Richmond Ruins and the Civil War Cover Story for the Great Reset

Have you ever even seen the images of Richmond taken after the Civil War, not just seen them but really looked? They don’t make any sense and don’t match the timeline. The timeline says its is only a few years before the French Revolution but its starting to look like they share a lot more commonalities then it first appears.

The city is in ruins, and has been in ruins for who knows how long, long enough for mature trees to grow up in the rubble pile. Long enough for wooden structures and fence to be built around the ruins, and then become dilapidated themselves.

Richmond had a strong canal presence, as I’ve noticed with just about every city I’ve looked at with a river running through it. The James river splits Richmond and also like other canaled cities they have been filled in and forgotten. The New Order does not like canals I’ve noticed, maybe bc they are so old.

This city is in clean up mode, and has been for some time, some of the buildings have already been restored, or at least partially restored. Ground clean-up is being documented. Every single brick is hand moved and carried away by a wagon, you can see them piled up in nice clean stacks. How long does it take to clean up an entire ruined city by hand and wagon?

Matthew Brady is the photographer, we have already busted him out for being the fictional character that photographed the fictional Abe Lincoln, so it is a match.

Like the streets of Hiro and Naga that did not get nuked, they are spotless. All of the surrounding area has been leveled except the Greek Parthenon looking building on top the hill has been saved, this happened with the cathedrals in Europe that escaped bombing raids.

I think there was a war fought in the ruined city, maybe this is what the Civil War here is. Two factions fighting a power grab. There was nobody living here, no rubbish or trash. Sure much brick and stone but no trash. Scorch marks are coming out of some of the window openings but there are no charred timbers or furniture or any kind of wood, this is just like the French Revolution pics that have piles of wooden furniture that are smashed up only for the camera to see, meaning people imported wooden scraps just to make it look like it was there.

There are pics that mirror the famous Crimean War image, The Valley of Death, the one they admitted was a fake bc it was so obvious somebody sprinkled cannonballs all over the road for dramatic effect. Richmond has one too, called the Arsenal building. Nothing at all says arsenal, just a few sprinkled cannonballs and the title written on the negative by a person that never existed. none of the buildings match what they are supposed to be according to his-story books, they made the narrative up later and inserted names, this couldve been anything in any other canaled city.

The Parthenon building has a giant American Flag attached. I’ll repeat myself here that those flags are a mark. They are so big and out of place here bc they have been added, sometimes later during development, sometimes at the time of shooting. Those flags subconsciously confirm that the timeline and narrative is correct. Everybody knows what year it is, just count the stars and stripes. Sure.

Hopefully I will be able to return to this thread, I would like to expand but have so much Im trying to finish, I just came across some images and wanted to make them available for right now. I know alot of people wont know what theyre looking at or wy I included some that are just a pile of bricks. Each image has something significant about it, see if you can figure it out and let me know what you come up with

The ruined city is in the process of being cleaned up for the repopulation. How long do you think it took for this single lot alone? How many people? With nothing but the wheel and mule? Wait till you see the Chicago ruins after the Great Fire. Every one of these images have the “Vanilla Sky” feature that is a tell for proto-photo shop

Images 8 and 9 appear to be the same except one has a hole going through the pointy end of the directional arrow. Whats that all about?

This was in the background of a Charleston, S.C. archive. Looking much like Richmond there isnt a handful of buildings that remain standing. Bet your ass the Masons annexed the biggest one, or do you think they were always there and the war broke out around them but everyone decided to leave their clubhouse alone? Their name is Free-Masonry for a reason you big dummy. Its spellcraft mockery.
Embalming office at Gettysburg. The two corpses on display are so good they look like they could just get up and walk away. The fresh wreath and boughs are common in photo op fantasy wars.
This one here is Centerville.. Maybe someone should tell them you don’t bring fake tree canons to a real war. And what kind of fortification is that? its a fence made out of twigs
Cool props bro, what about shot and powder? and those ramming sticks with the pillow thing on the ends?
“Guarding the Confederate POW camp at Gettysburg” How long do you think those actors had to stay seated in the field?
This one too is titled “Confederate POW’s”. This is a Mattew Brady image, the phantom photographer that frequently shot the non-existant Lincoln. Check the Lincoln post for more about Brady and his contribution to the Wag-the-Dog Civil War images
This is the one labeled the race riots of Tulsa, ’21. I’ll have to check a third time but I couldnt confirm. While Tulsa was heavily damaged it appeared fresh and the corpses were really corpses. I just put the image here until a better home is made.

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