The Media was Installed as a Psychological Warfare Machine. A Look at Old Newspapers.

The media wasn’t hijacked. It was never bought out. There are endless memes about how all the outlets are controlled by half-dozen… we’ll just call them people, lest the intent of this article be derailed. You know what I mean. Even though that may be true the problem is this line suggests things were fine until a corporate takeover turned all forms of media sideways. Thats total bullshit. Every single media outlet has been controlled by the same fractal groups for the same reasons since day 1. Every. Single, One.

My regulars will know by now how certain outlets appeal to different targeted audiences. The oldest and most prestigious outlets appear sophisticated to the average Normie tax-paying voter but the class these outlets serve know very well the articles are all manipulation oriented. Some of these would be the NYTimes, Atlantic Monthly, Nat Geo, TIME, Popular Mechanic… these are institutions by their own self-validating authority. They give the illusion of choice while propping up the whole fake system. Some people think its simply propaganda and then only applicable to this article or that headline, while the majority of them are straight shooters. That’s a total lie, there is no differentiating between outlets. They are only special-interest fractals. The media was installed for the sole purpose of being the fake timeline gatekeepers. The ministry of truth

They could not have pulled off the Reset without complete control of every single media outlet in existence. Look at the history of the printing press for example. Mass-communication in its earliest form was established way before the repopulation commenced. There are even complete lines of newspapers designed to evidence of the timeline printed you can still read them today. I dont mean like one or two examples, I mean entire brands that provide the official narrative that go back centuries. Couple the controlled media with the visual arts such as painting and the two have fooled the whole world into accepting their fate as a free range slave on the tax farm, dependent on fossil fuels and the electrical grid.

I might be starting off a little deeper than I meant. My BFF ‘Cheep’ said lightheartedly I use sensational headlines. (thanx for the shout out bro.) Maybe I do, IDK. How can YOU sum up the content of my articles into a single sentence that makes people interested enough to read it? The best articulated information in the world doesn’t mean shit if nobody will read it. Given today’s climate of fluoride enhanced, chemtrail induced shortened attention spans and lack of critical and logical thinking skills I, for one, am happy for every person that finds their way to my articles. This is one that I’m sure I’ll be expanding on for years to come.

What brings us here today goes back to my Fake Indians and Colonial Hoax paper. It was the first attempt I made at a series investigation of how such a thing could be pulled off. To recap the important part here there was an episode in 1825 -ish involving the future leaders of the Cherokee Nation that would lead into the Trail of Tears. These brats attended elite schooling in New England, the Foreign Missionary School, where they received training and instructions regarding their role coming up in the near future before being sent back down to GA as the controlled oppositional leaders.

At this time period the infrastructure was still being repaired, not just the tangible stuff like bridges and highways but the authority was not such that it could control the population as a whole if they wanted to challenge the validity those those in command. In Europe they had established a fake history under the guise of the Royal houses. Everything had been established for hundreds of years and every person knew their place, the end. In America there was none of that, it was supposed to be a New World where every man is equal and capable of any achievement so long as he put the work in. Ha. To combat this lack of central authority they came up with a moral and spiritual authority, The church. Where you are under surveillance at all times and set to be judged based on not just deed, but thought and intent as well. This ensured everyone fall in line, another manifestation of fear-driven manipulation.

The episode in the small-town home of the F.M.S. was a psychological operation/social engineering experiment driven by the media all by itself. The rural townsfolk remain mostly ignorant, even if they could read and write, which is about a quarter of the population. Ignorance is the mother of fear and fear is the motivating force behind almost all social engineering operations today and always have been, that’s why information is so tightly controlled. Townsfolk were whipped up into a frenzy by racist agitators in the form of newspapers. Nothing beats political rhetoric souped up with the virtue-signaling aspects of religion. Everything climaxed after the townsfolk set fire to the school, and chased the occupants out of town, following a series of interracial marriages covered in great depth and embellished by the local rag. It is yet to be determined how much of the events is really true and how much was invented as pure media fabrication, assuming a real building was torched there is a 100% chance the person responsible for lighting the first match was an agent just the same as the newspaper editor. These are highly coordinated teams that work together even while appearing to be at odds against each other.

What I found out during this research period is that all the Colonial newspaper archives are stored with the American Antiquarian Society, which is housed at Worcester, Massachusetts. This is significant for several reasons; 1., it’s a federal repository so it should be housed in the Library of Congress, that means even the govt has to go to an outside source to obtain information about early media; and 2, Worcester is a whole spook town built around their mental hospitals. The Worcester insane asylums were home to many hi-profile mass pysychological warfare events, even according to normie information they were key in the birth control pill development and MK-Ultra programs.

The thing that makes those so special is the Colonial period IS the psychological warfare operation. Every single one of its contents is a piece of the larger whole. Worcester is the gatekeeper, even to the US gov bc they are the psy-op specialists and the Colonial archives fall under their jurisdiction.

Seal of the AAS features a toppled column representing the Reset and the figure with hourglass and scythe is Saturn, Lucifer.

Also worth mentioning to help give some context as to how all these arms work together as a whole is that the Foreign Missionary School was founded in part by Jedidiah Morse, patriarch of the Morse clan in America, who was also one of the founding members of the Antiquarian Society.

This is the place where I had to go to find more information about the incident where the locals ran the outsiders out of town. Information on the internet is very limited, the few sources available cite the paper American Eagle, printed in the town neighboring Cornwall, where the school building was. The last existing remnants of the paper are housed at the AAS, it consists of 8 issues at 4 pages each. I’ll repeat that there is no guarantee these papers are authentic, they could have been inserted at any point in time. The false evidences I have found in the past are museum caliber quality and use period-accurate printing techniques and inks and language. I surmise there is even a large cache of blank paper somewhere that has been doing nothing but aging in order to produce convincing forgeries on demand.

Needless to say, all that aside, when I reached out to the AAS and requested access to the papers they were more than happy to provide them. For a fee of course, they are happy to sell their fake narrative for a dollar a page.

What I received was a 32 page window into how the media of the past is no different than today. While there was some info about the school and the central characters there was nothing useful that wasn’t already published. The same agendas are pushed and have been pushed now for over 200 years you can see them in the beginning stages. I will upload the complete paper at the bottom and screenshot noteworthy articles with a category or brief explanation here:

Northrup/Ridge Wedding Foreign Missionary School

I think it’d be appropriate to start with the story that got us here. Here is the account of the events that preceded the Trail of Tears, including other important articles regarding missionary work. Yeah, I know what the mission is, tough guy. Oh, did I mention the bride is a Northrup, from the Military Industrial Complex family? Most families connected to the American Indian hoax are. Carlisle and Remington among them.

I also included a few other articles from outside sources, this was a national headline event. The marriage were; the fire I could not find anything outside the local rag 2nd hand/past tense

Indians are Fake/Putting the Mission in Missionary

This is Indian named the Prophet, sporting the One-Eye symbolism I covered him before. Painted by the War Dept. bc it is a Psyche war

This article explains how fruitless the missionaries were in India, therebeing “crowds of poor Negroes” until the priests started getting paid per conversion, all of a sudden there were “5,000 already baptized”

Pompey Stone

This could fit into many categories. It tells of a discovery of an inscripted stone with Roman numerals and religious symbols supposedly dating to the 1500’s. Interesting bc the editor admits that the Indians are not the first people here and the structures attributed to them (Starforts) match similar structures attributed to the Druids in Europe. He also name-drops some Masonic symbolism but plays dumb about meaning. Carries the omnipresent religious current; regarding the repopulation he bases it on the sons of Moses.

Upon farther investigation it turns out this has a popular current. Dubbed :The Pompey Stone” this has attracted attn of mainstream archeologists for the past 200 years. This pdf will take you to all of NY states archeological records. Every site is fake. This stone was hoaxed by the familiar elite families and accepted as real for 70 years, residing uquestioned in the NY State Museum. It still is in the museum to this day as an example of a hoax. lol, These people.

The Insertion of Language


Spontaneous Combustion

Agricultural/Industrial Revolution

Ribbonmen are forerunners of the Molly Macguires, this is Agricultural/Industrial Revolution


This is supposed to be a sense of humor from an early 1800’s devout New England Conservative virtue-signaling editor

Random Acts of Violence/Fear Porn

Fear mongering has always been a staple. People that talk about the good old days when neighbors didnt lock their doors at night and felt safe to walk alone at night must have never read the papers back then. Most of these articles have no details like names or locations and many are directed toward children for maximum shock value. Any time you see dead babies in the media you are being manipulated.

Bankster Cartels

I havent really covered the formation of the central banking system in detail. It wasnt the first. Looking at this list of transfer values it looks like the idea was to make things as complicated as possible in order to make people cheer for a single entity instead of dozens of smaller ones. And a counterfeit scare to top it off.


Multiple articles about the canals. Surprisingly none about the railroads. These are intentionally vague bc the canals were already there, just in a process of being repaired. The mudflood filled in the world grid. (I just realized this solves the riddle about the muddy and dirt city streets with the superstructures already complete. The roads are the recently filled in ancient canal beds.

Drugs. Narotics/Medical Industrial Complex

Ancient/Foreign Cultures

Statist Bootlicker

Nature is Bad

General Lafayette/Fake Wars


Complete Issues


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