Geoengineering and the Turkish Earthquake

Identifiable cloud formations occur over locations where massive earthquakes happen is nothing new. It has been a while since Ive seen this but probs just bc I haven’t been looking. They’re always there. A lot of people call them HAARP clouds, or Earthquake clouds… Call it whatever you want, just dont call it a ‘natural’ disaster, theres no such thing as a natural disaster. If HAARP was real they wouldn’t talk about it on the history channel. Maybe back in the early 90’s it was a thing but they dont need a square mile of big ass antennas to do anything these days. If it was real, by now it’s so old they need coat-hanger rabbit ears with aluminum foil balls on the ends to hold it all together.

Earthquake clouds was more commonly known back in the day when the CERN machine was publicly active. Seemed like everytime they’d fire up the LHC there would be a major earthquake at the same time, usually preceded by strange cloud formations, just like these.

Somebodys lying about something… Err, I meant, they are all lying about everything. I’ll look around for old earthquake cloud info when I get the chance. Just wanted to share this 30 sec clip I found.

Telltale cloud formations preceding a major earthquake is nothing new

Predictive programming

Think its bullshit? Well the normie actor/scientists tell you straight up that it is a thing and they said it was gonna happen. Theres a whole branch of science dedicated to it. Now whose the bitch, bitch

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