Westward Expansion and World Heritage Frauds, Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.

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The 4 corners region of the Southwest United States is home to some of the most culturally important structures on Earth. This is a World Heritage area of significant importance to the human species as a whole. At least, thats what the United Nations says. Too bad it’s fake. How do I know without even looking? Because the UN endorses it silly, all they do is lie. If the UN is talking, they are lying, its that easy. That takes all the fun out of it though, let me break it down for the skeptics

Someone turned me on to this place just the other day. I’ve seen stock footage of the cliff dwellings but besides that I dont know anything about them (except they are fake)  I can already tell what it was designed to do. Instill a sense of awe. I have covered much of this information already. I was afraid this wasn’t gonna be a long post but there is an added element to the usual ‘conservation and preservation’ front I’d like to add.

The World Heritage designation is intriguing, its important bc not only will it cover any lesser Native American Indian sites in America but it also draws attn to other World Heritage sites everywhere on Earth that all follow the same basic outline. I already covered one in the Czech Republic but this one is closer to home for most of us.

That’s my first problem with it right there. It just is too over the top in some places, like the cliff dwellings., they just straight up look fake. As if some over-ambitious college kid on mushrooms tried to think of the most piss-your-pants awesome building he could think of and this is what he came up with.  The scale is off too, look how small this thing is, its a complex of jail cells, I’ve been in jail cells bigger than some of these buildings. And if they’re so important to the whole entire race then how come nobody even knows their name? or where they came from or where they went? I know why, come on, lets go, just try and keep up ok bc I got shit to do.

Battle of Canyon de Chelly

Studio portrait of Navajo Leader Manuelito,  after the Navajo Wars. All the Indian portraits are studio sittings bc they are costumes. This one had the words ‘Saved Navajo Bills life once’ written on the back. Idk who Navajo Bill is but theres a lead for interested parties.

In 1864 this battle ended the Navajo Wars, Colonel Chris Carson used the Scorched Earth policy to round up the last pockets of resistance of Navajo warriors. The Scorched Earth is a way to explain the absence of all evidence of the existence of people anywhere. There was nothing here to begin with so Scorched Earth fits nicely.

The multiple ‘C’s’ appear alot; Canyon de Chelly; Col. Chris Carson; Chaco Canyon. Any doubles are a signal. letters have a number value. Navajo Nation is 14/14. 144 is important too, like 144,000 people in Revelations. A lot is context. If there is only one number in a group that looks jenky it could be organic but when they are repeated everywhere it is part of a signal.

His-story says this battle marks the time when the Navajo people and all their works are removed from the area.

  • If he is such a bad ass killer why is the Army just letting him run around taking selfies. He’s be locked up or killed I’d think. Same with Geronimo
  • The Vistor Center is 3 miles off Rt 161 (666

4 years later in 1868 they were returned to the area. This marks the first time they are introduced to the region ever. There never was a first time. The collective memory still knows it. This at least gives us a starting point; in 1868 the ruins were here.

In theory you could pull it off with just a small population of living people right, I mean if you got a big enough propaganda machine you could rule by threat. Just like ‘Rona. There were no Indian wars bc there were no Indians. No disrespect to anyone, I dont know where my people come from either. Thats why all the pics of Indians you see are studio shots. There were small groups that were used…Oh that explains why there was always an Indian marching band in parades. The small groups had to be used strategically where they were always seen and noticed the most. That is why they were such a staple of all the exhibitions and fairs. The whole wild west was written by some crazy French Aristocrats and inserted by a few showmen like PT Barnum and Buffalo Bill. There are no Ti-pi villages that stretch for miles, there are no buffalo herds that go out to the horizon. Scorched Earth, eh. They use that one in Russia too when they talk about Napoleon bc he was in the Fictional Founding Father club. Hes an easy one for those of you that might be new. Napoleon is an allegory for the Reset. In America we use him to explain the Louisiana Purchase land grab, which we hold up with events like the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo in St Louis. It all ties back together at the World Fairs, we’ll get there in a sec.

How the Scorched Earth policy fakes history

Manuelito escaped ino other lands, which provide an opening for scriptwriters to continue the scorched earth campaign into other sites to explain the non-existence of those tribes as well.

  • “This is where the Navajo Nation lived, and there is where the Hopi lived.”- National Park Service
  • “Oh, where are all their buildings, land management, cemeteries…anything?”-Casual observer
  • “Uhh, Scorched Earth… from the war”- NPS
  • “Oh, what about them over there?” -observer
  • “Uh, we scorched them too, part of the war spilled over and we removed any sign of them over there as well. In fact, we removed everything from everywhere. Just trust us.”
  • ”Oh. But what…”
  • “I said just trust us.”

See how easy that works

Or, as the National Park Service so eloquently gives us another example of how Indians are used to explain the discovery of a significant place. This time it’s Yosemite Park, we’ll return here later and you’ll see why this is noteworthy.

“The valley was discovered in 1851, when a detachment of mounted volunteers under Capt. John Boling, in an effort to put an end to the depredations of the Indians that infested the region, pursued them to their mountain stronghold.”

NPS on Yosemite Park

After that, the Slash and Burn/Scorched Earth policy is used to dismiss any questions about the lack of any evidence in the area.

This is a memorial for Bosque Redondo, an experimental internment camp for displaced Indians, the first Rez. This treaty was the binding-contract that forced the children into the US school system.  I just see another pyramid with separated capstone.


One more thing about the Navajo Wars. I was reading about someone seemingly unconnected the other day in my Antarctica paper named Greely. Greely was involved in a fake expedition and subsequent media sensationalized rescue at the North Pole. Afterwards, as part of his promotion, he was appointed as head of the Signaling Corps. Among his responsibilities was management of the Indian Wars, specifically the Ute and Navajo, which includes this here. The Signaling Corps is also the overseer of the Corps of Engineers. Greely wasn’t in charge of an actual military campaign with battles, he was in charge of making it look like he was. Just like he tricked the World with his North Pole illusion, now he was on a much larger scale.

There is a thick Polar exploration vein that runs through this thread, before i tell you that story I have to tell you this story

Lets break here for a few paragraphs bc this is an important indirect/secondary character. Thats how the whole thing runs is on the side-piece connections. This Greely guy is nobody special, I never even heard of him before the other day. Its not him that came up, it is his work. He was the commander here that oversaw the Corps of Engineers in the same time frame and the same area and was responsible for managing communication between different branches of the Armed Forces and I got him red handed.

With the Signal Corps, which also included the Weather Bureau, Greely was recognized as an expert weather forecaster. His efforts helped establish the floodplains of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers, which facilitated Corps of Engineers flood control projects. In addition, he oversaw planning, construction, and maintenance of several telegraph lines, including lines in remote areas of Indian Territory, Texas, Dakota Territory, and Montana Territory.

Ministry of Truth

Telegraph maintenance in remote Indian Territory. lol, heck he could’ve stay stranded on the ice.

Greely was from one of the New England Families. Born in Newbury N.H., 3/27/1844. Attended Brown high school and enlisted in 1861 for the Union Army. That means he was only 16 or 17 when he joined. By the end of the war he had been promoted to brevet Major for his war time accomplishments.

On 18 March 1863, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 81st United States Colored Infantry. He was promoted to first lieutenant on 26 April 1864 and to captain on 4 April 1865. He was mustered out of the Volunteer Army on 22 March 1867. The date 3/18 is 6+6+6. April 26 is a big sacrifice day, the Feast of Moloch to the fake Ancients, Passover to the fake Jews. Mary Phagan from the Leo Frank case was found on this day is how I know. March 22 3/22 is the skull and bones number, it comes up again as the date he received his Medal of Honor by Special Act of Congress, 1935. The dates in his war record are an early tell.

People in today’s P.C. clime dont realize what the Colored Troop Infantry was all about.Nobody paid much attn to what the Colored troops were doing so they were the ones that did alot of the Special Ops projects. They were the ones that first ‘discovered’ artifacts at the Jamestown Settlement. The troop wasn’t just for Black people, the Indians of the fake Cherokee nation and the Spanish and Puerto Ricans… Anybody that was non-White was classified as Colored, it doesn’t mean ‘Black’. It’s a thing, Anyone associated with the Colored Troops, especially an officer you want to keep an eye on.

During his Civil War service, Greely took part in several battles, including Antietum. I have covered some of this battle as its where fake Lincoln and fake Pinkerton got together when the Emancipation Proclamation was released. If Greely was tied to this alone he is automatically outted, his whole record is like this.

In 1871 he was detailed in the Signal Corps, the name should be self-explanatory, the Signal Corps was the premiere intelligence agency for coordinating between branches of the Armed Forces. Over its history, it had the initial responsibility for portfolios and new technologies that were eventually transferred to other U.S. government entities. New war technologies, this is like the Proto-DARPA.

Signal Corps also included the Weather Bureau until the Dept of Agr took over. Greely was recognized as an expert weather forecaster. His efforts helped establish the floodplains which facilitated Corps of Engineers and their ‘flood control’ projects. In addition, he oversaw planning, construction, and maintenance of several telegraph lines, including lines in remote areas of Indian Territory and Western territories. This guy is building up an impressive resume for like a James Bond super-villain.

The Lady Franklin Bay Expedition at the North Pole which was the sensational rescue wasn’t until 1881, its publicly stated purpose was to establish one of a chain of meteorological-observation stations as part of the First International Polar Year. 25 men started out 18 died. The early freeze set in and the expedition got stranded at the North Pole. They were stuck out there for 3 years. There were suspicions of cannibalism but nothing was confirmed. Speculation is that the body was cut up for fishing bait. The survivor-cannibalism was definitely used in the media for collective-trauma; the whaleship Essex and Donner Party were two right off the top. These were high-class officers and prestigious bloodlines that didn’t want the shade of outright cannibalism, this was the closest thing the scriptwriters could come up with. There was no body. He was not stuck on the ice for 3 years. He could’ve been out on a mission somewhere and that was his cover story maybe.

The expedition was under the auspices of the Signal Corps at a time when the Corps’ Chief Disbursements officer, Henry W. Howgate, was arrested for embezzlement. (who embezzled over $133,000 from the U.S. Government. He escaped custody while on trial and evaded the Secret Service and Pinkerton Detective Agency for 13 years, gtfoh, this has connected to my Pinkerton files in a couple places. Check out how twisted these guys were. [My Link] Many of the crew were part of Howgates own arctic exploration expedition.

So we’re not off to a good start. The ship finally arrived at their destination Aug 11, this is when the real trouble begins. Supply ships missed the first year and everything was downhill after that till they eating each other, you can read the details first-hand in the account above.

Who knows what they were really doing during this 3 year period they were supposedly trapped on the ice. When it was all done Greely got his comeuppance, in 1886 he was appointed by Prez Cleveland as Chief Signal Officer in the US Army. As Signal Chief he was responsible for the installation and maintenance of telegraph systems in the Banana Republic nations that America had just staged proxy wars to explain their control of, such as the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Alaska. Yeah, like I said, telegraph maintenance.

There was alot of work going on in these parts of the World. Islands were always used to isolate populations, like little pertri dishes. There were extensive breeding programs set up to create all the different races of the world, islands would’ve served as dividers. Puerto Rico and Hawaii were private islands owned by the Industrial Complex Complex. The Philippines was a big one too. The Panama Canal was about to be dug but first the infrastructure mist be install. The canal is an ancient artifact, they didnt build it. Maybe they had to make sure repairs or widened it. This will come back into play later.

Greely led to the Army’s integration of wireless telegraphy, airplanes, motorized automobiles and trucks, and other modern equipment. He represented the United States at the 1903 International Telegraph Congress in London and the 1903 International Wireless Telegraph Congress in Berlin. Greely worked on some of the first international telecommunication treaties.

In 1890, Greely was a founding member of the District of Columbia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. He was also member of the Loyal Legion and American Philosophical Society, Cosmos Club. The Cosmos Club was founded by John Wesley Powell, first director of the USGS.

In March 1935 he received of Medal of Honor and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery

In 1906 he was assigned to command relief efforts following the San Francisco earthquake

  • Horace Greeley, editor of the NY Tribune

Timmy O’Sullivan

Before we really get going its important to understand where these pictures are coming from. Not the geographical location but the photographer. These are war-time military operations, it’s not like some tourist with a hobby. In America there were a handful of photo pioneers that have a direct line back to Samuel Morse, credited with inventing the telegraph who was the first daguerreotype artist in America, recieving instruction directly from Daguerro himself.

First it was the Civil War. The more Sullivan images I look at the more it seems this was the Americanized version of Crimea’s wag-the-dog media war, meaning there is only the appearance of war; forts and alot of people standing around drinking and smoking, just general camp images.

  • See painter for the War Dept, Mr Wyant of NY, ’73 Wheeler Expedition. Painter Wyant, elected to National Academy of Design 1869 (also founded by Morse)

O’Sullivan, Timothy H., 1840-1882, photographer. War Dept., Corps of Engineers. The sources of old Western frontier images all come from the War Dept bc they are part of a Psyche war. All the Indian portraits were originally paintings before the camera was introduced. All handled by the War Dept and all done by family agents, like Bird and McKenna. The Sullivan’s are one of the premiere spook families and the Army Corp of Engineers are one of the groups that manipulate the landscape to fit the narrative. One example I have covered extensively is the modification of an existing star fort to appear the way the first settlement of Jamestown would look according to the Normie historians.

This area was surveyed one time in 1844 by the first passing military leader who deemed the place off limits due to hostile Indians and terrain. Nope. The place was deemed too hostile only to keep outsiders away. They used the same trick back East to keep recent immigrants confined to controlled population centers. The invisible potential threat, the terrorists or viruses of the day.

The first survey teams were scouting for natural rock formations to serve as destinations of the coming tourism industry and as sacred cultural centers for fictional tribes. This concept was worldwide, not limited to the U.S.

There are a few that were worthy to be put on the World stage. World Heritage sites. Anything the UN promotes is fake, I love busting those guys out, lets do this.

Lets go back to Sullivan for a bit. Born Ireland to Jerimiah and Ann D. He was also a Civil War photographer as well as one of the first photographers to travel out west. I guess as an agent of the War Dept his job was to provide visual evidence of all the fake and proxy battles of his day. This iconic image is titled the Harvest of Death. The thing that draws my attn isn’t the few bodies laying on the ground. The are concentrated in a tight area but past that there is nothing. no trash, no bodies. Thats bc why stage the part that is out of frame? The dirt itself is undisturbed, this is Gettysburg, one of the most well-known battles of the War, the earth should be torn up from battle but even the grass looks undisturbed, except for some trash that is sprinkled around the few bodies. Zoom in on the face, Im not convinced that isn’t some sort of prosthetic on the lips. I get the concept he was trying to pull off, bodies swollen and stiff but this is not natural, not that im an expert in natural decomposition of corpses but I am an expert in general fuckery and thats all this is.

In the name of general fuckery the Harvest of Death is awfully similar to the image titled Valley of Death from the Crimean War which has about 20 cannonballs strewn out across the road. This image was taken seriously for a little while but ultimately was admitted to be faked. Spoiler Alert: So is this one

The part that does get my attn is the fine print at the bottom. Always read the fine print.

Negative by T. Sullivan, Entered by Act of Congress in 1863 by A. Gardner. Positive by A. Gardner, 511 7th St, Washington

This is the part I see as important bc Alex Gardner was one of Lincolns photographers, he also photographed the hanging of the assassins. The thing is, Lincoln didn’t exist either and if anyone really was hanged that day it was not the same people under those hoods that history says. I also caught Gardner using prosthetics on his Lincoln models to disguise their ears and give high sunken cheek bones, thus validating my hypothesis about the dead guy in the front of the Death Harvest photo. The address is one of the few that I dont see an obvious number trick. I’m sure it is but I highlighted it bc it is the same address from the Lincoln portraits, meaning it was a literal brick-and-mortar photoshop. It was his laboratory where he created the false-narrative visuals. This connection right here invalidates every single image this guy ever took.

Gardener was from Scotland, son of affluent parents, editor of local rag Glasgow Sentinel and an avid follower of Robert Owens, the Chartist labor proto-union (ties him to the Industrial Revolution. Alex emigrated to American to start one of Owens Co-ops in Iowa on the Mississippi River in 1856. This would put him in contact with the Combine Reaper program, also based in Scotland and tried in Iowa at Owenite communities

Mathew Brady is a Fake Ass Bitch

Gardner was a student of Mathew Brady, labeled ‘the father of photojournalism’, Brady was also a Civil War photo-shopper and Lincoln photographer. Brady published a photo album in 1850 of all the fake founding fathers. daguerreotype. Brady, Gardner, O’Sullivan and Bell would comprise the earliest field photography in America. Brady got his start right from Samuel Morse and there is a direct line from Daguerre all the way to the Wheeler Expedition.

Sammy Morse says he learned how to build a camera from a mass-produced pamphlet printed by Frenchman Daguerre, that’s what all the very early photographers say. Morse passed the knowledge down either directly or by way of public demonstration to Matthew Brady. Twice in a row the scriptwriters are trying to make the connection. This is bc the development of the camera and photography was happening all over the world simultaneously, anytime that happens it is bc the invention is of great importance to the Post-Reset overlords. The narrative has to casually dismiss this and explain how its emergence was so widespread so rapidly and this is the best they can come up with.

Brady was first contributor for Harpers Weekly and Leslie’s Illustrated.

His first shop was on Fulton Street. Shout out to Robert Fulton, credited for the steam-ship (he didn’t do it). Gallery was located above Thompson’s Saloon, Thompson is another Reset family

There is no mention of how Brady gave Gardner the job, Gardner was already accomplished at the time. This would be fitting if Brady didn’t exist and Gardner was chosen for his portfolio, Brady is just an allegory for the Reset. Its agents know Brady is a fictional character so when they see his name attached to something they know it is for the Great Work and just go along with it.

He won the first medal at the Crystal Palace World Fair in 1851, he himself was the exhibit, he got the medal as an art project.

Plus, I mean his two famous students are a Sullivan and a Bell, you dont get any spookier than that, as far as generational agent families go these are two of the top. Brady was a go-between Morse and Sullivan/Bell. Bell being from Scotland and involved with the same projects his relatives probably worked with the Morse family in the Old Country.

That aint nothing though, my fav part is how a lawsuit was opened in an attempt to get the item returned to a guy that says his ex-wife stole it. The infamous mock-court-case-to-add-credibilty techique.

Another give-away that some kind of fuckery is afoot is any mention of ghosts or hauntings or paranormal activity. I mean theyre call ed spooks for crying out loud. This is the over-the-top kind of mocking humor these guys have. Ghost pictures of Lincoln and Mary Todd. Might as well throw PT Barnum into it. Since we got Barnum and ghost Lincoln, lets summons some ghost Indians. lol, get it? bc Barnum was one of the main ones perpetuating the lie, but nobody knows that but you and me… Or maybe his ancestors just did the Ghost Dance. Sorry I couldnt help myself.

This was a display at the 1933 World Fair in Chicago. The building where Lincoln was chosen to run as candidate and a fake Lincoln hawking autographed copies of the Emancipation Proclamation for 10 bucks. Here he is showing us his best One-Eye pose. The script in his hand is a stage prop. The building is called the Wigwam. Its an Indian shelter. Lincoln and Indians are often portrayed together bc they are both fake and the scriptwriters use lies to prop each other up.

Civil War Shenanigans

What Sullivan and Gardner did was travel around and find images that support the war narrative. For example, the railroad is an ancient artifact but it needed a lot of repairs to get it up and running again. These photographers would find a section of busted up track and give it the false title that the Rebels did it. This was done with all the infrastructural mustneeds, like bridges too.

  • 1. Zouaves are Garibaldi Guard, a fictional warlord who is like the Latin Napoleon. Troops also were at Harpers Ferry
  • 2 , 3. are just random picked images for a comparison to the Crimean War scam. There, a bunch of spoiled rich kids just got together and hung in a field taking selfies and drinking, blowing up already-ruined targets, then posting the pics in their own media outlets and proclaim themselves war heroes
  • image 4 is so staged Im gonna pee myself. Brady is the guy in the back with the beaver hat, its not really Brady of course but the beaver hat is a signal, anyone that is wearing one is a representative.
  • Image 6. Thats one thing that distinguishes this war from Crimea, at least they tried to fake some bodies. I dont even remember which battle he came out of. One of the big ones. It doesn’t matter anyway bc they are like this in all of them. Fish lips and puffy face. It fits the description of what most people would think a body would look like if it was out in the sun for a week. Before tv people could only make mental images from written description, thats why OSullivans bodys all look like they do.
    • Prosethics was popular too in the fakster game, the same artist was using feature enhancers on Abe Lincoln look-a-likes.
  • 7. Execution of William Johnson, June 20, 1864, Att rape- Johnson was accused of attacking a white lady at the courthouse after admitting to deserting another unit. The Union troops sent a message after they beat the Confederate capitol of Richmond that power was transferred by name alone. This was to serve as a warning to deserters and slave escapes that were rising in the area. I have covered many fake public executions but I think this one is real. O Sullivan was brought in just to document the hanging. As usual the narrative says we just got lucky to have got such powerful archival images for the Library of Congress, that means they brought him in just for the show. Know how else I know? Hes even got an Executed Today webpage, (they only promote themselves.)
  • 8.) 50th NY Engineers, feelin kinda cute
  • 9. ‘Bombproof’ means ‘underground’, look at the chimneys coming up from the ground.
  • Thats Custer, from the fake Massacre. This context gives a new level of credibility to that chapter, Ill have to add this into my Geronimo file
  • 11. ‘Cockfighting at the Generals Headquarters’ look at the green Pine boughs draped across the thing, they just threw that thing together for the shot, maybe the cockfighting was an organic happening from all of Sullivans companions, they had to do something?
  • 12. titled “Confederate Prisoners”, sure they are, I can tell as soon as I saw that picture, I said to myself ,”Damn, those look just like Confederate Prisoners” gtfoh
  • 13. Entrance to Gettysburg Cemtery. The passing under the Arch is a luciferian ritual, the arch being the gateway to hell. Look for the passing under the arch in a parade setting. How many people buried here? mass grave? ground penetrating radar.

See Also:

  1. See Also: 1840 American Institute, first competitive photo competition
  2. Harvard observatory Whipple daguerreotype moon eclipse 1851
  3. carte de viste- postcard machine developed to bring all nwo sites home
  4. General Woll, mexican war, first war images, along with Fenton of the Crimean War. Also Fenton’s brother-in-law, Beato that covered China and India
  5. Camel expedition, military survey Mojave Ft Defiance, Eddie Fitzg Beale
  6. Lt. Lull, Selfridge Expedition
  7. Weldeck, Cincinnati photographer at Mammoth Cave, first under ground pic

Fortieth Parallel Survey 

King Expedition 1867-69

Clarence King, 25 y/o rich boy,attended the prestigious Hartford High School followed by Yale’s Sheffield Science School. Family of China traders, opium survey of the 40th parallel, northern Cali, Wyoming, Nevada. photographed Comstock mine. first geo-photography, topographic engineer. anything with the word ‘engineer’ is a trigger. Clarence King is remembered for his relationship with a negro woman, Ada King (possible relation to MLK) and had the Diamond mine hoax.

There is some discussion about the spelling of his last name, not from my end, I already know, I’m just telling you. Gardner’s father dropped the ‘i’ in the spelling so G had it spelled like that until he was old enough to change it himself, then he went back to the old way. What is the significance of this? Nothing at all, it is the narrative make connections for you. I used to get so excited when I would find a connection like this bc it proves two factions really are connected. Eventually I figured out these connections are made on purpose; scriptwriters put forth effort to make sure everybody is connected to their people. Its a papertrail, its their strength as a parasite, they need each other so you damn right they all connect. Thats the ‘experts’ that spend a lifetime studying medieval genealogy, there was no medieval period, its all illegitimate claims based on forged birth records.

King was one of the original organizers of the USGS and first surveyor of Mt Shasta

Timmy Sullivan served as photographer

Another Gardner

Get this: In 1862/63 King shared a NYC apartment with a James Terry Gardner, also a Sheffie, the two and an acquaintance named William Hyde traveled by horseback to San Fran. Gardner joined the Corps of Engineers in Cali and is credited for the construction of several coastal forts off San Francisco. Golden Gate Park is a starfort so we know he didn’t build any of the stuff he says he did. Just like back in NYC, he claims responsible for installing the proper sewer systems throughout the city, the sewer systems are an engineering marvel. Thats the reoccurring theme, anything of engineering they can’t reproduce or has to be reverse-engineered they use him to do it.

1864 Gardiner joined the California Division of Mines and Geology, under the leadership of Josiah Whitney to survey the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Next was Kings own survey in 67, followed by the Hayden Expedition in 72, which also involved King. These two were on every major western survey team in the 2nd half of the 19th century, I cannot believe for one second the two Gardner’s are not connected. Its the family biz.

September 1864, upon the designation by Prez Lincoln of the Yosemite Valley area as a permanent public reserve, King and Gardiner were appointed to make a boundary survey around the rim of Yosemite Valley.

This is my favorite part- “Meanwhile, [Gardner] became involved in the mining industry, writing a report on coal and iron in Colorado (1875); serving as vice-president of the coal companies belonging to the Erie Railroad; and becoming president of the Mexican Coke and Coal Company in 1899.”

Hello? Prez of the Erie RR in 1875 was Franklin Gowen, from the Molly Macguires and the Great Railroad Strike of ’77. Gardner was working for Gowen during the Great Strike…. Again this is just crazy, it does not affect our story one bit but shows how deeply embedded all these people and groups are with each other. Read my article about the Strike after this for context. These connections are what holds the whole shitshow together.

The two of them would become founding members of the Yale based Association for the Advancement of Truth in Art, oh, tell me more… Art has been the biggest purveyor of false narrative history since the Repopulation of Earth.

Diamond Hoax of 1872

In 1872 the team was involved in something called the Diamond Hoax of 72. Now, anytime the mainstreet media outlets call something a hoax you have to pay attn bc your about to get fucked. The media NEVER calls ‘hoax’ or unless it is meant to cover for something bigger. This was a promo piece for the diamond, and thus, the mining industry. Scammers ‘salted’ the ground with cheap 2nd rate stones used in industrial applications (diamond tipped drill bit material) and sold the plot to city investors including Tiffany and Co., Baron de Rothschild, and Gen McClellan, the actor-warlord. NY Tribune editor was part of it at the top, Greeley, as in the same fam as the fake polar exploration, this one ran for President even, as if the elections were real. Even Massachusetts Gov Ben Butler from the Tewksbury Almshouse Investigation was involved for those of you that read my Helen Keller paper.

This incident involved the Bank of Cali, top investors of Wall St, International Newspaper outlets, all the leading giants of finance, military, and media swindled by some Kentucky low-brows. Yeah I’m not buying it. Luckily the King Expedition just happened to be passing through the area at the same time and lent their scientific eye which immediately called out the hoax for what it was.

The King Expedition rushed to the scene after reading written accounts in the paper that seemed odd. The thing that made this so fishy was that for every diamond they picked up there were 10 rubies and emeralds and sapphires to go with it. They were all strewn about on the ground like chicken feed. Later when asked, one dupe replied

“For more than an hour, diamonds were being found in profusion, together with occasional rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Why a few pearls weren’t thrown in for good luck I have never yet been able to tell. Probably it was an oversight.”

At least he had a sense of humor. Another ‘victim’ said looking back it seemed suspicious that the con-man suggested where to look reminded him of a “mother goose suggesting to her child where to look for Easter Eggs.”

In the end the media excused everyone for falling for the con. One of the cons escaped and the other was sued by the gemstone industry, whoever that is. The case was settled out of court. I’m sure it was. Thats is how they cracked the case, using Science that the most powerful money men didn’t have. That is to say, all the money and military power in the World isn’t gonna help you to the incorruptible ‘Science’.

The Gold Rush of 1849 is the most popular mass migration event of the Westward expansion but that is our old friend, Compartmentalization, is back again, bitches. There was a constant barrage of mineral deposit propaganda, each segment having its own little Ministry of Truth page, unconnected from all the rest. The Diamond hoax was climax of months and months of buildup in the media about precious gems literally blanketing the ground by the handfuls. Even that came on top of decades more of expansion propaganda starting with the granddaddy repopulation event in 1849, “Thars gold in them hills” lol. Yep.

Here is the very first article that the Diamond Mountain appeared in, Tuscan’s Arizona Weekly on April 9, 1870. At first I couldn’t figure out why it featured on the April 1st edition but then I seen it. This is the 3rd edition of the 13th volume. now I gotcha. I also have covered how the layout of the articles on the page itself is meaningful. People,events, locations, etc are connected by their neighbors on the page, it is just part of the way they communicate. I bring this up to showcase the next article is about a McCormick, doesnt matter which one its the family, Stanly McCormick was the leading developer of the military industrial complex war machine called the Combine Reaper/Harvester that was about to be renamed the International Harvester. It is appropriate they are paired on the same page.

This article starts out by going over the discoveries leading up to the main event. In the weeks building up reports were published of new silver mines in NM. This was done on a larger scale as well, on a national level these early reports are made to drum up the anticipation.

The thing this offers to me is the idea that the ruins and cliff houses were originally meant to be part of the same exhibit. The modern day line is that these pueblo Indians didn’t really do anything except build these structures, then they disappeared for no reason. Thats ridicules. From this article here it reads like the ruins are being foreshadowed along with the gold mines, both of which are fake but thats the M.O. This is 1870, before the announcement of the World Fair project. At this point the cliff palace is either waiting patiently for its due or is in the construction phase now. The media is building up to anthropological discoveries further down the line.

The Transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, or so they say, even back then the sign might say you can go but you cant get a ticket or its cancelled at the last minute. That’s the first time the public has access to the area so you would think some would be done here first to mark the initial discovery. Discoveries are made over the next 40 or 50 yrs from then on. Nobody said they all had to be done at the same time.

This article also is an example of how Indians were used to contain people by fear. Sure you can pay for a train ticket out west but who’s going to go if you’re gonna get tomahawked? They used this same tactic back East in an earlier generation. The threat of Cherokee tomahawks kept everyone from leaving the city. They had a gold rush of their own I believe, to spur expansion into Indian Territory after a period disbarment kept them out. Hmm, you don’t say.

Comstock Mine

The Comstock Mine is featured in Timmy Sullivan’s album. Its a pic of a guy with a pick and clean face and arms labeled ‘Miner’ Comstock Mine is a fake anyway, you can tell bc its the ones that are talked about in public education. I bet it had a World Fair exhibit, Im sure it did but you find out which one.

The purpose was the mining. The mine interests of Gowen can not be dismissed thats a shady motherfucker. This is only one year before the reign of terror and fake public executions in the coal fields of Eastern Penn and 2 years before the orchestrated nationwide strike that mirrored the Paris Commune, which is an allegory for the Great Reset. Im telling you there is some stuff here you dont fuck with.

The Comstock mine shots could have been taken anywhere. The Truth in Art inverted reality is they paint the false reality. The climax for the whole expedition was the gem fields. What I mean is the geographical pictures could have been taken at any time by anyone; all the identifiable pictures with the people could have been filmed likewise, meaning the two dont have to be at the same place at the same time. All those guys dont have to be tramping around the country to release the images. I dont think there was a King expedition, at least Im skeptical. It was a PR stunt. Its psychological warfare bro, there weren’t no Indians out there and there wasn’t no gold either. The part about the industrial diamonds being the sources for the fakes is just more propaganda, show all the potential uses for how good it is, just just a sparkly useless rock.

It is noted that King and crew were not affected by the fake gold rushes and diamond craze, the spectacle was outside the groups’ area, this could be a lead too, have a fake gold rush over here so nobody wants to come over there, where you are building a World Heritage site. What about that?

California Geological Survey

And Whats up with Lincoln sending them to Yosemite? Thats a brand new thread maybe we can go down one day. Anything with his name attached is fake. I would say the two protagonists here didn’t exist either but this is way into the repopulation and they come from long prestigious lines, they were given credit for stuff by Laws of Birth-Right rather than credit going to an imaginary friend. King and Gardner were recruited to survey Yosemite by Lincoln himself after the place was discovered being “infested with Indians” [NPS] There were no Indians, the place was not newly discovered and Lincoln was a fictional character. See how they all get grouped together, one lie propping up the ones around it. The only potential truth is King and Gardner; the California Geological Survey were like rock stars to the history books and even include a Hoffman.

Charles Frederick Hoffman was a Harvard professor and content creator for Popular Science Monthly, an early spook front like Popular Mechanics. Hoffman wrote the cover-story bio’s for many other agents that the Normie his-story books teach kids in public schools. My favorite one is his narrative of the discovery of oxygen, which is in part at the University of Sweden, which is homebase for the fake Viking Nordenskjöld family. Yeah thats right, get the wheels turning, Hoffman of the fake Cali Geo Survey, wrote a promo piece for the same fake N Pole explorer that brought the fake Cliff Dwellers Promo piece in another chapter. What about that? And guess what the date of the Pop Sci promo… March of 1893! They were circle-jerkin each other the whole time. You know what is really going on here? It is a single entity, thats what. Only compartmentalization breaks it down so you can’t see it but put your glasses on and it’s rite there. Did you ever think about that?

The ‘copyright’ page inside the Popular Science volume is Appleton. Appleton created scandal when his encyclopedia were found to have so many fictional characters even the Normies had to admit it. This only made the accepted fakes harder to out. Everything he printed was fake, not just the encyclopedia. All of them. This is why you always go to original source, if I accepted the Ministry’s version I wouldnt’ve seen this.

They were all recruited by J.D. Whitney. Whitney family Military Industrial Complex Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin, Agricultural Revolution tech along with Combine Reaper (See my Controlling the Food Supply papers)

Cali Geo Survey was the inspiration for the USGS.

Charles King Bird

I almost missed maybe one of the the most important connections here. Charles King was also the name of one of the very first Indian portrait painters. See, before the camera was developed all visual propaganda had to be done on canvas. These were all commissioned by the War Dept as well. As in psychological warfare.

The name Bird connects us to Admiral Byrd, of the fake South Pole exploration, so Charles King would have been a shoe in. This explains why his appointment as such a young age civilian and over the heads of more deserving military personnel. He had birth-right status- both as an explorer and as a phony boloney Western narrative content creator.

Bird kept a studio in D.C. where he was paid to paint politicians and he did many fake founding father head-shots. Thomas McKenny was first Commissioner of Indian Trade, he suggested that Bird paint all the visiting Indian chiefs that came to DC, which we know is bullshit, there were no visiting Indians and King was following written descriptions given by some crazy French Aristocrat.

Along with Indians in full regalia, King also did the lithographs of John Ridge, the O.G. Cherokee leader and David Vann, the slave-owning treasurer of the fake tribe. Vann housed the Moravian Missionary on his property and was accused of murdering several Indians there, including one burned at the stake.

Modern critics admit his work is based more on stereotyped imagery then factual representation but stop short in coming out with the truth that he made it all up. King has been praised for being the first white artist to “paint an Indian wearing a flowing-feather bonnet of eagle feathers” and “Plains Indian women.”

These are the types of images the Orphans were first introduced to the concepts of the Indigenous populations. Some would develop further at the human zoo’s which served as a way to insert the scripted cultures of all the First Nations people of the world.

The most intriguing piece of his that I have found is not even Indian related but connects us to my fake Ancient Rome paper. Titled, The Vanity of the Artist Dream, ca. 1830, this is supposed to be a silent nod to the starving artists in the world with the bread and water. Thats total bullshit, the early artist made the visuals needed to pass off the fake history insertion. Thats not it though. Do you recognize the marble bust thats shoved in? Thats the Colossus of Rome, the iconic fraud featured at the World Fair as a tribute to Napoleon, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Rome. All fake. This is the statue mentioned by the first scriptwriters that go around ascribing false histories to the remnants of the world before the Reset. Bird gave it a shout-out bc he knew its a fake. Nobody would understand what he means by including this in his picture unless you’re in the ‘in’ crowd. Well I know what it is, bitch, tell me how you feel about that.

The backstory of the marble head can be found here in my Ancient Rome is a Fake Ass Bitch paper. It was displayed at the Crystal Palace Expo in 1851 but here it is in painted form in 1830. Birds age indicates he was born before the official start of the repopulation @ 1800-1801 (Aces and Eights), Which means maybe he was present when Heinrich Keller was bouncing around Europe with all his art-fag friends picking through the Old World ruins to create today’s ancient religions. You’ll have to take the link for context.

1873 Wheeler Survey

Back to the Pueblos…

The WAR DEPARTMENT, CORPS OF ENGINEERS under the command of First Lieutenant George M. Wheeler conducted surveys and geological explorations in 1871 – 1874 of territories west of the 100th meridian. The 1871 expedition had Timmy O’Sullivan as the photographer. O’Sullivan had been the photographer for the Clarence King expeditions north of the 40th parallel in 1867 through 69 and he returned to the refinanced expedition in ’72. He was replaced by William Bell as the photographer for that year on the Wheeler expedition. O’Sullivan returned to the Wheeler Ex in 1873 and 74. In 1875 nd 76 the War Dept produced sets of 50 stereoscopic views of the four years. The images have been assembled from those sets. There are two views of card number 2 from sequential negatives. Apparently some sets had one of the cards and other sets had another. Views numbers 31 and 32 are pseudoscience but I have added them anyway. O’Sullivan was hired on a contract basis to print views of the expedition, these views were printed by him or under his supervision. Click on a view to see the album for the years noted. There was a 100 card set for the years 1871,2,and 3. [link]

  • On June 30, 1879 the survey’s field work was officially ended, along with
    Hayden and Powell, subsumed under the newly formed U.S. Geological Survey.
  • Wheeler War Dept delegates to the Third International Geographic Congress and Exhibition in Venice. Sullivan was his representative. On the trail he had pull of Wheeler (forage agent) and was well known even in the remote areas.
  • Here is the diary of Wyant, painter for the Expedition. This will serve as our body of false evidence that was inserted later into the mainstream to support the narrative. The diary was squired by the University of Flagstaff in 1975 from a New York City bookshop owner, no details are known but that is just chatter. The diary is fake bc it supports other other instances which we have already determined are lies. I would like to point out the seemingly offhand comments about the dwindling buffalo populations, you know why we never hear about large herds in real life? bc there was none. At least not like they say they the herds shook the Earth when it traveled like some American Serengeti. Maybe this is what the scriptwriters think they should expect in a virgin wilderness but not here there weren’t. This is like the whale populations that didn’t exist but stories are used for guilt shaming so that makes it OK.

The title to the pic above 1. is “Mojave Indians Caught Napping”, this is like the Crimea War pics that show soldiers sleeping on the ground with no blankets or pillows or bedding. Just spread out on bare earth like these poor saps. That building in the cluster has the word ‘Observatory’ written across the front. Like as if the people there would forget what it is without the sign. Its just a backdrop for a production

The Tale of Two Bells

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, a Bell pops up in the narrative

William Bell was photographer for the Wheelers’ for a year while Sullivan ran off with Clarence King. Looking at the timeline O’Sullivan is out on expedition in some rough parts of the world for a long time. He doesn’t take a break after returning form years long survey mission before hopping ship to the Panama jungle for a few years before coming back hoe to go survey some other remote spot for a few more years. Im not saying he is fake but he might be, certainly his teacher was. I think its more likely the dates are incorrect. Who knows how long those pics were sitting on a shelf before they were released. The images of the French Revolution were supposed taken in 1871, the same timeline period as this, yet they weren’t released to the public until the 100 yr anniversary when someone said they discovered them while preparing for the Centennial celebration. Both the French Rev pics and the survey pics are part of the same project.

Any Bell is worth noting bc they are another one of the premiere spook families, up there with Morse, Hoffman and … Sullivan. Bell and Sullivan families would serve together in another instance I covered, the eugenicist war on the deafblind, Anne Sullivan was Helen Kellers’ companion and Alexander Graham Bell took them to almost every World Fair for half a century to catch the Eugenics congress and he was developing the telephone and Keller herself was an exhibit to be gawked at.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better than a Bell, 2 Bells show up in the narrative.

The thing is there are 2 diff Bells that work as photographers at the same time and for the same people, both of them even come from England. This is history trying to break up one person into two. He is being compartmentalized. That’s how they hide things, confusion.

One Bell worked as a medical photographer for the military, which means he took a lot of surgery and operations; gunshot wounds, amputations…

The other Bell was a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and published some pictures of a soldier that was killed by Indians in an issue of Harpers Weekly

The only dif is his-story remembers them is one has the middle name Abraham (Jewish), lets start with this one. Lets call him Jew Bell since thats what the Ministry of Truth is trying so hard not to say.

Bell came over to America in 1867 to study homeopathy in St Louis. He was also trained physician so the plant based medicine might just be misdirection and a way to name-drop the medical industrial complex. Im sure he didn’t come all the way from England just to study the benefits of swamp weeds for fux sake, they tell us that anyway. Instead he joins a Pacific Railroad survey expedition. Along with this survey was none other than Alex Gardener. Bell didn’t just join an expedition he was in partnership with Palmer and some of the other politicos from New England. Together they founded the Denver/Rio Grande Railroad and founded multiple towns throughout Colorado, including Manitoba Springs and Durango. He also had major companies like Colorado Coal & Iron, I mean it just wasn’t a dunkin’ donuts, the Trust founded the major infrastructural companies along with the high-end architectural landmarks.

For some reason he was chosen as expedition photographer even though he had never used a camera before. Bell lasted 6 months before abandoning the team and equipment, travelling down to Mexico then up to San Fran to the East Coast where he booked it back to England. He published a book with his pictures and sold to both England and America.

In 1872 he returns to America with his business partners and start a group called the Durango Trust. Bell and Palmer went on to start 30 businesses in the area along with several towns and the railroad. You can see where this is going right? O’ Sullivan started a trust also with a french name to hide it the Societe Anonyme de Golden River, not very eloquent huh? This was a mining venture. Seems like all these guys have a side hustle, Big hustles.

One town of Manibou Springs is modeled off of Sarasota Springs in NY, which was known for its mineral springs healing properties (maybe this is the homeopathy angle… It is his-story’s way to discredit mineral spring healing properties by calling them pseudo-science homeopathy. Pretty sneaky too, that was a good catch) At this time during the age mineral baths were very popular and promoted for their medicinal qualities. This is way before the Flexner Report would ‘modernize’ the health industry with petroleum based pharms but the focus is still on sickness management. In other parts of the Country was Eureka Springs, AR, Hot Springs, AZ, and Sarasota Springs, NY. There are many more but I have covered these ones before so can tell you they fit a pattern.

Durango is the name of the town of Mesa Verde. No Shit. Bell as proprietor of the Railroad built the town right outside the park gates and developed the whole town. He had insider knowledge. Thats why he was said to flee after 6 months. He wasn’t fleeing, he was making moves. This was 1867. The Navajo would ‘return’ to the land in 68, meaning that’s when the work was wrapping up. He had a major contributing hand for developing the whole area as a tourist trap. I cant believe I just found that.

Bell was a grad of Cambridge for fux sake

Durango Trust also founded Colorado Springs and built the place up before the railroad was finished to bring the tourists in, he had restaurants and hotels and saloons ready to go. No way bro, thats the cheap-ass story they give the normies to explain how the city just popped into existence fully assembled. Anything is better than telling them it was the Reset. Such as this hotel, with a fake label of 1887 slapped on.

  • Durango is also located on the Old Spanish Trail which is now in my growing body of evidence that a nation wide network of footpaths existed as a trading route, Silk Road. These paths are dismissed as Indian Trails. So is the Appalachian Trail
  • a bell is a hypnosis trance-inducing tool, also variation of Ba’el Lucifer

Willie Bell #2

Glyphs etched into the rocks captured on the Wheeler Survey in 1872. Zoom in and look up close. I think someone found the Peyote buttons. Ill have to finish Bell 2 bio later.

Willy Bell #2 was a medical photographer for the War Dept. He covered procedures like this pumpkin ball extraction from Major Barnum, as in PT Barum, the circus guy, bc this is part of the illusion. There was no Civil War as you have been taught. Just some proxy battles, photo ops for the spoiled rich kids and a way to go and blast some old world architecture into rubble or photograph some already-existing rubble and say it was part of the war. See my essay on the Richmond Ruins.

Bell was the first photographer of the Grand Canyon. In one of the albums he portrays the desolation of Utah then all of a sudden theres some brick dwellings in the middle of nowhere. He says they are Mormons and theres a shot of whats supposed to be Salt Lake City as nothing more than a barn and a church but if you look at the narrative within a decade there are colossal sized “breweries” built, which I always thought was kind of strange for a dry state to build brewery castles.

He was also the one to photograph Rio de Janiero and Patagonia after the Wheeler expedition. Maybe it was him, maybe not, but it is his name of the file today.

  • the upper corner image is everywhere in the health arena as a pioneer medical photographer Bell hit an eyelid disorder. Its really just One Eye symbolism in thin disguise.

Peachy G. Breckinridge, as synchronicity would have it, led the Colored Troops at Ft Pocahontas, which would eventually become the Historic Jamestown Settlement. He was struck by a bullet and died in battle. This shows how members of prestigious families use birth-right status to insert themselves into fake narratives. (Thats how they get such privlidge; lying, steal, cheat)

Cliff Dwellings of Canyon de Chelly

White House Ruins

 *First sightings included Mexican-Spanish missionaries Francisco Atanasio Dominguez and Silvestre Velez de Escalante in 1776. The ‘Dom’ prefix is referring to the Dominican Order of missionaries, they have been in the game for a long time as the fakers of sites with cultural significance. Mainly the Catacombs of Italy and the rest of Europe. It is appropriate that they insert themselves here too, some of the first photograhed Pueblo structures are the missionaries and churchs, said to be hundreds of years old.

 In 1849, Lieutenant James H. Simpson of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, recorded several of the archeological sites in the canyon, including one he called Casa Blanca (White House) because of a white-plastered room in its upper portion. He also noted similarities between the construction methods used in this region and those used in the ruined pueblos of Chaco Canyon only 75 miles to the east, which he had previously visited. Yeah, if by visited they mean constructed. *Simpson is credited for putting the first road in which became the Pony Express route in 1860.

The Corps of Topographical Engineers traces its lineage from George Washington, the fake founding father (How did I not see that coming?) Anything connected to them means they arent real either. The Corp is a way to dismiss questions about the history of the infrastructure. Stuff like straightening the Mississippi River and surveying Florida. This is first modern mention of the cliff houses so considering the source was invented to invert timeline and make the new stuff old and the old stuff new Id say this is appropriate

Simpson was a member of Col. John M. Washington’s expedition against the Navajos with specific instructions to find out all he could about the Old Spanish Trail from Santa Fe across the Upper Colorado to Los Angeles. In 1849 Simpson added his name to the historic and prehistoric inscriptions at Inscription Rock (El Morro National Monument) in western New Mexico. I’m working on a thread that says there was an old system of footpaths that served as a Silk Road of sorts. Later these were shrugged off as Indian paths.

[you know what else i think about is that old saying “The Chinese built the Railroad.” No they didnt, the rail road has always been here. that saying means the Chinese have always been here too. Europeans where the last ones show up, and then get blamed for everything.]

In 1873, while mapping large portions of the West, the U.S. Corps of Engineers Wheeler Survey conducted research including photographs of the White House Ruins

  • Well look at this, all three people holding the same pose. Maybe you will think it is a natural way to stand and should be expected. Maybe but I dont think so, the exposure time was about 7 mins. they held this pose for that long, there s no blurring and it appears to be an authentic picture. That by itself is meaning bc every image we look at has been altered somehow but this is the only one? Its the narrative thats a lie, the pic is real, they want everyone to see this.
  • The childish looking stick man is always on the show Ancient Aliens. The spellcasters know, they’re the same families just like the Indians, thats why they use it like product-placement advertising, to show off how ancient and mysterious the ancestors were. Thats why it was created and it is still used for the same reasons on Ancient Aliens. All the fake truth guru outlets on youtube that bring up the Mudflood and Reset, you know they’re fake bc they push the same mindfuck narrative that the cliff-house builders were real. The Reset is all there is, and its not hard to figure out. Once you stop questioning whether the Reset really happened and start questioning how they pulled it off everything is support evidence. Chaco Canyon and all the rest of these fake ass bitches are nothing different than every other tourist trap out there, and connected by the same people. Read the fine print, take the link.

The brochure says it gets its name bc the original Navajo name for the place was the White House and since its in ruins its just the White House Ruin but I dont think so, its word play. I hope I dont have to explain every little detail here it would take to long. The White House Ruin Trail is the only part of the complex open to the public. The rest of the park is home to families of the Navajo that live here full time. These are the families of the first agents. The leaders of the newly introduced Indian community would’ve been inserted, just like they always are. These same families have been the gatekeepers all along. It is through them that access to most of the park is permitted. Navajo National Monument is noted for being the only National Park with this arrangement.

Today’s tourism industry admits the modern Navajo have no connection with the cliff houses even though they are in the center of town. Thats bc the cliff houses were built first by the Corps of Engineers and then the new tribe was brought in and told this was their ancestral home. This protects the site when you have a vested collective interest. One other example of this strategy is Harpers Ferry. Said to be of great importance to the abolitionist movement, the narrative is protected by a Black University that is headquartered in town. (I guess the scorched earth policy decided to let this one go)

See how this one played out? A military survey team rolls through and declares the area off-limits for a few years. Then all of a sudden it was ‘returned’ to the people and they were forced to stay there. In reality those years it was off-limits is when the structures were being built.

At the same time this is the only building site open to the public there are more elaborate structures accessible only by a paid Navajo guide. This serves as a livelihood for the people of the tribe who’s only existence now is to protect the site and the narrative.

There is even confusion about the name. The Navajo know they didn’t build the structures and claim it was the Anasazi, but that’s their pet name for the people, it’s not the real name, whatever that is. Some places say it was Wetherill that named them. The word translates into ‘Ancient ones’, which is a form of mockery. Meanwhile the Hopi try to claim the sight as theirs, I’d like to see how that claim originated. The reason why nobody knows the name is bc it didn’t have one, unless the Corp of Engineers is a recognized tribe these days.

Park Service Handlers

Another thing I want to comment about is National Park Rangers and tour givers, these are top-notch manipulators. They probs have to take some psychology courses as part of their training bc it is some MK-Ultra type deception they pull. The whole game is a mindfuck, these agents are performing a type of hypnosis and suggestion, listen to this one…

“As you look down into the canyon, you can see a few white aspens amidst the Douglas-fir and box elder. You notice too, how halfway down the canyon everything just seems to stop growing. It looks like a battle line between the green and the desert. We can only guess that the whole area looked just like the green part at one time. It must have offered a fertile soil and other lush, naturally growing vegetation to the farming and agricultural people of the Anasazi. The advancing desert was probably one of the reasons that the people left here over 700 years ago.”

 “When you see that look in the visitor’s eyes, that he is visualizing life 700 years ago, then I know I’ve been successful. This is my most rewarding experience, knowing that when these people head back to the civilized world, a part of Betatakin and Keet Seel will be with them, a feeling that they actually knew the people here.”

What a crock of shit. For decades the question has been “What made these people flee their home?”, easy to answer if you figure there never was any. Even still, the modern gatekeepers figured it out. climate change

Ramah, Inscription Rock, El Morro

Established in 1876, Ramah was one of fifty locations in the New Mexico Territory settled by Mormon pioneers and is one of only three that remain today. Ramah was originally settled for the purpose of missionary work to be carried out within the Zuni and Navajo communities.

Part of a bigger network labelled El Morro National Monument. First mentioned with the Topographical Corps and photographed by OSullivan and Gardner.

Site Includes Inscription Rock, which is pretty much a monument to fake history and icons. Starting with the the appointment from Abe Lincoln to Eddie Beale to survey the first wagon road from Arkansas to Hollywood. Known as the Wagon Road, it would be the foundation for the Transcontinental Railroad and Rt 66. So you know thats a lie bc the railroad was always here.

Inscription Rock is supposedly a graffiti cover time capsule but all i see in a bunch of Military Industrial Complex Families scratch some fake dates and the childlike representation of a goat and bull (both are Lucifer) Its too a piece of evidence. to convenient for the gatekeepers to have everything all rolled up in a neat little pile. Its a stage prop.

Going all the way back as far as you want, the RR is the owner of the property, not Gov. Homesteaders like Wetherill purchased the land from Santa Fe RR. The Zuni sites were excavated by Wetherell after his big debut at the Chicago Expo.

Brief History on History

In 1882 Sen. George F. Hoar of Massachusetts presented a petition to the Senate from the New England Historic Genealogical Society. The antiquarians sought a general designation for prehistoric ruins in the Southwest that made them distinct from the rest of the public domain. (Boston was one of the earliest seats of authority in America. They have more than their share of fake Indigenous sites and moves to cover and protect one site ripples outward to protect all sites).

Undeterred in 1889 Hoar introduced another petition signed by so many elite Bostonian’s Congress didn’t hesitate to push it through. Ben Harrison finalized the Casa Grande Ruins Reservation in 1892 as the first of its kind, setting up gov funds for the maintenance and preservation of pre-historic sites. Spanish monks recorded Casa Grande in the 1600’s.

The South had its share of sites wanting for preservation. Their end was started with the creation of the AVPA, the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities in 1888. I bring them up bc these were the ones that started the preservation movement with the fake historic Jamestown Settlement. This chapter of Conservation history also included the Corps of Engineers that manipulated the landscape decades before the site was ‘rediscovered’ and also included academic oversight from the nearest authority, in their case it was William and Mary College, in the cliff dwellings it looks like the Universities of each of the four corners locally and peabody at Harvard collectively. The Smithsonian is omnipresent (Another reason why Boston is so hyped up on preserving the Southwest.)

This move didn’t seem to do much for the whole, the legislation provided a one-and-done deal for Casa Blanca only. These sneaky pants are 2 moves ahead, you see, the setting aside of Casa Grande was a milestone in the creation of Anthropology. Compartmentalization by way of niche specialists is the ultimate goal. By the end of the 1890’s, the American Association for the Advancement of Science had already been making moves to splinter science into as many branches as possible.

Training in the isolated disciplines was also developed during the same period. Franz Boas, a Jewish emigre from Germany, taught anthropology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, which in 1892, granted the first Ph.D. in anthropology in the United States. When he moved to Columbia University in 1899, Boas developed the first comprehensive anthropology program in the United States. Meanwhile American archaeologist began to develop training programs, with Harvard University and its Peabody Museum appearing in the forefront.

At the same time, possibly the first Agenda 21 style land grab was put in binding-contract fuckery under the General Revision Act of 1891. Since 1862’s Homestead Act all you had to do was pay a filing fee and as long as you provided upkeep you were allowed 160 acres. The new law brought by the America Forest Association gave the Prez discretionary power to remove forested land from the public domain in areas called forest reserves. It was snuck in the back door as a rider to the bill, prompting whitewashing historians to suggest that Congress was not clearly aware of the significance of the clause. I think it suggests the exact opposite. This underhanded legalese tactic suggests they knew exactly what they were doing, thats why they tried to hide it so nobody else would know.

Once the binding-contract was in place the Prez allotted so much land to the Forestry Reserves the Western States started getting pissed off bc of the land use restrictions so further illegitimate binding-contracts were needed to cover for it. The take-away is this is the earliest moves for the Feds to control its resources, the fake historic sites showcased in this essay are considered National Resources. Starting to put things together yet? All these groups that appear to be acting in isolated self-interest are really moving as one coordinated machine.

I think its wise to point out The National Park Service is only a few years away and features a tree on their sigil. The tree represents not only a way to manipulate the landscape to whatever the situation calls for but it also a key to restricting the land altogether. The creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps was right over the horizon as well, their nickname is the “Tree Army”, they were responsible for planting millions and millions of trees, sounds good till you realize all those trees mean it is now a forest and thereby subject to the land grab.

All of the previous 20 years of hee-hawing between Academics and Politicians were coming to a head in the year 1892, as if on queue, the Columbian International Expo was waiting in Chicago, 1893. The Chicago World Fair housed the most comprehensive display of American Indian artifacts ever assembled. Under the direction of such rising talents as Franz Boas and William Henry Holmes, who trained during the 1870s on the F. V. Hayden surveys, the exhibition surpassed even the Columbian Historical Exposition of 1892 in Madrid, noted as the most important collection of artifacts assembled to that point. The exhibition ignited a general interest in the southwestern relics, furthering the development of public interest in Indian cultures.

The World Fairs is where all the Hidden Hand rulers and operations would get together to pay tribute to themselves. This is where the false narrative was inserted into the mainstream. Groups of people were presented at Human Zoo’s where all the First Nations cultures were scripted and sold to the general population. The elaborate cliff houses are just the kind of flair that was popular at the fairs where not just the structures but the abilities to pull off the fake was seen as an art form. The art of imposing a false history on a slave class without them even knowing it.

That is exactly what the cliff houses represent.

Chaco Canyon