Olde World Relics: Arches.

Hey guys. Sorry I havent posted anything in a while. I been working on a few things at once. Everything wants to branch out, makes it difficult to stay on point sometimes. So one of the things that keeps popping up as a secondary symbol are arches. Some are very old and attributed to fictional characters like Napoleon. Some are early Repopulation look-a-likes. Others are temporary and dont try to be anything more. Some are new, but built on the sites of old ones. The battlefield of Gettysburg had one. I got the original stereoscopic image from the fake mathew Brady collection. Now there is a crappy cheap one in its places with no mention there was one before. NYC has at least 8 free standing and too many to count that have been incorporated to the structures. New Orleans is like that too. Both have a main street named CANAL ST. Thats what its origins are. The old ones used to be the entrance to the city when they were are canaled. In the Post-Reset world that are simply a military representation, like a parade. Most parades pass under the arch. the arches were built just for this reason.

The European arches are the really old ones. Some in the States, most of ours were destroyed. The ones in the old seats of authority still have them. The places with Cathedrals and castles. Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germania… the places that also had a high concentration of World Fairs. I got a few European Arches here but mostly these are American ones.

Hopefully I can go through these and organize better one day soon. The top-pieces and sculptures are just as meaningful as the arch itself. I havent begun to read through any of the sigils yet. For now I just had to get them out the way, they were clogging up my other post bc I got sidetracked.

I didnt even try to link any histories or nothing. History is told through travel brochures its fuckin trash, i wont promote it. If you want details just highlight and right-click and use whatever search engine you choose.

Manhattan Bridge, CANAL ST.
No horsemen, 4 Indians on horseback titled ‘Buffalo Hunt’, Roman charioteers are just as fake as buffalo Indian hunters
Sides of arch are carved obelisks with ship bows featuring symbols of fake ancient cultures. The Winged-Lion ship has Asian koi fish.
Louvre Carrousel Arch
Denison, TX arch at the 1884 World Fair ‘Cotton Centennial’ in New Orleans. Inverted pentagram.
Dreyfous Arch bridge, City Park, New Orleans. road network built by the Conservation Civilian Corp, means the arch was already there.
1924 fake date inscribed later
Port Perpignan, Notre Dame
CANAL ST. terminal. New Orleans
Knights Templar parade, Seattle 1925
Prez Harrison visit Seattle 1891
Philly, 1909. When you see the over head shot it is just this standing alone in a field, like the obelisk or lincoln memorial in DC
Soldiers and Sailors, Brooklyn. Home to Babylon Lion Griffon
Victory Arch Parade, NY
Dewey Arch, NY
Brussels. City park, home of the Worlds Fairs. property connects with art museum
St Petersburg. State art museum. Former Royal palace.
Horsemen statue features shields of fake cultures, Indian Dharmachakra
Gettysburg Nat’ Park. 1910. I have Mathew Brady pics of fake battleground with pre-existing arch on site. it was being used as a cemetery.
1922 Masonic Convention, CANAL ST, New Orleans
1914 Bastille Day, Paris. Port
1889 Bastille Day engraving, CANAL ST, New Orleans
Champ du Mars, Bastille Day 1, 1790
1890 Salt Lake City. Note the cupola turrets with spiral top and bottoms, match imagery from Lion-Griffon sites
Denver Civic Center 1919
Washington Sq NYC. NYC has 8
Brown University, R.I.
Seaman Drake 1903
seaman drake 2003
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