Abe Lincoln and the Fake Founding Fathers

Abraham Lincoln is a Fictional Historic Icon

Im not saying there isn’t guys running around with Pinkerton tee-shirts on and probly collect a real paycheck with Pinkertons sigil on the front, these fronts are set up to look as if they’re real, on legalese binding contract he is real, a legal fiction, its the same thing that happens when you get a social security number, thats the legal fiction corporation of you that born into debt. If there is a class of fictional characters they have to do something, right? So a whole bunch of fictional events are made up that are dont by the fictional people. Pinkerton is a psychological warfare construct.

This is what I’ve been saying all along, everything stays within their tier and the fake cast holds up the fake events and if you out one the rest comes down. Its the House of Cards cli’che. Lincoln is only one fake founding father, they all are, especially the ones on money. They put some wild-ass shit on money, as far as tributes go, like bronzes and stamps, money is the top significance, the same energy that gives currency its value is what makes the fictional icon real, it is all based in deception. [Look at this one dollar silver certificate featuring the Reset.]

To put this in perspective this is when Honest Abe (81) wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, another fake doc I could do a whole article on; you know they hawked autographed copies for 10 bucks at the Chicago Sanitation Fairs? Its a thing. It also survived the NY State Capitol fires by being in a special safe, yep. You wanna know how I know it’s fake even if I didn’t know about the other things? It was published exclusively in Harpers Weekly magazine. That thing is like the National Inquirer for people that think they’re grown ups, people that get their politics from Ladies Cosmo. Harpers Weekly, Leslie’s Illustrated, the Atlantic Monthly… Those are the O.G. news-mag sources like TIME, or NEWSWEEK.

Harpers only exists to serve the Great Work, above regular daily propaganda rags, anything featured in the mag is an inside job, promise. Anything exclusive and you don’t even have to doubt yourself. The Emancipation Proclamation is one of those items.

The his-story of the document is more important than what it says.

Before I can tell you about that I have to tell you about this:

Civil War Shenanigans

This is Richmond, taken after the Rebels fled they razed all their own buildings so the Union couldnt use anything against them… What did I just tell you about the Scorched Earth Tek? Huh? I just said it. Any time they say the fleeing locals leveled their own homes or the the invading army slash and burned everything they are lying. Besides that, you know how I know they’re lying? anyone? Bc I got eyeballs for fux sake, I can see this is not fresh damage. As far as battle grounds go this place is immaculate. The roads loo like the phoney nuke sites Hiro and Naga, the ones with the streets clear of all debris. Except in this the debris has been removed altogether. This city was being readied for repopulation. At this point they could bring in an army of recent immigrants and just tell them it was the Rebel Army and who’d think to question it? This is eerily similar to the French Revolution images that show the city being rebuilt, not being destroyed. Crazy right?

Fake photographers

I came on this next part bc several of Lincolns photographers were noteworthy for other deeds.

Lets go back to Sullivan for a bit. Born Ireland to Jeremiah and Ann D. He was also a Civil War photographer as well as one of the first photographers to travel out west. I guess as an agent of the War Dept his job was to provide visual evidence of all the fake and proxy battles of his day. This iconic image is titled the Harvest of Death. The thing that draws my attn isn’t the few bodies laying on the ground. The are concentrated in a tight area but past that there is nothing. no trash, no bodies. Thats bc why stage the part that is out of frame? The dirt itself is undisturbed, this is Gettysburg, one of the most well-known battles of the War, the earth should be torn up from battle but even the grass looks undisturbed, except for some trash that is sprinkled around the few bodies. Zoom in on the face, Im not convinced that isn’t some sort of prosthetic on the lips. I get the concept he was trying to pull off, bodies swollen and stiff but this is not natural, not that im an expert in natural decomposition of corpses but I am an expert in general fuckery and thats all this is.

In the name of general fuckery the Harvest of Death is awfully similar to the image titled Valley of Death from the Crimean War which has about 20 cannonballs strewn out across the road. This image was taken seriously for a little while but ultimately was admitted to be faked. Spoiler Alert: So is this one

The part that does get my attn is the fine print at the bottom. Always read the fine print.

Negative by T. Sullivan, Entered by Act of Congress in 1863 by A. Gardner. Positive by A. Gardner, 511 7th St, Washington

This is the part I see as important bc Alex Gardner was one of Lincolns photographers, he also photographed the hanging of the assassins. The thing is, Lincoln didn’t exist either and if anyone really was hanged that day it was not the same people under those hoods that history says. I also caught Gardner using prosthetic on his Lincoln models to disguise their ears and give high sunken cheek bones, thus validating my hypothesis about the dead guy in the front of the Death Harvest photo. The address is one of the few that I dont see an obvious number trick. I’m sure it is but I highlighted it bc it is the same address from the Lincoln portraits, meaning it was a literal brick-and-mortar photoshop. It was his laboratory where he created the false-narrative visuals. This connection right here invalidates every single image this guy ever took.

Gardener was from Scotland, son of affluent parents, editor of local rag Glasgow Sentinel and an avid follower of Robert Owens, the Chartist labor proto-union (ties him to the Industrial Revolution. Alex emigrated to American to start one of Owens Co-ops in Iowa on the Mississippi River in 1856. This would put him in contact with the Combine Reaper program, also based in Scotland and tried in Iowa at Owenite communities

The Trap is Sprung. Photographic Incidents of the War. Thats what the envelope looked like that carried the Timmy O’Sullivan expedition images as well, well get back to this.

Matthew Brady is a Fake Ass Bitch

Gardner was a student of Mathew Brady, labeled ‘the father of photojournalism’, Brady was also a Civil War photo-shopper and Lincoln photographer. Brady published a photo album in 1850 of all the fake founding fathers. daguerreotype. Brady, Gardner, O’Sullivan and Bell would comprise the earliest field photography in America. Brady got his start right from Samuel Morse and there is a direct line from Daguerre all the way to the Wheeler Expedition.

Sammy Morse says he learned how to build a camera from a mass-produced pamphlet printed by Frenchman Daguerre, that’s what all the very early photographers say. Morse passed the knowledge down either directly or by way of public demonstration to Matthew Brady. Twice in a row the scriptwriters are trying to make the connection. This is bc the development of the camera and photography was happening all over the world simultaneously, anytime that happens it is bc the invention is of great importance to the Post-Reset overlords. The narrative has to casually dismiss this and explain how its emergence was so widespread so rapidly and this is the best they can come up with.

Supposedly Brady was robbed of glory at the Philly Centennial by the next gen photographers, he had already won awards at many other competitions.

Some debate over whether Brady was illiterate due to the lack of letters from him is making me question if he existed in the flesh or only on paper. All there was is a single signature on his bankruptcy file. A museum curator produced one letter in the 1950’s which is spooky enough, then a box of old plates turns up in a barn upstate NY.

The new letter and one written to Sammy Morse in 1855 are the only two letters from him. Not only that but Pinkerton is said to have given Brady. Plus he has modern professional biographers/cover artists. Thats the 3 strike rule I use. Looking back on the Brady material I now think its more plausible he was not a living person. This would explain his absence from the photographic record, his refusal of Big Gov offers, the property seizure, the foreclosure

  • Brady was first contributor for Harpers Weekly and Leslie’s Illustrated.
  • His first shop was on Fulton Street. Shout out to Robert Fulton, credited for the steam-ship (he didn’t do it). Gallery was located above Thompson’s Saloon, Thompson is another Reset family
  • There is no mention of how Brady gave Gardner the job, Gardner was already accomplished at the time. This would be fitting if Brady didn’t exist and Gardner was chosen for his portfolio, Brady is just an allegory for the Reset. Its agents know Brady is a fictional character so when they see his name attached to something they know it is for the Great Work and just go along with it.
  • He won the first medal at the Crystal Palace World Fair in 1851, he himself was the exhibit, he got the medal as an art project.
  • Plus, I mean his two famous students are a Sullivan and a Bell, you dont get any spookier than that, as far as generational agent families go these are two of the top. Brady was a go-between Morse and Sullivan/Bell. Bell being from Scotland and involved with the same projects his relatives probably worked with the Morse family in the Old Country.

Harpers Ferry

Harpers ferry taken by the Sanitation Commission c1865

Harpers Ferry utilized the water power in an industrial manufacturing center with a fake history and age. Anything with George Washington’s name attached is older than they say, one of the reasons he was invented, in HF case he built a weapons manufacturing plant and hand dug the canal in 1799, what a crock.

Im not saying nothing happened at the location at all, many proxy battles took place, meaning they just grabbed the immigrants off the boat and sent them into the meat grinder but lied about the reason why. That brings us to my next point, Antietam was fought at the same time as Harpers Ferry, give or take a day or two, and their proximity to each other is that they’re right down the street from each other, well canal, they’re right down the canal from each other. Harpers Ferry is a pre-reset industrial center, it helped prepare North America for the Repopulation of immigrant war orphans. Its strategic location sits on the conjunction of 3 States, WV,VA,MD; 2 rivers, Shenandoah and Potomac; the railroad; the Appalachian Trail, and most importantly, the C&O Canal, yet the Civil War battle narrative mentions none of this, except the train of course that keeps dropping people off as if on queue. Even further, they go the opposite direction and the battle is focused in a cornfield and a ditch of a single lane dirt road. Why do you suppose that’d be? They are less than 10 miles apart and the battles were the same weekend. Do you honestly believe the two were isolated and unconnected. The HF portion of the battle was to destroy the evidence that the town and works were so much older than they really are. Architecture is identifiable, add architectural elements to the unspoken language of hidden fuckery, thats why they just parked a 100 pound cannon directly across the river and just bombed it to smithereens.

H.F is also the home of abolitionist John Brown who lead the unsuccessful slave rebellion and hung by the neck until he was dead… except he wasn’t. There was no slave rebellion bc there were no slaves. Browns wife said the Pinkerton provided the suit which he was executed in. All of Pinkertons cases are psychological warfare operations bc Pinkerton never existed.

  • Harpers Ferry and Harpers Weekly share the same name but the narrative says they are isolated and unconnected from each other. This is never the case. Harpers are spread out all over the East Coast and are among the early prominent Quaker (cryptojew) families.

Harpers Ferry is more than one stop along the C&O, it hits both lock 33, and also mile marker 61.6 on the canal. The ‘1’ makes this a 666 number mark. [link]

After the proxy engagement at Harpers’ Ferry momentum keeps rolling into Antietam. The Battle of Antietam is supposed to be the bloodiest day in the Civil War, more Americans died on this day in battle than any other day in any war in history, 23,000 tbe. If you’re new to the program theres alot of number codes, its more of a whole language really of dates and numbers and letters and shapes. Alot of it has to do with context too, once you get just a few points it becomes clearer as a whole. I can share with you the things I see but my ultimate goal is to teach you how to look for yourself. If you do not get the numbers game right away and it seems thin, thats ok, just stick with it.

Since Im making such a bold claim I will take an extra sentence to expand. 23 is the letter W, which is an inverted M, which is 13. Rotate W and you get the number 3, basically anything with a 3 in it or even divisible by 3 is a mark. Numbers which the sum reduces down to 3. 23 is also 32 mirrored, as in inverted, thats a big free mason thing, 23 is also (2) 3’s, like 33, another Freemason mark. Doubles are popular, triples are a dead giveaway. A ‘1’ will stand as whatever it is next to, an example is above. Another for the Normie Civil War history buff is the “Special Order 191”, which was a secret intel doc concealed in 3 cigars, dropped mistakenly by one army and luckily recovered by the opposition. Special Order 191 is the inverted 666 and the Special Order is not a command, its a group, like New World Order. You’ll get the hang of it.

I dont have the time to break down the whole Civil War but I would love to one day. What I can say about Antietam is if you read the narrative it is written just like a movie script for the bloodiest day on Earth would be written if somebody was trying to invent the bloodiest day on Earth. I’m trying to say it is written like a script and its so obvious even modern Civil War authorities will comment with great enthusiasm how trains kept bringing in soldiers and they’d kill each other till the end, then the late arriving reinforcements would show up and they’d kill everybody to the end, and then the train would bring more soldiers in… and it goes in circles like that for several rounds. Antietam is also called the Battle of Sharpesburg. this is how they camouflage stuff, compartmentalizing things with labels so they all seem different, each is random and unconnected, Many times the same location will have several names, as is the case here.

Antietam led Lincoln to first issue the Emancipation Proclamation on Sept 22. The problem is Lincoln wasn’t real, even if the battles were proxy they could still be at least called battles, what about phantom icons? How about photoshop and actors. Legal-fiction created on paper with binding-contracts that derive their power from the same source that gives fiat currency it’s value. Lincoln is even featured on currency so that makes him especially so.

We’re just going to go over a few pics, nothing too deep.This is supposedly taken in Antietam Maryland, the location of the big battle bearing its namesake. Im sure you’ve seen it a hundred times but never looked at it but now that I pointed it out its an easy one. This was my first one I wasn’t even looking and was like hold up, something is a little fishy.

Pinkerton is sharper focus, and the contrast is darker, I mean the shades on Lincoln and the General McClernand are fuzzier and grayer, especially around the wrinkles you can tell they are not originally the same photo.

Where the hell are they looking anyway? Theyre just kinda staring off into space

Look at the shadow behind Lincolns head, err, on his face side, there is a shadow but nothing to be cast upon… Speaking of shadows, Pinkerton casting a long full-body shadow but the other two have nothing. There is a shadow profile of McClernand on the side of Lincoln that looks too good, like its just called ‘attention to detail’, I think the artist put this here for the eye to focus on to distract from the flaws. The shadow of the tie-down on Pinkerton is the same.

One thing I haven’t seen anybody comment on before is the Wagon Wheel. Most people would think its just random and appropriate war camp imagery. I disagree. This is an iconic image of historical fiction characters, nothing is random. The Wagon Wheel is a sign of the Pioneers, the Westward Expansion, Progress… All that crap is a cover for the Reset. You barely even notice its there and wouldn’t catch it unless you are looking, and you wouldn’t be looking unless you know what the esoteric meaning is.

This guy is cropped out of most pics, he makes me wonder if he was pointing to something on the newspaper or was he using the newspaper itself as the message. The beaver pelt hat is a status symbol, said to have been made fashionable by Lincoln but since that’s BS what’s up w the real reason for the hats? Identification-signaling silly. Be on the look out for pics with a guy in a beaver hat playing pocket pool off in the corner and you will find it. There is a family with the name Beaver that comes up from time to time, I’ve also seen times where beavers usage as a slang word for pussy would fit, not obviously of course, that would take away from the inside joke. Whatever it is, just make a mental note when you see a beaver hat that’s a prominent part of the shot but kinda hidden from Normie eyes.

The number 7949 we will return to.

There is even another shot almost exactly the same. Lincoln stays fuzzy in every picture bc there are more than one model posing as him and a common theme is his fuzzy face hides distinguishable features. The other characters have changed slightly but remain in the same position staring off into nothing. Lincoln, even though he has changed positions, is still staring off also. The scale has changed as well. Pinkerton is small in the first image but in the second he appears the same size or larger than McClernand in the second. Time to play Americas favorite guessing game, “WTF is wrong with Pinkerton’s leg?” Its not blurry from motion as Lincoln is, its distorted for sure, but from artist manipulation. Thats a shaded outline like the dark halo around Lincolns head in image 1. Speaking of shadows, there is no long body-shadows on the grass like in image 1 where Pinkerton has the only one, I guess the artist decided it was easier to remove all of them than to try and make them match up appropriately.
This is a staged shot too, you can tell by the way the flags are displayed, front and center, just in case Abe forgot why he was there maybe. The Rebel flag is on the ground as a sign of disrespect and Lincoln turned to show off the One-Eye symbolism. The numbers are back, just one off says they are a sequence, if one is fake they all are fake. Use that concept to deconstruct the entire illusion around you. That newspaper that was against McClernand’s leg seems like it just blew up underfoot of Lincoln here. Im not sure its the same one but I am sure it isnt simply just a piece of trash that has been blowing around camp and made it into all these historic photographs.


Notice the debris hiding the feet of General, if this was a real pose do you think the worlds Hidden Hand gang leaders would have fucking trash just blow right in the shoot and leave it there? You have to hold still for quite a while to develop a picture, pretty sure nobody present would have left some trash blown in. Maybe this was to cover up some bad lines.

Born in Breckenridge, KY, McClernand was chairman of the Committee on Public Lands and member of the Committee of Foreign Relations, the Pre-CFR CFR. was more of a politician than anything and this role would’ve looked great on his resume.

If you look for pics of General McClernand alone there are several poses like the one to the left. My guess is whoever pasted this piece together just took one of the images from his military file. They are facing the same direction, same position, same angle. There is one clear difference of course, the hat, but oh look, the hat is right there on the table in his military portrait. .

Pinkerton also supposedly foiled an assassination attempt helping Lincoln escape on a train. Featured in Harpers Weekly in 1861 it was a cheap dime novel plot sold as authentic news. Same with the attempted theft of Lincolns body, though Pinkerton wasnt involved with that one   

*Lincolns son William Wallace was first laid to rest in Oak Hill cemetery in Georgetown, later buried at Oak Ridge. *Gen McClernand is also buried in Oak Ridge cemetery.

Fake execution

There was no assassination bc there was no Lincoln. Either these people are being hung for other reasons or they are wearing harnesses. They are also all wearing hoods, very convenient if you’re hanging someone thats not who you say.

You can see a large crowd at the beginning of the sequence, (they aren’t in order) but when they are dangling nobody is around but the officers. Similarly with John Brown fake execution, they taped off the area so no witnesses could be present, meaning it was military only, which is self confirmation, I got a thing about that.

In the first pic the most important guy is the lone pocket-pool players in the yard. Those fuckers show up at ALL the big events

This is the best part, the envelope holding all the execution pics. Even the envelope is a piece. The Washington stamp is one for my collection, the ‘3’s and non-existing prez are a sense of humor. By A. Gardner, that’s a play on words, a gardener, as in they are planting the seeds and nurturing the deception. Titled on the top is “The Trap is Sprung”, that’s a real knee-slapper for some spook that thought he was gonna be funny.

A. Gardner is Alex Gardner, One of Lincolns personal photographers. There were several, I mentioned earlier that there were several models for Lincoln, after looking a little bit more it seems each photographer had his own model. They are close look-a-likes but def not the same person. Some methods are used, like keeping the model fuzzy and blurry so distinguishing features will be obscured, making identification as near-impossible as possible.

The many faces

The Ministry of Truth has a whole page devoted to all the pictures of fake Lincoln. The thing about Lincoln is his features are so exaggerated but its almost as if the exaggeration is only the point of identification. I mean his cheek bones are death-like, so its not any specific trait, just as long as the cheek bones are guant, thats the important part. A great big mole, what could be a better id than that? Big flat ears. I also want to say that the ears all looks like theyve been filled in. Like all the unique lines and curves are all flattened out with some kind of masking technique. It appears to me a combination of features were chosen to make him as identifiable as possible, he’s a visual cli’che. Even his great height is a visual queue. Here take a look at just one:

Did they publish this on purpose? His make-up only looks half-done. See the upper cartilage and lobe of the ear is blank. The left eye has wrinkles and the right side is smooth and the eye itself is a different size. The big ass mole in the middle of his face is always in the same spot riding that crease because it is fake. Finally, what the fuck is wrong with his cheeks?! Did he get bit by a rattlesnake of his face or did wardrobe and make-up mess up the cheek bones to look like he was hit with a brickbat? On other portraits you can tell he has make-up on to enhance the cheek bones and give him that gaunt look. You can tell its just blush. But this? Maybe he’s reptilian and his meat-suit is starting to deteriorate. The bridge of the nose has been worked on too, the bridge and sides are smooth and shiney. After they change models is when the beard gets grown out, see the scars on his chin and corner of the mouth? This was Taken by a Pearson, other photogrphers include a William Marsh.

From a photograph loaned by W. J. Franklin of Macomb, Illinois, and taken in 1866 from an ambrotype made in 1858 in Macomb. This portrait figures in the collection in the Lincoln Home at Springfield, Illinois, and on the back of the photograph is the following inscription: “This likeness of Abraham Lincoln is a faithful copy of an original ambrotype, now in possession of James K. Magic. It was taken August 25, 1858, by Mr. T. P. Pierson, at Macomb, in this State, and is believed to be of anterior date to any other likeness of Mr. Lincoln ever brought before the public. Mr. Magie happened to remain over night at Macomb, at the same hotel with Mr. Lincoln, and the next morning took a walk about town, and upon Mr. Magie’s invitation they stepped into Mr. Pierson’s establishment, and the ambrotype of which this is a copy was the result. Mr. Lincoln, upon entering, looked at the camera as though he was unfamiliar with such an instrument, and then remarked: ‘Well, do you want to take a shot at me with thtft thing?’ He was shown to a glass, where he was told to ‘fix up,’ but declined, saying it would not be much of a likeness if he fixed up any. The old neighbors and acquaintances of Mr. Lincoln in Illinois, upon seeing this picture, are apt to exclaim:

‘There! that’s the best likeness of Mr. Lincoln that I ever saw!’

The dress he wore in this picture is the same in which he made his famous canvass with Senator Douglas.” This inscription was written by J. C. Power, now dead, but for many years custodian of the Lincoln monument in Springfield. — Page 65 of The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Ida M. Tarbell and J. McCan Davis, New York: S.S. McClure, 1896

Ministry of Truth

This is copy pasted from the Truthwiki page. They call the guy Mr. Jimmy Magic; on the other side of the page they dont make the mistake and call him Mr Magie, Magi IS magic or magician, its the same thing and it was not a mistake this was inserted. *See ‘gifts of the three magi’.


These were the only two profile I could find. One has been mirrored to show the same outline, even though the mole is gone. Most evident is the ears. Most of the ears are flatten out or filled up. whatever they do it makes the ears look blank. You can still tell they are different. One of the models appears to have had a skin condition os teenage acne problem as several are similar. The nose is different too. There are several noses as well. Thats as good as fingerprints

Heres a third. again, its close but not the same person. It’s funny, I didnt notice the first time but the image on top has the hair combed down in front of the ear on purpose the hide it. the parts that show do not match anyway, nice try guys. Nobody ever said Lincoln had such a big schnoz

I could go on all day with these guys. The big honker is a prosethetic. the cheek bones dont match tha sunken in look and the eye brow ridge and forehead slope arent even close. This guy is covering this ear features with his hair also

Time Lapse

I didnt even choose this to highlight another model. This pic has the shade around the head that is in the Pinkerton pictures.

This is the youngest Abe. Even scratched up and out of focus, you can still tell the cleft in his chin is not a scar.

After spending entirly too much time scrutinizing fake Lincon portraits its seem that their defence is there is so steady model, pretty much they used a different person for every shot. Some photographers did use the same model more than once and some models were used by multiple photographers but for the most part each one is different. This way anybody with a pile of pictures that tries to compare has no control. If 5 out of six pics all look the same but have one odd you can pick that out pretty easy, but if you have 6 pics and all 6 are different then what can you do? the only common elements are the generic things like big ears, big mole high sunken cheeck, but when you look close they are all difs. Ears are like fingerprints as far as id. The only way to hide that is smooth them out with paste or wax or something, maybe latex covers, but then you can tell the cover is on it, which is what we have here. Lincoln is a Fake Ass Bitch

Hiding In Plain Site

Here I’ll showcase again how new material is introduced. It could be found in a dusty trunk in an attic or in an estate sale in 1994. Whenever I new piece of evidence is introduced you got to check a few things. Check who the finder is; if its in the news the finder will be from the families, thats just how they work, only acknowledge each other. If it truly is an innocent the agent/handler will be nearby; alot of times a regular person will make the discovery for the sake of genuine reaction… Well not exactly, now that I think about it there is never a central character not in on it.

Lincoln, 16th Prez, has several new pieces that were inserted later, such as this 9 ft behemoth that was ‘rediscovered’ hanging in one of the Rockefeller buildings ‘hiding in plain site’. The painting comes from a Rockefeller-donated building in Madison NJ, where it hung for decades before it was noticed that another long-lost bust of Napoleon was also found in the building. It had to be Napoleon and Madison. All the fake founding fathers get lumped together in some form so they all float. You dont really notice how saturated society is until you look around and really See. How many home towns are named after one or have a Washington Street? Too gdam many, thats right.

Napoleons rediscovered bust was done by Auguste Rodin, the guy that did the ‘Thinking Man’, the NWO love Rodin, his pose is emulated all over the place. The thinker was originally featured on a piece called the Gates of Hell, nope, no symbolism there. Its important to cover little bits like this in order to have a better comprehension of the whole, everything connected, nothing by accident.

The new old Lincoln piece was done by Travers in 1864 or 64, there is some debate over this which serves to trick people into thinking it is this or that, the answer is it is neither. Supposedly this was displayed at the Philly Centennial Expo in ’76 where, according to legend Mary Todd fainted upon seeing it. The problem is they are liars. This couldve been painted during lockdown 2020 for all we know.

The building where the lost art pieces were discovered was donated by Geraldine Rockefeller to serve as a governmental building for the town of Madison and was used to house the ambulance corps and police dept.

This pic of the interior was on their website. Note the time is 3:33 and the checkerboard pattern in the floor tiles. See the bust in the background for more leads.

  • it also houses the office of the Madison Historical Society and is currently on display for the next 5 years at the Smithsonian’s, National Portrait Gallery

1.) The globe. jeez. Centered on Haiti, this is political., there was some chatter about sending the newly freed blacks to the D.R. and Haiti. Haiti has a complex past I hope I get to expand on it sometime soon. Their national motto (chant/invocation) is the same as the temporary gov set up during the Paris Commune chapter of the French Revolution. It also happens to be the motto of the oldest Freemason lodge in France, and thus the world. Haiti also is entwined with Napoleon, the only successful slave rebellion ever (maybe someone should tell them they can change the motto) Napoleon is an allegory for the Reset [The French Revolution is a cover for the Reset, my link]

2.) What’d I say about a book in hand? or scroll or paper or any other piece of written material? Maps too are another, if you see a portrait of someone holding a map it might as well be a globe in the background.

The Amendment that freed the slaves, a slave casting off his chains. The amendment transferred legal ownership to the State and broadened the definition of what is considered a slave. Contract magick. The ending with a K is for numerical reasons. With K at the end it changes the corresponding value giving it a negative energy. Like all those teeny-bopper White Witch and Wiccan sites that claim to be benevolent but spell the word magic with a K are mocking you. There is no light or dark, its all dark. Those of you that think its innocent and harmless are deceived

3.) The position of the feet. Theres many variations even within feet position like perpendicular heel or toe and they got all kinds of cute little names. The complexity is part of the spell, it takes devotion and dedication to master, which means all kinds of shit, look If you’re into that secret society freemason bullshit I suggest Manly P Hall or Albert Pike as a source. I am not advocating them or plugging their stuff but they are the authorities from a different era, the transfer of information (Commune-ication) was fundamentally different; everything was obtained either directly through a teacher or from books. Thats why all the worst agents commonly opened public libraries, so you only have access to their own biographers and scientists and historians. I was gonna include a downloadable Secret Teachings pdf but I dont want that crap on my page, here is a link instead

4.) A bust of Washington and painting of Crossing the Delaware during the American Revolution. All that shit is mental conditioning. Hey you know why they only teach about G Washington to grade school children? Be his narrative makes no sense, his dialogue is like one part political rhatoric, one part preacher sermon and three parts comic-book superhero monologue. Its terrible, you can tell that stuff to a grown up so the biggest lies are told to the youngest targets. Washington and Lincoln prop each other up all the time. They all do, it takes all of them to pull it off. Consider the lengths they have gone through for a second, think about Mt Rushmore and currency. Create something so big so nobody could possible question for a second their existence. The concept is so simple, I used to wonder about Rushmore, now its easy, the purpose of Rushmore is to make the fraud that much more unquestionable.

Washington is a religious icon for the Statists, a false idol. the legalese contracts like the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Emancipation Proclamation and so on are the sacred texts of the Statist religion. Washington is a demigod. He was on the stamp of the envelope for a reason, the same reason he is painted into the background of the ‘newly rediscovered’ painting. Mt Rushmore. Currency. All these things are so connected be they are both fake and thats how they survive, by self validation. These two are nothing compared to Napoleon, whew, that guy…

One thing I didnt mention the Washington/Lincoln tag team are a part of is the formation of the Thanksgiving holiday (holy day) This is how I really determined that the two never existed and used to support the false timeline. Pilgrims and Indians and the Mayflower, gtfoh. Here is my link so you can see for yourself

I have come across multiple gatekeeper academics that claim to be an authority on the life of Washington or lincoln or any of the founding fathers. Any time you see someones bio say wrote a bio on Lincoln is an agent of some kind… or a middle-schooler

In America the Revolution was before the Repopulation, means it didn’t happen, none of it. it set the stage for the early Orphan Immigrants. The infrastructure was already here in ruins, get that frontier shit out of your head. Harpers Ferry was only one stop in the network that stretched from the tip of Florida up into Upper Canada, the U.C. (there is a starfort on an island off 75 miles from the Florida Keys. Ft Jefferson is the prison island where they supposedly sent Dr Mudd for helping Boothe mend his broken leg from his escape. The story goes, Mudd suggested opening the windows to let fresh air into cure malaria. Thats the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. …Not that its important here but it does tie back into Lincoln and shows how vast the spell reaches. Every aspect of today’s world culture is built on a few ppl that were never even real, made up to support the false narrative.

Speaking of inserting new evidence into the timeline this ones a whopper. This is said to be a recently discovered image of Lincoln on his death bed that was presented on the Discovery Channel as potentially authentic. People in the comments section pretty much agree that the image doesn’t really look like him but the investigation of the photo itself leaves no doubt of its authenticity. Personally I couldn’t watch the so-called documentary with a straight face so you tell me if you thinks its real, How bout that, you watch it and tell me what you think (spoiler alert: Its fake)

That aint nothing though, my fav part is how a lawsuit was opened in an attempt to get the item returned to a guy that says his ex-wife stole it. The infamous mock-court-case-to-add-credibility technique.

Another give-away that some kind of fuckery is afoot is any mention of ghosts or hauntings or paranormal activity. I mean theyre call ed spooks for crying out loud. This is the over-the-top kind of mocking humor these guys have. Ghost pictures of Lincoln and Mary Todd. Might as well throw PT Barnum into it. Since we got Barnum and ghost Lincoln, lets summons some ghost Indians. lol, get it? bc Barnum was one of the main ones perpetuating the lie, but nobody knows that but you and me… Or maybe his ancestors just did the Ghost Dance. Sorry I couldnt help myself.

Meet and Greet

This was a display at the 1933 World Fair in Chicago. The building where Lincoln was chosen to run as candidate and a fake Lincoln hawking autographed copies of the Emancipation Proclamation for 10 bucks. Here he is showing us his best One-Eye pose. The script in his hand is a stage prop. The building is called the Wigwam. Its an Indian shelter. Lincoln and Indians are often portrayed together bc they are both fake and the scriptwriters use lies to prop each other up.

Lincoln statue toppled bc it was ugly in Union Square NY in the 30’s

Fake Founding Fathers

Matthew Brady didnt just shoot Lincoln. He is credited for capturing all the early Prez characters. All of them are fictional, thats what the Brady file was created for.

On February 14, 1849, a photographer named Matthew B. Brady took a photo of US President James K. Polk in the White House.It is believed William Henry Harrison had been photographed in 1841. However Harrison died only 31 days into his term and the photo has been lost.

A photo was recently unearthed of John Quincy Adams in 1843, but Adams had by this point been out of office for almost twenty years. This would count as the earliest photograph of an American president. “Recently Unearthed” means it is a fake.



  1. Above, you wrote “Robert Brady is a fake…” Who is he? You do not mention him anywhere else.

    1. Hey bud, thanks for reading, glad you got something out of it. I got a Brady bio somewhere, he was an early photographer that is credited as the main photographer of Lincoln and also of some major battles during the Civil War, the thing is Lincoln and the war are fakes. So was Brady. Ive been meaning to update his file. I found some of his photo collections all consist of headshots and the subjects are only referred to as actors and actresses. They try to spin it like he was practicing photography but no no no, this is the file for the people in the background, the people in uniforms pretending to be soldiers. They are in Bradys file bc the people that know he is a psych op will understand these are like the first Crisis Actor profiles. thanx again, I gotts go to my wage-slave job but I’ll be back later if you have any questions. I’ll try to fix the Brady thing.

      1. I don’t see him in there. Maybe you had meant to write Mathew Brady, not Robert? There was another Robert or two mentioned in the article. Maybe the first and last names just got mixed up in that one sentence?

      2. Ok thanks for the heads up, I’ll take a look. I think his full name is Robert Matthew. Or Matthew Robert I use them interchangably. I’ll put an asterisk on the homepage

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