Jamestown is a Hoax,The Civil War, the Colony, the 1907 Tercentennial Exposition, and the Chesapeake Bay Map

Action at Wilsons wharf. Wilson has come up alot in the last few days, the Wilson borer, the Wilson Hotel, now the Wilson farm est 1835. In 1864 there was a civil war battle

The headlining battle was a land/naval skirmish involving the first Colored Troop unit commanded by General BF Butler. The BF stands for Benjamin Franklin, as we have seen time and again these people that themselves after the fake forefathers are the perps. Butler was also remembered as the 33rd gov of Massachusetts and lead the charge in the fake Tewksbury investigation in the Helen Keller/ Anne Sullivan thread. Butler was also remembered for his role during the Civil War in New Orleans. He is credited again for being in charge of the construction of Ft Pocahontas and Dutch Gap Canal, which means he has done neither of these things and his birth-rite status is how he gets credit. History has a way of lumping all similar themed locations, events and characters together as a way to have one lie prop up the rest. (By history I mean scriptwriter Spooks)

The Colored Troops constructed an earthworks for defense which was later named Ft Pocahontas then under command of Brig Gen Wild who were attacked by Fitzhugh Lee before it was finished.

The USCT have been involved with many suspicious events that use the proxy war for cover. Pratt of Carlisle school and Stand Watie, TJ Morgan. They are also connected to the Native American ‘fake Indian’ thread. these are all hi-profile perps, I’m not surprised to find colored troop activity here. I think colored troops provide an opportunity for side-projects to hide behind. Nobody seems to question what they are doing so much as long as they are there to be doing it, just like the colony at Jamestown itself.

Dutch Gap Canal illustration by Waud, False-history sketch artist for War Dept.

Its not very often the photographic evidence supports the narrative. In this case at least it is partially accurate. At the same time Ft Pocahontas was being constructed Dutch Gap Canal was being dug… Maybe not dug so much as cleaned out; the canal grid was much more extensive than history remembers, briefly, the mudflood filled in the canal network and the Reset inheritors finished it off so we are stuck on fossil fuel dependency.

The Blacks in the pictures support another position of mine that Africans were already in the South before European White Orphans arrived. Once the land was repopulated the new orphan class was given the whole Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and White Guilt schtick, but the Blacks were here first and the people in the pictures are just actors in costume. Bear in mind this is a Confederate site that was dug by the Colored Troops, at the same time it is said to have been under supervision of Gen Butler, the narrative has a few kinks in it.

DGC is an ancient artifact, all the pictures really show is a handful of guys standing around with shovels, no real work being done, and all from the same vantage point. The very last break through section that connects it to the James River.

This is the method of construction we are given. A handful of soldiers with shovels dug the whole canal. The photo’s show only the last few yards needed to be punched through and the upper portion of the canal is significanctly wider than the bottom. This is the Mudflood clean up.

*One of the officers in charge of the Colored Troops was ‘Peachy’ Breckinridge, of the notorious Military Industrial Complex Breckinridge clan. Supposedly he was killed in battle at Ft Pocahontas. His death is recorded in the link above. I inserted this after the main article when I found his name stamped on the “Inscription Rock” at the fake cliff dwellings in the 4 Corners region. The same fictional family member written into two false narratives. This is how the NWO was created and how it survives today

I must admit I was wrong with this one. I mean I knew it was fake, its all fake, but I thought the angle of deception would come from the age of the place, like they did to Harpers Ferry. There was a network of industrial areas in the Appalachian mountains that run all the way up into Canada. Check a map of the Appalachian Trail, I bet it is no where near the supposed area of Jamestown. It was constructed from whole cloth to support the narrative, opposite the sites that have the narrative built around their existence.

The first place I looked was the National Park Service webpage, not knowing much of the history around Jamestown it was all fresh. heres a few of the bullet points that caught my attn:

  • one fort built on top or next to an earlier one, we see this at starforts Ft. Pitt and Ft Dusquesne.
  • Confederate forces found roman artifacts. Its essentially self confirmation. one military finding the remains of another military. Military-only gatekeeper projects like that fit the profile
  • Same thing with the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, APVA, who in 1897 was working on the church sub-project, all these compartments investigating themselves.
  • The APVA was founded in the year 1893, same year the world fair in Chicago took place and these history (his-story) became increasingly frequent. the Colonial Dames connects them to a second fair. Theres a bronze statue in England proves this site has international importance.
  • The Army Corp of Engineers get involved in 1901. On the face they are building an erosion prevention device but the corps of engineers is scandalous, they seem to be close in structural issues like dam breaches and bridge and building collapses. They are probly constructing the entire vicinity to appear the way public-education schoolbooks say, building to fit the narrative. The story is established first then these guys or their civilian counterparts go to work presenting it. Similar to constructing human zoo displays at the World Fairs
  • In 1934 the National Park Service acquired the surrounding land. NPS was established as part of the New Deal. Nps maintains all the old-world locations and writes the narrative, moreso they guard the narrative.
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps are the non-gov branch but do the same thing, exempt from things like the Freedom of Information Act, as if that was really a thing anyway (see Margret Sanger, Helen Keller, MLK, mk-ultra fake foia) As if to prove this they say all their stratigraphic documentation was lost.
  • See Also; J.C. Harrington, 1937 pioneered ‘historic archaeology’, these even an archaeology museum on site (with a Roman name, this is important later)
  • preparing for the 350 anno they excavated a trench 3′ x 6′ long (666) covering 13 acres.
  • presence of Pre-Columbian Indians. They didnt exist
  • In preparation for the 400 anno the NPS partnered up with William and Mary College. Just their presence is enough to throw the whole game but then they start naming their objectives like computer ‘reconstruction’ mapping and determining land use by the inhabitants for the 12,000 yrs and then make a separate presentation for public access. 12,000 yrs is in reference to the “Ice Age”, its code for Mudflood, or Reset. That mean not only are they building a type of exhibit showcased at a World Fair as far as Jamestown goes but they are taking it even further to include the Ice Age narrative.
  • National Registry of Historic Places in 1966
  • The obelisk is 103 ft tall, one foot for each original settlers. That measn the orginal settlers are a 13 variation as well

I should’ve seen the angle coming; only its existence is the important part, no body ever seems concerned as to what they did, as long as they were there doing it.

The name is mockery, named after a fictional character from England, Robyn Hood, the Pocahontas story is Disney fable just like Robyn Hood. The people that write this stuff down know exactly what they are doing, I mean, the joke does not go unnoticed within their NYC art spook community. Jamestown is a fairy tale, thats what the mockery says.

The site of the fort was left untouched the whole time until it was purchased by Harrison Ruffin Tyler, a descendant of 10th prez Zach Taylor, Aces and Eights. A descendant of a founding father, this would make the owner a Colonial Dame, or one of the sister orgs. This would be the biggest claim of self confirmation we’ve seen in awhile. People of this class are like horses, they boast of their pedigree by naming their offspring the names of the bloodlines. Thats why its always significant when you find someone named after a fictional character. Tyler is comprised of 3, Harrison, Ruffner, and Tyler. Boy they really try to cram as much in there as they can huh.

The gift was made to his father, prez of William and Mary college Lyon Gardiner Tyler, but because of his Confederate views and position on segregation the college was unable to keep the endowment in his name. ‘Lyon’ could be ‘lying’, or symbolize the Lion, like from imagery on the Obelisk. Gardiner is an old spook family name. His position in academia means he had the knowledge and means to set the earth works site up to match the textbook version of events.

Speaking of self validating bloodlines Harry is also said to be descended from Pocahontas herself. Even more suspicious is his wife, who graduated with a degree in fine arts, then another degree in NY School of Interior Design and later attended the Art Students League. The couple backgrounds in art and academics make for a perfect combination if one wanted to set up a museum-exhibit quality fake historical site.

Tyler the younger has a background as a chemical engineer, grad from VA tech, worked with the Big Oil company Mobil until branching out on his own. This would explain the new narrative of Jamestown settlement changing directions. Remember, its not so important as to what the settlers are doing as much as that they are there to be doing it. Think about scientist on the international space station that never seem to be doing anything and the whole point is just to convince the viewer that they are really there, the ISS is just as fake as Colonial America. The new narrative is that they colony was Americas first chemical company, set up for metallurgy and glass making., Cites earlier perfumeries and gunpowder manufacturers. I have to say No, the colony as chemical enterprize is far too outlandish, even for me, but it showcases ho these gatekeepers can write whatever script they want and insert themselves where ever profitable, rewriting history along the way.

The thing is, sp many people have been inserting themselves along the way Jamestown characters have a diverse pool to write the narrative with

Army Corps of engineers

These guys were supposedly doing erosion control in 1901. I say they are responsible for planting most of the evidence that would be excavated over a century later. I even say they were really doing erosion work too. They shape the land to fit the narrative. The odd triangular shape of the fort and its relationship to the river suggests the original fort was cut in half. Half of it was washed away by the waters and the other half was modified by the Corps to appear the way the narrative reads.

They often work side by side with the Civilian Conservation Corps. Everyone on the job could be ignorantly working a proxy but functioning erosion control and a non-gov agent can slip in and out at will and arrange things to be found later. Furthermore, the corps stratigraphic data was reported lost. More like hidden, that would produce an authentic ‘discovery’. the civilian and govt engineers would even have access to genuine artifacts to bury. The same people that find them are the ones that determine authenticity. Thats why access to the Island has been restricted to military and preservation groups


According to historians the John Smith maps have disappeared (you dont say) on their way back to England aboard the ship Phoenix, but they still have other descriptions from outside sources. The layout of the fort takes on a more recognizable shape with the church in the central position, the ‘eye’ of the pyramid. Whether there was a pre-existing structure on the site that was modified or it was made up to look like a pyramid from scratch is up for discussion. I say yes it was modified, as you will find out soon the position is of outstanding military value. The stone is missing but could’ve been scavenged to build surrounding structures.

The hand drawn map is 1608 and even if it was that old that marker looks more like something else besides an ‘X’

John Smith

Now that I have my own attn lets jump in a little deeper. Yep, shoulda seen it. Its a pattern with the John Smith map of the Chesapeake Bay, its not just a map, its a whole book full of bullshit even mainstream normie historians have to admit its impossible for Smith to have been to the places he is said to have been by the previous historians. Shit, John Smith is the founder of Jamestown. Thats a two-fer. John Smith is a fictional character so are all the deeds attributed him, like Pocahontas, thank “Do you believe in Magick” fuckin Disney for any confusion

Anybody with a full sized bronze statue is a guaranteed Reset agent, the ones that make marble or granite pedestal status are the most highly regarded, The ones that get all this plus a disney movie make for a Grade A research paper. Only one thing is certain, whatever the postcard says is a lie


Be on the lookout for bronzes, the bigger the better, life sizes always have a good story, they only commemorate their own works. Pocahontas has two bronzes. She is an important character in England false history narrative as well, she has a life sized bronze copy of the one in Jamestown park. She doesn’t have a pedestal rank in America, she must’ve been downgraded bc the one in England still has it. The original statue in Jamestown was unveiled at the 1907 Tercentennial Expo and included 18 ft. Aces and Eights.

The artist, sculptor William Ordway Partridge overlooked the little things like style when he made an Eastern Algonquin wearing a Plains Indian dress. Who woulda thought that could even be a thing of contention? Well alot of people if you are obsessively trying to control the narrative.

Pocahontas was buried on March 21, 1617 (3/22, well close enough There are alot of numerical markers in dealing with Colonial history)

Just in case nobody has ever told you before, whenever you see a giant fucking obelisk featuring Phoenix imagery all over it learn to read context. This is an important clue in learning about our real past and who controls us. No its not the Phoenician Navy. Accounts say after obelisk dedication in 1907, due to lack of funds, Jamestown Island fell into disrepair and by 1957 erosion from upriver farms and plow cropping had brought ground level up to the step. This is an echo of a mudflood, the narrative makes absolutely no sense, you dont erect something like this and then mudflood it. they think im stoopid or somethin? Other Roman imagery include caltrops, simple iron spikes, and the seal of the commonwealth. Everyone surrounding this project had the means and know-how to pull off a staged archaeology site to fool the world. Well, they dont really have to fool the world since it is the New WORLD Order. i mean whats gonna happen if they investigate themselves anyway? They just have to fool the dumbed-down and distracted onlooker.

Obelisks are among the most important of all markers, the bigger the better. They even contain the B-e-l syallable as in Ba’al, I say as in Bell the family bloodline fits here too, the surname being a variation of Ba’el contained in the word O’bel’isk. Among the more ornate of obelisks this one features the eagle, lions head and shield, all imagry from Anicent Rome, the golden age of the state. (It’s all fake too.) Thats what this represents. The zenith of state control. The Emperors and Pharoahs. They try to project themselves as being decended from an unbroken line going back to the Holy Empire, even older to the priesthood class of Egypt, but dont fall for it, these assholes have barely managed to hold it together for 200 years, not 200 centuries.

Jamestown had its own share of Lucifers dick symbols but look how many others were featured.

VA exhibited one of their own obelisks in the State Palace
Another one featured from Fredericksburg, along with Victory Column and equestrian statue
Another at the tomb of Washington. All fake battles and fictional characters. Thats the M.O. of the World Fair
Hapers Ferry, this one was erected by the Railroad.
In the NY display

These bitches are just as treacherous as the Army Corps of Engineers. There presence says more than words ever could. They call themselves dames but CDA membership is comprized men and women, descendants of the fake founding fathers like Ben Franklin and all the rest of the signers of the Constitutions. The were organized straight outta the Philly Centennial in ’76, the first World Fair in America, this mean the Dames are a World Fair project all by themselves

The Dames travel around erecting monuments and placing memorials on sites they deem are of historical value. They along with similar groups have built up the whole area as a variation of the Human Zoo exhibits. Jamestown is a movie set staged by rich and powerful elite families and their only mission is to protect their way of life, the enslavement of the Orphan Immigrant

They recently funded the gate restoration project. Yeah, right, I mean, they ARE gatekeepers afterall, gatekeepers gotta keep gates. CDA is involved with alot of Indian War battle monuments and works with the likes of the Civilian Conservation Committee on star fort acquisition, See King Philips War and Ft Frederick.

Installed by the Colonial Dames of America. Because Gatekeepers gotta keep gates right

For 1907 expo they donated a new church to the APVA featuring glass floor panels used for viewing the original foundations of the previous churches. The problem is the other church history comes from John Smith who we have already established even normies admit it is impossible for him to have been there. The Dames built onto an existing brickwork chimney, at least thats what they say. here is a pic they give us, its undated and location not marked but I have found the photographic evidence surprizingly reliable, they are proud of their deception, the authenticity matters. An authentic lie.

The earliest depiction is in 1854, it seems the site had already been written up as a church as the alter and pews are featured. In the pictures the supposed rubble pile has been placed and does not appear natural. The larger slabs look like props to me. Perhaps they were all buried by the Corps of Engineered under direction of some World Fair creepy bloodlines

Mirror structure from swastika shaped star-fort in Charleston

In June 1922 the Dames contributed another piece to the Jamestown puzzle. A large Bronze bas-relief sculpture of the first communion in the New World. here let me explain that the “…this my blood and this is my body…” that you consume is a mock human-sacrifice ritual. Get mad You haven’t noticed a pattern yet?

March 22 (3/22) Massacre

The Skull and Boness Brotherhood of Death numerical sigil is found all over the place, not just asribed to the death of Pocahontas but in regards to the military aspect of Jamestown, several major battles and turning point of wars happened on this day. some would say these battles were human sacrifice rituals except that the battles never happened bc the Colonies are lies. It was so popular it even gets it own recognized holiday

A granite slab was placed at the site of Henritl Citi commemorating the attack provided by the Society of Colonial Wars. Wreathes were laid by orgs such as Order of the Indian Wars of the United States; National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia; Virginia State Society Colonial Dames of the XVII Century; Jamestowne Society; Order of the Founders and Patriots of America; Virginia Chapter National Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America; Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Virginia; and Huguenot Society of Virginia. All these groups give the appearance of variety, they are all the same entity and function as one unit

Side note: 3/22 is the 81st day of the year (Aces and Eights)

And of course all them bitches got stamps. Check out my stamp collection, they only give stamps to the plug agents and important fake events

New History

The narrative is always changing to adjust to the mustneeds to maintain control of the narrative. what I mean is historians have continually propped up the underprepared and over-ambitious attitude of the gold-digging Virginia Company settlers. Now it is morphing into a new narrative based on false evidence planted at the site… possibly by the Civilian Conservation Corps and Army corps of Engineers over a hundred years ago. Building an earthworks retaining wall for erosion certain sounds like it would provide cover for massive amounts of land moving. They probly even did install an erosion control system just to protect their little museum exhibit til the return of the Golden Age of the Holy Roman Empire, as the symbols and monuments suggest. This would also cut back on the people in the know. Plausible deniability. How many people you suppose participated in this one chapter alone? No need to worry about everyone keeping their shit together if everyone is actually doing what they say. It would only take a handful of people to actually plant the evidence. The burial locations map was then destroyed, or more likely suppressed so that each subsequent ‘discovery’ would seem organic and authentic, even to the excavator, this way the discoveries could be timed for maximized effect, such as appropriating grant money, which seems to be the ultimate goal of all university-level scholars. I think this could play out on large sites. check UNESCO sites. That one place in Globekli Teppi they even admit was buried intentionally!

After even farther analysis the 12,000 y/o Ice Age myth is being coupled with the enigmatic copper mines of the Upper Peninsula. The Great Lakes region has been discussed more and more in relation to the *global copper trade. The massive mines and do not fit the narrative. The emerging narrative suggests the Virginia Company was there to establish a point of contact with the already-existing Native controlled industry (see what I mean about conflicting narratives?) They have to come up with something that merges 2 narratives with as little scarring as possible. The good thing is they are both fake narratives so nothing is off limits. Even if they have to go in under a civilian or military banner and hide fake artifacts from themselves only to ‘rediscover’ them 20 years from now. We just have seen them do this a CENTURY IN ADVANCE, you think 10 or 20 years is too long? The current Jamestown Project spooks are calling themselves the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation, No shit again.

The copper mines never occurred to me the significance of this. Michigan native copper is world famous from antiquity and the pits rival contemporary mining operations. We gotta check it out in our Post-Reset/ Pre-population North America. This could fit in well with the Mound Builders category.

*See Also: Falun mine in Sweden 16th centenry

World Fairs

This is an official invitation to the Jamestown Tercentennial Expo in 1907

Jamestown WAS a World Fair! I knew it. The World Fairs are notoriously sloppy in their classification of what constitutes a world fair and an International Expo and you know how they are with their titles. The NYTimes appears to be mostly responsible for the PR campagin to draw in crowds and then erase it from public conversation and memory. NYT are another treacherous entity. They are the same entity for real but we dont have time for that, you should already know that.

There is a second obelisk at Jamestown, this is how compartmentalization is effective camoflage. I told you one was important, a second is crazy

The question mark after 1939 indicates not even the state knows where this comes from. The Virginia New York Worlds Fair Commission doesnt exist. For a similar story about a nonexistant group donating a granite marker see the Denver Airports New World Airport Commission.

Thank you if you read all this. Take time to process this, wipe the sleep outta your eyes and continue. Colonial America is a lie. The next post will be dedicated to the world fair alone. This is enough to leave most people with something to process, If you disgree with my reseach it is bc I have failed to present it the way it is. Colonial America was written by some art spook gatekeepers and Jamestown is a living exhibit, a staged archaeological site set up by the Inheritor families and the Military Industrial Complex. Perhaps that is the reason for both the Army Corps of Engineers and the Civilian Conservsation Corps. Much of the surrounding area was developed for the Worlds Fair which was really a big military show. Once the Fair people packed up and left the military just kinda stayed around and occupied the buildings. The fact that the position was such of strategic value was surprizingly over looked by the military. That was the trade off. the military got to keep the site and they both prop each other up. It appears from the little bit that Ive seen much of the civil war and precivil war history was made historical fact at the Jamestown Expo. It was mainly a naval superiority display and included all the little chapters of Colonial American icons, such as the Mayflower that Roosevelt rode in on. Interesting book written by the Black organizer, a prominent figure in Black “race development” (the boston cryptojews open a bank with his name attached) leave me a comment.

Photo album

The Creepiest Fair in the New World

*Here is some footage of the fair in 1907 but it doesnt show much but some marching drills.

Theres a few things that make the early World Fairs noteworthy, one, they provide an opportunity for shadow people to get together without drawing attn to themselves, like say for instance, the Bilderburgers or Boheimian Grove. The art world has always been the center of operations for such groups, going all the way back to when the first philanthropic groups and the groups responsible for paying out cash rewards for technological advancements all came from Art Societies

While operating under cover these groups could control the speed and direction of development for essentially the entire human population. Such examples would be the Combine Harvester/Reaper which was an international collaboration that spanned three quarters of a century, another would be the sewing machine, which also was crucial for controlling manufacturing and commerce, i.e., the economy.

Most International Expos share certain features like the names, or subtitles, that all point to one body of people subjugating another, or a celebration of conquest or war. Here we see events like the Columbia Expo, the Louis and Clark expedition, the Star Spangled Banner and War of 1812. These leads us to another shared trait, theyre all a fake historical timeline, none of those events really occured and each one is cover for the Great Reset that happened in 1800… maybe 1801. I have many reasons for saying this but Aces and Eights will work for now.

So these groups are writing history as they go and turning it into historical fact at these so called fairs. I have yet to find a more clear example than the freakshow displayed at Jamestown in 1907. Some background can be found in my posts somewhere I looked at the history of the site itself and determined it was an Army corps of Engineers job being directed by groups such as the Colonial Dames of America. They went in and modified an existing starfort to look the way its presented in their false-history books. Being involved with academia they were able to create a museum caliber set up complete with ‘authentic’ Roman weapons and armor.

Once they had the site set up it was time for the show. As with every fair they showcase ancient artifacts and attach their own name and younger date to steal credit. One thing you have to keep in mind is they only pay tribute to their own works, In every case, its a form of mockery.

There is an overseeing body established to determine which party is classified as a legit World Fair, there are several classifications, exactly what they use to determine this is still unknown, well not really, they do it to confuse people, to compartmentalize everything which provides camouflage, the Jamestown Expo was not as big in scale as say, chicago, so its not in the same class, this is how it has stayed hidden for the most part by World Fair researchers.

This fair, like most others, was declared a financial loss immediately after closing day, alot of meaningless numbers and excuses are given. One which is also common in other fairs is it was partially incomplete at the time of opening. I’m wondering if it was left incomplete on purpose just for a reason to dismiss fiancial loss. Not that there was financial loss. This was a military show paid for by art spook fundraisers. The military was gifted the grounds after they had been developed by fair-goers, Money is misdirection. It was not the least bit motivational either way, unless it was used as a controlling mechanism but thats money in general.

When I was doing my original piece it was about Colonialism. There was no original colonies, no Indians, no America Revolution. Toward the end of my report I had put enough together that the entire Jamestown site was a big ‘living’ archaeological exhibit, and then the bombshell hit that there was in fact a World Fair located here.

Looking at some of the few surviving pictures and reading some of the reports it seems this fair wasnt so much about manufacturing and industry, this fair was all about making fantasy bed-time stories into historical fact. Everything presented here falls into that catagory. They even had Prz Roosevelt pull up in the Mayflower.

The main things they are trying to establish as fact are the negro experience, Native America Indians, and Colonial America. Everything else falls somewhere close by by within similar parameters. Above all else is a military theme, in this instance it is a naval display. Aside from the Mayflower there was also recreations of important sea battles such as the ironclad ships of the Civil War. One thing is for sure, if there is something here that is worthy of their mention it is worth taking a second look at.

Each State showcased its own contribution to the Great Reset World Order, which is fake history. Massachusetts offered a display of its Colonial books, each book representing a different chapter in the artificial narrative, for example the diary of the judge during the Salem Witch Trials, which never happened but is foundational in Americana history. Another important lead I need to point out is the way language was taught to the natives. One person not only invented a language from scratch but taught it to the natives within a few years, not only once but at least twice, This is the exact same script used to explain away questions regarding Cherokee Indians down South. Normie history just regurgitates the same material over and over so we like to keep track.

NY Exhibit

Most of the images here were taken from the official catalogue. More here.

Many of structures were never disassembled after the exhibit, the military just moved right in. Well they just never left since it was military oriented to begin with. Apparently whoever was in charge of the military down there never realized the strategical advantages the point offered, This would become the most important naval station on the East Coast. Thats a joke. The place was a military outpost the whole time. They just turned into a freakshow for a few months and used the proceeds to add some buildings and spruce the place up.

Everything exhibited here was a tribute to the fake historical timeline, this is the case for all World Fairs but Jamestown is the most blatant I have seen. Some of the displays which I could not find pictures of includes a scale model of the destruction of the Great Earthquake in San Francisco. The implications of this are huge. I dont believe this would be the only display at the whole Fair that didnt go with the rest. The story of Teddy Roosevelt riding in on the Mayflower is high on the list too. But wait, its your lucky day, after much searching I did find some pics of the Earthquake model. Look at the people at the foot of the statue for scale, Who is the figure? What about at the base of the columns there is a face sandwich between two pillars, this is standard entry-level symbolism, Jaochin and Boaz, speaking of symbolic pillars, the two big ones look like they have the Eternal Flame resting atop. Notice the title is the Destruction, not Earthquake. Titles are very important to these people, a slip like this wouldn’t’ve gone unnoticed. The brochure says there was a full scale model of the city and a narrator that told the script while ‘mechanations’ shook and tilted and lifted parts of the model floor.

San Fran was razed during whatever the Reset event was, the ruins there were not due to any earthquake.

There is a picture of a baby incubator. These things were popular in their day but sadly most mentions have been filtered out and to find even one picture is extremly fortunate.

Think ot if as a big advertizment. States exhibited their best examples of raw materials and natural resources. Proto-Agenda 21
Ostrich farms were a World Fair staple. Still not exactly sure the symbolism behind that. Everything at the fairs have a meaning
Supposedly the height of military technology of its day, the meeting of Ironclad warships for the first time is featured. The war is a proxy cover for the Great Reset, the ironclads were top secret military projects that all the slow-drip technology advances allow us to have
The World Fairs were all about inserting the false history narrative. There was no wild west. There was some conflict with modern tribes of the East that wanted to portray a normal quiet form of primitive living alongside the rough and rowdy Wild West show. That would’ve been entertaining.
Descriptions of the Gates of Hell suggest it is intended to provide entertainment by having the experience of plunging into a pit full of “demons and other eerie creatures” where the traveler could feel the slimey skin of a dead serpent.
Wind-mills have been an unnoticed feature that this display brings to mind. From the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, monuments (?) or functioning in the Crimean War, they’re associated with the Swiss alps, anything from Switzerland is shady. The mills were manufactured by Reaper companies, agri-tech like International Harvester, probly the first generators. Check for tunneling/borer machines alongside.

Lets return to the baby incubators for a min, I found another image of the inside, This image is extremely fortunate we were able to find, most have been removed by censors. There is only a single paragraph of description to go with the image:

You can take that however you want. There is alot of speculation that what these baby incubators are is not what baby incubators are today. This is not necessarily just fancy temp regulator like we use for chickens but more like a growth accelerator. Where are they getting a steady supply of days-old babies? How many would they need? The fair was open for about 6 months, plenty of time for a newborn to turn into an infant, but the program suggests this was happening faster than naturally. There is advanced technology being withheld from the population, thats not a question, just like the Repopulation of Earth itself. The realm of cloning centers and growth accelerators is not as far-fetched and sci-fi as normie society would have you believe. And what about all the disproportionate amount of early orphanages. History calls them war orphans, maybe. Orphan trains took hundreds of thousands out west. The world was repopulated with orphans that could be given any family background and general history and nobody would ever think to question it. This is one of the more intriguing episodes in the World Fair catagory.

The Negro house has made a popularity comeback in todays PC world. This fair exhibit showed the develoment and contributions made by the Black community to the Post-Reset world. The person in charge was a man named Giles Jackson, a southern lawyer from VA with cryptojew bankster financier’s from Boston. Giles started the first bank dedicated to the Black business owner, which if you understand how the banking system enslaves the people you can see how much Jackson ‘helped’ his community. He later wrote a book about the Black experience in America, Im guessing this is where the majority of the slavery narrative comes from.

The Temple of Mirth? WTF is that supposed to be? Looks like one of the early Thanksgiving day parade floats. Maybe an early relative of Pennywise.
Klondike, Fake gold-rushes have been used as an orchestrated mass-migration event many times over… just about every time really. Not saying gold is fake but it provides an excellant way to explain a sudden movement of people or an appearance of a large population where there was none in the recent past.
Human Zoos have always been a thing at the fairs. Im starting to think the whole planet is an exhibit in the Interdimensional Expo. Terraforming and everything. Groups were separated based on physical traits and organized and displaced across the world each given a unique history. The Reset class know these people are pet projects of theirs, this is not a showing of national pride, they are a catalog of all the peoples they have created. The most well-known of the zoos were at the St Louis Expo in 1904 which ran alongside the first olympics. The story that the olympics are thousands of years old is just that, a story, they werent reintroduced in 1904, they were a novelty that ran with the Wild West Show.

The war on the Deafblind community has always been hidden in plain site. They make an appearance here as with most of the Expo’s

The panama Canal would be given its own fair but the relief model was shown in most others. North America was a highly canalized landscape, these are ancient artifacts with a younger date ascribed.
N Carolina exhibit is a set of double arches. Arch as in Monarch Project
Quaker Oats has a display, thats funny. I didnt know they were a Chicago company. Quaker Oats got into hot water when they were caught doing radiation experiments on mentally disabled children. Anything with Quaker in the name is suspect.
I dont believe there were large herds of buffalo like you see in the movies, Im not saying there were no Buffalo, just not as far as you can see in every direction, same with whales and the whaling industry.
Full sized tunnel sections going under the river into NYC, if its on display they didnt build it, they are trying to steal credit for it.

Not just physical items but photos of their works are put on display, such as this copy of the Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, an Olde World castle.

Ohio’s state exhibit was artifacts from the mounds of several sites that are now public parks. No mention of giants. I covered this in my Pre-Columbian America article

Unfortunately I couldnt find a good picture of Roosevelt riding shotgun on the Mayflower, There are these few images here which are labeled the Mayflower but I dont remeber being taught the Pilgrims had a smoke stack coming out of the middle. Ahh, maybe thats bc the library of Congress has the pic mislabeled, this looks more like MarkTwain and his homeboy Henry Rodgers, Standard Oil tycoon. Twain made headlines at the fair and even the NYTimes declared him lost at sea, surely a joke since there are two (twain is the play on words for twin) this is supporting evidence if you look at the timeline of events the media published a fake death story to cover up how could there be two Twains at dif locations at the same time? He and his elite pedo media and railroad friends rode their private yachts down for Fulton Day, the 100 anno for the invention of the steamboat, which means they didnt build that either.

Kanawha owned by robber baron is mislabeled the Mayflower by all the outlets I could find, including the LoC. IDK whats more disturbing, that something as big and significant as Roosevelt riding the Mayflower has no surviving pictures, or the pictures that do survive are really of Spook humorist Mark Twain. There is another photo album at the LoC of 100 pictures that hasnt been digitized. Gives me something to look forward to on my next field trip.

There is either a slip in the media at the time or it was planned mockery that Twain’s death was reported in the NYTimes as he appeared at Jamestown. His name Twain is a pun bc there were 2 of them. They were twins.

I was able to find this in the Library of Congress that claims to be Roosevelt on the Mayflower’s deck.

Panorama (clik to enlarge)

Human Zoo’s

Jamestown was a minor blip in the human zoo dept but the Colonial exhibit’s were soon to become themain attraction. This one here shows a Filipino family “helping to celebrate” the fair. They sure do look happy to be there huh?


These pics have been used to argue that the building were all built on site within the stated time, I largly have left that thread alone but I just wanted to comment on a few things. The shot with multiple workers on the roof are raising flags, this is not showing construction. Scaffolding set up doesnt even have workers on it is not construction, the image with workers in the yard is landscaping, not construction. the image with dirt roads doesn not explain construction but the opposite, how did they build those grand buildings in the background with donkeys and wagons on muddy dirt roads? Makes no sense.

Ft Monroe is a Starfort

The entrance to the Jamestown area is highly valued strategically from a defensive perspective it sits past the mouth to the Atlantic Ocean. Situated on a peninsula branching off a larger peninsula is Ft Monroe, a starfort with a fake history going back nearly as far as Jamestown itself.

Circled in red is the Chamberlain Hotel, pictured below is a photo from the Jamestown World Fair catalog. “But wait a minute” you might ask, “I thought the area was a barren marshland?” Sure, kid. Whatever you say.

This is what it has been reduced to today. A fire brought down most of it in the 20’s, just like so many of the Olde World artifacts. The building is now a retirement home.

Starfort Monroe

One of the things that has been erased from conversation and the photo archives is the record of flight development. I just found this pamphlet in the Wayback Machine of all the categories, contenders and awards in the flight department. 1907 was a big year. Even the Wright brothers made an appearance with their new fangled flying machine. Helicopters were on display too. I dont have time to google each inventor and company but here is a brochure for anyone out there that has the inclination.

U.S. government would look to private experimenters for the practical solution of the problem of aerial locomotion, and that he hoped the Exposition at Jamestown in bringing together the models and ideas of many inventors, would be of great value to the science, and that the effort of the Jamestown officials deserve the enthusiastic co-operation of all interested in aerial navigation

Many of the competitors were at the Columbian Fair in 1893 and included the US Weather Bureau and the Signal Corps. An “International Aeronautic Congress” with papers and speakers was scheduled to be held at the exposition on 28–30 October but was apparently relocated to New York at the last minute. The navy opened a permenant aviation base in 1917 on the old exhibit grounds, which we have established was the long-game plan from the beginning.

The 1893 congress was an extension of the 1889 congress in Paris, which is recorded as the second. This means that the development of flight was planned in stages and the World Fairs provided an opportunity for Spook Intel to get together and share progress reports.

Also included in the 1893 segment was the  International Meteorological Congress, which connects us to polar exploration. Anytime you see the word ‘International’ it means New World Order.

Parson Blair Tomb and Cemetery

 Funding for the restoration of the tomb of Dr. Blair in 2007 was provided by the Cypher Society, a group of former members of the governing Board of Visitors of the College of William and Mary, in honor of Blair having served the College for fifty years as its primary founder and first president.


I just wanted to share something that happened to me a few years ago that might help somebody rationalize how deep the deception is rooted. Colonial America is a lie. 100%. This is not some crazy bullshit brought to you by one of the scumbag false-light truth-gurus, this is real. America was repopulated. Many people have had this deception shoved down their throat since birth and cannot see past the mask covering the nose on their face. “Oh yeah, The museum down the street has a copy of the John Smith map, ya fuckin idiot, I seen it and I know all the people working the museum.” Maybe this sounds appropriate. Let me explain…

I live in a small town right on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. North Beach used to be a rowdy biker town, when you introduced yourself as from ‘The Beach’ people would avoid you, or challenge you to a fist fight. I remember in school not being allowed to court girls from neighboring towns once their parents found out I was a ‘Beacher’. Nowadays its a cookie cutter tourist trap, access to the beach is limited to a few places with fake sand trucked in, all the juke-box joints are replaced with fine dining restaurants and there are more Audi’s than Harley’s.

The railroad built the town in the early 1900’s as a travel destination for D.C. residents to come during the weekend to unwind. There is a railroad museum in the neighboring town even, anything connected to the railroad is a Pandora’s box once you start scratching the surface, Thats our first clue right there.

Tucked away at the bottom of the hill on 4th St is the Chesapeake Bayside History Museum. Its been there all my 40 short years and the nice young ladies that run the place come from local families that grew up beside my own for generations. What I mean is, theres no way this kinda place could be complicit in any kind of New World Order false-history narrative right? Well let me explain how it works…

Years ago there was a clipping from the local paper that the museum had procured an original copy of of the John Smith Chesapeake Bay map from the early 1600’s. Along with the map came 50,000$ from the state for security upgrades. yeah, remember any money the state has it has stolen via taxes and traffic cams, which means the citizens were extorted to beef up the alarm system on some no-name ‘museum’ in some scrub town to protect a known forgery. The item was donated, maybe bequeathed I cant remember, I wasn’t paying much attn at the time and still believed the public education Disney bedtime story. I couldn’t wait to go see it and was excited our little town was caretaker of such an important historical document.

$50,000 is alot of money for a place like this, who for most of my life even the residents hardly knew the museum was even there. It was located in a regular house with maybe a little sign tacked to the door. Now they have their own building, the old public library building so its connected to the state in that sense. They built a new library and gave the museum the library’s old building. All this happened around the same time, say, maybe 25 years ago. All this generosity would come with stipulations, for example, the Smith map must be presented in a certain way.

Many years would pass before I ever went inside the place. I lived and grew up less than half-dozen blocks away but like I said, most locals didn’t even know the place was there, let alone actually go inside, that was for the tourists, you could get a better history lesson shooting a game of pool over a draft beer. One day I was remodeling one of the old cottages in town and folded up inside a waxpaper envelope was some correspondence between two ladies dated from the 1930’s that had been boarded up behind the plaster wall I was tearing down. The letter was an interesting window into a different time period, it was written by a once-prominent family member to her friend in the city, she was trying to prepare a meal for 75 people and while all the men were trying to catch fish all the women were trying to catch chickens that were allowed to roam free-range around town. It was cool and all but worthless to me, I brought it home to show my girlfriend and after that it just got shoved in the back of a junk drawer and forgotten about for over a year till i was moving out and found it a second time. Not wanting to throw it away but having no use for it I asked a few townspeople if they wanted it or ‘what should I do’ suggestions, the museum reached out to me and said they’d be interested in seeing what I had and it was set. The next day I walked 2 blocks over and went inside for the first time. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the ladies that operate the place and almost feel guilty about calling out their prized possession, the bullshit forgery with a $50,000 stipulation.

The map itself is housed under a protective glass case so you cant turn the pages. She told me her dirty little secret, the map on display is a reproduction, the original is far too valuable to be left out like that. Why the need for a bulletproof/ fire proof case if its just a facsimile? Bc its all about deception, the whole show is an illusion, a trick. Of course its a copy, most exhibits inside most museums are copies, you ever been to the Smithsonian? jeez. They tell you right up front nothing is authentic before you ask that way they have some defense if someone points out the obvious that everything looks fake af. That’s bc it is. This place was no dif. When you start getting into the really important pieces like the ancient sculptures of Rome or writings of historical icons you find they are all copies of copies of copies and translations of translations of translations. Its camouflage. They say that dumb shit because even the originals are fakes.

“So”, I asked during my visit, “what about the real thing? Is that in yalls possession or in a safe deposit box or something?” The reply I got was the look of terror followed by “Oh no, we arent allowed to talk about that.” Hmm, well thats a little weird but I didn’t push. Turns out they couldn’t talk about anything map related except how pretty the picture is on the admitted fake under 3 inches of bullet proof casing.

Turns out after much internalizing the whole museum is dedicated to precolonial Indian habitation, John Smith and the railroad. All fakes. Sorry ladies at the museum, this is a perfect example of how deeply rooted and pervasive the artifical reality around us is, every town has a place just like this they can relate too.

Recently I was writing the article about the historic Jamestown Settlement, the whole place is a museum quality fake designed by the army corp of engineers and some preservation societies like the Colonial Dames. The only thing these bitches are preserving is perpetual psychological class warfare. Pulling up a link for the Smith map I read on their website it was donated by a Radcliffe. Radcliffe is an old spook family connecting to Harvard. Harvard is a command central, never just anything that comes out of there, Harvard is up there with the railroad. I became acquainted to Radcliffe through Helen Keller, they are the school that gave her a valedictorian diploma in advanced Latin. lol, its funny now, how could anybody fall for such an obvious fake, maybe like that NASA guy said about the moon landing: “You can tell its real because it looks so fake.” Classic. Furthermore I came across more Radcliffes writing the article about the World Fair that was held on Jamestown Island to celebrate the 300 year anno of the historic settlement, Radcliffes were on the oversight committee of organizers.

It just occurred to me the connection here. Radcliffe is connected to Jamestown through the World Fair and the John Smith map is along the same thread, Radcliffe is here too pushing the same narrative lie. This supports my position that these projects are handled by the same families over the course of multiple generations. Two generations of Radcliffes pushing the same lie.

The illustrations are beautiful, somebody put alot of energy into producing such an artistic fraud, all the more convincing, part of the illusion. The item isn’t really a map, its several maps combined in a 250 page book, the first history book of the area supposedly from the first settlers. These kinds of fake docs provide a nice clean timeline to explain how we arrived at this point in our collective experience. It is such a foundational piece nobody could even think to question its authenticity, so important in fact even a scanned reproduction is kept under protective custody. I have neither the time nor the inclination to go over the whole book, I have read it though, cover to cover, quite an impressive piece of effective propaganda, but more than that its a national identity. I mean, “Do you believe in magick” fucking Disney even got in on the action. They always target the children, get em while they’re young and you got em when they’re adults.

They even use a type of grammar thats a dead giveaway, you know the kind where they add an ‘E’ to the end of all the words and make the ‘U’ spelled with a ‘V’, this is all part of the illusion, people see that type and their subconscious goes right to the time-period like the Renaissance Festival or something. Language plays a very important role in the subjugation of humanity going back to the story of the Tower of Babel, languages were created on site, sometimes by one person and taught to the entire tribe within one generation. They really expect people to believe that, the scary part is people do believe it. The spelling and syntax is another form of deception, recognizable to a specific time period bc that’s exactly what it was designed to do.

The booke serves many layers, justified land-grabs are only one of them. One thing that turns up repeatedly is generational wealth is passed down in the families like Radcliffe all stem from some sort of transaction that happened during the Colonial years. Choice properties are claimed with more falsified documents like wills, titles, deeds, charters… We are truly a people ruled from the grave with binding contract rituals, it is literally the definition of casting a magick spell, we even call it ‘spelling‘.

I’ll leave the rest up to you to process, just take a look through the text, with a critical view its almost humorous just how fake it is, and then you wonder how you even fell for it in the first place. The thing is, every single piece of history is the same way, usually the more importance is placed on the item the easier it is to tell how fake it is.

Letter From John Smith to the Queen Regarding Treatment of Pocahontas

Here is the transcript of a letter said-wrote in 1624. Heres the thing, there is no copy of the actual letter, the only record is from Smiths own diary which he records what he wrote. Theres a difference. You know I have a thing for self confirmation. Its bc they always be lying.

There is no outside copies bc there was no letter. Johnny boy’s diary is fake, thus, everything inside it is fake. Now that you have proper context try reading the letter with a straight face. Tough huh. Once the spell is broke and you see things for what is really is it is laughable how bad the illusion really is and how could I have ever fallen for it to begin with? Its cool bro, We were all there at one point.

To the most high and vertuous Princesse Queene Anne of Great Brittanie.

Most admired Queene,

The love I beare my God, my King and Countrie, hath so oft emboldened mee in the worst of extreme dangers, that now honestie doth constraine mee presume thus farre beyond my selfe, to present your Majestie this short discourse: if ingratitude be a deadly poyson to all honest vertues, I must bee guiltie of that crime if I should omit any meanes to bee thankfull. So it is,

That some ten yeeres agoe being in Virginia, and taken prisoner by the power of Powhatan their chiefe King, I received from this great Salvage exceeding great courtesie, especially from his sonne Nantaquaus, the most manliest, comeliest, boldest spirit, I ever saw in a Salvage, and his sister Pocahontas, the Kings most deare and wel-beloved daughter, being but a childe of twelve or thirteene yeeres of age, whose compassionate pitifull heart, of my desperate estate, gave me much cause to respect her: I being the first Christian this proud King and his grim attendants ever saw: and thus inthralled in their barbarous power, I cannot say I felt the least occasion of want that was in the power of those my mortall foes to prevent, notwithstanding al their threats. After some six weeks fatting amongst those Salvage Courtiers, at the minute of my execution, she hazarded the beating out of her owne brains to save mine; and not onely that, but so prevailed with her father, that I was safely conducted to James towne, where I found about eight and thirtie miserable poore and sicke creatures, to keepe possession of all those large territories of Virginia, such was the weaknesse of this poore Commonwealth, as had the Salvages not fed us, we directly had starved.

And this reliefe, most gracious Queene, was commonly brought us by this Lady Pocahontas, notwithstanding all these passages when inconstant Fortune turned our peace to warre, this tender Virgin would still not spare to dare to visit us, and by her our jarres have beene oft appeased, and our wants still supplyed; were it the policie of her father thus to imploy her, or the ordinance of God thus to make her his instrument, or her extraordinarie affection to our Nation, I know not: but of this I am sure; when her father with the utmost of his policie and power, sought to surprize mee, having but eighteene with mee, the darke night could not affright her from comming through the irkesome woods, and with watered eies gave me intelligence, with her best advice to escape his furie; which had hee knowne, hee had surely slaine her. James towne with her wild traine she as freely frequented, as her fathers habitation; and during the time of two or three yeeres, she next under God, was still the instrument to preserve this Colonie from death, famine and utter confusion, which if in those times, had once beene dissolved, Virginia might have line as it was at our first arrivall to this day. Since then, this businesse having beene turned and varied by many accidents from that I left it at: it is most certaine, after a long and troublesome warre after my departure, betwixt her father and our Colonie, all which time shee was not heard of, about two yeeres after shee her selfe was taken prisoner, being so detained neere two yeeres longer, the Colonie by that meanes was relieved, peace concluded, and at last rejecting her barbarous condition, was maried to an English Gentleman, with whom at this present she is in England; the first Christian ever of that Nation, the first Virginian ever spake English, or had a childe in mariage by an Englishman, a matter surely, if my meaning bee truly considered and well understood, worthy a Princes understanding.

Thus most gracious Lady, I have related to your Majestie, what at your best leasure our approved Histories will account you at large, and done in the time of your Majesties life, and however this might bee presented you from a more worthy pen, it cannot from a more honest heart, as yet I never begged any thing of the state, or any, and it is my want of abilitie and her exceeding desert, your birth, meanes and authoritie, hir birth, vertue, want and simplicitie, doth make mee thus bold, humbly to beseech your Majestie to take this knowledge of her, though it be from one so unworthy to be the reporter, as my selfe, her husbands estate not being able to make her fit to attend your Majestie: the most and least I can doe, is to tell you this, because none so oft hath tried it as my selfe, and the rather being of so great a spirit, how ever her stature: if she should not be well received, seeing this Kingdome may rightly have a Kingdome by her meanes; her present love to us and Christianitie, might turne to such scorne and furie, as to divert all this good to the worst of evill, where finding so great a Queene should doe her some honour more than she can imagine, for being so kinde to your servants and subjects, would so ravish her with content, as endeare her dearest bloud to effect that, your Majestie and all the Kings honest subjects most earnestly desire: And so I humbly kisse your gracious hands.

A coin was found, 34 so far, bearing the winged lion on Venice, also called the Lion of St Mark. A bronze statue of the lion rests on top of a column in the tourist trap plaza in Venice, its more like the sigil of Venice, its on all their flags and State buildings. It is also located at several World Heritage sites, each one being a variation of the fraud at Jamestown. You have to read the full story here

As if it couldn’t get any deeper the bottom drops out. They found a Lion-Griffin coin at the Jamestown Settlement, at Ft James. Not just one but 12 of them. (Why 12? It should be 11 or 13, someone messed their number game up.) I have covered the historic settlement fraud extensively, it was one of my first articles and it was on this subject I finally had to admit to myself Jamestown was fake, and thus all of history. When I began the report I wasn’t sure either way, I did it to prove one or the other and Jamestown provided a formula on how all the fake sites are set up.

Jamestown was the site of an old Starfort, it was during the Civil War the first artifacts were found. The finders were a Colored Troop, thats a mark. For obvious reasons the Colored Troops did alot of black ops projects (no pun intended). after the war the property was purchased by a private entity from one of the old families. The army corp of engineers went in and modified the existing structure to match what the history books say and then buried it again, they did all this under the guise of ‘erosion control’.

50 years the place sat until it was ‘rediscovered’. The new owner worked at William and Mary College and had top academic participation to make everything as authenic as possible. They also had access to the actual things too. Sort of. All history is fake so the ‘experts’ can make it up as they go along and whose gonna call them out?

Once the discoveries started being made the preservation groups started getting involved. The pres groups like the Colonial Dames of America and Sons of the American Revolution know the places are scams. They get laws passed to protect the sites and protect the timeline. Theyre gatekeepers.

Later they host a World Fair at the location to hold tribute to themselves and rub it in, theres so much mockery out there. After the World Fair wraps up the military just kinda moves in and never leaves. The site was developed for them the whole time.

This was a museum caliber fraud to fake world history. Every single object was specifically chosen to a particular reason, what ever each piece has its own merits. It is not just a coincidence that any piece wound up not only at the site, but then on display at the museum to showcase it. What does this mean for us and our path? Well who knows, it kinda solidifies some things we already knew. I thought I had Jamestown tapped out. See how the truth is so much better?

Lets see what the Ministry of Truth says:

Only 12 jettons out of a total of about 500 in the Jamestown collection depict the Lion of St. Mark. Similar to other jetton types, the reverse side depicts the imperial orb within a trilobe. The surrounding letters record the maker and the location where the jetton was made.

The obverse side depicts a winged lion holding a book, with the letters MARCVS EVANGELLIST GOTT (“St. Mark, Evangelist of God”) surrounding. The winged lion symbol is associated with St. Mark because according to ancient legend, while taking refuge from a storm in the city of Venice, Mark was visited in a dream by an angel in the form of a winged lion. The lion exclaimed in Latin “Pax tibi Marce Evangelista meus, hic requiescet corpus tuum” (“Peace to you, Mark, my Evangelist. Here will rest your body”). Mark later died in Egypt, but in the 9th century two Venetian merchants offered the relics of St. Mark to the Doge of Venice. A grand basilica which still stands today was built next to the Doge’s palace to house the relics and the winged lion of St. Mark became a symbol of the city. The winged lion of St. Mark is seen in the city’s coat of arms and on coinage. The use of this symbol on these jettons suggests that they were intended to be used in Venetian markets.

These types of jettons were made by a few different makers, which means that although they depict similar figures, different jettons could date to different periods of manufacture. Two jettons are very worn and their markings are unclear so the maker is unknown. Six jettons of the Lion of St. Mark type, including the one pictured above, bear the name of Hans Krauwinckel I, a master jetton maker who worked in 1562 and died in 1586. As you can see in the image above, the decorative lines that surround the orb are very decorative, with points and scrolling designs. This is characteristic of jettons made by Hans Krauwinckle I.

One jetton of the Lion of St. Mark type was made by Hans Schultes II who made jettons beginning in 1586 until his death in 1603 and represents the only jetton in the Jamestown collection made by a member of the Schultes family. Three lion of St. Mark jettons were made by Egidius Krauwinckel, who made jettons beginning in 1670 until he died in 1613. The jettons made by Egidius have a plainer trilobe design surrounding the orb on the reverse, as you can see in the images below. Thus, most of these casting counters predate the settlement of 1607 James Fort, some likely by almost 30 years! 

Let me point something out in case you missed it, its a very common, very subtle form of manipulation. Its sleight-of-hand illusion. They even offer a second coin for comparison. The coin is fake, all of them but by adding variety the target is less likely to accuse fraud than if there is only one. Sometimes a very poorly fake is made so they can throw it under the bus and make the good fakes only that much more embedded bc ppl think how good they did by rooting out a forgery.

Im not familiar with either of the names of the coin makers but they’re probly father and son. They are probly directly related to a major bankster or merchant today that had their own fake family tree inserted into the timeline to give themselves a illegitimate claim to generational prestige and wealth. Thats just how it works. This is a promo piece, an advertisement. Even if the Krauwinkel descendants are not merchant banksters this is a representative piece. You can also find a list of coins bearing his mark which will lead to more fake sites, which will lead to more fake artifacts, and so on. When take down one, they all come down together.

I couldnt help it, I had to check, its just what I do. The first hit led to the British Museum, they only deal in fakes. I love the part that says the coin is ‘awaiting validation’, lol. Think that one is good, wait for the punchline. The coin project at the museum is called the Portable Antiques Scheme. Its a scheme alright. So much mockery.

I saved the last page of the booke for here, I think you’ll see why its appropriate, something more recognizable with an All-Seeing-Eye in the capstone… Nah, they wouldn’t really be so brazen would they? Well maybe they really did buy all of Manhattan Island for a handful of glass beads after all, every kid learns about that in 1st grade for fux sake.


  1. So the obelisk from ancient Egypt is old or new? Are you suggesting Egypt isn’t ancient and the obelisk and pyramids are of these people? Or is the obelisk from old days and pyramids and they just changed the meaning and attributed them to themselves? Just wondering. Because, if so does this mean that ancient Egypt isn’t so ancient and it’s’ lineage isn’t African after all? Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hey CJ. There are some sites in Egypt that are old and some are new with a fake history, usually its the opposite of whatever the brochure says. Hieroglyphs are new so anything that has them is new too. Unless its an old artifact that has been resurfaced that is. I just published something about king tut’s discovery. Not just the structures but the culture is faked too. Egypt is one of the biggest bc of the pyramids but you can also tell bc Streets of Cairo is one the longest running World Fair exhibits ever. The WF is where all the faked cultures were inserted into popular conversation and history. The thing here is the same groups of people are doing all the ancient sites so you have Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde in N America; Macchu Pichu and Nazca in S America. The Pre Columbian cultures are in there too with Tibet and Asian sites. Prestigious art academies and Universities are the ones that go out and stage the site, the museums fund the “indiana Jones” character to go make the ‘discovery’ and gatekeeper news outlets like NYTimes present the sites as legit. Hardly no movie propaganda icon has done more damage than Indy. Jones did for fake archeology what tom cruise and Top Gun did for Air Force recruitment. Just look through the archives. It all overlaps. Heres something on Egypt.https://its-all-fake.com/2023/08/26/king-tut-and-ancient-egypt-royal-hoax/

    2. The one at Jtown is new, although the site had old structures on it. Ft Monroe and Ft James are both starforts, the ruins of what they call a church, plus Norfolk has tons of olde world artifacts, the obelisk is new. One thing to keep in mind is the amount of time it took to prepare for the repopulation. In some places it seems very short, Galveston, TX, for example they blame on a hurricane but the damage was old. Its all wood though, it wouldve decomposed if it was there long. In other places in Europe they blame destruction on WW2 but there is no wood at all, its all brick and stone rubble. While the worldwide Reset was a thing it was also highly localized, I always like to ask the readers to think about how long did it take to excavate large urban areas like San francisco, which is completely cleaned and ready to rebuild, 100 yrs. 500…?

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