What are the Oil Fields Covering Up? More Desert Canals

The Oil biz is one of the dirtiest industrial complexes out there. Considering the role Big Oil has played in the development, or lack of development depending on your position, they have been one of the most influential entities thus far.

How far does it go? Where does it stop? I dont even know where I’m going with this yet. So far I just found some cool shit out in the desert I wanted to share. If anyone reading this can help me fill in some blanks pl send me a kite.

If you look around my site you will see fairly quickly I got a thing for canals. We live on a water-based biome yet very few of us have any kind of relationship with the water even though it consists of the larger portion of the area. Most of the population resides within a few miles from the coast but other than a glance out of the car window what role does it play in daily live?

My point is I dont think it has always been like that, in fact I think the lack of water utilization is very new and short lived. The Pre-Reset world was different. They used canals everywhere, like we use asphalt streets.

The evidence is everywhere, just nobody knows what to look for and if they do happen to find something they don’t even know what they’re looking at. This is not their fault, people only know what they’ve been taught, which unfortunately isn’t very much. How to vote and pay taxes.

I have mentioned a few things that are used to cover up evidences of any sort that goes against their false narrative; golf courses, state parks, amusment parks. parking lots. Strip mines have got to be on the list. Any sort of erosion control is usually a cover, as is any large area of young forest.

One thing I have never considered until today are the Oil Fields. Theres a few places I want to share and at the end, who knows, maybe it will lead to an answer, probably it will only lead to more questions.

“What do canals and oil fields have to do with each other?”, I heard you ask. Well maybe nothing, I already said I dont know either, I know enough to understand that the operations going on in remote areas with no oversight or transparency are up to some top level cruddy shit. I’m not talking about the ecological disasters either, this is archeological and historical damage.

Google Earth has been a usful tool, I mean, you have to get over the whole globe thing, and satellites too, but as far as I know its the birds-eye tool available. Two things can be separated by only a few miles but bc it happens to be across an invisible border it falls into a separate compartment and never gets thought of. If you know where to get the thing that sees bed rock through water and vegetation that is what I really would like.

First off lets take a look at a few canal systems still functioning so you can get a feel for what Im saying :


Middle East Oil Fields



  1. My cover?

    I don’t have the best memory. Are you saying I asked you this already?

    Are you saying that what the earth is and isn’t is obvious, and that there definitely are no satellites?

    I really can’t recall what, if anything, I’ve previously asked you about these topics, or what you’ve written about them. Sorry.

    Have I inadvertently asked dumb questions? Have I insulted you?

    1. The earth is flat. It’s too hard to explain that to people who think the earth is a sphere, but who don’t have STEM degrees (or math/physics knowledge). Anyway, the tool I think you’re looking for is LIDAR, it scans the ground and makes like a 3d image, it can see past jungles, water, even thru buildings, everything! Its awesome. Unfortunately, the govt and unis who own them and spent Billions of our $ buying them, don’t let us use them unless you have a “special certificate”. U may be able to request a FOIA for their maps already scanned though. California for example I know just bought a LIDAR in 2019.

      A more primitive one would be bathymetric maps. Deep sea/Ocean ground mapping. U can find a lot online, Google earth does it too, but it’s almost always blurred out.

      1. Got me with the drive -by. Trolls and shills have a hard time getting on my site, I call out their bullshit and it’s led to some my best essays. Antarctica, Chaco Canyon, Hamburg… Thanks guys. Only trolls and shills mention flat earth. Sometimes they act nice and it takes me a day or two to register I just got drive-byed. nobody ever wants to just shoot the shit or ask questions or offer feedback and input. start here, its part 1, part 2 is even better. http://its-all-fake.com/2023/01/30/winged-lion-and-serpent-slayer-symbolism/

  2. What do you mean by, “You have to get over the whole globe thing, and satellites too”?

    1. Come now old friend, I thought we were past that by now. I have already said I am not responding to comments meant to derail the conversation into mainstream conspiracy theory traps, you are blowing your cover. But if you have a real question let me know 😉

      1. “What do you mean by, ‘You have to get over the whole globe thing, and satellites too’?” WAS a real question.

        It sounded to me like you were casually asserting that thinking of the planet as a globe / sphere is incorrect. But I thought I had recollected that, for example, you’ve written about how FE is a controlled-opposition scam. Sure enough, yes you have. I have kind of a bad memory, but that one I remembered.

        So your globe and satellites comment confused me, and I asked for clarification, and you scolded me. And you said I’ve blown my cover.

        I don’t understand what cover you’re referring to, and even if I did have some “cover”, I don’t see how asking you legitimate questions and seeking clarification would blow it.

      2. Hey bro, you wouldnt believe me if I told you. Everyone has something they struggle with. We all deal with trauma in our own way. Sometimes I just dont wanna talk to anyone. Thats how I got into this to begin with. Its therapeutic. I garden too, I think I imprinted on the earth with all the healing in that spot. 🙂 Thanks for reading. Check out the one I published today on South America. wrote it in 4 days

      3. Thanks for replying. If you’re going through something rough, sorry to hear that!

        On the significantly less important matters, I was just checking in to see if you had decided to no longer communicate with me, after seeming to imply that I have a “cover” that I had blown (whatever that really means). 🙂

        I haven’t been online much lately myself. I’ll take a look at your new posts.

      4. lol, no your fine buddy, ‘cover’ was just ‘conspiracy theorist’ sarcasm. I put a few new ones out recently, got a few I been working on. yeah I been struggling with some stuff, makes focusing difficult, sometimes the research gives me a focal point, sometimes I cant carry a thought from one tab to the other. the way a person can repress a traumatic event and then have it resurface decades later is fucking crazy.

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