Winged Lion and Serpent Slayer. Great Reset Seats of Power: Sigils and Projects


This is a picture post. The unspoken language used to communicate can only be told by symbols. Im not done yet but I always post when I get close and just refine as I go. Ive already started other papers so I can always republish if it ever gets finalized, just saying, Pl excuse incomplet disorganize

This next chapter in my quest to fully comprehend the significance of the Winged Lion/Griffon has led me to Belgium, more specifically Antwerp with Brussels slightly below. If this is your first article it would take to much time to try and catch you up so I can only suggest to go back and read some of the other articles that go into aspects with more depth that I am only going to touch on here. Some of this won’t make much sense and all of it will bring more questions than answers, thats a good thing, it means you are paying attention. Did you really think you were going to get all the answers in a single post? You don’t even know what questions to ask yet. Therein lies one of the biggest problems we share as a face of free-range wage-slaves.

The Winged Lion represents the unspoken Post-Reset authority. It is unspoken bc they communicate through symbols, sigils really, as it contains magickal properties, but not that “Do you believe in magick” fucking Ronald McDonald/Walt Disney bullshit. Real magick exists, there is no singular definition which makes it difficult to identify, especially if you only think of it as a 10 y/o birthday party entertainment. The Winged Lion is a representation of the New World Magicians.

My first exposure here came about by way of India. A series of staged archaeological sites collectively known as the Pillars of Ashoka, which feature a variety of animals on the top, known as Capitals. These capitals sent me on a worldwide search for other famous pillars and columns which would serve as a comparison. Much of the narrative is regurgitated script, once you figure out the formula it isn’t much of a leap to find other places that use the same old line. This is how I found Winged Lion #1.

The most famous one, really the only famous one, like I said it is unspoken, also bears its illusionary geographical boundaries namesake, The Lion of Venice. It’s also commonly referred to as the Lion of St. Mark, this is just misdirection, its a mark alright, but not like they are implying. It rests atop one of two pillars in the central tourist-trap plaza next to its counterpart, the Serpent Slayer, also given a misdirectional title, St Theodore. I have covered the lion to a greater extent in the first essay, you can find more info there.

One is dark and one is light is more symbolism, commonly found in Mystery Schools, like Freemasonry checkerboard floor tiles or the Yin-Yang, said to represent duality.

The Pillar of St Theodore has several names and interpretations; Theodore the dragon slayer, St George and the Dragon. Sometimes its a snake, sometimes its a crocdile. These are all lies meant to confuse the seeker. If you are in the ‘know’ then it is a calling card and serves to show how wide a net thats been cast. In this manner you can use each name as a lead and search that area for more clues, more leads.

Another lead is the name Theodore of Amasea, this leads us to modern day Turkey, fake timeline center of the fictional Constantinople, where the winged lion is said originate although this connection is played off like its coincidental and I could find no discussion about the probability of a common background, they expect you to believe they both just kinda wound up in Venice as neighbors with no significance.

The counterfit Egyptian artifacts are kept in Room 180 at the Louvre. Aces and Eights. Its a code telling you they are ALL fake

A good showcase example would be here: In Egypt the croc is considered a sacred animal, a manifestation of Set. The Set/croc association would be the equivalent to the snake and Lucifer, but only the Egyption flavor. Sure enough, located in the Louvre in Paris is the evidence that confirms this.

What this also supports is that the real group these symbols represent have inserted themselves in all cultures throughout all time. Ancient Egypt wasn’t real as in it existed many thousands of years ago and created the Great Pyramids, its real in the manner that currency has value. It exists on paper and people give it power by their thoughts and beliefs. This is what real magick is.

Not only that, but institutes like the Louvre (a museum in Paris) and the Smithsonian and the British museum are repositories for these fake artifacts. Their authority is self-validating and they exist as gatekeepers for the timeline lie. This is their sole purpose for existence. I know most of you will be in denial at first until you have some time to process what I’m telling you. You will try to rationalize this by saying this one slipped through and try to pick this one and that one as authentic or not, that OK. Denial is the first stage in recovery, we all go through it. What I am telling you is correct, there are NO genuine artifacts in ANY museums, they are the Reset gatekeepers. This is a fundamental core truth you must accept in order to advance to a higher level.

**(You never ‘understand’ anything, if you are standing ‘under’ something you can never rise above it. This is another example of real-world magick, even our language was created to keep us trapped in the current paradigm. Thesaurus)

Church of St. Ladislav in Beltinci has a Pillar of St Theodore.
Here is another called “Acerenzia, Ruins of San Teodoro’s cathedral (10th century)”

Louvre, Paris

These images clipped from the Louvre fresco’s are identical to the Victory Column in St Petersburg, Russia, featured in Pt 1 of the Winged Lion hunt

The above flipbook is taken from the victory column in St Petersburg

Images of the Gambetta Monument at the Place de Carrousel housed at the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum has an album dedicated “by a traveler with an interest in Belgium and Paris. It looks like someone else is on the same trail I am. The museum are the gatekeepers.

Unknown Energy Tech

Beautiful 5 globe street lamp. No bulb or wick, only a thin piece or rod/cable/wire

Other noteworthy architecture

though almost every building is. Its hard to pick

Its hard to grasp this without zooming in. There is not even so much as a footprint in the mud, let alone anything to justify the logistics of would take to build something of this magnitude. Not to mention the builders, where are all the people? There is a color change on the two bookend structures I think are water level marks. This used to be all canal and the image was taken right after the mudflood There are entrances that would’ve been underwater but this doesn’t change anything, it adds credibility to my position that they weren’t filled inasmuch as covered up and topped off, thereby creating the catacombs.


The arch is a military embodiment representing the paradigm transition from the Old World to the New. There used to be canals to travel under, these were the city gates.

1914 Bastille Day, Paris. The rooster is important, you will see soon.
Manhattan Bridge, CANAL ST.
No horsemen, 4 Indians on horseback titled ‘Buffalo Hunt’, Roman charioteers are just as fake as buffalo Indian hunters
Sides of arch are carved obelisks with ship bows featuring symbols of fake ancient cultures. The Winged-Lion ship has Asian koi fish. There is also a bow coming through a wall at the Louvre
Louvre Carrousel Arch
Brussels. City park, home of the Worlds Fairs. property connects with art museum that is blurred out
St Petersburg. State art museum. Former Royal palace.
Horsemen statue features shields of fake cultures, Indian Dharmachakra
Champ du Mars, Bastille Day 1, 1790
Port Perpignan, Notre Dame

Parades, Columns, Arches, Balloons; all military symbols of the New World.
Soldiers and Sailors, Brooklyn. Home to the Babylon Lion Griffon. NYC is home to an undetermined amount of ‘Victory’ Arches


Bastille Day, 1801 balloon ascention. Obelisk in background which André Jacques Garnerin descends in a parachute above the Temple de la Paix and the Champs-Elysées. (Source: A.G. Renstrom, LC staff, 1981-82.)

Multiple Industrial Expo’s/World Fair’s

In reality the World Fair/Industrial Expo was continuous for about a century, only broken up by short intervals of time or distance. Compartmentalized by year or country to make them all seem disconnected instead of the single perpetual event that was the installation of the New World Order power structure, the ignorantly enslaved population, and its scripted history.

Every Seat of Power we investigate was staging ground for multiple expo’s. We have only scratched the surface of the full body of work required for a conclusive survey. Most of the World Fairs’ homes havent even come into our spotlight yet but they are always on the periphery.

Jenky Construction Timeline

Two shots taken of the Seine from the Louvre, almost from the same spot. The top says 1852, the bottom says 1854. IDKAY but this looks like a shit-ton more than two years worth of work thats been done. Not only have the trees and riverbank been landscaped but the skyline has buildings added and removed.
Heres another one taken from almost the same spot again with a time stamp of 1880. Surely you can see the vegetation has some growth. I dont think 25 or 30 years worth but thats not my concern. What bothers me about the time is all this was supposedly destroyed in 1871. Pretty much all of Paris was torn up and every image you see of a burned out rubble pile uses the year as an alibi. I ain’t buying it.

History of Violence/Military War Games

Louvre is said to be the site of the mass guillotine executions, must check for mass executions in St Petersberg and Antwerp.
St Petersburg, 1833

Victory Column

I covered this in part 1 but it merits a flashback. Left is the Vendome Column in Paris. Paris is home to several major Columns, important markers for the new paradigm. Right is St. Petersburg, also home to columns that all feature the same symbols even though on the surface they declare war on each other.


Im vaguely aware of the Bastille from my research into other overlapping areas. The storming of the Bastille in the fake french revolution, the star fort prison that was really a canal grid and not just a moat. History has everything so diconnected from each other its difficult to find anything unless you look for it specifically. The Bastille and the celebration that continues to this day has been coming up more and more and will have to be addressed. I’m burnt-out on it right now, I’ll have to process this information I have so far and return later. I just want to point out that whatever I find will tie into everything else, things that make no sense only make no sense bc I dont have all the pieces. the Bastille is a big piece.

The elephant fountain at the Bastille is said to have been a concept but never actualized. It sourced its water supply from the canals underground. Since we are bringing up India, which is what the elephant does, there is a double-tailed mermaid fountain in town too. You have to read the Asian Reset paper; it makes no sense without context. Old World India makes Paris look like a dump.

Underground canal under the Bastille, All damage in Paris is blamed on the Paris Commune 1871

Serpent Slayer

Statue Garden at the Tuilerie

Sorry but I saw this Serpent Slayer in Denmark today and I had to add it. Havent had much time to look around Copenhagen yet but it matches up with all the other symbols we have gone over so far. The lion doesnt have wings but the two are right next to each other in the park and located on the edge of this beautiful starfort.

Winged Lion Griffon

Leon Gambetta Monument

Gambetta was an early governmental agent in France. One of the fake founding fathers after the Paris Commune. He is said to have lost his eye as a child but that is an allegory

Paris Commune Gov
Heart at the Pantheon w/ Napoleon’s tomb stone urn
One-Eye, Hidden Hand
Appleton Monotage
Winged Lion obelisk at the Louvre

On the Trail

(wrong post)

So that is the briefest introduction I think I can give without being insulting. I have made a point to search for these totems with a fair degree of success from New York and Texas to Greece and Slovenia. In all places I find similar secondary traits. This is not the same as the regurgitated script that most narrative is comprised of. These secondary marks are worthy of attn as stand-alones. Things like architectural features, World Fair locations, Starforts all have meaning. Another one I just added to the list are clock towers. Bell towers too, the clock is optional. Any time I come across one of these items I make a note and put it in the appropriate file and maybe if I ever get the time it will become a post one day.

For the most part these take us back to Venice every time.

Another part of the Reset I cannot stress enough the importance is the Old canal grid. Im still working on the right way to word it so everyone can grasp what I mean. Canals represent the world before the paradigm shift. Its difficult for people to get it bc they have never been exposed to anything else, they never even though to question there could be anything else. The Old World had energy technology us moderners dont have a clue how it worked, even people like study the subject. There is much mis/dis information here, as everywhere, sources that tell you its lost forever and we will have to rebuild from scratch are either wrong or lying to you. The tech is still here, I dont know how it works or who controls the button, well, the people that control the button are the Winged Lion and Serpent Slayers. We only know it as the DEW bc all we ever see are the weaponized effects and most researchers can’t even recognize what those fingerprints look like when they’re right in front of their face. That’s because we have never known anything else and we don’t know what to look for. We are a community looking for something, we just don’t know what it is. I am shouting as loud as I can the two parts I have found necessary to recover our forgotten selfs are advanced energy tech and canals. Lets get one thing straight first I think even my detractors can agree on, it wasn’t lost and it wasn’t forgotten, it was stolen.

The old paradigm was a creative civilization that valued things like beauty, symmetry, permanence. It was a one-world culture. You can tell by the remnants we have today. Nevermind the Star forts, which some people are still slow to keep up on, I found historical images of Azerbaijan just yesterday that match buildings lost in the Great Fire of Chicago, or the Earthquake of San Francisco so much that you would not be able to tell what came from where. They were built out of stone using no mortar and have no hint of erosion. You know that thing about erosion, people say it takes so long and it’s presence on the Great Sphinx is evidence the Sphinx is so old? Assuming its true the erosion came from water I see it as the opposite. It proves the Sphinx is young bc none of the genuine relics display ANY signs of erosion. That’s neither here nor there right now, a different post for sure.

Starfort Paris

Paris does have a Starfort, its just invisible. Nice try guys
The fort is home to a holocaust memorial, an eternal flame, the double ‘T’ cross used by the orthodox Russian Church. Several sites have at least one element. The fountain in Denver has an
arch, colonnade, and eternal flame. The blurred out starfort in Korfu, Greece has a holocaust memorial.

Random Selection Turned Out Showcase Centerpiece

At one time they had an Obelisk. Make note of the top-piece, upturned crescent
Since we have already gone this far might as well include the walled fortress rendition, idk if it would be considered a starfort but its still recognizable

My point is we are missing something. We live in a water-based biome. Whatever the shape is you let yourself get distracted by this week the water/land ratio stays the same. To me, the concept of asphalt travel lanes is insane to a civilization with advanced energy technology that lives in a water based world. I would love to expand on how a canal that is 200 miles long with no lochs to change water elevation would work with some of the mainstream concepts out there right now but people always will seek an opening to derail the conversation, I dont like to give it to them.

I am saying yes, the canal grid was cut with directed energy, that same energy tech was used to fill in the canals with earth, most ppl call it the mudflood, and a phenomenon called ‘Liquefaction’. This is why you will find all the historic images of massive stone structures and muddy dirt roads that make no sense. Theres always that one guy with a donkey and a wagon, I guess he did it. The mudflood filled the canals in and we just paved on top of them.

That is the essence of the Great Reset, we went from a water based creative system to a fire based destructive system. Steam power and combustion engines, dependent on petroleum byproducts, they call them ‘fossil’ fuels but theres nothing fossil about them, just another way to manufacture shortages, called ‘artificial scarcity’. Even our so-called ‘health system’ is based on petroleum refinery waste byproducts… You think thats healthy? Maybe you think that the construction image above is authentic too? Maybe I shouldn’t make fun of my readers. I hear the people saying we do create today. I disagree, maybe we do create some things but only after it has been destroyed first. This is the Ordo ab Chao paradigm, Order out of Chaos. This is the meaning of the Phoenix, birthed from the ashes. This is the New World Order that hijacked the planet after destroying the old system. Locked into perpetual war that benfits people that hate us, against people we never even met before.

Likewise, instead of unlimited clean free energy we are chained to the power grid. Its more a mechanism of control than anything else. It’s not about the money, its about control. This is not the true nature of humanity. We are inherent creators. This is why the placebo effect works.

I’m not sure about a lot of things, the method of propulsion for one, how do you get from one side of the continent to the other in a canal? or navigate a complex urban grid? What makes the wind? Who cares what does, its whatever NOAA or NASA says. We have been conditioned since birth to only think a certain way, not just what to think, but how to think, there is a big difference. You’re an asshole if you dont think the way you have been programmed. Its hard for anybody under these circumstances to step outside the box.

Sorry for the monologue, lets get back to it. Venice is our control bc its the only urbanized area that still utilizes the canal system. Unfortunately its hard to see much bc its so dense. You can see enough. Thats the Grand Canal cutting it in half and the narrower alley canals all branch off from the center trunk. There are no paved streets in venice, few foot paths and the solid ground is in the central courtyards of each block, which are connected by a network of bridges. You can see the canal grid seems to flow organically and has an identifiable signature. The dual pillars are the bare patch at the bottom right, at the entrance to the Grand Canal.

This is another spot that you can go and check for yourself. This an agricultural area on the coast of China. This is a canal grid. Sure there a few roads but all those lines are canals. This region is used for growing instead of living but if you can imaging skyrises instead of rice patties then you have an idea of where Im going with this.

Ok, so hold that thought, I gonna change gears and we’ll come back in a bit,

I have to hit on Antarctica right here bc that is really what led to this whole chapter. Antarctica is important whether you know it or not and regardless of what shape you think the Earth is; it could be an Ice Wall that acts as a prison wall or it could be an entrance to the Hollow Earth. You can make you own mind up, it doesnt have to be either of those things. I wrote a report on it here.

What I found was a multinational collaboration of countries that on the surface play proxy war games against each other and pretend enemies and competitors. They all are on the same team and everything they say is a lie. Antarctica is used to prop up the fake paradigm, they make it up as they go; history, meteors, satellites, climate change… whatever. Who cares what they say bc its just a lie anyway. The point is you have to keep tabs on them. Always stay alert, its important to know the past that way you can learn to identify the patterns so you have an idea what to expect next and try as best as you can to read through the disinfo.

This is the pic that got my attn. The title is the Belgica leaving for the Antarctic expedition on Aug 16, 1897, taken in front of the Royal Yacht Club.

It wasn’t just the date, like I’ve been saying, these people communicate through codes; numbers and sigils. Dates are a way to send a message. No mater what language you speak or what point in time you come from the numbers are a calling card.

It was the buildings in the background that drew me in. Zoom in on some of those buildings. Thats the kind of stuff to stay on the lookout for. The year is just right too, anything before the 1900’s, the earlier the better. Most have been burned or demolished by now and there is always a couple proxy wars going on at the same time somewhere that the real reason is to destroy evidence like this WW1 and 2 wiped out most of Europe. America had natural disasters; fires and earthquakes. America was already in ruins before 1812 and the Civil War were staged as a cover.

The Royal Yacht club is in Antwerp, Belgium. The 1897 Antarctica Expedition was sponsored by Belgium, an unlikely call if you ask me, they’re not like a world superpower you know, at least not publicly. Another red flag.

Now I had a town name, Antwerp, I could try and identify some of the buildings, lets start with the big tower. You’ll never guess what it is…

Cathedral of Our Lady

This is the method of construction we are given about Our Lady. Its a fucking insult to your intelligence.

Yep, Didnt I just get done saying how this is like a standard bullshit reply? Might as well be Jane Doe. The oldest photos all show the clock as part of the original structure but they also all say that the missing tower is just bc the building was never completed. No way Jose’, there are too many look-a-like buildings completed just to brush this off as simply incomplete. There are a few buildings that are similarly uneven in tower length but I think they also share the history of partial destruction. I wont get too involved in reciting the mainstream history, its all a lie so I wont waste our time. Almost all history regarding the construction is written by the travel industrial complex, little more than a brochure. There are a few points worthy of mention.

There are many references to the episode coming out of the Dark Ages where the starving peasant class destroyed all the opulent church icons. the Calvinist Iconoclasm. This is a cover for the Reset and explains why there are no artifacts that support the early church, and thus the early world, history. Here is a first-hand account of icon smashing in Antwerp. It’s fake of course, inserted to support the narrative but still makes for interesting reading.

The building itself has an interesting history. It tells how the building was partially damaged but pulled through, even made it through 2 World Wars without being damaged. The cathedrals like this were spared intentionally during those wars. I have images of entire European cities completely leveled except for the cathedrals. They would need these to serve the tourist-trap history paradigm we are in today. The near-demolition in the 1800’s is cover for why everything in the interior is modern, post-1800. Thats bc thats all history is, the timeline didn’t start till our year 1800. They are confirming all my points with their own narrative.

Heres where I guess my rooster sigil repository is, these I have found scattered all over the place, but in very significant places. Dont forget another rooster symbol I cant get an image was on RH Macy Dept Store was the original sigil before the red star.

Pipe Organ

Sun Worshipping Pagan Alters

Another noteworthy factoid from the church narrative is that all the altars inside were designed by a guy named Rubens. I bring this up bc Ruben is a Jewish name. What’s a Jew designing alters for such an extravagant Christian cathedral? Well let me show you what I think:

Old World Energy Technology

Here I found a teaser, dont forget what are doing here to begin with.

Mudflood and Stuff

Since we are on comparative historic architecture Id like to return to the Louvre. I have seen images of the building but never realized what exactly its function was. That is too wide of an area to fill in just a paragraph or two so I’ll stay focused here and just point to the above ground portion and the below ground portion.

The top is the Louvre, a museum in Paris dedicated (like all museums are) to protecting and propagating the new fake timeline. It has a full spectrum of historical events, too much to address right now, part of which is its connection, both physically and by association to the Tuileries. The bottom is the Koudenberg Palace, in Brussels, outside of Antwerp, Belgium. These two places share too much in common just to pass over without comment. There is no such thing as coincidence.

Both the Tuileries and the Palace complex no longer exist, the former is said bc of the Paris Commune chapter of the French Revolution which I have covered way back you can find the link in my “All Wars are Proxy” thread. The latter is said to have burnt down bc of a 1791 kitchen fire. It was during winter and the water was frozen. This sounds too much like poor Mrs. Leary’s cow that kicked over that lantern and burnt half of Chicago. There is nothing remaining on top but you can see the foundation below street level. Same as in Paris. They are now part of the tourist-trap history.

The other areas their narrative overlap is they were both staging grounds for wars. I have written much about how the French Revolutions are used as a cover for the Reset but that does not mean there were not active military campaigns. I am not up to date with Medieval skirmishes enough to know which one is what but the renderings still exist.

They were also part of the development of flight. The name of the field in which the glass pyramid is situated was at one time called the Place du Carrousel and there is evidence of the gondola/hot air balloon on site and Brussels was home to a segment called the Antwerp Aviation Week from which there is some of the earliest photographs of flight attempts going back to Pre-WW1. I haven’t had a chance to look deeper yet but flight is a pretty big chapter in the advancement of the human race. If you think it was just two brothers in the Outer Banks you have been sorely misled

There was also an area set aside as a designated social gathering spot. Normie history doesn’t mention these at all. Mostly nobody would recognize them even when they do come across it. Here are two textbook examples. In Paris it was the carousel itself. People today think of a little kiddie ride but that is just a disguise. In the old paintings it was the site of the coronation of King Louis. Same with the bandstand misremembered in Brussels. Its even pictured in the courtyard, in other renderings it is a gazebo and a bandstand. The common ground is they were all joyous events full of singing, dancing and general merriment. These images are second hand interpretations meant to throw you off, From what I have learned so far they were part of the energy grid. Something they did generated power for the surrounding area as well as caused a type of euphoria for the people around it. Sound waves and frequencies are commonly known to have certain effects on people. Its unfortunate that we only see the weaponized effects, the 440 htz, that causes anxiety and irritability and depression. The is an opposite effect that is healing in nature. That’s what has been stolen from us collectively.

Both sites also incorporate the triumphal arch into their entryways.

Both spots were home to an International Industrial Expo; Place du Carrousel in 1863 and Brussels in 1935. As well as the Olympics. Brussels in 1920, Paris staged the very first official Olympic Games in 1900. Speaking of comsumer driven tourist trap histry the glass pyramid serves as a skylight to an underground shopping mall.

Since we’re on the Louvre (pronouced Loo-v, the Lu syllable, as in Lu-cifer or Il-LU-sion or Il-LU-minati, its spellcasting 101) I thought here would be a place to share some other relevent things for our file:

These are two statues copied from the friezes featuring the upturned crescent and central orb. A representation of the hijacked energy source. Left is the Sun archetype character and right is Isis, the mother earth goddess. Each one has its own flavor of bird, I’m assuming they are all variations of the Phoenix, the ‘reborn from the ashes’ motif
To the right is a pipe organ in one of the cathedrals and above is more of the same pagan Sun-worshipping symbolism
This one is a real bell ringer, not just for the obvious gaps it fills in our investigation but if you have read my article about the Reset symbolism on the 1896 $1 silver certificate I left an open question about the laurel wreaths also serving as an Ourboros, looks like this just confirmed that one for me.
The 1801 Bastille Day celebration had a suppressed-energy pavilion
The same marriage from the painting at the carousel of King Louis is celebrated again in painting at Venice. There was no King Louis. This is the same people inserting themselves all over again. Note the spires and columned dome. c.1745

But Wait, There’s More!

Ok check this out. This is gonna freak you out, ok, this is like the Easter Egg hunt from Hell but instead of looking for eggs we’fe looking for the people that destroyed the Earth and imprisoned the survivors. Like I said, its hard to find the symbols from a people that have been gone for hundreds of years. Even harder is those people never even existed anyway right, bc the history has been fabricated. Our group still will find a way to insert themselves into every situation possible, you just have to find it and you have to know what to look for.

I typed in the name of the long lost castle to the google earth cam. Koudenberg is within the city of Brussels, which is neighbors with Antwerp. Its all the same immediate vicinity but just compartmentalized with imaginary borders. Look, The plot thickens, the area is blurred out. I’ve only been to two places that they tried to hide. One is the big-ass starfort on the edge of Paris and the other was the starfort in Greece that I covered in the Winged Lion chase part 1. So here is the third, the old palace complex that is probs more starfort remains. Nobody ever wouldve noticed the giant pyramid and all-seeing eye symbolism connected, huh.

But first I want to share something else:

In the immediate lot behind is the Greek embassy and the lot around the corner is the French war memorial. The cities are laid out in a certain order. All cities. Alsoconnected to the block is something called the Illusion Museum and another bronze monument of some dude on a horse, I’m sure he was a swell guy. The part I wanted to share is the sky. The main complaint I have with the google earth bitches, except that they promote the globe and satellites, is they make a determined effort to make suree they include chemtrails into every single item in the world. Did you see my Nazca/S. America terraforming? They added chemtrails to the most isolated spot on Earth!

The center of the “Eye” of the Pyramid is the location of the Triumphal Arch. This park was home to the World Fairs.

So if you’re not familiar with Google earth there is a ground-level feature that lets you walk around on the street. I’m not sure why these people blur themselves out from above but let you walk right up to their front door. Well yes I do, I show you why.

This is the drive way. It’s Louvre. I mean not the exact building but the exact architecture, to the fucking T. I’m not done yet.

I zoomed back out to over head but still blurred out. Some sites have interior viewing options, they show up as little blue dots on the map and if you click it it brings you to a standstill point in whatever area, could be a park, a plaza… Got me? So I clicked the fuzzy building and look where it took me

This is San Marco Piazza! This is Venice. The Winged Lion column is directly to the left.

The building is another art museum, just like the one in Corfu, Greece, except when you take the virtual tour it drops you off in Venice. GTFOHFFS.

Each wall is a different painting of the main square, in fact, this is the entrance to the Grand Canal. That dark smudge almost in the center is our target. What are the chances you think this would happen by chance or luck or coincidence or whatever you want to call it with your disassociated mental-barriered self. I told you, these people insert themselves into every possible scenario. Who in fux sake would ever know what this signifies, even if they said, “Oh look, Thats the Grand Canal, Remember our honeymoon?” They don’t know what they are looking at. I do, I got them bitches pegged. Now you do too.
Here it is on google earth. Detective Didactic at your service.

This link will take you right there. The whole thing started in Venice, thats where it keeps returning. The physical location isn’t that important, I dont think, its the remnants of the Olde World meets the New. Isn’t ALL modern central banking systems based on the Venetians. Mercantile backing; the merchants of Venice. The fictional Marco Polio and the fabled Silk Road.

Ok, Im done gloating. If only I could get other people that excited about fake history we might have a chance to make it through this. Too many ppl snorting lines of chemtrail.

The gazebo in the background is ornamental thesedays, but at one point in time it was part of the energy grid. The obelisks and orbs on top were part too, I’m still working on my analysis.

Architectural Fingerprints in America

This is from 1930, the first ‘modern’ skyscraper of the New World, representing the Paradigm Shift. You can really see the shift in the new style, known as Brutalism. The word-mockery doesn’t escape me. This is the beginning of the big ugly box architecture that replaces all the beautiful symetrical structures of the old world.

Het Steen

Fortress/Castle at the port gates of Antwerp. You can recognize it from the skyline in the photo of the Antarctic Expedition.
This was my first glimpse of what I came looking for. There were enough secondary symbols all over the city but I didnt find what I was seeking easily. They don’t advertise. This was in the back of some obscure travelogue written over a century ago. The Lion Griffons have long-since been removed. Maybe you recognize the pedistols from the modern image of the castle? Its got a bronze giant on it now. Even the symmetry is gone; they could’ve at least put two up. There is no record of them ever being there; when they were erected or by who, when they were removed or why. I already know the answers. Our little buddy playing pocket-pool knows too I bet.


Top of City Hall in Antwerp
Note the city seal is the hand, the Hidden Hand. The same hands missing from the Congo. Its a sick symbol
This is the shipping channel at the port of Antwerp, normally I’d say it would’ve been impossible to dig that out by hand but I think that it was already dug and they were just cleaning it out.

1894 D’Anvers Universal Expo (Cos-Play at the Ren-Fest)

These are some of the first images I came across that drew me to the region, even before I started noticing the secondary symbols that led me to the Lion-Griffon. The whole purpose of the World Fair intrigue was to introduce crappy watered-down trinkets as the latest greatest advancments in technology and insert a fake history.

D’Anvers was the name for a region that has now been broken up and compartmentalized even further to help disguise themselves.

The title of this one is ‘St Margaret and the Dragon’. Theres our Serpent Slayer, on parade at the World Fair in D’Anvers.

St Margie’s jacket says she is the patron saint of expectant mothers. She was tortured for refusing to renounce her faith. Satan himself appeared in her cell one night in the form of a dragon, when she still refused he swallowed her whole. Thankfully she was able to cut her way out of its belly with her trusty crucifix. She was venerated from the 400’s all the way up to 1969, when the Pope determines she probably wasnt a real person. Ya think?

Dragons and giants. The medieval theme itself never existed. That is what is on parade here. Parades are a form of a military exercise. Thats why they have marching bands and perform drills. This is creating the fake history, complete with tall-tales they could later disregard. At the time of an ignorant population they would believe such a thing and it would also elevate the status of the church. There was no Dark Age era and the Church are the OG slavers and perps. They are the ones that pirated the Pre-Reset structures and destroyed the energy technology and inserted a fake history with themselves as the supreme moral and judicial authority. They pretended to spilt their power up, the whole “Separation of Church and State” is just part of the illusion. In the early days of the Repopulation there wasnt a strong political infrastructure to keep the Orphan class in check so they created an invisible Sky-King that is always watching.

More Pagan imagery, Passing under the arch, especially in marching parade formation is absolutely a military representation. Note the obelisks with ornamental orbs and perched on top is the Double-Headed Eagle. A dark and light one, we have covered this already so now you have more proof. Most people think the Double Headed Phoenix is a symbol for the Freemasons, or maybe just the Russians. Funny. While true these factions do use the symbols if you try to limit yourself to thinking they are the only ones or the originators you have just fallen into a trap.

Picture #3 is a columned gazebo with a miniture version of itself on top. I cropped out of the original image to get a better shot but still want to showcase it. I think at this point the old tech might still be used by a few people in our group but for the most part these are just for looks. I cant tell the figure on top, maybe a Pope or King. hese were the original power generators and we find repeatedly this is where the New World Parasites place themselves as a representation of this power.

#5 is the Knights Templar, at risk of sounding like a broken record I’ll repeat there was no Medieval Dark Ages, these are spoiled rich assholes playing dress up and inserting themselve as humanities benefactors to justify their birth-right status; generational wealth and authority for doing nothing to merit such.

Suppressed Energy Tech

Unfortunately I could only find 3 pictures that offer anything helpful. Chances are likely there are many more, I just can’t identify them yet. Thats what this whole quest is about. This group we are tracking are the ones that have the DEW button; all we have to do is find it.

  • Images found in Gallica repository, keyword: Antwerp 1894

These images I found in the Russian archives dated 1856. Assuming they are authentic they are some of the oldest images I have found anywhere online from any country. 1856 was the Crimean War, which American history teached children in public education camps that this was the first real usage of photography since it was developed. My research indicates the Crimean War was nothing but a media staged event for the Reset Class to promote themselves. They are still doing it with the fake war in Ukraine today.

This is the Coronation of the Tsar Alexander II. The reason I believe these are genuine is because of context. Nobody would recognize what they are looking at. I was familiar with the coronation of Nicholas in 1896 that was supposedly killed by the Bolshiviks but nothing this old has ever been covered.

Look at the metal framing around the pavilion, that is an electric grid for lighting.
If this were lit up it would match the lighting on the buildings at the World Fairs

Back to Antwerp

This is the City Hall building, an unveiling of the statue in the square built for the Fair. If you zoom in on the center floor you can see 4 areas of the metal wiring of the sort used in the 1856 Coronation images above.

Theyre 4. They read SPQA. Isnt latin SPQR have a Roman meaning? Have to check that ‘A’. These are old world lighting systems.. AHH, SPQR means, Senate and People of Rome, the A is short for Antwerp I’m sure. The world system is chock full of fake ancient roman symbolism.

Wild West. Medieval Dark Ages. Whats the Difference?

Here are a handful of images that are worth singling out from a few of the museum archives. So heres the thing, all museums are gatekeepers. Every one. This might sound laughably impossible to most of you, I get it. I was like that at first too in the beginning, but its not that difficult to comprehend. Its the same principle as the media. You cant try to compare news outlets like one is more credible than the rest or you’ll just end up fucking yourself. They’re all the same. Each faction calls themselves a different name based on a geographical location that only serves to confuse you. Museums are the same way. When you’re fully aware there is no distinguishing between the media and the museums you can pat yourself on the back, that’s a big step. Next you have to appreciate there is no difference between anything. It is all a single entity with innumerable mirror images. Anybody that tries to play this angle with the words ‘matrix’ and ‘simulation’ just outed themselves… Not everybody is an agent, some people just dont know and are expressing the truth as they know it. That’s why you shouldn’t get too attached to a single source. Except for me of course. lol. jk.

Stereoscopes are the pictures that are two identical pictures next to each other. You put them into a device that holds them about 18 inches away from your face and peer through a set of lenses, they were the first 3-D glasses. The picture are annoying until you get used to them unless you have the device which nobody does anymore when everything is digital. Always go for the Stereoscope images when looking at old pictures. You would never guess the amount of images that are altered in some fashion, if not downright complete fakes. Photoshop has been around as long as photographs. I’d be so bold as to say the only old images that aren’t altered are the ones that slip past the archivists responsible for digitizing the museum repositories. Get that? the museums are the ones making the images available so theyre only going to release the ones that pass inspection, which means in the long run you can only get pictures that support the narrative.

I came across these in the Antwerp Museum archives. I noticed their title said “actor” but they were mixed in with the 1894 World Fair images so I didnt think too much about it till later. I went back for a second look….

These are Mathew Brady actors. Brady is the fictional photographer that did Abe Lincoln and some of the major Civil War battles. I do not know how to communicate this for everyone to understand.

Mathew Brady never existed. His name is attached to all the historic false flags and his jacket is full of actors. The insiders down at the War Dept know this. You are looking at the first ‘Crisis Actor’ portfolio. These are the people running around in Gray or Blue uniforms in North America and lederhosen in Europe. They are both the same fakes used as an intro into the fake timeline. Both continents using the same pool of actors prove it IS a single central authority posing as separate autonomous governments. I cannot stress enough how important this find was. Makes all them days swiping through old stereoscopic images worth it


I have never seen such a high concentration of starforts as there are in Antwerp. the city is completely encircled by them. 6 pointed jewforts

Even the old city gates to the shipping channel entrance are starforts

Antwerp Fotomuseum [sic] Stereoscopes

The stand-alone triumphal arches you find everywhere like Berlin and Paris used to be part of the entrance to the city. This causeway is not original to the rest of the structure by comparing building materials. The arrow is pointing to a feature seen commonly in once-flooded city streets and below the previous waterline on old buildings. People assume that if the streets were once canals there would be no openings, a solid wall going down to the bedrock. That is not true, especially if you consider the possibility that each area could potentially serve as its own loch
The title says ‘1872’, you can believe that if you want. I guess these are the only people in the whole city and no floating debris. Note the spire in the back but more important is the Sun-disk looking antenna to the right. The nun costumes are a nice touch, must’ve picked these whores up in Mathew Brady’s actor portfolio. along with the crucifix in the background. I think if these were real nuns they would have already removed the Sun-disk for a cross. That’s usually the first thing to go. The cables in the trees are a prop. I think this was taken a long time before telegraphs were available but the year was already pre-determined to be the year of disaster so datable stage props were inserted. Its called Product-Placement Advertising.
Brussels central square. No comment on the lack of people. The only ones you do see are in military uniforms, costumes. Might as well be the medival fairy tale outfits. This draws attn bc half is clean and half is not. They are in the process of scrubbing down in preparation for the Repopulation. The only obviously habitated structures have the word “Hotel” on the cheap wooden signage. This is another mark, also found worldwide. Its hard to tell without zooming in but alot of the windows have a thin grid over them. its too small and flimsy to be for safety and too high to be security, these are on most of the cleaned up buildings all over.
Here is one I found later confirming the clean-up
Heres a full shot. Man, they dont make em like that anymore.
This is the best resolution to the top of the spire on Brussels City Hall, Creepy right?

Human Zoo’s.

The ruler of Belgium was King Leopold II, he declared himself absolute monarchy of the Republic of the Congo, then called the Free State Congo.

This is one of the darkest moments in human history but it would not be within my character if I did not question the narrative. It is, in fact, so bad its one of those situations where even just questioning would be considered social taboo. I can think of more than one instance of that nature and that is the desired effect.

Maybe it was called the Free State bc it was free to him. Nobody seemed to stop him and he was making alot of money. Every time I see somebod making a lot of money every body else tries to take it away for themselves. Not here though. You know why? Bc they all were making money, well it was never about the money, these ppl print money, they dont use it like the way the Orphan wage-slaves use it. They all knew where the rubber was coming from. Theyre all in on it, They were advancing the new paradigm. The petroleum by-product addicted fire-based destructive paradigm. The old world didnt use rubber.

This is not the place for such an investigation into the entire narrative but I can sum it up with my namesake, It’s All Fake. King Leo is given singular responsibility so the rest of the world’s leaders can wipe their hands clean and play ignorant. All the hubbub is centered around rubber production. Rubber is a military technology. The Military Industrial Complex is one centralized world economy.

There are other reasons I know its fake whatever it is they even say, for one, the main perpetrators are called the Belgian Indian Rubber Company. Anything with the name Indian is lying.

Another thing is they drag Mark Twain into it. Twain was a do-nothing pedophile famous for no reason except it was his birth right. He only comments on bullshit stories that protect the status quo.

Another thing is the script is too close to the Pre-Chinese Intervention in Tibet. The survivor stories and images could be interchangeable.

Lastly, my very first attempt at a history report on this page was to expose the Ancient Rome hoax and tracked the missionary groups as they traveled around the world and made up a false history. It was virtue-signaling by the Jesuit Catholic missionaries that branched off into the Congo for the very first time and penetrated the interior at a date that was hundreds of years too early to be authentic. The Propaganda Fide started in the 1600’s, the charter member made the Congo his first destination. That single claim is what turned me on to the idea the church was the original slavers.

Im not saying these atrocities didnt happen, both here and Tibet, I’m saying the manner in which they are presented is a lie. The characters are a lie, the numbers are a lie. Hopefully one day I can return and straighten these fools out. My point at the moment is to lead in with context to explain why a little country like Belgium has such a strong role in the human zoos.

The compartmentalized history

The missing hand is the Hidden Hand of the NWO
The Lion and the double headed Phoenix and the Hidden Hand and the Starfort, all in one sigil
This Double-Headed Eagle symbolism ties into our survey in fake ancient sites in South America. I got 2 on them so far, one an extension of the other really. Also ties to Asia. The unspoken language of signs and sigils


These are the types of customs introduced at the World Fairs that wrote the new narrative. The shock value, wonder and awe just as extreme as possible. The customs were forced on an Orphan class that was told it was their ancient way had no way of knowing it was scripted by some crazy French aristocrat.

Inside a Human Zoo Pavilion


Senegalese, 1913, Bastille Day. Just a reason to hold massive military displays. All parades are military exercises

Antwerp Aviation Week 1909

I found this one taken in Belgium, unfortunately I lost the source for exact location and year. Way before 1909; matches the ballooning done in Paris at the Louvre.

[Insert bi-wing airplane prototypes]

Olypmpic games 1920

St. Petersburg

Banks Bridge, crossing the Griboedov Canal, accompanying text below.
Found in the Winter Palace. the Rooster is said to be France but we find it everywhere. the Owl, a symbol of wisedom, is in a cage. The peacock Im still working on, just file it away for later
Winter Place Arch, topped with Roman Horsemen symbolism. The Horsemen feature is called a Quadriga
St Petersburg has a starfort right up front in its harbor
Egyptian Bridge, said to have been built in the early 1800’s, has your obelisk. The sphinx I havent reach solid conclusions either. Some sources say it used to have a dog head. I dont think so. We dont see dog symbolism anywhere in any time period, except Normie history call the Bulldog a British symbol…and some wolfs in Russian art

This is in the Winter Palace. Note the upturned crescent in the form of a wreath. The shape matches that of the same on the Ganbetta Monument with the 2 rooster heads facing each other

This is not just some 2-bit hustle. This is the Thone or the once-great Russian royalty. I dont believe the monarchy’s of the World were ever supposed to last. They come and go as the scripted narrative requires but they are just role playing. They have local power and authority but the changes on the World stage are not, nor ever have been, dicated by a single person. (Take the case of Leopold and the Congo rubber atrocities)

Banks Bridge Lion-Griffons

Built by a German engineer The bridge takes its name from the Assignation Bank, one of Russia’s first public banks, which was housed next to the bridge, now home, appropriately, to the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.

It is very appropriate, lets break the name down. Assignation could simply be Assassination or more likely, A-sig-nation, sig is root of sigil or sign, word-spell meaning is a nation controlled by magick symbols, plus its a bank, no better definition. Banksters are the premiere black magicians, now the joint is a university where they teach the next generations there simple parlor tricks of illusion that control the world.

Note the railings, the Normie narrative these are supposed to be palm fronds. I think they are more peacock symbolism, as in the type that the mainstream outlet uses. In this and other context peacock feathers are a symbol of Mind Kontrol. How? you may be asking. well the peacock feather is well-known for the ‘eye’ at the tips, this is the All-Seeing Eye that most everyone is familiar with. I still dont think the golden peacock in the Winter Palace is in this context and even the TV news sigil is probs not the only explanation. These things are so layered theres never just one explanation. I have noticed palm fronds on multiple locations’ statuary and art works, suggesting this too has significant symbolism… perhaps the palm frond and the peacock are one in the same. The word ‘palm’ could obviously be an allegory to the hand, as in the “Hidden Hand”, though I’m not committed to anything, Im just thinking out loud here. Why dont you tell me for a change, bro?


[Authors note] August is the 8th month. Aces and Eights are the most popular. Ones represent whatever number they stand beside. Doubles are super special, triples are even moreso. 46 and 47 are common, some say its bc thats the year the CIA was formed but thats bullshit. The CIA only compartmentalizes an entire class. They make it appear like theres a pantheon of intel agencies but in reality they are all the same. There are special interest groups sure but the number 47 is not coded bc of the CIA, its the other way around. The announcement of the Military Intelligence Complex happened in 1947 bc it was already special. I dont know why, I just know it is. The number 3 and numbers divisible by 3 are marks, as such the months of March is a big one. March 22 is 3/22 which is the Skull and Bones marker. It can be straight up or multiples of a neighboring number, like March 6= 3/6= 666. The Laws of Inversion are applicable, so 9 becomes 6. This is how September 11 is 9/11 is really 666, just like the emergency police button. The famous Rt 66, or Interstate (I)66 is 666. Alot of it is context but once you get the hang of it its easy-peasy. The thing to remember is virtually ALL important events have a number code, once you realize this its like solving a brain-teaser to figure it out. 16 comes up alot. I haven’t seen anybody else point it out so dont expect to find outside confirmation from the fake truth gurus, Im just sharing what I have found in my own personal experience, 16 is 66 but maybe its just like 47 and there is no more reason than tradition. I tried to keyword search why 8 is so important and the article I found said its bc it (Oct) is so close to ‘Act’, take that for what its worth. 8 is also the infinity sigil. Like I said, its context.

I made a point to explain some of that because I have noticed a trend in the fake truth guru community concerning the use of gematria. Gematria is a trap. Its misdirection and worthless. Maybe some news outlets insert headlines that add up to something but I’m makeing things very easy for you to understand right now, you dont need some over complicated system from babylon to figure out if an event is a false flag bc ITS ALL FAKE. Gematria falls in line. The only thing usful for gematria is it will show you who the fake truth gurus are: the ones pushing it.

But heres why I do it. Everything is connected and the more you know the more you know. It all means something, sometimes its just hard to see at first, eventually it comes. Usually there is a piece missing and once things start falling in place the connections come easier. Most of what I do is pattern recognition. You have to accept some parameters before anything, overcoming a lifetime of the Mainstream Industrial Complex isn’t easy.

3 days of scanning stereoscopic images might not sound very appealing to some of the new folks in the house, fresh out of their State-induced coma, just learning how to talk without casting negative wordspells

I just spent 3 solid days going through every archive I could find. No particular destination. I guess thats how people that watch TV or surf the hollywood/sports/social media/current event websites do, except I’m on a mission. I do have to shout out to my awesome ass woman for being supportive, even though she has never read a single report of mine. She doesn’t get irritated by the fact from her perspective I hardly change positions for days except to feed my cat. Angelpie is my co-pilot, who never changes positions, except to lead me to the food bowl. Could’nt’ve done it without ya babe. (The woman, not the cat)

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