Ruins of Stalingrad. All War is a cover for the Reset

I came upon Stalingrad on intuition. There is a bar at a significant location in Paris where 2 still-functioning ancient canals meet named the Battle of Stalingrad. I wasnt familiar with this battle but I am familiar with mockery and with the location of the bar; Paris was a canaled city just like Venice before the Reset, the canals were covered over creating a series of catacombs underneath the iconic avenues. Canal St Martin and St George are really one canal that was broke in half and now each half is treated as a separate entity. The point is, it is an important mark where the two join and to name it after a famous battle means something, especially since it isnt even Frances battle. Its important as a New Order site. the destruction of the canals and staging proxy war to cover for the Reset. I was inclined to return here the other day when I found a Winged Lion Griffin and a Russian equivalent to the Column of Vendome, its a French National Emblem of the Revolution that has nothing to do with Russia, so why TF is there one in St Petersburg? Probs the same thing there is a Stalingrad Bar at the junction of Paris’ old canals. Russia and Paris are connected by alot more than people, myself included at this time. People have been conditioned to think of Russia as the bad guys all their life but that is only the role they play, Team Red is very much on the same side as the other guys, this is another instance that proves it.

There is a few things I have found that gives away all old ruined city pics I have looked at. Doesnt matter if its an earthquake, great fire, war, whatever. The few things to look for that give it away every time is clean streets and vegetation. Telegraph wires also, to an extent. These will get you where you need to be without even taking into consideration the proto photoshop techniques. Im getting better at picking out the fakes to, look out for blurred edges, focus difference, contrast, and masking to get you started. Im not really sure what the narrative bed-time story is regarding the series of events at Stalingrad. Its a fucking lie, Why would I waste my time learning about something I already know is bullshit? Do you watch TV just to confirm its not real too?

So Im gonna share some Images I found in the archives of Stalingrad. They show much the same as all the other proxy wars in ruined cities. Its in clean up mode. There is some headshots of the actors about to launch a hand grenade that are obvious poses. There are piles of bricks lined up along the sides of the streets, which are immaculate btw. There are a few images of cartoonish superimposed cut-outs layered of dead bodies. There are montage battle scenes, there is poor masking on ruined structures, mature trees growing through the rubble piles. painted skies to look like smoke. The images from a birds eye view that show the most damage are bogus, when you try and zoom in you’ll see. That blurriness is a tell.

What Im trying to get out is a troop of performers went in to the ruined city and had a big photo op. After the actors played gi joe the art squad came behind and doctored the photos to make it more realistic, except they really made it more fake. You’ll just have to see for yourself. Im gonna leave them in a gallery but you have to be the one to sort through them and see for yourself what is wrong. Im not gonna hold your hand the whole way. Each one I chose on purpose bc it has something that makes it stand out as a fake. Any pic you see with clouds is fake, there is several methods used for faking clouds but I bring it up bc there are a few that have modern looking clouds added, by modern looking clouds I mean chemtrails, there is a pattern of somebody going back and adding geoengineering fingerprints to old pics like this and specifically old psy-op projects. I guess they figure it was already a mindfuck so might as well keep it in the loop. People live around the ruins, you can see the wooden structures and fences and I even gota wooden foot bridge in tact but the brick and motar buildings around them are blown to smithereens. In some cases the wooden structures have been standing beside the rubble so long even they have become dilapitated and falling down from disrepair, not battle. They are in clean-up mode. Hopefully I will have time to come back one day and be more detailed about each one but for right now that all I got. Peace.

Is it just me or is this motherfucker wearing a half-mask? I only bring it up because I have seen several pretend corpses with a Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre looking mask covering the top half… Go look at the Richmond Ruins file, there is one in there that is in the crowd at the Sanitation Commission tent, or Maybe its in the Fake Lincoln post… Ill find it in the morning but I’m telling you thats what it is and its not just once or twice I’ve seen the same thing. Odd shit like this one make a note and it will play out eventually one way or the other the important thing is to trust your instinct, you will develop your sense of bullshit-o-meter much faster that way if you write them down somewhere, like this. I have no clue why these masked clowns keep showing up in the proxy-war photo records but so what. before you can do anything about it the first step is to document that it is indeed happening.

Thank you all, have a good night. If anyone knows of any other instances that leaves the identifiable ruined features like this please leave me a tip in the comment section. the Great Chicago fire of 1871 is one I have started but haven’t published yet, same with the San Fran quake in 1906. I saw an image that looked like this that was titled the Race Riots of Tulsa in 1921. I think what I saw was mislabeled though bc the other pics I found didn’t match, ST Louis had an early ruined phase too…

Learn who the Sanitation Committee is
That guy there, He’s got a mask on, not as clear as the guy playing ‘possum but thats what it is. Theres others too. Those masks that only cover the top half, arent those called Venician masks? Venice has been coming up alot recently


Petrograd/Stalingrad/Volgagrad is the fortififed North bank while the spot on the lower half are oil reserves, presumably what the fortress was protecting.

Stalingrad had its name changed after the war. Before Stalingrad it was something else, Petrograd I think, which I thought was referencing Peter, St Peter, but now I think its petrol, like the gasoline. Maybe not but its position to the Baku oil fields is noteworthy.

Regardless of all that, the name has changed several times and a fake war was fought there on purpose to hide pre-existing ruins.

The Star fort outline is preserved in canal form around the whole city and halfway up the Volga River

The opposite side of the river is canalized as well.

A group of Directed Energy ablations, or oil ponds, or both

Low flat spots have been etched, cross-hatched

Note the black dot in the corner
Laser etching site inside an oil pond
Drain holes

The oil ponds utilize the old canal grid to direct flow of surface oil

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