WW1 Proxy War Cover Story

I came across this entry of the World in Ruins thread by way of the Mink Coat Mafia. They were a group of influential elitist rich Jewish lesbians that pretended to be doing works of charity and good will but were really mocking the orphan class and further subjugating the people.

WW1 was about cleaning up. The ruins are old, the railroad is ancient, the mudflood covered some and filled in the Grand Canals

I came into the Mink Coat Mafia by way of Mary Breckinridge, the founder of the Frontier Nurses Service. Mary said she developed her nursing skills delivering aid to the Western Front during her time in the group founded by Anne Morgan, kin to Reset baron J.P. Morgan, named the Committee for Aid to Devastated France, known by the French acronym C.A.R.D..

FNS was the group that was delivering prenatal care to rural Kentucky mountain folk, which seemed like a noble thing to do until you find out she was really delivering new vaccines and conducting secret birth control drug experiments. You can read the details in my essay on the Birth Control pill development.

Just recently I found a newspaper article from 1919 about the Devasted France Committee which offered some location-specific details about the clubs activities. On a hunch I looked up in the archives about the villages mentioned in the newspaper regarding the extent of the devastation that really was.

You can read the Ministry of Truth article here:

In typical fashion the images are all deceiving. They show devastation for sure but who knows how long ago it happened, or by what manifest agent wrought it. Thats the ones that are real, there are just as many that are total fakes.

The images that are real show cities that are on the rebound. It is being repopulated by the Orphan Class. In other proxy war ruins pics the cities are ghost towns, in this one there are people living within the ruins. Some even have electricity and clothes lines. The usual thing to watch out for is always going to be vegetation, a freshly ruined structure will not have mature hardwood trees growing in the rubble. The other tip is the travel lanes; if the entire ruined city is separated into individual rubble piles and the travel lanes are clear you can be sure it wasn’t recent damage. This is real damage, just the timeline is a lie, different from the totally fake chopshop montage photos you’ll see.

Featured Images

Some of them are more mentionable than others or have something maybe you might have missed. In all of my posts each pic is showcased for a reason, I dont usually have the time to point out what that might be for the not-so-obvious ones, heres a chance I get to highlight some

This one could serve several functions. The note on the back said the smoke was added bc it didnt show up in the original and the developer wanted the impact. Sometimes they will make an over-the-top obvious fraud in order to make the not-so obvious fakes seem more credible.
when you zoom in though this is the same person front and back. like those fashion runway whores, he just did a runway walk in costume. Quite a few have the same character repeated throughout the same image
Heres the other half the pic. What is that? Is that a fucking pirate with a hook playing pocket pool?
And a Chinaman? The building in the back is fake too but so what. It has a hook hand and triangle hat. lol, gtfoh. You have to keep in mind the sense of humor had by the ‘artists’ that create these fakes. This is the location the the Mink Coat Mafia was active in. I know most people do’t fully appreciate the significance of that but its a thing.


This one is from Bulgaria. Notice there is nothing anywhere around the two sets. No roads, no dwellings, no nothing.
Look to the left of the church. This is a person hiding in plain site. One of the Shadow Workers