Colonial America is a Hoax

Just some old notes written before I concluded there was no Colonial Period. Everything in this article is fantasy. Now it serves to showcase how bloodlines inserted themselves into a position of power and influence for all generations.

James Clarke 

I tried to keep my distance from Clarke but since he beat out Howe for the deaf market, I feel we need some explanation. The most popular answer you’ll find on our dumbed down and censored internet is that he was a generous philanthropist, that he left grant money to be used for education in his will. Scrolling down the wiki page we see he was born in 1609 and immigrated to New England in the early 1630’s. He is listed as a Baptist minister and founded the colony of Rhode Island. In those days religious authority was the only authority. The separation of church and state is an illusion, the state becomes the church. 

Clarke is a very popular name. Most of Geni has two separate John Clarkes that were from the same year and location, both have a brother named Thomas Clark. TC was the pilot for The Mayflower. Yeah, that one. Whether our James is brothers with the pilot I can’t be for sure but it is quite plausible. Sarah Fuller, who got her start at Clarke school also had a direct descendant on the Mayflower. How many ‘coincidences’ have we seen so far where the relatives of the same families are still in bed together pulling off these world changing events centuries apart? It almost has to be brother Thomas the pilot by default. “yeoman’ is even listed as James’ occupation on his page although he was a respected minister and physician when he arrives at the age of 28.  

Details regarding most of Clarke’s deeds and backstory are disputed, so let’s not waste any energy sorting through that mess and cut right to the action scene. Whatever source you want to quote from is up to your own discretion but all agree he had the proper bloodlines to hold the ear of Kings and eventually King Charles II granted his request to start an official colony and Rhode Island got its royal seal in 1663. The Rhode Island charter was drafted by Clarke himself. What do you think was the price of this? A regular person can’t just address the king, and of the few ppl that can how many do you think actually get what they came for? 

King Charles II was heavily in debt from his father and chartered what is called the ‘restoration colonies’. Each colony was more like a corporation. In fact, VA and MA charters were granted to corporations only and the only govt oversight was stockbroker meetings. PA was given to Quaker William Penn as payment for debt owed by Charles I. 

Cryptojew Clarke was Phoenician Navies man in the new World, helping lay the groundwork for the long-term plans being carried out still to this day. It is even said in his bios he acted as agent of his new colony in absentia doing all the clerical work from England. Much like the first crypto George Keller coming to the States and doing the same. These two ppl have the same interests and common goals. They founded a new land with no laws or oversight so their first task was providing the framework for which such a system would flourish. In fact this foundational work started when Crypto Columbus ‘discovered’ America, his voyage started 4 days after the Expulsion Act of 1492 and they were looking for a new home. 

Among his associates we find George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement. Intelligence families have always hidden behind religion. The Quakers are one of the clearest examples and it is this connection that eventually led me to the conclusion Rhode Island was chartered by cryptojews in the royal court to serve interests of their own kind. Rhode Island harbored Quakers after the other colonies expelled them, so much so bordering colonies threatened a trade embargo if they didn’t change their position. King Charles II had to step in eventually and officially order MA to stop persecuting Quakers. His story says Charles intervened bc he sided against the puritans that executed his father. In reality the Puritans and the quakers are both still jews, who Charles II just readmitted into England, of course he would help out in the colonies as well. 

Quakers wouldn’t intermarry outside their own and would only conduct business with other ‘friends’. Many instances public decisions were made quakers would move in their own favor even if it was detriment to the community. Passive nonmilitary allowed natives to slaughter and pillage unchecked. Used their own court system. 

Clarke used freedom of religion as a front for jew business. While officially the first synagogue in America didn’t open till 1763 the crypto lines have been hiding in plain sight for centuries.  Coincidentally the first offical synagogue in America opened in Newport RI. The place founded by Clarke to begin with. 

King Charles II was responsible for enabling the jewish readmission act of 1656. I guess it wasn’t a hard decision after his father was executed by paid jewish agents. Oliver Cromwell initiated the readmission unofficially due to general popular opinion. Cromwell writes to Jewish 1%er Manasseh Ben Israel through his bitch Ebenezer Pratt: 

 Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam, 16th June 1647: 
— “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” — 

To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647: 
— “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.” — 

This is how England was compromised and Charles I was set-up. This is the context of how the jews were admitted back into England. George Fox the founding Quaker father was also a regular correspondent of Ben Israel’s. Both utilized the printing press, which is a primitive form of controlled mainstream media… Communication. This connection is supporting evidence Rhode Island was founded as a colony of spooks.  

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to Jimmy Clark you can see why its fishy his name would come up now, after two hundred years, attached to the field of education. As we learned earlier the first two colony charters of Plymouth and Virgina were granted to merchant groups and governed by shareholders and stockbrokers were known simply as the London Company. Considering this I find no surprize in the fact Clarks trust fund which granted the money to start the School for the Deaf is controlled in modern times by scumbag operatives called Bank of America. 

At 350 years old Americas oldest educational trust was left for “for the education of children from time to time, forever.’’ The Prussian system had yet to be developed but this would ensure when the chosen method had arrived this foundational step was already in place. The money would always be available for whatever indoctrination program chosen to be used at the state’s discretion. That it is overseen by bank of America is convenient. The money is illusionary anyway, they can print as much as they need and who’s going to challenge it? BoA gets credit for being charitable, it’s a win-win. 

I’ve yet to put together why the school for deaf wasn’t given to Howe. Maybe it was because of funds. Howe had a lot of irons in the fire and these operations take money, his projects funded by the Laura Bridgman pre-helen keller celebrity deafmute hoax could only go so far and that pot was already accounted for. The school itself might have been built for Alexander Graham Bell as a command center. He ran that bitch for over five decades. 

 His story says Clarke school was founded in 1867 by Brahmin family Gardiner Hubbard (L. Ron scientology?) after a childhood illness made their daughter Mabel blind, they used trust fund monies to start the first oralist school.  

Rogers graduated from Prussian ‘normal’ school in 1851 and took work in several schools till ‘63 when she took her first deaf student for private instruction… so we are told. In 1866 she and a Mary S. Byam founded an oralist school for the deaf simply called Chelmsford School. Later in ‘67 the school was moved to Northampton and renamed Clarke school for the Deaf. Rogers was taken as the first principal and AGB first came on as teacher in ‘71.  

 Bridgman, Keller, and Sullivan all use the same script that a childhood illness left them disabled chances are pretty good Mabel was lying as well. Especially taking into account young Mabel and AGB were married and had two kids. Historians have a hard time explaining that one with Bells position that deaf people shouldn’t be allowed to do either, deafness was a trait to be bred out through programs like forced sterilization and lobotomy. Naturally he uses this in his defense. “See look, I’m not the bad guy, my wife is one of them.” However, if she was never deaf to begin with it suddenly makes so much more sense.  Bell and Hubbard also went on to found gatekeeper institution National Geographic Society and Bell Telephone Company

As it turns out these Hubbard’s are related to L. Ron through adoption, claim todays descendant. That would support my claim that these Inheritor class ‘dead babies’ are not dead at all but are just relocated and spring back up in history under a new name and background.  The part I found most curious is they are directly related to Elizabeth Hubbard, yet again connecting us to the Salem Witch Project. Elizabeth was one of the girls starting the initial accusations. 

Find-a-grave listing also gives us Gardner Hubbard’s mother was a… wait for it… Perkins. That’s right. Due to centuries of inbreeding Joanna Hubbard was also niece of slaver/opium druglord Thomas. Not some distant relation either. I mean like he was her father’s brother… That would also mean she is connected to the Salem Show twice over since we already established Perkins was connected through Mary Bradbury who was sentenced to death as a witch but somehow managed to avoid execution. So, Perkins school for blind is connected to Clarke school for deaf, just not in the way you’d be led to think. This is an awesome example of why it pays to investigate every name dropped for a reason. Seek patterns and remember everything is mentioned for a reason. 


Mary Dryer and her group of agitator Quakers were arrested and drug across state lines several times and warned not to return to the state several times before they were charged and executed. This is the first of several fake executions we come across during our investigation 

The spook ring Marmaduke Stevenson and William Robinson were agents that staged a false court case used by Macy as the last straw and seek religious freedom but was really a cover for insider trading and forming a new industry center. Mary Dryer was the third BM supposedly hung for being a quaker. Rhode Island was established as a basecamp for quaker intel the next year based off this case. This is yet another connection. Charles2 wrote a letter to the colonies about take it easy on the quakers. 

William Dyer husband of the quaker martyr signed the Portsmouth compact with John Clarke. William and Mary traveled to England with Clarke as he was said to be taking care of the interests of RI from the crown. It was at this time Mary alone converted directly from cryptospook Resetter George Fox himself. Clarke and William say they remained Baptist. They were all planning on a quaker crypto Jewish stronghold and making arrangements for other civil unrest and the coming case. Clarke provided cover under the flag of Baptist tolerance. Mary played the martyr; Charles 2 played the frustrated ruler that had to intervene and save the perpetual victim give them special treatment. All Quakers in the colonies to be released from incarceration. 

Plus, the fact that the puritan courts were also Conversios themselves sending one of their own to develop a stronghold for their kind. This fake case was used to start what would eventually become the quaker commercial whaling industry center. 

Mayhew kept one share of the Nantucket stock. 

That’s the beginning of the Macy clan in America.  


There is one mystery that jumped out at me when looking at John Albert Macys family tree that couldn’t be solved by cross reference checking, and also another reason to hide his heritage besides simply wanting to keep his infamous cryptospook relatives hidden. Every one of his forefathers was born in Nantucket. Every. Single. One. Except that our John was suddenly born in Detroit 

We find an anomaly on his father and grandfathers wikitree pages that offer a lead. Aside from Keller herself at no point in our investigation have we left New England. Father is born in Nantucket but married in Detroit. Grandfather was born in Nantucket but died in Detroit. So, grandpa moved out there after dad was born. Dad grew up there and married and begat John Macy. What could have been the force that made the direct line of founder Thomas leave their land?  

 The newspaper obituary of Oliver Macy offers us several clues. One is that states he held the title of General Receiver at the Michigan Central Railroad from 1857 till his death in ‘72. Now it makes more sense. The railroad syndicate recruited him. Maybe he worked for them consequently, but I don’t see the RS as the catalyst. John, the only one born off Nantucket Island returned to Harvard later in life so he was not excommunicated. The MCRR is a major player in several subjects covered on our journey, keep an eye out for these guys. 

Second is mother maiden name is Swain. Swain is one of Nantucket’s oldest families, two of the original nine proprietors. For being such a prestigious line, you expect to find more but for the most part it is scrubbed except for a few broken pieces here and there. The patriarchs that first settled in the Salem area in 1635 and spread out far and fast from there, what normie history books call the Great Puritan Migration but from the evidence we have uncovered it was really the Great Cryptojew Infiltration. 

Third his wikitree page also states he lived in Manchester NH for several years before being posted in Detroit. The Swains helped found the town the of Hamptons, which at the time was MA colony. Many swains stayed in NH after the purchase of Nantucket. Nantucket was just another business to them and they were not sentimentally attached to any area.  The Railroad Syndicate was a natural outlet. These people intentionally have removed themselves from most history books and we have already commented on the concerns raised when somebody of such aristocratic breed has no Wikipedia page and no family bio. 

The info available comes second hand from other family research, since there is so much interbreeding within the aristocratic caste, we find the overlapping data generalized but Swain history suggests Maritime Admiralty. The first official record of the name goes back to Danish empire in the first century. This would mark them as Vikings but since so much surrounding who the Vikings really were has been discredited, this is enough that mention of Vikings itself is worth pausing, because they are saying something else. The English government (cryptojew merchant military intelligence agencies) used two systems to promote the establishment of settlements overseas: the chartered trading company, and the proprietorship. Proprietary charter normally granted huge tracts of land to an individual or group of persons on terms reminiscent of feudal tenure. The chartered trading company were joint-stock companies, operating under royal charters, composed of stockholders who shared, pro rata, the profits and losses of the colonial venture. The swains founded and were proprietors of the Hamptons.  

The early Swain family was associated with witchcraft in several cases. In 1656 a member of the Philbrick family testified in court that Goody Cole cursed his calves which resulted in their deaths. (Remember the Philbrick’s are still profiting from witchery today as we just read the published account of Crook jaw and Paddock.). In 1657 William Swain and three members of the Philbrick family died in an unexplainable boat accident. This happened when Goody was already in jail for witchcraft. She was given a second sentence. I guess like double secret probation.  It would be worth investigating farther. The families involved suggest Goody was never in jail, and the fact the entire incident was remembered in a poem by J. Greenleaf Whittier means of course it was a hoax death, most likely an insurance fraud scam seems to be their M.O. 

Another case in 1680 in which proprietor Richard Swains daughter herself was accused of being a witch along with several other local women, in a trail of another so-called witch Goody Fuller. These appear to be a precursor to the grand specular Salem Witch Trial event a decade later. Hopefully you have figured out by now that the SWT are not what you thought they were, they were just like any staged scripted historical event, this was the run up to the grand finale. Much like Laura Bridgeman was to the HKP. Conveniently once he was removed from the church and banished from the colony his public transition to Quakerism in Nantucket is at least plausible to the normie view. 

Also relevant and bringing us back full circle to our investigation happened in 1659 Richard Swain (Swayne) was also on the indictment papers with Thomas Macy, charged and fined and kicked out of the church for entertaining Quakers. This was one month before the fake hanging of the Boston Martyrs which led to the protection and interference of the crown. Richard was also one of the nine original proprietors of Nantucket. So yes, this case was used to help establish a cryptojew headquarters under the banner of fleeing persecution. This family didn’t seem to get caught up in the whaling industry, at least publicly, their primary motivation was gaining as much as territory as possible. This would make the Railroad Syndicate much more appealing than the oil cartels. Swains also expended westward and were some of the major cattle barons later on. That’s why these people have their names and genealogies erased from history books and hidden from keyword searchers. they don’t want you to know who really holds the reins of power.  

Now we have a brief introduction to the in-laws and a few answers on why all of a sudden this branch of the family left Nantucket for the first time, where he went, and what he did and who he was with. I had to stray just a little bit to provide background on the next leg of our journey.  


Ooh. We didn’t get very far but we have to take a short detour here. Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest official secret society in America. It was founded at the college William and Mary in 1776 by royal charter granted by William III or Orange, the same guy that the school is named after. William was the nephew of Charles II, the same guy that granted the Rhode Island charter for the Quaker Cryptos earlier.  

We have already touched on how the cryptojew intelligence coordinated the regicide of Charles I, the installation of Parliament under Cromwell, and the restoration of the throne to Charles ii. Cromwell is recorded in an Amsterdam synagogue journal in conversation with Ebenezer Pratt, the secretary of Ben Disraeli an Amsterdam open jew with a print shop. He produced thousands and thousands of propaganda leaflets distributed all over Europe. This was before email that’s why it is a red flag when somebody owns a printing press or is in some capacity with a newspaper. The king could not be excused without cause, to an escape and recapture was planned to ensure the execution. William is just the next guy down the line but the controlling force has been the same for generations. Just as Oliver Cromwell was placed to advance jewish interests like the Re-admittance Edict, the edict itself failed to get the vote but it was pushed through anyway. William, himself a native of Holland, where there was a large jewish financial center, advanced jewish interests by chartering the central Bank of England. This could be seen as the beginning of a new era of debt slavery. The creation of a privately owned bank that loans money for interest is a financial dictatorship that controls both sides of illusionary opposition. We have seen how the steps leading up to this creation were orchestrated by the same people that owned the bank itself. The Overthrow of the old guard, Charles I, and the installation of a meat puppet, Oliver Cromwell, the Readmittance Edict, the restoration of the Monarch, Charles II, the assassination of Charles II and subsequent ‘Glorius Revolution’ awarded William III to the throne in exchange for the monopoly on moneylending. This was the culmination of generations worth of hidden hand political maneuvers. 

 Everything William III did can be seen as meant to benefit the people that placed him there. Three key points of evidence are: 

 1.) William III instituted English bill of rights which destroyed the monarchy power and enabled Parliament 

 2.) William III chartered the BoE. In fact the throne was a reward for him in exchange for the charter. The Oranges had chartered the privately owned central Bank of Amsterdam in 1609, and were used to establish the same in England. Many sources claim the Rothschilds were involved but I could find none of their common surnames like Bauer or Herz that would’ve been used before the name Rothschild had been taken. Regardless of whether the Rothschilds are involved or not is trivial, both were modeled from the Venetian banking systems of the Black Nobility. It is interesting ride through banking history tracing Italy to London.  [The Venetian Banking System is the Winged-Lion that I have been tracking]

 3.) W3 reorganized the English faction of the East India Company. This was the world’s greatest maritime empire, a privately owned that could print its own money and declare war on its home country. This was the start of colonialism-based slave trade. This group also establishes the faction that would be the opium runners and slavers within a century (they were too focused on drugs to worry about oil I guess). Also on the scene were the Jesuits, they had missions established in precolonial India, as well as China, laying the groundwork for the coming boom. The Portuguese ran the trade in India before the Dutch or British arrived but since we have already found the Jesuits and Portuguese are the original crypto spook intelligence ring so whatever face they are hiding behind is irrelevant except when using them to call out accomplices, they are all controlled by the same group at the top. They have been present in similar fashion in Canada and south Americas well as Africa. The Jesuits go in first and do the recon work in the name of the church. They ran the opium farms that smuggled into China and directed the slave trade from the trenches. They were the ‘boots on the ground’ so to speak with everything being controlled from Amsterdam. The East India company had a London and English and British faction but all were owned via stock by the dutch merchants. 

 Another important connection to be seen is William was Prussian. The Orange family was closely tied by multiple marriages to the Prussian ruling Hohenzollern family. Remember the Prussian idea of a totally state-controlled, militarized population rests heavily an education system indoctrinating citizens from birth to ideals of the state, officially known as the Common school. Using this ideal as a guideline he (his handlers) chartered the school William and Mary to serve as a center of operations.  This is evidencing the foundations of the Prussian Model were laid long before Horace Mann gave his 12th annual report to the state board of education in 1848.   



  1. All of your discussion above about genealogies brings me back to: How new is civilization?

    Because my probably-ignorant first thought about The Reset having happened around 1800 is: Doesn’t that mean that the “history” that we’re given regarding, say, America from 1492 through the 1700’s is all totally fake?!

    That’s one major point that I never seem to grasp about all of this. Either civilization is new, and therefore the genealogies going back centuries are fabricated and meaningless (components of a massive con). OR the genealogies are indeed worth presenting—and if so, that means the person presenting them must think that they’re legitimate, not fabricated, and not meaningless. Which would imply, wouldnt it?, that civilization is at least many centuries old, and that everything was not actually reset ~225 years ago??

    Am I making any sense?

    1. Yes I can see how that would be confusing.Yes, every piece of history and geneological record throughout the 1700’s is fabricated. So I think what happened is like when you try to start a book in the middle you miss all the plot points. I started out using mainstream history. I wrote this years ago before I came to the conclusions that all history was indeed fabricated. It was years of borderline obsessive research of these obscure familial connections that helped give it away. This post now serves to highlight exactly how certain families inserted themselves into positions of wealth and fame… Pretty much the colonial period was about land-grabs. Fake documents like deeds and wills and charters are illegitimate binding contracts. They only have power bc people give it to them. The same power that gives currency its value. The charter of Rhode Island is just as authentic as a stack of bills in that it derives its power by deception. So tha con would work like this: The immigrany gets off the boat and is told he cant live there bc that place has been owned by such and such family for 200 years. “Prove it” the immigrant says. “Here is a deed from William Penn to his right hand man for 5,000 acres in 1675.” This is only like 3 pages I was cleaning up my drafts folder and decided to post instead of trash it. Before I got this website I was writing a book about how the same people keep coming up after 10 generations. Well, duh, thats bc they scripted themselves that way. I had almost 300 pages before I had to admit I was on the wrong path the whole time and had to scrap years worth of work. This is also how I arrived at the name of the site, It’s All Fake. bc it is all fake. My first site was named after a fake truth guru, Agent Mathis, I was once a close follower of his disinfo, which is all about the fake geneology. It didnt take long before I had to get a new site bc I dont want any association with him. Its a guilt by association system and even a negative promo is still advertising, see? Another thing about this post is there is no context as to who these people are or what they did. The people in charge today are some of the crookedest mofo’s out there and everything about them is a lie. They fabricated some descendants that are just as corrupt to make it seeem like this is the way it has been for hundreds of years. Look at david icke and his schtick about the 10,000 y/o babylon mystery schools and even mathis and his with the pheonician navy, they are the same trash. The objective is to trick people into thinking these people in charge have been there so long its futile to even think that there could be another way. Remember what I just said? Even a neg promo is still advertising. How many million do you think Icke has scammed from his babylon bshit? enough so that do you really think he wants anything to ever change? Now his son is taking over so again we see the generational lines of gatekeepers. They have a personal vested interest in protecting the system which is serving them and theirs so well. They’d never threaten any of that for real. My original article was about helen keller and the development of the educational system, except it didnt just develop organically, it was installed and given a fake background. I think this excerpt is included in her extended bio if you want some more context. The Railroad strike of 1877 is the chapter that made me literally hit the delete button on 300 pages of writing. The major cities in the strike took place in Baltimore, Pittsburg, St louis, chicago, and San Fransico. Each one of those cities also in turn had a Great Fire that leveled the city and hosted a World Fair. When I put all these pieces together i realized his-story is a lie. I am learning about the Reset as I go. When I started all there was was tartaria and the mudflood, but each so isolated to be of no use except that since they are promoted you know they are disinfo. Thats why I try to stay away from those topics but sometimes they just cross over so there it is.

      1. Great reply! As always, so much to think about and attempt to process.

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