Nazca Lines are Ancient Canals. Terra-Forming South America

These lines that mainstream science tries so hard to dumb themselves down to avoid a real explanation can be solved in one instant if you know what you’re looking for. I didnt even have to look. I was sitting at the dinner table thinking about the canal network of the Pre-Reset world and it came to me in a flash and I knew it was correct before I even looked. Certainly I found more than I hoped, here is more visual evidence of what many, for lack of a better term, call the ‘Mudflood’.

Its undeniable, canals leave a recognizable shape and movement and you can compare with places today that still utilize the old grid. Southern Florida is one close to home. The Army Corp of Engineers tries to steal credit but everything they do is to cover up the Reset or support the current paradigm lie. There is no way possible the whole tip of Florida was dug out by them. They will try to compartmentalize localize sections to make it seem like a less intensive project and who’s gonna ever know? Unless you go and look for yourself the scale is incomprehensible. Even the ones that do look, say from an airplane, wont know what they’re looking for and on top of that even in an airplane you are still too close to see the full effect.

12 whole acres with none of the signature shapes the old grid has. This is the spot you’re sent if your looking for canals in America

Venice is the biggest mainstream canaled urban area people know, the thing about Venice is its so crowded its hard to see the grid. There is a Venice in Cali, they even have a site called the Venice Canals but if you are being directed there its a set-up. This is the law of NWO. Only mention your own works. The Venice Canal project in America is just about 6 blocks, a postage stamp, a fucking joke.

The entire South American continent is either a rocky mountainous inhospitable barren wasteland or flooded rainforest where you cant pentrate the canopy. The sliver of land where they meet is where we will be focusing today. This is where the so-called Nazca Lines are. We will also look on both sides and see where the evidence takes us. I haven’t been studying this worldwide canal thing for long. I came about it by accident and once I saw what to look for I kept finding more of the same all over the world. I will make a post about this world grid and have been considering stepping over the line into video making, since its so difficult to get a full appreciation from a still shot.

I see evidence that the entire west coast of S. America was wiped out to erase the past civilization. Forget nukes, as if they were even real, this was done with traumatic geological events. I cant explain the process yet, you just have to look for yourself. This was done relatively recently too, you can see the state of erosion and compare to other places across the world. They use atmospheric conditions to explain how well preserved everything is but since the weather is under control too that doesn’t count

Plus the mainstream tries to mislead you, they subconsciously put into your mind statements about how the lack of rainfall means there hasnt been much erosion. Thats some bullshit. The reason the area is in such good condition is bc it just happened, is still happening. Shows like Ancient Aliens and Histories Mystery’s always point you toward the sky. Runways, spaceship signaling… Its an insult. They even set up the tourist traps like the astro-not that makes you go into outer space mentality. These individual sites are so tiny you might see them from an airplane but, again, the scale is so massive when you zoom out enough to see the complete picture the tourist trap sites arent even visable.

Heres a few images I am going to post now but I gotta go to my wage-slave job and when I get back I can organize them a little better. Im sure my regulars and anybody else with a handful of brain cells wont need much explaining. The images speak for themselves. Ive already been talking too much…

Pricision etched grid was cut with lasers into bedrock
Reservoirs collect runoff at the base of the mountains before being distributed via canal grid

Here are some sites in India that still function as runoff collection and distribution.

The white marks are directed energy surfacing

Space Lazers

I’m still collecting evidence for this in a loose way. Right now I’m leaning toward several different threads concerning the whole continent. The Amazon rain forest is Terra formed. I haven’t found direct evidence yet but Im confident thats correct from reading the fake truth guru disinfo. Im not even sure what the proper word is yet. Terra forming would probs be most accurate, a form of geo-engineering. Mud-floods, title waves, volcanoes all trying to erase evidence.

The canals themselves are cut with energy tools. We know them as DEW’s bc we only see the weaponized effects. Not only did the Direct Energy Beam cut the canals but they are being used to erase them.. Look at the one pic you will know what one im talking about when you see it. The white circles with black dot in the center are an identifiable effect from laser etching. Not just here but in all deserts including the middle east and Africa we find similar. There is something under the ground in half the continent causing the earth itself to change

Site in S.American desert vs. laser ablations

Directed energy (lasers) cut and drilled on mineral deposits. 1, 2, 3

Here is an article from CERN about plasma etching that results in formsations like this. This is almost identical to some of the canal beds. Its a technical paper, not really much help, its a springboard

This is one example of the grid lines found all over the Earth. I always wondered about the little lines that comprise the larger line

‘Ablation’, is the term for the mark left at the site of directed energy activity.

I cant begin to pretend to understand the technical jargon of the process below. I understand that it involves salt. It is mentionable bc of all the salt flats throughout the region. Pink salt specifically, in case that matters. link

Laser Induced Graphene

Terra forming South America

There are some large scale traumic geological events that have taken place relatively recently, some of which are still taking place today. It just so happens to be overencroaching into the old canal bed territory. like something happened in the middle and is working its way towards both ends. I just want to remind everyone this is partly speculation. Im just thinking out loud.

This is just a big tear in the earths crust. stuff like this doesnt just happen without outside cause. It matches sites in the Sahara

Silver Bullet

This is one of the ways they trick you. They make you syay in the wrong perspective by puttong the cheezy fake bullahit ones up that keep you too low. Take a couple steps back

This is a powerful image. what do you See?

I’ll walk you through what I see.

The resevoirs are at the bottom of the mountains to collect run off. The road is run right thru it to try and btake it up, to provide cover for breaking it up farther with other methods.

The white marks around the edges are laser etching. This is like getting a laser face lift. They are using laser removal not unlike one would use to get rid of wrinkles. The patterns here lead me to suggest their capabilities are limited, or they just dont care that much and arenot concerned past getting rid of the most obvious spots.The process leaves a signature mark. We return here.

Athe the bottom is a fresh mudflood, wiped out a pretty good swath. The flower is too tiny to see.

Ah Shit, you know what, I almost missed the best part. Did you catch the spiral in there?

It looks like they tried to make another small one next to it just to break up the main piece.
Again, they keep things so tiny to keep you looking in the word direction. Misdirection is the number one illusionist con. Not only that but the spiral is a hypnotic tool. Like this reminds me of the use of Foucauld’s (faux-could) pendulum to prove rotation, for all the flatearthers in the house. They are using simple magick tricks. This is psychological warfare, did you ever think about that?

What The…?

This is just one small sample. These things are everywhere and its difficult to scale something. I am not discounting natural fractal patterns. A small rock chip and an entire mountain have the same form the differance is your perspective

Here is one impact site I want to take a look closer at. Look at the ripples on the right side. This looks like laser ablation to me. They are too fine and evenly spaced to be caused by any natural geological phenomenon. Here is a mainstream academic cover story on how the land feature formed. They claim desert conditions have led to the well-preserved condition of the ‘paleo lake’. they say this bc they cant come right out and say how young it is. The word ‘Paleo’ is a cover for the Reset.
Zoom in on the top you can start to see the grid. Google earth say they add these lines in as part of the application to help map makers. Thats a lie. These are etched into the rock,you can tell by the way they interact with the area around them. It is not overlaid or superimposed. This is on the fresh bed rock
You can see the area outside the immediate perimeter switches over to a thinner, less noticeable etch line. These are found all over the world. In some places it is not just a few straight lines, it is a complete grid with X and Y axis… Especially in the Sahara, that place has some tell tale features as well, all deserts have evidence of Terra forming.

Compare this to the lines off the New York islands, found in my Winged Lion symbolism paper, link, If you liked this youre gonna fall over when you read this.

And This ?

These faint lines are at the end of something else. Its newer than the ols canal network. You can tell bc its the only thing on the fresh lava. I know its not lava but for lack of a better term I’ll stick with something most ppl are familiar with. The snowy region on the left is a different frame, no matter how close you get the snow effect gets darker. This is the G.E. spooks trying to hide the area. Just wait.

This is the other side of the transition. The white box will not let anyone get too close to see how the bigger line becomes two, like a forked tongue.
The trail goes in a straight line to this series of ablations and pool. maybe its supposed to be a snake tongue but thats pretty thin.

One sure way to cover something up is to add something like a fracking operation. I first noticed this with strategically placed golf courses, now you can top that with windmill farms, surface mining operations, and oil derricks, all of which are in the Andes. To one-up that the whole desert. So far as I have found deserts are geo-engineered to cover up the old system. Opposite that face are the rainforests, although, I haven’t looked specifically at the African interior, like the Congo, the Sahara def has features that indicate Terra-forming operations. (I wonder how I could confirm the age of the Redwoods in Cali?)

I wish the above images had turned out better. They are hiding something behind a big black shadow, but its not really a shadow. It moves around and lightens and darkens as you try to zoom in. There is a major split in the crust here or something of that nature they do not want people to be looking at. Those spire things do not look natural or real. It looks like a demon or monster face with horns. Creepy, right? The second image is of the base where the horn meets the head. looks like a signature of some kind, like when an artist tags the corner of their work where you wont see it unless you’re looking. click to enlarge.

Here is one provided by GE of the Cliff Palace in Colorado, a pinpoint tucked up underneath a cliff which you have to squeeze down into a valley first to get to. They let you see this just fine but cant seem to figure out how to veiw the whole entire mountain on the surface in the other place? So, what are they hiding? I have found many places of interest where a snowy peak or cloud or shadow is in the way, the places they want you to see will show up just fine. (I didnt know how useful this app was when I wrote the Chaco Canyon/Mesa Verde paper, theres all kinds of stuff I could hit on.)

The volcano field stretches for hundreds of miles, pumping fresh bedrock to cover up the once-populated coast of S America. You cant even see the scale from a pic, the one is 400 miles of volcanoes and doesn’t even cover the whole field

Normie confirmation

Here is a paper from an academic source that mocks this subject by pretending to need all these futuristic technologies to see the canals and causeways. So I have been thinking about drainage after the mudflood, the canal were filled in and act as french drain tile. Drainage was one of the first big engineering feats at the beginning of the repopulation.

The source is the University of Bonn, I am familiar with them from my Asian Reset report, so I already know they fake ancient cultures.

“Indeed, the architecture found in both Cotoca and Landíva may well have required the greatest amount of skilled labor of any construction from the same time period in the entire continent.”

My own findings from the area mentioned in the scientific paper suggests the area is far larger than they admit, and it doesnt take fancy equipment. This is how the whole Amazon was formed. Laser etched canals and irrigation canals

Ancient Rock Art Sites Found in Amazon

8 miles (13 km) of “Sistine Chapel” of rock art found 11,800 yrs old. the numbers are a mark, so is the Sistine Chaptel remark. (It’s fake too) Also featured are the Hidden Hand, Sun symbols


  1. What is it, specifically, about canals that cause you to focus on them so frequently? Is it simply because existence of hidden canals proves that advanced civilizations had alredy been there?

    Also, why did they mudflood (hide these civilizations)?

    1. the canals represent the Reset. They are the paradigm shift, we went from a creative, water-based civilization to a destructive fire-based system, which is the combustion engine and steam power instead of the lost energy tech. it wasn’t lost it was stolen, I dont even know what words would accurately describe it, its just fundamentally different. I don’t seek out canals intentionally, I just find them… Well I look for them now bc I know they are there but not originally. These arent like 100 separate articles, its just one. Canals are the overlooked connection people are missing and they dont even know it. My personal experience started with the C&O Canal at Harper’s Ferry West Virginia. I already knew the railroads were pre-reset but when i saw the paw-paw tunnel and canal it was a pivotal moment. everything else just built off that one realization. Once I started paying attn to canals it led to more discoveries, those discoveries led to more canals. have you seen my paper on the winged lion yet? I chased that sigil over the whole earth before it finally gave up, that is a reset symbol, the transition away from canals and unlimited free and clean energy to ‘fossil’ fuel dependence.
      That free and unlimited energy still exists but the few people that acknowledge it only know it as a weapon. i dont know who controls the DEW button but i know there is one. even in the mudflood crowd there is division. Some people want to pretend it was a natural or string of natrual events, that such technology couldnt exist. usually there is someone paid to say so and the rest just follow along, thats ok, I’ll still be here when they’re ready to move on. The thing is, its mostly an intuition, I just know it. I can spend lifetimes rewriting history books for people to scoff at me and use whatever sources they think are credible but then what? at the end they still only know what I have shown them, they dont feel it like they should. I get it, tik-tok and boosters and public education syndrome, people dont know anything anymore.
      So far I have not found much about what happened and how it played out. if you’re asking why one group mudflooded the rest Im sure I will never know what motivates people to do the things they do, that question my woman always asks about everything, ‘why would they do that’, like I could point out a frequency wave pattern in the chemtrails (modern version of picking out animals in the clouds huh) and she will say, ‘why would anyone do that?’ as if that settles it. IDKY they did it, i just know they did. besides that the answer is pretty fucking obvious, theres a whole class and their decendants for evermore control the whole planet and the slave class, that not only doesnt know it, but beats up the people that do, that seems like enough motivation for me. Hopefully that will help. I imagine the very first person that came out and identified chemtrails before they were common knowledge got asked the same questions. (btw, my ol lady is the best thing that ever happened to me, i just mention her alot bc she is the only interaction I have with other people ) Thank you for commenting, as always

      1. Interesting (but complicated and convoluted!!), as always.

        I’m always deer in the headlights after reading you, lol.

      2. yes well convoluted it is, I try to make it as comprehensive as my limited vocabulary permits but I’ve been working on my people skills for about a year now and if you think this is bad you should try reading some of my old stuff. 🙂 alot of it is subject matter, its simple in concept but trying to transcribe it into Cliff-Notes style posts has its challenges. lol. truthfully, I’m learning as I go too. I read about those AI programs that write the college thesis papers, was thinking about uploading the whole website and see what comes out, I’m sure I would disapprove but it’d be interesting for the sake of research. I was accused of being AI on reddit, the Scherr bio i think. And yes, it all overlaps in every direction, thats just the nature of it. thats why children are taught timelines in public education, to dumb them down. Also, the more you know, the more you know. If something is not making any sense maybe you are missing a piece or two, it will all come together in time. As always, thank you for participating. If there are any points you would like clarified just ask away.

      3. Have you read the Asian Reset paper? It may help tie some things together. Theres a alot of info in there though, it can be overwhelming to process so much, just a heads-up

      4. Your most recent replies to me on Feb 25 and Feb 26 do not have “Reply” buttons for me to select. Plus, I already did reply once (yesterday), and it’s not here, so I’m a bit stymied.
        I was saying that in my previous comment I wasn’t criticizing your writing or anything but rather opining that the subject matter here is so complicated and overlapping and interrelated that trying to make sense of it invariably makes your head spin. It’s fun and stimulating to read, for sure! But figuring out what you just read and learned, and what the genuine takeaways are, are not easy.

      5. Maybe the replies didn’t show up has something to do with WordPress. They use a third party app if you’re not on a desktop. I didn’t take your comment as critical of my writing, I was just agreeing that yeah it’s difficult to put the right words down for ppl to understand. The nature of the subject matter is complex and simple at the same time. Idk if there is a takeaway for some of them. Each post supports the theme of the site as a whole, which is that civilization is very young and is not the first, there is suppressed energy technology, a hidden class/psychological war, history and science are faked to support the free-range slave status quo. I’m working on a new one now about the agricultural revolution and food supply, it was one of the first things I ever tried to write which means I didn’t know shit and have to start over but at least I got some good notes. I think I’m order to have a grasp on what to expect in the future you have to know about the past. Learn to recognize manipulation techniques and patterns is a big part. It’s therapeutic I for me too, trauma sucks bro, this gets me out of the 25 year looping thought I’ve been stuck in every day. I’ve been thinking about making some bumper stickers and tee shirts and stuff. If there is any thing you want me to help with just mention it, I mean like historically and such. I try to stay away from current events. But if there’s something I haven’t covered that you want to know how it fits in my thesis I’m sure it will be appreciated in the larger community as well. Thanx again for commenting

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