Antarctica is a Fake Ass Bitch

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The artic wall. Antarctica. I’m not a flat earther (yet) but since we can trust nothing we were taught… Why is it guarded and illegal to go where you want? Why limited guided area? It’s supposedly the flat earth outer “wall”.

This already falls into the rabbithole of ‘Only trolls drop FE comments’. First off, If we are talking about Antarctica wouldn’t it be the Antarctica Wall? or is there really the Arctic Wall in Antarctica. .. Ive seen some really good threads that get wiped out bc somebody will swoop in with that crap. Part of the reason it is so successful is bc so much about it is true; What is the deal with Antarctica?

I have a post here about the insertion of the flat earth into common conversation already, the very first FE trolls.

The Ministry of Truth has many Antarctica pages, Im just gonna hop around and see where it goes:

Byrd Expeditions

Byrd is a big name in the FE community, but do any of you know what he actually did? I don’t. I want to say he’s the guy that first flew over the North Pole and the South Pole. The South Pole he records seeing flush green vegetation past the Ice Wall and a hostile encounter with advanced technology. Then he returns with an armada and finds an entrance to the Hollow Earth. The Navy responds by locking him in a hospital saying he has severe dementia.

So I’m just putting out there what I can remember from my old Coast to Coast A.M. days, lol. Those were the good ol days of Bigfoot and Reptilian Shapeshifters. I know you O.G. Truthers know what I’m talking about. Nevermind.

What Im trying to say is I dont know anything about Byrd, other than his last name. Bird was an early painter with the War Dept. He did a bunch of Indian portraits with McKenna, it was all a psy-op, there were no Indians. The Byrd’s are a generational spook military intelligence operatives.

One of the biggest names in Antarctic history id Admiral Byrd. Byrd was the first person to fly over the North Pole in 1926 and the First person to fly over the South pole in ’28. Byrd made multiple trips and led the famous Operation Hi-jump and Deep Freeze

Byrd was awarded the Medal of Honor for the N. Pole and Navy Cross for S. Pole.

The Byrd Expedition medal to commemorate the trip in 1928. 81 recipients at a cost of $6560. I guess someone thought they were gonna hide something by holding one back. Like the Capt Morgan pose on the coin itself
Byrd memorial in NZ unveiled on the 5th anno of Byrds death on March 11, 1962 (333) at 11:30 (333)
Discovered tallest Volcano in ANT. In the Executive Committee Range. the EC is an inside joke. Problem Reaction Solution, Ordo ab Chao.
Buried at National Cemetery in Arlington with inverted pentagram sigil
This one as well. Any kind of stage prop that has to do with advanced or higher knowledge. The sextant is featured on the Pantheon in Paris which is a huge psyche-war construct. Sextant numbers are an opening for the insertion of number codes lik 18 degrees at 18 mins and 18 secs, (for real they use that one.)
Only the good shit gets the stamps. See also: Nimrod Expedition, Shackleton named postmaster general and gets stamped. A whole fake-stamp campaign gets started to steal more citizen funds in the form of souvenir postal marks. Mountains of mail gets cycled through. The post mark doesnt mean the letter really went here the mark says

Marble bust memorial in Dunedin NZ.An identical one is at the National Science Foundation headquarter at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica

Byrd was cast as himself bc he was a military propaganda actor
and a Battleship. the only other one Ive come across was the USS Bunker Hill. (The American Revolution is fake timeline)

Byrd was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the elite college club with a fake background that says they go back to the American Revolution. Byrd also is in the Sons of American Revolution, TN chapter and was descended from Pocahontas. lol, sure he was, the fake Indian princess. At this time it might be pointless to say his was among Virginias “First Families” that trace lineage direct to the Mayflower. Ha again. The Mayflower. Good one. His brother was Henry F Byrd, gov of Virginia at the time of the flight. Family spooks

See anything wrong with this picture? Those clouds have been added after the fact. Those ripple patterns in the clouds are from geoengineering techniques. They have been caught digitally adding them to older pics to normalize them like they have always been there. They do it in movies too. This one is already part of the psyche-war being with Byrd and his expedition so it is appropriate his gets marked with the fake clouds. Pic is part of the repository at the Air and Space Museum in San Diego.

North Pole Misadventure

I didn’t cover Byrds North Pole adventure bc the report is supposed to focus on the South Pole. I missed a whole scoop that way. This is supposedly when he flew into the Hollow Earth.

On May 10, 1926, with the backing of the National Geographic Society and private donations from many influential people of the time, such as Edsel Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Vincent Astor, and others, Byrd was able to secure enough money to lease a ship and buy an airplane and all the needed supplies to embark on a north polar flight. Other major investors included the New York Times, Current News Features, and Pathe News, a producer of newsreels. In exchange for their investments, Byrd signed contracts guaranteeing his story to the various media.

Controversy over whether Byrd really made it to the North Pole arose after his diary was published. He erased sextant numbers but you could still read them. 07. 07.10 (triple sevens) had been changed to 18.18.18 (Aces and Eights). Furthermore, he failed to drop the American flags on the spot which was part of the plan, coordinating with a foot race that was going on the ground

Supposedly his co-pilot made a death bed confession (those are my favorite kinds) that they didn’t even try, they just flew out of sight and then circled around for some time before returning.

In 1996 the Ohio State University that housed his archives introduced new fabricated evidence. This is a common MO to add supporting docs, here is a showcase example. They said researchers discovered his diary that was unknowingly at the bottom of his records bc the year on the diary was not the year of his flight; Byrd used the same diary for several years bc it hadn’t filled up. They were given possession of the collection in the mid-80’s but it sat around until funding came from the Dept of Education to catalog its contents.Contained in this long lost secret diary modern Polar ‘experts’ gave Byrd an easy out, (it was an open secret he didn’t complete the mission. The scriptwriters inserted the fake journal that said Byrd was unsure of the distance traveled and time in flight bc an oil leak had developed which caused them to turn around unexpectedly, thinking they had made the top of the world. They let him off the hook easy so he saved face.

Here is an article that someone put together that investigated all the early North Pole claims and determined at the least they are unproven and suspicious. with links.Not only the claims surrounding the Pole but all the other claims made by the same people. I haven’t had a chance to go through this up close yet but I commend any follow researcher, regardless of conclusions, an honest effort is the important part.

The uncropped original image of the 1906 Frederick Cook photo, which Cook had falsely claimed was the summit of Mt.McKinley. The photo was recovered after being suppressed for 90 years. Comparison with Cook’s own photos (DIO 7.2  or 9) proved beyond any doubt that Cook’s photo was taken at little Fake Peak, 19 miles from McKinley & barely 1/4 as high. With both Cook & Peary, the simplest fake to understand is from 1906, not the respective N.Pole hoaxes. But for each explorer, his prior fake destroys his Pole imposition since each Pole-claim depended upon the word of a now-demonstrably untrustworthy explorer. (See above.)

In 1909 a bitter controversy involved two American explorers, Frederick A. Cook and Robert E. Peary. Both claimed to be first to reach the North Pole on foot.

In September of 1909, Frederick A. Cook, a medical doctor from New York, announced that he and two Inuit companions had reached the North Pole on April 21, 1908. He claimed that bad weather conditions and drifting ice had prohibited his southward return and he and his companions were forced to winter over in an ice cave. A week later, Robert E. Peary, a civil engineer and a commander in the U.S. Navy, announced that he had reached the North Pole, accompanied by his long-time companion Matthew Henson, and he denounced Cook as a fraud. In any case, Peary had some very powerful sponsors, including the New York Times as well as the National Geographic Society.

Though Cook appeared to welcome Peary’s announcement and was willing to share the limelight, Peary was furious at Cook’s attempt to “steal” his victory. By all accounts, Peary was a driven man, and this was his third attempt at the North Pole. Henson, an African-American, had traveled with Peary on all of his “farthest north” expeditions. Though Peary recognized Henson’s contribution to his success, stating, “Henson was the best man I had with me for this kind of work,” he also minimized Henson’s role after the fact. Considering the social climate of the time I’m surprized Henson received any acknowledgement at all

Complicating the situation for Cook was that his claim to have been the first to summit Mt. McKinley (in Alaska) in 1906 had been called into question. Cook’s critics felt that if he lied about Mt. McKinley, then certainly he was lying about the North Pole as well. It didn’t take long for Peary’s claim to overshadow the claim of the rather unknown Cook.

Shortly after they returned from the Pole, Cook and Peary each published their version of the truth in books that discussed their expeditions and discoveries in minute detail. The books became bestsellers and also fueled the public debate.

Some researchers have concluded that neither one actually got to the North Pole. It is fascinating that there seems to be no end to the debate in sight, even after all of these years. Researchers continue the hunt for primary documents that might lead them to the answers. The Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program holds the papers of the Frederick A. Cook Society, while Cook’s diaries and other personal papers are held in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Robert E. Peary’s papers can be found in the U.S. National Archives in Washington, D.C. This tactic spreads all the evidence out so researchers cant put all the pieces together.


Almost immediately after his purported record making flew there was controversy that he couldn’t have made the flight in the amount of time he was gone. On the very first day the competing team expressed doubt; this article continues on to say how difficult it is to determine position without landing. The Norsemen also proclaimed the Amundsen-Ellsworth team was getting prepared to leave that day but high wind set them back; they had been unsuccessful the privious years attempt.

Ellsworth and Amundsen both hail from a family just as prestigious as Byrd’s. These are spoiled rich kids exercising birth-right privilege.

Byrd’s disqualification would hand the title of “first person to reach the North Pole” to Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer who traveled over the pole in a dirigible three days after Byrd’s airplane expedition — arriving there May 12, 1926

In 1897 both Freddy Cook and Amundsen both were on an expedition to the South Pole together. Known as the Voyage of Belgica, it was the first expedition that overwintered in Antarctica. It is a thing of amusment the Amundsen was the first man to reach the South Pole, Cook was the first to reach the North, and Byrd stole credit for both. In all probability is plausible none of the men were the first to reach anything. At least as we’re told, every single one of these ‘first time’ expeditions was faked to some degree.

This is the 1897 Belgium launch. I am sharing this image bc of the architecture in the background. Those are Pre-Reset structures and the ancient canal beds are some of the best Ive yet to come across, with multiple Starforts you can see close-ups in my Starfort post. Crazy. The region is also covered in my WW1 proxy cover story post. See how it all ties together?

It is said that when Amundsen got wind that the N. Pole had been breeched he set forth toward the South, which was not his original destination. He did this covertly and only afterward did he inform yet another Polar explorer, Englishman, Robert Scott, of his new route by telegram. Scott had no idea he was going in this direction as he was headed South himself with a Norwegian team. and thus, a subsequent race ensued

I think this is absolutely insane to think this is what really happened. First off, its a small community. As we just saw that Cook and Amundsen served on an earlier expedition together there is only a handful of people included and they are all elitist class. You better believe they knew where each other crew was headed the whole time.

Secondly, if you were in a competition with someone, a race at that, why tf would you send them a telegram telling them? Proper sportsmanship? Gtfoh. It is only called a competition for the Normie jerk-offs reading the NYTimes. These teams are comprized of international members involved in a highly coordinated joint 2 part operation. The North Pole in 1909 and the South Pole in 1911.

If you believe the dates that is. I dont. Team Amundsen is recorded as making landfall on October 18, 1911. Thats 10/18/11, aces and eights for days baby. At the point considered the Pole spot they erected a tent to mark the occasion in case they didnt make it back there would be some evidence. Team Scott arrived 33 days later to the tent site. Their frozen remains were discovered 8 months later only 11 miles from their own camp. No shit. We will return to this team in a bit. (*If you are new to this concept try not to overthink it, its not that complicated, and for fux sake throw anything you have been force-fed about gematria in the toilet. Gematria is a misdirection planted by the fake truth gurus)

Shackleton and Garlache got crators on the lunar south pole too. Amundsen has one as well. Shoemaker could any one of dozens of spooks, shoe maker or macher or schumen or any other variation is a tell.
Amundsen ship under boriales packed in ice, looking more like a moonscape

Source [1]

Operation Highjump

In 1934 on his second trip to ANT he had a CBS radio station set up at his base on the ship Bear which short wave radio broadcasts were ultimately sent to NYC via a satellite station in S.America. Nope, not buying it. Nothing on the radio is real. This was before tv was commonplace so radio was still the main source of propaganda, nothing on radio has ever been real, just like TV and printed media. Its All Fake.

Hitler made Byrd an offer to come work with the Nazis in New Swabia. That offer was just for the TV cameras, Hitler didn’t have as much power as ppl think he did, you don’t really think WW2 would not have happened if Ol’ Dolphy hadn’t’ve been around do you? (Adolph Hitler= 1,8= Aces and Eights) Basically what it is is the more credit and power the narrative accredits someone of having the less the really have. Hitler was no different than any other normie leader in that he made no decisions of his own and was little more than an actor with a script, even mainstream historians comment about his theatrical orations. Is it starting to sink in yet? I mean at least he was a real person, Abraham Lincoln would be his alter ego and he was a fictional character… At least I think hilter was real, meaning they used the same character for the duration, instead of Honest Abe (H,A= 8,1= Aces and Eights) had a different stand-in almost every photo-op. I’m getting distracted now, at any rate the Germans and Americans were already working on the Antarctica project together, along with everyone else.

Contrary to mainstream conspiracy theory Byrd didn’t die in an insane asylum, even worse, he died in Boston, on March 11, (333) 1957 where his family found him at 11:30 (333). link

Byrd at age 15, Shannendoah Military Academy. He was groomed since childhood

was a Navy operation to establish a permanent base Little America IV. Little America 1-3 had been built anew each trip and this was the start of America presence in the Island. Also called Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft.

First under-ice scuba diving exercises on Jan 1, 1947

Stamps were a big thing with Ant. There was a trend of mailing an empty envelope to Little America and they would mail you back a return stamped souvenir from ANT. I guess nobody thought somebody could just be stamping everything in some spook office in Boston

Siple was the boy scout that accompanied Byrd in his previous trips. Now he is senior member of the War Dept in the group and still with the team (he made Eagle Scout)

International News Service was a news wire started by Hearst media mogul. Hearst was just part of the Leo Frank psy-op in Atlanta. He has fake beef with United News International (spoiler alert: They’re the same) Thats where he made his famous conspiracy theory quote about attacks from the poles.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles.

This was a Hearst news exclusive. Not exactly credible if you know what I mean.

Later the tale would be made fact by way of movie magick with the release of doc The Secret Land was filmed entirely by military photographers. It features Chief of Naval Operations Fleet Admiral in a scene where he is discussing Operation HIGHJUMP with admirals Byrd and Cruzen. It won the 1948 Academy Award for Best Documentary. Yeah, that makes me feel better. Byrd had many movie deals and cast himself. He was a movie star.

Basecamp Little America V was built by the newly formed SeaBees. the SeaBees were the water equivalent of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a public works front group that goes around building secret infrastructure and weapons for the military. The base was buried, this could be the origins of the underground Nazi bases and Hollow Earth.

Led to follow-up mission Operation Windmill.

First Byrd Antarctica Vessel

Byrd used the Sealer Samson, renamed the City of New York, vessels are just as important as people and locations. The ship gets renamed several times, this is common to hide their histories (hey did you know the ship that crashed in the Valdez oil spill went on for decades under a diff name) Also the country of origin changes a few times too, along with work order. The one thing that ties everything together is the international military industrial complex. The Merchant Marines

  • The first ship Byrd takes is a whaler named Samson built in Norway 1885 along with partner whaler Pollux.
  • From 1914 to 1919 she was owned by the Canadian Whaling Co Ltd and operated under the management of S. T. Sverne. She was named Jacobsen.
  •  In 1919 she was sold to AB Spetsbergens Svenska, the Swedish coalfield company and renamed Bellsund. Her port of registry was Stockholm.
  • Byrd it is sold as a museum ship of polar exploration and toured the Great Lakes, hitting up the lesser known World Fairs and International Expo’s
  • until 1942 when it was used to patrol the East Coast of Canada. In 1947 it was acquired by the Quincy Lumber Co. as a lumber cargo ship.
  • In 1962 NYE the towline was cut and the ship got stranded in a reef off Yarmouth Harbor and a “mysterious” fire resulted in total loss.

The Samson was one of the very last wooden merchant ships. One of the most interesting chapters is it’s connection to the Titanic. During its time as a whale/seal ship the Samson was reported to be in the vicinity of the ship as it went down. The captain said they fled after seeing the rockets and dint find out it was the Titanic till after they returned to port weeks later. He said they had no radio equipment and feared police bc they had a hold full of illegal seal meat.

It is a point of debate among historians whether the guy is lying or not. Some say it wasn’t possible for whatever reason and they go back and forth. Just like the FE debate.

You know the guy is lying bc he is verifying the iceberg narrative. This guy just confirmed everything they said in the papers so you know hes full of it. Just because hes in the papers at all means hes full of it.

That’s the thing, the media roll him out every so often and regurgitate the same bullshit to a fresh audience. The big ‘credible’ sources too, like the BBC and Wash Post get into the action with a deathbed confession of the crewman. Oh No, the dreaded deathbed confession. That means they really mean business. The Titanic is a hi -class job, top banksters and world elite, they like to rub it in. This story is supposed to give it an air of mystery and intrigue just to keep things in circulation.

  • Fred Voight featured on the Cleveland World Fair post card served on the crew as postmaster and never set foot on ANT ice. He never set foot there bc he was never there. Sorry but no mail operations were ever carried out at the South Pole, I dont care what the postmaster general says, hes a liar.

Byrd Second Vessel

Byrd uses the S.S. Bear after the City of NY, the Bear was a Cargo ship for the Pacific Lumber Co. She participated in a media sensation or 2 herself.

The Greely rescue started out as a scientific journey to document conditions at the North Pole. Media outlets back then report the poles as like reports today treat outer space or living on different planets.

The Bear rescued the survivors of the Greely Expedition which was cannibal story like the Donner Party and the Whaleship Essex. Today’s reader are desensitized nowadays but fear of cannibalism and going insane are big media tools back in the day. Reports of fake expeditions all have 3 or 4 crew members losing their minds as if that thing happened all the time. If a story about survival-cannibalism came on the news today nobody would blink an eye. I dont think that our bullshit meter has gotten better, I think it just takes more to get the desired reaction. You can read the dime-novel narrative of the Captain and survivors here.

Survivors of the Greely Rescue and their party include names of Coffin, McClain, Green, Melville, Brainerd. These are prestigious names from old bloodlines. If these families wanted to eat people there wouldn’t be comic books written about it. Coffin and Melville are both connected to the Essex cannibal psy-op

Hopefully I will not have to tell my readers this is all fantasy. Its all fake. Take one out and they all come together. See how ridiculous this seems now? The whole show is a string of dime novels.

She was classified as a Revenue Cutter, thats a merchant marine class that founding is dedicated in 1790 to fake founding father Alex Hamilton.

So after Bear rescues the arctic cannibals she is again called to rescue 8 frozen trapped whaleships holding hundreds of people in a media frenzy called the Overland rescue.

See, the First Nations peoples of the world were all scripted. There were no indigenous people anywhere. Eskimos and the Yukon had been central exhibits at World Fairs almost as long as the American Indian. These tribes were put in place and tended by the Missionaries.

The S.S. Bear would go from the northern territories down to stay in San Francisco in the winter and return in Spring with a load of reindeer to drop off as they were trying to introduce the animal as a livestock. This also explains why reindeer were so frequent at the fairs. They even had reindeer diving. Santa’s reindeer stories. Theres alot of reindeer out there, Im just finding out they were introduced, thats a pretty big deal actually.

So one year they’re returning home from the reindeer run and get the call (from Prez McKinley at that, the guy that faked his assassination at the Temple of Music in Buffalo 1901) they have to go back up and rescue the whaling fleet trapped in the ice. They go back as far north as possible before they have to park the boat and resume travel on foot. The company covers 1500 miles in 4 months, while starting out with only 17 reindeer they arrived with 382, only losing 66. lol, man these guys really like reindeer, the whole story is more about them then the fleet. They’re called “Arctic Camels”

The Bear also served the people during the Great San Fran earthquake and would’ve been present at both World Fairs and the one in San Diego. When Byrd wasn’t using it the boat was a floating museum to polar expedition. She was last used as a restaurant in Philly in the 1960’s

Both ships used by Admiral Byrd were involved with multiple false flags and participated as floating exhibits at World Fairs. As far as I’m concerned nothing they could ever be a part of can be taken as truth


Lets return here for a few paragraphs bc this really merits its article. Greely was from one of the New England Families. Born in Newbury N.H., 3/27/1844. Attended Brown high school and enlisted in 1861 for the Union Army. That means he was only 16 or 17 when he joined. By the end of the war he had been promoted to brevet Major for his war time accomplishments.

On 18 March 1863, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 81st United States Colored Infantry. He was promoted to first lieutenant on 26 April 1864 and to captain on 4 April 1865. He was mustered out of the Volunteer Army on 22 March 1867. The date 3/18 is 6+6+6. April 26 is a big sacrifice day, the Feast of Moloch to the fake Ancients, Passover to the fake Jews. Mary Phagan was found on this day is how I know. March 22 3/22 is the skull and bones number, The dates in his war record are an early tell.

People in today’s P.C. clime dont realize what the Colored Troop Infantry was all about.Nobody paid much attn to what the Colored troops were doing so they were the ones that did alot of the Special Ops projects. They were the ones that first ‘discovered’ artifacts at the Jamestown Settlement. The troop wasn’t just for Black people, the Indians of the fake Cherokee nation and the Spanish and Puerto Ricans, its a thing, Anyone associated with the Colored Troops, especially an officer you want to keep an eye on.

During his Civil War service, Greely took part in several battles, including Antietam. I have covered some of this battle as its where fake Lincoln and fake Pinkerton got together when the Emancipation Proclamation was released. If Greely was tied to this alone he is automatically outed, his whole record is like this.

In 1871 he was detailed in the Signal Corps, the name should be self-explanatory, the Signal Corps was the premiere intelligence agency for coordinating between branches of the Armed Forces. Over its history, it had the initial responsibility for portfolios and new technologies that were eventually transferred to other U.S. government entities. New war technologies, this is like the Proto-DARPA.

Signal Corps also included the Weather Bureau until the Dept of Agri took over. Greely was recognized as an expert weather forecaster. His efforts helped establish the floodplains which facilitated Corps of Engineers and their ‘flood control’ projects. In addition, he oversaw planning, construction, and maintenance of several telegraph lines, including lines in remote areas of Indian Territory and Western territories. This guy is building up an impressive resume for like a James Bond super-villain.

The Lady Franklin Bay Expedition which was the sensational rescue wasn’t until 1881, its publicly stated purpose was to establish one of a chain of meteorological-observation stations as part of the First International Polar Year. 25 men started out 18 died.

The expedition was under the auspices of the Signal Corps at a time when the Corps’ Chief Disbursements officer, Henry W. Howgate, was arrested for embezzlement. (who embezzled over $133,000 from the U.S. Government. He escaped custody while on trial and evaded the Secret Service and Pinkerton Detective Agency for 13 years, gtfoh, this has connected to my Pinkerton files in a couple places. Check out how twisted these guys were. [My Link] Many of the crew were part of Howgates own arctic exploration expedition.

So we’re not off to a good start. The ship finally arrived at their destination Aug 11, this is when the real trouble begins. Supply ships missed the first year and everything was downhill after that till they eating each other, you can read the details first-hand in the account above.

Who knows what they were really doing during this 3 year period they were supposedly trapped on the ice. When it was all done Greely got his comeuppance, in 1886 he was appointed by Prez Cleveland as Chief Signal Officer in the US Army. As Signal Chief he was responsible for the installation and maintenance of telegraph systems in the Banana Republic nations that America had just staged proxy wars to explain their control of, such as the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Alaska.

Greely led to the Army’s integration of wireless telegraphy, airplanes, motorized automobiles and trucks, and other modern equipment. He represented the United States at the 1903 International Telegraph Congress in London and the 1903 International Wireless Telegraph Congress in Berlin. Greely worked on some of the first international telecommunication treaties.

In 1890, Greely was a founding member of the District of Columbia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. He was also member of the Loyal Legion and American Philosophical Society, Cosmos Club

In March 1935 he received of Medal of Honor and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery

In 1906 he was assigned to command relief efforts following the San Francisco earthquake

The Greely Exhibit at the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair. The World Fair was a tribute to NWO works and agents.
  • See Also: The Signal Corps’ Project Diana, in 1946, successfully bounced radar signals off the moon, paving the way for space communications. Yep.
  • Many of the central characters here have the Société de Géographie name-dropped somewhere in their bio. This was the Worlds oldest geographic society and the determining body to build the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal is an ancient artifact from before the Reset. Pull their card.
  • Howgate mistress is Paddock/Pollard, connecting us yet again to Nantucket and the early whaling families

A keyword search for the IPY takes you to NOAA (Noah and the Flood is an allegory for the Great Reset. It was a multi national group of scientists that worked together for scientific purposes such as viewing the same atmospheric phenomenon from 40 different locations of the Earth. The Moravian Missions served as locations on the coast of Labrador

Targeting Children

A pic of Bear in the ice looking like the spaceship on the moon.

All the pictures of Antarctica might as well be the moon and the Polar explorers, the astro-nots. There are several more similarities I’ve noticed, one is targeting children. Kids are more gullible so they’re easier to lie to. In all the famous expeditions a random Boy Scout was chosen to go as part of the team.

Bear playing the part of Death Larsen’s sealship “Macedonia” for the 1930 movie “The Sea Wolf”. This filming probably took place during Bear‘s years as a museum ship at Oakland.



I love these old military photos that show who is connected to who. Once you take down one they all come down together. The most interesting thin about this photo isnt all the little ‘Explorer’ and ‘Hidden Hand’ poses, its that there is no date or group associated with the pic. Half the names are cropped of in one official location. Who are they and why are they all together?

  • John Towers:

Nimrod Expedition

Before Byrd there was Shackleton.

Of course we need a shout out to Babylon somewhere in here.

Ernest Shackleton led 3 successful missions to the poles in the early 1900’s. His main target was to be first to the South Pole. This was not attained, but the expedition’s march reached a Farthest South latitude of 88° 23‘ S, just 97.5 nautical miles (180.6 km; 112.2 mi) from the pole. 11/22 comes up frequently. it was the day jfk was shot for example.

Notice anything about these pictures? Nobody is doing anything. The pics sole purpose is to convince the reader that they are indeed there. You would think there would be something worth shooting but these pics say nothing but “See, we are too here.” just like NASA ‘spacewalk’ pics. Nah, maybe they can trick you but they aint tricking me. Especially note the ad on the wall “Ladies Corsets”, we’ll get back to that.

Nimrod was financed by wealthy industrialists, one of which was the Guinness beer family. You know, bc you gotta be drunk to believe some of this shit.

Another parlor trick illusion they pulled was to have a fake beef with another expedition party. Robert F Scott. Scott was just a few weeks earlier than Nimrod but his team didnt make it. One member hand-stitched a silk tent but left it at the camp site. A month later when the Nimrod party return they have in their possession the very same silk tent left behind by party 1. That way they just confirmed each others story even though either team had been there. On the party 1 remains were found the Antarctic fossils. Ahh, there we go. The plant fossil proved ANT was once forested and attached to the other land masses.

McMurdo Base

McMurdo base is the largest visible developed area on the continent according to what is available on Google Earth. The round building has a big NSF tag on the roof for ppl spying on them like me. There is even a cute little walking tour feature offered on the web site which takes you around the base. The zoom button is surprizingly powerful, allowing you to zoom in on pictures hanging on the wall. The problem I have is its exactly what you would expect to find. Its like the images of the International Space Station, its just a movie stage and these are actor-scientists.

Meteors. Craters too

Lets start right here, Meteors huh? Antarctica is home to the largest concentration of meteorite deposits on Earth. To explain this the scientists say all the meteorites that fall here are brought into groups by flowing ice which carry the space rocks down hill where top layers of snow melt and expose them making it easy for researchers to fly overhead and pick them up. This sounds like something an adult would say to a child.

 Antarctic Search for Meteorites program, or ANSMET for short. Since 1976, ANSMET researchers have been recovering thousands of meteorite specimens from the East Antarctic ice sheet. ANSMET is funded by the Office of Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation.

The first one was found in 1912 by Aussie explorer Doug Mawson during the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. Mawson was part of Shackleton’s team that reached the magnetic South Pole who later lead his own team. The thing is Shackleton never went to ANT, which means Mawson didn’t either. Which means he didn’t go the second time either.

His story has to one-up the previous ones so he came up with a fictional survivors story that hits all the points a story writer would come up with. His 3-man investigation team gets lost and his two partners die, not before one loses his mind and goes insane to death, I’m telling you it was a thing back in the day to lose you mind until you die. Cover-up writers and actor-scientists came up with some nonsensical explanation about how too much vitamin A from eating the dog livers is what did it. It take Dawson a month of solo travel to final reach the encampment only to find out he missed the rescue ship by a matter of hours. He was able to reach out through wireless radio but weather conditions made return impossible.

Wireless radio must have been a new invention and this was a promo piece. Ant was at the cutting edge of science and technology so all the latest gadgets were scripted in to make the story seem as futuristic as possible.

Mawson and the crew members that stayed behind to wait for him had to survive on the ice for a whole other year before the next season allowed a rescue party to return. During this time he gets to spend writing in detailed descriptions of the environment and conditions of the area.

He had so much information it took decades to sort through and was finally published by his daughter. This tells me his daughter just picked up the scam where daddy left off. The book and notes were all frauds, so was the daughters, she could’ve written anything and it would’ve been taken as gospel. Maybe thats where the meteorite story comes from.

Doug’s notes weren’t published till the 60’s. His first meteorite find was then. There wasn’t another find until 62, and then the next in the late 70’s when there were over a thousand found in 3 seasons. now they are up to the tens-of-thousands. Its been one of the biggest cash cows of the joint. So you go from a single find and half a century before the next and then exponentially increasing each year after that? Nope, sorry hoss, they might got you but they aint getting me.

Speaking of cash cow, Mawson was featured on the 100$ bill. He received a hero’s return and was even knighted (there was no medieval era)

Wait, I almost forgot the best part. The ship that was used by Mawson in his own exploration was the Aurora:

In 1884, along with other whalers in the area Aurora made an attempt to rescue the controversial Greely Expedition, and her captain James Fairweather assisted with a repair to the US relief ship Bear.

This is how they all connect. Once you take down one they all fall together. One of the key players here is Melville. Herman Melville was the author of Moby Dick, which is based on another false flag maritime cannibal stroy, the Essex. You can see the narrative one-up the last as the storyline goes from executing a theif and using his meat for fishing bait and the next chapter where theyjump right in and draw straws for the express purpose of eating the short draw. Theyre all liars.

  1. More HAARP waves, geoengineering fingerprints added to old pics. 2 and 3)Also, if this ship is alone and out in the middle of nowhere then who took the pictures? 4) The first car in Ant.

Not just meteors but craters too!

Of course you cant see it but trust nasa, it’s there, a mile under ice, they can see it with satellites.

Not only that but continental plates run right through it which proves to Nasa actors that this impact is what broke up the super continent. Plus, its bigger than the one that killed the dinosaurs through climate change. Man NASA is hitting all the fake science points with this one.

The story was originally published in respectable news outlet CBS. It was shortly thereafter removed and downgraded to the UFO sites, you can still find it on the wayback machine. CBS also did the fake short wave radio broadcasts almost a century before. The must have the monopoly on all things Antarctica.

The Show must Go On

I like the way the snow is packed behind it to make it appear as if it had been sitting in the wind-swept wasteland for ages waiting to be picked up. It’s part of the illusion

This was in the news only yesterday, it popped up in my news feed, one surefire way to see how truly saturated the human population is with fake everything is just scroll down the news feed headlines. Every. Single. One.

These guys found a record 16.7 pound meteor

“It was literally the last hour of the last day. And we stumbled upon this huge meteorite just sitting by itself in the middle of a blue ice field. … And we were, like, what amazing luck to have this happen just as we were about to give up and go home,”

M. Valdez, a researcher at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History
  • This is the same thing that happened with the ‘Lucy’ fossils in Africa, the early human. Lucy(fer)

There is so much going on here… Besides the fact the story is running front page on CNN, Washington Times, and NPR News, among all the other leading misleading outlets the head chief is a Valdes, as in Valdez, Alaska, you know, that big oil spill they had back a-ways. I researched that as one of my very first articles, I’ll tack it on to this thread, which has become more like a bulletin board for short posts.

Nevermind the guy throwing up the Reset Order gang-sign, thats a give-away by itself. Normies call it a ‘peace sign‘ but thats only bc of the Satanic Laws of Inversion. It is not peace, maybe ‘piece’, as in compartmentalized. Its a clear mark that might as well be the ‘hidden hand’ or ‘devil horns’ or ‘One-Eye’. I just saw extensive peace-sign use at the orphanage/monastery of the Bon ppl in Nepal, I’ll have to remember to include an example.

Valdez is working for the Museum of Chicago, Chi-town is a Reset capitol city, its real history is much older than ppl are taught and the projects that come out of there are all geared to maintaining the prison planet status-quo.

The numbers game: 16.7- Ones represent whatever they stand beside, so 66.7. The bitch is from the Museum of Chicago so she probs just fudged the number up by .1 just to try to hide it from being too obvious. The intended audience understand what she is saying regardless of that .1, and the normies skim right over and only think how awesome it is. I see you.

Luck is used to dismiss coincidents that should be the tell tale red-flags that they are being lied to. Luck is a magickal term. Some of the most blatant and obvious frauds and non-discoveries are found with luck. “With just a little luck…” or “It was by pure luck that…” anytime you see someone open with that get ready for a whopper. My fav is “Dumb luck”, lol, yeah its dumb alright, if you fall for it.

Whaleship Essex was a False Flag

First image of Essex disaster. Only 2 of which exist, one is protected by library in Geneva. This was International media headlines overnight, back then, just like today, nothing makes the news unless it is scripted. The oldest media account is the Aus govt paper, printed and edited by the spooky Howe clan. (starting at the bottom of pg 2 and carrying over to pg 3) Even in the papers back then the number games are still the same; eight skeletons, location is 118*N by 47*W, date was Nov 13 (11/13). Aces and Eights is always a marker, 13 and 47 too, some say 47 is referencing to the year the CIA was formed but thats incorrect, the cia was placed on the number, not the other way around, as evidenced in this occasion. [More about Howe’s, my link]

While we’re on the subject of spook family hoaxes from Nantucket I would like to toss in the whaleship Essex for examination. The first indication before you even know the rest that it stinks like old fish guts is that is a major motion picture. The spellcasters in Hollywood always pay tribute to their own works.  

I will keep this in a single paragraph bc I fear we have already ventured to far from our intended target however since this directly involves the Macy clan, I feel it is relevant under character analysis. 

The red flags associated with the Essex incident which show it as an insurance fraud similar to the Titanic or Hindenburg are as follows: 

  • The two main shareholders in the ship are Paul Macy and Gideon Folger. Macy is a founding family of Nantucket, related to Macys the Dept store and John Macy from the Helen Keller project. Folger is another hoaxer family most often associated with the Manson Family psy-op. These are major generational Reset families
  • The timing is correct. I place the Reset somewhere between 1800-1801 (Aces and Eights) the Essex was launched in 1799 and ‘stove by a whale’ in 1820.
  • There is a history report by the Nantucket Historical Society that points out discrepancies in the narrative. As most like-groups often do, they only provide insignificant differences like lat. and long. marks. The NHS is an offical cover-story group to hold up false narrative. See Colonial Dames and C&O Canal and Star-forts
  • Essex was old and small. At 20 yrs old it was at the end of a ships expected lifespan. It was also significantly smaller and lighter which means it could carry less and spend less time at sea at a time when whale populations were deleted locally ships were going farther and staying longer out than ever before. A new fleet of whaleships was almost complete and about to be delivered.
  • The boy that was supposedly shot and cannibalized was a Coffin. I don’t have the time to expand on who the coffins were, he would’ve been the very last one killed and eaten. Who knows what happened to the boy… a child agent groomed for lifelong position with no known name or background, and nobody blinks an eye. These kids come from somewhere. My thoughts are he was recruited for one of these missions and maybe we know him or his works by another name. He didn’t go far. The story is featured on the website Executed Today, a compilation of fake deaths and false flag operations. Im at the point now I dont believe a single one of celebrity child deaths, they are all recruited for projects somewhere else.
  • The ship was underprovisoned by Macy. Not uncommon here but worth note Macy only provided about half what he should have stocked according to contemporary accounts. Would indicate he knew they weren’t going to be out the whole time. [More about the Macy clan here, my link]
  • The ship Dauphin that supposedly rescued one of the life boats was also a Nantucket whaleship… Captained by a Coffin to boot. Another Capt. Coffin of whaleship Chili was last to have contact with Essex in Nantucket harbor the day they shoved off together. 
  • Heart of the Sea author Nathaniel Philbricks family tree is loaded with enough intelligence agents he could have a dedicated report on that alone. It includes Mark twain, Herman Melville, Greenleaf Whittier I will have to expand on Whittier at some point… The Greenleaf’s were also one of the nine original proprietors. That means the author of the guy that wrote the book is kin to the guy thar wrote the first book and the fake owners of Nantucket and the whaling industry. They only pay tribute to their own. Also in the family tree are the Macys, Folgers, and Coffins. Of course, the inbred fuckers are all related.  
  • Essex was nicknamed ‘Lucky’, maybe like as in the 3-legged dog. Other superstitions noted by Quaker elder Obed Macy at the time surrounding the ship include a comet and swarm of locusts. These two entries in the official town record make me pause bc they aren’t superstitious people, it is witchcraft. Kabballah by another name. All of the Colonial papers are stage props, the Macy swarms and locusts thing is inserted to make it seem creepy. That’s why all of Macys journals are behind paywalls at Spook University Cambridge. (* I wrote this early in my journey before I innerstood that the Colonial period is a hoax, the early Nantucket records are kept behind gatekeeper pay walls bc they are forgeries.)
  • Even more Coffins, along with some Macys started the Nantucket Pheonix Bank in 1812. In 1818 they incorporated the Nantucket Pheonix Insurance company. They insured themselves, lol, self-validation is another illusion they use to manipulate the people. Banksters.
  • As ship stockholders and insurance agents they just collect payments from the other shareholders with nothing out their own pocket, the numbers aren’t published but the commercial whaleships in general are well known to be highly insured. Coffins would also start the first bank in Batavia, the industrial manufactory town. Bankster Reset Agents 
  • There were repairs done to the ship before departure, but only minimal and selective. Gideon and sons were expecting a brand new much larger ship, Aurora, did not want to spend any more than necessary on repairing a small, light, outdated ship. They copper plated the hull just to get it out of the harbor.
  • The incident not only has a major Hollywood production, which is an automatic tell but the story is also pushed by the Smithsonian, the Guardian, Executed Today, Nat Geo and more. All these groups are really the same entity pushing a false narrative with everything they publish.

This article is something I wrote over a year ago. Much of my understanding has advanced about how the world works. I no longer believe there were huge whale populations, like Buffalo herds of the plains. Notice how as whale populations just started to reach levels about unsustainable Rockefeller just happened to be standing there with new and accidentally discovered rock-oil just by shear coincidence. No fucking way.

The first reference to whaling in America goes right to the Mayflower itself. Passenger journal mentions how thick the pods were and if they could only find a way to tap into the potentially lucrative resource just swimming right inside the harbor. The whole Mayflower/Pilgrim narrative is fantasy. America was repopulated. Not Colonized. That word Lucrative contains the LU syllable that we are always on the lookout for, as in Lu-cifer, Il-lu-minati, Il-LU-sion, that should give you an indication as to the root and intent of the word and provide a context for when you see it used in a normie setting.

The founding of Nantucket says they just traded a few beaver hats and shit like that. humorous once you drop the veil. The whaling history of Nantucket was scripted to accept self-validating claims over land grabs and generational wealth. Colonial America is a hoax

I mean there were biodegradable plastics back in the 1800’s that were featured at a World Fair that the petrol company squashed and solar activated steam powered engines. We were forced on the petroleum diet, it goes with the medical system,, also brought to us by Rockefeller. these people are just names. The same things would be in place regardless of who the meat-suit happens to be.

** Im not saying there was NO whaling, just the history and numbers are fake. Whale oil was the main source of fuel until the rock oil infrastructure was set up. The Olde paradigm didn’t use oil, they harnessed energy from the atmosphere. That explains why there was no old world infrastructure set up for the oil industrial complex. pumping, processing, distribution… There was an established institution of whaling that goes back before the Reset. I will have to return to this thread; I covered the normie history of whaling before I proved to myself that history is fake. Even the normie history is a three-fold conspiracy. Confirmed sustained commerical whaling goes back a thousand years attributed to the Basque people of Northern France but was hijacked by the cryptojew fronts like the East India Trading Company which decimated the population in a few centuries. At the time it was decided to flip the switch and start repopulating Earth the whales were targeted on purpose for extinction to ensure rock oil dependency. Large scale industrial manufacturing centers followed the Appalachian Mountains from Fl up into Canada and utlized energy from the rivers in the series of dams and canals and water wheels, hydropower its called, in the old pics you can see the word on store fronts and advertizing posters in the background. This power grid was also targeted and much of its destruction happened during the proxy Civil War. See Harpers Ferry as a representative. Slavery is another institution we see fully developed at the time of the repopulation, the slaves in chains, not the debt-slaves held by binding-contracts. Slaves in chains were in America before the Europeans who get falsely accused and guilt-shamed for bringing them.

Louis Babel Ecological Park

I was scanning maps of Earth looking for anything that pops out, canals and starforts and stuff. Two cool things I found was a city in Antarctica, its labeled a science station and even has a big NSF (National Science Foundation) painted on the roof so people spying in from google Earth really gets the message. The problem is I know who the NSF are and its not a station. its a small industrial city. I also found a place in china that has been canalized like the size of Jersey, not just a few here and there, it looks like a road system and habitation is concentrated in isolated pockets. They’ll probly say they are rice paddys.

Im looking for evidence of terraforming, or just like massive alterations. I read somewhere that the composition of the soil in the Amazon rainforest contains a type of bio-char which suggests the whole Amazon might be man-made. Then theres the early maps showing California as an island or peninsula, even normie science admits there used to be a vast inland sea, there never has been a good explanation for the salt flats and its not impossible the Grand Canyon was carved out overnight as opposed to a million billion years. By overnight I mean relatively speaking.

I the coolest thing I found was this crater. Its an impact site from 210 million years ago. The problem there is Space is fake and the timeline is a lie. So where does that leave us? Process of elimination. I am usually incorrect a few times, whatever it is I come up I ultimately have to revise everything as Im presented with new information. The only thing I’m 100% positive about is that space is fake and the timeline is a lie.

Who knows what a crater is? Same with volcanos, plate tectonics. Sure. Listen, whatever they teach children in public education is a lie bc the public education system is psychological warfare. Volcanoes can be explained by energy tech. Some kind of laser drill or like the machine we had in metal shop was called a plasma torch and could cut thru a one inch steel plate with just a hairline electrical beam.

Its really called a reserve. To protect the ecosystem. Right. Its really to restrict travel and limit access, thats what the green movement is all about. Louis is used in place of Lucifer, its phonetics, the ‘lu’, like il-‘LU’-imati and George Lucus and I love Lucy. The missing-link fossil is named Lucy, short for Lucifer bc its a fake too. They tell you she was named after the song playing on the radio, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’, it wasnt but now they drag the Beetles down with the ship. The same logic goes with Babel, its short for Babylon, or Ba’el which is another form of Lucifer. In a sense Babylon is another variation of ba’el since the emphasis is place on th B and the L sounds. Its etymology 101, your first lesson in basic spellcasting.

Work it out however you must but this is just the way it is. They named the feature after Satan bc it is a deception. Im still putting some things together to find out what did cause this but bet your ass what did NOT cause this is a flying space rock 210 million billion years ago like they say, Speaking of that time lets talk about dinosaurs for a sec. Fossils are real. I live in the fossil cliffs region of the Chesapeake Bay, Ive got shark teeth big as your face. Freemasons arent sneaking out every night and planting them so that means something was here. The deception comes from the narrative. Maybe dinos did exist in some form but the display you see at the Natural History museum are lies. The first dino skeletons debuted at the World Fair, anything from the World Fair is a trap. Someone could easily find some real fossils like my shark teeth and exaggerate and manipulate and turn it into the fictional creatures we have today. Add a little movie magick and now you have the whole world believing we are the first and only people to ever live here.

The same logic can be used again with their fake/proxy wars that didnt happen or if there was really some military operations carried out by some Orphan Immigrants the reason was def not what is written in public education history books. Take the Civil War for instance, that bitch was not fought over slavery. In a way it could be said too have been if you consider the slaves are the entire population. That doesnt mean the Civil war didnt happen, I have dug up musket balls on the battle fields…Something happened. The Civil war was mainly about destroying fingerprints of the Old World. Shermans March to the Sea?… They just blew up all the pre-existing architecture in the South and claimed a bunch of Starforts. Another thing about the Civil War and slavery Im coming to the conclusions that Africans were in America before Europeans, There was a whole network here that was rebuilding and digging out and once they reached a certain point they started shipping over the Europeans and said “oh yeah, well, we already built that before you got here… It was George Washington”, LOL That mfkr. Anything they say Washington built is a preexisting relic. Later they just turned it around and said the Europeans brought the Africans but they be lying, and used this lie to virtue signal a war that is still used for division today. The Chinese were here already too, on the West side. The Chinese people were brought in to build the railroads, everyone knows that. Bullshit. The railroads are an ancient artifact too, they were always here and so were the Chinese.

This thread lead me to the Midwinter International Expo of 1894, one of the many lesser known World Fairs. Most of the exhibitors of the Chicago fair packed up and headed to San Fran for a repeat. The secondary name was the Oriental Expo, it was an Asian themed fair. Thats huge bc these fairs are all about rewriting and inserting the new, false history narrative. The Chinese were already here and outnumbered Whites. Here is an interesting story about how the organizer tried to get Chinese people to pull the taxi carts on wheels to chauffeur fair-goers around but the Chinee were like “Nah, We’re good.” The organizers had to get White ppl in Chinese costume to pull the carts. If this was an ancient tradition I dont see them making such a big deal about not pulling the carts. Plus the fact they had the power to refuse is meaningful. This was one of the big Colonial expo’s, the Human Zoo’s that scripted the First-Nations people of the world. There were the omnipresent Esquimox, Islander, Indian, and African Villages that treated the people as possessions, objectified them, yet this group refused an organizers backed down and found another way of deception. *Note the Oriental expert that organized the Asian exhibits was George Marsh. The Marsh family is one of the big Reset powerhouses, not only did the Chinese refuse the fair directors but specifically the Marsh line. This is pretty big in showing how solid their community was established in America. Marsh couldve had them all sent on a complimentary cruise around San Fran harbor and set the boat on fire if he wanted but he backed down.

When we look for intelligence other than ourselves we look in outer space, more misdirection. They are trying to hide history. We are very young and didnt build any of this place. Except the disposable plastic stuff, thats ours.

I mean that thing is big as Rhode Island, So close to America too I’m surprized Ive never seen anything about it. Mappers must crop it out on purpose. Just dumb every thing down. People have been joking about Project Blue Beam for along time now, I’m sure alot of people aren’t joking, the thing about project bluebeam is relies on a series of satellites, the Calypso satellite if I’m not mistaken. Calypso according to the Ministry of Truth means “concealing the knowledge” but in a “subtle or wily manner”. Sats are bullshit bro. I could see some kind of alien invasion scenario but it would be the threat only. Every war, public and invisible, is fought with perceived threats, potential; terrorism, viruses, nukes, commies, global warming. That none of that shit real and neither are aliens so if it is ever used to stage an invasion we would never see them, we would see pictures on tv and read stories in the papers but we would never see them in the sky.

Instead of Aliens people should start discussing the next potential Directed Energy attack, you know, the next Paradise. Funny thing about that, it was started a place called Camp, California. It became the ‘Camp fire’. Mockery is always a common theme.

This image was taken by the Sally Ride Earthkam, Sally Ride is more word-play mockery, the website is nasa indoctrination targeting children through the public education system. The center mound is even named Mt Babel, how much closer to the Tower of Babel can you get without just saying it? How do astro-nots explain the central uprising inside supposed meteor impact sites?
Louis Babel Eco Park. Lucifer, Ba’el, Babylon
Louis Babel Ecological ReserveWith an area of 23,540 hectares, making it by far the largest in the Quebec network, the Louis-Babel ecological reserve is located on Mount Babel in the northern part of René-Levasseur Island (Manicouagan reservoir). It is located in the unorganized territory of the regional county municipality of Manicouagan.This ecological reserve protects boreal, montane and alpine ecosystems in the Toulnustouc River ecological region (black spruce-fir-moss forest) and the Marceau Lake summits ecological region (black spruce-fir forest). It also ensures the protection of a site of exceptional geological interest, since it is one of five sites in Québec characterized by a shock metamorphism structure.
La réserve écologique Louis-Babel - Photo MENV
The Louis Babel Ecological Reserve protects
an exceptional geological site. Mount Babel
is the result of the rebound from the bottom of a huge
crater formed by a meteorite impact,
210 million years ago. – Photo MELCC

The relief of René-Levasseur Island is mountainous. Its central part is topped by the Mount of Babel, with its mountainous and very uneven relief. The altitude varies from 350 to 940 meters. This island has interested geologists for a long time because of its shock metamorphic structure. Its origin is linked to the impact of a celestial body, which would date back to 210 million years. This meteorite impact formed a crater, the largest and most complex in Canada. Mount of Babel and a strip of land averaging six kilometres wide in the centre of the island are the two main zones of impact metamorphism that resulted from the rebound of the crater centre. Anorthosite, quartz and feldspar are the main rocks. Mount of Babel is also characterized by a deposit of zeolite, a semi-precious stone. This bedrock has been covered by generally thick till.Along an altitudinal gradient, the succession of environments from forest to stunted forest, krummholz and tundra is remarkable.
The forests on the lower slopes are represented, among others, by black spruce-fir-moss forests, ericaceous-sphagnum spruce forests and alder spruce forests. Stunted forests and krummholz are very common; these formations are dominated by black spruce. Finally, the alpine or tundra zone, characteristic of the highest and windiest sites, is colonized by communities dominated by lichens and blueberries.
The ecological reserve is named in memory of Father Louis Babel (1829-1912). A missionary charged with evangelizing the Montagnais and Naskapi, he spent nearly 60 years of his life on the North Shore. In living memory, he was the first white man to cross the interior of the North Shore as far as Labrador, during the years 1866, 1867, 1868 and 1870. These explorations led Father Babel to gather valuable information on the geography of the area and the customs and habits of the Amerindians. He is considered to be the first scientific explorer of northeastern Quebec.

Louis Babel

His existence has been whitewashed, as if he was really cutting his path through the uncharted wilderness for the sake of the heathen soul. From Geneva. Switzerland is an Old World seat of power He was a missionary all right, but his mission was not the feral natives. Babel kept extensive records of terrain features and the ferals he came across.
The area was trapped out by the American Fur Company and later mined by the Military Industrial Complex based off maps made from his material. It was a military intelligence operation. The first type of geological survey in the area. A pull from another bio will say it better than me…
His attempts to preach the gospel to the Naskapi and Inuit made Babel, indirectly, the first scientific explorer of northeastern Quebec. A tireless chronicler, a meticulous observer, and a well-informed scientist, he was the first to report iron ore in what was to become New Quebec. His descriptions of lakes, rivers, rapids, and portages, his meticulous observations on the nature of the soil and the forest, and his constant reporting on climatic and meteorological conditions make his travel journals of particular scientific value. During his 1868 journey, for instance, he used the Rochon telescope, also called the telescope for measuring distances, to give brief descriptions of the places he visited, and he provided copious and detailed data about the size of the lakes, the direction in which the rivers flowed, the length of the portages, and the direction and velocity of the winds, taking care to add the time at which he made these observations. In 1873 the Quebec Department of Crown Lands published a large map based on his data, the first one to describe the interior of Labrador. It would prove a reliable and valuable scientific guide for both missionaries and explorers. Babel’s contribution to the knowledge of native languages also deserves mention. He was the author of a French-Montagnais dictionary, which is still in manuscript form, and wrote notes which were to be used in preparing a Montagnais grammar.
Interesting he is remembered for using a specific type of telescope used for measuring distance, Im sure one could pick something up at the closest Indian trading post for a few beaver pelts.
Most articles mention his ability to communnicate in multiple languages and for writing some down for the first time ever. Bitch please, they been saying that same line since the begining of the Repopulation of North America. Mr Louis just inserted what he wanted, he didnt learn the natives so much as he made it up, whatever he submitted was the offical narrative

By the Numbers

On Oct 3, (10/3=13), at exactly 11:33:47, (47 is significant too, the year the CIA was announced for the same reasons, some sources try to say it happened between 45 and 49, which is still 47, not that anybody would mark the time to the exact second but it offers a chance for a number drop) several chunks weighing 919 grams (666) crashed through the roof of Ruth Hamilton, landing on her pillow while she slept.

The story was published on Oct 13 (10/13 is still 13) with an interview by Prof Brown, who took the flying space-rock for stidy and will be returning it on Nov 30, (11/30 is 13 again)

Hamilton says that she plans to keep the rock for the foreseeable future, stating that her grandchildren think it’s pretty cool. “I’m just totally amazed over the fact that it is a star that came out of the sky, It’s maybe billions of years old… The only other thing I can think of saying is life is precious and it could be gone at any moment even when you think you are safe and secure in your bed,”

GTFOH, Are we anywhere safe from falling space-rocks? Not even in our own beds?

The Video Evidence

Here are some videos that say they show the meteor falling. The thing is they dont show the same things and the main one is such a bad copy and paste job I almost think it was made so poorly on purpose. Not to mention the length of the videos published are 31, 13, 13 and 3 seconds long. That one on the bottom has got to be the most convincing evidence for meteors and globes I’ve ever scene. Take that Flat Earthers, ooh you guys are so fucked now.



The HH (88) patch is another tell, Aces and Eights for days. Good thing she put those rubber gloves on huh, lest she might turn into on of those grass-people from that Creepshow movie, remember that one? When the meteor lands in Steven Kings backyard and he picks it up and it burns him and he turns into the grass man? But wait, I thought they just said falling space-rocks generate no heat? Somethings not adding up here, I think someone might by lying.
Authentic dash-cam footage of Prof Brown from the Dept of Meteors collecting space-rock specimens without rubber gloves.

“It’s got its own escort at this point,” remarked Hamilton. “It just speaks to its importance and its scientific value.”

I guess she saw the same movie, the escort of Prof Brown… Dept of Meteors
Full audio interviews by Hamilton here

“Brown says it’s also not a shock that the rock did not burn the bed when it landed, as meteors stop being luminous at about 18 to 20 kilometres of altitude, giving them plenty of time to cool off in the chilly upper atmosphere.” Are you kidding me? Every elementary school kid is taught air molecules cause friction which creates heat. Thats the thing with their fake science, they can say whatever they want and even say the exact opposite of what they said yesterday and nobody will punch them in the dick for lying so it just gets borderline comical the shit that comes out their mouth.

Not only that but Prof Brown from the Dept of Meteors say it was a 100 billion in 1 odds for the meteor to crash through the roof and land on the pillow without hurting anyone. Such a lucky guy, he sends us to a near exact case that happened just a few months before in India. I say nearly-exact bc this one was so hot it melted the bed sheets. I guess they dont have a cool upper atmosphere in India…

I dont think its a coincidence the sheet is the Disney Castle “Do you believe in Magick yet mothafucka?”

Flat Earth has Always Been Controlled Opposition From Both Sides

Ba’alers and Flatards are like reps and dems. It used to be funny to watch them argue, now its almost depressing when considering how much time and energy has been wasted on this single thread. Usually its the same person arguing with himself using a couple sock puppet accounts. The whole show is intended to get the seeker stuck in a hole which there is no bottom. That way people can waste entire years chasing the white rabbit instead of doing research that actually would advance their knowledge of the current position humanity is facing right now. I will tell those people trying to do some real progression to drop the FE route. It leads nowhere and is a negative energy generator.

That being said, contradictorily speaking, I wish I had’ve put more effort into this post, it was never intended to have far reach but since the FE debate is one the overseers decided to insert into mainstream conspiracy theory this has turned into one of the more popular posts. I suppose now I should have to go back and expand on a few things. Context is so important in innerstanding history. I can tell you about so-and-so that did such-and-such but unless you have some backstory those details aren’t fully appreciated

Foucauld Pendulum

This guy named Foucauld (Faux-could) set this heavy ball on a long wire and strapped it to the top of the Pantheon. The ratio of ball weight and wire length is supposed to confirm the rotation of the Earth by the movement of the pendulum action. Some results even claim the pendulum favors clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the hemisphere of the Earth you’re on.

This is some of the crazy ass parlor tricks that are used to trick the normie herd. I’m not here to attack the pendulum but the year it was set up in the Pantheon, maybe both. And some. Foucauld belonged to an aristocrat family of Paris. His ancestors include the first ever vax campaign in Europe and the first attempt at a central bank. He was also homeboys with Napoleon and once had to flee France for cowardice during the revolution, came to the States and ran around with G Washington and Ben Franklin. All of those are fake history and fictional characters inserted after the Reset in order to give the family more prestige and birth-right status.

The Pantheon is a giant Luciferian temple. It’s supposed to be a National monument but everything inside is just a celebration of different mindfuck projects similar in nature to FE. I have a fairly decent article about the temple and its contents, if you check the homepage its shuffled into the Antarctica post, which also has more FE shenanigans, so I wont repeat myself here.

1851 was the year the pendulum was installed. it wasn’t like an accidental discovery that made its way here after a period of refinement. It was, from the beginning, supposed to prove the earth’s rotation for no other reason than to prove it was in fact rotating. That means even back at that early time it was being pushed on the people. Foucauld was like an early FB Reddit troll.

Part of the way Fauxcauld’s pendulum works (as a mindfuck tool, not a science instrument) is by having people with self-validating authority make it seem more complex than it really is. Spooks everywhere from Researchgate to prominent institutes and universities like MIT, Smithsonian, Harvard, and of course the granddaddy of them all, NASA, and promoted in mocking psuedo-science propaganda rags like Popular Mechanics and Scientific American pretend to scratch their head (insert ‘Thinking Man’ pose) and throw around phrases like the Coriolis Effect, Mach’s Principle, Newtonian Laws of Physics, and Einsteins General and Special Relativity. The truth is, the average person is so dumbed down on fluoride, booster shots, and public education they have no clue what a single one of those means, which is the entire point. If they gave you a direct straight up answer nobody would fall for their dumbass bullshit. (Spoiler alert: anything with Newton or Einstein’s name attached for credibility is a bold face lie).

If this picture represents a solution to your question… Anytime the solution needs more of an explanation than the question a kick in the balls is the appropriate responce

“The well known Foucault nonsymmetrical pendulum is studied as a problem of sub-Riemannian geometry on nilpotent Lie groups. It is shown that in a rotating frame a sub-Riemannian structure can be naturally introduced. For small oscillations, three dimensional horizontal trajectories are computed and displayed in detail. The fiber bundle structure is explicitly shown. The underlying Lie structure is described together with the corresponding holonomy group, which turns out to be given by the center of the Heisenberg group”

If you ask how something works and get this as a reply do us all a favor and punch that person in the dick

Supposedly, as the pendulum swings the path will be circular, as the earth spins the back and forth motion will also move in a round pattern as well. You know how else you can tell this is a lie? Bc when you try keyword searches to ‘debunk’ it the only results will be pro- globe. When you do finally get a counter result it is from the fake-truth-flat- earth guru, who wont get a promo from me but I’m sure if you are reading this you know who im talking about. So there you are twice over, a microcosm of the whole, controlled op from both sides to make sure you stay in their trap.

You wanna know the big secret of how these things work? Motors, magnets, and hypnosis. Since the first exhibit at the 1851 World Fair, Fauxcould made some improvements himself by adding an electromagnetic motor to ensure the mezmerizing tactics maintained effect. This means even the guy that invented it knew it was junk. Of course he knew, it was a World Fair exhibit, it was at the Pantheon, and he was a Fauxcould. 3 strikes your out, bud. Not only was it at the WF but its grand entrance (In trance) was March 31. Thats a number drop, icydk, 3/31=333

Nowadays the scam has been modernized with GPS navigators mounted in hidden floor compartments, according to MIT anyway

Heres another mocking reference by gatekeeper whores at the NYTimes. A book titled, A Conspiracy to Rule the World, about the pendulum. The part I like is that the humanoid is using the pendulum as intended. hypnosis mechanism. I also see he has a winged lion variation. See my report on that if you want to step your game up.

Here is a pdf on how penulums are used to make people do whatever you want. Well, not really, dont you know tv is fake? What it does is gives the victim a focal point so the mind is open to the suggestion of the perp, in this case you are supposed to stare at the pendulum while the repetition of “earths rotation” imprints itself on your mush brains. This is the secret to how the manipulation tactic works. Sucker.

Gleason Map Breakdown

Gleasons map is another shot coming from the other side. but except its not the other side they are the same side and as long as you are listening to them jerk asses you are not paying attn to whats going on around you.

The go-to map of the Flat Earth Jump-Squad by spook intel family Gleason
This stamp from Boston Public Library is a signal to other agents that this fake doc is a psy-op. Boston is the spook capital, forget Langley, anything stamped by them is automatically flagged. They have an extensive photo archive of false flag history, just a forewarning, their possession alone indicates general fuckery
There are no 1-5. It starts and ends with 6. In the numbers game a ‘1’ is equal to whatever it stands beside, There is also whats called the ‘Satanic Laws of Inversion’, the “As Above, So Below” concept people like to throw around with no comprehension of what it really means. In this manner 9/11 is how you arrive at 666. Not really relevant here, just a free lesson since we’re on numbers.

Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving are a marker as well, though not many would recognize them right off the top, they are Big Wigs at the Pan-Am Expo of 1901, the Buffalo World Fair. This one featured the fake assassination of Prez McKinley [Note to self: Check for McKinley and McKenney family connection.]

*I have completed a paper on the Pan-Am Expo from the point of view of the fake deafmute intel agent, check the search bar

Check some history on the Patent Office and what their true purpose is and role in directing, by directing I mean diverting, or outright halting, the speed of progression of the whole society. Their inclusion is noteworthy. Also the date, this is just in time for the 1893 World Fair of Chicago

Sun Burst and Pyramid of the Flat Earth map

My favorite part is calling out the easy ones everybody missed. Yep, heres your most common well-understood-to-be-the-bad-guys sigil in the pictographic language of the Reset Overlords. Right at the top, front and center in bold capital letters and even quotations- to let you know they really mean business. How did nobody catch this before? Mass hypnosis bro.

and Fake indians

This is really about fake history, we’ve already wasted enough energy on the FE psy-op. I just came across a pic I had to share. I was researching fake Indian tribes to cover for the Reset. The was no colonial America. America was repopulated, not colonized, therefore there were no Indians. What I think was here before the repopulation wouldve been survivors of the Reset event, a Mudflood in some places but not all. Survivors wouldve banded together, thrust back into the stone age surrounded by great ruins. These people formed the Feral Class. Along comes the Inheritors claim ownership of the buildings and bring the Orphan Immigrants. Get in line or get sent to one of the disporportionate insane asylums or re education school.

The imagry of the Native American Indian originally come from spooks at the World Fairs and specifically the Human Zoo’s. This was done on a world scale as well as American. Buffalo Bill Wild West show and PT Barum helped out. The media was always complict in using the invisible threat of indians like they still use the threat of fake nukes and terrorism and viruses. The Trail of Tears has a full chapter Im almost finished and goes back fake indians used to justify a permant military presence and then then Indian eviction. led to the Georgia Gold Rush false flag to repopulate the area formally called Indian Territory, they even had a land lotto. Id like to see the lucky winners of the choice property. The whole thing was a cover for land grabbing. trail of tears was used on many levels but thats just the intro today its about the fake Gleason map.

Indian stereotype imagry circulated by F. Gleason of Boston
Boston Pub. by F. Gleason 2 1/2 Tremont Row

gleasons weekly

Frederick Gleason is guilty of publishing fake illustrations to pass as factual history. He is called the ‘Father of Illustration Journalism’ but its just a step away from comic books. One of the forefathers of the ‘Dime Novel’. Gleason’s Boston based rag was one of the popular illustration publishers of the day. Freddy counted as his rivals PT Barnum, who also had a big role in pushing the Indian hoax, by rival I mean partner. Buffalo Bill and the Wild West show were some of the biggest ones on the World Fair circuit.

A. Gleason vs. F. Gleason

Im sure many people will be yelling at their screen by now at me that the two inserted fake docs are done by two dif people and that doesnt prove anything. Ok, sure, whatever you say. Im not here to convince you. Even though they both are involved with major psychological warfare projects from Boston in the mid-late 1800’s, both have connections to World Fairs, and both share the same name. Im sure theres a logical explanation for this, right? Oh yeah, ‘Coincidence’.

Map of Tartaria

Tartaria was a real place on real maps, so it would seem, but dont forget the maps themselves are coming from the same people that script everything about history. I just mean dont fall into the trap that every Olde World building is Tartarian or that they were the center off this vast world-wide advanced civilization like Atlantis. It was featured on maps and for whatever reason was removed and then we had fake maps. The original maps were just as fake.

Ken Kasey and fellow spook writer of the Baloch tribe

I just noticed a section where today is the place Pakistan and India meet, called Baloochistan, the BAL syllable is the takeaway, like Ba’al. Its spellcasting word play. This is where the Khans of the Middle East come from, more appropriately, the Cons. This group of tribes is no different than any other culture in that is was all set up as part of the fake history. Its a mindfuck. Thats why in their media commons file is a picture of a modern Balochi man posing with acid-guru superspook Ken Kasey, the (Mary Prankster and One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest)

I would like to see his boundaries superimposed of a map of the Great Wall. It wasnt Chinese. Who knows how old it is, the Wall is a tourist trap set up like a movie set designed to look a certain way. The sections you see in magazines like Nat Geo are newer than the rest, probs a few hundred years.

Sidney Morse was a mapmaker picking up where his father left off in establishing imaginary names and boundaries of a Post-Reset world. His maps of Asia include the Tartarian Empire.

Sidney also followed in his fathers footsteps of using a religious front by publishing a Christian newspaper, The New York Observer. Media control isnt a new thing. It was installed, not hi-jacked.

Owning a religious based newspaper and being a map-maker is a perfect way to prop up a fake narrative to control the population. Here we see both talents put to work on the same project, a map of the Wandering Jews trek through the desert

Brother of Samuel Morse, most famous bc his name is attached to the telegraph and code bearing his name. Prolific painter of fake timeline historic events like the signing of the Declaration. The art spooks wrote the narrative with their imagery.

Son of Jedidiah, Important Reset figure established Missionary schools and USGS. The missionary schools were an intelligence network that propped up the fake westward expansion and wild savage Indian hoax. The “father of Geography” was the first to catalog the landscape; rivers, mountains, towns… This meant he made the first maps of the post-mudflood territory and could write in his own “Indian villages” and then send in his own trained spies pretending to be from the church.

File this one under the Colonial America and Indians are Fake category. All Pre-Columbian and Colonial sites are fake, so when I find references to one I like to see the angle. The thing about the scriptwriters is once they find a good formula they reuse the shit out of it. Makes for an easily identifiable pattern. These fake sites are created to support the historical narrative which is complete bullshit. North America was repopulated along with the rest of the world in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s, depending on where you live. Cities weren’t built they were inherited by a class of people that use the fake narrative to justify birth-right claims to generational prestige, wealth, land grabs via fake docs like land trusts, deeds, wills, charters… We are a world held prisoner by false documents that serve as binding-contracts. Combined with legalese inverted word spells and the extensive use of magick sigils unrecognized in corporate logo’s most people go through life and never ever even blink.

I came across Den Rock Park while researching for an article about the Industrial Revolution which is psychological warfare to organize the slave labor pool of the Orphan/Immigrant class. The Industrial Revolution and the fake narrative sites like Den Rock are all part of the same scam. Sometimes important bulletpoints are connected by places, like people that go around and everything they’re involved in is some kind of false-flag operation or other, places are the same way and anything that happens within their imaginary boundaries you can guarantee are going to be the same thing. (boundaries created by binding-contract rituals and made real by the same force that gives currency its value).

Lawrence is one of those places. An autonomous entity with the same rights as a person. The ritual contract magick created this Company that is as real as you and me, at least on paper, like I said, we are a species ruled by fraudulent documents. The same energy that makes boundaries real and gives money its value is also what makes Lawrence a living entity *Maybe what is really happening is people are turned into corporations, not corporations turned into people, regardless they are both the same.

Everything connected to Lawrence plays into the psychological slavery of humanity, from the Pemberton Mill Collapse (inside job) to the Bread and Roses Strike. Even today it is the headquarters of Military Industrial Complex giants like Raytheon, so you can understand my skepticism when I read about an ancient Pre-Colonial site found there.

Theres not much to explain, I can show you a possible scenario but its the responsibility of the seeker to process the information accordingly. I already know these bitches are fake. Its All Fake. Heres a nice little quicky example of how the history timeline illusion is propped up with matching sites. For a more in-depth article check out my essay on Jamestown.

Den Rock Park

Historians place Native residents in North America as long as 12,000 years ago.

The 81-acre plot was bought by the City of Lawrence in 1877. The original intent was for a city cemetery. That never happened, but in 1896, it was designated as a public park. The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration laborers installed a set of stone steps and built trails, amphitheaters and boardwalks in the 1930s. It has also been, over time, a city composting site and a source of stone for the construction of nearby Interstate 495.

The CCC and WPA came out of the New Deal and like the Colonial Dames of America, who they often work together with, go around the country and landscape certain areas to match what the history books say. They ascribe fake history to starforts and participated in the Jamestown hoax. Their involvement in the 30’s suggests to me any later sites were fabricated and then buried for later discovery, the Jamestown Model from here on. Thats why the place was later scraped to build 495, they were destroying the evidence of a fake, not of an ancient culture. This is why the first places targeted in invasions and war time are the museums. People mourn the destruction of mankinds earliest civilizations but in reality those artifacts are targeted bc they are fakes.

In the mid-1990s, developers hovered over Den Rock Park. The Andover town about developing 40 homes, a shopping mall and a golf course. The pressure to yield to progress proved too much to overcome. In relative short order, up went the Apartment complex towering over Route 114, Boston Market, a vitamin shop and a drycleaner. As does yet another apartment complex. Completing the loop around the park are two dozen luxury homes. The housing development proceeded much as proposed. The golf course did not. Maybe it was never intended to, like you overbid on purpose so you can haggle down to what you really want. Golf courses are a Modus Operandi of the C.C.C. There are a few starfort locations that are now parking lots… One by Pittsburg is a Colonial Dames job is now a parking lot for Boston Market. Gotcha, Of course it would be Boston Market, it’s Boston for fux sake

For the future, the Merrimack River Watershed Council gained ownership in 1999. The MRWC sold Den Rock to Greenbelt Essex County’s Land Trust which are now responsible for the stewardship. They change names like this all the time just to confuse researchers.

As for the evidence concerning pre-contact Native American sites you might be disappointed if you want to believe in Colonial History. The evidence consists of a few pottery shards and glass beads, some flint knaps and a metal flintlock firearm piece. Again here we see they only find evidence that something was here, not who they were or what they did, that area is purposely left open for endless debate. As long as you’re not debating the existance of people you can say they were doing whatever you want, the more outrageous and varied the better. All the history is presented in this manner and it is all on purpose.

The metal piece is called a cock buffer and is recognizable in part bc of the ones found in Jamestown, the piece was most common in the King Philips War, says so right here in the Massachusetts Archeological Society journal where you can read the full report. My fav part if the list of trustee names on the front inside cover, names like Hoffman let you know the caliber of people you are dealing with.

Civilian Conservation Corps

Company 808, worked on Rocky Mountain National Park. Note most of the bottom row has their hands covered up and the center figure is doing the hand-pyramid sign. Maybe this seems thin to some of the new readers but its not, its all you need and only confirms what we already knew.

The Corps was responsible for the creation of the State Parks. Under the disguise of reforestation and erosion control they could manipulate the landscape however they wanted. Erosion Control is a code word, a little smart-assy wordplay.

The CCC was created on March 31, (333, CCC is a 333 mark too) 1933 by the Emergency Conservation Work Act and put into action by President Roosevelt with Executive Order No. 6101 (666) on April 5, 1933. The speed with which the plan moved through proposal, authorization, implementation and operation was a miracle of cooperation among all branches and agencies of the federal government.  It was a mobilization of men, material and transportation on a scale never before known in time of peace.  FDR proposed to recruit thousands of unemployed young men, enroll them in a peacetime army, and send them into battle against destruction and erosion of our natural resources.  Before the CCC supposedly ended, over three million young men engaged in a massive salvage operation described as  the most popular experiment of the New Deal.

The CCC was designed to put jobless young men to work on public land projects, including “the prevention of forest fires…plant pest and disease control, the construction, maintenance and repair of paths, trails and fire-lanes in the national parks and national forests and such other work…as the President may determine to be desirable”.  In what is described by as the “largest peacetime mobilization in U.S. history,” 275,000 young men between the ages of 18 and 25 enrolled in the CCC during the first three months of the program. Many of these men had been roaming the country in a desperate search for jobs.  The enrollees were supervised by Army Reserve Officers, “often themselves unemployed” .

The CCC was primarily geared towards the employment of young men in America’s forests and parks.  The CCC ‘boys’, as they were called, received training, education, shelter, health care, food, and a monthly pay of $30 – $25 of which was required to be sent home to support their families.  More than 3,000,000 men were enrolled in the CCC between 1933 and 1942 [5].  This enrollment included jobless World War I veterans and the employment of Indians on reservation land.  CCC boys sometimes worked alongside WPA workers, as can be seen at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia and Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland. *Catoctin Park is part of the C&O Canal region and Starfort Ft Frederick false history by CCC

The National Park Service describes, in part, what was achieved by the CCC program: “Nationwide, the CCC operated 4,500 camps in national parks and forests, as well as state and community parks, planting three billion trees, protecting 20 million acres from soil erosion, and aiding in the establishment of 800 state parks.  The CCC advanced natural resource conservation in this country by decades…”.

Other accomplishments of the CCC included the restoration of 4,000 historic structures, the construction of 3,100 fire lookout towers, the building of 1,500 cabins, the installation of 5,000 miles of water lines, the creation of 4,600 fish rearing ponds, the improvement of 3,400 beaches, and 6.5 million man-days devoted to firefighting.

Robert Fechner was the director of the CCC program from 1933 until his death in 1939.  James J. McEntee was the second director and led the CCC until its end in 1942.  Though the CCC was never formally terminated, Congress had, by June 30, 1942, ended the program’s funding and set aside money for its liquidation.  During its nine-year lifespan the CCC had invested $3 billion in America’s young men and the forests and parks they worked in. Robert Fechner as director and established an Advisory Council.  Representatives of the Secretaries of War, Labor, Agriculture and Interior served on the Council for the duration of the program. (it never ended)

The only noted pushback came from Union officials concerned about the military’s role in the labor force but Fechner was a Union leader. There is no distinction in the inner circles

 The Army mobilized the nation’s transportation system, and moved thousands of enrollees from induction centers to working camps.  It used regular and reserve officers, together with regulars of the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy to temporarily command companies. The enrollees improved millions of acres of federal, state and some private land.  New roads were built, telephone lines strung and the first of millions of trees were planted.  Glowing reports of the accomplishments of the Corps were printed in major newspapers, including some that had bitterly opposed other phases of the New Deal.  (nothing is ever printed in major outlets unless it is their own works)

 Late in 1933, Clarence S. Marsh was appointed the first Director of Education based on a number of recommendations.  Education was a volunteer activity undertaken during non-working hours.  The benefits received from the education program were directly related to the amount of effort whether it be a high school diploma, learning to type, or wood carving. The Marsh family have a few articles on my site if you check the tags; they ran the Tewksbury Almshouse and held combine-reaper patents.

Today CCC survives as a string of Job Corp and Youth Conservation Centers.

Many of the CCC projects that later had major historical value were discovered during “road construction”

According to 808 Company mason Frank Beaver, soil and rock was removed from the front of Antelope Springs to reveal the fresh water spring emerging from the solid rock formation below. Enrollee Earl Pollard commented that, “The construction supervisor said that all landscaping was ‘nature faking.’ The shoulders had been graded and they wanted to make it grow back natural.” Enrollee Truman Cobb commented that he “took care of those slopes. They put us to doin’ somthin’ that would last, and make something beautiful. You go today, where they’re building highways and it’s just an old barren cut there and nothin’ pretty about it. But we sloped those things, leaving the boulders, leaving the outcroppings that would be picturesque…. We might work half a day around one boulder… kinda like an artist”. This paragraph is so full of underlying meaning I can only suggest if you dont understand who these people are and what they are talking about you should just do a little catching up.

[Note to self, CCC’s role in completing the Appalachian Trail in Maine, the AT is an ancient footpath, similar to the Silk Road, as if there was ever such a thing.]

Ft Frederick

The CCC was also called the Tree Army for the number of trees they planted, this is the ancient artifact starfort renamed Ft Frederick. This image highlights how the cover of “Reforestation” and “Erosion Control” can be used to modify existing structures to fit whatever the narrative calls for… or completely erase any evidence that something was ever there.

The CCC museum is located in Ft Frederick State Park in Maryland. The site is the location of an old Starfort they slapped a fake history on.

Textbooks say the fort has the distinction of being the only stone fortress built by a colony in the New World. Dating back to the French and Indian War in 1754, it also served a role in the American Revolution as a POW camp and in the Civil War was used to protect the C&O Canal and B&O Railroad.

What is the sigil on number 13? No background or context other than the obvious

Speaking of reforestation… In a spat of synchronicity I came across this at the same time in an unrelated thread (they’re all related) German archaeologists covered a hill in the 1800’s bc they were hiding something. The site of the Olympics was modified ruins and given a fake history, the Tree Army strikes again.

Red Rock State Park

The list of sites built or modified by the Corps is saidto be 800. Thats a bunch of bullshit but the real number is pretty high I’m sure. Anything done to the interior before WW2. Moves were made in the build up to the binding-contract creation of the Citizen Conservation Corps.

The site was first noticed by land-surveyors for the mining, oil, and railroad companies. Potential oil sites were discarded. the site was fought in court over by the Bear Creek Developers are the State, the State pulled rank. At least they pretended to, they knew free labor was coming so, theres that.

Red Rock Amphitheater

The State of Colorado showed no interest in Red Rock during the formative years of the locations existence. It was passed around by the same New England families that had branched out west for a few decades, some development but nothing major.

  1. It was out in the middle of nowhere and how the hell could you access it?
  2. It cost of land development and the amount of labor necessary was unfeasible for such a task

A few years before the CCC was born, Colorado swooped in with the Eminent Domain card and declared they were taking possession of the property. Not only that but first they had to condemn the property that nobody wanted anything to do with all along

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaurs. Jeez. The fun never ends. Thing about about dinos is I live on the fossil cliffs region of the Chesapeake Bay, I’ve been shark tooth and fossil hunting all my life. They fall out of the cliffs and wash up along the beach, or you can just dig them out of the cliffs yourself where they are found in a layer about 18 inches thick and chest-high off the ground. There are a wide range of animals too, not just of one kind but many kinds… I mean there are full aquatic predators like the popular Megladon but also there are croc/gator, whale plate, porpoise and equestrian/bovine (horse) teeth found right next to each other. The guy at the antique store has a big ass tooth thats not for sale that was identified by the Smithsonian as rhino, too bad they are fucking liars, huh. If you didn’t have the cross section from the cliff and had to dig down its about 15-20 ft below the surface. Its not uncommon for someone to find a fossil bed while digging a house foundation. My point is something happened, something was here. All those teeth i been collecting weren’t spread out during the night by some 1%er freemasons.

That being said, dinosaurs are fake as fuck. they plug all the branches of science that are fake as fuck so they all hold each other up. Its an illusion broski dont fall for it. Once you take one down they all fall together. You dont get to pick and chose, like this is real and that is real but this is fake, doesn’t work like that; they’re all bullshit. Science has been compartmentalized into so many fractals to make it appear like all these different branches all support each other. Well thats the point, they do appear to support each other bc they are all lying. Dinosaurs were invented for many layers. Hey did you know the first dinos were displayed at the World Fair. Yep, they’re a World Fair Project, which is all about inserting a false narrative to keep the orphan/immigrant class enslaved.

Thats not all I got, though its enough, for example the dino hall at the natural history museum dont even try to hide the fact that there are no genuine specimens on display, theres a 6″ plaque on one of the columns that admits all the fossils are replicas. This is at the big one in D.C. too. You remember that line in Jurassic Park where the one guy says to the couple, ” So you two dig up dinosaurs?”, and then the two start mumbling and dont even think they answer. Its an inside joke. The Inheritors know our reality is completely scripted and they rub it in all the time. Dinosaurs, aliens, Abe Lincoln… None of those bitches are real.

Anyone wanting to know about the dinosaur takeover should read up on the ‘Bone War’, which was a fake competition between a Philly Quaker and a Yale professor that produced most the collections held in prestigious institutions today. Philly even was the adviser to the World Fair held in 1876. The party included members of the American Association for Advancement of Science. It was a total and complete mindfuck.

Some of the earliest fossils from the bone war came from the same formation of the Dino Ridge tourist trap around the time 1870’s

So I’m getting distracted. Maybe I’m totally wrong and dinos are real, lets look at Red Rock Dino Ridge and find out. I want to remind everyone that the CCC came through and gave the place a makeover in the 30’s.

I’ve noticed every site Ive looked at so far has had a modern group associated as the “Friends of…”; Friends of Red Rock, Friends of Ft Frederick, Friends of Den Rock, and now Friends of Dino Ridge. Hmmm, nothing shady going on there.

Heres your first give-away, not just who found it but they found it after the project was complete, they had to finish the road so the tourists could come. The CCC built the network of national and state parks but a side note to that is all the tourist trap roadside attractions. That was what Dino Ridge is part of, the roadside tourist trap. That’s why the car club wanted to develop the amphitheater just so people would buy a car to drive there.

Thats why there was an unprecedented level of cooperation and speed that pushed the Corps through in such a short time. They knew an unlimited supply of slave labor was about to come through so they pirated the land with Eminent Domain bc everyone knew the potential value of the spot if it was eveloped, they could entice people to drive out and spend money doing so. The Corps was an economical solutuion to a broken country, it was called the Great Depression bc thats what they made it. thats why the record spped and full cooperation between conflict interests, and the education? Hell we’ll worry about that later, theyre only getting paid 30 bucks a month and 25 goes back home to their families. Its slave labor. not only were these kids making accesible the most inhospitable terrian for tourism money but they could create novelty sites to help encourage consumers, since theyre already going to be making the sites, might as well make them prop up fake science and history.

The Dino Ridge is an amusement novelty only sold as real science and history. Lets just take a look at the pics of their so-called dinosaurs on Tripadvisor.

  1. this is the main event, a field of tracks. Nobody ever said what makes them black.
This round ends right here, they admit the site was discovered in 37 doing roadwork, this was our boys at the CCC doing slave labor on pirated State property, I mean ‘cutting public access roads for parks’, sounds so much better. These would be the “…Rocks we worked all day on like artists.” spoke of by the 808 initiate above. Not only that but someone find out who the ‘Friends’ are and what happened with the 2007 stabilization project, with the help of the lottery (lol, good one)

I won’t go too far into detail for times sake, I think my readers will be smart enough to figure out why I included some pics. For now I just want to comment on the Brontosaurus Bulge, the dumbass explanation for these rock formations they give is just the kind of parlor trick illusions that the whole show is based on. You’ll have to read the plaque for yourself, I thought it was fitting that the specific name was chosen, even though the dino had been ruled a fake in normie science circles. I thought maybe they thought it was just such a catchy little jingle they decided to keep it. Then I found out the discoverer was a Marsh and the Bronto was actually discovered in this land formation, The Morrison Formation. (Morris/Morrison is an old military aristocrat family like Marsh) Brontosaurus was one of the very first dinos ever and the media has used it for 150 years to sell papers and hold up the fake history and science.

First it was heiled for its discovery, then the debate about classification kept it in the papers, which is about the common collective. Later it was removed and declared a fake, much to the tears of little kids everywhere, now it is being reclassified and brought back into the fold of Normie Science. The trick the whole time has been to keep it in the general conversation which has done effectively and appears will continue to do so for a long time to come.

This is the same tactic they are using with pluto, did you ever think about that. Pluto aint fucking real either but they use wordspells, by throwing one under the bus as ‘fake’ the others are reaffirmed as real. The fake part is only about classification, a technicality, not fake as in its all a bunch of bullshit.


This is crossing over into a fake dinosaur post I am work on, too far removed from the title to continue at this point. I’ll leave a teaser.

In 1877 Othniel Charles Marsh, Professor of Paleontology at Yale University and avid dinosaur fossil hunter, discovered the bones of an incomplete dinosaur in the Morrison Formation. He named this sauropod Apatosaurus ajax (Apatosaurus means deceptive lizard). Two years later in 1879 Marsh discovered the bones of a larger and more complete sauropod dinosaur, again in the Morrison Formation but this time over the state line in Wyoming, Marsh named this second sauropod dinosaur Brontosaurus excelsus (Brontosaurus means thunder lizard).

The skeleton Marsh found is still one of the most complete ever. It helped the Brontosaurus become one of the most identifiable and popular of all dinosaurs.

In 1903, however, scientists determined that Brontosaurus fossils were not from a new species, but from a dinosaur already discovered—the Apatosaurus. The name Brontosaurus continued to be featured on museum labels. The name was not formally removed from the records of paleontology until 1974.

In 1905 the skeleton of the newly classified Apatosaurus excelsus was mounted in the Yale Peabody Museum. However, the signage did not give this first ever sauropod mount its new name, but instead it was labelled Brontosaurus excelsus, forever imprinting the name onto the minds of the general public, lasting right up to our own modern times. The original fossil had been missing some feet and parts of the tail, which in the mount were composed of other fossil material found close by, but more notably it was also missing a head. Marsh’s own reconstructions of the Brontosaurus excelsus, in 1893 and 1891, he chose large incomplete skulls which had been found in different quarries. These skulls which were short, round-faced, and heavy set, and a cast based on Camarasaurus-like skulls was used to complete the 1905 mount. As early as 1915 this view was challenged with Dr William Holland, Carnegie Museum Director, pointing out that they had no connection with the body as, “the two skulls used by Marsh were found, one four miles from the rest of his skeleton, the other about four hundred miles from it”.

On the World scene

In an effort to condense some of the articles I got lying around I decided to attach similar themed posts. The tourist trap fake history bit isnt an American-only tradition, it gets used everywhere you look, for World history too, not just the local flavor. Here is an entire town dedicated to mind-fuck history.

The ossuary is what lead me to Brno, its the second one in Czechia at that, once I got looking around I decided this would be a good showcase display of what I mean when i say that alot of times places are significant markers, if you know a person or an event is associated with a certain place it gives you an overall clue as to what its really about.

I think I just cracked the code for finding the fake-history tourist trap locations. Brno is part of a UNESCO project called the Creative City Network. UNESCO is a jewish group dedicated to the mastery of the tourist trap industrial complex. The self-validating world authority on cultural heritage sites. The designation of the Creative City is pretty self explanatory. Hopefully by this time you can figure it out the rest. Take a look at some random cities on the list of 180 (Aces and Eights) and see what pops up. Excuse me, 180 was from 2017, the new count is 300, from 90 countries. (Do I have to explain how this is still a mark? 3 9’s=999, laws of inversion 666)

Another place that would fit in this category would be Harpers Ferry, WV. The entire town is set up like an open-air museum and history book, all complete bullshit history of course. Heres the complete list, there are only a few in America; Iowa City, Santa Fe, Kansas City, San Antone and Austin.

Canals of Paris

The wide streets of Paris are an enigma of sorts. Some of the more entertaining explanations is that during the Paris Commune the Revolutionaries had blocked off such a significant part of the roads is was easier just to plow through the buildings which were falling down anyway. The path of the army breaking through the building just became the streets. The credit is given to some fictional character whose name escapes me right now but it doesnt matter anyway, our time is short so I dont like wasting it on people I already know arent real. Napoleon is said to have given him the job, thats enough for me cuz he wasnt real either.

Before we even start I want to share part of how I got here and what I have to compare against. I was scanning Google Earth looking for signs of landscaping, terra forming, whatever you want to call it, just looking for general fuckery. Oh boy We got all we wanted too. I found this place in china that looked like a fracking operation. The first image I saw was from a hi altitude, I thought they were frack wells bc it looked like oklahoma or Arizona feilds but the when I zoomed in I saw it was all the living quarters in tight concentrations and the biggest canal network Id even seen. Theres a reaosn why nobody in the West knows about things like this. The chinese didnt build this, just like they didnt build that wall or the railroad. This place is the size of New Jersey. There is a link here that will take you kind of in the middle of the area and you can just scan at your leisure


Since we’re bringing it up. Venice is just one little tiny island. I havent looked past Paris yet but massive canal networks could be the norm. Like star forts, I used to think starforts were the shit when I found one in my research. Didnt take long till I realized them bitches are everywhere. Canal are like that. They connect the East Coast to the Great Lakes and then what mightve been the vast inland sea that made the Salt Flats and Grand Canyon

Venice is the closest thing left to what Paris wouldve been similar too.

A city split by a river is a feature to keep an eye out for. Even from this distance you can see they are not streets


Really this is something you have to just see for yourself. get down on ground level and check the buildings out. Ill leave a link here that’ll take you to Paris. There are very few roads in Paris that arent old canals.

Paris is also known for its roundabouts, they really have intersections like we do in the States.

This is maybe one of the most important pieces I have ever found. I say that about every one, every one is the most important, did you ever think of that? lol Im just playing. The avenues of Paris ARE the canals. In the Pre-Reset World Paris was a canal-ed city. It wouldve been just like Venice, only bigger

The Sine runs right through it, you can see the ancient canal beds that branch off. In each round about theres is some sort of identifiable marker like an arch or obelisk.

The Railroad headquarters is built on top of old canal beds. I have always said the railroads are ancient, they are built on top of the old canal beds.

the main thoroughfares are known for their tell-tale architecture wouldve lined canal walls. In some instances you can see where a canal has been reduced to, say, a 4 lane highway down to a 2, but you can still clearly see the old outline.

Circuit Velo du Polygone de Vincennes

Even the parks are laid out you can see the old canals and circles. what is that down there? a crooked 33 next to a 5 point star and whats the supposed to be in the corner? Make me have to put my glasses on.

Interesting, I was gathering up some like-articles to make one long post instead of several little parts and reviewing some of the fake Ancient Rome material I saw the star burst sigil in one of the early catacomb scams. This is the interior of an underground crypt staged to support early church history, and thus World his-story, and sold as genuine to the people. Later presented at the world fair there was a run of fake catacombs set up all over the world, there were several variations and included blueprint schematics.

This crypt is special because it supposedly housed the remains of the priests killed during the Paris Commune round of the French Revolution. The French Revolution is an allegory for the Reset, just like Napoleon. Here is my link on that. The martyred priests were in the Latin Quarters, I didnt find out exactly if that Star-burst is near the location, I didnt see the other image until after I made the Post, I just found it, so i’ll have to go back on G.E and find the location.

There is a clue here, the area is just a big sporting complex. The missionary school in my essay linked above used athletics as an opportunity for world leaders to gather at the same place and time without drawing unwanted attn, what could be more harmless than a squad of priest athletes? (Maybe if the were blind, nevermind.) This concept of international sporting competitions would also debut at the World Fair with a fake ancient his-story slapped on and is what you call the Olympic Games, No shit. If that hard to follow, like if you’re new to this subject and dont have a clue what Im talking about I can only suggest to start catching up with the links from above, how can you beat an opponent you cant even identify?

Damn hoss, Im glad I looked, this is another perfect example of why you always take the link. never just take my word for it bc I miss stuff. Everyone misses stuff, its impossible to get everything. The takeaway is to be able to tell what the person missed and if it was intentional; omissive lying.

The place is called Vincennes Woods, home to royalty since the 1100’s it served as the royal hunting grounds for like a thousand years and then youll never guess made it into the largest park in Paris, Napoleon has been farther sub-divided down into 3 parts. Before that it was part of the Ancient Roman forest. There is an obelisk weathervane to mark the woods along with out-of-place ruins that dont look so old. Turns out the place was home to the very first Olympics in 1900, the next would be St Louis in ’04. The park was also home to several Colonial Expo’s (Human Zoo’s that showcased fake narrative First-Nations people)

The Royal Chapel is said to have been built specifically to house the authentic crown of thorns that Jesus wore during the crucifiction. Im sure it was even on its own display case at one of the world Fairs too. No offense to Christians out there but do you see the context of the religious icons? Theyre fake Holy-Relic’s. It literally has it’s own Industrial Complex, I bet you my lunch money not only did the Crown of Thorns debut at the Worlds Fair but you can probly find there are many claims to be the real one. I have come across individual splinters that are said to be thorns taken from the Crown but this is the first Crown itself. The designer was also a member of the local pocket-pool team.

Fountains and water features are common throughout Paris in the circles where the old canals intersect. The canals from the Chinese farmers are more uniform and grid-like, with square intersections, Paris isnt like that and the circles were needed if 8 or 10 canals all come to a point you need a large open area. The fact that foundation or any water feature is echoed still today is noteworthy and to be expected. There is always a clue. The old fountains featured colored jets and plumes.

The new trees are symbolic of rewriting history; see the Tree Army post of the road-side tourist trap his-story

So yes, In my humble opinion whatever black magick sigil is etched into the ancient canal beds on Paris East-Side connects all of the above mentioned. Thats alot to process in only a few sentences, let that shit sink in bc its important. That is how the whole game is played, with places like this right here:

The Triumphal Arch is the center of this circle, each one has something important. To the far right wouldve been a series of aquaducts

Mémorial du Mont-Valérien, Top Secret Starfort

Google Earth really puts forth the extra effort to try and hide a Starfort on the outskirts of the city, One-half miles at its widest point. There is an observation deck overlooking the city, it would make sense a fortification would be on the highest point. The helipad would indicate its still a military venue

Under ground canal at the Bastille

Still available for an afternoon joyride today you can take the St Martin canal that still runs under the site of the Bastille. This is a hi-energy spot that has come up both in my Starforts post and the French Revolution cover story for the Reset. You can see the tiny sliver of water inside the old bed of the ancient canal, it breaks off directly from the Seine and goes under and the over a mile later it comes back out. Napoleon is credited with having engineers design this too, Napoleon never existed. He was invented to explain away out-of-place artifacts and things that dont fit in the timeline, redefining borders… Look at the deep cuts of the grid, soft curves and straight shots, it has a very fluidic feel because they are the Pre-Reset canal systems

This is the spot where the St Martin deadends. Another canal with a new name and new background picks up immediately. Its the same one, do I look fucking retarded to you?. The spot at the junction is the Battle of Stalingrad bar. Because thats what we do at all our celebrated battlegrounds, we turn them into bars

Catacombs and above ground crypts

This explains why the famous cemetery where all the agent artists get ‘buried’. Theres that story called the Great Stink that said Paris just got fulled up with dead people so they dug up centuries worth of bodies, cleaned them up, and stacked them in either one of the two places, the go hand in hand. Well there cant be any cemteries if there aint no ground, did you ever think about that, what about that?.

Like wise if the canals were filled in they could’ve been tunneled like Swiss cheese but I think most likely were covered with a ‘lid’ and then filled in above, now the canal system was an underground tunnel system. This also explains why the Catacombs are alway filled with water. If the one section under the Bastille is still operational I see no reason why portions of the rest of the city arent still usable as well

Place of Nations

This is the most freaky part

The sun burst capstone of the pyramid, laid out right in front… But wait, whats that in the center?
Its a pentagram in the sunburst… GTFOH, And the name of the thing is Place of Nations. Mega creepy right? How many ways can you say Satanic New World Order?

A lot of sun burst symbolism, alot of triangle and pyramids also.

In the first pick you can see the Bastille at the mid-bottom. The brown smear to the right is the rail road depot. The Railroad has a fluidic nature as well. The railroad is built on the old canals. I think this change in technology is one of the very first changes in paradigm. The machine. Its been downhill ever since.

The canals were filled in to accommodate the new tech. Image 3 clearly shows a still functioning canal of today that ‘S’s along the full length. Zoom in and there is minimal distuinction between the canal today and the canal beds from the Pre-Reset world, just that one still has water.

Champ de Mars

The closer to the trunk line you get the more prestigegous the buildings get. There isnt really a center so much as proximity to the Seine; right there in the lead is the Champ de Mars, site of the first worlds fair. The Effiel Tower is here too, you can see the canal wouldve carried you right under the tower. A buddy brought up Atlantis randomly the other day. While of course it isnt real because his-story remembers it from some fake guy, however they do keep echos of stuff in modern circulation. Atlantis, from the descriptions I vaguely remember read like Paris, Im not saying it it but the concentric circle thing could be a tell. Paris is the preimere example but other potential cities could be philly and DC. Ive always thought Manhatten could be a man-made island. Chicago has a river that cuts right through it also.
While we’re on Paris and the Eiffel Tower I thought it would be a good place to throw in my old pic of ‘construction’, never mind the professional pocket-pool player standing midframe. A canal ride wouldve taken you directly underneath the ancient structure.

Man-Made Mill Island

And look at this from Lawrence Massachusetts, the industrial capital Mill Island. This is what first drew me attn, it is admitted that this is a man made island, done by some made-up company that bever existed however but the building complexes looked like those of Paris, I originally came looking for the buildings and found the canals instead.

The park here has a sigil in it as well. I may have made the worst coloring attempt ever to try to highlight it in case you dont see the vector symbol with another inverted vector symbol on top in a crude circle. This might seem kind of thin to some people that are new to the material, let this be a lesson. It is rarely ever going to be a perfect fit, there is always going to be something to throw it off, thats how the spell works. That is double vector sigil.

This is Mill Island, even though its admitted to be a man-made island people still dont believe it, how are they gonna accept Paris or possibly Chicago was a canalized city. The prestigious cities of Europe should be checked as well

Great Reset on the One Dollar Bill

The 1896 one-dollar silver certificate to be precise. One of a series of bills the U.S. Engraving and Printing put out in a line called the “Educational Series” featuring a cast of actor scientists and war heroes, I havent looked yet but from what I’ve seen as far half of them were never even real people. The names are listed below if you want to look each one up. Wait till you see the shit I dug up on these guys, I found the bills bc some in the series feature celebrity icons but the truth about who these people are and what they did is so far removed from history books its ridicules. The bill I was looking at had Samuel Morse and Robert Fulton, you’ll have to check the tags for the full story but I was wondering, WTF are these guys doing on a bill together? Just zoomed in and recognized it instantly, been looking at to many pictures of the Paris Commune I guess, anyway, thank you and enjoy.

I found this on the bill after I read about controversy surrounding a bare-chested Lady Liberty I wanted to see her boobies, not really that impressive… Maybe a hundred years ago she was hot, when women couldn’t show ankles.

I found this on the bill after I read about controversy surrounding a bare-chested Lady Liberty I wanted to see her boobies, not really that impressive… Maybe a hundred years ago she was hot, when women couldn’t show ankles.

None of the Founding Father people were real; Washington,Franklin, Jefferson… even Lincoln was a fake, a phantom made real by the same people that make this money real, this money is fake as Abe Lincolns wooden teeth but people make it real by the energy they put in it. Thats magick, Money is a magick trick and they are getting all your energy you focus on making money real you put on their fake historical celebrities so you make them real just the same way. Think about how much belief/energy Mt Rushmore puts out.

The War Orphan. Note the upper and lower portion of the stick
You gotta watch these fuckers

We are all decedents of Orphans, Nothing but a rag and a stick. Note the Fasci on the floor, thats an important one. Its where we get the word fascist from today, it pretty much is just a symbol for the State; the rod to beat you with and the axe to execute. I think alot of Ancient Rome is foreshadowing, its just the endgame but we’ll have nanobots.

The broad is Minerva, goddess of war and wisdom. Shes got a victory crown/ laurel wreath meaning she has been victorious. She is pointing the Orphan/Immigrant to the Capitol. Capitol Hill is a Roman concept again its standard roman symbolism. Ancient Rome was founded on seven sacred hills, the center of government was on Capitoline Hill, thats why everything is capitol hill today, its all Ancient Rome, the French Revolution too but alot of times they are the same thing, history is not linear. Im at risk of losing people before we even start…

The Capitol is a symbol for authority, a governing body that which is its only function. Minerva, the victorious goddess of war points the orphan toward civilization. Authority IS civilization. You can see the ruins crumbled up in piles of the past. The smoke stack represents progress. The authority center is unblemished

The surrounding city is in ruins. Except the factory of course is running, thats the symbol for progress, industry. Building something better. This is where lady liberty is sending the child. In a very literal sense this is the condition of America and this was the real experience of many people. Orphaned to a ruined America, not wild frontier. This was commissioned in 1894, we just had the Chicago Worlds Fair, do a background check on the engraver and the director of engraving and printing, this has World Fair stink all over it, there were three artists, names below.


Theres always gotta be a Phoenix representation
whenever there piles on building rubble laying
around, this re-birth from the ashes is the
New World Order, it isnt really new though, thats a trick.

Library of Congress

The Capitol represents the authoritive body of government, the Library is all the collective knowledge

Im not sure the building in the rear. The brochure says its the Library of Congress and the factory with smoke is not a factory, its the Smithsonian Castle… Hmm, are you sure bc it looks an aweful lot like a factory to me? Maybe in a symbolic way the Smithsonian is doing the work to rebuild the ruined civilization, they’re writing the history and science books and doing all the groundwork the Library of Congress is the ones housing them and making them available to the citizens. Its a team effort.

The building itself was being constructed at the same time, reaching completion in 97, it would be the equivalent of the Library of Alexander if we’re staying with the Roman flavor. The LoA represented the entire collective knowledge of the known world. This is what the LoC tried to appear as but its all propaganda. The Library of Alexander was never even real. Before the LoC was built all the books were stashed at the Capitol Building, The thing about all that bullshit is when you look up construction photos of the LoC you get pics like this, already complete structure with a scaffolding set up to do some face work. guys this is not construction.

So whats up with the underground chambers?

Hold up. This is why you always take the link. The LoC opened in 1897, this is the same time as the bills were printed. Better yet, they put a painting of Minerva on display that was completed in 96. It features the Owl marker and phoenix and a variation of Baphomet. Spartan style Roman armor


Speaking of the team, here are all the names surrounding the border, there are 23 names. The numbers game takes some experience. Its definitely a real thing but trying to explain it to a skeptic is like smashing your finger with a hammer. 23 is W and W is an inverted M and words like wizard and magic and its also 32 and 3 at the same time, and alot of it is context… See what I mean.

Maybe I been in too deep for too long but the central wreath is Washington, it looks like someone tried to disguise an Ouroborros. I mean sure it could be a slip of the engravers wrist, and who is ever gonna see it, me and you are the very first ones ever, lol. The ‘G’ is a little funky too. Washington is like the granddaddy of fictional forefathers, the State worships him, literally creating false-idol worship and Im sure at the heart of Patriotism is some kind of sin, theres no way they would let Washington’s name pass with a marr like that.

This is an obscured ouroborros, the serpent consuming itself. I could be wrong, Im wrong all the time but being wrong about one or two little things does not affect my overall position.

Lets Go back to the War Orphan. Take a closer look at his ‘stick’. Thats a snake right? I mean if you just saw that with no context it still looks like a snake.

I thought maybe the kid was a Moses archetype with the snake cane but no burning bushes or nothing. I said to pay attn to the two halves separate because it switches up and turns into a regular stick’

Do you see it yet? I’ll give you a clue

Yeah the boys stick passes in front of the swirls to make the sigil and thats why the top half looks like a snake, they are trying to hide it, the same with the serpent eating himself, they have to hide stuff like this. How the fuck I found it is crazy for one, two, that I would recognize what it all means,

Act of Aug 4 1886– signing of binding-contract, ritual to create black magick sigils (money)

Still Dont Believe in Sigils?

Its got a Latin incantation right on the mthrfukr… which contains the word ‘Sigil’…on a big fucking red star. if thats not enough evidence for you that paper currency is a physical manifestation of black magick then you can just gtfoh. Thesaur Amer Septent Sigil. The controversy has always been why does the bank say North America and not United States? Good question, maybe perhaps its bc the entity is fake af and has no jurisdixction except that which you allow them to take.

The shield contains a scale, as in the scales of justice (just-us), a banner with 13 stars, and a skeleton key, this may or may not be connected to the Vatican, they use a skeleton key as well

No Person Constitution

An added touch is the book opened to the Constitution, did you see “No Person”, Im sure there is a normie explanation for this but I can assure you it is underlying mockery. Along with the section that is covered up by the plant. Normies say the plant is a rosemary sprig but the thing is, theyre psychopathic liars so forgive me if I have some trust issues.

Ancient Rome is fake for that matter, Ive got some real good articles here if you check the tags

Another thing is money, Money is a physical manifestation of mind-control and black majick spellcraft. I wont get lost in analyzing the paradox of using money to do good deeds, just take my word for it, money only has the value people assign it, its valueless without the mental prison required to see it through. Hence, they only put the baddest bitches on currency.

Are you familiar with Moloch on the modern One dollar bill? the little owl? You cant even see it unless you know its there. This is a well known example of minute detail art work. I have recently become acquainted with the technique of building full scale models of entire cities, This is whitewashed in Babylon when they just call it miniatures.

Moloch on the modern one dollar bill. This is also a symbol for Minerva, the chick on the older bill.

HISTORY: In 1894, Claude M. Johnson (1852‒1919), Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing from 1893 to 1900, ordered the creation of a new currency design, which set into motion the production of $1, $2, and $5 silver certificates. These became known, popularly by collectors, as the “Educational Series.” Artist and muralist Will Hicok Low (1853‒1932) was commissioned on May 10, 1894, to design the obverse of the $1 certificate. Two months later (July 10, 1894), his design was completed and accepted. Thomas F. Morris (1852‒1898), designer of the reverse, redesigned the obverse borders and lettering before the certificates were finally released on April 18, 1896. Charles Schlecht (1843–?), commissioned for this project, was a talented engraver of both stamps and banknotes who had joined the American Bank Note Company (ABNC) in 1859.

OBVERSE: Low, a painter and muralist, brought his panoramic skills to bear in creating this lofty scene. Reclining on a marble parapet above the Potomac River in Virginia is a laurel-wreathed Minerva (or Greek counterpart Athena), the Roman goddess of wisdom, art, strategy, and commerce. Wrapped in a skirt of stars, her right arm embraces a young scholar, a fasces leaning behind his legs, her left arm directing attention toward a distant landscape of the late 19th century Washington, DC. The 555-foot tall Washington Monument obelisk had been completed only six years earlier, becoming an important landmark. The Capitol building lies a mile to the east with the domed Library of Congress behind. Between, with smoke curling into the sky from its chimney stack, is the Smithsonian Castle.

On the parapet to the right leans the opening pages of the Constitution of the United States, a sprig of rosemary (known by ancient Greeks as anthos, ἄνθος, meaning “flower”) rests against its first page.

The perimeter is adorned with the last names of 23 leaders of American history, each framed within laurel wreaths, beginning at the lower left.

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807‒1882): poet, educator
  • William T. Sherman (1820‒1891): U.S. Army commanding general
  • Abraham Lincoln (1809‒1865): statesman, 16th president
  • Washington Irving (1783‒1859): writer, biographer, historian
  • James Fenimore Cooper (1789‒1851): writer
  • Robert Fulton (1765‒1815): engineer, inventor
  • John C. Calhoun (1782‒1850): statesman, 7th vice president
  • Henry Clay (1777‒1852): statesman, 9th secretary of state, Kentucky senator
  • Andrew Jackson (1767‒1845): U.S. Army general, congressman, 7th president
  • John Adams, Jr. (1735‒1826): statesman, attorney, founding father, 2nd president
  • Thomas Jefferson (1743‒1826): statesman, diplomat, architect, founding father, 3rd president
  • George Washington (1732‒1799): Continental Army general, statesman, founding father, 1st president
  • Benjamin Franklin (1706‒1790): scientist, inventor, writer, statesman, diplomat, founding father
  • Alexander Hamilton (1755‒1804): statesman, lawyer, legal scholar, economist, founder of U.S. financial system, founding father
  • Matthew C. Perry (1794‒1858): commodore of U.S. Navy
  • John Marshall (1755‒1835): lawyer, 4th chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Noah Webster (1758‒1843): lexicographer, editor, author
  • Samuel Morse (1791‒1843): painter, inventor
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804‒1864): novelist
  • George Bancroft (1800‒1891): historian, statesman, secretary of U.S. Navy, established Naval Academy at Annapolis (1845)
  • Ulysses S. Grant (1822‒1885): U.S. Army general, 18th president
  • David Farragut (1801‒1870): U.S. Navy admiral
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803‒1882): essayist, philosopher, poet

REVERSE:  designed by Morris and engraved by Schlecht, also included the George Washington portrait by engraver Alfred Sealey and the Martha Washington portrait by Charles Kennedy Burt (1823‒1892). Burt spent 16 years with the ABNC before taking the Bureau of Engraving & Printing. Controversy arose over the oversized “1,” separating husband and wife, In the upper-right and upper-left corners are two beautifully engraved seraphim, each with flowered wreaths.

Pantheon is a Psyche War Construct

How Many Psychological operations could we fit in a single building

The Latin district? Thats the important part, not necessarily the town of Acrueil. Thats just the place that houses the local Propaganda chapter. The Latin District also houses many tourist traps with fake history attachments, one of the most significant at this point is the Pantheon building. The Pantheon building is central in so many threads I could spend all day on this one building, in fact I’ve been meaning to so check back for updates. Dont get it messed up though, the Pantheon has a hijacked history but it is a project all by itself. That means its limited to the true importance of things.

The first structure in that spot was a basilica built by Clovis, (Louis) first ruler to unite the Frankish tribes under one banner, he built the basilica to mark his conversion to Christianity in 507 ad after the suggestion of St Genevieve..

St G. is the patron saint of Paris, remembered for saving Paris from Attila the Hun by conducting a mass- prayer-a-thon; as the Hun’s gathered outside the city walls Genny convinced the fleeing citizens to stay, but not to fight back but to pray (prey), the prayers were answered as the horde reorganized to take Orleans instead. This story promotes pacivity and no resistence against marauders and reinforced God is a State-ist. For His Love of the State was so great… Thats alot of why religion is pushed, religion promotes obedience and blind faith and fear of death

A second time St G appealed to a conquering king to spare the Parisians and he agreed. When the church was complete the remains of St. Genevieve was buried within.

King Louis the XV decided to build a new church and laid the cornerstone 1764. His chief architect modeled the new building as a facsimile of the Pantheon in Rome. Unfortunately the Revolution broke out before it was finished; the relics were looted and the body of Genevieve was dug up and her skeleton was burned at the stake. The crime for which she was found guilty was “propagation of error”, i.e., the catholic church. Surviving fragments were relocated several times eventually ending up in the possession of the State. The building was decided by the Post-Revolutionary government to become a mausoleum to all of Frances best children.

This fable neatly explains why there is nothing to prove her existence today other than a few items controlled by the State, which is self- validation and only supports the charge they are lying. It also inserts the concept of catacomb saints going all the way back to the early church. The charge which her bones were publicly burned suspiciously contains the word ‘Propaganda’, a shout-out to the Propaganda Fide, which was responsible for all the Roman catacombs as well. Maybe the word usage is meant to give the illusion of church and state, or more likely, it was the proto-socialists that are accused of the act. You couldnt think of a more extreme action then Posthumously burning a holy relic embodiment of the State

The is so much prestige and status associated with this place it has become a repository for all kinds of historical fictional icons. This place houses the remains of Louis Braille (which connects us back to the war against the deafblind population),

Marie Curie is there too, the one that her and her family won all these Nobel peace prizes, she is from Acrueil as well. Look, Mary Curie= Mar Cury= Mercury. Get it. It might sound thin but you gotta get over that, this subtle play on words and symbols and hand-signs is the language used by the scriptwriters of Normie history. Not only does this connection throw the Nobel Prize to the lions but every one of its recipients is now guilty by association. This might sound kinda far-fetched if youre new to the channel but thats the way the whole shit-show operates. Its all self-validation. All of it, the sooner you accept it and move on. The first step in recovery is acknowlegement. Busting just one Nobel prize winners kinda drags everyone else in the mud with them. Not to mention the very foundation of science, the Periodic Table is a sacred text in the religion of Science. Ms. Mercury also had a major Hollywood production recently, anyone that makes the silver screen… do I even have to say it?Don’t believe me? That’s cool, go find one (anything) that aint compromised, just page me and I’ll call you.

Alot of structures are given dates for construction that are just barely outside the Repopulation start. I still got it pegged at 1800, 1801. Aces and Eights. People are given fake death dates too, it makes them seem like they existed within recent memory or were built like that. Say here, this building sat empty for a thousand years and then all of a sudden its a National icon? Hell no, its fantasy.

Heres a close up of the triangle area atop the pillars. trying to decode any messages embedded might be overthinking too much. There is alot going on; mapping the Earth in one corner and another globe is positioned near a cannon, as if it was being used as ammunition…

Hmm speaking of the weaponized globe one of the features of the interior is called the Foucauld Pendulum. Its a ball on a string suspended from inside the dome that swings back and forth supposedly confirming the rotation of the earth. I saw this when it was on display at the Smithsonian back in the 90’s. Im not about to get derailed into a flat earth commentary but I will say that the location of the device gives it away as a fake. Probs nothing more than a parlor trick using magnets. If it was accurately portraying the earths rotation there would be no flat earth debates. It would be the go-to for all the Ba’al-ers. Maybe Ill try to expand a little bit more in the Flat Earth Map Fraud post. (the Gleason map was inserted in the Boston Public Library. Now we have the other side, both sides of the debate being manipulated by tricks. You always have to keep in mind these people rule by cheap parlor tricks and illusions, the good news is once you are aware of the trick it doesn’t have any affect over you. The pendulum debuted 1851 in Paris at the Pantheon, there was also one at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, another World Fair building. It is another case of a copy of a copy, the original ball being switched back and forth with the art museum. Nothing creepy about that.

Aside from the location blowing the cover for the pendulum its namesake is a tell as well. Foucauld… as in Roche-Foucauld, the fictional early philanthropist that help start the public welfare programs. See my paper on prehistory deafblind education.

Sticking with the psychological warfare Mk-Ultra style lets talk about the windows. By windows I mean the lack of windows. Also referred to as the ‘Room without a view’. Its talking about the mental prison we put ourselves in, a big tribute to mental slavery. Art Spooks.

The name Pantheon is commonly thought to break down into the meaning Multiple Deities, but thats bullshit. Anytime you see the word ‘Pan‘ it is talking about the Baphomet god, usually a representation of Satan or Lucifer, and ‘Theon’ meaning ‘Godly’, so what we have is the ‘Sacrd god of Lucifer’, as a building it would be a ‘Temple of Lucifer”

Not only that but the original site before St Genny was an ancient Roman city of Lutetia. Thats the L-U syllable thats important, as in LUcifer or LUminate. Its another Lucifer connection.

A map of the Roman predecessor of Paris. Ive suspected Paris was a huge Starfort for sometime. There are no points here but there is a wall and moat that surround the city. The map is dated 1540, thats bullshit. This could be a mix of truth and lies. erase the star points but keep the moat and wall.

The Pantheon is in the Latin Quaters bc the power has always been Roman, its still a seat of power in the Holy Roman Empire. The surrounding peasants changed their names but thepower has always been in the same spot.

It was modeled off the Pantheon in Rome, it is inscripted partially ‘Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius,...’, so even in the Roman copy we see the LU syllable prominently.

The sarcophagus of Victor Hugo, the author the wrote Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables, looks more like a parade float. Sun and star symbolism looking very Roman. Hugo’s funeral also included the Triumphal Arch. A parade under an arch is an occult ritual and a military exercise.

The life of Joan of Arc told in painting at the Pantheon. Joan of Arc includes mystical phophetic encounters and a good old- fashioned stake burning. It makes for a good script but has all the tell tale signs of an Intel project

Righteous Among Nations

Since we’re on the subject of psychological warfare operations its hard to top the Flat Earth as a divisive convo piece but there is another that is so bad its taboo to even mention aloud. Anything you are not allowed to even speak its name are the things people should investigate most. Holocaust denial. Its like the worst charge in all languages on Earth. Why do you think that is? Like the shape of the Earth, I’ll leave that up to the discretion of the reader to determine but I am compelled to include it here since somebody felt compelled to include it in the Pantheon mindfuck construct.

The Jews insert themselves into everything, the amount of Jewishness isnt really a problem since the scriptwriters can alter history however they want by setting up a new archeological site to support whatever changes in the narrative they want.

The brochure says the ‘Righteous’ are non-jews that help jews. The word they use in private for non jews is ‘Goy’, ‘Goyim’. Its the same as dropping an N-bomb but they are allowed to do and say whatever they want so theres that.

Ancient Rome is no exception, as we saw the jews insert themselves into the catacombs already, some company in Boston is devoted to jewish catacombs. Its not even about profit as much as the image of being everywhere all the time. or maybe they just felt left out. Doesnt matter either way, all the combs are fake.

The Pantheon in Paris has a memorial for Frenchies that helped Jews escape the holocaust, its just a plaque really.

The Righteous Among Nations, here is a token with its sigil

The hands are weaving a Maypole out of barbed wire that are ensnaring the whole Earth. The symbolism here is creepy AF. The Maypole is a pagan tradition usually associated with the early Germanic/Norse tribes. The globe we have covered already as much as I’m going to, the implications should be obvious. The reverse even features a sacred tree, planted to honor some agent provocateur or other in Normie history. In the real world I would called it Yggdrasil, the Axis Mundi of the Germanic Pagans.

Cultural Appropriation isnt cool bro, maybe someone should tell isreal, I mean Occupied Palestine. Now I’m going to go to the nearest synogogue and beg forgiveness for even thinking such things.

Roman Pantheon

The legend of the first Pantheon

According to legend a temple was first built here in the seventh century BCE in the Campus Martius (or “Field of Mars”) a large area of about 2 square kilometres where religious festivals and military musters were held, located to the north of the original site of Rome and its seven hills.

The site corresponded to a marsh called Palus Caprae (the pool of the goat) where Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome, who was son of the god Mars, supposedly ascended into the sky during a thunderstorm while he was reviewing the army 1. Although a temple probably did not exist here at such an early date it seems that there was a small altar dedicated to Mars in the vicinity.

‘The pool of the Goat’, thats our boy Pan, told ya so. Everything about history is gonna ba a lie, the trick is to read the embedded clues.

Excavations in the 90’s have ‘discovered’ a second floor below the floor of the Pantheon. Not saying its a Mudfllood building but, its a Mudflood building.

The building was burned down in 80 AD and 110 AD. No it wasnt but they have to throw the Aces and Eights marker in there somewhere right?

*See Also, Pantheon in Moscow

Pantheon Moscow

Several different designs and locations are offered. Officially it was never built. I dont think I believe that. Probs it did exist first but was destroyed. Multiple alternatives could be inserted as if they were all concepts. Early images of many old structures show removed details, the Washington Monument in DC is one I can think of that has a ring of columns that has been removed. These kinds of instances are dismissed as artist rendering or conceptual drawings.

The Pantheon was supposed to serve as a tomb for Vlad Lenin along with key early Communists and many who died in the Bolshevik Revolution. After Stalin died the project died too. Stalin is credited his his own style of architecture that stopped after his death. That type of architecture is Old World relics that have been destroyed so this supports my position that the Moscow Pantheon did exist.

The Russian Connection

Here is where I’ll be placing all the scraps of Russian involvement I come across. Its difficult to find information when you are looking for it, its when you least expect it something pops up. As if the language barrier wasn’t bad enough Russia was in agreement from the beginning to be the Western boogeyman, as was china, but you can still tell they were on the same side by their symbols and their architecture. They still are on the same side you can tell they are by the projects they work together on; Antarctic Treaty, Space missions, nukes… just a few off the top, all fake. If Russia was the bad guy they would call America out.

Red Square

Here is the gates to the Red Square at the year 1800, This is the year I have pegged as the beginning of the Repopulation. Russia was not exempt from the Reset, this means the earliest rulers were all on the same team. You know what kind of places have moats? Star forts, thats what.


1775, there is already an advanced technology capable of artificial islands and canal system around the city complete with bridges and dams.


1760 Moscow shows outline similar to Zurich and Paris
Gates to enter city. The wall and all towers and features were destroyed in the 30’s


Even though it was never completed doesnt matter, the Pantheon is a psychological warfare construct that is evidence they are all on the same side. Complete with obelisk

Great Fire

Throw in Napoleon while your at it with his Hidden Hand gang sign. Moscow was the location of a great cleansing fire in 1812 which destroyed the historic district. Its almost like they’re reading from a script or something… Oh i like the added touch of the Triumphal Arch in the background, very Romanesque, wouldnt you say?


Anybody that claims Napoleon was running around burning up all the old stuff in the country is in on the take. That little bitch wasnt a flesh and bone person, if Russia was really the bad guy they would spill the beans on shorty. This is a lovely piece of propaganda of Napoleon and Satan after the fire.

Horse Tamer Statues

These are very specific statues that come from Ancient Rome originally, they were Castor and Pollux. In Russia they were given new identities but retained their prestige. The bridge is another identifying feature.
Here are two more copies from the same set, set in front of a Triumphal Arch and Columns, both Roman features. Ancient Rome is fake and is in Russia like everywhere else. They are all on the same side.

Intelligence Building

This is the KGB office building. The outside has been stripped of all its grandeur but still remains standing. Who built it? The people with the horse and wagons? no. 233 is inverted 322. Some of Russia’s Pre-Reset architecture is some of the Worlds best. At least equal to if not surpassing that of Paris.

Remember that guy that hijacked that train and tried to derail it into the Navy Templar ship MERCY?

Eduardo Moreno, engineer for the Pacific Harbor Railroad to be released October after just 30 months. How does that happen? lets take a look at his jacket.

First off lets rewind for those that arent familiar with this incident and hit some bullet points. News reports 44 year old engineer derailed the train to bring attn to the Navy hospital ship that he claims is not what they say it is.

When i saw the headlines I couldn’t believe my eyes, someone actually did something. My default response is its another false flag or hoax. Nothing makes the local news unless it gets green-lighted first. The news doesnt give any real details, they never do, so its up to you to dig a little deeper with whatever scraps they do release.

  1. The first thing I considered was the date, this happened on April 1st, April Fools Day, a classic spook marker. Also there is no continuity with the dates, not between news sources but also between the state. Court docs give a window between March 31st and April 2nd. 3 days is a long time to not know what day it was, especially when it is captured on video.
  2. The next thing I seen was Moreno’s home town of San Pedro. San Pedro is a mescaline-containing hallucinogenic cactus. This is a definite possible shout-out to MK-Ultra mind control.
  3. Even his name, Eduardo Moreno doesn’t exactly sound Caucasian to me but thats what it says. Marrano is a word for cryptojew.
  4. Eddie was an engineer for the Rail Road, any RR agent or event connected to the railroad is automatically suspect

The Templars never disbanded

*See side- post about USNS Mercy/ Templar pirate ship (busted)

The media doesn’t give much to go off of concerning the ship, to the Normie eye it would appear just like any medical decal but the Red Cross is an identifying sigil referring to the Templar’s. It’s even called a Hospital ship, the Hospitalers were a sect of Templar’s. Most sources like Albert Pike and Manly P Hall will tell you they were rivals but they were the same entity. In fact both factions are Masonic hoaxes used to prop up a fake timeline history. The average normie is too dumbed-down too see any of this but it is very much the truth.

Court Docs

I even mailed this guy a thank you card and offered to put 20 bucks on his books. If you ever been in a situation similar to his you understand how important this is. The system feeds off emotions like depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness… It is a conscious entity that creates this atmosphere and targets any source of Light it can find. I try to stay positive so even though I was pretty sure this guy was a set-up or at least a psychological warfare operation to discredit conspiracy theorists and make them all appear crazy and violent, I have been keeping tabs on this thread you can find some more articles in the menu above.

Nothing was returned. Not my letter refused, not a thank-you-for-caring note. Nothing. Whata dick.

I found him on inmate-locator after a little searching I found him held in the L.A. County Fed joint. Scheduled court appearances are listed but it depends on the state, federal cases are a different beast altogether. There were no charges listed or cases on the docket.

Not everybody realizes this but all court records are public property. You might have to jump through some hoops or pay a small processing fee but dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Some places will even reimburse you the fees as long as you stay within a certain limit. Its to do with attorneys that need a wheelbarrow full of records. They add up fast, do you realize the amount of waste generated by the judicial system? Say you’re a lawyer with a dozen cases that means you need all the waste x 12, that equals thousands of pages and hundreds of dollars. In this instance the complete file was about 25 items totaling just over 100 pages and costed about 25 bucks, which is reimbursed after the quarter as long as its kept under 30 dollars a quarter. See:

Screen shot of PACER receipt

Lets cut to the chase. After checking up every few months to see if there were any updates in his case with no results I bit my lip and paid the fee’s to get his file from the Feds. I will try my best to upload a PDF here so you can read them for free but Im new to the website building community.

The Cast and Crew

If you don’t already, you should really start paying attention to names. Theres a few families that run shit and their names are found everywhere. Names like Rockefeller and Rothschild are out there in the spotlight so other powerhouse lines can operate right out in the open. They don’t even have to hide in the shadows bc nobody even knows what they’re looking for. The first thing I look for are the names. You will say ‘Oh thats just a coincidence, there are millions of people with that name.” Sure, ok, Im not saying there isnt. When you get to a certain level though than yes, it most certainly does matter. When it comes to celebrity or authority they only use their own. As far as history goes all the family trees, such as the Peerage that my homeboy M.Mathis bases his whole thesis on are fake af. Their generational wealth and prestige is all they have, thats why theres an army of people scrutinizing every single entry on sites like Geni. It all goes back to land grabs. We are a species ruled by binding contracts like wills, deeds, titles, charters… and theyre self-validating stage props. Thats why you should always pay attn to names.

The FBI Domestic Terrorist Special Agent is a Swain, Swains are an old spook family going back to the scripted his-story timeline founding father in Colonial America. They also had a chapter with the fictional New England witch hunts that climaxed at Salem. The Swains also are connected to the early C&O Canal project and one of the original purchasers of Nantucket when the whale-oil was booming. These are all significant and that this fella is a Special Agent of the Terrorism Division at the FBI is not a random and unconnected occurrence, except nobody recognizes it but if his name was Soros everybody would be all like “Look at him its his family connections”

The LA County detective is a Yamamoto, a Yakuza family.

The Sgt is a Clements, as in Samuel Clements aka Mark Twain, spooky pedophile that was also a charter member of the Bohemian Grove ceremony.

FBI Task Force is an Agent Wright, of the Military Industrial Complex (think Wright-Patterson base)

The original judge before the feds picked him up was a MacKinnan, This is McKenna. I have a file a mile thick on these guys from fake Indian painters to agitators in the early fem movement to acid gurus of the counter culture. a break-away faction will start up but will only charge the name one syllable or add or take away a letter, this gives the illusion of difference but they are still the same. McKenney, McKennis…The name Hoffman is one of the most variated, I’ve seen; Hoffer, Hoffa, Hoffmeister, just a sec ago I saw a Huffman was partnered with the O.G. Wright bros, they’ve been on my list for awhile now, cant wait. Hoffman and McKenna have been working together on psychological warfare operations for generations. Dont be surprized if you see a Hoffman somewhere in the train wrecker case. This MacKinnan doesn’t stay on very long, only the initial bond review

The Case

Moreno waived his Miranda rights and right to a speedy trial and filed for pre-trial detention right off the right off the top and gave a full confession. The actual confession is on audio tape and while they belong in public domain also its a little more involved getting an audio confession than it is getting some e-filed transcripts. The only sort of confessing statements we get is the soundbites in the media. “The whole world is watching”. man that shits been regurgitated so many times its even got its own wiki page and inserted into the Ferguson narrative by the Atlantic Monthly, they’re worstest ones. “We only get one chance.” Same thing. He never says anything with any substance. I would think if someone is so committed to derail a train they would have some pretty strong convictions and if the whole thing is designed to attract attention there might even be like a prepared statement. There is none of that, in fact it is clear from the very beginning he is a loner. He just decided in a flash of inspiration to steal the train with no forethought or help. The Feds never even question this, they go right for the lone gunman theory right from jump street.

from Special Agent Swains report. Thats the best shit. Give ’em hell!

He switched attorneys when his case was picked up by the feds. His new lawyer at one point must’ve been considering some kind of insanity plea bc he filed an intent notice and all the psyche-eval’s were completed. This is all theater, what’s known as ‘courtroom drama’ for a reason, but the steps are still gone through. Insanity pleas are never filed in real life. Any time you come across a case where someone goes it is a mock proxy trial.

Moreno was charged with

‘Terrorist Attacks and other Violence against Railroad Carriers and Mass Transportation Systems’ in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1992(a)(1). That carries a max penalty of 20 years. That the only charge he was EVER charged with. Normally, when you are booked the cop fills out every possible charge he can think of and then its up to the states attorney to decide which charges they can actually make stick. Its not up to the cop what to charge you with, being arrested and being charged are not the same thing. Its like a simple moving violation can get you 5 different tickets, one action can get you 5 separate charges and then you get indicted on what they can stick you with. thats why you need to keep your fucking mouth shut to police. I think it is highly fucking suspicious this cat was only booked on one charge.

And lets take this a step farther. Eddies charge is against the Railroad, its not even against the State or public. This article is a code, not a law. Codes are not laws, just like mandates, statutes, rules, polices, and orders. They do not apply to free people. The code is a corporate violation and there is no jurisdiction over living soil. This is another form of mockery. They are making fun of the general population that does not understand this, its part of the attack on conspiracy theorists. The RR kept this in-house and since they override the gov there was no criminal charges filed. Not even booked, that tells it all right there the arresting officer was in on it. The concept of Sovereign Citizen is used to make fun of people that seek the true nature of our legal system and prevents others from doing it too when they see everyone else getting beaten up by cops that try. Funny how they never show the cases where the people make the court look like shit and walk out owning the places. I touch on this briefly at the end of the post.

The Deal

Needless to say he pleads guilty. Heres where it really gets interesting. There are two things sealed by the judge i was not allowed to get. One was the results of his psych-eval. The other was what the deal was he got for pleading guilty. Whatever the details are would take an act of congress to open but the only reason is nigga got his files sealed is bc he is a Cooperating Witness. This means he is a snitch in protective custody. A Confidential Informant.. If this nigga really felt so compelled as to steal a train and derail it at the ship, if he was genuine about what he did he would have told the feds to stick their plea bargain right up their ass.

One quote from his medical records I found in another file… Eddie-

“…suffered from untreated bipolar affective disorder and was suffering an episode of
mania with psychotic features[]” at the time of the incident.

That was all I could find.