The Tourist-Trap History of South America

I am sorry to say guys, but this whole region is pretty shallow. The mystery is the attraction, except for the beauty of the natural landscape combined with wonder of the so-called ancient world, but thats the whole point. At least in other places like India there is a strong presence of authenticity about the ancient world, albeit, not the stuff you have to pay and wait in line to get in. South America has been literally scrubbed clean and is still in the process of putting fresh bedrock down on top of the old world with their 400+ mile volcano patch. Once you get past the surface there is no intricate network of spook intelligence families to decipher or anything. Its all just sleight if hand simple parlor tricks.

We should be able to knock this out pretty fast. It is the same group that has been involved with the other modern fake ancient sites. Each site we look at gets easier and easier as its basically the same template every time, put on by the same Military Industrial Complex families and self-validating gatekeeper institutions.

One of the first things that triggers me that shares commonalities with the other sites is how nobody can explain the sudden disappearance of the inhabitants and indeed, the mysteriousness of the site itself. Nobody can explain why the site was chosen to be a site and then after if was built it was abruptly abandoned and nobody can answer why for either question. The controversy and discussion is part of the atttraction. You can spend a lifetime debating any possible scenario you can think of, as long as you dont say it is a modern fake that it.

Any criminal detective will tell you the first motive is always the money. Today the site is one of the most heavily touristed ancient sites in the whole world. Hundreds of thousands of people decend of this once-backwood mountain town making it a cash cow for the tourist Trap historical complex. Why wouldnt anyone thinking critically and logically at least question the authenticity of the date? Not just that but the Bingham that first “stumbled” onto the site immediately wrote a book that was an immediate best-seller. Not hard to imagine if your family is the ones that own the publishers, editors, printers, promoters, advertising and distribution. Fuck, he probs didnt even write the book. Ghost writers are used all the time and the date it was released suggests it could at least be taken into consideration. Other authors are in the same league include a Hopkins, the Yale, Skull and Bones founder and Medical Industrial Complex namesake, and a Prescott, as in warlord, George Bush’s nazi grandpa bankster.

Hiram Bingham

Lets start off with the official founder. First off the name Hiram is a mark bc it is a reference to Hiram Abiff, the builder of Solomon’s Temple, in freemasonry, Abiff is revered as a demigod. This link is the first one in the search results, everything these people say is a lie, I have had the opportunity to read most of the literature about Abiff from original sources, which is something most modern masons cant say. (I made good use of a few years I was held captive by the state.) Most all say the same thing with slight variations. The core bulletpoints are allegories for the installation of a centralized international authority chain, the pyramid with the top being separate. The old guard of highly ritualized masonry.

Binghams are supposedly a founding family of America, tracing all the way back to 1650 Connecticut where they participated in the Indian Wars. The problem with that is Colonial America is a hoax, America was repopulated, not colonized, there were no Indians, no indigenous native people. These are lies made up to justify generational birth-right claims to wealth and power and prestige. The older a family line claims, the more birth-right status they have. Hiram was conditioned from birth to be an important character in the narrative of the military industrial complex, from oldest ancestor and on. His children would carry the torch; one of them is a noted heroic liberator of a WW2 concentration camp [link] This has too much taboo associated for comment, I will say that any subject you are not even allowed to openly discuss the possiblility of dishonesty should be enough of a red flag for any critical thinker.

A senator from Connecticut; born in Honolulu, Hawaii, November 19, 1875; educated at Punahou School and Oahu College, Hawaii, 1882-1892, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., 1892-1894, Yale University 1894-1898, University of California at Berkeley 1899-1900, and Harvard University 1900-1905. That many Ivy League schools should raise the hairs on your neck all by itself. I dont have time to hit them all, if you search this site there is info scattered everywhere.

After graduating from Yale University in 1898, for 8 months afterward served as a superintendent of a mission in Honolulu. For the next four months, he was a chemist with the American Sugar Company. Ok, let me stop right there, by sugar company they mean slaver. Hawa’ii is one of the main ones, along with puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. It is not possible to go from missionary to Sugar chemist unless missionary is code for slaver also, which I already said it was so this is confirmation.

The one place on my list I haven’t had time to investigate is Hawa’ii. This comes up alot in the backgrounds of some of the premiere spooks in history. Normie history tells you all about the Colonialism that stole the kingdom and how Hawaii is the only state that had a royal family. Thats a bunch of bullshit. There was no royal families anywhere, let alone one of their petri-dish eugenics experiment islands. Mainstream sources admit Hawaii is very young, the say it is in geologic terms which means they use the cover of whats called “uniformitarianism” or “gradualism” which is the slow etching of erosion over millions of years that formed the Grand Canyon, as opposed to “catastrophism” which is like ground shifting in an earthquake or the infamous Reset button, the “Asteroid Impact”. I will tell you right now anything that comes out their mouth is a lie, you just have to find the angle. When they say Hawaii is very young thats bc it is, only not 10,000 years, maybe more like a couple hundred. I mean it was created during the Reset Event and has served as a base of operations bc of its proximity to all other land masses. They dont even have to fake an ancient civilization here, just a small slave population. A thorough background check is warranted and long overdue but not today.

With that being said, the Ministry of Truth narrative claims the grandfather of our Bingham was among the first missionaries in Hawaii, the king at the time gave the land where the school was located to him for the education of the missionaries children. This means Hiram was the closest thing to royalty America would have. He even attended school with some of the so-called royal family.

The missionary scam is used in every corner of every town on earth as a way to explain how people and structures got there. The royal families are the same con for that matter. Between the royalty and missionary lies the entire world was taken over and nobody even questions it.

Hawaii is of high strategic importance bc its out in the middle of nowhere and gives a spot for resupplying. Something to keep in mind is the distance is closer to Asia then America and during the time the school was founded by Bingham there seems to be a stronger “Chinese” presence on the island. They would be called Chinese in today’s world but China wasn’t developed until later. There was also a heavy Asian presence in San Francisco already established and more powerful than the Europeans at the beginning of the Repopulation. you can read about the Asian Reset and Repopulation here.

Hawaii was always controlled by the Reset families, the stories about royal families and missionaries just give support for the fake narrative. That’s where the Bingham’s come in, in Colonial Connecticut and Hawa’ii.

Bingham staring off into space. Caption says Peru but the far background looks more like Hawaiian Island than Andes Mountains. I find no evidence he ever went to S. America, or wrote any books, or fought in any wars.

This is where I should mention Andover, where he attended Phillips Academy. Andover is significant bc it was the command center of the Missionary forces. All the Ivy League and religious authorities got together and took over one of the Old World relic structures and called it their own. This is where they trained their agents before sending them out into their ‘mission’.

His military career is just as impressive:  delegate to the First Pan American Scientific Congress at Santiago, Chile, in 1908; captain, Connecticut National Guard 1916; became an aviator in the spring of 1917; organized the United States Schools of Military Aeronautics in May 1917; served in the Aviation Section, Signal Corps, and attained the rank of lieutenant colonel; commanded the flying school at Issoudun, France, from August to December 1918;

I didn’t know he was in the signal corps until just a sec ago. Another huge red flag. This guy is tagging all the bases. The Signal Corps was in charge of communications between all branches of the military. They were the pree-mo spook intelligence outfit that I covered in more depth in the Westward Expansion essay. The Signal Corps also filmed most of the fake WW1 videos in the link below. The cherry on top of this is the fact that his granddaddy’s school also served as basecamp for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the two go hand in hand bc they are the same entity.

The Army Corps of Engineers go in to a genuine old relic and modify it to fit the narrative. A perfect example is Jamestown, the phony first settlement, was in reality a relic star fort the Corps modified and then buried again for 50 or 60 years so the local authority could come back later and, viola, an authentic discovery verifying exactly what the narrative says.

This concept of setting up archeological sites in advance for the purpose for ‘discovering’ them much later is used all over the world. South America is no different. I have only a rough guess as to how long it took to prepare the Earth for repopulation once the infrastructure was set up. Few hundred years maybe less, maybe more. These spots like Macchu Picchu and the temple complexes carved out of solid mountain in India didn’t just happen overnight, but the Resetters were very goal-oriented.

His role as an early flight developer is treated as disconnected from his place as jungle explorer. See my WW1 fake war images and videos to see more about how I know his record is a crock of shit, the war just little more than a media event to explain the mass destruction in an entire continent. Now I have a lead for a town to pull up next time I’m feeling frisky. The string of perpetual fake wars also helps to explain the small population. Millions and millions of people are said to have died, taking the world population down a substantial percent. Truthfully there never was those people to start out with and the population was already low. Once the whistle was blown the we see a massive coordinated effort at repopulating with orphans that are told the story of Colonialism and warfare and kings and queens.

Taking a glance, the flight school in France is where the forces trained were in the fake WW1 vids, the American Expeditionary Forces. That means Bingham was never there. That bitch was too highblood to go fight in proxy fake wars. This was only a few years after he supposedly went and was discovering ancient jungle ruins… No way. He wasn’t there either and now I’m certain he didn’t write the book to international acclaim about his ‘discovery’. His name was attached bc of birth-right. He might have gone down the jungle for a photo-op but probs not, any photographic evidence is locked up behind firewalls at the gatekeeper Yale repository, which if there was real photos they would push them on everybody instead of hide them. Maybe he did know how to fly but I’m stealing all his thunder. He resume strongly suggests he wasn’t a war hero or an explorer. He comes from a family of slavers and liars. Usually there endeavors are equal opposites compare to their actual deeds. There is balance. So when his son is said to be the heroic liberator make sure you take that into consideration too.

The time he spent in all the ivy League New England Universities was preparing him for the role he was given in life. After graduation he went back to Honolulu for a year to finalize his plans. He was given a spot as a leader in the repopulation of South America. After he was back for that time is when he decided to mimic the course of some fictional explorer that makes no sense he would do that unless the explorer is a cover story, then it makes perfect sense. This is how he got the title of delegate to Chile as head of the Pan American Congress in 1908.

I didnt even hardly touch on his political career after he was done being GI Joe war hero and Indian Jones. Yes, he too is said to be the inspiration for Indiana. This is the third one at least; two from the cliff dwellings were also said to be the living Indy. What if I told you he was just an actor too and his life followed the same script as the movies? Did you ever think about that? Another recurring theme is the one that the local farmers are the ones that initally led the first team to the sites. This is what they all say. It would seem the most plausible sure except they use it everysingle time it becomes unbelievable.

Indy Bingham was rewarded for all his service to humanity by being promoted, I mean elected, to Governor of Connecticut. For one day. He held his post for one day but the Senator from Ct committed suicide so Bingham got the opening. just like that. Nobody thought to question the timing? That fat bitch didn’t kill himself, that was his retirement and the office was intended for Bingham the entire time. Fact-check that.

On top of that he married into the Tiffany family (the blood-diamond people) and had 9 children. He is at his final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery.

This image was posted on a pre-Hiram based website with no source information and a date of 1912. By zooming in on the only recognizable structure (below) it looks like the site was added digitally more than anything.

Other Contenders

The American Paolo Greer discovered this map of the Machu Picchu area in Lima’s National Library. It was in an 1877 book by the German geologist, Herman Göhring. The map is dated 1874 and clearly indicates two peaks: “Macchu Picchu” and “Huaina Picchu,” although no accompanying ruins are indicated

“Bought from who?”, you might ask, good question, Skippy. Why from the Railroad of course. If this account were true this would be the most believable, I’ll tell you how I know it isn’t true, this map and the story was inserted into the narrative by Paolo Greer, a retired Alaska oil pipeline foreman. This NYTimes article from 2008 says Greer was a cartographer from Alaska. Both tie him to Alaska, which will become clear why in a bit.

The NYT has been covering the bogus stories since the original 1911 Hiram trip which they printed an interview taken onboard the ship returning to America. They’re a notorious gatekeeper rag, every story they post is a psych-war assault, they have their uses though, as Hall of Records they make connections and offer leads, such as they tell us the museum curator leading the hi-profile lawsuit against Yale for the return of looted artifacts is a descendant of the original property owner which Machu Picchu is located on. You just can’t believe a word they say, the lawsuit is a mockery advertisement.

Greer sets up Augusto Berns, an engineer/surveyor who mapped the area for the first time for the railroad. Greer found docs supporting the claim that Berns set up a saw mill, gold mine and front company for looting the ruins.

Berns hand drawn map published in 2008 by Greer

Yale gets into it too, their Peruvian historian says she found docs supporting Greer at Yale that is an agreement between Berns and the then-Prez of Peru for looting rights in exchange for a cut in profits

 The documents Greer says he has seen have since gone missing, sure, thats convincing, and common.

In 2006, Peru demanded that Yale University return the collection of artifacts Binghman took from Machu Picchu. Yale agreed to return about 4,000 pieces that had been taken from the site. The two sides agreed to a traveling expedition featuring the pieces, and later a museum in Cuzco. But they have been unable to reach a final agreement on mummies, ceramics, bones and other artifacts.

“What Yale got was the leftovers,” said Alex Chepstow-Lusty, a British paleoecologist based in Cuzco, who reviewed Greer’s research.

In 1875, French traveler Charles Wiener, published an account of ruins he had heard about at a place called ‘Huainapicchu’ and ‘Matchopicchu’. Wiener never visited these ruins though.

After Bingham broke the news of his discovery, a British missionary named Thomas Payne and a German engineer named J. M. von Hasse, claimed to have climbed to Machu Picchu in 1906.

This map, discovered by Paolo Greer at the Library of Congress in 1978, was apparently made by ‘Poker’ Harry Singer, Augusto Berns’ partner, showing the legendary gold and silver mines. ‘Poker Harry’ Singer. The name gives it away, Singer is another Military Industrial Complex family, as in Singer sewing machines that helped kick off the industrial revolution, which lead to the creation of the wage-slave. ‘Poker Harry’ is a bluff; Library of Congress only house fake docs; Greer/Singer are Mil. Ind. Com.

It is appropriate to run into a Greer here, his name-drop is how I came into this whole segment. I have seen the likes of his breed before. A Greer participated in a bogus North Pole expedition-turned survivor cannibalism media sensation; a Greer was head of the Signal Corps survey team that mapped the Chaco Canyon cliff dwellings region; a Greer owned and operated the NYTimes at one point and ran as a controlled opposition candidate in a U.S. Prez election he never intended to win. Do you see the theme here between fake exploration and media coverage? His name was a trigger for sure but we wont stay long, all of these people and their stories are bullshit, its a trap, we could be stuck here all day if we didn’t know better. I just wanted to hit some of the big stuff so you can recognize it and not fall in the trap yourself.

Early Cast and crew members

Full 1874 map, printed in 1993. Source

For those of you that want to pursue this thread further, there have been so many conflicting early accounts (itself a red flag) it can be frustrating to try and unmuddy the water. This cover-story spook writer seems like its her duty or borderline obsessive hobby to try and smooth everything out, she makes excuses and connects and offers leads and links. Just heed my warning.

I found this picture in the Library of Congress, sugar cane fields of Peru in 1910. There are other images of the refinery. This combines both the sugar industry and the Railroad together and shows established system before the narrative says White people were even there???

Espiritu Pampa

This visit, which occurred in 1908, amazed Bingham so much that he spent a good portion discussing it in his interesting book which records his journey from Buenos Aires to Lima, called “Across South America”. On his return home via Peru, he was encouraged by a local prefect to visit the pre-Columbian ruins of Choquequirao.

On his return to his lectureship position at Yale, Bingham convinced the university to setup a joint expedition with the Peruvian authorities to explore Inca sites in the Cusco region. The expedition begun in 1911, with Bingham as the lead explorer. The prospect of searching for the Lost City of the Incas was particularly exciting for Hiram Bingham.

(Choquequirao chapter below)

There was no 1908. There was no Pan congress, he did not write any book. The book was released as foreshadowing, predictive programming its called. Its part of the build-up. You cant just come out with some pics of some rocks without an introduction first. This was the teaser, a movie trailer, a promo.


The ruins of Vilcabamba were discovered by Hiram Bingham, just before the discovery of Machu Picchu, the same year, in 1911. He was looking for Vitcos, another ruin in the Vilcabamba area, but he had stumbled across these Espiritu Pampa instead. All these initial ruins were discovered at the same time, right after the Pan American congress, thats when the repopulation green light was given.

After having discovered it, Bingham has simply abandoned Vilcabamba in order to continue the research at the much more impressive Machu Picchu. He was only told by a bar tender about potential ruins. I dont see him abandoning a find, the first of its kind btw, to go chasing bar room pipe dreams.

The site of Vilcabamba was later explored in the 1960’s by Antonio Santander and Gene Savoy, also by Vincent Lee and John Hemming, afterwards several times by archaeologist Gary Ziegler. So that means the 1911 Nat Geo pics above could’ve been taken anywhere. Fuck, I got it. This nigga never went down to South America. They staged the photoshoot in Hawa’ii, that’s why he went back.

The royalty of Hawaii would have to have some background before the Whites showed up. I guarantee these fake ruins were also used as part of Hawaii’s history, the images were just released by institutional gatekeepers like Nat Geo as part of some bullshit plot. There was no Pan American Congress either for that matter. Thats easy, Pan is a play on words, Pan is one of the many names of Lucifer. Anytime you see the prefix ‘Pan’ this is what they are mocking you about.

Vitcos was reconstructed. The ruins seen today are partly rebuilt, meaning that they are not in their exact, original shape, but vividly reflect the way the city looked like.

Vitcos can be visited by tourists today, however, it is a rather simple site with several buildings, some walls still remain intact, but there’s nothing too impressive.

Getting there is very hard, as the infrastructure is inadequate.

If you are a “common tourist”, better not venture yourself into this wild area where almost nobody goes except Peruvian workers, teams of explorers.

** Tourist-Trap-History Industrial Complex **

Yeah bitch, thats cuz its fake

Another repetitious piece of regurgitated script is having multiple names for the same place. This confuses the target by giving the impression the area is much larger than it really is; all the above mentioned locations are the same place, and all it took to fool the world was a picture or two of a pile of rocks taken in Hawa’ii.

There are several Vilcabamba-named zones in South America. One of them is the Vilcabamba Valley in southeastern Ecuador. There, a city with the same name had been given a fake history attached to the Spanish conquistadors of the 1750’s.

The other 2 Vilcabambas are both in Peru. One of them is a valley, the Vilcabamba Valley, which is just behind the ruins of Machu Picchu. The other one is the Inca ruins of Vilcabamba, which is known as “The Last Stronghold of the Incas”.

In the local dialect the word Vilcabamba can be translated to “Sacred Valley”, even though, this is not the common tourist-trap known as “The Sacred Valley of the Incas”, which is further southeast, it is meant to serve as misdirection. They are all “Sacred Valleys”, another theme found in multiple locations worldwide. This is how compartmentalization works. Every locale has a Sacred Mountain or Valley, and each language has multiple translations. The language barrier is not by coincidence either, the symbolic Tower of Babylon, thats what they were doing at the Missionary school at Andover, that was the ‘mission’ when they were ‘translating’ the ancient texts, they were scripting them and then inserting them into the ‘native’ orphan population. Thats why communications were so important, who do you think gave them language? The same people that gave them maps.

*See Jedadiah Morse, multi-lingual geographer at Andover, founder of the Foreign Missionary School and father of Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph. Also Alexander Melville Bell, of Scotland, same academic background, father of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. Can you see it yet?

Another book was published with his name on it about the trip. I doubt he wrote the book, or even read it, or even traveled to Chile as part of the planning and preparation process.

Machu Picchu wasnt ‘rediscovered’ until 1911 by elitest Reset class member Hiram Bingham, of the notorious spook Bingham family.

In the summer of 1911, the American archaeologist Hiram Bingham arrived in Peru with a small team of explorers hoping to find Vilcabamba, the last Inca stronghold to fall to the Spanish. Traveling on foot and by mule, Bingham and his team made their way from Cuzco into the Urubamba Valley, where a local farmer told them of some ruins located at the top of a nearby mountain.

The excited Bingham spread the word about his discovery in a best-selling book, “The Lost City of the Incas,” sending hordes of eager tourists flocking to Peru to follow in his footsteps up the formerly obscure Inca Trail. He also excavated artifacts from Machu Picchu and took them to Yale University for further inspection, igniting a custody dispute that lasted nearly 100 years. It was not until the Peruvian government filed a lawsuit and lobbied President Barack Obama for the return of the items that Yale agreed to complete their repatriation.

Although he is credited with making Machu Picchu known to the world—indeed, the highway tour buses use to reach it bears his name—it is not certain that Bingham was the first outsider to visit it. There is evidence that missionaries and other explorers reached the site during the 19th and early 20th centuries but were simply less vocal about what they uncovered there.

The first official story, published in 1914, was written by a Hopkins, as a segment of a book about S America as a whole, written by a Prescott, as in the Nazi warlord grampa George Bush. I tink we are all familiar with who the Hopkins clan is. These are all military industrial complex families. It started out that way and continues to this day.

This image was in the book written in 1914 with Bingham’s name on the cover. There is nothing in the narrative about such a strong Asian population, there could be a number of reasons what the meaning of this is. It reminds me of that expression about the Chinese built the railroad, even though the railroad is ancient and China might be 150 years old. Tops. The caption says “Immigrants bring rickets and syphilis”

Jungle People/Modern Human Zoo Propaganda

This picture appeared in the mainstream media around 2008 as more exploitation and tourist promotion. Supposedly increased logging drove unmolested tribes out of the jungle and into the path of tourists. You too can have a chance to see some genuine jungle people if you can get there fast enough. This is a modern-day human zoo. The woman on the right has the crossed leg and ‘Thinking Man’ symbolism; the guy in the middle is doing the ‘Hidden Hand’; the kid in the back has the ‘One Eye’; Lady to the left has the hand-on-hip ‘Explorer’ pose. Gimme a break guys, you can’t do any better than that?

Aramu maru

This is like Tibet/Nepal in that they are both remote isolated high mountain tourist traps, days worth of trekking thru the mountains to get there. There is almost no information available outside the tourist industry, especially history. Cusco serves as the tourist capital.

Aramu Muru is a popular tourist destination for paranormal pilgrimage. Back in 1996, local tour guide Jose Luis Delgado Mamani accidentally rediscovered an ancient site situated in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca and near the mountain-filled region of Hayu Brand in Peru while he was exploring the area for his job. The region itself is venerated by the local natives as the “city of the gods” and researchers are of the opinion that several monuments could be uncovered beneath its surface.

Legend has it that an Incan priest in possession of a golden disk, placed the disk in a small depression in the ‘door’ (the ‘door’ being the niche carved into the rock), and this caused the door to open. The golden disk supposedly dropped from the sky known as “the key of the gods of seven rays” that was kept in Koricancha temple in Cusco. 

No further excavations have been done at there since it is considered an ancient archaeological site and protected by the Peruvian government.

Modern Sun Worship

Holidays (Holy Daze)


When I first saw this place I was scanning overhead images of the region and paused but there is nothing around in any direction. In case you haven’t noticed yet the theme of this culture are the stepped terraces, many of which are still functioning today. I wasn’t trying to waste time on every little anomaly, there are dozens. It looks like one of the amphitheaters of the other fake ancient people.

The literature says it was a potato farm, or it is an energy vortex depending on who you ask. There is a noted salt mine nearby. I don’t know what the significance is yet but its not the first time. It’s possible this could have been used in modern times as a salt mining operation. Yeah right.

The Moray Raymi: every October 8, a large audience of locals, national and foreign tourists gather for this ritual to thank the Sun god for a bountiful harvest. Lol. It is an amphitheater, devoted to worshiping another form of Lucifer by an international (One World) audience. Oct 8 is 10/8, which is an expression of aces and eights. Aces and Eights is one of the most common markers, its a pun on the Latin ‘Una Octo’, meaning ‘an act’, twofold since there was no ancient rome to begin with.

This is the sister to the headliner Pagan Sun Worship ritual:

“Inti Raymi” June 24

The Inti Raymi is a festival that celebrates the Sun God of the Incas and is the most important folkloric expression of Cuzco. It is the most solemn and grand celebration of the late Inca Empire. The location of Inti Raymi is the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, located in the north of Cuzco. According to Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Sacsayhuaman is “the largest and most magnificent work that the Inca constructed in order to show his power and majesty.”

The contemporary version (begun June 24, 1944) of Inti Raymi was begun to honor the memory of the city, its ancient origin, and its status as the cradle of the Grand Inca civilization. A historical reconstruction was directed by Faustino Espinoza Navarro and indigenous actors. The first reconstruction was based largely on the chronicles of de la Vega (1539-1616) son of a Spanish conquistador and an Inca noblewoman and chronicler of the Inca.

Vega comes up alot. Who would be a familiar N. American or European counterpart

November 1 (Pan-Peruvian)

These days are dedicated to the memory of the dead. The worship of the dead was a common and respected custom during pre-Hispanic times in Peru, and part of that tradition, combined with Christian elements, still lives on today. In general, people attend mass during the daytime. At night, the relatives of the deceased hold a candlelight vigil in the cemetery until dawn.

Hang out in a cemetery all night on trip 1’s (11/1). What did I tell you about anything that has the prefix ‘Pan’?

“Corpus Christi” June 11

The festival of Corpus Christi has been celebrated all over Peru since colonial times, but reaches a high point in Cuzco. Fifteen saints and virgins from various districts are borne in a procession to the Cathedral where they “greet” the body of Christ embodied in the Sacred Host, kept in a fabulous gold goblet weighing 26 kilos and standing 1.2 meters high.

June 6 is 6/11= 666. A Jesus holiday on symbolic 666 where he is embodied in a gold cup, Nothing creepy about that.

I’m not a Christian, and this is why.

Lost City of Gold

You aint shit without a legend about lost or buried treasure. Its part of the thrill and attraction. The mystery is what really brings them in. Whispers of gold is the best thing the travel agencies have ever thought of. Every ancient sacred ruin fable across the world has legends of gold. This one of the best ones

In 2001, Italian archaeologist Mario Polia has come across a Jesuit document in Rome, written in 1600 by missionary Andrea Lopez, describing a large city, rich in gold, silver and gemstones. The document tells that the inhabitants of this city called it “Paititi” and it was located in a rainforest.

Andrea Lopez describes the area around Paititi as one covered with deep rainforests with waterfalls. The document was presented in details to Pope Clement XIII. The Vatican keeps the location of the city secret, even today. This story about this person tells us that Paititi is in the Pantiacolla jungles. Expeditions are being carried out from time to time, even today.

The best part is I am familiar with this Pope Clement 13, he was the one that started the Propaganda Fide, that was the first Jesuit missionary org. Not really, the guy is a historical fiction but so what, Inca gold is on the line, bro, WTF.


Ollantaytambo is one of the main tourist attractions in Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 


 In 1909, Professor Hiram Bingham from the University of yale visited the site, with the help of a church from Abancay city. They reported the archeological lootings and pottery shards, and there, they announced for the magazines and journals for the outside world. There, the Choquequirao site became notorious, at least for the archeology community. 

Looting only consists of a museum announcing they have come in possession of something. Nobody goes down into the jungle and pulls some Indian Jones shit, because there is nothing there. This place was nothing but a few pictures in a Nat Geo mag for half a century. Who’s gonna tell? As we see in other instances, the nearest local town is populated with the descendants of the first gen builders, the local authority is installed by the same people that do the “looting”… So… What?

Choquequirao first entered European knowledge when it was discovered by the Spanish explorer Juan Arias Diaz in 1710. Nevertheless, archaeological excavations were only conducted over 250 years later in the 1970’s. Like Machu Picchu, Choquequirao is also centered on a ridge top with a higher mountain at its back, and a lower distinctive promontory at its front. In addition, each city had a sacred river flowing below in view. They are known as sister cities.

It didn’t really even begin in ernst until the early 1990s, the Peruvian government took interest, beginning a careful archaeological and restoration project that continues today. In 1995, a new trail and foot bridge was completed, giving more access to tour groups, contributing to the income and employment of enterprising local families. By local families they mean travel corporations.

This is becoming the new tourist trap. Since Machu Picchu is now considered over crowded this is the place that next-gen trekkers are seeking out. One of the tricks we saw in Nepal was to limit the number of permits available and make them overpriced, this is highly effective at increasing the demand to get there. Nobody is going to question the authenticity of a place they just spend 3 years on a waiting list and 1000$ just to get through the door. Such is the fate of the sister site so this is like the discount spot.

The Choquequirao ruins cover an area of 6 square kilometers (3.7 square miles). Restoration of the site began in the 1970s and still continues today. As of 2014, nearly 50% of the site had been excavated. There are two ways this unfolds; either the park is built all at once and left to the jungle vegetation to be uncovered pieces at a time, or it is built little by little. There doesn’t have to be much in the way of the definition of “ruins”. All there usually is is a pile of rubble. It’s during the “preservation and conservation” period that the actual construction takes place.

It uses the same blueprint as the first fake site. If it was not ‘rediscovered’ until 1970 there should be pictures, right?

There was a sky tram set to lift customers from the ground to the Sun Temple in one sitting, instead of the normal 6 day trek to reach the truncated peak. As of 2020 plans were still green lit for construction to begin 2022, no word if the Rona or orchestrated mass civil unrest has cancelled plans yet. Although I did see that Machu P is closed to the public until further notice.

The first article I could find was from 2011, the Gondola Project said it should be complete by 2015, turning a 15 hr hike into a 15 minute tram ride. Obviously that didn’t happen. Now, over a decade later the govt is still threatening to install a tram “in the very near future” with no mention of the last dozen years of empty threats. This is attention seeking behavior. They are trying to drum up some discussion, division. Money. They have no plan on installing a tram car. Its called the Gondola Project. They try to spin a light on it like, “unfortunately, the long-desired…” typical media manipulation. I bet the people even believe it when they see it in the papers.

By as refuge for the Shining Path Guerrilla sect, the Maoist terrorist group, Sendero Luminoso, took violent control in the 1980s. Many villagers with training or education were rounded up and executed as a preliminary to establishing absolute control.

fitting since there claims to be historic evidence of Coca cultivation and a distribution center in the ancient days. No word on what this evidence is, its just repeated in every brochure as part of the schtick. You can still chew the leaves or grab a drink like a coffee in the morning.

During the Cadastre and Delimitation in 2004, one of the most remarkable findings in Peruvian archeology took place. The white rock Alpaca images were spotted encrusted on the terrace wall as the team cleared the bush and vegetation. There are 24 llamas as if walking to the main Choquequirao square, not grouped llamas but in each step and making a line.  Archeologist Zenovio Valencia who has investigated the area quoted the following: 

“There is no doubt that it is a unique work of Cuzco engineers and artists that represents the creative apogee of the Inca culture”.

This is another example of UNESCO terraced cliffs, the wine region of Lausanne Switzerland is said to have been made by some traveling monks in the 15th century that recognized the potiential wine growing value so they terraformed the entire mountainside. While less dramatic than those of Peru the history is just as fantastic
Terraces near Pisac



pg 332. 1911 expedition led by Nat Geo and Yale. Peabody museum.

 Machu Picchu’s most distinct and famous structures include the Temple of the Sun and the Intihuatana stone, a sculpted granite rock that is believed to have functioned as a solar clock or calendar.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 and designated one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, Machu Picchu is Peru’s most visited attraction and South America’s most famous ruins, welcoming hundreds of thousands of people a year. 

Paracas Candelabra

600 ft tip to tip and 2 ft deep. and can be seen from as far as 12 miles out to sea. Pottery found near the figure has been carbon dated at 200 BC

The mystery is the main attraction, not much real effort is going into solving a cash cow like Peru in general, everything in country is wildly mysterious, it;s it’s schtick. Everything from Jimsonweed, to San Pedro psychedelic cactus, Viracocha (Neptune) trident, the tree of life. You can say anything as long as its not that it was a tourist trap hoax, which is all it is.

Personally it resembles to me the trident featured on the blurred out art museum in my Winged Lion pt1 essay and the trident of the Statue in Antwerp in W.L part 2

It has also been said that the Conquistadors found a series of ropes and cords within the branches of the Candelabra, which may have been used in connection with a series of pulleys. Peruvian writer and commentator Beltrán García has been quoted as saying the Candelabra may have been “a gigantic and precise seismograph, able to register telluric waves and seismic shocks coming not only from Peru, but from all over the planet.”

Researcher Tony Morrison looked extensively into the local folklore surrounding the Candelabra, to determine its purpose. He interviewed Duncan Masson, a local Englishman who lived about 130 miles south of the Candelabra. Masson had heard first-hand accounts of the Candelabra from those who lived in the early 19 th century. According to these accounts, the Candelabra was used simply as a signal for sailors. The Paracas coastline has been a stopping point for sailors for many centuries. During times of layover, the sailors would have had plenty of time to carve the Candelabra into the hill.



Located in Nazca, the site has been excavated since 1926. They all repeat the same script; foundations, textiles, pottery, mummies and a hypnotic spiral. As if a people that could perform masonry skills to the degree of these cultures and leave nothing behind but a bowl and a rug. They are all just stage props.


Like with the other continents we investigate, the fake tourist crap is set way off in the remote inhospitable locations and promoted heavily while the real ancient artifacts are right downtown in the city.

The places you always want to check first are the governmental buildings and Cathedrals. These were co-opted by the Resetters after the Big Event and usually survive intact. Mostly. Sometimes there have been a degree of destruction but partial remains can be seen, say, like a foundation or a wall.

There are many such places in the center of operations for the fictional Incan Industrial Complex.

Cathedral of the Dominican Order

Always check for the cathedrals first. The Missionaries were on a mission alright, just not what you have been led to believe. I covered the start up of the Dominicans in my Ancient Rome essay, it explains how a fake narrative was given to an elitest group started by the cryptojew Jesuits and from Rome branched out into every part of the Earth.

Any word containing the D-O-M is a trigger: Dominican Order, Domination, Dominican Republic is a good one considering its association with Haiti, the sugar plantation slave state like Hawa’ii. The Dominicans are the original slavers, as expected they have control of an Old World relic they call a church.

Complete with columned arched walkways, central courtyard and cupola with dome and multiple columns. This would fit in at any of the truely ancient sites like Paris, India, San Francisco, Antwerp… and nobody would ever know the difference

Fake Founding Father

They have a rendition of the Napoleon/George Washington archetype throughout the ruined area of the Inca’s. Pachacutec is said to be involved with all the archeological sites located in the Andes

The resolution is not high enough to tell if the tower is genuine but the top piece is absolutely fake.


Google Earth Fuckery

I have not found any Winged Lions or Serpent Slayer imagery but I did come across this:

These lions here are the entrance to a plaza of a regular looking town square. nothing remarkable except for the lions themselves and the sigils underneath the flag poles. This is off to the side on a perpendicular street in full zoom. Look at the yellow house in the background, you can see where it was sloppily cut and pasted back together.

Star Fort? Sacsahuaman Wall

It is also home to a chirt the redeemer statue. The most popular one is in Brazil, another place I have covered that has one is Eureka Springs, Arkansas. That spot is just as bad as Peru

This is a local attraction, not part of the remote locations. It looks legit enough at first. Sure somebody used the technology that we are looking for but the site itself does not fit with authentic Starforts. First off the scale is too small. Like the Nazca Lines, the geoglyphs like the monkey and the spider keep you focused close to the ground, where you can’t see anything at all. You have to go way up and see the whole thing to understand its an old canal grid. Its like trying to see a painting through a keyhole. These points are tiered and terraced like an old fort but they are too close.

Another point I have is the lack of water. Somehow, I don’t pretend to know how, the water is a mustneed for the Old system to run. Every Starfort I have come across has been on the Coast or accessible by canal. This is not the case in Cuzco. Dont think that just bc a place is landlocked they weren’t water accessible, as we see in Nazca and still found in functioning canals today the reservoirs are fed by mountain runoff

What I mean is, here is one from Copenhagen, in Denmark. It is a textbook example, I choose it for the amount of teeth, it is similar to the fake look-a-like fort. Even if you wanted to go with the smaller one, the whole Cuzco wall could fit in one point of the smaller starfort. These are all canal beds too btw.

The fake starfort is the home of the Luciferian Sun Worshipping ritual.
Aztec dance, matches Pueblo Indian dance from the World Fair in Chicago and San Francisco, matches modern Sun Worship events held today


You know why Copenhagen is not heavily promoted as World-Class destination tourist spot and most people think it is only chewing tobacco? Bc this is for-real old, probs one of the oldest places on Earth I have yet found. They send you to one of the spots like Machu Picchu or Tibet or even Rome if you are looking for a history-themed vacation bc those spots are fake and the real spots are hidden. This is a cathedral (of course it is) but almost every building looks like this still today, not just the government and museums and churches. I just wanted to show a comparison, not getting sidetracked.

Not that Old

I’m sure when the scriptwriters were putting the Incas package they thought they were going back a long way but the ‘ancient’ culture is said to only go back to the 1500’s. Not very far at all, especially since the game necessitates constantly having to one-up itself in order to keep the shortened attn span of its target audience. For example the proto-Buddhist Bon religion goes back 18,000 years. Its part of the illusion.

The thing about that is, when an exact piece of information is given it locks all the future generations into that narrative and if its one thing they cannot do is admit the narrative was wrong, also part of the illusion. This is also why academics and scientists never seem to get anything done or be direct about anything and are intentionally vague, particularly without a peer-review. Not only is this a detriment to their job office but it threatens the whole system.

The loophole around being locked in to a specific date is you can still push the timeline back farther, as far as they want. All it takes is a few images and a good publisher, we already saw this, remember.

This is what they are doing right now with the Wari people.

More fake sites and fake artifacts are being dug up all the time. Let me share something that seems to happen to me so often its fucking creepy. As I’m writing this the day is March 15. On March 13, (3/13=333), just the day before yesterday, it was reported that a new group of Wari mummies were found. The new findings were originally published on 3/11, which is still 333, in a Polish journal.

Four mounds on the Cerro Colorado hill near the city of Barranca are the target of researchers from Poland and the University of St. Mark (Winged Lion is St Mark) in Peru. “Already we came across architecture made of dried bricks and stone blocks” – said Łukasz Majchrzak, (Lucas is a form of Lucifer) archaeologists discovered the dead were wrapped in high-quality fabrics, also painted.

These artifacts were found in the grave of a boy aged about 6 years. His skull was intentionally deformed. A team of researchers recently show that the complex was built around 2500-2200 BC, and the examined burials were placed between 772 and 989 AD.

In the 3rd millennium B.C.E. great settlements with monumental architecture sprang up in the Andes, and agriculture spread as a result of contact with the Amazon. In the Amazon, agricultural technologies were known several thousand years earlier. The largest complex with pyramidal constructions, created in the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC. it is located at the Caral site, thirty kilometers to the south-east, in the Supe valley.

“In the last two decades, researcher, Ruth Shady, has promoted this site as the “cradle of Andean civilization”, claiming that it was unique. Meanwhile, more and more archaeologists indicate that there may have been more such places. Monumental structures similar to those in “Caral was discovered in the depths of the Pativilca and Fortaleza valleys. Clearly, we are dealing here with a phenomenon covering a much larger area than previously thought”. The examined graves from the 8th-10th centuries come from the times when this place was part of the Wari Empire. One of the most important sites of this culture, Castillo de Huarmey, is located only 70 km north of Barranca.

The colonial clergyman and explorer of South American cultures, Antonio de la Calancha (1584–1654), vividly described the surroundings of the city of Barranca. De la Calancha said it was full of sorcerers and witches. “He even went so far as to say that there was a ‘witchcraft university’ in Barranca. He also mentioned a temple where these sorcerers would gather to meet a ‘demon’ who then scolded them for praying in Spanish and dealing with Spaniards in general”. The Europeans of the time referred to the pre-Columbian gods as demons. This means that Cerro Colorado has been a place of worship for almost four thousand years. The researcher reported that two of the four mounds on the hill are still unexplored. Scientists hope that they will be able to recognize them in the coming years. (source)

This gives a whole trove of new material for fake sites and shifting narratives. Lets just hit some of the bullet points.

  1. University in Lima is St Mark, it’s a mark alright, St Mark is the name of the winged lion I have been chasing around the world in other articles. I have looked for his effigy here but found him in name.
  2. Mainstream science cannot admit the presence of elongated skulls, even though the alleged evidence of the pro side is pretty hard to refute, they have to create the fringe and controlled opposition theories. How much energy have you wasted on the elongated skulls hoax before now? It was too long for me too.
  3. The concept of the graves being from an earlier date leaves the door open for future discoveries to push the timeline back even farther.
  4. They have created an entirely new culture, not a pre-culture. This went from the jungle to the coast. The Paracas Skulls are on the coast, that’s why they threw in the intentional deformation shout out even though they have to stick to their script.
  5. The researchers name is Shady, this is a trigger, along with the Aces and Eights number drop. This bitch gives us a list of leads to follow up on.
  6. The archeological dig matches the historic record, anytime they find exactly what they look for they are lying. Anytime they say anything they are lying. The written record is taken as though it has been established for 500 years but more than likely it was introduced itself in 2017 or something, right before the new sites started being found they inserted a shift in the narrative, probs found in a church, nobody can question anything found in a church, right? The language matches up to the language used in the other fake historical texts. Can you see yet?

Starting with the Cerro Colorado Hill we get the same old bag. There are half dozen places that share the name, one in Cali in the Diablo Range and at least two in Peru, which our hit is…wait for it… Paracas. Told you. The headlines for the news artcles all say a “Demonic Temple” was discovered. So I hope if you have made it this far in my article you noticed the Satanic thread by now.

  • St Mark is also the University that spawned the Shining Path cocaine-fueled Maoist Commie guerrilla movement by their philosophy professor


Well lookit, they have a Christ the Redeemer Statue here too.
Double-Headed Eagle symbolism found all over the world

Lima, the Coast

Now we are working our way closer to the coast, out of the jungle and into the valley, there is a whole new set of discoveries being made. To start off with I see some familiar sites.

This is Lima, a coastal capitol port city, we’ll get to the port in a bit, first lets canvas the neighborhood and see what we can see.

People new or that have some kind of disassociation disorder or mental barriers still question my ancient canal grid theory. If you have read my work and are still doubtful theres nothing else I can say. I get asked alot how I find stuff, what do I look for? This is an easy example. You have seen the coast where the starfort is. These low-lying areas should be easier to process the canal concept than the mountainous regions. They still had canals but they were fed by runoff and moved downhill rapidly, they are still in use today in many villages.

These low areas are perfect grids etched into the bedrock with advanced energy technology us Orphan-class peasants no longer have access to. This cover image shows the perfect grid running straight into the oncoming Mudflood in the form of volcanos that are adding a fresh layer of bedrock and erasing every sign of the Olde beds. Flip through these few images I picked at random, its a little difficult to see from a still, you need to be able to zoom in and out to see the whole thing to get a full grasp.

I have covered the Nazca Lines canals in a separate post, these are the urban canals. The mudflood filled them in and the new centralized international authority paved over top of them, this keeps the signature layout. You can see the volcanic bedrock mudflood flowing right on top of the Olde grid.

This is a textbook showcase specimen. Grids within grids within grids and the central square is open. Compare with modern canalized areas I have included in my Asian report. or go look for yourself, they are in every coastal city on the Earth. Take this link

Just to give you an idea, this is one of my fav pics of the Nazca Lines. The so-called runways are mountain run-off fed reservoirs that in turn feed canals. The scale is such that the tourist trap monkeys and astro-nots and shit keep you too close to the ground, you are looking at a room through a key hole the circled image is a spiral, you can’t see withour zooming in. The spiral is a hypnotic tool. The arrow is pointing to the Nazca Flower which you still cant see even with zoom.

Here is the flower from airplane height. Now do you see what I mean about scope and perspective? Furthermore the white circles with dark centers match laser engraving marks under a microscope. I mean they are energy tech signatures.

Here is a gallery of some mountain fed reservoirs at the bottom of the Himalayan mountains in India still active today for comparison.

Here is another grid within a grid within a grid at the foot of the Himalayan. Still is no longer canaled, they have been filled in 99% of the world but the concept is much clearer here with some of the worlds only remaining canal systems still intact.

All I do is follow the trunk lines, there are circles at intersecting spots for easier navigation in a watercraft, at each of these circles usually there is some kind of significant feature. Statuary, monuments, memorials, even just a flag pole has a meaning… The high profile places have arches or obelisks, water features like fountains and war themes are very common. Not every single one, but alot. Its that easy bro.

Speaking of flag poles , heres one that just came up. Everything is symbolic, its a whole other method of communication most people dont even know it exists, or even worse, they deny it vehemently and belittle the ones that try to bring it up. It’s designed that way. These flags grouped together represent Centralization. One World. One World Everything. Order, Currency, Religion, Government. Everything but language. got to keep that separated. Thats the beauty of symbolism, it means the same thing no mater what your primary language is. People say math is the universal language. Partially true, numbers are just another symbol. See?

After you accept that you can move on, you start to recognize the patterns. Ok I cant stay all day exploring Lima, its pretty bland compared to other cities. The central oblisk is a billboard for diapers for fux sake.

Huaca Pucllana Site Museum

This is a mud brick pyramid right in the middle of town, an obvious and ugly fake coming from such a high quality World Heritage fake site, this looks like shit.

Every ancient culture on every continent is the same script, they are only remembered from their pottery and textiles. As if a culture so advanced as to join the masonry like the Block of 12 Angles without mortar could do nothing else except pots and blankets. Its insulting and I’m not even Peruvian.

This site tries to squeeze in past the flouide stare by saying it is a thousand years earlier than the jungle people. They can tell by the pots. Literal, they are called pre-ceramic people. SMH

El Paraíso, Peru

This is another archeological site right off to the side, right on the edge of the city. Its a tourist-trap for those that cant afford a 9 day $4k adventure package. Another mud brick foundation complex academics cant even agree on what style of pottery the people should be classified as. Im wondering why anybody would listen to the no-good bastards at this point anyway. In over half centure they still debate about the pots and fabric. This one throws you through a loop, it adds feathers to the excavation.

The scientists have been pretending to study the place off and on since the 60’s. One thing that stands out worth mentioning is what they call ‘surface disturbance’, apparently a tractor ran over a few buildings in the early days. This is a common way they cover their tracks, (pun intended) to dismiss why things look more fresh than they should be.

I’ll be moving on here now, not much here. Look at this overhead shot, it shows how I know this place is modern without even being told anything.

It’s on the wrong side of the mudflood. All the old stuff is either buried or on the other side. It isn’t dug out or anything either. Its freestanding on the surface. That equals fake fake fake.

Chinese Takeover

Directly north of the city of Lima is the village of Chancay, home to more fake mud piles and coincidentally the port itself. Ports are a pretty big deal. This port is having brand new deep water channel being built by the Chinese. This is a huge red-flag for the people that think China is going to take over the world. You can read my Asian report to see why that is not going to happen.

Even still, they are trying to hide behind 2 or 3 front companies and blame the war in Ukraine and the Rona for shipping disruptions. The Chinese company, COSCO is owned by the Communist State, not a private entity, partnered up with a Swiss mining commodities firm, Glencore in the deal.

Glencore has been in a string of scandal for decades and has a really bad publicity image in American search engines. They even received the Black Planet Award for their terrible ethics regarding the green movement. . All that jive don’t mean jack, for example an investigation was launch into whether they committed the crime of bribing public officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Are you kidding me? THATS the criminal probe? Bribery? In the Congo? I just did a report on the repopulation of the Congo and the atrocities committed by the rubber manufacturing industry. Freaking bribery is all they will come up with. This is a mockery of the court. The Swiss own the Congo, literally, it was not even part of the kingdom. it was personal property of the King, like as if he won it in a poker game, except he didn’t even do that, King Leopold II literally just said ” Every piece of land not already claimed by a European is mine.” and nobody challenged him. In reality he was the scapegoat, the whole world knew what was going on in the Congo, it’s a single entity, remember? But they had to blame it on someone to look good to the peasants. Rubber was a military technology at this point.

Oil spill on Chancay Beach already shows the level of commitment and concern on part of the leaders involved.

China Railway Group is building a 1.8 km tunnel from the port area so that trucks heading to the 800-hectare industrial and logistics park can bypass Chancay city center. Signs in Spanish and Chinese announce construction of the 1,100-hectare site, pouring concrete, driving construction equipment, and breaking rocks. Aces and Eights for days.

An oil spill had already just occurred in January of 22. Polluting the only marine reserve in Peru with 11,900 (666) barrels of crude. The spill was said to be caused by a volcano 10,000 miles across the Pacific. Sure, volcanoes. The spill reached all the way to the Paracas Peninsula, which brings around to our final subject for this episode.

Child Sacrifice

In 2019 Mainstream Everything announced the discovery of the largest mass human sacrifice site on Earth contained 140 child victims at the archaeological site of Huanchaquito-Las Llamas. The bodies were starting to turn up in 2011.

Huanchaquito-Las Llamas was part of the Chimu civilization, a culture that arose around 900 A.D. and was based along the northern coast of Peru. Unlike in other pre-Columbian cultures, there was little evidence of child sacrifice—until the mass grave was found. Human sacrifice has been inserted into every ‘pre-Columbian culture all the way up the continent, the Aztec, Mayan, Belize… but other views widen it to the World stage by pointing out many cultures culled children in times of overpopulation, pulling out the trusty fear porn card. They also say the rib cage had cut marks indicating the heart had been removed.

It was pointed out a layer of mud covered the bodies and researchers liked it to the “Terror Cave” in Belize where child were sacrificed to appease the Rain God. Opponents say it was part of a natural weather pattern. I see a pattern myself. The same old scare tactics- climate change and over population.

Coverage has been by trusted credible sources such as Newsweek and our good friends at Nat Geo.

  • Just a peek at the Ministry of Truth page on the Midnight Terror Cave:

Midnight Terror Cave is a cave in central Belize that was discovered in 2006 near Springfield. The site was worked on by California State University, Los Angeles’ field school as part of the Western Belize Regional Cave Project under Dr. Jaime Awe. The cave contained around 9000 human bones from at least 118 individuals, and is one of the largest sacrificial assemblages ever discovered in the Maya Lowlands.

Peer-reviewed articles have discussed preliminary findings from the site as well as pathological findings.

Other Maya archaeological sites in the vicinity are Cahal Pech, Chaa Creek, El Pilar, Xunantunich, and Actun Tunichil Muknal. I could go down every site but I don’t have time nor inclination. Lemme just summarize everything- They’re all fake.

Ok, so now I gotta look…

There is an article published by the Washington Post on March 30, 2015. (3/30=33).

They have to throw in the standard pottery, surprized there was no textiles. There was painted skulls instead, another commonality

They say screaming in the middle of the night led rescuers to the mouth of an unknown cave where a looter had fallen 60 ft and had to be pulled out and taken to the nearest town of Springfield, a Mennonite town.

I can say on a personal note I used to be an avid caver, (cavers rescue spelunkers) you are not hearing anything inside a cave. Not 15 ft away and certainly not through the woods to the town. Plus, if it was that big an opening and that close to a town do you really think nobody would have ever noticed it before? Gimme a break. It was a Mennonite town, thats your clue, might as well say it was the missionaries.

A sample of the teeth concluded the victims came from over 200 miles away. IDK how its possible to tell that but hey, its your story you can tell it anyway you want, they spin it to use the headline “Ancient Human Trafficking”, which is the main point of the whole story, the sensational headline. They won’t talk about modern human children trafficking, they actively cover it up, but they’ll make up some bullshit about an ancient flesh trade.

Lake Titicaca

Waru Waru

Site of massive terraforming operation of raised beds and canals in a flood prone area to make arable farm land out of inhospitable terrain. Said to be 1,000 years ago. I think most of these concentric circles are on the site of directed energy ablations, you’ll have to read my other South America article on terraforming

Elogated Skulls of Paracas


Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928 – a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world. These have come to be known as the ‘ Paracas skulls ’. In total, Tello found more than 300 of these elongated skulls at Cerro Colorado, which are believed to date back around 3,000 years.

Tello believed that the Paracas were related to the people of the Chavin culture, who created the famous megalithic site of Chavin de Huantar, mainly based on the fact that he saw similarities in pottery designs and motifs, especially feline figures. Pretty convincing since Tello was also the lead archeologist at Chavin as well. He also attended St. Mark University, who was in charge of the Demon Temple excavation recently. This is a good example of how the people will change but the main entity is the institution; they stay on a project for generations. Bringing that up, its relevent to acknowledge he also was given a free ride at Harvard anthropolgy.v(find his parents, not the poor farmers the narrative says they are).

He founded and served as the first director of the Paracas Museum in 1975 when the Marine Reserve was opened. The museum served the sanctuary… the one that just got hit by the oil spill… The sanctuary served the site. It is strictly forbidden to trespass inside reserve boundaries due to looting. Looting is just an excuse for lack of evidence and passing restrictive access legislation.

“It had mtDNA with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.
“I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree, if the Paracas individuals were so biologically different, they would not have been able to interbreed with humans.”

Paranormal spook author Brien Foerster

Cone headed/elongated skulls were first mentioned in a book written in 1851 that divided the class up into 2 sets, medium and highly pronounced. What I’m wondering is how did they get the information for the book if they hadnt even broke the interior yet? Remember?

There is so much falsified evidence inserted at a later date you really have to be careful of what you source.

In 2011 the Ancient Aliens pukeshow filmed the skulls for the first time

Foerster and Ancient Aliens guru David Childress wrote the book in 2012 that originated the theory that a worldwide elite race existed and the intentional deformation cults that emulated them followed. (check for the insertion of intentional deformation from this point on, and shortly before-hand as a way to build credibility)

In 2014 a DNA test was performed by the local museum that has 5 specimens (the narrative says 30-35 [*33] but only 5 are veiwable)

The test was repeated in 2016 bc critics say samples were contaminated.

The results were spread out over the next few years. This has all been a way to keep recycling the story into the mainstream discussion; the tv show first, followed by the book, then the dna tests over and over a few times to drag it out.

The article makes sure they tell you the lab was unaware of the samples origin until after the test was complete to ensure there was no prejudice on part of the technition. This is all theatrics. The put the sample in a machine, stupid. The human doesnt do anything but read the results from a computer screen.

Back to Brian Foerster. He must be the go-to guy when it comes to the ‘weird shit’ category. Foerster is in charge of a three-finger alien mummy found in Nazca.


The best part- The World Congress on Mummy Studies describes the find as a fraud, and calls it, ‘an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.’ Its funny bc the entire field of mummies is an organized campaign of disinformation. There is no such thing as mummies.

They reply:

“Based on the X-ray of this hand and using basic comparative anatomy, I identify the bones that make it up and show that, one, the hand is formed by at least two human individuals and, two, that each finger has two human metacarpals – an absolute anatomical and evolutionary aberration. This is not an opinion, it is the result of anatomical-comparative analysis. This shameless assembly is the scientific evidence that Maussan’s team defends as authentic. I simply can not bear to put up a lie of this magnitude through the manipulation of scientific evidence.”

In case you haven’t been keeping up, the Pro Mummy side is charging over $300 dollars to attend the conference and is charging fees to watch the video series showing the study of the mummies. The members of the Congress work hard to stop the looting and trafficking of human remains, which they believe this is. So now its a little clearer, the human trafficking and looting connection again, they are trying to make you subliminally make the connection yourself, so you have a more emotional response to the reported theft of fake or nonexistent artifacts.

You can tell all you need to know about these clowns by the first sentence in their bio. “World Congress on Mummy Studies brings together mummy experts from all over the globe…” So, in case you haven’t been paying attn I have never one time used the ‘G’ word. One way you can tell the world is not a globe is to pay attn to the context everytime you see it used. Sometimes it will be accidental by a careless or ignorant writer but 99/100 times its setting is in some sort of mindfuck operation, such as alien mummies. This does not make you a ‘flat earther’ to acknowledge they are lying about the globe, it just means you are not an idiot. See my article about how the FE topic has been inserted and both sides are controlled opposition. This is not the post and no comments will be acknowledged.

As of 2017 we are up to 5, including one without a head. This must be the body from Foerster’s video


An ancient Mexican burial site near the village of Onavas in Sonora in 1999 has yielded 25 skulls, 13 of which are elongated. Seventeen of the skulls belonged to children and only one was female. A little before our target date but still recent.


Pravda News reported on October 6, 2005, that extremely deformed heads had been discovered in the Caucasus. “Researchers have repeatedly proved that the skulls had been deformed on purpose,” said Dr. Kuznestov. “Ropes or special blocks were tied tightly round the heads of infants, over the temples. The reason behind the deformation phenomenon is still unknown. It is hard to say whether the methods worked effectively or not since nobody ever conducted scientific experiments regarding the binding of the infants’ heads.” How about bc thats about the time they started being inserted into the narrative.

In January 2009, it was reported on that extreme dolichocephalic skulls had been dug up in Omsk, Siberia by Russian archaeologists which were dated to 400 AD.

Igor Skandakov, director of the Omsk Museum of History and Culture said that the skulls have marks which could be evidence of artificial deformation. He claimed that the skull was kept away from the public because of its unusual shape which shocked and frightened people.

Another elongated skull dated to 300 AD was discovered at a cemetery in Arkaim, in the southern Urals in 2015. It is believed the female belonged to the Sarmati tribe in what is now modern-day Ukraine.

An elongated skull found in Germany. (

An elongated skull found in Germany. (


More than 200 skulls have been found in this region which are probably related to the Hun invasions of the 4th and 5th centuries AD.

An article in JNS ‘Artificially deformed crania from the Hun-Germanic period (5th-6th AD) in north-eastern Hungary’ historical and morphological analysis’ (2014) concludes that the custom spread from east to west up to 4,000 years ago, beginning in Central Asia, before expanding through the Caucasus to the Danube basin in central Europe. From there it split into three distinct regions in France, Germany and Switzerland, and died out in early Medieval times.

However, the authors fail to explain why so many groups deliberately deformed their skulls. Nor did they look at the genetic link between the Paracas people and those from the Black Sea area. The implications of large-scale migration from Eurasia to South America via the Persian Gulf in ancient times are huge and threaten to rewrite the history books.

These skulls are on display at Museo Regional de Ica in the city of Ica in Peru.

These skulls are on display at Museo Regional de Ica in Peru.


In 2019, scientists announced that a site called Houtaomuga has yielded 25 skeletons dating to between 12,000 to 5,000 years ago. Eleven of these skulls have ‘artificially elongated braincases and flattened bones at the front and back of the head’ according to team members. One of the four males was found in a tomb dating to between 13,000 to 11,000 years ago while another sediment layer with skulls was dated to between 6,300 and 5,000 years ago. A 3-year-old child with an elongated head was also buried with large amounts of pottery.

Another modern skull scam was the “Starchild” incident, when the skeleton of a five-year-old child was discovered in a cave in Mexico dated to about 900 years old. The skull was exceptionally bulbous, just like “gray aliens,” says the skull’s owner, Ray Young, who promotes the skull as “alien, or possibly an alien-human hybrid.”

The ‘Starchild’ skull (left).(Fair Use) Photo of baby with hydrocephalus(right). (GFDL)

The ‘Starchild’ skull (left). Photo of baby with hydrocephalus(right).

A 2003 dna test established that the child had “normal human DNA and was male, having both X and Y chromosomes.” therefore it had a human father and mother. However, Young and others continue to tout his “alien-human hybrid theory”.

A whole industry has arose around exposing frauds but remain a fraud themselves and the initial fraud doesn’t miss a beat.


This is an image of the initial discovery of the temple complex. Just a farmer and a donkey. That’s what they always say, anytime they say that they are lying.

Note the rough unhewn ashlar megaliths rising out of the ground. They are stuck with these later but at the time need to show something breaking surface to draw attention.

  • Theres another place, Gobekli Tepi (sp), being dug out now that was found by a shepherd looking for a seat. Nope. They even admit the place was buried on purpose but then act so stupid so they cant figure out why. You can say anything you want except its a modern fake.


There are at least three as of now that are basically the same. There is even a separate file for replica’s. That’s a fancy word for fake. They put known replicas out there to point you where they want, that way you dont start to wonder if they all are “replica’s”.

This one I have to out. Thats our boy Hiram Bingham from Machu Picchu, an image from one of the books published with his name on it that he didn’t write. The crossed leg and ‘Thinking Man” pose. I try to point these out in the images I share bc they are markers that whatever the focus is is a fake. If you are new to the game and still want to think its a natural position let this pic be a lesson, I have already shown how this guy is a hoaxster, now he is displaying his colors such that it can’t be mistaken for natural.

This is the Bennet Monolith, Bennet and his partner each shoing the Hidden Hand and the head turned to the side like that so only One Eye is exposed is another. The surveyors tool is a trigger also, shout out to the original teams that are the first ones on the scene. 1933

This one was found in 1957, the Ponce Monolith

One is called the ‘Prado’ monolith by some, they like to give the same object or location multiple names to confuse everyone. They don’t confuse me. Prado is a common name in any areas of fake history and a trigger. You might also recognize Prada, from the fashion industry, same family.

The Subterrainian Temple. A surprize uncovered when there was no more surface artifacts exposed but they had to expand the site, they just went down.


Arches are a sign of the New World Order. They are not Portals to another dimension. Sorry

Gateway of the Sun

Gateway of the Moon

Pagan Rituals

They have modern pagan Sun Worshipping ceremonies at this location too. The Sun is the Light Bearer, Lucifer.
1907, a llama shepherd looking for a seat. Sounds familiar. (Thats the same line used at Globekli Tepi)

Nazca Lines and Directed Energy

These lines that mainstream science tries so hard to dumb themselves down to avoid a real explanation can be solved in one instant if you know what you’re looking for. I didnt even have to look. I was sitting at the dinner table thinking about the canal network of the Pre-Reset world and it came to me in a flash and I knew it was correct before I even looked. Certainly I found more than I hoped, here is more visual evidence of what many, for lack of a better term, call the ‘Mudflood’.

Its undeniable, canals leave a recognizable shape and movement and you can compare with places today that still utilize the old grid. Southern Florida is one close to home. The Army Corp of Engineers tries to steal credit but everything they do is to cover up the Reset or support the current paradigm lie. There is no way possible the whole tip of Florida was dug out by them. They will try to compartmentalize localize sections to make it seem like a less intensive project and who’s gonna ever know? Unless you go and look for yourself the scale is incomprehensible. Even the ones that do look, say from an airplane, wont know what they’re looking for and on top of that even in an airplane you are still too close to see the full effect.

12 whole acres with none of the signature shapes the old grid has. This is the spot you’re sent if your looking for canals in America

Venice is the biggest mainstream canaled urban area people know, the thing about Venice is its so crowded its hard to see the grid. There is a Venice in Cali, they even have a site called the Venice Canals but if you are being directed there its a set-up. This is the law of NWO. Only mention your own works. The Venice Canal project in America is just about 6 blocks, a postage stamp, a fucking joke.

The entire South American continent is either a rocky mountainous inhospitable barren wasteland or flooded rainforest where you cant pentrate the canopy. The sliver of land where they meet is where we will be focusing today. This is where the so-called Nazca Lines are. We will also look on both sides and see where the evidence takes us. I haven’t been studying this worldwide canal thing for long. I came about it by accident and once I saw what to look for I kept finding more of the same all over the world. I will make a post about this world grid and have been considering stepping over the line into video making, since its so difficult to get a full appreciation from a still shot.

I see evidence that the entire west coast of S. America was wiped out to erase the past civilization. Forget nukes, as if they were even real, this was done with traumatic geological events. I cant explain the process yet, you just have to look for yourself. This was done relatively recently too, you can see the state of erosion and compare to other places across the world. They use atmospheric conditions to explain how well preserved everything is but since the weather is under control too that doesn’t count

Plus the mainstream tries to mislead you, they subconsciously put into your mind statements about how the lack of rainfall means there hasnt been much erosion. Thats some bullshit. The reason the area is in such good condition is bc it just happened, is still happening. Shows like Ancient Aliens and Histories Mystery’s always point you toward the sky. Runways, spaceship signaling… Its an insult. They even set up the tourist traps like the astro-not that makes you go into outer space mentality. These individual sites are so tiny you might see them from an airplane but, again, the scale is so massive when you zoom out enough to see the complete picture the tourist trap sites arent even visable.

Heres a few images I am going to post now but I gotta go to my wage-slave job and when I get back I can organize them a little better. Im sure my regulars and anybody else with a handful of brain cells wont need much explaining. The images speak for themselves. Ive already been talking too much…