the place of illustrations like the fake Indian family.


Parson is another family of generational spook operatives. Had to include their contribution to the Native American Indian hoax. Note the ‘Hidden Hand’ variation, its a dead giveaway. The word ‘Indian’ must pertain to any group of dark skinned, no technology, subservient peoples. India was repopulated first so the derogatory term for the feral survivors was just used all over the world regardless of location, the word describes a class, not a location. We get some bullshit about Columbus should’ve made a left at Albuquerque and mistakenly thought he was in India so he called them by the word name and it just kinda stuck… or some shit. Truth is not that he never ‘discovered’ America, truth is there was no Columbus, period.

The Prophet

Another early portrait, this one featuring the one- eye symbolism is titled the Prophet. Any kind of paranormal religious person or experience is a marker. This is supposed to be some kind of spiritual leader of a group of combined tribes. Painted by Charles Bird for the War Department. The red sash is a mark also, the Thin Red Line

Buffalo Bill

BB was a showman that, along with like-agents PT Barnum sold the Indian myth to the world as a form of entertainment

PosterAfter Wounded Knee, Cody was not sure if he would be allowed to hire Indians again for his Wild West show. So he and Nate Salsbury began seeking out other racial primitives, such as Russian Cossacks and Argentine gauchos. They found a great success with these additions in their tour of Europe, and thus they renamed the show “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World,” just in time for the 1893 world’s fair in Chicago.
After Wounded Knee, Cody was not sure if he would be allowed to hire Indians again for his Wild West show. So he and Nate Salsbury began seeking out other racial primitives, such as Russian Cossacks and Argentine gauchos. They found a great success with these additions in their tour of Europe, and thus they renamed the show “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World,” just in time for the 1893 world’s fair in Chicago.
Buffalo Bill and Partner show Indian Sign Language. This ties into the war on the Deaf and Blind population, its a psychological mindfuck, Indians and Sign Language are a natural fit.
Daniel Burnham created quite the spectacle in Chicago. America needed it, as the year 1893 also plunged the nation into its worst depression.
Pocket-Pool Champion and World Fair organizer Daniel Burnham
Sitting Bull was a paid actor, said to be the warrior leader of the Plains Nations he was in charge of the battle that killed Custer, except there was no Indian war that killed Custer. Note the pointing to the horizon (Horus), its another pose you dont notice alot bc you’re not looking for it but once you know about it you see it everywhere.
The original ferris wheel built for Chicago’s world’s fair was exhibited in St. Louis for its 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, before it was demolished two years later. Geronimo rode the ferris wheel while he was at the world’s fair in St. Louis (he stands in the center, with other Indians at the fair).
The original ferris wheel built for Chicago’s world’s fair was exhibited in St. Louis for its 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, before it was demolished two years later. Geronimo rode the ferris wheel while he was at the world’s fair in St. Louis (he stands in the center, with other Indians at the fair).

Ive been wanting to create a dedicated post to Geronimo for quite some time after I read his account of the St Louis World Fair. It is clear it was not penned by a hostile Indian warlord prisoner but thats not the part that I want to showcase. The account contains one of the oddest statements I have ever come across online, which is saying something considering the content of this site.

Geronimo was a central character in the fake Cowboys and Indians narrative. He was allowed to sell his autograph and keep profits but at the same time was a prisoner of war and was never left unattended by armed escorts. That aint even most of it.

Geronimo’s ghostwriter describes what I can only interpret as a sun simulator and manufactured weather event.

One day we went into another show, and as soon as we were in it, it changed into night. It was real night, for I could feel the damp air; soon it began to thunder, and the lightning flashed; it was real lightning, too, for it struck just above our heads. I dodged and wanted to run away but I could not tell which way to go in order to get out. The guards motioned me to keep still and so I stayed. In front of us were some strange little people who came out on the platform; then I looked up again and the clouds were all gone, and I could see stars shining. The little people on the platform did not seem in earnest about anything they did; so I only laughed at them. All the people around where we sat seemed to be laughing at me.

Geronimo at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair
Gravesite of Geronimo, featuring standard New World Order pyramid and Phoenix imagery.
Its called a Press Photo bc the media is fake and this is a wardrobed shot to match what the script says Indians should look like. This is a Hollywood costume. Gernomio and all the Plains Indian Chiefs were chosen bc of iconic genetic traits; red skin high cheeck bones, flat nose and square jaw and chin.
Heres the ‘Capt Morgan’ pose, same in nature to the Hidden Hand or Thinking Man

Fake Indians at the World Fair

In the early 1800’s fake Indians were brought to life by Agents of the War Dept; portrait painters, illustrators and written descriptions. Almost a hundred years later technology gave us the camera and showman like PT Barnum made it a spectacle.

There are way more political nuances I am prepared to deal with at this exact moment. One big example would be that the troop returning from Wounded Knee would also be the incoming support for Chicago during the Great Railroad Strike of 1877. Wounded Knee also falls into the ‘fake wars’ thread.

Eye symbolism affirms there was no Little Bighorn, or Indians for that matter. These are actors. Compare images of wardrobe now to the earliest portraits to see the evolution of the flamboyant costume design.
World Fair Chicago, Ancient Indian May Pole Ritual
Indian Ghost Dance at the 1935 World Fair in San Francisco

Fake Indians on the Silver Screen

In 1894 Thomas Edison captured a few seconds on moving pictures of the Sioux Ghost dance.

Ghost Dancers of the Sioux Tribe are shown in full war paint and war costumes. According to Edison film historian C. Musser, this film and others shot on the same day (see also Buffalo dance) featured Native American Indian dancers from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, and represent the American Indian’s first appearance before a motion picture camera. Directed by a Dickson. Created by Edison Manufacturing Co.- Camera, William Heise – Filmed September 24, 1894, in Edison’s Black Maria studio. – Hendricks (Gordon) Collection (Library of Congress)

So they just admitted in the opening credits that the ‘authentic’ Ghost Dance Indians were professional actors in costume and filmed by the same family of operatives from the headquarters back East. This is the fake account of the first Indian Agent McKenna witnessing the Rain Dance is his first-hand account brochure of the catalogue of Indian tribes.

The Ghost Dance among the Oglala Lakota as depicted by Frederic Remington (military Industrial Complex) from sketches made at the event, Pine Ridge, (Near Oak Ridge?) South Dakota, 1890. Printed in Harper’s Weekly, December 6, 1890. pg 960. You can tell a Harpers Weekly image bc the contrast. Image notes give technical information, helps id early photoshop. 1 photomechanical print : halftone.

Frederick Remington, same as the firearm manufacturer is where we get much ‘Western’ motif imagrey from. You know what I say about stamps. Remington went to military school at Worcester Spook headquarters and graduated from Yale before becoming professional gatekeeper for outlets like Harpers Weekly and Century. His personal friendships included Teddy roosevelt. He served as a war correspondent for the New York Journal during the Spanish-American War. Much of Remington’s early writing was reportorial; he later produced short stories, eight anthologies of previously published magazine articles (62.241.2). His early writing was reportorial bc he was writing the script. This guy wrote both scripts for the Spanish War and the Wounded Knee. These are the sources that are combined with the showman to scam the Orphan Class. He would also work with Academy of Design and NY Art Students League. Edison got the Ghost Dance script from Remmy

Filmed by Buffalo Bill actors. I think it was filmed before it was named. Looks more like the Drunk Chicken dance than buffalo.

Buffalo Dance filmed on the same day at Edison’s Black Maris shop in Orange, New Jersey. Orange was also home to the Wolf Muslin Factory fire in 1910 and also home of Bambergers Dept store Santa Parade.


  • Buffalo dance


  • Three Sioux Indians in full regalia perform a “buffalo dance”, while two others use drums to supply a rhythm. The three dancers move around in a circle as they perform the various actions that are part of the dance. All three wear feathers in their headbands and two wear decorative tails.


  • Dickson, W. K.-L. (William Kennedy-Laurie), 1860-1935, production.
  • Heise, William, camera.
  • Last Horse, performer.
  • Parts His Hair, performer.
  • Hair Coat, performer.
  • Pine, performer.
  • Strong Talker, performer.
Ghost Dance performed at the Trans-Mississippi Expo in Omaha, NE, 1898. Performed by members of Cheyanne and Arapahoe tribes. Its creepy enough that they are doing it around the US flag. That makes it a Maypole celebration, a Luciferian ritual. Check the video above for the Indian May Pole
This is supposed to be a natural setting, an Indian Village, they always be dancing
Apache Devil Dancers. Hand on hip and one foot extended is a military spook intelligence symbol. Upturned crescent is another

Indian Reorganization Act of 1934

The Indian New Deal is the same old shaft, cool costumes though bro

The Indian Reorganization Act of June 18, 1934, or the Wheeler-Howard Act, dealt with the status of Native Americans. It was the centerpiece of what has been often called the “Indian New Deal”. The goal was to reverse the traditional goal of assimilation of Indians into American society and to strengthen, encourage and perpetuate the tribes and their historic traditions and culture.

Before we even start, the only reason this made in on the board is bc of the names Wheeler and Howard. As so often happens, alot more often than you might think, I came across a story in the news yesterday with the two headliner names are Wheeler and Howard. The case was from 1910 in Ohio in a Wet vs. Dry prohibition battle. I wont go into too much detail bc this isnt the right thread but essentially what happened was a 17 year old kid was brought in from out of town and deputized by a quasi-Pinkerton-ish officer to help break up a speakeasy ring. The bartender laughed at the kid and started assaulting him at which point the kid takes his revolver out and shoots the bar tender. The bar tender dies and by this point a large group has gathered, somehow the kid is taken to jail in one piece but it isnt long before 5,000 break the jailhouse door down with a railroad tie, drag him out into the street and hand him from a lamp post. Thats the most watered down version possible but I’ll leave the offical cover story here so you can download it. If I ever get to Prohibition I will start from there. (Spoiler alert- Its All Fake)

The thing that makes this so awesome right now is the name of the bar tender that got shot was Howard and the name of the guy that wrote the official cover story is Wheeler, he was the States Attorney or Public Defender or something in that capacity. It just blows my mind how these things turn up like that, two random and unconnected incidents like this will suddenly get throw together. This is also a example to point out that the more you know, the more you know. It might show a little obsessicvness on my part like who tf picks out a couple like that. Imagine all the stuff that gets overlooked.

If you have read any of my articles you know how these groups of families operate, the two headliners in each incident are the same bc the game is the same. Its only your mental barriers that separate these two families. See the name at the bottom? Its the same entity of the Indian Act.

Strike while the irons hot, a third Wheeler referrence just came up. Wheeler was one of the lead manufacturers of the sewing machine back in the day. The sewing machine was one of the first, for lack of a better term, call a World Fair Project, which were inventions needed before, or at the very beginning of, the repopulation. It was a military industrial complex project but on a world stage and in secret. New World Order. The sewing machine was needed for uniforms and a population of producers. the textile industry kicked it all off. Wheeler was one of the first like Singer or Howe. This means that the Wheeler family is one of the hidden hand rulers over everything.

The Sewing machine was one of the very first steps taken towards the free-range tax-slave prison planet

The Wheeler company hooked up with the Wilsons and produced industrial type machines starting around 1850. They won several Prize Medals for their machines. These included the Industrial Exposition in Paris in 1861, the International Exhibition in London a year later and the Exposition Universalle in Paris in 1868, 1878 and 1889. The Model 8 was the first domestic sewing machine made by Wheeler and Wilson in large numbers. In total approx 600,000 were are thought to have been produced over an 11 year period.

Crazy right. So without even taking a look at what the illegitimate binding-contract says we already blew it out of the water. Just for the sake of the noob lets see what the Ministry of Truth says.

Mixed Customs

At the time of the early repopulation the finalized narrative was kind of being made up as they went along. Many of the customs were blurred and still being developed. Embelished. The feathered head dress for one, you can look at the earliest paintings and written references to wearing feathered head bands and it starts off with a single turkey feather, then it ups to 3 and only sported by the chief. At the time the Wild West Show comes to town every single Indian has a full dress of eagle feathers that flow all the way to the ground.

Like wise the facial tattoos that the Maori people ended up being known for were tried on in the Americas in the beginning. Called ‘Ta-Moko”, the practice is kept alive by a few tribes still today but the head hunters of the 19th century wiped most of the people out. In reality they were tattooing already-dead heads for the most part and the real thing just has that World Fair/Human Zoo flair that it could only have been fully developed here.

Karl Bodmer’s portrait of Francois Deschamps‘ Cree Wife. “She is a pretty woman,” Prince Maximilian wrote on October 8 (10/8, Aces and Eights), 1833, “tattooed below [and at the sides of] her mouth toward her chin with three bluish black lines.”

Deschamps is called by the National Park Service “The Greatest Rascals in the World”, they love to insert themselves as the villains. That link takes you to a narrative regarding some early star forts that the fur traders try to steal credit for. Fur trading is a code for slavery. I’ll have to take a look at this Bodmer character.

Theres a couple leads for you. So much of our collective history comes from the World Fairs. Check the university archives.

Yellow Eyes by Fiske

 5″x7″ silver gelatin print with copyrighted 1906 by F.B. Fiske in neg and ms. Copyrighted after Ft. Yates, N.D. ceased to operate as a military post in 1903.

This is Yellow Eyes, it was a random image that came up in my feed. The photographer is what got my attn., Fiske. Fiske is a ‘Hidden Hand’ powerline most people dont recognize. I’ve been keeping a file on them since I found his name in the keystone of the C&O Canal.

Yellow Eyes was an informant for Sitting Bull and was with him at the Battle of Little Big Horn. She and her family escaped with him to Canada and returned with him when he surrendered in 1881. She went on to Fort Peck with her son and husband and the other warriors. Information obtained from one of her descendants, Dorothy Eiken proves that the intel projects are multigenerational. In the link provided below she is a marvelous storyteller for the State. I notice she can recall every little detail about some stuff but not others. There is a pattern to the things she can’t remember. One of the things is the history of Fry Bread. Fry bread was part of the long-term assault of the population through diet, not just of Indians but of the Human population. We have all under attack with unhealthy foodstuffs. Its like the diseased blankets thing but takes longer. She makes it sound like an ancient family recipe.

DOROTHY EIKEN: I am Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux enrolled at Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in Fort Yates, North Dakota. Standing Rock is an Indian reservation that was designated about 1874, that’s the early beginnings of it, because of a treaty that was — that was made with the Indians that gave the Hunkpapa, the Black Feet, the Yanktonai and they put these — they designated this reservation. In the beginning this reservation was designated through treaties about 2.3 million acres. And that right now, we have lost through the Oahe Dam being built, we lost 55,000 acres and through the Dawes Act and after the allotments were given to the Indians and they became destitute, they sold a lot of this land. So the interval of what the Sioux own on Standing Rock in North Dakota and South Dakota is under 900 thousand acres.

There was a photographer on – at Fort Yates named Frank Bennett Fisk and if anybody knows about Indian photographers like Edward Curtis and D.F. Berry, Frank Bennett Fisk ranks right up there with these guys. He lived on the reservation and he took over 8,000 pictures of not only just the portrait faces, but he took them of Sioux life. When Sitting Bull was killed, Frank’s parents – Frank Fisk’s parents were on the reservation and when they brought in the body of Sitting Bull and the Indian police that killed him, they let the children out of school. And Frank Bennett Fisk was one of the children that was let out of school and watched them bring the wagon carrying the bodies of the Indian police that were killed and of Sitting Bull.

No Buffalo

They try so hard to sell it they even have their own dance, only the good shit gets a dance. This is supposedly the last herd in Kansas. I dont think this is a herd, it’s probably a zoo. Im not saying there were zero buffalo, there was definitely no herds that stretched off into the horizon as far as the eye can see. Same thing with the whales…

Snake Charmers at the World Fair
Chief Neptune of the Passamaquoddy tribe. Note the crescent and star, a hijacked sigil of the old energy grid.


  1. ‘Indians’ attached to the bird Turkey is a clue they are attached to the county Turkey.
    They even styled them like them. It’s not really far from the Phoenicians or the Nazi’s with the Phoenix worship.
    You can definitely see the same people behind it, just different shades of the same colors.

    1. Hey, Thanx Jimmy. Yes they are all the same archetype. The double headed eagle is big in Russia and northern Europe and Asia. The Indians have the Thunderbird. Nazis have Iron eagle. Every culture has a flavor bc they are all variations of the same script. Check out my Asian Reset essay and the Winged Lion Serpent Slayer is probs the best survey out there. Sorry it took so long to get back.

  2. I’ve been looking into this subject for a long time, mostly because it’s hard to look at history and search my feelings and agree with the outcomes. I’m a big fan of primitive history and ancient civilizations because I think most of us want to know where we come from so we can figure out where we’re going.

    Having said all that I really appreciate your blog.
    I’ve been reading “Woodcraft and Indian Lore” written by Ernest Thompson Seton, a ‘founding father’ of the Boy Scouts of America. (Unfortunately I was raised a boy scout so seeing all of the homosexual stuff in the news really hurt the heart)

    Ernest’s understanding and collaborative effort to show who the ‘Native American’ was in the book ultimately leads one to believing ‘Native Americans’ were ‘Jewish’

    I could go into a great amount of depth to explain the similarities of your findings to the Authors’ virtue signalling but ultimately the book itself is set to alter the readers’ view into thinking ‘Native Americans’ exist only in memory or anecdote, and that it was the ‘White man’ who rid them from this land and any trace.

    It perfectly matches up with your blog, reading these stories and seeing the history behind them disseminated.

    The way the author ultimately compares ‘Native Americans’ to ‘Jewish’ you would think they are one in the same.

    The ‘Native Americans’ even had Turkish baths. I was shocked when I read that, it pieced together a lot and it was so much easier finding commonalities between the two groups.

    1. I think its fine just the way it is old man. Maybe I leaf mistake for the dumbass spellcheck nazi’s

  3. How do you explain the tribes history, artifacts and descendants from the tribes? I’ve seen ruins/“reservations” and these Indian types definitely existed. They have certain genetics so they look different (thinking tribes in WA) and I was allowed to wander indian ruins throughout the southwest desert 30 years ago.

    1. the history of the tribes was written by the overlord class. The ruins were built by groups pretending to be ‘conservation’ or ‘preservation’, some were already existing, like the Star forts, and the Army Corps of Engineers went in with academic authority groups and made museum quality fakes. Genetics and appearances are the result of extensive breeding programs. This is not the case only in America, this is across the board for all “First Nations” people. I have covered much of this in other posts, trying to organize everything into a single thread but there is so much information. Someone pointed me to Chaco Canyon which I never heard about before, the cliff dwellings especially are interesting. They are elaborate modern constructs. its a UNESCO site for crying out loud, they’re all modern fakes to give the illusion of fake narrative. Anything overseen by the National Park Service is modern, some are modern but manipulated ancient artifacts. The railroads are ancient, the canals and even entire cities like san francsico and chicago are ancient. what does the NPS say is Native American ancient? some stone tools? its an insult

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