Winged Lion-Griffin and Serpent Slayer Symbolism

Lion of St Mark. Russia, Paris, Venice, Vicenza, Babylontown NY, Historic Jamestown

This report connects to like 8 other articles, not the little ones either. If you ever find on in your research it means something important is nearby

This thing a has a wild story, I just couldnt let it pass. I came into this one by way of the Pillars of Ashoka, acient India’s version of the Romean Vistory Column. These are a series of stone pillars meant to commemorate events in the Buddhas life, up the 30 of them have been discovered over the past 110+ years, each in varying condition. There are very few that are complete. The problem is they are all modern frauds.

The top portion is called a Capital, as opposed to Capitol, the piece that tops the long skinny part, like a cap, maybe that’s where the name comes from. The Pillars of Ashoka have identifiable capitals and there is mainstream discussion about the possible influences as similar pieces are found all throughout the ancient world.

Pillars of Ashoka

Lets start here, the backstory can be found in my Reset and Repopulation of Asia paper, you’ll want to read that one. Modern academics like to discuss possible inspirations for the phallic symbols as they share attributes with other cultures that are thousands of miles apart. Maybe we can save them alot of time and effort by just telling them straight up that they’re all fake and the same people that made these pillars are the same people that made up the other cultures as well.

Top image: Abacus of the Allahabad pillar, with lotuses alternating with “flame palmettes” over a bead and reel pattern.
Bottom image: A quite similar frieze from Delphi, Greece.
Above: Both lions from present day Iran but separate locations and time periods. All sites share simiale features that indicate a common source, instead of an over complicated attempt to explain this I put forth a small group from a prestigious elite art academy is responsible, making only slight changes to a standard template.
Left image: Vaishali lion of Ashoka. Right image: Relief of a lion at Nineveh, Babylon.
Top Left: Lion Capitol of Ashoka features animals joined at the rear resting on lotus bell.
Top right: Joined horses from the Persian Empire on a lotus bell

Below left: Delphi column topped with Sphinx capitol in Greece. Bottom right: Pillar of Ashoka at Sarnath, India

Winged Lion of Venice, showing an admixture of all parties above.

In 1950, three years after Indian independence, the lion capital at Sarnath was adopted as the emblem of the Republic of India, with the lions representing virtues such as pride, power, courage and confidence. The inverted lotus bell has been omitted, and the motto ‘Satyameva Jayate, meaning “truth alone triumphs,” is inscribed in Devanagari script below the abacus. The original lion capital is now preserved at the Sarnath Museum, near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

“Truth Alone Triumphs”, Ok good, as long as we’re all on the same page you cant get butthurt

Lion of Venice

So like I said the Capitals all look similar bc the same modern source made them. This one here is found at the famous Square in Venice. I saved the image and was about to pass over it but then I seen this:

The Lion of Saint Mark is a winged lion that symbolically represents John Mark the Evangelist. It is a symbol used to give an immediate and unique sign of identity and power. It doesn’t have an official or political meaning, but only a popular and religious origin.

Ministry of Truth

This is the Fontaine des Invalides

Said to have been ordered by Napolean on Dec 31, 1799. This is significant bc the repopulation started in 1800, so you can tmuch closer than this, secondly, Napoleon is a fictional character, anything attributed to him has Reset undertones.

The top of the fountain is the Lion of St Mark, Napoleon hijacked it from Venice and then after he died in 1815 it was returned. There is alot of tradition surrounding the lion but it is all religion and political therefore almost meaningless, certainly misdirection, so we can skip all that.

The location chosen, a place called the Four Roads, had already hosted, under the Mountain Convention , an ephemeral monument representing the French people in the guise of Hercules , standing on the Mountain , slaying the hydra of the Federalism above the toads of the Marais.

The location is one of the most iconic areas in Paris and is home to Napoleon’s tomb. The monument of Hercules slaying the dragon is representative of French people overcoming the Revolution. The Serpent slayer motif is one found in cultures throughout time and country.

In the Russian equivalent to the Column of Vendome (below) I just found this evening. The capital is a figure slaying a serpent with the cross. Whoever they say this is is not important, its an allegory. There is also a scene in the pedestal of a dragon slayer and many winged lions, Sphinx’ and Griffins. This was a really strong find, it doesn’t really give anything new yet but reinforces what we already knew and strengthens connections. The second pillar in Venice features a man holding a spear standing on top of a crocodile, again the serpent slayer

The brochure history of the fountain is worthless too, its focus is on Napoleon for fux sake, its impossible that it could be real. There is nothing to show me that the fountain ever existed either. Maybe it never left Venice and the whole thing is a lie. Maybe it started out in Paris and was never ‘returned’ to Venice bc it was never there to begin with.

Let me expand on that briefly, the thing with Paris and Venice is they have a deep connection before the Reset. Paris was a canaled city. I think Im the only person to put forth that theory but its true. I have a dedicated post about it and if there was any remaining doubt this single item erased all of that. Paris was built on the same infrastructure of waterways that where filled in…No, not filled in,, they were drained and covered up, like with a lid so that there is the vast tunnel system. This is the origin of the Paris Catacombs. This is what drew me in originally, all the rest of the pieces fell into place as I went. Not only that but look at the architecture and compare to Paris, and Russia too for that matter. Venice, like the others are all Old World relics. Old Moscow has moats featured on their maps, moats serve as allegories for canal. Ill have to go back and check satellite* images to see if I can find anything closer to Paris and Venice in St Petersburg.

The said-fountain in Paris had steam-powered water jets, the technology that old fountains utilized was too advanced for the time period anyway, similar to pipe organs and astronomical clocks.

Victor Hugo is on record making a statement about the fountain, I dont know much about Hugo, except that his remains are housed in the Pantheon in Paris. Just that is enough to convince me he wasn’t a flesh and bone person either. The play on words ‘Victor’, plus he is famous for doing nothing, he is the French Mark Twain. Interestingly Twain is in the Lion of Venice story also, he is remembered for doing nothing more than making a comment about the positive ID. At least Samuel Clements was a living person, thats not saying much though in his case.

During the transfer from Paris back to Venice the Lion was broken into several pieces and had to be reassembled by an artists in the Ferrari family, the Ferrari’s are also involved in the Jesuit mission Propaganda Fide Palazzo in Rome, I have an article on them too. Man , this connects a lot of them.

After the Lion was returned the fountain stood damaged and empty so a big copper bust of Lafayette was placed on top. Lafayette was another fake founding father, homeboys with G Washington.

The Lion sculpture has had a very long and obscure history, probably starting its existence as a winged lion-griffin statue on a monument to the god Sandon in Turkey about 300 BC. I’m not sure how they arrived at this precise destination but its their story they can tell it any way they want. The Lion, in its present form, is a composite of different pieces of bronze created at very different times, building upon ancient “core” components.  The original bronze figure, taken as a whole, was likely significantly different from the Lion of today; and, predating Christianity, would not have originally had any association with Saint Mark. They are telling you right there its a fake. Anytime there is multiple restorations and composits they mean fake, and the pieces it is comprized of are just as fake too.

The Lion was taken to France after Napoleon’s conquest of the Venetian Republic, during his 1797 campaign in Italy. It was damaged in the course of removal and transport; lacking wings, paws, tail, and Gospel-book. After being restored by French sculptors the Lion was mounted on a plinth in the new Fontaine des Invalides. The fountain, completed in 1804, was located at the Place des Invalides, Paris.

After Napoleon’s downfall the Lion was returned to Venice, now a part of the Austrian Empire. On 2 October 1815, during the process of removal, it was again badly damaged. A rope broke, the statue fell, and smashed apart; whether by accident, or in an act of sabotage by one of the French workers is unclear. As a result, the bronze figure was broken into approximately 20 pieces. Having lost its main ornament, the Fontaine des Invalides was eventually redesigned, and finally demolished in 1840.

Repatriated to Venice, the fragments of the Lion were stored at the Arsenal before it was repaired by Bartolomeo Ferrari and returned to its column, officially, on 13 April 1816. This restoration included an alteration to the Lion’s tail, now extended, which had previously been tucked between its hind legs. The book beneath its paws was again recast; the French replacement having been lost, stolen, or abandoned

But Wait, Theres More

Check this one out, this is why you always take the link

332 is an inverted Skull and Bones, 322, March 22, what ever you want to call it, there are many names. The capitalized ‘A’ always just looks like a separated capstone to me.

This is Samuel Gompers photo-op with 332 leader. Do you know why this means something? Gompers was head of the American Federation of Labor, the proto-Union during the early labor organizing of the Industrial Revolution. Duh, the Industrial Revolution was a military operation, psychological warfare to keep the debt-slave class in chained. Thats why Gompers is with these guys here. Probs a debriefing or class reunion or something.

What about this one? Why is this one on the board? This is my favorite one. Look at the bottom corner sigil. The Signal Corps. 332 is the Signal Corps, those are the guys that over saw the Army Corps of Engineers. There were the premiere military Intelligence outfit responsible for communicating within separate branches of the Armed Service. Greely from the North Pole expedition was appointed leader when they were directing construction of the cliff dwellings at the 4 Corners. Damn bro, this posts has some good connections. It also showcases how easy it is to let things slip past if you dont have a little bit of background context info. Most of this probly doesnt mean much to the green Seeker. Its ok though, you catch up. I included alot of cool images so everyone would have something.

Like this:

Winged Lion stationed at the Bishop Palace in Galveston

The Bishop’s Palace in the East End Historic District of Galveston, Texas. The American Institute of Architects lists the home as one of the 100 most significant buildings in the United States, and the Library of Congress has classified it as one of the fourteen most representative Victorian structures in the nation.

There is a story that before the hurricane down there a few years ago made landfall somebody stole the statue. It stayed gone for 3 years before being returned. The theif remain unnamed and no charges were filed. Here is the article in the local rag. Their concern is somebody melting it down for scrap metal. Its always an inside job

Alexander Column, St Petersburg

Ill have to add this to my Russia-is-on-the-same-side file. They have a victory column erected they claim is equal to the Vendome Column in Paris. That bold claim is enough to raise eyebrows by itself. The Vendome Column is cover in my Paris Commune of the French Revolution file. So yes, its contextual, if you arent familiar with those it might be kinda hard to grasp the full importance. Its just like everything else, the more you know the more you know. The Column in Paris is in tribute to Napoleon and his battle record, its said he melted down all the cannons of his vanquished enemies and poured the column. In Russia they say it is tribute to their victory over Napoleon. The symbols on the pedistol say they are the same. Napoleon never even existed. Not just the base of the Columns are the same but the architecture surrounding them is almost the same as well.

There is so much going on here it’d be impossible to catch everything on the first go. Since we’re focusing on the Winged Lion lets just stick with this for now, you can zoom in and try to find the other connections if you want.

Paris and Russia are New World seats of power, these are meant to mark an important event during the Great Reset. Napoleon is an allegory for the Reset.

Vicenza, Northern Italy

Heres another one in Northern Italy, a World Heritage site too. Anything promoted by the United Nations is all about lies and full spectrum domination. This is like 8 UNESCO sites now we have taken out, only about a thousand more to go…

The book in its paw is said to be the bible, the book of Mark, who the lion is named for. The book of Ezekiel has significance as well and the Book of Revelations is still another. Thats all bullshit. Not to challenge people core religious belifs but if world culture gas only been around since the repopulation of 1800 what does that say about the bible, about all ancient religious texts? Internalize that how ever you want. I call out every picture I see where the subject is using a book as a stage prop. This is the same concept.

It is said the Venician Lion was broken and when reassembled the bible was added then; it wasnt original. Personally I dont believe a single word they say so just the fact they say it means that is the only thing I am positive is NOT what happened. Maybe the bible addition story was made up to insert the control mechanism bc the statue is older than the bible. They cant keep their own phony timelines in order so dumbass stories like that are made up. How they have made it 2 centuries is what I cant figure out. They are fucking terrible liars. If a 7 yr old child told the same stories to their mother she would instinctually know the kid is lying, mothers just know those things. So why does the same person fall for this crap that is laughably obvious a lie?

Dual columns are big in the Mystery Schools. The pillars of freemasonry, Joachin and Boaz. Not much mystery afterall, except how do smart people fall for such ignorant bullshit. All the different layers of symbolism you could spend all weekend going over but thats what it is designed to trap you into. There are no freemasons except those faggy secret decoder rings and a bumper sticker. gtfoh.
This is the oldest pic of the Venice Lion I found, c.1870. You know how people make new stuff look old? Like will pay 3x the cost for jeans with holes in the knee or a cabinet with scoff marks in the paint with sandpaper? Maybe thats what the fractures are. Its not that old but they make it look old. Considering the prestigiousness of its fake backstory characters and prominent location I think that is incorrect. Its an Olde World artifact that survived the Reset, maybe thats when it was broken. O.G. spook scriptwriters went around reassembling statuary and attached their own history while preparing for the repopulation, Maybe this was touched up by Heinrich Keller himself. (See the Fake Ancient Rome paper)

The Ministry of Truth tells us the original lion came from a place called

 ancient name of what is now southern Turkey. The Persian king Cyrus the Great conquered this country, and after the fall of the Achaemenid empire, Cilicia belonged to the Seleucid and Roman Empires. It was well-known for its iron and silver ores.
 Topography and early historyCilicia as a whole consists of two parts: the inaccessible western area of the Taurus mountains, also known as “rough Cilicia”, and the eastern plains, which are dominated by the rivers Cydnus, Sarus and Pyramis and are rich in cereals. The Taurus is the region’s northern border. Here, we find the Cilician Gate, a pass that connects the plain with Cappadocia in the north. To the south, the Mediterranean sea is Cilicia’s neighbor, and the region knew (and knows) close contacts with Cyprus. In the east the Syrian gates are the connection with Syria and Mesopotamia.From times immemorial, the two areas belong together. In the second half of the the second millennium BCE, the entire region, known as Kizzuwatna, was part of the Hittite empire. Contemporary sources mention the two main cities on the plains: the residence known as Tarša (Tarsus) and Adanija (Adana). The most important language was Luwian. In those days, the region was ruled by a prince from the Hittite royal family, who was called “priest”
Alexander the Great passed through in 333 BC, yep.

Little Babylon-Town

Yep thats right, there is a real place in Long Island named Little Babylon-Town. They have something called the American Venice Association that created a scaled down replica of Venice, complete with canals and everything, including the Winged Lion. Guess what else is in Babylon Town? Amityville. You know, with the haunted house. yeah, they’re all together like a big happy family. I’m sure the official narrative will tell me its all just a coincidence. Sure it is.

Plans were going full swing until the stock market crashed in ’29. The AVA went bankrupt and the project ran into a brick wall. I dont think the stock market has anything to do with it, this is right down the street from Montauk, those people print the money, they dont use it. Whatever the case may be the column is resting in the median strip until someone buys it. Price tag- 1.3 mil

I have to say thanx again to a regular reader for a tip. I was in such a hurry to get somewhere I totally missed something about Little Venice. I might have said there was no canals anymore and they had all been filled in. Well that was partially correct. I dont know where I was looking to have missed the whole of the New York islands, cities and harbors were canalized, not just a few parking spots. My buddy left a link in the comment section that take you to a map over the marsh right out in front of Amityville. I shouldve just by the presence of the Lion there was more than I orginally saw. Looking back I dont know what I was even looking at. It was early on, before I really could identify what the old canals looked like. The scale is so large even when you are looking its bigger than you expect.

Thinking about it now it makes perfect sense, more sense than trying to pave the whole island chain and keep pumping the entire city 24/7. It would make more sense to cut channels, esp if you had advanced energy technology.

Here’s what I am talking about

Venetian Shores Park, with Winged Lion included. This looks to big for most people to process. Take your time, I’ll still be here when you finally realize this is part of the truth you are looking for. It is ALL old canals.

Before I go too big and lose some of you let me show you something a little closer to home. You can still see the grid etched on the bedrock. Its better to see this for yourself, just take the link.

Here is one alittle farther down south, maybe you heard of a little place called Brooklyn

This is your old canal grid. I chose this spot kinda randomly, as in i picked a spot on coast without preference but within the chosen spot I looked for specifc markers. This features a partial canal still in operation and also the circle near the bottom. The circle is important bc on a boat this wouldve been a major intersection.
Circles are important to the to the new paradigm for this reason. Im sure not many know the exact reason but they just know theyre important. Usually they are marked with any of an array of features, all symbolic of the pre reset world. On a hunch I took a look at Brooklyn.

Alot of what most would call Roman features; a Triumphal Arch, like the one in Paris, which is also a canaled city. The keystone is a Phoenix; the Victory Columns, which are another mark of something significant; and a fountain, representing the old paradigm.

All of New York City was canaled like Venice alot more recent than you problaby realize. One more thing, compare etching to the one I just posted in Nazca. These lines are found everywhere on Earth. It might look like they dead end right there but they don’t, they only reduce.

I also found a Starfort in NY harbor

Historic Jamestown Settlement

As if it couldnt get any deeper the bottom drops out. They found a Lion-Griffin coin at the Jamestown Settlement, at Ft James. Not just one but 12 of them. (Why 12? It should be 11 or 13, someone messed their number game up.) I have covered the historic settlement fraud extensively, it was one of my first articles and it was on this subject I finally had to admit to myself Jamestown was fake, and thus all of history. When I began the report I wasnt sure either way, I did it to prove one or the otherand Jamestown provided a formula on how all the fake sites are set up.

Jamestown was the site of an old Starfort, it was during the Civil War the first artifacts were found. The finders were a Colored Troop, thats a mark. For obvious reasons the Colored Troops did alot of black ops projects (no pun intended). after the war the property was purchased by a private entity from one of the old families. The army corp of engineers went in and modified the existing structure to match what the history books say and then buried it again, they did all this under the guise of ‘erosion control’.

50 years the place sat until it was ‘rediscovered’. The new owner worked at William and Mary College and had top academic participation to make everything as authenic as possible. They also had access to the actual things too. Sort of. All history is fake so the ‘experts’ can make it up as they go along and whose gonna call them out?

Once the discoveries started being made the preservation groups started getting involved. The pres groups like the Colonial Dames of America and Sons of the American Revolution know the places are scams. They get laws passed to protect the sites and protect the timeline. Theyre gatekeepers.

Later they host a World Fair at the location to hold tribute to themselves and rub it in, theres so much mockery out there. After the World Fair wraps up the military just kinda moves in and never leaves. The site was developed for them the whole time.

This was a museum caliber fraud to fake world history. Every single object was specifically chosen to a particular reason, what ever each piece has its own merits. It is not just a coincidence that any piece wound up not only at the site, but then on display at the museum to showcase it. What does this mean for us and our path? Well who knows, it kinda solidifies some things we already knew. I thought I had Jamestown tapped out. See how the truth is so much better?

Lets see what the Ministry of Truth says:

Only 12 jettons out of a total of about 500 in the Jamestown collection depict the Lion of St. Mark. Similar to other jetton types, the reverse side depicts the imperial orb within a trilobe. The surrounding letters record the maker and the location where the jetton was made.

The obverse side depicts a winged lion holding a book, with the letters MARCVS EVANGELLIST GOTT (“St. Mark, Evangelist of God”) surrounding. The winged lion symbol is associated with St. Mark because according to ancient legend, while taking refuge from a storm in the city of Venice, Mark was visited in a dream by an angel in the form of a winged lion. The lion exclaimed in Latin “Pax tibi Marce Evangelista meus, hic requiescet corpus tuum” (“Peace to you, Mark, my Evangelist. Here will rest your body”). Mark later died in Egypt, but in the 9th century two Venetian merchants offered the relics of St. Mark to the Doge of Venice. A grand basilica which still stands today was built next to the Doge’s palace to house the relics and the winged lion of St. Mark became a symbol of the city. The winged lion of St. Mark is seen in the city’s coat of arms and on coinage. The use of this symbol on these jettons suggests that they were intended to be used in Venetian markets.

These types of jettons were made by a few different makers, which means that although they depict similar figures, different jettons could date to different periods of manufacture. Two jettons are very worn and their markings are unclear so the maker is unknown. Six jettons of the Lion of St. Mark type, including the one pictured above, bear the name of Hans Krauwinckel I, a master jetton maker who worked in 1562 and died in 1586. As you can see in the image above, the decorative lines that surround the orb are very decorative, with points and scrolling designs. This is characteristic of jettons made by Hans Krauwinckle I.

One jetton of the Lion of St. Mark type was made by Hans Schultes II who made jettons beginning in 1586 until his death in 1603 and represents the only jetton in the Jamestown collection made by a member of the Schultes family. Three lion of St. Mark jettons were made by Egidius Krauwinckel, who made jettons beginning in 1670 until he died in 1613. The jettons made by Egidius have a plainer trilobe design surrounding the orb on the reverse, as you can see in the images below. Thus, most of these casting counters predate the settlement of 1607 James Fort, some likely by almost 30 years! 

Let me point something out in case you missed it, its a very common, very subtle form of manipulation. Its sleight-of-hand illusion. They even offer a second coin for comparison. The coin is fake, all of them but by adding variety the target is less likely to accuse fraud than if there is only one. Sometimes a very poorly fake is made so they can throw it under the bus and make the good fakes only that much more embedded bc ppl think how good they did by rooting out a forgery.

Im not familiar with either of the names of the coin makers but they’re probly father and son. They are probly directly related to a major bankster or merchant today that had their own fake family tree inserted into the timeline to give themselves a illegitimate claim to generational prestige and wealth. Thats just how it works. This is a promo piece, an advertisement. Even if the Krauwinkel descendants are not merchant banksters this is a representative piece. You can also find a list of coins bearing his mark which will lead to more fake sites, which will lead to more fake artifacts, and so on. When take down one, they all come down together.

I couldnt help it, I had to check, its just what I do. The first hit led to the British Museum, they only deal in fakes. I love the part that says the coin is ‘awaiting validation’, lol. Think that one is good, wait for the punchline. The coin project at the museum is called the Portable Antiques Scheme. Its a scheme alright. So much mockery.

Tower of London

This one here is housed at the Tower of London, the description card claims it was taken as British soldiers evacuated the Greek isle of Corfu, a location held by Venetians since the 1300’s. We will have to return to the Tower to find out why it is ended up there. This could be easily explained if the Tower of London is within the City of London itself. The City of London is an autonomous entity. Its is not part of England or anything country, it is a financial district with its own police force and coat of arms, its like the Vatican or Washington DC, they are not part of the country within which they rest. Venetians is synonymous with merchant, which is code word for Jew, or Cryptojew. I havent made it that far yet to see where the Tower falls bc Ive been stuck on something else all day… The Greek island where it was plundered, Corfu.

Corfu, Greece

I think Im starting to understand the meaning behind the Lion and the Venetians, sure they are merchants, but thats only on the surface. What is Venice known for the most? their canal system, dummy.

Keeping on this thread I know Jamestown was near canals that have been long since filled in. My post about the proxy Civil War, Richmond Ruins has a canal that runs right through the heart of the city. The James River, which is the same river that Jamestown gets its name. Thats 2 sites connected.

Little Babylon had the American Venice Association and bragged about the terra-forming they had done to recreate Venice which included canals. I looked at the google earth cam and there is indeed canals but at this point they are little more than parking for boats. A century ago the canal system were much more complex, the American Venice crew were trying to take credit for the pre-existing canal systems which they fully intended to fill in and get rid of. This explains why the Montauk elite suddenly stopped progression. Those sneaky sumbitch’s. Thats 3 places that connect to ancient canal systems.

I have not yet found any in Paris but I already know I’ll find some. Paris was at some point in the far distant past a fully canaled city, just like Venice but on a much larger and grandiose scale. Please go read my article about the canals of Ancient Paris after you finish this one. I havent gotten to the end of Paris’ story yet but this chapter will help.

Corfu was a canaled island, at least half of it was. There are mountains that rise up above the lowlands on sheer cliffs with Old World Starforts on top. The water wouldve come right up to the base of the cliffs with the housing structure built within a network of canals.

…Im getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and say I had never even heard of Corfu before a few hours ago. I thought it was a misspelling of the pyramid complex in Egypt. One of the first places I got to check out a new place is google earth. I mean it kinda sucks. Sats are fake and there is no globe but it can be extremely helpful once you figure out how to navigate it and it helps to know what you are looking for.

It only took a few minutes of scanning before something jumped out at me. When its presented like this it looks easy and you think theres nothing to it. Thats bullshit, its tough finding something like this… or maybe its just me, lol, I was very excited when I found this. It was only the beginning though. Note the blurry spot in the bottom corner, it’ll come into play later

This was relatively close to the first one but it is clearly a separate structure. Ive found 2 Starforts in the same vicinity before but nothing this big, these things are huge. If you are looking too close you will go right over them and from the ground level. good luck, it would just look like a natural land formation.

At this point I have completely forgotten about the Venetians or flying lions. I got a thing for Starforts, they are relics from the Old World, I got a dedicated post for them, whenever I find one in my research I clip the image and add a few lines about where I found it. That blurry spot in the botton corner of image one is a trigger that something big is nearby, I learned that from Paris as there is a fully intact starfort that measures half a mile across that has the whole thing blurred out. Its pretty funny actually. The focus of the research switched up and I was trying to find out the backstory of these forts and check out the nearby monuments. One thing I have learned and want to pass on is every single monument and memorial and marker on Earth is a tribute to Post-Reset Order, agents and deeds. When you have several grouped together youre really on to something. Fountains, columns, pillars, obelisks, statuary, plaques. It could even be a simple pile of rocks in Indian country and Ive seen a sun-dial or two as well.

Interestingly this image was hanging on the wall in a place called the Folklore Museum. Folklore is closer to the truth than any history book. Note the steeple towers, since removed

I’ll go over what I found on the entire island in a separate post but since this one is already spoken for I’ll do my best to stay focused. One of the features of google earth is it has pictures available that are uploaded by any Normie that feels so inclined. (Although, there is such a high rate of chemtrails and geoengineered clouds there is no way that happened without some direction.) The other thing I like is zoom. I zoom in on everything in every picture. Thats how I found what I was looking for; looking at one picture I found what I really wanted in the background. Like an easter egg. Zoomed right in on that bitch.

Lets zoom in a little bit more. Whilw qw are on this image I should say this is a good one forshowcasing that it is not original to the structure itself; this was added later. I put forth these go back to the very beginning, before the Repopulation the group that came out of the Reset Event webt ariund to all these Old World castles and put their mark. This is the difference between a real site ant all the fake sites that we come across.

Boom goes the dynamite (lol, jk). That is the ‘Capt Morgan/Explorer’ pose in all the backgrounds too btw, just in case you missed it
Here is a map from 1614, except their was no 1614 so they insert shit like this as part of the Orphan timeline narrative. Techniqually its called a buttress, thats anything that doesn’t make a complete circuit make a complete circuit are called something else, I’ll have to look it up in a few, but thats just another compartment they are

Buts Wait, Theres More!

Ruined tunnel entrances are all over the island, I’m not saying the tunnel complex goes undre all the old canals but certainly some sections do.

So the whole thing is said to be from the Venetians, i think most people would associate ‘Venision’ with merchant or trader (traitor) or Christopher Columnbus (lol) before they think of ‘canals’. Man, canals are where its at. Canals are what separated the new paradigm from the Old Worlde. If you want to start looking at stuff for yourself, every time you are on google earth look for cities that have a river run through the middle, you will see the old canal beds branch off the river. There are a bunch in the Great Lakes, especially some big ass artificial docks in Chicago, if you want to get familiar with how they look. I’m just telling you to go look for yourself. that link will take you right to it, so I dont have to spend alot of time trying to explain what I already know. These are canals. All of Paris was acanalized, go look at that. theres your answer for the catacombs. They filled the canal beds with the bones of the Olde World and lidded it up and paved right over top. I bet the whole entire grid was preserved, tbh I wonder about how many bones there really are. The only pics Ive ever scene were the tourist trap crap. The bones might be a World Fair art project to give the place some mystique. First I thought there was only the Roman style fakes ones, which are just postage stamp sized (that came prefab in 7 options) and there was some of those and they just said it was one big one but it really wasnt. Them I realized the tunnels are absoluetly there bc they are the old canal beds. One of the canals today pass right underneath the Bastille, its a tourist scam. The thing is, nobody knows what that implies, just trust me that its big.

These are Olde World Canals. The two buttresses on either side are the city gates. It even looks like urgan sprawl, you can see the bigger nicer places in the back and it spills out past the gates. That looks like 2 separate periods of building, but it was still the same Olde paradigm. I will go into the blurry spots later.
There is still evidence of the old grid in the low-lying areas beside the buttresses. Much farther inland and the trees have covered up most of it.
A high percentage of the island is covered with young tree’s. They cultivated the whole island. This is called terraforming. It is bringing to mind the nickname of the National Park Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps, they call themselves the ‘Tree Army’ and boast of planting millions and millions of trees. They did that to hide any evidence of the Olde World. Civilization is very young compared to what people think, Corfu is the youngest yet we’ve come across as far as the repopulation goes. This are first generation trees that aren’t even fully mature yet in most places. It means we are still transitioning
This is the blurred spot, it’s called the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. Noteworthy is the columns and archways.

Its currently serving as the Asian Art Museum, which just so happens to be the other article Im writing right now. If you follow my work you see how often that happens. Two things come together all the time seemingly random AF. Thats bc nothing is random, and the more you know, the more you know. You know? Part of me wants to say the columns and archways were added later. The stone matches too well. Word is, they shipped it all over from Malta.

Wow, this is the same panel I got off two dif images. No dates. That definitely looks like a hooded skull with a clentched fist that got changed into that guy with the Shiner hat. You can see over half of them have been altered. This one is creepy.

Hundreds of years old they say. The date says 1910 on this one. This falls in line with just about every Reset picture we look at, they are in the process of cleaning up.

There are piles of bricks about, like everywhere. I think all the reset picture look at are progress reports. There is already a substantial amount of work done and photo teams went out and canvas the whole world and got visual updates for the boss plus documented it for the future. Do you really think the same people that built this centuries ago are using that scaffolding made out of sticks? Usually attributed to one proxy war or another. No wars are real. Not saying people didnt die, just saying they didnt die for democracy and freedom.
Two workers are taking a knee. Yeah, that bullshit they do in football is a NWO pose guys, somebody should tell them. That white picket fence is at the bottom of the steps, a gate or barriet. Dont forget the trees in the foreground that have been cut back. Thats common in alot of scenarios
Not only is the steps blocked of but the door is boarded shut. I bet they blame it on Napoleon
Look the statue doesnt even have a face, and his shield is empty. This is symbolic of the lion resting his paw on the bible.
Cool devil-horns gang sign bro
The very foundation to me looks like this was the original water level. It is a consistant level all around the building
You cant tell in the oldest image bc it is so over grown. It could be the filled in canal
This is my fav one. You see what I see right, or, ehh… What I dont see?
This is my fav one. Sitting back after a hard job done. I got those bitches good that time huh. How long did it take to clean out like that over the whole entire world? Zooming in on the guys hat it looks like a star used by the Soviets. There are several WWI memorials dedicated to the Russians attached to the fort and across the body of water in Albania, 2 kliks. If anybody can id those uniforms please drop me a comment.
This is titled, ‘The Resistance”, possibly referencing the reset event that changed the water level by about a two dozen feet. This is the one I was looking at when I noticed the lion in the back for the first time.

Frangokastello, Crete

Another one in Greece. It was not long ago that the collection of island states each served as an independent nation. What we call ‘Greece’ as a single unit is a modern Western concept. The Greek Revolution in the early 1800’s made war heroes out of people like Samuel Gridley Howe, but their was no Greek Rev. They were over there picking through the ruins and evidently chiseling their sigils all over the good stuff. The Olympic Games were not far behind and a fake narrative was scripted up to support an international athletics competition

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp confirms my suspicion. It’s all about the Pre-Reset world and canals. First I found the Serpent Slayer at the World Fair, its been a while since one of these popped up. The Serpent-Slayer that is, not the World Fair, thats just supporting evidence, not the main thread, all those medieval court costumes and knights on horseback are fake his-story bullshit.

World Exhibition Antwerp 1894 – Old Antwerp – Saint Margriet and the dragon
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