My Family on the Smiling Coast

We live in a world where everything is so far out of touch with reality. Nobody knows their neighbors, the elders get no respect, everyone is conditioned to compartmentalize themselves into farther and farther isolation while believing they’re are being more connected then ever. This is just a positive message for the day and if you would like to get some there is enough Light to go around for everyone. If you want to help but dont know how I am giving you the chance of a lifetime 🙂

I don’t like to give personal information about myself. This site isn’t about me. There is one part I would like to share, moreso than anything I thought one of my readers might read this and if nothing else it is a positive message about taking care of each other as fellow human beings. One of the greatest achievements in my experience has been the connection I have made with my adopted family on the Smiling Coast of Africa.

At first I thought it was a scammer, you know those guys that say they have just inherited millions of dollars but need a 500$ advance to pay the processing fee… something like that. I was curious about the angle. Turned out he didn’t want anything at all and was just really happy to talk to someone new from a different land. I was newly released from a few years in the jug, so I wanted to talk and listen as well, something besides the jailhouse BS I was stuck with for 3 years.

We hit it off from the beginning. I was surprised how much we had in common even though on the surface we are so different. I tell you again something that we have all heard a million times now that appearances don’t mean shit. This guy was going through the same things and had the same feelings as you and me and everybody else; aging parents, marriage, employment, children…

It was late 2019 at the time we met, that means the psychological warfare of 2020 was getting ready to kick off. That was when we really hit it off. I was sure this cat had none of the access I had as far as learning materials and information but he and everyone in his community knew it was a scam. Pretty much all of Africa knows not to trust the World Health or Bill Gates agencies

The little girl is Sarjo. She’s a sweetheart. When I first met her father she was still a few months away, that means I got to watch her grow from newborn to beautiful little girl. Her mother is beautiful also, she wants to open a second hand clothing shop.

I have been fortunate in that I have been able to help my family from the Smiling Coast with some urgent repairs. That being said I also want to clarify that nobody has asked me for a dollar. I volunteered everything I have contributed bc it seemed like the right thing to do and I was in a position to offer. Now I just send a set amount per month that I know will go to providing relief for the family but doesnt put me in a spot where I cant provide for my own American family. Most people can spend a hundred bucks at the bar on an appetizer and 3 drinks, that same hundred can feed my family in the Gambia for weeks. He was excited to tell me he was making 50 dollars per month. My boy works and will do anything he can find to take care of his family. I need to say here also that I am also hoovering just above the poverty line myself, I don’t have much, if I did I would only contribute more to them. (Sorry I couldnt help with that job offer in Qatar bro)


Nobody here is looking for a hand out. No charity is welcomed. I must say though that this cat can find anything you want on the whole continent. Nothing on the endangered species act of course or anything like that of course. I got a whole box full of alterpiece goods if thats you’re thing. Handmade custom fit clothing is the most comfortable thing you’ll ever own. raw hide leather. Who doesnt like teeth or horns? I dont mean little sissy teeth, I mean like 7 inch warthog tusks. I’ve been wanting to carve a drinking horn but all my time goes to this site. Jewelry. Carvings. Hand stretched drums.

There is no set amount for anything. Its not for sale. Its a gift exchange. A token of appreciation for a donation. I don’t keep anything for myself. The customs clearance paperwork can serve as certificate of authenticity.

Newest addition to the family

Hopefully it wont be too much longer before I am able to visit. Its a long process beginning with the parole office but I have started.

Sarjo isnt the baby anymore. She had a little sister born a few weeks ago. It is very exciting to be included. It is stressful for the provider of any family when such a big change happens. We have things in the West that are available in Gambia but sometimes they are prohibitivly expensive. Donations will cover the cost of everyday items most of us couldnt imaging living without.


Here are a few projects I have been able to help with:

  • During the rainy season the corrugated metal roof leaked so bad is was raining inside the house. We fixed that bitch lickedy-split.
  • Then one day some venomous snakes got into the compound through a hole in the wall. All the mamas were worried about the children and the men went out and killed the snakes. All the bricks and mortar are handmade but the ingredients still cost money.
  • Next, if you got a new roof and fence you need a fresh paint job.

I kept waiting for the con but it never came. He never asked so I offered to help fund the project. It was all blood-money anyway, the 1,000$ a week bribery to stay home and go along with the ‘Rona scam being pulled, at least I tried to do some good with it.


Father was a very respected elder and a great provider for his family. He was sick when I met him and I’m glad I got the chance to meet him on video. Too bad I wasn’t able to shake his hand in person. He is no longer with us but I am glad he got the chance to see his newest Granddaughter born. I cant say with these meds he would still be here today but maybe, its a manifest reality. I dont think petroleum refinery waste byproducts are good for long term health in any situation but they seem to trick the body for temporary effect. What good are they if they’re so expensive nobody can afford them? The end is not about money, its about control. Its always about control.

Not only that but you think people dont have pets in all parts of the world? Pets are the source of a lot of things, one of which is the unexpected emergency vet visit.

People in a developed world take so much for granted. Stuff like basic sanitation and clean water are not always so available. It becomes an issue when something like a small cut or bug bite gets infected. This one broke my heart when I seen it. Ive watch her grow up since birth. Im sure keeping a clean sleeping area will help but the cost of new bedding is not proportionately equal to the West. maybe not have you seen the cost of a mid-range new mattress lately? Needless to say we got her a new bed. I was shocked about how casual he was when I saw the pic. This is not an uncommon injury.

Thats it, thats all I wanted to share. Its hard to put something like this into words. If you want to get in every little bit helps. This is the most fulfilling thing I can assure you.

We have reached a point as a world culture where the only real resistance we can put up is to just be a good person, to yourself and to the people you come in contact with*. You are not going to find the answer on TV or at the bottom of the bottle. Stay positive. Be a positive-energy generator. The media is a psychological warfare tool, its design is to keep you reactionary, depressed, angry… a walking negative-energy generator. The energy you put out affects the people around you. Thats why so much effort is made to ensure you do not think for yourself and remain selfish, blind and mute. This is a part of my story I dont talk about in my day-to-day. It’s nobodies business and if someone sees you have an inner-light shining now you have become the target, people will go out of their way every time to drag you down to their level. If by some fluke they do something positive they use it for self-promotion reasons which negate the deed itself. This is called virtue-signalling, its doing something for the appearance of being good but not for the inherent goodness of the deed itself.

*Truthin and moonshin. Thats how I can offer resistance.

This has been my adopted family since 2019 and even the people I see at work everyday dont know anything about it. I am showing this now only on the chance somebody would like their very own warthog skull. Where else can you find a Wildebeest hide?

oh yeah one more thing, you gotta help my boy get some better ganja. I have’nt seen a brick like that since 1998, lol.

Soulbrother, when you see this just tell me what you want to change or add or remove. Tell mama if she wants to post pics of her clothing just forward me the images. One day soon we will be taking a Big Ju-Ju mushrooms trip with the lions old friend. Tell everyone I said hello as always.


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