The Reset and Repopulation of Asia

This is a request from an old friend. I don’t have any connection with this area other than since its on a United Nations list its in my territory.

  1. Marco Polo and the Silk Road
  2. The Great Game
  3. Lhasa, Tibet
  4. The American C.I.A., Nazi S.S., Russian K.G.B., and Chinese Communists Walk into a Bar…
    1. The American, Brook Dolan II
    2. Ernst Schäfer of Hamburg
    3. Ilya Andreyevich Tolstoy. Russian Aristocrat
  5. Dalai Lama
    1. After the CIA (They Never Left)
    2. Self Immolation’s
      1. Comparative History of Self Immolation
  6. Dharamsala
    1. escort, not escape
    2. Hollywood
  7. Gandhi
  8. Francis Younghusband
  9. 13th Dalai Lama
    1. World Fair Cultures
  10. Nepal, Mustang
    1. Upper Mustang
    2. History
    3. Construction Techniques
    4. Kali Gandaki River
    5. Lop Nor and Lou-lan and the Ginger Mummies
  11. Wheres My Mummy
  12. Sex Sells
  13. Japan. Catacomb Saints, Eat your Heart Out
  14. Sven Hedin and the Nazi Connection
    1. World Fair
  15. Wang Tao-Shih
  16. Kyaro Koto
  17. xin jang
  18. Bon
    1. Ancient Swazzies, Modern Politics
  19. Archaeological Survey of India
    1. Alois Anton Führer and the Lucknow Museum
  20. Pillars of Ashoka
  21. Jainism
    1. Flag symbolism
      1. Tilaurakot, Kapilavastu
    2. Artist Created the Cave Temples
  22. Aurangabad district, Maharashtra
    1. Ajanta Caves
  23. Kanheri Caves
  24. Aurangabad Caves
  25. Ellora Caves
  26. Barabar Caves
  27. Kailasa Temple
  28. Jammu/ Kashmir
  29. Ladakh
    1. Monasteries in Ladakh
  30. Tomb of Sufi
  31. Indian Revolution 1850
    1. Reset Photography
    2. Mermaids in ruins
    3. More Canals, Kali Nadi
  32. China, What Wall?

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Marco Polo diorama at the Chicago Centennial fair, 1833

Marco is mentioned alot around here. He didn’t penetrate Tibet but, well he didn’t penetrate anything because he is a fictional character. He was made up bc the scriptwriters have to have something to start with. Nothing comes from nothing, I mean any time you see a fully developed body of knowledge…I mean where did the first map come from? Even Normies have open debates as to whether Polo was a real person or not. Most articles focus on whether he really introduced pasta or whether he really went to China or just repeated what he heard from traveling merchants on the Silk Road, critics say he never mentioned the Great Wall and didn’t know the Chinese language.

Polo was Venetian, which is a code word for Jew, or more accurately, a Cryptojew, which is the same thing, appropriately one of the things the texts draw attention to is his detail of currency. He doesn’t just mention it he describes in great detail the size and shape and explains the paper manufacturing and printing process and also the seals. This not only validates what history books claim but its seemingly validates money. They try to make money seem natural and long-standing. One of the most frequent discoveries on the Silk Road is old coins, as if every person that passed through had a hole in their change purse. Think about it, every single piece of currency printed before 1800 is counterfeit. They want you to think the currency system is old and normal. The Old World didn’t use money, the only thing the parasite class has introduced is money. Money only exists bc of the energy it steals from people by deception. People think its real, so it is real. Money is a black magick manifestation. Check out my paper on the Reset featured hidden on the old dollar bill. Its crazy. *The highest-volume struck piece of currency is the two pence ‘cartwheel’ printed in 1797… bc the Reset started in 1800 this gives a ‘living memory’ attachment and it is gigantic and heavy (hence the nickname) to make an impression on the target.

The other thing he expands on to the point he outs himself is the salt industry. The salt trade is what the area has of value that it can offer on the International market and it is used to connect a network based on regions. It works like this: a fake settlement is created and in it is some kind of evidence that there was activity for the nearby Salt Road, this will play out in the burial chambers at the Sky Caves to have elaborate staged scenes made up include exotic woods and textiles. Not only does this connect to the Silk Road, which is completely fiction, but it props up the other fake settlement in the whole entire landmass of Eurasia. Wood from trees harvested thousands of miles away; Shells from hundreds of miles, textiles are a big one. Dyes and fabrics can be traced to a point of origin. At the end of each branch of the road is another fake site. Its a whole self-supporting grid of fraudulent site that hold each other up, and thus a fake history.

Marco is the source for what we know about the kingdom of the Khans. Genghis and Kublai Khan (con) are the Napoleon and George Washington of Asia, they’re the fake founding fathers

  • Here is an academic paper, a summary of a paper written by a Prof Vogel about the potentiality of a fictional Polo. His response is all the details left behind in Marco Polos journals are confirmed by what is in the archeological record. Polo intimately describes an ancient Chinese 5 dollar bill and then said-bills have been found in archeological digs, therefore Polo has been to China. It confirms everything I just said. The best part is Vogel has been involved in the Tibet project for several generations so far, he knows its all fake.

Marco supposedly was the first person to publish accounts of the Asian court for the Western world to read.

Aside from Polio there are two other sources that future archaeologists would use to find and confirm fake ancient sites. Chinese pilgrims, little known in the West, the Chinee Marco Polo. Their names escape me right now but I mention them in several spots in this essay, I’m writing myself a reminder rn to move them here

The Great Game

This portion even has its own name in the history books, The Great Game. It was a series of mock bantering and braggadicio on part of the Post-Reset authority factions in the normie media that served many layers. To convince the orphan class of separateness and promote compartmentalization for one. To insert the building of future NWO tourist trap for another

Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet capital city of Lhasa is home to three World Heritage sites; Potala Palace, Norbulingka, and Jokhang Temple. Each said to be a traditional palace of the lama’s going back centuries, however since 1959 the DL has headed an exile government from India, where he was given asylum from the Chinese invasion.

The Chinese on the other hand say they couldn’t invade their own country, the liberated the people from serfdom society more brutal then medieval Europe. Thats our first clue right there since there was no medieval Europe. The historical narrative doesnt deny that the ruling monk class before the Chinese liberation were indeed vicious overlords. Torture, rape, infanticide… The modern monks remain silent about the past, meaning they dont dent it.

It is the historical record in which we are challenging here, not the Chinese or the Tibets

We will be looking at many sites here and throughout Asia, specifically the land mass in and around the Himalayan Mountains. It is broken up into several countries and autonomous regions. This serves to break up the industry so each country gets a piece and also helps provide cover for activities, each in its own little compartments. This is a pattern we have seen already in the 4 Corners region of the Southwest US; the state lines make a cross hair right in the middle of the relatively tiny area with the fake cliff dwellings, breaking the area up into for 4 pieces.

Many of the sites we come upon are legit Old World artifacts with a newer fake timeline attached to it. There are also many phony sites made up to support history and serve as tourist destivnations. I have found that, aside from movies and photographs, tourist destinations are the most effective way to prop up fake history.

These are the 3 central iconic palaces of Tibet. Each one belongs to the Dalai Lama even though he hasn’t lived there in over 6 decades. The Himalayan mountains hold a high number of authentic Pre Reset structures that today are called monasteries. Just like in Europe the Church hijacked all the castles and called them cathedrals, the same thing happened in Asia where the ruling class took over the good stuff and gave themselves a virtuous make over;

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and is center stage in the scripted political theater for the whole area. There are key players from all over the world that collaborate here, most of whom are all enemies on the surface; Russia, China, 1930’s Germany. This means they have to act like enemies by staging proxy wars and political rhetoric and at the same time get along just enough to work together on scientific advancments.

  • (An autonomous region is an area that is technically within the boundaries of a country but still serves as its own government.)

The American C.I.A., Nazi S.S., Russian K.G.B., and Chinese Communists Walk into a Bar…

The American, Brook Dolan II

Junior made several known visits to Tibet, which in fact is really just one operation. 2 he led himself; one in the early thirties, one in the mid-30’s. In the early 40’s he was part of the SS Expedition supposedly led by Schaffer, and the last was in ’44, an O.S.S. operation called Mission Dixie.

It’s funny he is called “independently wealthy” in one paragraph, only to be followed with, “His grandfather, Thomas Dolan, made a fortune in Philadelphia in textile mills and public utilities during the 19th century. This enabled an elite upbringing for his grandson that included attendance at St. Paul’s boarding school and then education at Princeton and Harvard.” So which is it? You can’t be independently wealthy yet born into Philly Industrial elitist circles.

Dolan was interred at the veterens mausoleum in Honolulu after WW2

Dolan hails from the illustrious Philadelphia Reset family. Progenitor, Thomas Dolan helped found or control major infrastructural companies such as gas and electric. He also was considered a self-made millionaire, starting from poverty he soon owned textile mills during the Civil War. T. Dolan also ran for president of the Reading Railroad in 1890, this is the same line that precipitated the Great Railroad Strike and the Molly McGuire precursor. Legend says he paid from his own pocket to electrify the first street in Philly as a promo to bring light to the city and Baltimore. He retired with 40 years from General Electric, which connects him to Edison. He was also connected to Philly merchant Wanamaker, one of the retail giants that made Thanksgiving a federally recognized shopping day. Another big one is his participation in the Philly Expo in 1876, which he would’ve been a major organizer and content creator for the World Fair by way as one of his roles in the art museum underworld. Plus, he was a charter member of the Philly Trade Union, this puts him at Ground Zero in the Industrial Revolution. All these entities’ partial bio’s can be found on my website. Other members of the Dolan clan were instrumental in developing the agriculture sector.

Not only that, but his gmother was a Howe.

The accumulated generational knowledge of building a society from the ground up would come in handy in the future. The key phrase in Dolan’s intro is ‘Wealthy Industrialist’, he represented commercial interests in creating the ‘Roof of the World’ brand for the consumer-driven paradigm. The brand of Tibet.

The ’31 expedition was funded by the Academy of Sciences in Philly, at the time collecting and promoting Colonialism. Arranging collections from parts of the world yet un-repopulated, such as inner Africa. Brooke Dolan II was 23 and travelling in Tibet to collect for the Academy for the first time as more of a collector and big game hunter. The expedition was his birth-right; his family were royalty in Philly and literally owned most parts due to contract law.

He led two expeditions to China and eastern Tibet in 1931 to 1932 and 1934 to 1936. The first expedition comprised Ernst Schäfer, a German zoologist, Gordon Bowles, Otto Gneiser, and Hugo Weigold. This is one of those cases where the same few sentences are regurgitated on every single webpage online. There is nothing available for other expedition members backstory and makes it seem like it was just a big-game hunting party and the only thing the mission required was a panda specimen for the Philly Museum. There is no information available for Gneiser

Dolan and the Mil Intel team met the 7 year old D. Lama in 1942.  

Dolan would later return to China in 1944 as part of the OSS Dixie Mission, working with Chinese Communists and recovering downed US airman behind the lines. part of 3 man team to observe local resistance force in the Hubei Province, which was still under Japanese Army control.

Dolan’s second expedition may have been motivated partly by the need to take a leave of absence from Philadelphia society after a January 1934 arrest on disorderly conduct charges.

In 1943, he accompanied Captain Ilya Tolstoy (the grandson of the Russian novelist) on a mission for the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA. The CIA would stay in the area during the Cultural Revolution, in fact they were always there and have never left.

On April 15, 1934, Dolan married Emilie Campan Gerhard, who accompanied him for a while on his second trip to China.

Gordon Bowles: The Bowles family was deeply involved with Quaker missionary and relief work during the 20th century. Gordon was a Harvard educated anthropolgist, born into a sect of Quaker operatives stretching back at least 2 previous generations. His father, Gilbert was born to Iowa Quakers in 1869 Ephraim and Elizabeth, educated at the Jewell County School for Teacher Training and then Chicago. Mother was Minerva Macy Pickett. Macy ties to another major dry-goods retailer, commerical entity…also to the Quakers, which is another word for cryptojew, or military intelligence. see my paper of the formation of the Thanksgiving day parade. Together they opened Quaker schools in Tokyo, Japan and taught for 5-6 years. * Tolstoy would also go to school in Iowa

In Tokyo, Gilbert Bowles restructured the Friends’ Meetings in Japan; taught Bible classes; and served as chairman of the Trustees. He also participated in the fellowship of the mission center. Primarily, though, Gilbert Bowles’ greatest efforts were in China, Japan, Korea and Hawaii. He helped organize the Japan Peace and Arbitration Society in 1906, the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Hawaii and, later, the United Nations Association. In 1915, Gilbert Bowles wrote the Japanese Law of Nationality. He testified to the American Congress about the dangers of the Immigration Act and the Naval Appropriations Bill in the 1920s. All this says that he was a major Resetter of Japan, even before WW2. Gilbert was part of the Asiiatic Society, we’ll get around to them eventually. Remember that name.

In 1941, the Bowles’ relocated to Hawaii and during World War II, Gilbert Bowles ministered to Japanese who were interned. He worked with Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Filipinos, and Jewish refugees, representing them and their interests in court, and visiting them in prison. After World War II, the Bowles performed relief work for the Japanese through the American Friends Service Committee and the Friends World Committee for Consultation. The Bowles’ children attended the American School in Japan. Gordon T. Bowles, born June 25, 1904, graduated from Earlham University in 1925 and completed his education at Harvard University, earning his PhD in anthropology. In 1942, he “received a fellowship to the Guggenheim Foundation for analyzing Hawaiian skeleton remains while working for the Bishop Museum in Honolulu,”. Gordon Bowles worked for the Far Eastern Section of the State Department through which he helped plan for the restructuring of Japanese government following the end of the War. Gordon Bowles then accepted a position as professor of anthropology at Syracuse University. In 1958, he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun by the government of Japan. In the early 1930s, Gordon married Jane T. Bowles, who helped open the Hawaii Branch of the American Friends Service Committee.

Here is a 1980 interview transcript. Starting off on page one he praises Rockefellers for his ‘contribution’ of the University of Chicago, admits his father was part of the team making collections for anthrology at the World Fair along with Frederick Starr.

In Japan, therefore, my father was
working primarily with leaders of the peace movement or international relations and later the League of Nations Association, later the United Nations toward the end.

Gordon Bowles

As anthropologist it would ve been his job to do all the skull measuring, he said he alotted himself this job and nobody paid it much mind.

  • the Marco Polo Bridge incident. (See ‘China’ Below)

Ernst Schäfer of Hamburg

Ernst Schäfer, born in Cologne in 1910 , came from an upper-class family and spent his childhood in Waltershausen/Thuringia.

“I first only found out about Tibet through Sven Hedin’s books, without suspecting that the great Swede would one day become my kind advisor in difficult times. But then it happened—I was about fourteen years old when a director of the global IG Farben concern came to visit and at the table told me about Wilhelm Filchner’s* new expedition to Tibet. I listened in silence, a new world opened up in me. From that moment I knew that Tibet would become my future land.”

Father Albert Schäfer (1881 to 1971) was chairman of the board of Phoenix AG for many years, a rubber product manufacturing factory based in Hamburg. Rubber was a military technology at that point in time. (Think about Goodyear and his racket) In addition, shortly before the end of the Second World War, Hamburg was handed over to the English without fighting. For his position as head of a military industrial complex company, Schäfer was appointed member of the first Hamburg Parliament convened by the English after the war in 1946, giving him control of the Chamber of Commerce.

As the CEO of a company that produced goods for the War Machine, Schafer had no patriotic loyalty to any country. The only people that took nationality into consideration were the Orphan class. There is a story about the day the power was transferred from the German to English hands: A hospital had been started in the basement of his factory that produced war goods, things came to a head one day when the doctor placed a big red cross on the roof to notify Allied bombers there was a medical facility located in the building. This was a clear violation of the Geneva Convention for war games production and civilian medical centers to be housed in the same place. Schafer wouldn’t accept this and told the doctor to remove the cross from the roof on the grounds that such a thing as the Geneva Convention must be observed above all else, for the good of the human race. The doctor refused, saying it was is duty to protect his patients and the hospital from destruction. Luckily a negotiation team was sent to the British frontline and was able to make a resolution to spare both, Schafer is credited for being the only civilian emissary to go behind enemy lines. lol, If that aint the biggest load of crap I heard all day. There probs was no hospital in the basement and he painted the red cross on the roof himself to protect the factory from some half-cocked pilot that might take aim. The English were not about to destroy an important asset like a rubber products factory that they were getting ready to call their own. They are all on the same team. That is what is called ‘Virtue-Signalling’.

Met Hugo Wiegold on a university trip who invoted him on the Dolan expedition

The expert on Eastern Asia, used to work in the SS Genealogical Research Centre set up by Heinrich Himmler. Pretty ironic that these cats are so obsessed with ancestry and genealogy. The SS is reputed to confirm lineage back to the year 1800. Surely you’d think somebody would’ve caught Schaffer or he would’ve changed his name or something, being associated with all the H.H. clubs…

The name Schaffer is documented 100% Ashkenazi jew according to each of the 6 or 7 surname websites I just looked at. Other variations are Schiff, the Fed bankster name and Schoffer, itself a variation of Hoffman. This Hebrew genealogy site goes a step farther and tries to help families reconnect after being separated during the war. The funny part is, the location of all the lost Jewish families trying to reconnect is Argentina… Maybe you dont get it, after the war the main body of Nazi officers fled to South America, specifically Buenos Ares and Argentina. There are still German speaking districts in the country today. There was even a show on His-story channel a few years ago that claimed Hitler himself died an old man in Argentina. The inside joke is the Nazi officers were all Jews, thats what this website is poking fun at, Jewish families displaced at the end of WW2. In Argentina. Nevermind.

The Schaffer expedition is referred to as the SS Expedition in both modern and contemporary sources.

Sham-bhala connects us again to the Nazis, and to Madame Blavatsky, the actress/esotericist mentioned it several of her writings. History cant seem to figure out what Hitler was doing in Tibet. He sent a zoological expedition twice in the 30’s (at the same time they were funding Sven Hedins party. The part everyone is confused about is that it was a zoological expedition. Zoological is a fancy undercover word for eugenics, the human zoos. Cover authors write about all the plants and wildlife they brought back to Germany. Schaffer and his crew made basecamp in Lhasa.

In 1951 Schafer is included as UNESCO for semi-arid regions said bc of his work running a bio-research center in Venezuela.

In 1964, a companion of Mr Schäfer´s admitted to historian Michael K. Kater that the SS storm troops were on a mission to persuade the Tibetan army, by giving them gifts, to wean it away from British influence. These kinds of political rhetoric pop up during the whole narrative and fall under the Great Game header.

Marion Duncan, an American missionary on the Tibet border for 10 years, acted as interpreter.

The ‘Ahnenerbe’ 

Ilya Andreyevich Tolstoy. Russian Aristocrat

(3 February 1903 – 28 October 1970), count, U.S. Army Colonel. President F. D. Roosevelt’s envoy in Tibet. He was one of the founders of Marineland of Florida, of the Bahamas National Trust, and he served on the Caribbean Conservation Commission. He was a grandson of count Lev Tolstoy.

Count Ilya Tolstoy was born in 1903 at Toptivovo, Tula, Russia, to Count Andrey Lvovich Tolstoy, son of Count Lev Tolstoy and Olga Diterichs, daughter of General of the Infantry Konstantin Diterichs. Tolstoy attended the Moscow School of Agriculture, before joining the Imperial Cavalry and serving in Tashkent. In 1917 – 1918 he worked for the Russian Department of Agriculture in Turkestan.

Tolstoy emigrated to the United States in 1924. He studied at the William Penn College and the University of Iowa, Ames. William Penn in Iowa is the same school that Gilley Bowles attended

In 1927, Tolstoy became associated with the explorer and naturalist, William Douglas Burden, an associate and trustee of the New York Museum of Natural History. He was inducted into the Explorers Club in New York in 1931.[1] Tolstoy was one of the pioneers of underwater photography and one of the founders and owners of the world’s first oceanarium, Marineland of Florida with William Douglas Burden, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and Sherman Pratt.

In World War II Tolstoy was an officer in the Office of Strategic Services. He went to Tibet as an envoy of the US Prez Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942 and met the Dalai Lama, then barely seven years old.[2] In 1945 he headed a top-secret mission into the interior of China in search of uranium. Funny considering nukes are fake.

Tolstoy and his father, Leo, (orginally, Lev, as in Levi) merit their own thread. Members of a Resetter family unknown by most Western Orphan/Immigrant except for their propaganda cover scripts. Young Tolstoy comes from establishing the narrative history in Northern Canada, as far as the native populations and wildlife is concerned. He also happened to be in the movie making biz and shot what is called one of the last great silent films of all times. This is a good article detailing his role in fabricating Canadian his-story

The 1930 production of ‘The Silent Enemy’ is on the surface said to be about hunger and tries to capture images of the herds of Caribou that stretch from horizon to horizon. These mocking word-play titles are never what the surface says, the Silent Enemy is themselves, the Hidden Hands of World power. The experience he gained filming the Arctic barrens would do to serve him in creating the Tibet hoax.

Years later Tolstoy published an account of the expedition for Nat Geo. Modern cover writers wonder what took him so long to publish and why he didn’t publish more. Possibly it was ghostwritten by one of the professional scriptwriters there that attached his name to it but considering Tolstoy’s father was famed Russian spook author that wrote the cover story for major parts of history including the Crimean War and collaborated with Mahatma Gandhi it’s possible this work is by young Tolstoy just the same. No matter what hand it was penned from the account is as fanciful as one can be. Hi usage of the capitalized ‘Society’ is in reference to National Geographic but to insiders he is talking about the NWO. Here

[Tolstoy’s failure to capture a wild herd of caribou is chalked up to vanishing populations bc of…wait for it… changes in the climate. Yep, Climate Change has always been on the agenda top ten list. which fortunately groups like the Zoological Societies and Nat Geo would rush to support, coincidentally he also was a trustee of all of them. This supports my position that there never was any herds… Not of Plains buffalo, nor the pods of whales that supposedly fuel the lamps of Europe for hundreds of years. There were no great assemblages of any wildlife to the extent that children are taught in public education camps]

The American C.I.A., Nazi S.S., and Russian KGB Walk into a Bar. What comes out?

Answer: The Dalai Lama and Tibet. Finally, that Age-Old question that’s been on our mind for years can be put to rest…
This is some of the first video the outside had ever seen of Tibet. The culture had been inserted decades ago to the local orphan population who took it as their own ancient customs. This was filmed by the Office of Strategic Service, the OSS. The military intelligence faction precursor to the CIA. the expedition was funded in part by the Smithsonian and included Russians, Nazi’s, and Americans. This is how the NWO leaders wanted the outside to think of when considering Tibet, All smiles and dancing and festivals.

*Filchner, Wilhelm (1877-1957), German explorer of Antarctica and Asia was born in Munich in 1877.  From 1903 to 1905 he toured the Tibetan plateau; he then led an expedition to Spitsbergen to test the material for a major Antarctic expedition. From 1926 to 1928 and from 1934 to 1938, Filchner led two expeditions to Tibet, which aimed not only at geographical but also at geomagnetic studies. In 1939 Filchner went to Nepal to continue his studies there. During World War II he was held in India and only returned to Germany in 1951. The second largest ice shelf in Antarctica is named after Filchner. On his Asia expedition from 1925-1928, in a time of uncertainty in Central Asia, marked by upheavals, uprisings and local revolutions, Wilhelm Filchner shot valuable material used for a cultural film made in 1956 that was intended for the cinema.

Source [1]

  • Nomads‘ is the term used to explains cookie cutter sites and repetitious artifacts.
  • There are only 1.000 permits issued to people per year in some zones. This is artificial scarcity. Makes people want it even more and plus, they would be alot less likely for skepiticism if someone spent 3 years on a waiting list to travel on foot for 6 days to go watch a Mossad agent chant for 8 hours straight.
  • lost kingdoms of Mu, Shambhala, Shangri-la
  •  Pyotr Kozlov, Charles Alfred Bell and Gustaf Mannerheim
  • In 1895, Canadian missionary Dr. Susie Rijnhart became the first western woman to enter Tibet. Her attempt to reach Lhasa ended in failure with the death of her husband and infant son. Years later, she too died in Tibet

Dalai Lama

Said to be the homes of the Dali Lama during each season. This is like a star fort or cathedral complex with a fake history slapped on the structure and made the local religious icon the leader. The Dali Lama is a NWO plant. The first one known by the White world was number 13, the ones before him were fake history. The D.L. was the religious authority similar to the Pope in some circumstances. He was also paid by the CIA during the years China had Tibet cordoned off from the outside world, $180,000 per year.

Historically, the title of the Dalai Lama was introduced in 1578 C.E. by Altan Khan (con) of the Mongols

The Dalai Lama was born to a Mongour farming family as Lhamo Thondup on July 6, 1935, in the province of Amdo. His parents, Choekyong and Dekyi Tsering, were moderately wealthy farmers. Farmer is a code word for land-owner, in some instances a slave-owner. He was the fifth of nine children, his eldest brother, Thupten Jigme Norbu, has been recognized as the reincarnation of another high lama, Takser Rinpoche. His other elder brothers are Gyalo Thondup and Lobsang Samten, admitted to be CIA assets.

When the Dalai Lama was about three years old, a search party was sent out to find the new incarnation of the Dalai Lama. The thirteenth Dalai Lama had turned to face the northeast while he was dying, indicating the area where the next Dalai Lama should be found. Shortly afterwards, a senior lama had a vision of a house with strangely shaped guttering. They found a house similar to the one in the vision after extensive searching. They presented the boy they found, Lhamo Thondup, with various relics and toys of the previous Dalai Lama. It is claimed that he recognized them by saying, “It’s mine, it’s mine!”

Lama began his monastic education at the age of six. At twenty-five, he sat for his final examination in the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, during the annual Monlam (prayer) Festival in 1959. He passed with honors and was awarded the Lharampa degree. (roughly equivalent to a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy). 1959 is a big year for Tibet, it marks the local uprising, public executions and subsequent fleeing to India.

The Dalai Lama is the default leader for most Tibetans, a political puppet, supposedly the reincarnation of the Buddha, an equivalent to the Pope. It is illegal for a DL to exist without approval of the fate of China. He fled Tibet years ago and has been called the government-in-exile. In 1988 he met with British Parliament about Tibet become an autonomous region of China, that is totally dif than being an independent State, he advocated to remain Chinese despite what the Free Tibet crowd parrots. In 1989 he was given the Nobel Prize. See how that works. He was given the Templeton award in 2012, a religious flavor of the Nobel, and its $1.7 million award.  His response: “I am a simple Buddhist monk, no less, no more, after receiving this award.  Of course more people may pay some attention about my talks, my thoughts, so in that sense, I think, [it is] very very helpful.”  He joins Mother Teresa as the only two people to receive both the Templeton and the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Short bios of Lamas’ 1-13. [link]
  • 1959 public executions in Lhasa.
  • The Dalai Lama’s older brother Thubten Jigme Norbu, long time CIA asset
  • documented uprisings among Tibetan serfs in 1908, 1918, 1931, and the 1940s. 150 families of serfs of northern Tibet’s Thridug county rose up in 1918, led by a woman, Hor Lhamo. [1]
  • Here is a Newsweek article from ’99 that is the offical cover story of DL roll as cia operative
  • 1968 declassified report of Intel ops in Tibet suggest the CIA helped create the situation which led to the exile of the DL and crew. The group making the approvals calls itself the Committee of the 303
  • declassified 1964 report on the training of 133 Tibetans in Colorado and sending 20 to Cornell U
He’s got his Colorado hat on, where his Special Ops team was trained in the mountains… And the location of staged ancient ruins where engineering was taught to another fractal group. Probs the 20 that went to Cornell for free. I’d like to see their class schedule if anyone out there from Cornell wants to contribute.

The DL was groomed from childhood to be a central figure on the world stage. This is a guilt by association system so you can see a pattern by the company he keeps.

The peace mongers are all do-nothing-and -take-it pacifists set up by the elite as controlled opposition to ensure no physical resistance is ever offered. There is even a famous photoshop of the child demigod standing with Gandhi. The two wouldn’t’ve been able to meet organically but that never stopped anybody before. My biggest surprize was the normie gatekeeper outlets admitting this is fakes. In real life the D.L. tries to connect himself to the Mahatma by having a vision of a meeting with the peace-mongerer

According to the narrative the CIA didn’t become involved until after the DL was already on his way to exile in ’59. The CIA is just a cover story. Steps were taken in a long sequence so it played out exactly as the script says. They have been there in one form or another the entire time. For example the precursor faction, the OSS, was the ones that shot the video footage from 1943. This also is an opportunity to highlight a good example of why they change their name so frequently. The CIA couldn’t pretend they didn’t show up until the party was almost over if they were still called by the same name. Did you ever think of that?

After the CIA (They Never Left)

The first public appearance in the West was in 1979, Geneva. It would’ve been Switzerland bc they are a NWO seat of power

In September 1987, a small number of monks staged the first public protest in Lhasa since 1959, possibly organized to mark the Dalai Lama’s visit to the United States earlier that month. All were arrested. A few days later, police beat protesters holding a small demonstration in support of the monks, and the city exploded. As Robert Barnett, who was in the city during the protests, described:

About 2,000 Tibetans then besieged the local police station to demand the release of the monks detained inside. Eventually they set fire to the door of the station to enable those prisoners to escape. When the authorities opened fire on the crowd, around ten people were shot dead, including children, with several times that number wounded.

March 6= 3/6= 666

Then, in early 1989, the Panchen Lama died, removing China’s most senior supporter. Funeral marches turned into scuffles with the police, and, on March 5, the cops opened fire, killing at least ten people. The riots that followed were the largest since 1959, occupying the center of Lhasa for three days. Hundreds were killed and thousands jailed in the subsequent repression.

the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4 overshadowed these protests, although students at Lhasa University struck in solidarity with Beijing. Some four hundred reportedly held out as late as May 21. The nationwide crackdown that followed hit Tibet especially hard. Martial law, imposed in March, lasted for over a year and saw tanks on the streets of Lhasa in early 1990.

According to Tibetan Buddhism, when either the Panchen Lama or the Dalai Lama dies, their spirit is reincarnated in a young boy born at the time of their death. Monks from the deceased Lama’s monastery find the reincarnation and bring him to the other for final approval. So, the Dalai Lama ultimately chooses who will be the next Panchen Lama, and — crucially — the Panchen Lama chooses who will be the next Dalai Lama.

In 1995, the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama each announced that they had found the reincarnation. The Dalai Lama’s choice is presumed to be under arrest with his family. When the government tried to impose its choice on the Panchen Lama’s home monastery, a revolt erupted — in what had previously been the main base of religious support for Chinese rule in the TAR — and a number of leading monks went into exile. The dispute over the reincarnation of the tenth Panchen Lama in 1995, in which Beijing selected its own Panchen Lama and placed the Dalai Lama’s chosen appointee under house arrest

Beijing subsequently enshrined its support for the principle of reincarnation in state regulations, insisting that

To maintain the validity and purity of all living Buddha reincarnation and uphold the solemnity of the law, it is necessary to reiterate the key principle already enshrined in the new rule that any reincarnated living Buddha, appointed against the rule [that the government has the final say in ‘recognizing’ a reincarnation], is illegal and invalid.

This says China has the final say in appointing its own leader of opposition

In 2002, China opened negotiations with the Dalai Lama’s representatives, holding out the possibility of a political settlement that would allow him to return. Inside Tibet, however, repression increased, with ever greater restrictions on monasteries. At the same time, economic development caused huge environmental damage and left most Tibetans further excluded from economic growth.

The tensions exploded in March 2008. The Dalai Lama declared that six years of negotiations had led nowhere. Monks from the Sera monastery in Lhasa took to the streets in his support, and security forces attacked with tear-gas and cattle-prods, then live ammunition. By the end of the week, thousands of people were fighting against a massive police and army presence with stones. Rioters took control of substantial parts of Lhasa.

According to the Free Tibet campaign, there were also protests today in the Labrang monastery in Gansu province, where 200 monks led demonstrations on the streets. The group said this showed the protests were gathering momentum.

The International Campaign for Tibet said two monks at the Sera monastery had stabbed themselves and others had gone on hunger strike. About a dozen monks were reportedly detained on Monday, when several hundred from the Sera and Drepung monasteries took to the streets chanting slogans for the Dalai Lama to return mark the 49th anniversary of a failed uprising of the public executions in Lhasa.

Heres the kicker, and how I know that the whole half century of violence has been scripted, the outbreak of violence comes just months before the start of the 2008 Olympics, the protests against Beijing rule threaten to overshadow preparations for the games. The Olympics are a NWO political shit show. They were started as a side show to the World Fairs and are dedicated to maintaining the fake narrative. Of course this was part of the build-up to the fairs and part promo for the Tibet Inc. Industrial Complex.

After the 2008 protests, a “patriotic education” program, forcing monks to denounce the Dalai Lama openly, was intensified and expanded beyond Lhasa to cover every monastery across Tibet. 

February 27, 2009 was the day that self-immolation came to Tibet. The authorities had just cancelled a Great Prayer Festival that was supposed to commemorate the victims of the government crackdown in 2008. A monk by the name of Tapey stepped out of the Kirti Monastery and set his body alight on the streets of Ngawa, in the region known in Tibetan as Amdo. See how each segment of violence is just a continuation of the last and the whole thing is based on nothing substantial.

Since February 2009, at least 153 Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule. Suicide as protest has a long history in China and in several religious traditions, including Buddhism. It came to prominence in the modern era in Vietnam, when Buddhist monks burned themselves to death to protest the South Vietnamese government’s religious persecution.

The government has passed new laws making it illegal to self-immolate, to help anyone else do so, to spread news of a self-immolation, or even to organize prayers for someone who has died. Collective punishments have been imposed on the families, monasteries, nunneries, and sometimes whole villages. Since 2012, Lhasa has been essentially closed to Tibetans, already a minority in the city, who live elsewhere. There has never been a Tibetan population in Lhasa, except maybe a few token recruits and enough actor-monks to pull off the fake. Lhasa is a stage, all of Tibet for that matter, and everything that happens there is a production.

The majority of Tibetans still live on subsistence agriculture and livestock herding, though the Chinese policy of forced settlement is rapidly restricting this traditional economy. Something like two million farmers and nomadic herders have been forcibly resettled in newly built villages.

In the TAR the establishment of nature reserves — which ban nomads but allow over-harvesting and industrial development — is driving this resettlement. These reserves now cover one-third of the land area of the TAR, and just over half that in Qinghai. Ahh, this is another facet to the creation of the World Bank Nature Parks, it evicts all the Nomads out.

A common ploy works something like this:

Nearby construction had cut off all sources of irrigation and thus prevented them from working on their remaining farmland, and yet the village committee did not have enough capital from farmland compensation to complete construction. Villagers were thus left to wait for other work units to come and expropriate their remaining farmland so that the village could finish building their resettlement homes. Ironically, then, villagers waited idly to lose farmland so that they could use the compensation to pay to move into apartments built on their expropriated farmland. This is effectively creating ghettos, or even something like the American Indian Reservations.

 Most normie outlets blame the Chinese for investing heavily in construction and infrastructure for the development of the so-called two pillars of the TAR’s economy — tourism and mining — and hydroelectric dam projects. All will exclude Tibetans from everything but the lowest-paying jobs, and all will do great ecological harm. Not only does the newly established land preserves restrict land use to the nomads it opens up mining rights for the World Banksters that fund the project. It isn’t China, they just play the bad guy on T.V.

Tourists are increasingly living in a theme-park version of Tibet dubbed the “Disneyland of Snows.” As in other developing nations, tourists largely stay inside a bubble of upmarket hotels, shopping malls, and organized trips that exclude the local population and bring little benefit to them

Mining on the Tibetan plateau is crucial for maintaining ‘economic growth’. Metals and minerals — including copper and gold, and the lithium used in batteries of electronic devices — are abundant across the region, and mining there has greatly expanded since the opening in 2006 of the train across Qinghai Province to Lhasa. In 2016 an accident at the Gyama mine killed 66 people during an avalanche.

(Molybdenum, which was discovered by the Swedes in 1778, has a high melting point and is used to make the electrodes of electrically heated glass furnaces. Some electrical filaments are also made from molybdenum. The metal is used to make some missile and aircraft parts and is used in the nuclear power industry. Molybdenum is also used as a catalyst in the refining of petroleum.)

For almost fifty years, the Chinese government has extracted coal, oil, asbestos, salt, lead, zinc, and other minerals. It now plans for tar-sands oil extraction and fracking for gas. Mining has destroyed half of the area’s primitive forest. Pipelines leak, asbestos and copper mining wastes are rampant, and industrial waste has completely polluted water resources.

The result is more mock-protests. One rally against a project in Markham County by about 1,000 Tibetans in August ended with the fatal shooting of a man by security forces, according to a Human Rights Watch researcher and Radio Free Asia. Several self-immolations have focused on mining operations as have a number of large-scale mobilizations, which met severe repression. Paramilitary police fired on crowds at least twice, both times killing at least one person

Self Immolation’s

The first self-immolator from 2009 was a kid that was protesting bc services were canceled at his monastery. He walked into the market doused in oil and lit himself up. While lit he held up an image of the Lama which prompted the Chinese authority to immediately open fire. The fact that he just lit himself on fire didn’t do it, it was the home made flag that made the cops shoot him. There is a complete list here. Before 2009 there were no suicide fires, the first one started a string that lasted over a decade and almost 200 victims.

Most reports come from 2nd and 3rd hand eye witness accounts and are confirmed by the Free Radio Asia group. That means they probs are not happening, like this one random one I picked from Feb 25, 22 of a celebrity entertainer. The same patterns emerged. Inconsistent media reports, a local media black-out, no witnesses except permit holders. He participated in Chinese version of Americas Got Talent and according to the Central Tibetan Administration’s Human Rights desk, Norbu was “son of a popular and award winning female singer, who was later recruited to Chinese government’s ‘Song and Dance Troupe’.” 

This episode is like the Buddhist protests during the Vietnam era, and also the CIA sponsored suicide bombing psy-op campaign of the Middle East. It also shares script with the Cherokee/Navajo tribes and Puerto Ricans when Rockefeller medicine co-opted the island, Natives weren’t allowed to speak their own language and flags and displays of patriotism were outlawed. It is religious persecution and genocide like the Israel/Palestine conflict. I told you its an international political stage.

“The action of the thirteen self-immolators in Tibet… people are circulating that the monks and nuns burnt themselves in despair because they were not allowed to practice their religion. If that were the main concern of these monks and nuns then the logical course of action for them to take would have been to escape to India, as many others had done so before. Kirti monastery, where most of the young self-immolators had studied, even has a large branch at Dharamshala where they would have been welcome.”

This is significant bc it mentions Dharmashala, the DL exile govt headquarters, this is the head of the snake where ideas are implanted and branch outward. The monastery functions as the university does in the West. Recruitment and assignments and project debriefings. Together it means the handlers at Kirti would pass the assignment down till it reached the desk of the local agents. In this list of immolator bio’s and can see just how many are connected to Kirti Monastery, even a gumshoe detective could see the connection

I’m sure there are both the real immolators, like religious fanatics and MK Ultra style victims and the media fakes, like the celeb pop-star from the military family. Each case would need to be viewed individually, in any instance none could ever be called organic.

The slogans all chanted by the immolators is for the return of the DL and him as sovereign leader. This is part of the show. “Ooh, the drama”. Look here, the Lama wasn’t chased out of town. He left bc he doesn’t want to live here and his command central is based in Dharmashala. Making it seem like its so important a topic that scores of monks are lighting themselves on fire is the psy-op. And the Dalai plays right along, saying how courageous the monks and nuns are but expressing that it is not the Buddhist thing to.

Comparative History of Self Immolation

On 11 June (666) 1963 Saigon a Buddhist monk, Thích Quảng Đức, sets himself aflame to protest persecution. The photo goes viral and inserts the move into the mainstream commonplace. Durc sourced his information that immolation was a religious rite from fake texts that go back to 400 a.d.
[This photo won the prestigious World Photo of the Year award and also got the photographer the Pulitzer Prize. Malcolm Browne, his mother was a Quaker, while his father was an architect who was Roman Catholic. Browne attended Friends Seminary, a Quaker school in Manhattan. Browne worked for ABC TV for about a year with television journalism, and worked freelance for several years. He did a year’s fellowship at Columbia University with the Council on Foreign Relations. In 1968, he joined The New York Times, 1977 Browne became a science writer, serving as a senior editor for Discover. He returned to the Times in 1985, and went on to cover the Persian Gulf War in 1991. You still believe this guy was just randomly at the right place at the right time?]
The video shows things the stills dont. Like the dozen cops that are preventing anyone from This was a rehearsed event. At the appropriate point they all do the same maneuver without communication. When the flames are fully engulfed they all return to their original position, again without communication. This is because it is an orchestrated international media event.

One of my main complaints with WordPress is they make you use yt for videos. I’m sure there is a way to upload your own video file but they make it so difficult on purpose and make it easy to use yt that you just have to anyway. Those gatekeeper bitches removed the video I put up after about 10 minutes. It is still available in the same place where I found it, its only the little guys that get censored. Im not going to link to the other video though, fuck em. So instead heres a walk through.

  1. You can see the monk pouring gas all over the dummy and the police aren’t doing anything to stop him. There is no intro to the video, this is just where it begins rolling. Thats because that isn’t a real person. Its some kind of dummy or maniquin. This scene is world famous for the guy not moving a muscle or calling out one time. That’s bc it is not a person. At the end it falls over and the legs stay in the same position. This is supposed to be a busy street but there is nobody but cops and monks. The car is broken down with the hood open is a prop, a barricade. After the shoot they just closed the hood and drove away.
  2. All together without a queue they all clapped their hands and bowed their heads at the same time. This was the signal,
  3. All the police at the exact same moment turn around and put up a front as if the monks started to suddenly trying to break through.
  4. You can see the dummy is drenched in gas and the police are holding everyone back. If anything they are protecting the firebug to make sure he completes his mission. Just in case someone randomly tried to rush in a stop things.
  5. Once it is lit there is no more mock shoving and everyone freezes. They’re not making a sound either bc the focus is on how quiet the would-be burning monk is. The cops just turn and drop their billy clubs and watch silently.
  6. At another unspoken queue the cops fade into the background and the monks all drop to their knees and bow down.
  7. Then the money shot. The filmer just walks right up and stands there over top of it. Sorry about the corny overlay. Those sayings were peppered through the whole minute and a half video, I had to screenshot around them. At the end there was no clear money shot of the melted dummy. This serves as a textbook example of how these staged scenarios are used to manipulate people.

You can go and look at some of the real immolators if you want. They’ll tell you first-hand, there is no fucking way possible a living human being can sit lotus style and do what is being done in that video without moving or yelling out. Scenes like this help give the mystique of the whole thing. The enlightenment, transcendentalism, ascention is all a mindfuck.

American journalists were invited to watch the immolation, and indeed the assembled monks chanted slogans in English for their benefit. You can see another monk in robes taping the incident in the back left.

The sacrifice had a tremendous impact, protest continued until the monasteries were completely suppressed. Beyond Vietnam, the event introduced self-immolation into the global repertoire of protest. The photograph of Quảng Đửc seated in the lotus position, unmoving and completely calm while consumed by flames, was seen all around the world. 

Suicide protest was now associated with burning. Suicide protests before 1963 had not used fire, but other means of death. Since 1963, 85% of individuals have chosen burning. One difference is worth mentioning. Quảng Đửc and several other Vietnamese monks who set themselves alight had devoted many decades to monastic practice: they demonstrated almost superhuman self-control by sitting motionless while burning to death. By contrast the Tibetan monks are very young and it shows when they physically react. There have been no equivalent demonstrations of physical mastery, to my knowledge.

The immolation’s—like Quảng Đửc’s—were intended to address audiences in the United States as well as at home. This international appeal explains the success in 1963: after nine suicide protests in five months, the government was overthrown. The coup was instigated by the United States. “We cannot stand any more burnings,” explained the Secretary of State. Thats bullshit, the burnings have always been and still are a piece of psychological warfare. That’s why the call was made in advance to the photographer of the ’63 fire.

Another comparison: Falun Gong. This movement was banned in 1999. In January 2001, on the eve of Chinese New Year, five followers set themselves alight in the Tienanmen Square and two more were thwarted. The government initially pretended to suppress news of the event, even though Western journalists had witnessed the scene. A week later, state television broadcast film of the incident, including images of a 12-year-old girl (daughter of one of the practitioners). The official leadership of Falun Gong immediately denied any connection with the movement; it released its own video accusing the government of concocting the incident. (This is a common theme here. The Chinese govt and Tibetan monks here the same propaganda artists working on both sides.) Some of the adults had taken part in previous protests. In addition, two more individuals set fire to themselves in the following months.

Self-immolation became the centre piece of the government’s continuing propaganda campaign back in Saigon, then it continued to Falun Gong, then to Tibet. After those people burned themselves and the party broadcast that little girl’s face on TV for almost a month straight, people’s views here changed.¹² Within weeks, the government ordered a massive increase in repression, including systematic torture. Probly there was no torture, but what happened was it showed that the people were receptive to it. Within six months, Falun Gong was effectively eliminated as a movement within China. The maimed survivors were still being paraded before a press conference in the following year. “Falun Gong is indeed an evil cult and it led me to this,“ said one.

The Chinese state seems to be attempting a similar response to the Tibetan immolations. The first Tibetan in China to set himself on fire survived. According to one report, he was brought on local television (in July 2011) to say that he regretted his action.

Yet the most thing seen is a fund raising letter sent out by the International Campaign for Tibet, asking people to donate money to it because “…13 Tibetans have set fire to themselves,” This from the organization that opposes the Tibetan independence struggle.

Then there are these kinds: In March 1965, an 82-year-old woman, Alice Herz, protested the ongoing Vietnam War by setting herself on fire on a Detroit, Michigan, street corner. Norman Morrison, 31, ignited himself eight months later outside the Pentagon, beneath the office window of Defense Secretary (Minister of War) Robert McNamara. The following week, Roger Allen LaPorte, 22, did the same in front of New York City’s United Nations building. Of these representative cases, Herz was of Jewish descent and had reportedly spent time in an internment camp during World War II. Morrison, who died outside the Pentagon, was a Quaker. LaPorte, who protested in front of the United Nations, was a former seminary student and a member of the Catholic Worker Movement. Normies sources like to use these three as an example of how broad the spectrum is but theyre lying, the three are easily connected bc they are all hoaxers. (Morrison reportedly had his child in arms as he lit himself at the Pentagon, the child survived)

Self Immolation is commonplace in most theocratic societies where the peasant class generally are swayed by superstitious propaganda; places like North Africa, Afghanistan… Muslim and Buddhist countries. The thing is there is a temporary reaction from both the people and the gov. It’d be the equivalent to a white cop beating a black man to death. A lot of orchestrated civil unrest followed by scripted political rhetoric. What this does though is convinces the not-overly-intelligent peasants that this kind of behavior is what makes results, therefore encouraging other acts of similar nature.

  • In 1948 in the city of Harbin a monk seated himself in the lotus position on a pile of sawdust and soybean oil and set fire to himself in protest against the treatment of Buddhism by Mao Zedong’s Communists.
  • H.H. press conference at the 1993 Parliament of the World Religions in Chicago– thats the group started by Younghusband at the World Fair in Chicago in 1893. This was the centennial anniversary party. Maybe nobody else will tell you, its not advertised, I’m the one telling you.
  • From here on the Dalai Lama will be shortened to DL or HH, his chosen title meaning ‘His Holiness’
  • Source [1], [2], [3], [4]


The Tibetan refugee’s capital is situated in the small town of Mc Leod Ganj, next to the district capital Dharamsala [1]

Tibetan Institute Of Performing Arts

TIPA is about fifteen minutes’ walk from McLeod Gunj. Established in 1959, TIPA was the very first institution in exile. It is the home of lhamo, the arrestingly colourful and unique folk opera of Tibet. TIPA preserves a wide repertoire of musical, dance and theatrical traditions from Tibet. To balance the weight of tradition in its repertoire, the institute has a modern Theater Troupe which puts on contemporary plays. TIPA also maintains its own workshops for making costumes, masks and musical instruments.

TIPA trains instructors who are sent out to teach music and the performing arts at schools and settlements throughout India and Nepal. It also runs a schools where a mix of modern academic and traditional Tibetan education is provided to children who are, in addition, trained in Tibetan music, dancing and acting from an early age. Of late, TIPA has started a special programme to teach the Tibetan performing arts to non-Tibetans.

TIPA holds an annual Folk Opera Festival in April. A number of folk operas, dance programmes, plays and concerts are presented on this occasion. It is always an exciting time to be in Dharamshala. On important national holidays throughout the year other performances are given. An annual competition among students is held in May or June. Special shows can be arranged for visiting groups if the Institute’s office is notified in advance. A standard fee is charged for filming shows.

Artistes from TIPA have performed in many parts of the world. Plans are underway to open a museum of Tibetan folk culture where the rich range of regional costumes, musical instruments, masks and arts will be displayed.

escort, not escape

The year is significant as it is also the time DL arrived. So you’re telling me after all the CIA involvment and treacherous mountain trekking the first thing they want to do is open a performing arts center? What a great idea!

This could be one of the more important pieces. A performance arts studio right across the street built the same time sounds a little funky. That probly is bc you dont think he actually wants to live in Tibet do you? The backwater desolete science experiment? Do actors normally live on the sets built on stage? Thats all TIbet is; DL is religious royalty. Would the Pope leave his shiny throne in Rome? Thats the reason why the pretend exile in the first place, so him and his crew dont have to live there. Lama was not fleeing for safety in the middle of the night, it was a private army escort. an extraction.

Now he can direct traffic, err, be programmed by his handlers, closer to civilization and the arts studio can host leading authories in areas that would draw suspicion say, if they went and stayed in an area where the local celebs are lighting themselves on fire. Did you ever think about that? What about that?


Starting in 1997 there was a great push for propaganda for Tibet in main stream American media. 2 Hollywood productions came out, one directed by Scorsese about the early life of the 13th Dalai Lama, even Scorsese getting involved with the anti-Chinese propaganda and Tibet promo piece. The other movie is a Brad Pit joint about a German mountaineer from the 30;s that was a political prisoner in Tibet for 7 years. This form of movie magick could’ve written the whole narrative and nobody would even know it.

Aside from the silver screen front page headlines were featured in pop rags like Newsweek and TIMES, and Rock and Roll. Even the Super-Spooks down at the Atlantic Monthly printed a story about how the Beastie Boys made a life changing trip there in 1997. Science periodicals like the Smithsonian and Nat Geo started a Tibet campaign. It was a full-on Tibet propaganda onslaught.

The Brad Pit movie was a bio pic about Harrer, the SS officer. The book published with his name on it in 1953 was the first time that Tibet was inserted into the mainstream. This was the first time Tibet reached into pop-culture for a new generation, with a new media; TV over book. Considering it was only 3 years after the Chinese hostile takeover I’d say even if Harrer was there it wasnt for 7 years.

So it says, Harrer was on a climbing expedition in India in 1939 when WW2 broke out, he was placed in a camp. He escaped the camp and wondered around the Himalya’s for a year before stumbling into Lhasa where he ended up being teacher to the 11 y/o Buddha incarnate until the Chinese came in 1951.

All the S.S. documents are housed in a collection made available by America using captured German records. Among them are the Nazi elite documents’ file with the German acronym, RuSHA (Russia). That was a nice touch added by the scriptwriters, connecting one phony bad guy to the other. The Heinrich Harrer file is 80 pages. The double ‘H’ is a trigger, like the D.L. designation His Holiness. Heil Hitler is another. Heinrich Himmler is the S.S. guru. The officail photographer for Der Fuhrer was Heinrich Hoffman, a two-fer since he is the double 8’s and a Hoffman to boot.

(Himmler is the one credited with documenting the lineage of every SS officer going back to the year 1800. That’s bc 1800 is the year of the start of repopulation, every record before this was falsified.)

The records themselves contain bits that indicate they are just as falsified as anything pre-1800. For example Harrer’s marriage request contains information about his climbing accomplishments that are irrelevent and a real jacket wouldn’t include. They are stage props.

Harrer was inducted into the S.S. on April 1st, 1938 as an athletics instructor. April Fools Day, huh guy?He was also a participant in the ’36 Games on the ski team. Atheletics was a way for world leaders to gather without drawing suspicion, the pinnacle being the Olympics, and athletics was also a way to insert agents without the political baggage most other cover stories would carry along. The missionary schools that started up in Rome that had the fake martyrs of the Paris Commune later switched up to athletic programs, even though the mission stayed the same.

Harrers’ Nazi affiliations came to light only a few months before the movie was released. It timed like that on purpose. A German rag called ‘Stern’ put the piece out, a German variety of Newsweek. Sources call tthe timing a “coincidence” and “irony”, as of there was such a thing. Harrer says it was Chinese operatives set to stain his name.

He and his companion that escaped the labor camp before trekking his way to Lhasa together took up work inside the city to evade capture. His buddy, Peter Aufschnaiter, was commissioned to design a sewer system for Lhasa and Harrer surveyed the entire city. sort of engineering is a red flag. Sewer systems in particular. Nobody has ever thought to question tunneling capabilites, thats for another day.

Harrer ended up being the teacher of the D.L. and even after the fleeing of DL into India in 1959 the two remained frineds. Later, Harrer opened a museum, which he set up in Huttenberg to celebrate Tibetan culture: the museum was opened by the Dalai Lama in 1992.

Harrer the Handler. He is said to have been personally greeted by Hitler with the rest of his team when they returned from the climbing expedition. Theres just one problem, this image is a fake. Look at the way Hitlers’ shoulder overlaps with the guy on the right, his boots are blurry around the edges and lighter than the surrounding area. The gentleman at the far right has an outline shadow going all the way down his back.

This plays along with his fake marriage permission slip which for no reason declares him the famous mountain climber the scaled the north face. They would only include that if they were inserting it to prop up the narrative.

Harrer and DL stayed friends all the way up intill his death.

Here is a pic of Harrer and godchild Lama. This has alot going on. He is pointing to the horizon (Horus) Harrer has the One-Eye and the Explorer/knee up, those are pretty standard poses. Im point out this one bc its another image with fake chemtrails in the sky added later to make chemtrails seem natural and they’ve been there all along. This is like the third one, each one is its own mindfuck project; ruins of Stalingrad and Antarctica expedition. The inserted chemtrails are a completely different mindfuck operation. A few more examples and it’ll get its own thread.
  • check the backstory of the 130 ft dive while being chased by Head Hunters in New Guinea.

Invasion or Liberation?

China’s point of view is they couldn’t invade a territory that already belongs to them. They say they liberated Tibet from serfdom, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the Medieval Period. It wasnt until the Chinese annexed it in 1951 that the serfdom was abolished. Its labeled as “Theocratic Feudalism”, which 95% of the population was ruled by a handful of slavers disguised as religious men. Sounds just like everywhere else.

The political bantering has been going on for over half a century, neither side presenting a strong case, both sides being right and wrong at the same time and keeping score. Thats bc there is never supposed to be an end, its a trap. Any unresolved humanitarian issue is only meant to drag on so more energy is drawn out.

There is no data before the Chinese annex for one very clear reason, there was no history before then, we were still coming out of the Reset and hadnt begun repopulation yet. They were building up the infrastructure for the first time, all historic records before this are fakes.

 “The parallels between Tibet and medieval Europe are striking”

Scholar on Old Tibet

That’s bc the scriptwriters used regurgitated narrative:

Religions have had a close relationship not only to violence but to economic exploitation. Until 1959, when the Dalai Lama last presided over Tibet, most of the arable land was still organized into religious estates worked by serfs. A great deal of real estate belonged to the monasteries, and most of them amassed great riches. . . . Individual monks and lamas were able to accumulate great wealth through active participation in trade, commerce, and money lending. Drepung monastery was one of the biggest landowners in the world, with its 185 manors, 25,000 serfs, 300 great pastures, and 16,000 herdsmen. The wealth of the monasteries went to the higher-ranking lamas, many of them scions of aristocratic families, while most of the lower clergy were as poor as the peasant class from which they sprang. This class-determined economic inequality within the Tibetan clergy closely parallels that of the Christian clergy in medieval Europe.

Along with the upper clergy, military leaders did well. A notable example was the commander of the Tibetan army, who owned 4,000 square kilometers of land and 3,500 serfs. He also was a member of the Dalai Lama’s Cabinet. Old Tibet has been misrepresented by some of its Western admirers as “a nation that required no police force because its people voluntarily observed the laws of karma.”  In fact. it had a professional army, more like a Blackwater type personal security force that served the landlords. 

Young Tibetan boys were regularly taken from their families and brought into the monasteries to be trained as monks. Once there, they became bonded for life. Survivors report that it was common practice for peasant children to be sexually mistreated in the monasteries. Not only rape but lifelong servitude as domestics, dance performers, and soldiers as well.

In Old Tibet there were small numbers of farmers who subsisted as a kind peasant class, and perhaps an additional 10,000 “middle-class” families of merchants, shopkeepers, and small traders. Thousands of others were beggars. A small minority were slaves, usually domestic servants, who owned nothing being born into slavery. 

In 1953, the greater part of the rural population were serfs. They were allotted only a small parcel to grow their own food. Serfs and other peasants generally went without schooling or medical care. They spent most of their time laboring for the monasteries and individual high-ranking lamas, or aristocracy. In effect, they were owned by their masters who told them what crops to grow and what animals to raise. They could not get married without the consent of their lord or lama. A serf might easily be separated from his family should the owner send him to work in a distant location. Serfs could be sold by their masters, or subjected to torture and death. 

In addition to being under a lifetime bond to work the lord’s land — or the monastery’s land — without pay, the serfs were obliged to repair the lord’s houses, transport his crops, and collect his firewood. They were also expected to provide carrying animals and transportation on demand. It was an efficient system of economic exploitation that guaranteed to the country’s religious and secular elites a permanent and secure labor force to cultivate their land holdings without burdening them either with any direct day-to-day responsibility for the serf’s subsistence and without the need to compete for labor in a market context.

The common people labored under the twin burdens of forced unpaid labor and onerous tithes. They were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child, and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a new tree in their yard, for keeping domestic or barnyard animals, for owning a flower pot, or putting a bell on an animal. There were taxes for religious festivals, for singing, dancing, drumming, and bell ringing. People were taxed for being sent to prison and upon being released. Even beggars were taxed. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being placed into slavery for as long as the monastery demanded, sometimes for the rest of their lives. 

The theocracy’s religious teachings buttressed its class order. The poor and afflicted were taught that they had brought their troubles upon themselves because of their foolish and wicked ways in previous lives. Hence they had to accept the misery of their present existence as an atonement and in anticipation that their lot would improve upon being reborn. The rich and powerful of course treated their good fortune as a reward for — and tangible evidence of — virtue in past and present lives.

On top of all that the Lama class is reported to be well versed in the arena of torture. Many ran away and resisted. Once captured, the favored torture and mutilation included eye gouging, the pulling out of tongues, hamstringing, and amputation etc. The punishment law was codified in the 13th century by the Sakyapa sect, derived from the Yasa (statute-book) of Genghis Khan,

Since Buddhism fundamentally forbade the killing of a living creature, criminals were often tortured to the point of death and then left to fend for themselves. If they now died of the consequences this was purely a matter of their own karma. These days the power elite in Dharamsala maintains an embarrassed silence about such inhuman acts and brushes them aside as Chinese propaganda. a public whipping, which took place in the middle of Lhasa in 1950 was reproduced in the American magazine, Life, f(Life, November 13, 1950, pp. 130–136). Likewise, the killing of animals — strictly forbidden in Buddhism — was normal practice among the monks in Lhasa — they had the animals slaughtered by Muslim butchers who thus brought the bad karma from the killings down upon themselves, then the consumption of meat is not a “sin” for the Tibetans, but the slaughter of animals decidedly is. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, himself a meat-eater for “reasons of health”, nevertheless campaigns constantly (in the West) for a vegetarian lifestyle.

When the Chinese occupation came in ’51, the problem the monks had wasn’t with the fact they were Chinese, (General Chiang Kaishek spent 200,000$ in silver for the inauguration party of the 14th DL and an armed guard) The problem was they were Communists and threatened the status-quo of the elite monk class. Furthermore, this is why the insurgency failed, the commonfolk refused to defend the monk class and many claim that it was these citizens that destroyed the structures blamed on the Chinese Army during the Cultural Revolution.

Around 1956-57 armed bands of Tibetans representing the ousted monk class attempted to rise up against the Chinese liberators. The uprising received extensive material support from the CIA, including arms, supplies, and military training for Tibetan commando units. It is a matter of public knowledge that the CIA set up support camps in Nepal, carried out numerous airlifts, and conducted guerrilla operations inside Tibet. Meanwhile in the United States, the American Society for a Free Asia, a CIA front in which the DL’s older brother played a central role, energetically publicized the cause of Tibetan resistance. This is who the Free Tibet are, the torturous slaver class and the CIA.

The DL claims repeatedly that over 1.2 million have died bc of Chinese occupation, however the census of 1953 proclaims the entire population was around 1.2 mil. So if that was the case wouldn’t we see mass graves and empty cities? I think the census is lying (duh) and the lack of people is attributed to the repopulation was still in the beginning phases. Indeed, There never really was a repopulation, the country remains as a whole, largly unpopulated except for a token number of locals that serve more as a human zoo/tourist trap exhibit than a ancient cultural center.

The mutilations specifically of all the cut off hands is a representation of the ‘Hidden Hand’ symbolism. I missed it at first but the Reset in Africa includes much of the same script, not that there were mass atrocities, Im not saying that, Im saying it was done as a way to promote themselves. A tradition that continues to this day.


No account of the unwritten history of India would be complete without a segment on Gandhi. He is remembered as a man of peace and passive resistance but he was under the control of the same forces of all the rest and only did what he was told.

Passive resistance is one guy getting paid and everyone else getting their ass whipped.

Francis Younghusband

Piyang, Tibet
Tibet >> Guge Kingdom > Tsaparang

Not just the geological barriers kept people out but politics too; situated between India and China, Tibet is a buffer area, said to be autonymous but ‘occupied’ by China. Youngblood didnt stick around very long for all the mayhem he supposedly caused. He took over the region in ’05 and handed it right over to China a few years later. The West has been locked out since.

We cant trust anything from the media or history books about the stuff we see and interact with every single day. You know what China is? It’s a full on black out, nothing in or out. China is in on it. They inherited a large portion of the Earth and have their role to play as pertetual bad guy. Communism. This episode right here should convince you they are all on the same team. Their symbols give them away, like always, not only that but they prop each others lying asses up. The Space-Race, the Antarctic Treaty, nukes. Dont you think if China was really the bad guy that would tell Americans all the bullshit going on? No way, they play along bc it behooves them to do so. They’re lying too.

Just after they took over Tibet the Chinese started killing off all the Buddist monks

Franny was a member of the Royal Geographic Society, British counterpart to the Nat geo in America, not that there is any distinction. He led the first outside expedition `Sir Francis Younghusband possessed a passion for hardship and adventure coupled with unmistakable spiritual leanings.  After his expedition to Tibet the direction of his life took on an unexpected turn. Following a shattering mountain top spiritual revelation he had while in Tibet, he increasingly devoted his life to promoting a form of all-embracing spirituality. After his military and administrative career in the British India service had come to an end, Sir Francis started a new mission in life.  His later years were devoted to advancing this form of spirituality by establishing popular inter-faith movements in England, lecturing widely including in the US, writing profusely, and running the Royal Geographic Society in 1919. His opening address at the Religions of Empire Conference, held in conjunction with the British Empire Exhibition in London in 1924,claimed that the ultimate basis on which the British Empire would stand was religion. In 1936 he founded the still active World Congress of Faiths (WCF), also called the Second Parliament of Religions, which had its roots in the 1893 historical meeting of the World’s Parliament of Religions held in conjunction with the Chicago’s Columbian Exposition. This unprecedented meeting is widely regarded as the beginning of the inter-religious movement worldwide. The one world religion of the New World Order.

These were the main guys that were doing the insertion of First Nations people around the World, he was working on the One World Order religion. He created the Himylian culture. By created I mean introduced, this was an international collaboration between countries that were at war with each other on the outside

13th Dalai Lama

Thubten Gyatso was the 13th Dalai Lama of Tibet that was enthroned during the Younghusband expedition. Meaning he was the first D.L. to the West but they just called him number 13 to give him a fabricated history. He was also the one that announced Tibet’s independence. This was the start of modern history. There was no D.L. 1-12, well on paper there was, but the point is to give the illusion of linear timetrap history

First to bring in a Post Office, electricity, automobiles, currency, the National Flag, police force, instituted taxation. Most importantly he declared independence from China. This was the period when all the infrastructure was installed that brought the region out of the Stone-Age.

Chinese govt determined the next Lama by lotto system; names were drawn from golden urn. No chance that could be rigged

World Fair Cultures

Some of the customs designed by the World Congress of Faiths and Colonial Human Zookeepers seem so foreign and over the top its hard to image they could develop without some guidance. Its all part of the mystique the region is intended to generate, part of the attraction.

This is supposed to be a real thing, called the Tibetan Tongue Greeting. First I thought it was a joke but if you sift through the old pictures you’ll find enough of them. Its a joke sure, an inside joke for the Luciferian human-zoo keepers that made it up. This is called the Black Tongue Greeting, a thousand years ago a sadistic ruler was known for having a black tongue, for then on, whenever two strangers met they would show each other their tongue to prove he was not the reincarnation of the evil bad guy.

Nepal, Mustang

Upper Mustang

There is really not 10.000 caves. Sounds good though, huh? Scout groups would survey the land looking for outcroppings like this one to chisel dug-outs into.
  • Magao Caves
Lo Mustang (pronounced Moo-tong) is the upper half, thats a sense of humor on the part of the mapmakers. Zhang Zhung, Tibet’s fabled ancient kingdom and source of much of her culture


The Western world has only had access here for about 30 years. The first expedition was the British 1903 trip led by A guy named Younghusband. The campaign he led is supposed to be one of the darkest marks in the Colonial Empire. His pictures are the first scenes the outside world had ever seen.

The ancient history of all nations has been scripted, but at least it is accessible. That makes it easier for us anyway, get rid of all the chatter. The first White outsides were Capuchin Missionaries. I have already covered the origins of the Missionaries, the Propagande Fide, in my Ancient Rome is Fake paper. This group provides an explanation for how we know anything at all if they was total media black out. The Missionaries built all the earliest buildings and were purely benevolent. Specifically the Capuchin’s, they were the ones that were responsible for all the fake catacombs trend in the latter half of the 1800’s. One of the first Jesuits into the region was named Manuel Marques, maybe you’d recognize it the way it is intended, Marx

I think these Missionaries were the original slavers. I see them really active in areas that were known for the slave trade; Brazil, Central Africa, they were the network that provided labor needed to dig out after the Reset Event and prepare for the Repopulation, at this point they just traded their whips for bibles, which both are just tools for keeping the people enslaved, and rolled all the blame over to the new immigrants. Im working on it.

The first rabbi was Benjamin Tudela, who wandered from Navarre in 1160 and attempted to breach the interior but no clue as to how far he penetrated. Thats bc this story not about him, the year is a number drop. A ‘1’ represents whatever number it stand besides, like any number multiplied by ‘one’ is itself, this is a 666 shout out. How appropriate. Likewise the Jesuits that stayed in Oct (10) and Nov (11) in 1661, it all equals out to 666’s.

The British East India Trading Company is used like the Missionaries, they’re admitted to being slavers too, thats bc they are the same being. Well, I mean theyre both fake history but they represent the same thing, the earliest communication network spread out over an international area. I have researched the EITC origins before I figured out they were historical fiction, to make a short story of it, they are Jews, well Cryptojews tbe but same thing, so when the open faced wandering Jew from 666 but nobody knows what happened but in the next paragraph they say the East Indies were in the house they are inserting themselves sneakily, bc like their slogan reads, Warfare by Deception.

The EITC brings us to the start of the 1800’s. This is the time I have narrowed down to be the start of the New World, the repopulation. We are only on the year 200-225 but the calendar was in a different spot bc of the fake narrative, we needed the appearance of history plus it was a good way to insert the numbers, Aces and Eights. My reality starts is at 1800-1801. Pay attn when you are hearing Normie timelines. There is always mention of some paradigm changing event happening around this time. People go over it all day long but they just dont recognize it. It the case of Tibet it is when the Russians entered the scene. All of fake history there never was no mention of them but once we hit our starting line they move on in and dominate the region for most the 1800’s

Tibet is behind the rest of the developed world. Their repopulation doesn’t really get going till the 1900’s, almost a full century off. We see people still claiming to have used maps around 1900 that were drawn up in the early 1800’s. The first photographers from Russia entered as Mongolians and claimed they used maps surveyed all the way in the 1840s, the source of the maps and thus, the maps themselves never existed. Once you take one out they all come down together.

Starting with the Chinese takeover of Tibet, the CIA run operations in the mountains training and funding resistance freedom-fighters. The fighters were brought back to America and trained in Colorado, at Ft Hale in the mountains. Thats not that far away from the cliff dwellings of the 4 Corners. They ran stories in the local rags that nuke testing was going on in the surrounding area to keep people out.

The operations were code named Barnum, Bailey, and Circus, ceased in ’72 when Nixon met with Red leader. Tactics changed from active resistance to funding infrastructure projects.

Sky Cave Mummies

In the early 1980s, a crew of workers who were drilling for a micro-hydroelectricity project discovered some ancient burial caves in Chokhopani.  A few years later they were fully excavated and studied with the help of some German experts.  A comprehensive program was launched that not only studied archaeology buy also other aspects of ancient culture such as trade, art and linguistics.

The original depositional context at Chokhopani was destroyed by the installation of a micro-hydro pipeline. Data recovery was limited to the collection of artifacts and human remains that were discovered in the cave complex or were found downslope from it46.

  • The Suila site was discovered in 2018 after the cave was damaged by road construction. Local villagers collected the exposed materials and took them to a monastic complex in Ghiling. These materials were shown to our survey crew shortly after the destruction of the site; they were photographed and samples were taken under the supervision of the representative of the DoA. No excavation was possible.
  • The archaeological materials from the Lubrak site were discovered in 2018 following the erosion of a riverbank in the eponymous village. Villagers rescued the material which was taken to a monastery. Our survey team mapped and photographed the tombs from which the materials were recovered and documented the contents of the tombs. Samples of human remains were taken under the supervision of the representative of the DoA. The tombs remain in situ but no further data recovery has been undertaken.
  • The Rhirhi site was discovered during archaeological survey in 2016. The site had been looted in the past and some cultural material was found upon entry into the cave. The profile of the looter’s pit was cleaned, drawn, and additional samples of cultural material were discovered in the profile during that process.
  • Mebrak was thoroughly excavated and documented by a Nepali-German team47. Preservation of organic materials, including human remains, was excellent. Much of the interior of the site was covered in a 40-cm deep layer of bird guano which was carefully removed. Many of the remains in the tomb were commingled by repeated visits to add the recently deceased to the tomb. A total of eight palimpsest levels were mapped and then carefully excavated by hand; the matrix was not screened. The context was extensively documented with line drawings and photographs.
  • The Kyang site, looted in the past, was first documented photographically. A 1 m grid was placed over the deposit and surface materials, including human bone, wooden, and other organic materials, were bagged by grid unit. Excavation proceeded using arbitrary levels of 10 cm; two levels were recorded and the deposit was excavated to bedrock. The soil matrix was screened using a fine mesh. The large majority of artifacts and other remains were recovered from the surface; few were found in either of the arbitrary levels48.
  • The Samdzong site48,49 consists of 10 caves, most likely shaft tombs, excavated into the sheer face of a cliff. Seismic activity had collapsed the tombs and the original context of deposition was churned and mixed with soil and rock from above. Cave interiors were generally quite shallow; each was documented photographically and materials visible on the surface were collected and bagged. Due to the mixed nature of the deposit, excavation was not done in stratigraphic levels. All excavation was done by hand, and larger artifacts encountered were bagged as discovered. The matrix of the caves was screened with fine mesh; this enhanced the discovery of smaller artifacts such as scraps of metal, fragments of animal and human bone, wood, and numerous glass beads.

In the mid-late 80’s a mini-hydro plant was drilling a shaft and exposed the first burial chamber. Scientists from the  Institute of Prehistory of the University of Cologne, Germany, in cooperation with the Department of Archaeology in Kathmandu, Nepal. conducted a search and discovered the first mummy. The burial complex containing the first Himalayan mummies is situated in a chamber in the seventh story of a cave system at the site of Mebrak in Muktinath Valley

Upper Mustang was a restricted demilitarized area until 1992, which makes it one of the most preserved regions in the world due to its relative isolation from the outside world, very little was known of the Himalayan archaeological context before 1991, when the Nepal-German Project on High Mountain Archeology undertook regular excavations in the Himalayan area of ​​Nepal.

The human and animal remains and artifacts recovered by the Nepali-German teams languished for nearly two decades until again coming under scientific scrutiny. In this regard, the perseverance shown by Mark Aldenderfer in gaining access to this collection of critical materials is particularly noteworthy. It shows either Mark planted the evidence later, or it was set aside until the appropriate time

This article presents a summary of Tibetan mortuary practices derived from accounts of the many hundreds of tombs excavated by the Chinese since the 1980. This was a Chinese joint. The Chinese were in on it and the CIA cover was the resistance training

Mustang, a former kingdom in north-central Nepal, is home to one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries. In 2009 a series of 10 openings were revealed after an earthquake triggered a partial wall collapse.

No one knows who dug them. Or why. Or even how people climbed into them. (Ropes? Scaffolding? Carved steps? Nearly all evidence has been erased.)

in the mid-1990s, archaeologists from the University of Cologne and Nepal began peeking into some of the more accessible caves. They found several dozen bodies, all at least 2,000 years old, aligned on wooden beds and decorated with copper jewelry and glass beads, products not locally manufactured.

In one cave they discovered a 26-foot-long mural with 42 exquisitely rendered portraits of great yogis in Buddhist history. In another was a trove of 8,000 calligraphed manuscripts—a collection, most of it 600 years old, that included everything from philosophical musings to a treatise on mediating disputes. Any time they find exactly what they are looking for that supports their history they are lying.

“Sometimes,” Aldenderfer admits, “you just need to get lucky.”

The most promising site was a cave complex near a tiny village called Samdzong, just south of the Chinese border. Athans and Aldenderfer had visited Samdzong in 2010 and found a system of funerary caves. On the first workday at the site in the spring of 2011, during a scouting hike at the base of the caves, the team’s photographer, Cory Richards, noticed the skull.

To access Samdzong’s caves, the team’s chief climbers, hiked around the back side of the cliff and reached a flat area above the caves. Here, with special permission from authorities, they hammered several long pieces of rebar into the rock and tied on a rope.

it was only five feet high and roughly six feet wide and six feet deep. This cave, it was clear, was once a hidden shaft tomb, or mortuary cave, dug in the shape of a wine decanter. When it was excavated, only the very top of the shaft was visible. Bodies were lowered down the sewer-pipe-size shaft, and the hole was backfilled with rock. When the cliff face collapsed, the entire cave was exposed, creating a cross-sectional view.

 Fifteen centuries or so after it was sealed, as carbon dating later proved, the cave was once again clear of debris.

Aldenderfer divides cave use in Mustang into three general periods. First, as long as 3,000 years ago, the caves were burial chambers. Then, around 1,000 years ago, they became primarily living quarters. Within a few centuries, the Kali Gandaki Valley—the neck in the hourglass connecting Asia’s highlands and lowlands—may have been frequently battled over. “People were scared,” Aldenderfer says. Families, placing safety over convenience, moved into the caves.

The first thing Athans found in the closet-size chamber—later designated Tomb 5—was wood, superb dark hardwood, cut into various planks and slats and pegs. Aldenderfer and Singh Lama eventually fitted the pieces together, creating a box about three feet tall: a coffin. It was ingeniously constructed so that the sections fit through the tomb’s narrow entrance and then could easily be assembled in the main chamber.

On the 2010 trip to Samdzong, in the two biggest caves on the cliff wall, the team had located human remains from 27 individuals, including men, women, and one child. There were bedlike or rudimentary coffins in those caves as well, but they were made of much inferior wood and far simpler construction, with no paintings.

Tomb 5, Aldenderfer theorized, was the burial plot of a high-ranking person, perhaps a local leader. The tomb, it turned out, held two bodies—an adult male and a child, maybe ten years old. The youth was a source of much speculation. “I don’t want to characterize the child as any kind of sacrifice or slave because I really don’t have a clue,” says Aldenderfer. “But a child in there does suggest a complex ritual.”

When Eng, the team’s bone sleuth, took a close look at the remains, she made a startling discovery: The bones of 76 percent of all the individuals she examined bore the unmistakable scars of knife slices. These marks, says Eng, were clearly made after death. “This wasn’t hacking and whacking,” she says. The bones were relatively whole and lacked signs of deliberate breakage and burning. “All the evidence,” Eng notes, “indicates there was no cannibalism here.”

The bones date from the third to the eighth centuries—before Buddhism came to Mustang—but the defleshing may be related to the Buddhist practice of sky burial. To this day, when a citizen of Mustang dies, the body may be sliced into small pieces, bones included. These are all swiftly snatched up by vultures.

In the age of the Samdzong cave burials, Aldenderfer posits, the body was stripped of flesh but the bones were still articulated—“like a Halloween skeleton,” he says. The skeleton was lowered into the tomb and folded to fit in the wooden box. “Then whoever was down there with him,” says Aldenderfer, “climbed back out.”

Before doing so, the ancient burial crew had made sure the corpse was regally adorned for the great beyond. As Athans hunched inside Tomb 5, sifting through dust for hour upon hour, he discovered these adornments. “It was so mesmerizing,” he says, “that I forgot to eat or drink.”

A trove of beads, the garment they’d been sewn on long disintegrated, was scooped up by Athans and placed in plastic sample bags. Singh Lama painstakingly sorted them. There were more than a thousand beads, made of glass, some as minuscule as poppy seeds, in a half dozen hues. As lab studies later showed, the beads were of various origins: some from what is now Pakistan, some from India, some from Iran.

Three iron daggers, with gracefully curved hilts and heavy blades, also emerged. Then a bamboo teacup with delicate circular handle. A copper bangle. A small bronze mirror. A copper cooking pot and a ladle and a three-legged iron pot stand. Bits of fabric. A pair of yak or cow horns. An enormous copper cauldron, roomy enough to boil a beach ball. “I’m betting that’s a chang pot,” said Aldenderfer, referring to the regional beer made of fermented barley.

Finally Athans sent down a funerary mask. It was made of gold and silver pounded together, with high relief facial features. The eyes were rimmed in red, the mouth was slightly turned down, the nose was linear; there was a hint of a beard. Pinholes outlined the edge. Likely the mask was sewn to fabric and draped over the face. The beads had been part of the mask.

Aldenderfer, normally restrained and scholarly, could not contain himself as he cradled the mask in his palms. “It’s stunning,” he marveled. “The workmanship that’s involved, the obvious wealth it represents, the colors, the delicateness—it’s the best thing ever found in Mustang. Period.”

Nearly all the items in the cave had been imported from elsewhere. Even the coffin’s wood had come from a tropical environment. How could a person from this place—today so bereft of resources that merely accumulating firewood requires hours of effort—gather such riches? Salt, most likely. Controlling a piece of the salt trade may have been the current equivalent of owning an oil pipeline.

The entire haul, from what seemed a nondescript cave, left Aldenderfer giddily struggling to place the find in historical context.

“This is unique,” he said. “Spectacular. This is rewriting the region’s prehistory in a serious way.”

Everything the team found was left behind, in the care of Samdzong’s village leaders. Athans, as he’s done elsewhere in Mustang, also donated personal funds to endow a modest museum. Only tiny sample chips and bits of bone were removed by the scientists. These will be studied in various labs—teeth go to the University of Oklahoma; metals to University College London. Paints will be separated into chemical constituents, to see which plants were used to make them. A splinter of wood, a thread of textile, a powder of tooth enamel; all will be rigorously analyzed. The process could take a decade. [This ensures the phoney site stays in the headlines]

They tied the Silk Road to the area with silk scraps, since silk requires a special manufacturing set up not found anywhere in the area it is assumed the silk came from somewhere else

International community

The three distinct cultural phases of the Annapurna Conservation Area: Chokhopani (3150–2400 years ago), Mebrak (2400–1850 years ago), and Samdzong (1750–1250 years ago). The ACA was established in 1985 and managed by the National Trust for Nature Conservation. The Nature Conservation was established in 1982 as an autonomous non profit organization by legislative law of Nepal. The founder member-secretary was Dr. Hemanta Raj Mishra. Dr. Mishra played a key role on bringing international donors to support the trust.

So theres your plug. Look at some of his credentials: Dr. Hemanta Mishra was a prominent team member who created a network of national parks and protected areas in Nepal. He is a recipient of the prestigious J. Paul Getty Conservation Prize for his pioneering works balancing nature and wildlife conservation with human needs in the Himalayas. Dr. Mishra has worked for the Government of Nepal, at the National Trust for Nature Conservation, at the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the Smithsonian Institution. He has been an Advisor (Consultant) for the Humane Society International, American Himalayan Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, and The Bridge Fund and as an adjunct professor at George Mason University (Virginia), teaching Environmental Policy in Developing Countries.

The Tibetan liberation movement or the Khampa movement based itself in Upper Mustang and from there went on missions against the Chinese. They were backed for a time by the CIA and had some success in reclaiming portions of their country.  There was, at the height of the movement over 6,000 Khampas.  All of Mustang was declared a restricted district and no foreigners, with the exception of a few researchers were allowed to enter.  The movement came to an end in the mid-1970s and the Nepali government then opened up the lower half of the district of Mustang for tourism.  Today, tourism brings a lot of money into the area and in Lower Mustang, many people earn their living through guest houses or shops.  In Upper Mustang fewer people see the benefits of tourism due to its restricted nature.

In 2007, explorers from the United States, Italy and Nepal discovered ancient Buddhist decorative art and paintings, manuscripts and pottery in the Mustang caves near Lo Manthang, dating back to the 13th century. In 2008, a number of 600-year-old human skeletons were discovered by a second expedition. They also recovered reams of invaluable manuscripts containing writings from both the Bon religion and Buddhism, some of which were illuminated.[40] Research groups have continue to investigate these caves, as it is not clear who built the caves and why were they built. According to theory, they may date back to 8–10,000 BCE when Mustang was much greener.

In 2007, a shepherd discovered a collection of 55 cave paintings near the village depicting the life of the Buddha.[41] A series of at least twelve caves were discovered north of Annapurna and near the village of Lo Manthang, decorated with ancient Buddhist paintings and set in sheer cliffs at 14,000 feet (4,300 m) elevation. 

Construction Techniques

The first question that arises is “how?”, how did the caves get dug in the first places. In mainstream Normie texts the answer would be that the caves were dug out through the top and access was done with a ladder. Maybe this is true in some cases but the thing is, everything these people say is a lie, this is the default setting, so now we have to look for more practical alternatives. Sure there is the dangling from a harness and rope option but I said practical. These not only have to be dug out but filled up with all the phony relics. Some of the finds include furniture that doesn’t fit through the top opening, the standard explanation is they were brought down the hole in pieces and assembled in-situ. Jeez, what kind of genius mastermind came up with that one?

In 2015 an earthquake took out the foot path connecting the more remote villages to the outside world, 8,000 people tbe. The international community stepped in an decided in the name of philanthropy to install a piece of engineering technology called a cantilever bridge. Earthquakes are a major part of the region’s history, it’s almost as if there is a mini-reset button…

The construction of the cantilever pathways was supported by the British aid agency, the Dept for International Development, the DID, through the Samarth program, and the Swiss company AF-Iteco used the bridge-fabrication experience of Balaju Yantra Shala, an engineering firm in Kathmandu. The bridges were designed and built by a British based company called UKaid, which receives funding from taxes. UKaid is a special interest faction of umbrella org, DID. The more acronyms these people can come up with the better, its serves to camouflage the system as a single entity.

The DID’s stated goal was “to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty”, how noble. Anything with the word sustainable included is all about the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 program. They’re also responsible for administering foreign aid during times of crisis, which is pretty convenient for an Ordo ab Chao/Hegelian Dialectic system; create a crisis to achieve the predetermined outcome. The D.I.D. is the New World Order mouthpiece for the U.K. I dont care what they call themselves or how often they change their names. Look here, they are the ones that literally wrote the guide on how to reach a One-World everything, a 47 page roadmap that outlines goals of the Beast and the steps to get there. Dept International Development, NWO handbook. They spell it out in black and white. (The title page includes both the UKaid and the DID sigils

Samarth is a DID-funded rural development program supported and overseen by Nepal’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, that aims to reduce poverty in Nepal by increasing small-scale entrepreneurs in different sectors such as tourism. Not only that, Samarth promotes its interventions supporting the entrepreneurs on the marketing of their products.

Balaju Yantra Shala Ltd. is one of the leading engineering companies of Nepal. It was established as a Joint Venture Project of Nepal Industrial Development Corporation and Swiss Association For Technical Assistance in 1960. BYS is now a private, professional enterprise providing technical services for both national and international clients.

Local Roads Bridge Program is a joint program of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Government of Nepal for the implementation of motorable roads bridge throughout the country. On the behalf of SDC, AF-Iteco, constitutes the Local Roads Motorable Bridge Program Support Unit responsible to provide technical assistance to the District Development Committees and center through Local Bridge Section, Department of Local Infrastructure Development for Agricultural Roads on bridge activities.

BYS Engineering is also in the business of hydro power stations, just like the one that was being built during the discovery of the first sky caves during the 80’s. Thats also when we see the introduction of ITECO, founded in 1982 as a Company for International Technical Cooperation and Development in the field of infrastructure, mainly small hydro power and roads & bridges. ITECO is one of the 5 leading engineering companies in Switzerland, which are able to design and realize small hydro power plants. The stated purpose of the company is to operate a global engineering company focused on infrastructure.

“Workers had to be trained in mountaineering to hang from ropes on the cliff to drill into the rock, and 400 local people were also employed for the project.”

Swiss engineering firm ITECO

The above scenario includes representative companies, what I mean is they change names more often then they change their underwear. What they are called today is not the same as what they were called back in 2015 when the collaboration went public and that was not what the name was going back to the initial discovery in the 80’s. That doesn’t mean jackshit though, each one is a fractal pattern of the whole. These are specialty groups assigned with one task and they rename themselves so often to hide their tracks.

A critical response might include something about the integrity of the cliff itself, indeed, every article mentions how loose and crumbly the rock is. That is a clue by itself. Every article parrots how soft the cliff is bc they are manipulating you to dismiss the most obvious answer subconsciously; before you can think to yourself “I wonder if they attached some kind of scaffolding to the cliff” they have already shot it down so it never enters your mind. This is called suggestion, it is very common and very subtle, once you are able to recognize it it sticks out like a sore thumb. If one or two sources repeat the same line its whatever, none of them are very original anyway, but if every article mentions the same thing in detail it is bc they are trying to manipulate you. Sure the rock might not be as hard as granite but the softness means its only that much easier to excavate. Plus, dont forget, these are the world-class premiere engineering firms, if you think they are incapable of erecting a simple work platform on a soft cliff face the fluoride is doing it’s job. Just look at the image above, that bridge was attached just fine and maybe its not the exact same mountain but its only a few valleys over like I said earlier, its representative.

If you don’t like BSY as a candidate here are a few fractal companies in Nepal to help you get started on a replacement:

Source [1], [2]

Kali Gandaki River

The most sacred river in Hinduism starts out in Nepal. Plans are on the table to dam parts of the river to produce a water reservoir and hydroelectric plant to supply the region with power. While its true some rivers are dammed for these reasons I feel like this one has no intention to follow through and is meant to draw international attn to the region for the tourism industry (much like the Amazon Rainforest fires).

This valley is also home to the 10,000 Caves tourist trap and is the staging ground for much of the regional history.

Adventure tourism already is the areas main source of income as the Kali has white water rafting outfits and is also home to the deepest gorges on Earth. Whether this is accurate or not is unconfirmed but it says so on the brochure. Religious based tourism is the next focus of the Tourism board; this is the only sacred river in Hindu that contains the magick lucky rocks of Vishnu, the Shaligram stones. These black rocks are really the fossil remains of the Ammonite shellfish, a common sort of fossil you can get from just about any gem and mineral shop is given artificial scarcity status on top of religious icon status and sells for thousands of dollars for a nice specimen. The most valuable ones have genuine gold flakes embedded which prove the existence of the Gods and provide the owner a value equivalent of up to 10 million cows worth of temple donations, (for real they say that). Not really though, the flakes are pyrite and means the fossil is in a rapid state of decay. Heres a good article explaining the pyritization process, I recommend reading it before splurging $10k on entry level collector rocks.

IDK if I should be surprized the sacred geometry aspect is not mentioned even though the shell is revered iconography

The fossils are said to be a form of the Vishnu deity from when his wife got mad and turned him into the first one. The rocks are featured in home alters and temples and worshiped as manifestations of the deity. Christians might call this false-idol worship except they do the same thing with their church iconography.

Right now the dam project is tied up in court where I predict there it will be determined the cultural value outweighs whatever the dam will bring. This is a mock court case, the first step needed to proclaim the area as a World Heritage site. Advertising has already started; when the Prime Minister of India visited the river as part of a promo piece tourism jumped up 300% afterward. A dam might provide power to the region but who is gonna need power if all the attractions are destroyed so nobody will visit?

The first promo piece of the gorge was given by Sven Hedin during his expedition in 1904. He concluded that a canal though the area would open up irrigation to the locals but also provide a route for invading armies.

Gyantse Dzong,

  • #3. Phari Dzong in 1904, photo taken during Younghusband expedition to Tibet.

Fortress said to be 800 yrs old was Tibetan stronghold of 1904 British invasion. The fortress held off attack for months until cannon hit the powder room and blew a wall out, allowing enemy forces to advance. Monks leapt to their death rather than surrender. A marker and museum is on the site now, like a Chinese Victory Column. The Brits arrived en masse in 1904 but the Russians were already here, the Imperial Russian Geo. Soc. gave a collection of photos in 1901 to the American Geo Soc. They are all the same entity.

The fortress overlooks the Palcho monastery in a walled section below. the ziggurat structure is 108 rooms

Harrison Forman. Photojournalist and explorer, Forman undertook three expeditions to remote areas of northern Tibet between 1932 and 1937. 

William Woodville Rockhill– politician, ambassador to China, traveled to Mongolia/Tibet 1891. Map maker. Here is his obit in JSTOR, died in Hawaii, 1914. Sent by Smithsonian on scientific mission in 1888 to Tibet, however he got beat by the Russians. The Smithsonian sent him again into Mongolia and Tibet a second time the next year. The published his travelogue in 1894, Diary of a journey through Mongolia and Tibet. The whole thing is a total promo piece, the guy maybe never even went there. It was part of the international build up, preparing for the British invasion coming up in 1903 with Younghusband at the helm.

AK Pundit 1880 report

Tsechen Monastery and Dzong

In 1869 the Royal Geographical Society published a collection of maps and travelogues made by British Pundits at Lhasa, this ensured their presence would be known in Russia. (Pundit is the term for native from India that works for the Western interests) The Russian explorer Nikolay Przhevalsky felt there was a British threat to Russian ambitions in Inner Asia, and set out on a series of 1870s expeditions. Although he failed to reach Tibet’s capital city, Lhasa, he traveled extensively in Tibet, and parts of China. Przhevalsky’s expeditions became famous and increased interest in European expansion into Asia among the Russian press, aristocracy and academia. In the 1880s, Przhevalsky advocated for the “forcible annexation of western China, Mongolia, and Tibet, and their colonization by Cossacks”, although the plan received some pushback from leaders who favored influence rather than an invasion.

Nikolay was the Russian Indiana Jones, him or his protege are credited for penetrating through to places not seen since the days of Maro Polo and discovered the ruined city of the fabled Khara-koto

Hugh Edward Richardson, last explorer before Chinese invasion 1950

Gould Mission in July 1936 communications specialists in Tibet set up wireless telegraph. The Signal Corp. A telegraph line was already in operation as far as Lhasa but “It was a single strand of galvanized iron wire supported on light wooden poles with no specific insulation… Mounted linesmen patrolled the route re-erecting any poles that were blown down and repairing breaks in the line.” Evan Nepean and Dagg’s task was to set up and operate a portable wireless which could transmit messages should the Mission go beyond Lhasa. In fact the Mission remained in Lhasa but the setting up of the wireless had a great impact in the city. The cover story was it enabled the British to counter the influence of the Chinese-run wireless and thereby curb the Chinese monopoly on supplying outside information to the Tibetan government. Always a competition w China

Nepean spent three months in Lhasa before being recalled by his commanding officer to the North West Frontier. During his time with the Mission, he and Dagg were occupied transmitting cipher messages to the Government of India. They expertly addressed themselves to the challenge of transmitting at high altitude and to official communications but they also exchanged messages with amateurs in different parts of the world. Nepean and Dagg also made an important contribution to a key objective of the Gould Mission: strengthening and improving relations with the Tibetan government and residents of Lhasa. This was achieved (in part) by providing entertainment in the form of film shows. It was Nepean and Dagg who set up and maintained the projection equipment at the British Mission house, the Dekyi Lingka. Nepean also assisted Spencer Chapman in his photographic activities and took many photographs of his own. They just admitted relations were strengthened by propagandizing the residents. This was in ’36, they were there for longer

Lop Nor and Lou-lan and the Ginger Mummies

Lop Nor was recorded in historic Chinese texts as a “salty” lake of mentionable size which was now a blank spot on the map. No record of where the historic texts came from or even which ones. (*multiple source fragments, my fav)

The doc also lists a series of oasis towns along the route of the Silk Road, providing a two-fer mystery; the lost lake and the forgotten town, Lou-Lan. The disputed area is now a desert so climate change is the reason given for the abandonment of the thriving trade center. Hedin figured if he could find the “salty” lake the village would be easy and he could solve both at the same time. In 1900 he set off to do just that.

The official narrative provided by Hedin explains that it was sheer luck that had the discovery made. One of the laborers forgot his shovel at the previous camp. This was the only shovel so they made him go back and retrieve it alone, which is when he found some rubble piles. When the rest of the team was told about it they all followed and this is how the discovery played out. Gtfoh. This is an exploration team doing mapping and archeological surveying. You mean to tell me they only had a single shovel? And that every one in the team forgot to check to make sure it was wasn’t left behind? I was born at night but it wasn’t last night.

The next year in 1901 the team returned to do a more thorough excavation and discovered the motherlode, a library of manuscripts and artifacts dating back to the year 330. Not only that but Sven expanded on the shifting river that supplied water to the desert lake, he proposed that this site that was once near the lake would eventually be returned to the lake as the one situated 400 miles away would make its return. Sure enough 3 decades later the Wandering Lake theory would be proven correct as he returned by canoe years later.This turned out to be a big moment for the future studies of the Silk Road, they were providing vague pretext for future scammers to set up fraudulent discoveries.

The historic texts provide no insight into the history of the trade center, all information in the whole world was gathered from the archeological record. Fortunately the manuscripts gave information about military conquests, leaders, neighboring city-states, religious overviews… Its just like every other staged excavation that uncovers a library which validates not only the existence of the parent site but confirms everything in the entire timeline record. I cant say it enough, any time they find exactly what they are looking for they are lying.

This site provided a source for future expeditions that would return to the area and subsequent earth-shattering discoveries would be made. The thing to keep in mind here is the international scene, people representing institutions from all over the world would participate, showing there is a cooperating group effort between countries that are at war with each other on the surface, proving they are really on the same side afterall.

This is especially important to our journey because of the relics said to be discovered. Not only the manuscripts but also textiles made of silk are important bc silk is what ties them all together, its called the ‘Silk Road’, duh. The mummies are the granddaddy hoss-cat. Yes, ladies and worms, this is the first of the red-haired Caucasian mummies of the Chinese desert ever found.

Satellite images show that the site became smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared in 1972. (I think ’72 is a little early for sat-tech which doesn’t even exist anyway but hey, it’s their story they can tell it anyway they want). This would be expected if the mock up was put together in the early 1900’s. It would last a few decades before it eventually turned back into dust. The site was all but forgotten until 2000, it was ‘rediscovered’ by a Chinese institute. Grave sites were found one after another in multiple locations all around the area, all Caucasoid. So far the date has been pushed back to 3800 years ago. I love those ‘rediscoveries’, it shows how these people can just make anything up as they go along and nothing is ever really lost.

The grave-finds are credited to archaeologist Forke Bergman in 1934, while he was apart from the main party of Hedin’s expedition. (Its always when nobody is looking) Bergman is another prestigious Swede, one of the Worlds leading authority on Medieval sites in Sweden and in 1931 also discovered some bamboo strips with lettering that was passed around the World so that everyone could be on the same page.

In case you havent figured it out yet, the way it works is like this: There were 4 expeditions from 1900-1934 but it was really only one long one with a series of breaks. Starting off with finding the site, each discovery one-upped the previous one and ended with the Caucasian mummies at the end. Remember the Nazis are funding this expedition so there is bound to be a solid connection somewhere. They are going to find the results for the people that pay them.

Maybe this was setting up future discoveries that never played out. remember how active the Reich was in their quest for finding the Aryan roots in the Himalaya’s? This is building evidence for a science backed claim that the Aryan Ancestors came right from where they said they would, finding exactly what they said would be there.

These excavations are put on in part by the leading authorities in multi-disciplinary academics, meaning all the top universities are involved to make it as authentic as possible. The alphabet and textiles and every imaginable detail is considered and the appropriate artifact is placed on the set. Thus, appearing to anyone not in the know this is a completely genuine dig, what they don’t know is it is a series of lies all holding each other up.

Its also important not to overlook the role of Nat Geo. They have been a major promoter of the Chinese theater since expedition no. 1 and continue to be a main contributor up to the present day. All the Geo groups including the Russians and Europeans are one body that was split into regional compartments.

It is also worth filing that the area is now restricted again and claimed to be a nuke testing site. This comes up more frequently than you may first think. It follows the same M.O. of lies propping up lies bc nukes are science fiction. Its playing out like a bad movie script. Nuke tests in the 60’s back when nobody had heard of this yet. Nukes are fake and today there is a trend being pushed called Red Tourism where people pay to go visit important nuke sites and reenact media sensationalized stories. I cover Brno, Czech Republic, they have an underground secret Russian nuke lab converted into a hotel for people so inclined to see such things. The thing is though it was so secret the whole time nobody even knew it was there until it was available for tourism in the 90’s. That bc they just built it. The whole thing is a novelty, part of the illusion spell. Secret underground Russian nuke lab. good one.

Brno connects to this article a second time as well, its great the way it works like that, happens all the time. There is a Moravian Anthropological Museum in the city that is home to a replica cave that was designed as a mock-up of the famous caves in France with the cave art painted on it. I didnt know thats where the replica was when I wrote the paper but I knew one existed. I couldve guessed thats where it would be, its that kind of place. Brno is like the road-side tourist trap but for the whole Earth.

 “I thought that the mummies were part of an elaborate hoax perpetrated to drum up tourism…my doubts gradually dissipated.”

Academic World Authority, Prof Mair, of Penn U
  • No.1-4 are petroglyphs found in the area. Looking awfully fresh too, Anything with some age wouldn’t stand out so much. I see an Iron Cross and sloppy swastika etched in the cliff, we’ll return to this.
  • No. 5-8 the mummies of the first expedition dont look nearly as attractive as the later rounds
  • No. 9 is a mask found at one of the sites. It is intentionally made Caucasoid features like chicken lips, brow ridge, round eyes… the nose? Well Jews have been hiding behind the Caucasian label for a long time now so I chalk it up to that. The whole exercise is about racism right, might as well throw that in there too.
  • No.10 the books say this is Grecian by design. Maybe. Ancient Greece is fake too so how TF am i supposed to know. Looks like more Viking knot-work to me, there is a thick Viking thread running thru this that the Normie gatekeepers dont want to say out loud but hey, Its All Fake.
  • No. 11 Just enough scrap of language to say it belonged to some obscure people thousands of years ago
  • No. 12 is one of many coins found all over the place in the region. Nothing like the fancy, detailed craftsmanship recalled by Marco Polio. Of course not, did you think it would? All I can see is what looks like an hourglass to me. i only chose one coin there was many with the same feature. All I know of hourglass symbolism is Father Time, Saturn. Lucifer. Surprisingly I haven’t seen as much Sun Cult symbolism as I thought
  • No. 13 Theres a word for this type of pattern, plaiting I think. It is identifiable by time period and location
  • No. 14 Iron Cross belt buckle. Well they dont admit it outright but like I said, theres a thick Nordic vein running through
  • No. 15 is self explanatory, why else would they put a Roman gladiator picture in with this group? Ancient Rome is fake

Ahh, so heres the thing about the hats. These people are finding hats all over the place and the official Marco Polio narrative is riddled with hat descriptions and it is an identifying feature to many of the characters, like one of the ginger kings is named Johnny 10-hats or something. Don’t quote me. Another lady is named the Witch of . Turn a hat upside down and what is it? The hat-making culture is the next step up from the basket weavers that were made up in the 4 Corners region of North America. Thats it. The fact that Polio goes out of his way to detail everybodies hats indicates the two are companion pieces.

The textile fragment cracks me up. Its a silk dragon, which is clearly supposed to represent China, but they can have it all in a single piece bc this is a 3800 year old mummy they found laying exposed in the middle of the desert. That would be too bold. So they rip it up into pieces but it still doesnt look old, now it just looks like strips of new fabric and the identifying parts of the dragon are cut so that they are the focal point of the item.

  • One of the hats is llabeled the Alpine hat of switzerland

Wheres My Mummy

Rechnically they’re not mummys, theyre dissicated corpses, which means they got preserved by the cold dry climate and saline content of the sand, still, you didnt think you were getting outta here without the One Eye symbol did you?

Sex Sells

Discovered in the 80’s by Chinese archaeologist named Wang and brought to the mainstream by Mary Mycio these are said to be the world’s oldest porn scenes. A giant bi-sexual/animal sacrifice/bestiality bas relief features masturbation and an ejaculation with a stream of babies coming out of the penis.

Mirrors a site found in Ukraine. Scientists dont say much about the connection but here it is more evidence of a small group of people setting up fake historic sites all over the world. The triangular bodies are easily identifiable, we’ll keep our eyes peeled. [1] [2]

Viktor Mair, a professor of Chinese language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the foremost experts on the mummies, writes that SRC5 was “a forest of phalluses and vulvas … blanketed in sexual symbolism.” The torpedoes were phallic symbols marking all the female graves, while the “oars” marking the male burials represented vulvas. Many female burials contained carved phalluses at their sides, and the mound also contained large wooden sculptures with hyperbolized genitalia. “Such overt, pervasive attention to sexual reproduction is extremely rare in the world for a burial ground,”

Its not a boat-shaped coffin anymore, its now a vulva representative

There are hundreds of fake sites throughtout the region, a competition of sorts has developed to see which can produce the most attractive mummy, a beauty pagant. The sexed up aspect is a modern twist. The people that plug the sex angle mention the oar-shaped headmarkers and boat-shaped coffin as symbolic genitalia and even bring up the wooden dummies buried alongside the bodies. These dummies they say are some kind of anatomically correct sex doll but thats all bullshit. I scoured all the original team member journals and there is no mention of wooden sex dolls (splinters?) In fact the opposite is true. These wooden companions are not anatomically correct and have no sex appeal I can see. The whole charade is designed to generate tourism money for the region and nothing sells better than sex. Looking at the original images taken by Hedin and crew they are far from the elaborate burials found later. They are just scattered about the surface not even covered with sand.

It appears to this researcher the original intent was to create a link with the Viking culture. Consider the boat and oar head-markers, the red bearded mummies, the burial mound, plus the fact the main guy is a Swede working for the Nazi’s I would say if you want to find out the significance of the wooden fuck-doll look at the fake Viking burials and see if there is an equivalent.

This is the burial mound were the first discovery was made. Modern scientist reevaluated the site and determine those are giant phallus symbols. Yeah that right, 13 ft cock.
Hold up. I just found this image, it was not in the first exepitions, which means it was inserted later as part of the sexy makeover. Somebody got a little carried away
These dolls found on the first trip were reassigned to Venus figurines.
These were found inside the womens coffins. The original group said these were part of a set used in the textile manufacturing process for making thread. Guess what the rebranded it today as? These are now the the ancient dildo collection. All this is an attempt to turn the site into a sex cult, a fertility ritual they call it. One mainstream academic institution has gone so far as to imply this could be a branch of the Amazonian Women tribes.
  • See Also: The famous Li-Bo Manuscript uncovered by the Otani Expedition
  • Ruins of Xiao He Mu, Gu Mu Gou, and Tie Ban He gravesites.
  • Noteworthy but irelevent is that Nat Geo was founded by eugenicist Alex G. Bell, also given credit for the telephone.
  • September 1991 discovery of Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old, perfectly preserved Iceman
  • Cave art replica at the museum in Brno
  • [1] cave paintings [2]

Japan. Catacomb Saints, Eat your Heart Out

sokushinbutsu monk

This is the cultural flavor of the same practice of …well, You’ll see

Nearly two dozen monks successfully went through the process of self-mummification. an alternative to suicide where the individual enters a state of prayer until his body preserves itself. I remember watching an episode on NOVA one time. (Spoiler alert, that means its fake)

Preying on the ignorant superstitious is the Dalai Lama favorite pastime.

Also from the Japanese Buddhist/Hindu schools:

By our buddy, Felice Beato. Some of his pictures are credited to Felice A. Beato, sometimes F. A. Beato. His brother was an early war photographer as well, named Anthony (sp) and modern his-storians just dont really differiantiate between the two and just give all the credit to Felice. This image is title “Japanese Cimininal Executions: 3 beheadings and a crucifixion”. Who knows the circumstances or who they really are. This one is genuine as far as I can tell.

Sven Hedin and the Nazi Connection

St Johns Arm, found in Sweden, matched cave art found in Nepal found by Hedin, who was from Swede

Leave it up the Swedes; when I saw his name I knew I was on the right path. Sven was a student of Nordie, the Viking family that displayed phony Mesa Verde artifacts in the Swedish Museum. *The Swedish Museum is part of the Nobel Prize Committee

The royal geo soc is one of the oldest cover groups for the reset. they are responsible for the mapping of the World. I’m sure somewhere who is controlling the DEW has maps from the Old World and who knows how useful they would’ve been anyway in a post mudflood world. The RGS are the ones that fill the positions of the University and museum level, from there they teach and recruit the next rung down, they are all fractal groups

After losing his camera in the desert in 1895 Sven Hedin had to solely turn to his sketch-book for such purposes. Sure.

Theres always a guy touching his chin like the ‘Thinking Man’. In 1936 Hitler invited Hedin to give the opening speech for the Olympic Games. The Olympics are a World Fair side-show tribute to fake ancient history, thats why he was invited. Look at his nose, his family openly admits they’re Jews.

Sven is the one that is credited with surveying the Great Wall of China for the first time, also mapping the route of Marco Polo. The best part about Marco Polo is he never existed, that means you can say whatever you want, you can change the narrative any time by inserting new evidence and expand the grid to fill in gaps in the narrative. Glitch in the matrix.

The biggest take-away here and possibly enough to blow the whole case is his affiliation with Hitler and the Third Reich. He and Hitler were homeboys, photogrpahed together numerous times. Not only that but the Reich Gov is the one that funded Svens fourth and final expedition. That means Hedin was working for the Nazis, even though his bio openly admits he’s Jewish. He even had written a book that was pro-german in the run up to the War so much that the Ministry of Propaganda wouldn’t allow it published in Britian without substantial changes, which he refused to do. The book was never released in England

Sven kept this detail hidden until he was 85 years old, he said only after tough negotiations with the Chinese was he allowed to enter on the condition a handful of Chinese representatives go along on the ride. The Chinese were concerned bc of the Civil War they had raging someone run off with their artifacts. Funny this was brought to the attention of the world by the University of Bonn. The University is one of the largest and most prestigious in Germany. Keep that for a bit, it’ll come back up.

“Meteorological observations were made on the way, maps were drawn, geographical observations were made, plants were collected, excavations were carried out at places where we came across ruins. Yes, we were, so to speak, a wandering university: 19 scientists,”

Sven Hedin, fake memoirs

Apologists and whitewashers dismiss this by pointing out that before the knowledge of the Camps broke to the outside many prominent people supported Hitler. We’ll have to take a closer look at this fourth party

These negotiations with Chinese authorities show full participation of all countries. A very important part of the Reset was in the beginning stages and required a group effort. The Chinese might have been an acute authority over the people but how much did they really know about their own land? Sven also did the surveying for their infrastructure, elements like roadways and train tracks and bridges and dams are all built by his recommendations. I dont believe that for one second, first off these features are all ancient artifacts, The rail road has always been there. That would mean that China was incapable of having their own land surveyed. Im sure in China the victims of their public education system are not taught that some Swedish Nazi is the person that laid out their countries infrastructure. I just dont see it. I’m sure they have a fake founding father just as every compartment does. So that tells us the his-story scripters plug one of their own. Just bypass all the fake founding fathers of China and pretend the Nazi did it. Lump all the bad guys together.

This could also mean that China is not that old, if they really didn’t have their own territory surveyed then it is only bc they themselves were NWO plants that had been set up just like all the other tribes. India is starting to appear as a local headquarters for the Reset Intelligence. Im sure thats why the fake natives are called ‘Indians’, it is just a blanket term to cover all the indigenous people that were supposed to be here but weren’t. India was the first and the largest fake settlement to establish before the repopulation. Early Orphan/Immigrants would’ve been told the East India Trading Company had been working for 200 yrs already. The first they heard of American Indians much later in the timeline. Whose to say China was not started in a selective breeding program and then the most obedient slaves and their kin forevermore were given leadership of the whole joint as long as they played within certain parameters. Either they are lying about China not surveying their own land, or they are lying about China as a world superpower. They went to the moon for fux sake.

At the end of the war, United States Army troops deliberately confiscated documents relating to Hedin’s planned Central Asia Atlas. The U.S. Army Map Service later solicited Hedin’s assistance and financed the printing and publication of his life’s work, the Central Asia Atlas. They didnt confiscate or solicit shit. Everyone was on the same team.

Sven was behind the CHinese building a model temple for the fair and giving a duplicate to the Ethnographical museum in Sweden

World Fair

Sven Hedin had a stucco fresco of the region he surveyed presented to the 1933 World Fair in Chicago, Century of Progress. Chicago was also home to the grandaddy of American World Fairs ‘The Columbian Expo”, this one is to mark the 100 anno of the founding of Chicago. Chicago is an Old World city, it was repopulated not founded… Maybe thats another play on words, someone found it alright, cuz it was just sitting there already built.

China participate in up to 25 International Expos from 1867-1904 but the content was always selected by a group called the Imperial Maritime Customs Service. The IMCS is said to be a collection agency, related to the IRS.

  • See Also: royal city of Loulan discovery. I think the word ‘discovery’ is a wordspell/mockery. if you dis-cover something it implies that it has been covered up, hidden, and now has been revealed. All these incidents are always labeled ‘discoveries’, the word is special, that what I’ve come up with so far.
Russian Pamir post 1895

Aurel Stein

Nearly 800 Chinese Lotus Sutra manuscripts were discovered  in a hidden cave in Dunhuang, China in 1900. They are thought to have been sealed there at the beginning of the 11th century. They are now part of the Stein Collection at the British Library. ‘Library Cave’ was found to contain 40,000 scrolls in Mogao cave 17 

Roughly dated from the 9th to 10th centuries, the artifact from the Stain Collection is catalogued as a ritual implement and comes from the ‘Library Cave’ (Mogao Cave 17), near Dunhuang. It was acquired by Sir Aurel Stein, along with many other manuscripts and objects, during his second Silk Road expedition in 1906-08.

link here

The back is illustrated with some fairly intriguing geometric patterns. Have you ever come across similar designs before? Do you know what they represent? They remind me of a stylised cross-section of a vajra, a ritual object otherwise known as the ‘thunderbolt’ or ‘diamond sceptre’. Quintessential in Tibetan Buddhism, it represents the fundamental nature of the enlightened state as unbreakable and indivisible.

The association to the vajra makes more sense if we consider the iconography on the other side of the implement. The front depicts a cross-legged figure drawn in black and painted in blue and green. The swirling blue scarves, various princely ornaments and oval halo behind his head indicate that he is a bodhisattva (being on the path of becoming a Buddha). Sitting on a lotus flower, he is holding a vajra in the right hand, close to his heart, and a ritual bell called ghanta in the left hand, against his hip. He is also wearing a tall two-tiered crown displaying five Buddhas. These attributes allow us to identify him as Vajrasattva, the ultimate Buddha.

Although it is not square, this object is actually similar to tsakalis or tsaglis, miniature painted cards used in modern Tibetan rites. Normally produced as thematic sets, such as the one in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (see here), they can be laid together to form a mandala, or function individually to evoke a specific deity. Some tsakalis have been known to possess a stick so as to be placed on a shrine or held up during the ritual.

The precise function of this implement remains unknown, but it must also have played a role during religious ceremonies. In the Vajrayana, ‘vehicle of the vajra’, followers must receive an appropriate initiation or ’empowerment’ before they are able to engage in the meditation practices derived from the tantras. One way to do this is to venerate Vajrasattva in order to purify the mind, so it is quite possible that the object presented here served such a purpose.

In conclusion, like some of the manuscripts found in the Mogao Caves, it is quite possible that our ritual implement originated from a community of tantric practitioners active in the region. Its exact function and iconography are still something of a mystery and I would be delighted to hear from anyone with any theories they would like to discuss.

-Partial academic study of Iron Cross artifact

Wang Tao-Shih

Discoverer and restorer of ancient Buddist sites

Kyaro Koto

Mentioned by Polio.

According to official history the Khara-koto site was first rediscovered by a Russian explorer named Botanin, who traveled through Inner-Mongolia in 1886 AD. The city was then visited a second time by Tsogt Badmajapov, a Russian explorer who had continued the work of Nikolai Przhevalsky in Mongolia and Tibet after his Death. Badmajapov only performed initial surveys, after which in 1908 a Russian expedition was sent off to the East to find the ruined city and seek archeological remnants and relics.
In 1909 AD, this expedition under leadership of the Russian explorer Colonel Pyotr Kuzmich Kozlov reached the ancient ruins and surveyed the site. Apart from the ancient walls of the fortified town, the scientists identified a sand buried Stupa, at some 400 meters outside of the City Walls opposite the Main Gate. Inside the Stupa lay a hidden treasure. Breaking inside Kozlov and companions found a large collection of scrolls, scriptures and art pieces.

vid Silk Road explorer Aurel Stein reached Khara-Khoto during his third Central Asian expedition in 1917 AD. Although the City was by then a deserted heap of ruins overblown by sand from the surrounding deserts, Stein surveyed the Khara-Khoto for eight days including archeological excavations (the findings from this research was incorporated in chapter 13 of Stein’s first volume of Inne

rmost Asia).
Finding the stupa which had hidden and preserved the documents found by Kozlov nearly completely destroyed, Stein still found over a 1000 historical artifacts among the ruins, most of which are now in Museums. Some of the most important finds were done among the garbage heaps of the deserted and ruinous city, revealing that Civilization at Khara-Koto had existed much longer than (westerners had) earlier thought. Inscribed pottery shards found by Stein reveal dates from the period of 1290 AD to 1366 AD. The texts derived from the Russian Expedition by Kozlov later revealed that the latest document among these was created in 1371 AD,  

In 1925 AD the Khara-Koto site was visited by an american art historian, the Harvard Professor and Museum Director Langdon Warner, who documented it in a series of Photos which are now stored at the Houghton Library at Harvard University. Once at Khara-koto, Langdon, a notorious or famous ‘Hunter’ of ancient relics and art who in 1924 AD had taken away a Boddhisatva Statue and a section of Mural dated to the Tang Dynasty Era (618 AD – 907 AD) from Cave 328 at the Mogao Caves at Dunhuang, found nothing of value

Folke Bergman, a young Svedish archeologist who worked closely with Sven Hedin, first travelled to Khara-Khoto in 1927, returning in 1929 and staying for a year and a half in the area. He made maps of Khara-Khoto and Ejin River area, surveyed watchtowers and fortresses, finding a large number of xylographs. Bergman noted that Kozlov’s and Stein’s visits were cursory and some of their published documentation was partially incorrect.

Sven Hedin and Xu Bingchang led a Sino-Swedish Expedition on archaeological excavations of the site between 1927 AD and 1931 AD. After Hedin John DeFrancis visited in 1935 AD.

Further Chinese excavations, the first in 1983 and the second in the succeeding season of 1984 by a team from the Inner Mongolian Institute of Archaeology under supervision of Li Yiyou, have produced some 3,000 more manuscripts. In addition to books, these excavations unearthed building materials, daily items, production instruments and religious art. Since then, archeologists have found many more ancient ruins and remnants in the vicinity of Khara-koto. Most noteably hundreds of muslim tombs

Xin Jang

At the end of the 19Th Century and in the beginning of the 20Th Century, the region of Xinjiang would become part of what today is often refered to as the ‘Great Game’ for Central Asia. During this period a variety of international explorers tried to reach the remote far western region, mapping, digging and recording as they went. Apart from several Russian explorers, the West was best reconnoitered by Sven Hedin and (Sir). Marcus Aurel Stein who left large volumes of historicly valuable information.

In the 1950’s, Xinjiang Uygur became the scene of large scale and secretive military works. Apart from the task of guarding the border and strenghtening infra-structure for the Peoples Liberation Army, the main purpose of the military activities in these far western region was the building and developing of a (almost) home-grown Chinese Nuclear program.
During the later stages of this development, the remote strecthes of the Taklamakan Desert on the border between GansuInner-Mongolia Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Autonomous Region were chosen as the best location for nuclear testing and related secretive military activity.
The first Chinese nuclear-weapons test site was located at Lop Nor, where in the 1960’s China’s first crude nuclear device was exploded.
Lop Nor is situated near the entrance to the historic Hexi corridor running down from the High North near Lop Nur and Dunhuang, wedging between two mountain ridges and bending around the Heights of the Qinghai Plateaux to descend down and end at Lanzhou.
This section is dry and arid and often windy, and consist of barren graveled lands and salt lakes. Rivers, formed by melting waters from nearby mountains cut across the plain, but waters rapidly flow downstream to end up in the Yellow River (Huang He) near Lanzhou.

1980 AD, construction
of the two top-secret US lectronic signal (SIGINT) monitoring sites in Xinjiang, one at Qitai and the other Korla
These listening posts were manned by Chinese Nationals trained by the US Government to monitoring Soviet missile tests and other communications, electronic signals that the americans were unable to aquire after the Iranian revolutionaries closed down
Tracksman 1 and 2 in Iran.
The Top-Secret listening Stations in Qitai and Korla apparently continued their electronic spying operations until the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1989 AD.

Bon, Ancient Proto-Buddhist Religion

Cult leader military intelligence plant HH Lungtok has his portrait hung in every room in the complex, like his homeboy, Chairman Mao

In 1994, he witnessed the long-awaited return visit to Tibet of the 33rd Menri Trizin, His Holiness Lungtok Tenpé Nyima. During this visit, the two would meet for the first time, and the future 34th Menri Trizin was able to take the 250 vows of a fully ordained monk from the 33rd Menri Trizin, who gave him the name Dawa Dargyal Wangpo. Thus it would come to pass that the 34th Abbot, named Dawa (“moon”), followed after the 33rd Abbot, named Nyima (“sun”), forming an auspicious connection like the moon proceeding in the path of the sun.

Bon Foundation

Bon is a religious cult set up by the International Industrial Complex Complex. Its a mockery of religion and a novelty, a curiousity is a better word. Its an art project from the art spook scriptwriters set up to be a tourism attraction. The mystique around it is the attraction. Its written to be as over the top complex as mystical as possible to fill hotel rooms. Furthermore it is all finacned by Univesity special interest groups and set aside by the Workd Bank. There is nothingmysterious about this place except how come nobody has called them out before me.

Crazy Bon hats look like they got a Spartan flair

The People of Menri are a religion and not a geographical location, includes thousands of adults and children from Tibet, Nepal, and other borderlands.  Over the past five decades, they arrived as orphans, monks, and nuns. They received secular elementary and secondary school education in a Tibetan school offering special Bon training. Many of them continue their education at the Bon Dialectic School and nearby universities. The leaders of the Bon were really military intelligence agents sent in to lay the infrastructure for the long game, a full on ancient, obscure religion set up as a remote World Fair exhibit. The religion is the modern relative of the mummies, minus the blonde braids and 13ft dildos.

The education system serves several purposes; recruitment, the teachers are always on the lookout for students displaying certain aptitudes; conditioning, the younger the better when it comes to training the normies to behave within certain confines. The children displaying aptitudes and the children with birth-right status are sent to Universities in the outside world. where they are trained for special assignments. The birth right system is worldwide and includes the same families that built the ruins inbetween outside expeditions, its the same here as the pueblo Indians of the SW that are forced to live there bc there imaginary boundary lines encompass the fake sites for protection.

Keep practiciing your One-Eye magick tricks young shaman, you aint deceiving shit

The cult leader is the 33rd successive imperial wizard with the prefix H.H., for ‘His Highness‘ but thats some shit, thats an 88 number drop like Heil Hitler. H.H. is remembered as the Master Builder that manifested the Shining City monestary. This serves as a command center for Special Ops and a hiding place for those that need such things. It also is a world tourist destination set up by the travel industry. You are not allowed to travel except for a few places which they have designated. They will tell you you may travel where ever you want just so you wont want to.

The women of Bon serve as nuns and live in a separate area. No fuckin means it is populated by orphans and…well, spooks. If you ever meet someone that has an ivy league education that started as a Bon orphan just walk away. Thats why its focus is so heavy on education, its an orphaned children “refuge”. The backdrop is the Chinese invasion of Tibet which is when the Bon monks fled into neighboring India and set up shop. This would be the same time and area that the CIA was running projects Barum, Bailey, and Circus.

The complex started out as mud huts, then a single structure was built, now a whole series of buildings serving as the world center of Bon, a gleaming campus of Tibetan-style temples, a library, a university, a medical school, housing for monks, and Redna Menling Nunnery. Interesting they chose a medical school; the name of the valley the complex is in translates into ‘the land of precious medicine’, I also noticed Ephedra had been inserted into the narrative in one of the bigger digs. Ma-Huang, a medicinal plant with potential recreational properties was found during a re-excavation

The Yungdrung is their swastika variation which could merit its own dedicated post. Some form or other has been inserted into just about every religion on earth. Recently it was given a bad rep but the Bon still flaunt it openly. Any religion or tradition that use it is a fractal of the others. This alone blows just about all the mainstreet religions out of the water and all the peripheral obscure ones too

Theres even an online store where you can purchase genuine Bon mustneeds, like prints by Norbu Wangyal, a student who grew up at Bon Children’s Welfare Center, went on for continued education, and has now become a professional artist; a purse made from recycled monk robes (their only worldly possession); or a stained glass yungdrung, each for $108. or the big one for $180. Aces and Eights for days

Take in the energy of thousands of prayers while recycling this sacred material

Monk bag sales pitch

Along with the swastika stained glass panels on sale for 108$ you can sponsor a Bon child for 400$ per year. Boys are sent to the Bon Children’s Welfare Center and Girls to the Redna Menling Nunnery, both in the Menri complex. All children attend the nearby Central School for Tibetans. The Bon Foundation forwards all children’s sponsorship money and donations to the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center (YBMC), a non-profit foundation under the leadership of the Abbot H.H. Menri. 

Visitors to Tibetan settlements in India are required by the Government of India to have a Protected Area Permit (PAP) in addition to a visa. This includes Menri Monastery in Dholanji, India. The theme is split up into different countries so each one gets a piece of the tourism pie.

Bon supposed stem directly from Shambala, making it older than Buddhism. Its fake founding father was born 18,000 yrs ago and his descendants can still be found in the temples today.

In general, Buddhism is not overly concerned with the direction  the swastika turns. This is not true for the Bon religion, however, where the left-turning yungdrung is the principal symbol of the religion, and a right-turning yungdrung has no meaning. The word is also part of the official name of the religion, Yungdrung Bon—”Everlasting Truth.”

The yungdrung is also a commonly found in the hands of Bon teachers and deities in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It is even used for religious hats and seats, carpets, and for marking the bottom of Bon sculpture. Since ancient times, the yungdrung has been one of the more common etchings in pictographs and petroglyphs of the western Himalayas and Tibet.

The Tibetan Kapala is a carved skullcap taken from an already deceased monk and used for ritual offerings for thousands of years.

Not really. The first ones were brought back by the SS Shaffer Expedition in the 30’s. Modern price tags in the thousands offer an explanation why scammers make them for shock value.

Ancient Swazzies, Modern Politics

In 2022 a centennial column was designed to celebrate 100 years of the construction of the government building where the first Constitution of India was signed. The 8 sided obelisk features a tree with one leave for each original 331 signers and the top is sided by the symbol of the local government. There was only token opposition that was more upset the usual symbol was replaced, the Sunwheel, called the Ashoka Chakra. This comes at an end of centennial celebrations drawn out over the last decade starting in 2012.

The province of Bihar and Orissa came into being on March 22, 1912 after the 1911 Delhi Durbar announcement by British monarch King George V. After that a series of buildings were built to house the new government. His-story books still applaud the workers that got the buildings complete before the government was even finished being sorted out! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, the buildings were finished WAAAYYY before the proxy Indian government was created by illegitimate binding contract ritual magick. These were all the regional Old World buildings that were co-opted by the Inheritors and given to their local recruits to be passed down generationally, same template as every case in the world

The final product did wind up including the Swats, albeit much smaller than the model, but nobody over there seems to notice, they have been groomed since birth and consider the Germans to have hi-jacked their ancient politico-religious sigil. The artist that designed the monument is know for living all his life in the slums, a rags to riches story of an artist. (another universal template puke). This is relevent in our investigation bc it proves the same hidden hand string pullers are still running the show

The centenary pillar — Shatabdi Smriti Stambh. The size difference between the model and the real thing tell that it was all part of the hype.The model had the swazzies so big for the cameras to cause conversation but the final product just included a relatively small centerpiece.
This was the old sigil for provincial gov. Look familiar?

This is the two-dimensional facsimile. Translations are lacking, I can tell the service I use isn’t very fluid with Hindi so IDK, they call them prayer beads, but I know the real reason is they are representatives of the laural ‘Victory’ wreathes most common in ancient Rome and the French Revolution.

The name of the building is the Bihar Legislative Assembly


Archaeological Survey of India

Aside from the rock art there is a high number of mountain palaces/monasteries. Most are all similar in design and maintained or being ‘preserved’ by the Archaeological Survey of India. The ASI is a branch under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture charged with preservation and promotion of art and culture of India. Most recently the Ministry tasked itself with establishing a library and recovery of stolen ancient relics. Ahh, thats a good one. They can come up with anything and attached some Indiana Jones plot script in order to sell museum tickets and document the whole thing in their own library. The ministry has splintered itself into dozens of bodies that claim autonomy but each one serve the same master and plays the same end-game.

The ASI claim to be a faction of the India government but are composed and founded by all the same prominent families that are everywhere. A proper review will come at a later date but for now the take-away is they were founded in 1861 by a Cunningham (cunning- adj, Marked by or given to artful subtlety and deceptiveness) Cunningham was a member of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers, specifically the Bengal Engineer Group, which was a military group under command of the East India Trading Company.

Pre-history of the study of India was done by the Asiatic Society in the late 1700s, they deciphered and translated ancient Sanskrit and Persian texts, like the Bhagavad Gita in 1785. The late 1700’s is a period I call the living memory. Even though it was before the start of the current timeline it still seems close enough so that the first orphans would think that their fathers and grandfathers were alive at the time, and it explains why everything is in such undeveloped form. Nothing was translated at this point, that is when it was written. language makers invented the texts and called them ancient and then spent the next half century pretending to be figuring out what they say.

The formation of the ASI also includes funding by Lord Lawrence in 1871. The Lawrence’s were a big time name in the textile manufacturing capital “Mill Island” where the Bread and Roses strike was staged. This family had the birth-right status high enough to be shot-callers in India as well.

In 1892 an announcement would be made that funding would be withdrawn and the ASI shutdown unless big discoveries were made. The great “discoveries” were indeed made with the March 1895 discovery of the Nigali Sagar inscription, a Nepalese site, or sites would be better as this was a series of monuments called the Pillars of Ashoka will multiple languages inscribed on them. This is regurgitated Rosetta Stone narrative mixed in with the Obelisks of Egypt or Victory Columns of Ancient Rome. (More on that later)

Funding was thereby based on the success of the years’ dig so as you can image the one-upmanship continued for years afterward until about 1898 when the director, Alois Fuhrer, was called out and admitted to passing off fake artifacts.

Things picked back up around 1902 when a young Cambridge grad J. Hubert Marshall (Hubbard, Marsh) was appointed as director. Marsh led the discovery of the Indus Valley civilization at Harappa and Mohenjodaro in 1921. Those two sites are the ones shown on Ancient Aliens and Histories Mystery’s all the time that show nuke evidence or vanished without a trace, they appear that way bc they are fake sites.

In 1944 Director-General was passed over to M.Wheeler who stayed just long enough to oversee the shuffling of boundaries as territories were reorganized and Pakistan was created as a separate country. Meanwhile during this period he excavated the site of Arikamedu and the Stone age sites of Brahmagiri, Chandravalli and Maski, all in the same geographical proximity of each other in Southern India.

Wheeler is the same guy that pulled the expeditions through the Grand Canyon and Pueblo Cliff Dwellings, well obviously not the exact same guy but these are multi-generational family based projects, we see the same names and orgs running the same cons everywhere on the whole Earth. The cliff-dwellings of America were overseen by engineering corps but most likely built by real Red-skins that still inhabit the area today, Im sure if you looked at each site in India you would find the same patterns. Not only that but the original Indian Army Corps of Engineers was installed by the East India Trading Company, it wasn’t even Indian, it wasn’t White either, the EITC were open Crypto-Jews.

The shuffling of national boundaries was in 1947, just in time for the Chinese invasion in 1950, which was even more shuffling and turmoil. When you are looking at the history of ancient sites dont focus only on the precise site itself, pay attn to the surrounding area, violence is one of the things to keep on the lookout for. This not only keeps people out of the area but causes confusion to the point where nobody is certain who even controls the area or what country it belongs to. The Chinese, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Tibet all pretend like they are separate entities and hold proxy military engagements but they are all working together as one entity to pass off the fake history long game. China was set to play the bad guy at the very beginning, they aren’t anybody, they didn’t even survey their own roads for fux sake.

  • Many of Cunninghams relics were purchased by the British Museum. So far I havent found a single authentic artifact displayed by them.
  • Cunningham’s name was Alexander, I notice a pattern Alexander the Great, the Library of Alexandria, photographer Alexander Gardner. The name Alex. is on the radar. (its all context)

Alois Anton Führer and the Lucknow Museum

B. Nov 26, 1853. d. Nov 5 1930. Anytime around Thanksgiving is a trigger, maybe thats why it doesn’t fall on the same day every year, it just has to be close, get it? Also Nov 5, Guy Fawkes (Fox, the trickster, Cunning) day, you know, Remember, Remember the Fifth of November. Fawkes was a Jesuit agent, I mean, he never really existed but in the narrative he is written in as a Jesuit.

Well, Fuhrer started out as a Sanskrit teacher at St Xavier Institute around 1880. St X is a Jesuit school, any place or figure named Xavier is a Jesuit. Loyola and Ignatius are the same. Its their fake founding fathers; one of the charter members of the Jesuit Order was named Xavier, homeboys with Ignatius Loyola. X is not an uncommon name, when you see it it means they are Jesuits. These are the OG missionaries, the mission is inserting a fake narrative history. This Fuhrer guy isn’t off to a good start.

Originally born in Germany, he was appointed as a teacher of Sanskrit at St Xavier’s Institute in Bombay, most likely bc his teacher was a teacher of Sanskrit and got him the position. In 1882 he published 2 lectures on Hindu law for the Royal Asiatic Society, which later came out to be plagiarized. In 1884 he dropped out of the Catholic church, returned to Germany and applied for a position in Lucknow, India. Ok, so, in real life Jesuits dont get to just change their mind and drop out. In 1885 he was back in India as curator of the regional museum.

The provincial/state museum of Lucknow had only been established for 20 years, According to Nornie history Lucknow had come out of the independence revolution. The East India Trading Company controlled the area until 1857 there was a major battle called the Siege of Lucknow. This is total fake history. Just like the American Revolution it is a cover story for the Reset. Every independence revolution for that matter.

I have images said to be of the Lucknow siege a few chapters down. This was no simple battle. A battle of which is said to come behind a series of wars called the Anglo-Sikh Wars. The damage is so bad they need two fake wars to cover for it. The main thing I look for is vegetation growth and travel accessibility. If there are mature trees growing through a rubble pile and all the road ways are free of debris chances are it has been that way for a long time.

They might trick you but they aint tricking me. I gather my work from multiple sources and cross check everything. Fact check me.

The British put down the rebellion and are the ones blamed for destroying the building. (create a strawman target, promote insert racism). The building was considered a NGO (non government org), by NGO they mean NWO. This means the museum dealing in all the fakes isn’t tied to a nationality, they are covering the States ass. Like using a front cpmany to avoid freedom of information acts (FOIA, as if those were real), this creates plausible deniability. lol, the NGO was an American golfing club, they had a private golf club and the museum together in the same place. It was only a museum in history books.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has been associated with the building since the Reset as well. Today they are an autonomus entity with fractal entities of the same name in S. Africa and Australia. Pharmacutical R&D, Big Pharm, these are the guys that experiment new vaxxeens on the primitive cultures they created at the World Fairs just for this reason, a guinea pig class. This is how the NWO got where they are. They stole it The Reset is real, asshole, deal with it and move on.

The collection housed at the golf clubhouse was moved to its current location in 1883, when Fuhrer arrived. No sources would tell who the own of the building was but their virtue-signalling always gives them away. When I looked to see who the donation of artifacts came from at the time of the relocation they were quick to say it was a generous Abbott, not the priest kind, the Abbotts are one of the bankster families that are in charge of the Federal Reserve still today. Big Pharm, International Banksters, museum of fraudulant artifacts, all under the same roof.

These are the people that are really pushing the fake narrative from day 1 of the repopulation. Fuhrer didn’t stop being a Jesuit just like he didn’t apply for the curatorship. He was specifically groomed to be a museum gatekeeper of false antiquities to support the new fake timeline. Thats why he was outed later. He wasn’t outed either. He knew he was going down at the beginning. Of course he dealt in fakes, they are all fakes. Now there is plausible deniability, any artifact that gets challenged can be brushed aside.

The makers of the artifacts of India really sexed up the female imagry. The American Indian art is nowhere near as provacative. The inscription reads: “In the year 33 of the Maharaja, the Devaputra Huvishka, on the 8th day of the 1st summer (month)…” You’re right, that’s what it says.

The first curator of the museum, archeologist Dr. A.A. Fuhrer was appointed on 30 March 1885 (3/30). Fuhrer’s expertise and interest in the field of archeology was reflected in his first contribution to the collection of the museum, excavation at Kankali Mound at Mathura in three consecutive periods— 1888–89, 1889–90 and 1890–91. All the excavated antiquities recovered from the site were relocated to the erstwhile Provincial Museum.

The museum undertook other important excavations including one at Ahichchatra in 1891–92, the 1912–12 at Kasia and subsequent excavations at Indor Khera, Sankisa, Unchgaon and Astabhuja. These excavations and subsequent collections from the same contributed to the important Archeological section of the museum

Ministry of Truth

Every one of those places is fake, that means so is all the artifacts said to be from there.

Plus, he only gets busted for plagiarism. This suggests that everything he said was correct, just that he wasn’t the one that said it. This is the lowest err on the spectrum and involves only himself. Its not like he pleaded guilty to staging a mock excavation, which would throw the system under the bus.

Expedition to Nepal in 1886

In 1896

  • Felice Beato was the first photographer to devote himself entirely to photographing in Asia and the Near East. He photographed in Japan, India, Athens, Constantinople, the Crimea, and Palestine. He settled in Yokohama and from 1863 to 1877 made hundreds of ethnographic portraits and genre scenes in Japan. He opened a business in Burma.

Source [1] [2]

Pillars of Ashoka

So far to date up to 30 pillars have been discovered, these are the finds that saved Fuhrer’s career and then ruined it as he was caught plagarizing Cunninghams research papers. The pillars are in varying stages of ruin with only one, the Pillar at Vaishali, being in pristine condition. Modern academics like to discuss possible inspirations for the phallic symbols as they share atributes with other cultures that are thousands of miles apart. Maybe we can save them alot of time and effort by just telling them straight up that they’re all fake and the same people that made these pillars are the same people that made up the other cultures as well.

Top image: Abacus of the Allahabad pillar, with lotuses alternating with “flame palmettes” over a bead and reel pattern.
Bottom image: A quite similar frieze from Delphi, Greece.
Above: Both lions from present day Iran but separate locations and time periods. All sites share simiale features that indicate a common source, instead of an over complicated attempt to explain this I put forth a small group from a prestigious elite art academy is responsible, making only slight changes to a standard template.
Left image: Vaishali lion of Ashoka. Right image: Relief of a lion at Nineveh, Babylon.
Top Left: Lion Capitol of Ashoka features animals joined at the rear resting on lotus bell.
Top right: Joined horses from the Persian Empire on a lotus bell

Below left: Delphi column topped with Sphinx capitol. Bottom right: Pillar of Ashoka at Sarnath

Winged Lion of Venice, showing an admixture of all parties mentioned above.

In 1950, three years after Indian independence, the lion capital at Sarnath was adopted as the emblem of the Republic of India, with the lions representing virtues such as pride, power, courage and confidence. The inverted lotus bell has been omitted, and the motto ‘Satyameva Jayate, meaning “truth alone triumphs,” is inscribed in Devanagari script below the abacus. The original lion capital is now preserved at the Sarnath Museum, near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

“Truth Alone Triumphs”, Ok good, as long as we’re all on the same page you cant get butthurt when I call you out

  Kolhua :- The Excavations conducted by Archaeological Survey of India have unearthed remains of  Kutagarshala, a Swastika-shaped monastry, a tank, cluster of votive stupas, miniature shrines, main stupa and the Ashokan Pillar.  The main components of structure and the antiquity belonged to the period ranging from Maurya ( 3rd Century B.C.) to post Gupta (7th Century A.D.).

FIRST REPUBLIC: It was the capital city of the Vajjian Confederacy of Mithila, considered one of the first examples of a republic in the world, around the 6th century BCE.

Lord Buddha visited Vaishali frequently and at Kolhua, he preached his last sermon. Emperor Ashoka, in the third century B.C. erected one of his famous lion pillars here. It is one of the best-preserved of the Pillars of Ashoka, topped by a single Asiatic lion.

The pillar locally known as “Lat” is 11.00 meters high monolithic polished sand stone column surmounted by a seated lion capital. It is probably one of the earliest pillars of Ashoka and does not bear the usual edict. But a few letters in shell characters of Gupta period are engraved on it.

The brick stupa was erected to commemorate the event of offering honey to Buddha by the monkey chief. It was originally built during Mauryan period (323 B.C. to 232 B.C.)

Jainism, too, has its origins in Vaishali. It was here in 599 BCE the 24th [and last] Jain Tirthankara, Bhagwan Mahavira was born and brought up in Kundalagrama in Vaishali republic. He lived in Vaishali till he was 22. This makes Vaishali a pious and auspicious pilgrimage to Jains.

The city finds mention in the travel accounts of Chinese explorers, Faxian (4th century CE) and Xuanzang (7th century CE), which were later used in 1861 by British archaeologist Alexander Cunningham to first identify Vaishali with the present village of Basrah in Vaishali District, Bihar.

Antiquities like beads of semi precious stone, terracotta figurines, seals and sealing, bricks embedded with semi precious stone, inscribed potsherd and an unique terracotta figure of crowned monkey found during the excavations of the site are kept on display for visitors in the local site museum run by ASI.

Vaishali was nominated to be a UNESCO World Heritage site as one of the Silk Road Sites in India in 2010 .


The site is located in the heart of the Patna. It is a chance finding. In 1991, during digging a foundation for multi-storeyed commercial building by Bihar state Government authorities few terracotta antiquities recovered by the labourers. It created a curiosity among the archaeologists and thus this office has been asked to conduct a trial excavation for proper investigation of the site.


L.P. Tessitore (1916-17), Aurel Stein (1940-41) and A. Gosh surveyed this area and identified the archaeological importance of this region. The excavation work at Baror added new chapter in the study of Harappan Civilization.   


Jainism, along with Buddhism and Hindu, are the three religions inserted into the region that are basically the same thing with minor differences. I’m sure many people would argue, its like how all Christian factions are basically the same thing. Their sigils give them away every time. Supposedly this flag was accepted at a world convention in 1974 as their universal symbol on their 2500th anniversary. How they managed to keep the same calendar as everyone else for that long is amazing by itself. The core belief is reincarnation. It would be entirely too easy if this was kept as a single religion, these are the compartmentalists we are talking about. They broke it up into three main branches, this means each temple has sections dedicated to each sect and all the cave complexes each have there corresponding sections as well, each section having its own isolated history. All this ado is to break up the outline and hide the fact they are all made up by the same people. You probably have noticed a trend here. Im not a big fan of the swazzie as a sigil of hate… or any capacity really but its necessary to show the language of symbols that most people fail to recognize. This is not evidence that the same symbol was used for thousands of years all over the world, its evidence that the same group of people traveled around the world and made these cultures and religions up and inserted them into the narrative and the local population.

Case in point:

This is a 1917 currency from Russia, the Bolsheviks did away with all things Russian, including this piece. It shows all the connections. Plus, I don’t think it would considered a conspiracy theory in Normieville to say the Jews control the Central Bank. Sure, dif regions might print currency thats specific to their language and featured characters, every land has their own fake founding fathers on their own money, but there is only one central bank, thats why its called a ‘Central’ bank, duh.
The double-headed Phoenix and Swastica of the Jainist religion are also featured on the Russian bill in 1917. This is not a ‘Who had it first?’ post, its a ‘They are all on the same team’ post.
Look behind the numbers, what do you see? Thats right, its the same knot-of-many-names from the cave art in Tibet and also the Arms of St John found in Sweden.

Cave art from 1904 Younghusband Expedition; the same wall also featured swastikas.

Since here seems like the right place, I’ve been looking to find a place to include some artifacts at an art museum in Corfu, Greece. If you read my essay on the Winged Lion symbol this might make more sense.

Briefly, the winged lion is a representation of the changing of the guard. Its the new ‘World Order’, and anywhere its found was, or still is a seat of power. One of those places is a tiny island in Greece I’d never heard of before, Corfu. Corfu was home to a once-great civilization of urban canals and dual starforts at the harbor entry. On google earth it shows a blurred out area in the rear of one of those starforts which turned out to be an Asian art museum. Kinda strange to blur out something like that huh? Well, Asian history is just as fake as Corfu history and the search for the Winged Lion began with the pillars of Ashoka so it is not inappropriate. Even though it was blurred on one page I found a complete archive of all its contents. Not much details of the location of where the artifacts originated but the important part is the symbols.

Flag symbolism

Since we’re on the subject of flags, now would be a good time to mention the flag of India itself. Common color and pattern layout, the center design is the Dharmachakra wheel that is the same one found on all the fake sites dug up by the ASI. The first one dug up on the Lion of Ashoka pillar became the National emblem. Its a 24 spoke variation of the flag but is also common with 12 or 8 spokes as the wheel by itself in Indian art. It doesn’t matter so much as to how many spokes as to the context

The Dharmachakra in turn is called a Chi-rho, the Wheel of Shamash, the Sun Wheel and many others, depending on who the local pagans are.
It is very similar to the Gypsy flag, with 16 spokes. intersetingly, the Gypsys incorporate ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Indian influence into their own culture, all of which are modern fabrications.

This is also the Wagon Wheel thats featured so prominently in American folk-art thats used as a symbol of the Westward Expansion.

Tilaurakot, Kapilavastu

Home of one of the Pillars

Capital of a state in Nepal mentioned in the ancient texts, supported by ancient Chinese texts. The first modern attempt to the capital was in 1858 by Dr Lassen, seconded by Mr. MS Julien. Again in 1863 by Cunningham, later in 1876 by his assistant Mr Carlleyle. Finally some coins and pottery chards were discovered in 1889. Dept of Archeology supervised the excavation unearthed the whole village complex, they found rooms for blacksmith that made war stuffs and coins and kitchenware in one spot, several stupas, terracotta figures.

In 1896, Nepalese archaeologists (led by Khadga Shamsher Rana and assisted by Alois Anton Führer) discovered a great stone pillar at Lumbini. Führer postulated that the pillar was placed at the site by Ashoka (emperor of the Maurya Empire). It was the later archeological dig in the 1920s that led to the discovery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997,

The interesting part is the ancient Chinese texts mention a Hindu temple on the site, which can be found today still occupied. This means the hindu temple was made to confirm what the texts said, a two-fer. The ruins of the Buddist structure accompanied by the Hindu temple, all in a forged Chinese pilgrim travelogue.

c1905. This is a pic label ‘rediscovery’. its a bad photoshop. Its too clean. the wet sand around it was a nice touch but it too looks fake. The artifacts just laying around are all museum pieces. Its the only dig I’ve seen with fully intact museum quality pieces just laying around. Most of all its the shadows that dont add up. The lions are pointed to 11 o’clock, none of the other pieces even have shadows. The base layer photo is probs real. Its either a staging area or they are constructing it and not excavating it.

Artist Created the Cave Temples

A survey of the art institutes in early India and the adoption of the Lion Chakra as the national sigil would start with Abanindranath Tagore, it was he who determined to use the Ashoka capital as the National Emblem. He was given the royal title of Companion for his contributions to British India, founded the “Indian Society of Oriental Art”, was the first proponent of the system of self-rule made famous by Ghandi. He also founded the Bengal School of Art, we have mentioned briefly that the Bengals were the first survey teams and were an extension of the East India Trading Company.

Tagore learned art from the Government School of Art, the Sanskrit College in Calcutta during the 1880’s, and later at the St. Xavier College as a special student. St Xavier was the Jesuit school connected to the scammer Fuhrer, the is given credit for discovering the original Pillar of Ashoka even though he later admitted to faking a bunch of other stuff.

In 1890, Abanindranath attended the Calcutta School of Art where he learnt to use pastels from O. Ghilardi, (Gulliard) and oil painting from C. Palmer, European painters who taught in that institution.

Around 1897 he took lessons from the vice-principal of the Government School of Art, (it is the same institution as Calcutta School of Arts)

Tagore also is noteworthy for his name, which this is a good opportunity to introduce another character by the same name, his uncle, the poet and New World Agent that I first became acquainted with as eugenicist Margaret Sanger and Helen Keller’s contact in India. The uncle, Rabindranath Tagore, founded a public institute of higher learning, starting first as a single unit and elvolving into a full University.

The name is spelled Visva-Bharati which means the “communion of the world with India.” I aint even trying to pronounce it.

The motto of the institute translates roughly into “Where the world makes a home in a single nest.” So, two fancy ways of saying New World Order.

The whole family are nazi’s, thats why him and Sanger got along so well.

The Tagores got their start by Rabindranath’s old man, born around the year 1800 into a wealthy family, this means he was of the Reset class, not the Inheritors. Devendranath was one of the founders of an early Hindu sect called BRAHMO SAMAJ. They traveled back and forth between Bengal and the British Royal Court where it is claimed he “advocated the ideals of the French Revolution” (the F.R. is an allegory for the Reset) and developed the Hindu branch of the One World Religion, and also pledged to work toward a “world-wide republic” you can read more about the early fathers of the religion here and here. The thing worth pointing out here is they are known to have traveled to Tibet in “chasing the Mystery Schools” around the beginning of the 1800’s. If you remember Tibet wasn’t breached by anyone from the outside until at least the late 1800’s so this indirectly challenges that timeline. Reading the sigils, he was not chasing the Mysteries as much as he was inserting them. Or, they never existed at all and it is just a way scriptwriters can connect the two places. This is your Bon connection.

Lets go back to Abanindranath and his Oriental Art Society. (History wants to distinguish between this and the school in Paris of the same name, of course they would, they are the same) The Society was founded in Calcutta in 1907, but sponsored by a group of European elites, many from Sweden.

It organised art exhibitions, taught students, and published high-quality reproductions and illustrated journals. Meetings were held in the Government Art rooms at the school and sometimes in the rooms of the Asiatic Society. The Society subscribed to a series of art magazines which were distributed to members.The Society won notability for the first time by joining the London India Project, The Indian Society had other new Exhibits made from the frescoes in the Ajanta caves The Indian Society nominated two eminent artists, Nandalal Bose and Asitkumar Haldar, to go to the caves and for several months under the direction of an English artist, Lady Herringham, who was a copyist. Copies of Italian frescoes. Work from the group of artists were later used by the India Society in London and enjoyed great popularity. admired by the press in Europe.

In addition to color reproductions by Indian painters, the Indian Society regularly publishes excellent photographs of outstanding Indian paintings by Dr. Johnston & Hoffmann, Calcutta, a Society-sponsored photography firm. If any Hoffman is involved there can only be one angle. These would be the photographers that made up photoshop pics of the sites.

But the work of the Society received a real boost from the generous patronage of the then Governor of Bengal, with the help of large sums of money provided from public funds, the Society was able to create a home of its own by renting the Hindusthan Insurance Building on Hogg Street, where a school of painting and sculpture is located. The spacious floor and large walls of the hall provided a magnificent display space and evoked a fascinating and mystical atmosphere of Indian culture. (Thats bc they were making artifacts to be used at ancient sites)

The first President was the Earl Kitchener. Kitchener was born into a military family, served in the Crimean War, which we already know was a fake, so the claims he also served in the Boer War in S Africa we can assume the same thing. in 1871 he was commissioned to the Royal Engineers and surveyed parts of the Middle East and Egypt. Kitchener will be a good springboard for looking into Egpyt.

Here is Kitchener in the first military propaganda poster of its kinda with the outstretched finger copied the world over, esp in America with Uncle Sam.

Kitchener was a media invented war hero during a colonialist period. Colonialism is a cover for the Reset.

Lady Herringham was inspired by the British Museum to get copies of the frescos of the caves of Ajanta. She had the help of the local authority of the region the caves were located in. The caves were “rediscovered” in the mid 19th century, my fav trigger word.

  • The Asiatic Society connects to Japan and China, it was an international project, collaborators from every land were meeting here to learn and teach.
  • the Boer war utilized the Scorched Earth Policy to eradicate all people and all traces of people in an the largest region so far, this means there was no people there to begin with

Source, 2,

Fred Henry Andrews ran the Mayo School of Art, these would be the guys that created the physical manuscripts and did the interior decorating of the cave walls, them or a fractal group with a new name to provide cover. The Pundits of India were always on the periphery bc they were the ones doing all the grunt work. Check for art school partners from elitist institutions, this is who made the temple complexes

Aurangabad district, Maharashtra

This whole state is further compartmentalized into a vast series of temple/cave complexes. There also is several palaces and structures within urban areas that dont match the timeline and somehow managed to survive the revolution unscathed

Olde World Architecture

These are the real Reset structures, not the rubber stamp faux religious temples, although some temples in a modern setting appear to be old-world but their backstory is false, I tried to stay away from those but I should warn you for your own notes to be mindful of urban temples. The all-fake temples are built away from civilization just to keep them isolated.

Human Zoo’s for Slave Populations

In the image above it shows men throwing bodies onto a pyre it claims for sanitation reasons. In the 1890’s a plague broke out which eliminated much of the population. This is highly doubtful. Much like today, a plague gave the opportunity to restrict travel and explain population numbers. If there were really mass casualty events it was human introduced.

Fake Tourist-Trap History Cave Complex

So the thing about these places is is they leave the viewer is awe and wonder but that is the trap. These were dug out before the start of the repopulation, during the period betwwen the reset event and the start of modern timeline history. They are not relics from the Old World though. The intent is to draw attn away from the real artifacts, keeping the focus here, like, “How did they do that?”, that way nobody is paying any mind to the structures like the ones above that the narrative says were done in only a couple years with nothing more than a donkey and cart.

All caves systems, while breathtaking at first glance all have the same cookie-cutter features. The amount of energy required to make just one hand-cut cavern suggests these were done before the repopulation. However, they are not near as old as the brochure claims, meaning, I thought originally they were existing and the Reset Order just scratched their name on it but now I am sure they were fabricated from wholesale bullshit, meant to serve as tourist trap history spots only. These 3 systems each have the influences of the European Cathedrals with the high vaulted arched ceilings and center alter. Each system is in its own little compartment and completely isolated and unrelated to each other site. Even with identical architectural elements they are not supposed to be connected. The other feature they share is the highlighting of hips and boobs on the female sculptures. Each complex also has 3 independent sites, one each for Jains, Buddhists, and Hindu’s. These comprise the Asian trifecta of the Judaeo/Christian and Islam mainstream religions in the West

Ajanta Caves

Approximately 30 man-made caves cut into the cliff face contain some of the most well know examples of Buddhist cave art and sculpture on Earth. A UNESCO World Heritage site and under jurisdiction of the ASI.

The caves are mentioned by traveling Chinese pilgrims, just like in other narratives of fake sites, not only that, its the same exact pilgrim, Faxian, that Hedin and the Silk Road crew were following up on his discription to find the Lop Lou sites. The fact that the caves are in the ficticious travelogues of imaginary characters could mean either the whole complex is recent fake or just the history and discovery is faked.

The Caves were covered by jungle until accidentally “discovered” and brought to Western attention in 1819 by a colonial British officer Captain John Smith (lol, for reals) on a tiger-hunting party. The sites were well known to the natives so Smith recruited some to help clear the entrance where he scratched his name and year into the surface. This is more recycled script from Chaco Canyon/Mesa Verde. Furthermore anyone name John Smith is not to be trusted, think Jamestown and the fake map. This is a conglomeration of all the UNESCO sites we have covered so far.

Above: oil painting from Moscow from 1874. The earliest photo I could find was 1849 but the first real photo survey was 1897. Right: This image from the roof inside one of the caves. This is shown as evidence that the rock the caves were formed from volcano lava. All I am sure of is whatever they say is a lie. Volcanoes are not what they appear to be either.

Kanheri Caves

Aurangabad Caves

I’m beginning to grow fond of India’s religious iconography. I can’t quite put my finger on it…

War of Indian Independences covers all land and all destruction. Same as the cultural revolution in China. All war serves the Reset

Ellora Caves

Deowara cave, 1880’s
If its on the currency it is deception
These are carved from a single piece of bedrock and while they are amazing feats of engineering unto themselves they are misdirection, a World Fair project completed in advance.

Barabar Caves

Oldest hand cut caves in India. pic 1870. Swazzies

Kailasa Temple

Seven new caves found in 2017


This site here was found accidentally by two random hikers after a rainstorm washed 10,000 years of dirt off the surface. I guess that kind of thing happens all the time in India, at least according to the folks at the Smithsonian it does. All confirmed by the ASI.

Jammu/ Kashmir


In speaking of petroglyphs and rock art I found a representative case in Ladakh, Buddist Northern India. It is really only separated by imaginary borders meant to break up the region so that its spread out between several countries so each can get a share of the tourist industry.

It was not until the beginning of the 1900s that the petroglyphs of Ladakh were scientifically recorded by the Moravian missionary, August Hermann Francke during his stay in Ladakh. We have cover several Frank hoaxsters already so he’s not off to a good start. On top of that he’s a missionary, and specifically Moravian. This ties him to the Czech World Heritage sites and the Moravian’s were among the first missions in Cherokee country on the East Coast. Franks include Anne, the case that was proven a fraud in both German and American Supreme Courts, and Leo, the graphic torture murder art project.

Not much history is available about the place. Ladakh served as an independent country from the 10th century till about 1979, when it was put in possession of India. It was held ‘illegally’ by China and Pakistan for a period of time. Two districts Leh and Kargil. Leh is the capitol city, headquarters of the Moravian Mission. The region is marked by periods of violence in the 1900’s starting with the Chinese invasion of Tibet, between India, China, and Pakistan, which constitute a Muslim/Buddist/Hindu force. Gherkin Indian soldiers is according the Geneva Convention guidelines is a mercenary group however is overlooked by Article 47, similar to the French Foreign Legion.

Ladakh is a land full of cliff side monastaries and rock art and like the case of there has been a build up of activity toward the end game of having the whole area designated a World Heritage site for commerical tourism reasons.

Leh: Ladakh is getting more and more popular as a tourist destination. And why not: the peculiar landscape, the snow-capped mountains, the high altitude lakes, a different culture, the monasteries and so on make it an ideal tourist destination.

The rock art of Ladakh is one aspect which has a high potential for tourist attraction of a different nature altogether. It is in fact the oldest monument to be found in Ladakh, far more than any monasteries. Many of the rock art sites in the world, including India, have successfully tapped rock art as a tourist destination. The rock art of Ladakh (technically classified as petroglyphs) is so widespread throughout Ladakh that we can claim to have largest concentration of petroglyphs in India (if not world). In fact we feel Ladakh could serve as an open museum for rock art. So far we have discovered hundreds of sites, thousands of engraved rocks and tens of thousands of figures, throughout Ladakh. Given the fact of their antiquity, there is every scope of an open museum of rock art in Ladakh. But till anything is done, for the present, the message is “protect these rock art” they are part of our cultural heritage.

At Domkhar, particularly in the private compound of Thangjuk family lies one of the most beautiful forms of animal representations, a clear Central Asian art of more than two thousand years old. The family has now made it a Rock Art Heritage Garden for visitors to enjoy. In fact every single one of the artifacts lays within his compound, which he single handedly has ‘protected’ and given an official award in recognition. I’m sure it also helps that his rock garden is the number one tourist trap in Ladakh. Sounds pretty jenky to me.

Sculptures at Sheh
Fortress remains in Tibet. Compare with remains of Pueblo sites in the SW
The similarities are clear to me, there doesnt have to be much, just a few rubble piles and some circular foundations. This is taken in Chaco Canyon.

Monasteries in Ladakh

A mix of Pre-Reset structures and modern fakes. Some of the places have the same pics for multiple listings. Or maybe there are separate monasteries within each building complex… I will say even if some are Pre-Reset, the frescos, paintings, carvings and all other markings are recent forgeries. Its immpossible to distinguish the age when you cant even find a credible picture. If the ones I am showcasing are indeed the reall things I’d say theres a very small percentage that is legit old. These mud brick structures are small and less ornate than the Pueblo Indian dwellings of the 4 Corners region of America, which I have already shown to be modern constructs. The ones that are potentially old have modern buildings attached. They are cheap knock offs of the monasteries of Tibet, designed to be tourist traps.

  • Shey Monastery – 
  • Rizong Monastery –
  • Matho Monastery – 
  • Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery – 
  • Samstanling Monastery – 
  • Hemis Monastery – 
  • Spituk Monastery –
  • Stakna Monastery – 
  • Phyang Monastery – 
  • Takthok Monastery –
Thiksey*1912 2Mangu1500’s 3
Leh Palace*18734Alchi13th C5
Basgo20197Likir11th C8
Sumda Chum201910Diskit15th C11
Rangdum1700’s12Wanla14th C13
Monasteries house multiple temples, all in various states of disrepair. It seems the scam is that any pile of rubble can be given any age and then placed on a protected monuments list which provides restoration funds. a new ‘old’ structure is built with the same fake year attached. These are no different in engineering to the Pueblo homes of the South West U.S.

A. H. Francke states that, “according to popular tradition,” it was originally the foremost Bon monastery in Ladakh; its name means sauwastika and is a popular symbol in Bon for “eternity”. Yungdrung is the name of the most popular school of Bon.- Lamayuru

Sumda Chum, Alchi, Mangu: legend says flying fairies built it in one day 1.000 years ago. IDTS. World Monument Fund 2006 [link] Most sites are promoted by Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE), the International Bankster/NWO front org. (Anything with the word ‘global’ is Agenda 21/NWO).

I thought the places were reusing the same image repeatedly. No, they are cookie cutter palace/temple/monastery complexes that are all built with the same design and feature the same attractions, such as the 33 meter Buddhas and plastic looking stupas.

Festival of the Scapegoat” is the popular prayer festival that is celebrated at Diskit Monastery, Likir Monastery and Leh Palace. The mask dance, also known as Cham dance is performed. Significant bc all of the American Indian dances are modern inserts.

THE ACHI ASSOCIATION is a private, non-profit organisation based in Switzerland. It was founded by people dedicated to the preservation of Buddhist heritage and scholars specialising in the early Art and Architecture of the Himalayas. Its purpose is to contribute to the safeguard of the outstanding but endangered cultural heritage in the Himalayas. Currently the association concentrates its efforts on a number of early temples in the Tibetan Buddhist area of Ladakh, Northwest India, which are not protected otherwise. An interdisciplinary team of specialists from Europe and India, partly linked to academic programs at different universities, combines in-depth research with hands-on preservation. The typical earthen architecture with its flat roofs and the splendid interiors, in particular the wall paintings executed on clay plaster, pose particular conservation problems. They are the focus of Achi Association´s conservation efforts. The involvement and participation of the local people is key for sustainable preservation. Since the 1970s Ladakh has opened up for tourism, modernisation and industrialisation. On the one hand, Ladakhi communities have been able to profit economically from tourism. On the other side tourism and an increased presence of the Indian Army significantly affected and altered all aspects of traditional life… [Link]

Several sites have a Maitreya Buddha, a 33 meter tall representation of the future Buddha. Installed in the 90’s. Some said to be gold gilded.

Hungarian Alexander Csoma de Koros visited Phuktal between the periods of 1826-27.

  • (*) date of historical Image. Most have no old images, not bc of isolation but bc they are not old, in this case I give the the year according to the brochure

This area is Laddakh, which we have already partially covered. (Note to self: reorganize chapter) Laddakg is not the only places in the region

One of 15 sacred temples according to the tourism dept
The vegetation growing right up next to it are mature trees
Sun Temple. Nothing surrounding thhe complex

Tomb of Sufi

Image 1870

Indian Revolution 1850

Reset Photography

* This is an extremely hi-res 6 panel panorama of Reset ruins of Lucknow, download this so you can zoom up close

I want to highlight this picture, hopefully you can see why without being told. The thing that makes it more noteworthy that you can’t see is the person credited with capturing this, and all the first images of a Post-Reset Asia. Felice Beato.

Beato is brother-in-laws with Roger Fenton, the photographer of Crimean wag-the-dog war. This indicates that they both do not exist. We have covered a fake photographer in the Abe Lincoln essay, Mattew Robert Brady, so its not a stretch that these images were brought by a Post-Reset agent corps of photographers and all attributed to a single person. Whether that person was a flesh bone entity or existed on paper is up for grabs.

Furthermore the damage done in the image above is given to the 93rd Highlander Corps. This connects twice over to Crimea, as they were there in kilts battling the Prussians. This time they are there in memory only, no kilts.

Does this look real to you? The story is the Beato arrived days after the 93rd slaughtered 2,000 rebels that were buried in a mass-grave nearby. Beato had some locals dig some corpses up to make the picture more interesting. Another cleaned up version is a pack of dogs drug the bodies out and this is how Beato found the joint. The debate goes back and forth, as long as you stick to those stories and dont say the image was totally fabricated, which it most certainly was.

Mermaids in ruins

Not just Mermaid but they have wings as well. Beats me. Some have two ‘tails’, as if each leg turned into its own fin. Wait, doesn’t the Starbucks mermaid have two tails?

Heres the full image. Not only the Mer-folk but all spires. They are common in Beato’s work, which includes the post-reset dig out from all the Asia, not just India.

This is the best quality zoom I could get. Look familiar? Me too. I bet you my lunch money all this week this is the Chakra Wheels true origins. It is a power receiver. An electrical antenna. Thats the association with the Sun. Here are some more, once I knew what to look for they are everywhere. Kinda. Theres only a few still completely intact, That leads me to believe they were targeted and mostly destroyed on purposed. FUBAR’d.

I think each of those would’ve been lights. I used to think the flat curvy features were like feathers of something but now I think they represent waves. Water, splashing… They are frequently found one the tops of columns and we are told they are lotus petals but now I think it represents something rising out of the water. After the Reset and Repopulation when the fake artifacts were being made they did make them to look like flowers but not originally, they were water representations.
Here is another one that seals the deal. The Mer-folk turned more snake-like but I’m focusing on the centerpiece. That is definitely a humanoid coming out of a water column and those are waves coming up the roofline, the circular feature arching above him might be a sun representation, if you can image all those points lit up. He is holding a stall which is one of the central spire/receiver/antennas, which if that is really a power source then maybe it is a Sun deity. This is a rising sun over the water and the central figure is the source of light and is coming out of the water on a column of water. This could be the association with all the mermaids. There is a group of people living under the water that controls the rising of the sun. If the sun is not only light but all energy, say like a solar panel converts sunlight into energy but this is a new technology. That might explain this next pic.
Normie history says this is the Kings boat and he just happened to want it to look like a fish. I think I saw it on one of Ancient Aliens type shows that said it was proof of ancient submarines. I think that might be closer to the truth. I’m not saying it is a sub, but it certainly fits in with the scenario I mentioned above. One could speculate for days about what all these could mean. The only thing I am sure of is whatever they tell you at University is a lie.
This is a zoom in of the front of the vessel. More Mermaids and another disk. The wire is running back but you cant tell what it ties into. The World before the Reset Event was water based. Entire cities were canalized, you can see the evidence in almost every major city on the planet, on the coastline and alot farther inland than you might expect if the city was located near a substantial river.
Not just the Crescent but Double Fish symbolism is one of the oldest and universal sacred sigils in usage, said to mean everything from protect and luck to the womb and vagina. Even the zodiac with Pisces. These are Pre-Reset symbols that were revered back in the old days. The true meaning is long forgotten and you can make up whatever you want and it will be just as correct as the other guy. The whiskers are not present as the fish are usually associated with Koi in Asia today.

I have seen other people report on antiqui-tech energy before and there seems to be a connection with hoops. I dont pretend I know what that connection is but here is a series of land dwellers holding hoops that run up to the central spire. Most of the statues were damaged but there were a few still recognizable. These people have neither flipper-tails or wings nor are there any symbolic water representations around them. There is no such thing as coincidences, I just am not yet sure what the significance is yet. There presence is noted.

You can find the Cresent and dot all over the place if you keep your eye open. I think the original has to do with energy production and we dont understand collectively. Somebody shared an essay awith me about suppressed energy technology and concludes we will have to start over from scratch to replicate this. I think they are lying. The technology still exists and is used today

On looking back at older posts the crescent-emblemed spire was ringing my bell.

This is the Crescent Hotel in the Mudflood town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It’s nothing more than a weathervane now but I already stated how modern replicas mock the real thing. On the left is the oldest pic I could find, compliments of the Smithsonian. At this point the structure would’ve been stripped of anything useful but if you zoom in you can still see one of the steeples has a “flagpole” with a hoop on the end.

Here is a clearer image but Im not sure this isn’t a photo of a miniature, which are a lot more common then ppl realize. The grassy hill in the foreground looks FAF (fake as fuck), zooming in you can see a poor masking job around the edge of the building and brush strokes in the vanilla sky. This photo is supposed to have been taken right after completion in 1886 however there is an entire wing missing on the far right, the section where the ring on a pole has been removed. Not only that but the Smithsonian image does not have the crescent on the central steeple. Clearly something is not adding up.

Since we are on potential electrical technologies I want to show this one too.

I have no idea what the normie explanation is for such a building. Here is the album collection.
Here is the full image. There is a lot going on here. The small footpath is the main entrance to the ruined city. Some places have mud piled up to the second story windows

These are just a few of the more recognizable structures featuring the spires

Heres one from Cairo. I’m gonna try to hit Africa next. What few pics I have seen so far are all pretty wild stuff.

More Canals, Kali Nadi

Speaking of canals…

Lower Ganges Canal under construction. 1850s by Beato. gtfoh.

The Kali Nadi is rated one of the most polluted rivers in India. That would probly make it on the world list to then, huh?

There 6 places that came up on the satellite (lol) mapping website when I put in Lower Ganges Canal into the search bar. I didnt take it any farther than that, the interesting part was Lucknow the city. One thing I didnt think of even though I had seen the map was what are these people so obsessed with mermaids for when they dont even got any water? the nearest coast is hundreds of miles away.

I got a thing for canals. The whole world used to be canals. Thats what the mudflood was all about. It filled them in. In Paris’ case they capped them off first and created the tunnel network 188 miles long thats the catacombs. I’m sure thats not the only place. D.C, has stories about tunnels that stretch for miles. All these big cities have compartmentalized histories about how they got their unique layout but has anyone compared the layouts to the other cities? Apparently not, or if so I havent found them yet. The reason all the old cities are laid out like that is bc they are built on canals and canals have a signature look.

Some people will say whatever they need to tell themselves its not true. Thats ok. The mudflood filled the canals and the railroad was built on top the canals, followed by the road system. That was the big paradigm shift. We went from water power to fire power. Coal burning and steam and combustion engines. There used to be something else.clean unlimited energy and water based society without borders. There had to’ve been conflict or why else did they build starforts?

Im getting off track, here look at these:

This is the city of Lucknow. All of the spiderweb veins running are the canals.
This is Venice. Its kind of hard to see bc it’s so tightly packed. This is our control. It’s the most popular urban canaled area, it.s not the only one though.
Here is the next city east following the canal. I didnt check the name. Those two think viens are still accessible canals that are the biggest mode of transportation in the city
Lets zoom in on this section. You can start to see them better. This is a nice pattern
Even getting up closer you can see the blocks are not sharpe egdged and kind of offset. Navigating a watercraft is tight quarters means hard-right turns are given way to offsets and round area, the round-a-bouts so popular in Europe
All the trunkline canals are highways now but some main artery’s are right outside the frame. If you zoom in you can still see them in the city
The canals branch out across the whole face of the subcontinent. This one is 110 miles from the source. It goes to the bottom of the Himalyas on one end and twice as far in the other direct in about 10 different routes.
They connect back out through the other side of the city. Portions of the main rivers have shortcuts added and have been straightened. All rivers. Even straightened rivers are still noticably rivers. Canals are mostly straight, with a kink here and there.
The circles are there bc they were originally on boats. In most ancient canaled cities today the circles have interesting features. Fountains, statues, columns. Even just a flagpole.
These are two canaled areas from Southern Florida for control

So back to the question I had about what do people landlocked by hundreds of miles want with submarines and mermaids? Idk, you tell me.

Here are some more canal images, some show construction methods are people filling up ore carts with baskets on their heads and a control room full of gears and cogs laying around haphazardly. The Grand Opening ceremony has photoshopped flags. (always zoom in on the flags. 99% are added later) Two images are from the same angel before and after huge mudslide. How did they know to set up in that precise location? The tree growth indicates several seasons have passed between the two pics

Bombay Yacht Club. You can see the old water level about 2/3 up the side of the wall and dry earth on the bottom. This was an old canal. Probs a walmart parking lot today, jk. Zoom in on the spires and you can see they match the ones from LuckNow they I find more and more supporting evidence they were part of they old energy grid

China, What Wall?

Most of the Great Wall exists as piles of rubble excavated by outside excavation teams we have already covered

I know I didn’t say much about China but I can tell you the Great Wall is a modern fake. The city gates are real but they were not connected by thousands of miles of wall, only the tourist trap spots. If it was real the photographers I used as sources wouldve shot it. They didnt even mention it. Marco Polio was a fictional character and even he doesnt mention it. You know why? bc the Marco Polio lie came out first. If I am wrong I will correct myself, I havent specifically looked for the earliest images yet but Im confident I went through the archives of all the first photographers and it isnt there. There first time The Great Wall comes up is the early 1900’s by the guy thats staging all the fake escavations..

It appears I may have been partially incorrect about the Great Wall. There are a few images that show a section of a structure in long-standing disrepair and in the process of being cleaned up. There are some other pics that show casualties and batttle scenes supposed to be from F Beato but I believe they are only his in name alone. He didnt take the battle scenes, if he took any at all.

The photo is titled only, ‘North Entrance to the Fort’, but it doesnt mention which fort. I spend way too much time looking at fakes. Chop shopped or actors, theres a bunch of ways. So far China has the only real (as far as I can tell) dead bodies.

Beato has his name on this one too but I dont think he did it. The photo of the half-skeleton thing drug up by the dogs I can at least say maybe. Not this one. That guy really had his eye blown out of its socket, and the photographer was on hand to capture the event before decomposition set in or cleanup had begun. One could speculate for miles about the circumstances here.

Its called the Peking Wall and doesnt extend past the city. You can see excavation at the base and brick piles and vegetation along the top. This says it has been buried and neglected for a long time.

China is a land of many walls. Here is a good article for starting out. So while this wall could be one of many city walls that are from the old world, possibly built by the same civilization that built the starforts and genuine mountain palaces, it still doesnt mean the Great Wall is real, one that stretches for thousands of km’s.

 In May of 1870, Thomas Child was hired by the Imperial Maritime Customs Service to be a gas engineer in Peking (Beijing). Child is the alleged photographer

The Great Wall of China 萬里長城 is a misnomer (at least in its English translation, the Chinese meaning is more along the lines of “ten thousand Li long city”). It would be more accurate to describe it as the Great Walls of China, as they are the remnants from a historic series of stone and earthen barriers. Erected throughout northern China, they were mostly built and revised over two thousand years. Origins of each wall section from various times were contingent upon their political and military needs in accordance to their dynastic periods. The oldest, original walls were constructed for the purposes of protecting against Xiongnu nomadic incursions into the areas occupied by the various disparate states that were to later form China. After the Qin consolidation, these separate structures were then integrated into an almost continuous whole, mostly using rammed earth structures. Unfortunately, little of that wall actually exists today. The majority of the wall that still remains (ie the one that we have generally come to know) was built during the Ming dynasty, which relied more heavily on integration of brick and masonry work. History, legends and myths about the Great Wall abound.

In the last hundred year or so, industrialization and modernization of the areas which entire sections were destroyed to reclaim construction materials. Other sections were refurbished, in some cases rebuilt using modern engineering, and have seen heavy use as tourist attractions; still others have been entirely overgrown or reclaimed by nature. Reportedly, less than 30 percent of the wall remains intact. Nevertheless, it is considered to be one of the most important historic constructions of man and specific parts of it was listed since 1987 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The present wall starts from Shanhaiguan, dipping into the Bohai Sea in the east, and ends at Xinjiang’s Lop Nur. [*Ginger Mummies] in the west, following along the southern border of the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. The most comprehensive survey to date has determined that the wall as currently recognized covers a distance of 8,851.8 km (or 5,500.3 miles), consisting of 6,259.6 km (3,889.5 miles) actual wall, combined with various other structures like trenches and natural defensive barriers of impassable hills and rivers.

Contrary to popular myth, you cannot see the wall from outer space or the moon. The Great Wall varies from tourist trap (like the section at Badaling, near Beijing) to extreme, off the beaten path wilderness. Certain sections are so dangerous that it would be suicidal to attempt ascending unless one has special climbing equipment with a technical and advanced mountaineering support team. Try as I might, I was not able to gather any real statistics on Great Wall related accidents or deaths, which is unusual as every tourist location has accidents. In any case, I suspect that the PRC government doesn’t really want to keep such statistics to begin with

For me the best part has been the part where the lies prop each other up. The mainstream has chosen to insert the discussion about whether or not the wall can be seen from space. The Ministry of Truth has a section devoted to this subject that is longer than parts of real normie information.

Western media has been blaming it on Chinese propaganda to teach school kids that the wall can be seen from space as a matter of Patriotism. This is really Western Propaganda about Space. And Chinese. Every source makes sure to plug the issue. Here is the BBC breaking it down. Speaking of propaganda, these guys are the masters. They hold up the institution of Public Education, (if you ever want to know about those guys I covered them in my Helen Keeler essay) by including the nessessity to fix the school books. But the best is when they get NASA involved. A Chinese astronaut posted a picture making the claim which the State TV confirmed the propaganda was true. Now they say the astornaut at the center of this happens to be on the International Space Station where they contacted him by sat phone…get it. lol. Who cares about the rest, thats some good shit.

Sticking with BBC they have a story from 2009 about a section of wall that was uncovered

In August, Chinese experts announced the discovery of other important ruins in Gansu, which borders Ningxia.

Thirty unrecorded Great Wall beacon towers, two fortified castles and two auxiliary buildings were discovered during their expedition

China has announced the discovery of a lost section of the Great Wall which was hidden for centuries beneath shifting sands.

The segment was found in the north-western region of Ningxia which was crucial to imperial China’s border defences, the state news agency Xinhua reports.

Then they come out a few months later and say

The Great Wall of China is longer than previously believed, Archaeologists have discovered it stretches a further (320 miles) to the edge of a desert in Xinjiang province in the far north-west of China – an area recently used as a nuclear test site. And they have said that the Wall may extend even further. [So this is interesting, the Wall is used to hold up nukes as well as the moon and satellites. Those three are never far from each other. One good mindfuck deserves another, right? At least buy me a drink first]

There has been no independent verification of the report.

The province of Xinjiang – home to Muslim Uighurs – has seen strong separatist unrest, with a campaign of bombings in recent years. (Promote war in the region to keep out strangers. Blame it on the Muslims, promote racism)

Space Buddha

I got a little bonus for yall, I was going to leave this out for lack of context but since we already are on Space and shit I figure now would be a perfect time for an introduction for Buddha from Space.

This statue wasn’t known to the world community until 2007 when it was handed over from a private collector that wanted testing done. Turns out it was from the Chinga meteorite which fell along the Mongolian border 10-20,000 years ago, the only accompanying information was the card that read:

“To our knowledge, the statue was brought to Germany by a Tibet expedition in the years 1938-1939 guided by Ernst Schaefer (zoologist and ethnologist) by order of the German National Socialist government. The aim of this expedition was to find the roots of the Aryan religion and the Aryan origin.”

Note the chest piece, which clues us into the SS Schafer plug.

Since then we have seen the whole science community once again struggle to dumb themselves down to the point they fail to provide any coherent explanation about anything at all…except flying space-rocks of course, they’re good for that.

The science Dream Team includes meteor experts, Tibetologists, archaeologists, theologians, academics, historians and scholars of every branch fighting to chime in only to say how truly baffled they are. In fact the only thing they do come up with nobody wants to challenge is the space-rock theory. Thats bc there was no debate. They all know its fake bc everything they put out is fake. The mission objective is to insert the piece into the mainstream narrative and into popular conversation, thus, the staged debate

Needless to say I wont waste any of our time going into mainstream anything but I would like to point out that this serves as another example of how artifacts are inserted into the narrative decades after the fact. The story of the journey of the Space Buddha is handed off to spook scriptwriter that also was charged with demonizing the Schafer Expedition that turned them all into bloodlusting psychopaths that staged whatever evidences they needed to support their ‘Aryans in the Himalaya’s’ claim in order to justify the genocide of millions and millions of people. This is the person that fills in the gaps and smooths every thing out that all the scientists in the world cant seem to figure out, a fictional drama cover-writer. Not that I am defending the expedition; I will not comment on the validity of such an event as pushed on children in public education camps, if it is not clear to the reader by now it is bc you are not paying attn and I can only recommend starting this essay from the beginning repeatedly until it is clear.

You can get a glimpse of the level of credibility of our new expert that now supersedes all previous scientific authority on the banner of her webpage, she has a quote from Victor Hugo. “Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing”. This is also the name of her site, The last Word on Nothing. That’s not a bad gimmick really, I didn’t get it at first. That just summed up so eloquently what I just pegged her as, which is the whole schtick behind Hugo, He was a historical fiction supposedly at rest in the Pantheon. I got a whole essay on the mindfuck construct they call the Pantheon.

The thing the spookwriter does for us inadvertently is shows how artifacts made from space-rocks are inserted into many ancient civilizations, from the Inuit to the Egyptians. Remember the effect it had when you first found out King Tut had a sword forged from meteorific iron? THATS the desired effect. Its psychological warfare bro, theres not much more I can say.

This is a strong lead that points us to every case a claim is made of space-rock metal used for religious trinkets, thats all these are, little collector novelty items, as if a civilization that could have the advanced metallurgy skills necessary to forge such a piece could find no other uses except false-idol worship. It’s a forgery alright. (Pun intended)

Even though this Space Buddha wasn’t ‘discovered’ until 2007 the tag on it says 1938, thanks to our fictional drama writer who now has the power to over ride any and all scientific authorities by confirming that indeed this was the work of mastermind exterminators. The date of the actual creation of the piece has naturally been attributed to the Bon religion, the Proto-Buddhist sect said to be 18,000 years old. Likewise King Tut’s dagger has a date affixed as 1928 although we must really look at the date of the annoucement of the discovery of the material used. Meaning, if they came out in 2005 and inserted the space-rock dagger by glossing over its initial discovery but claiming it was stuck in customs somewhere, or my fav, that secret underground warehouse from Indiana Jones that has the arc of the covenent, I bet thats where it was all along.

The date of the meteor discovery which is said to be the mother of the metal was in 1913. The is around the time meteors were quite trendy, kickstarted by the Aussie during the Antarctic Expeditions the Chinga Meteor.

Update: Turns out I was correct about the later insertion of Tut’s space-rock dagger, it wasnt begotten til 2016, almost a full decade till after Space-Buddha. Both cases point to Inuit tools in Iceland. The recentness suggests we will see more future additions to the international Space-rock false-idol worshiping hoaxers.

The follow-up is in 2020, scientists had been “hotly debating” the origins of the dagger. (anything labelled as “hotly debated” is a lie) The thing is, its so well crafted it stands apart from everything else. (An obvious sign it is a plant.) So well crafted they have to come up with a cover story bc now they have conflicting timelines since it would va been impossible for the locals to craft such an instrument. (lol, as if the people could build the Great Pyramids but not figure out low-temp smelting). Heres where they insert another fake historic site to prop each other up: Now they are saying it has been decoded on clay tablets excavated at a nearby royal library dating to 3,400 years, they found one that matches the description of the dagger to the hilt (puns for all), making it clear this is the direction they are taking it.

Although it would seem the various puzzle pieces have fallen perfectly into place, it will be the job of future studies to confirm whether the family heirloom mentioned in the Amarna letter is indeed the very dagger currently sitting in the Museum of Cairo. Until then, we can all agree on one thing: The bar for wedding gifts has certainly been raised.

When I finally get to Egypt I will certainly cover the Amarna Letters. This highlights why libraries are the most commonly faked excavations, the contents can be made to say whatever they need. One lie supporting another, the whole thing about to crumble. When you take one down the rest comes with it.

  • The Meteoritical Society, and their mouthpiece,Meteoritics & Planetary Science has been the driving force behind all the stories and updates, confirming what I said in my Antarctica paper that they were created for that purpose.

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Silk Road

In the report by Xinhua, experts were quoted as saying that the Wall was built to protect merchants travelling on the ancient Silk Road and runs parallel to the famed Silk Road. Luo Zhewen, president of the China Society of Cultural Heritage, told Xinhua, A large number of arrowheads have been found near the new site, indicating battles took place nearby”, Xinhua reported.

Te Silk Road takes us back around where we started at, making a full circle, as history does. No timelines

Old images, fakes.

Newly found structures, fakes.