Fake War Footage of WW1: German Surrender, Ace of Aces, Battle of Somme, Funeral of Unknown Soldier

Here’s one from the home-page in case you missed it.

I found a kickass old news video clip repository and then figured out how to upload and view them directly from the sight. Thats a biggie since I do a lot of those obscure historical events nobody realizes how important they are bc they dont know what they are looking for and if they found it they wouldnt be able to recognize it anyway.

Sorry for my emotional outburst. Heres why. That vid is representative, that means its an example that stands for the whole lot. watch it once or twice. Did you see anything? Besides the knee-high grass and flowers in the so-called “No Man’s Land”

This is not some propaganda news reel, this is a production of the War Dept. If they would just say it was a reenactment even, but no, we are told this is the real deal of the German surrender.

Did anyone think to ask how the cameraman wasn’t blown to smithereens, or mowed down by the “wall of fire”? Nobody ever thinks of that. I got more to add later. They like to use dummies and set off smoke bombs. Hold lookalike proxy battles at the sites of ancient ruins… I’ll update later.

This is the closest they come to some convincing footage. I had to watch countless times in zoom and slow-mo but once I saw it idk how I missed it. At sec 22, right before the explosion there is a white-out flash, a cut scene, and the horses/men change positions for a fraction of a sec before the explosion covers with smoke. The horses are just laying down, one starts to get up too early. Not only that but how did the cameraman know to set up right then? The intro says they are pursuing an enemy but rhere is nothing in front of them, or anywhere in any direction. They are galloping full speed into nothing and the camera happens to be set up by chance? Not me.
The uploader cropped the original credit, a guy named Donald Thompson made alot of these fakes, including the one with the suit guy climbing out. These are more fake stiffs. A guy with a severed head that stiff has the identifiable German helmet. A demolished house with vines growing from the window… no close ups.
You could learn alot from a dummy. Number 1110 from the Signal Corps, huh? Those are a psychological warfare division we met in the Westward Expansion and Polar Exploration reports
The battle of Somme is the bloodiest day of the war for the Brits. Like 57,000 or something. Except these are no images of the bad guys. Or the corpses. that line of troops is 16 miles long. 16 MILES!? Somme is one the the heaviest battle spots too, multiple drawn out fights bc there was at one time a Pre-Reset Town here. They really like to blow up the old stuff. The damage matches that of the ruins found the world over and wasn’t done with conventional ordinance.
Think critically bro, theyre acting. Terribly. Once you look with eyes that see its hard to imagine how anyone could fall for such bullshit. Know how else I know? These are the prisoners taken from Somme, you remember, where they just killed record numbers of fellow countrymen, now they’re smoking and drinking together? Thats Somme bullshit.
This is supposedly when they discovered the body of flying ace, Q. Roosevelt. I’ll try to post his backstory later, apparently he was downed in battle and buried by the locals. This is totally staged. Watch the herd actors. Wait a minute, isn’t a group of actors called a “Troop”, lol, gtfoh. Everyone holds completely still waiting for the queue, then they all start moving at once but nobody really does anything. The ground just has some random trash scattered around and they pretend to examine some scraps of paper. He must have been popular bc there is a second part that shows a new fence and floral wreathes being placed. Its a different background. Certainly he is popular, hes a Roosevelt for fux sake.
Since we got one crash we might as well get another, Richthofen was another media hoax. this is only 20 secs long and doesnt show enough to say much. Looks like they are trying to ID him by his guns, wwhich that guy is throwing around like nothing, those things are like 40 pounds, he could not handle that so easily if it was authentic.
A funeral. Except the editor cut a few scenes too early and you can see its really just a fake hand attached to a stick or board.
the whole war is smoke and mirrors. Every war is. The illusion IS the war.


  1. In the ‘captives’ video of the Somme (the one at 4:35) at 4:06 there’s a guy with a bandaged head… a white bandage shining like the moon and his hand is hidden. Would you also walk briskly with such injuries? Do these supposed soldiers, after thousands of thousands of bullets, have only abrasions and fingers in bandages? (I might add that those ‘missiles and bombs’ turned the battlefield into a lunar desert… or is it the moon?)

    1. yeah those ww1 videos are loads of fun. it would be different if they just said they were reenactments but no, they keep it up that those were the actual scenes.

  2. Hi, I want to leave a comment here. I am in my 40s, from Germany

    First: Really appreciate your work. I think you are genuine.

    Second: On WW1 and WW2: I feel a bit touched when you write the wars are fake. My home city Hamburg was completely devastated in WW2, burned to the ground and there is no doubt on that. Also in every small village in Germany there is a War memorial, often in front of the church which says ‚these young men gave their lives for you‘ – in WW1 or WW2- then a list of dozens or hundreds of names. And these people really existed and they really died, I have zero doubt on that.
    – at the same time I always knew the video footage on the war was fake, especially WW1. I guess if you ask an average person: Are these films staged? – most people will agree there is staging and cheatery. I not not surprised at all. – So on one hand you are completely right. The films are fake. I guess you have read the Miles Mathis papers on the fake war stories in the pacific wars and in Africa (Rommel), I guess MM is right on those theaters but in Central Europe there was real bloodshed. (!). Let us never forget

    Third: on the western United States I believe you are right (fake Indians) and I believe there was a massive catastrophe in 1800 or so they are covering up, most probably an outbreak of the Yellowstone supervulcano. Look at spacebusters channel on YouTube if you have not done yet the channel has a series ‚comets and cataclysms‘ – with some ideas that make completely sense.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I have touched on the destruction of the city of Hamburg during ww2, in my Asian Reset essay one of the early explorers was from there. The hospital was located in the rubber manufacturing plant which violated the Geneva convention, the prez was given credit for Alot of stuff he didn’t do like save the hospital and I believe he is dedicated in a memorial. This was his comeuppance for throwing his town under the bus I guess. I have never said any of these people did not die, only that they sacrifice themselves and their children to thieves and liars. Maybe I should revisit Hamburg. As far as Mathis goes, no, I have not read anything by him bc I do not want my material being associated with him, although I am aware there is some ww2 stuff on his page but I believe he is admittedly not the author. You will have to double check bc I don’t have any inclination. You can send an image or link to the memorial in your town if you want, it would give me a starting point. Thanks again for your comment

    2. Hey my friend, first, I really want to thank you for commenting, participation is what its all about. That being said I’m going to try and be as respectful as I can while being as direct as possible at the same time. I spend all night looking over every image I could find on the bombing of Hamburg. The first clue is its code name, Operation Gomorrah. this is your first clue as any referrence to an official state religion is only for manipulation purposes, bc thats all religion is designed to do. The second clue is its association with Hiroshima, they call it a lead or foreshadowing, in reality it would be called predictive programming or conditioning. Hiroshima is one of the biggest lies of our time today, fake nukes. These hoaxsters cant help but throw their own under the bus. They make it too easy. They already outed themselves and I didnt have to look at a single picture. All I see in every single pic is the same thing I see in every single other pic of fake wars and proxy battles. Mature trees growing through the rubble, the streets are immaculate. there are a few bomb craters in very strategic spots where the rubble has already been cleared away. These are pics of the clean thats already been on-going for quite sometime. This doesnt mean people were not killed, Im saying the numbers were inflated and the context is bogus. Im sure there were a few squatters living in the locations that were really hit. Another thing you should know is any memorial is only for a nwo mindfuck, especially a war memorial. There has only ever been one war we have been in for the last 2 centuries, the psychological war, which every other war is only a proxy. And another thing Im going to say for anybody reading this that doesnt know and is thinking about mentioning something close; any time somebody brings up a fake truth guru I automatically assume they are representing the fake truth industrial complex, nothing personal, we all got to have a job. How many times do I have to point out that these spooks only and always refer to them own work? Im not accusing the commentor here, maybe he is genuine, but how am I supposed to take him serious now that he has given a promo to a proven liar? Its guilt by association, but at least they always give good leads. There is no way the city of hamburg was destroyed the way normie texts say. The whole “my grandad was a witness” thats an unacceptable argument. It personalizes the discussion so if you critize the obvious you are insulting the other party. Plus, I know people that could pass a lie detector test if they told you they saw the planes hit the twin towers, thats a big a lie as nukes. Still, nothing will ever convince them they did not see any planes, therfore they are already casualties in Operation: Mindfuck. So DirQ, IDK which catagory you fall into, the spook or the casualty but either way the only way to correct either position is within yourself. I am drafting an essay about Op Gomorrah, which these things usually take 2 or 3 weeks, I can present my evidence and the reader can decide for themselves. Now, if you still want to give me the name of a specific memorial I am always open to correct any istakes I have made, however I do not believe that any link given will be the only authentic site out of every site I have ever looked at. Thats how I get my name, Its All Fake. This thread already did allow me to publish a hastily assembled article thrown together in the middle of the night, looking at the historic images of Hamburg and all Germanic cities I found enough to make a fake Dark Ages is the Wild West of Europe. I gotta go to my slave-wage job hanging drywall now. No offense

  3. It’s probably my phone and flash plug-in but if the videos lag or freeze for anyone else, try holding your finger on the display while the video is playing.
    While I’m commenting, I really appreciate your work. The amount of research, the connections you make and your style of presentation is remarkable. You seem like an intelligent and funny guy to be around. May I ask you about some sources on phonetic language and number coding?

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