WW1 Proxy War Cover Story

I came across this entry of the World in Ruins thread by way of the Mink Coat Mafia. They were a group of influential elitist rich Jewish lesbians that pretended to be doing works of charity and good will but were really mocking the orphan class and further subjugating the people.

I came into the Mink Coat Mafia by way of Mary Breckinridge, the founder of the Frontier Nurses Service. Mary said she developed her nursing skills delivering aid to the Western Front during her time in the group founded by Anne Morgan, kin to Reset baron J.P. Morgan, named the Committee for Aid to Devastated France, known by the French acronym C.A.R.D..

FNS was the group that was delivering prenatal care to rural Kentucky mountain folk, which seemed like a noble thing to do until you find out she was really delivering new vaccines and conducting secret birth control drug experiments. You can read the details in my essay on the Birth Control pill development.

Just recently I found a newspaper article from 1919 about the Devasted France Committee which offered some location-specific details about the clubs activities. On a hunch I looked up in the archives about the villages mentioned in the newspaper regarding the extent of the devastation that really was.

You can read the Ministry of Truth article here:

In typical fashion the images are all deceiving. They show devastation for sure but who knows how long ago it happened, or by what manifest agent wrought it. Thats the ones that are real, there are just as many that are total fakes.

The images that are real show cities that are on the rebound. It is being repopulated by the Orphan Class. In other proxy war ruins pics the cities are ghost towns, in this one there are people living within the ruins. Some even have electricity and clothes lines. The usual thing to watch out for is always going to be vegetation, a freshly ruined structure will not have mature hardwood trees growing in the rubble. The other tip is the travel lanes; if the entire ruined city is separated into individual rubble piles and the travel lanes are clear you can be sure it wasn’t recent damage. This is real damage, just the timeline is a lie, different from the totally fake chopshop montage photos you’ll see.

Featured Images

Some of them are more mentionable than others or have something maybe you might have missed. In all of my posts each pic is showcased for a reason, I dont usually have the time to point out what that might be for the not-so-obvious ones, heres a chance I get to highlight some

This one could serve several functions. The note on the back said the smoke was added bc it didnt show up in the original and the developer wanted the impact. Sometimes they will make an over-the-top obvious fraud in order to make the not-so obvious fakes seem more credible.
when you zoom in though this is the same person front and back. like those fashion runway whores, he just did a runway walk in costume. Quite a few have the same character repeated throughout the same image
Heres the other half the pic. What is that? Thats a fucking pirate and a Chinaman. The building in the back is fake too but so what. It has a hook hand and triangle hat. lol, gtfoh. You have to keep in mind the sense of humor had by the ‘artists’ that create these fakes. This is the location the the Mink Coat Mafia was active in. I know most people do’t fully appreciate the significance of that but its a thing.


This one is from Bulgaria. Notice there is nothing anywhere around the two sets. No roads, no dwellings, no nothing. I use the word ‘sets’ deliberately.
Look to the left of the church. This is a person hiding in plain site. One of the Shadow Workers
The thing is a stage set, a miniature. Its a few pieces of plywood, I can ever see some bracing on the focal piece.

This led me to the realization that many of these could be nothing more than movie sets. Not all miniatures, I mean full scale mock ups.

Thats when I saw this one. You can see the backs of the set. It is cheap wooden framed backdrops. One piece fell down and nobody even thought to pick it up, who would ever notice. Maybe its not meant to be a backdrop, I hear someone say. Ok well wtf kind of bomb will disintegrate a brick and mortar structure but leave a cheap flimsy wood panel up?

The implications of this are pretty big. it means now it is that much harder to be sure any of them are legit

This one makes me chuckle, but not for what you might think. Besides the fact the locomotive would never end up resting on top of a caboose like that…

Look at what they are going to fix it with. A wicker basket with a couple wrenchs. lol. Man these guys thought of everything

This is another one you need the zoom to get. Not only are the roadways perfectly clear but look at the buggy and drivers
the two on the right are copies. Its the same guy in the same pose with the same horse, none the horses are even moving anyway.
This one caught my attn bc of the caption. It made a big deal about the guy having a towel draped over his wrist, indicating he is a servant. The army guys are label Royal Engineers but I think they are all just costumes. People living back then wouldve all been wearing uniforms, doesnt mean they’re in any army. Its the appearance of the narrative thats important.
“Nevermind the hole in the wall, you just make sure you prune those hedges!” lol
Was this an abbey? or did someone just come through and hang part of a false idol and claim it was. Dont even look at the vegetation growing through the roof
How fortunate these ppl were their village got blown up but the power lines remain intact. So, the narrative says these were taking immediately after the attack, not a year or two later. Oh look, the Jews decided to insert themselves into the scene, this is Antwerp, thats why the 3 gentlemen on the left are there.
Hit every building possible, except for the ones with potential tourism value of course. The ruins in the foreground are superimposed onto an image of the Old World relics
Heres another one. Every building around it was dustified, this didnt even have a scratch on the antiqui-tech spires
This one is real, right?
electrical device
Heres a good shot of trees growing through the building. Looks like laundry day too
Ive covered alot of fake war images. Counting the endless archives and collections I will honestly tell you out of the thousands of pictures this one caught my eye bc it is one of the few real corpse images I have seen. Thats a real dead body. There are no notes to how he got there or who it is but this is the only one I find legit in all the bunch. I wouldn’t be surprized if they dressed up a fresh corpse, or even executed somebody wearing the costume, just to leave him out in the open for a few weeks in order to get this shot.
These are the orphan class that will repopulate the earth. they will grow up beliveing what they were told all their life about the fake war. Another unique aspect of this war is all the children. They are in many images, thats all you see. The adults are wearing military uniforms that are costumes and the rest are children. thats it.
The Red Cross calls it a playground at school. Those are Reset War Orphans. the Red Cross are perps. Many of these images had 2 or 3 sentences attached by the RC, just notes. They have value for being examples of old fashioned narrative propaganda, all hardcore anti-German. I cropped it out to get a better images in the end.
This couple is the only civilian looking people I saw. They are clearly the oldest of the group, still surrounded by children. They only look like 15 or 16 to me. Maybe the first gen Inheritor class representatives. These are who dug out the whole world, the children army
NY Tribune, front page, featuring the Mink Coat Mafia doing what? Saving children. Thats what its all about, what it is always about and always has been about.
YMCA was there too. Another JP Morgan joint, those bitches are scandalous. inverted truncated pyramid sigil and everything. 10 to 1 this is a movie set
Mink Coat Mafia photo-op. Normie history says they purfected the use of war photography for fundraising purposes. Thats a bunch of horse shit. I call that simple propaganda those bitches didnt purfect shit
Fucking Hoffmans are always on the scene if its some twisted timeline manipulation New World Order type episode
“Quick, lets just throw some crosses up in the lot we cleared last spring and call it a graveyard” How long did it take to clear that road of debris? On the other hand, always be weary of anyone you meet that has occupation of granite cutter, this means tombstone maker. This means they make the props for fake history (fake tombstones=fake timeline)also for fictious characters, also for false flag operations. Margaret Sangers father was one. Thats all I can think of off the top but there are many more I read about.

This just leaves me with one question that brought me here in the first place. What was the Committee for Devastated France doing anyway? They might have showed up to have their picture taken but thats about it. Mary Breckinridge and Ann Morgan were absolutely not driving ambulances around No Mans Land, thats about all I am sure about, so what is it then?

Thats all I got for now, as always, hoped you enjoyed. Always remeber, if you arent for positive if something is authentic just keep in mind, It’s All Fake.

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