Geoengineered Winter Storm Elliot: Manufactured Weather Murders Dozens for Christmas Present

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Merry Xmas from the New World Order, Peasant.

Dozens of people dead, travel restrictions implemented, State of Emergency, National Guard deployed… Sounds like a military exercise huh, nope just reading the weather report. Wait a minute, the weather has become a military operation. When is it going to be enough for people to look up and have the sense enough to realize none of this is naturally occurring weather patterns. Its not some crazy fringe theory, open your fucking normie eyes.

Heres some of the pics I posted of operations in the few days leading up to the storm. Pro Tip- whenever you see things like this in the sky you need to innerstand these are not naturally occurring phenomenon

I made a post in the days leading up to the events, the spraying was so bad I dont know how anybody could NOT see there was some tampering going on. I just let it go, I see the weather modification operations going on daily for at least the 10 years since i started looking. I still have been wanting to do a history report on flight but Im going to intuit right now that weather manipulation was one of the main motivators of the development of flight technology, weather makers were using balloons before planes had taken off (pun intended)

Weather manipulation has become the ‘elephant in the room’ nobody wants to talk about but everyone knows is taking place

I dont watch normie news, except for over-hearing conversations at work and seeing headlines from newsfeeds, in my opinion the only resistance someone can offer as an individual is non-participation, that means dont vote, dont get their shots, watch their movies, listen to their music and especially dont pay attn to their news. The media was put in place as a disinfo propaganda outlet,all of them. There is no distinguishing one source from the other, Not only is it simply propaganda for its own sake for faking popular opinion and stuff but the media is weaponized. We are in, and have always been in a psychological war for the mind. The best part is when you see the spell for what it really is, a poor quality illusion, it no longer works anymore. Thats why the constant bombardment from all sides, they have to keep you in a state of partial hypnosis lest they lose all control of your 5 sense reality trap.

Weather modification posts are still the most heavily censored subjects across the board. From reddit bots and trolls to facebook shadow-banning, there is a reason why none of these gatekeeper psych-war platforms let you speak openly about the subject, its bc it’s really happening, on a scale much larger than most people realize, even the people that acknowledge weather modification exists.

While dimwitted normies, jacked up on fluoride and fake-covid boosters, act as proxy agents wanting to argue about a single chemtrail there has not been a natural weather pattern world-
wide in decades, both the extreme weather manipulation and the mental disorder causing the denial have been getting harder to pretend nothing is taking place.

So I posted my pics I took in the days leading up to the assault and let it go, the effort has to be on the end of the seeker. My responisibility is only to make the information available, not to force it on anyone. Your responsibility as the Seeker is to search this info out. Seek all sources and make your own mind up as to what the truth is. My end has been fulfilled whether you complete your end or not. My objective at this site is show you how to look, where to look, and what to look for, then you wont need me and anyone else to tell you the ‘news’. Spolier alert: nothing is ‘new’s, it should be called the ‘olds’. One of the most important things is to be able to tell who is lying, the method in which they lie and what are the reasons. What out for the fake truth gurus that bait you in with half-truths.

A big mistake people make is trying to separate one fractal pattern source from the other. Like they’ll say channel 5 news is more trustworthy than channel 9, or the NYT is better than the Post. Get rid of that thinking, they are all the same. If its on tv it is weaponized.

The internet is the same way, even down to the language. There are bytes and rams as it is called the ‘web’ and ‘net’. If it has a WWW designation (333) they are lying. My site only exists bc i am forced to use a WWW. platform, in this case wordpress. Im sure in the not-to-distant future wordpress will remove my page just the same as youtube and facebook. Dont let anyone fool you. I saw a comment the other day that it is ‘just some wordpress site’, I guess this is just some ad-homenin fallacy is discredit any information you see here. Same ol bag, remember when they used to mock people that ‘saw it on a youtube video’ or ‘saw it on facebook’, who cares, they’re all lying. The only way is do it yourself. learn how to navigate people and platform.

I like written medium over video only because I scan most sources. video takes to long to sit through all the bullshit and possibly not find anything useful in 30 mins, whereas half-hour worth of skimming half a dozen articles tells me everything I need to know. Most people still will watch a video bc they are conditioned to take the path of least resistance

People that say they keep a radio on just for background ‘white’ noise are making a big mistake. The mind picks up that shit subliminally and responds. After years of consciously training myself now when my subliminal mind hears something of Babylon I instinctually go to the source and turn it off. Its pretty cool and I chuckle afterwards that I instinctually remove white noise. The fact ots even called ‘white’ noise is part of the spell, gives the impression theres nothing wrong with it so its ok to be there 100% of the time. or then it’d be called ‘black’ noise/ your conditioned subconscious mind just went to race didnt it. See, that helps prove me point. [*Babylon is a hoax]

Back to where I started, after I took some shots and posted about the coming storm I let it go, my responsibility fulfilled. I fucking warned you people up north the storm was coming, all the ground work is done some distance away and drifts to where it precipitates. This is basic stuff everyone can see with their own 2 eyes. if yall had’ve listened we wouldnt be burying 3 dozen people for Xmas and New Year.

I heard bits and pieces about the airports being shutdown, death toll climbing; these are commonplace anymore, alot of general disruption around the busiest time of year. Then I heard the govnor posted travel restrictions and called in the National Guard and it all clicked. This was bigger than your average manufactured weather event. Alot of planning went forethought went into this. Anytime a State of Emergency is declared theres your signal it is a controlled event. They would never call any event outside of their control an emergency, that would be admitting there is a power above their own that is uncontrollable. Do you understand how manifestataion works yet?

The drop that made the cup runnith over is when I saw the headlines on the front page of a major media outlet admit it outright. There are multiple meanings to language, this is at the base of spellcasting.

The mockery is always there. Always. Theres this thing called Revelation of the Method that says they Have to tell you the way scams are pulled off. Its part of the spell, so they can say nothing was taken, it was handed over voluntarily.

The whole point is elicit as much negative emotion as possible, it may be an energy source on top of the psychological aspect it might provide nourishment. That way people will react in a predictable manner. Events are pulled off that seem to have an unrelated consequence. let me tell you, they are all related and the unforseen consequence is the reason in the first place. How much damage with this have in the Green movements goal of land use and travel restrictions and hmm, maybe if we pay more taxes and eat fake meat it will stop the superstorm industrial complex, gtfoh. and anyone tells you chemtrails arent real is lying or ignorant