Croton Reservoir, Dam, and Aquaduct. NYC Water Supply. A Case Study of the New World Scavenging Old World Technology

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NYC Water Supply

The Croton hydro system is what the history books tell us is how New Yorkers got their fresh water, through a network of fresh water holding tanks and water piped in from 30 miles away. The problem I have with that is we were not yet advanced enough to complete such a feat of engineering. These structures were remnants leftover from the Old World. At first I thought they were repurposed starforts, just filled in with water but after spending the weekend on it I think it was more likely they were just damaged and need to be repaired. Yes, NYC was a canaled city, It has all the big sigils of the NWO power seats; a winged Lions and the Serpent Slayers. Arches Obelisks… These all have substantial meaning. This does not mean that the canal water was clean and drinkable, They still needed to get potable water somewhere. This makes further sense to use above ground reservoirs in a canal system bc… duh, you cant really have buried tanks, right? I mean they say they buried a 30 mile 9 foot pipe. Twice. Im sure they could’ve put the sewer and water lines in if they wanted, it would’ve been easier probably.

This episode is an extension on the state of NY before the repopulation and what was here after the Reset, specifically we’re gonna take a look at the water supply system. Thanx for reading, enjoy. If you have any questions just hmu in the comments and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

*Construction Images of Catskill Aquaduct

Repurposed Ancient Artifact

I came into this looking at some of the arches across NYC. Outside of Yonkers there is the Croton Aquaduct, which I had never heard of before. It is not by chance that most people are unfamiliar with these relic structures, this is a representative case of how these things were taken over and then destroyed with a new fake background attached to them.

Lets start with the aquaduct.

Built between 1837 and 1842, the Old Croton Aqueduct was New York City’s first water supply system. It replaced the inadequate wells, springs, and ponds used until then. Drawn from the Croton River in Westchester County, the abundant clean water helped fuel a population boom and remained in service until 1958.

Although most of the 41 mile long aqueduct lies underground, some structures are still visible in the Bronx and Manhattan. This trail highlights the remains of the aqueduct and provides a sense of the complex engineering and difficult labor that was required to build it.

This is the first modern fake history attachment I could find from our Hall of Records gatekkepers at the NYTimes. They tell us everything we need to know in one article. The project was funded by Rockefeller in 1955. Rock bought up all the available structures and even bought underwater property along the route. Then he brought in a team of architects that had just completed the Williamsburg project, recreating the fake-history Colonial town down there, which he funded as well. So here’s the thing to keep in mind about people like Rockefeller and Soros and Rothschilds and even possibly moreso the Bezos, Zuckerburger, and Musk, they are just the tee-shirts to advancing the New World paradigm. They have to attach a face to the movements to give the Orphans something to focus on, to humanize the projects. Its part of the illusion, to trick the people into thinking it is a personal gains or philanthropic interest or scapegoat on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The things Rockefeller and his ilk are credited and blamed for are still going to happen whether he is there or not. Bill Gates is a good example for todays climate. His character has been in development for along time and he was groomed from birth to play his role but it is a multi-generational project and it make no difference if Billy boy was alive or not. Williamsburg and Croton are the same way, there are foreshadowing articles in the archives going back decades that lead up to the development of a historic park.

The Beginning

People dont understand the significance of the role Croton played in modern times. In the 1850s, Central Park was proposed by Croton Aqueduct Board, who chose the site because the Croton Aqueduct’s receiving reservoir would be in the geographical center. The reservoir, built in 1842, already existed and the Park was built around it.

Croton Lake and Dam

The first dam at Croton Lake was built from 1838-42. It was the first masonry dam in America. Thousands of people turned out, it was the biggest event in the history of New York. Another noteworthy bit is the Robert Fulton Parade float, of 1909. Parades are the lowest form of military activity, thats why the bands ‘march’ and perform ‘drills’.

The second dam was constructed at the same site and covered the old dam under 30+ ft of water in 1909. It was the largest dam in the US at the time of completion.

In 1841 a large snow melt and heavy rain washed the dam out taking all the bridges and mills out down stream. That led to a redesign and the new bridge.

Underground Aquaduct

The aquaduct streched 26 miles. 26.2 according to some sources but I think that is just symbolic of the marathon. These graphics show cross sections of how the water was transferred by ‘gravity’ alone, not pressurized. Thats a biggie.

I promote the ancient canal theory, as far as I am aware I coined it. This is a showcase example of that potential. Assuming these pics are authentic it is not a far stretch to take the next step and conclude they could be used for transportation of goods and people and not just water alone.

Im not saying it was impossible for this all to have been installed when they say but they lie about everything by default, its part of the show, so I dont believe this is the only thing they are telling the truth about. Maybe its more likely the system was damaged and they spent a few years making repairs to get it operational again, possibly reduced in size from a full canal to just aquaduct status

Here is an image of inspection a completed section. Another point in my favor.

For those that are still skeptical about an underground canal of that magnitude I would point you to the one that goes 1.8km underneath the Bastille in Paris. Here are a few pics from the Paris Commune damage (lol) in 1871. Note the discoloration from heat coming from inside the tunnel

High Bridge and Reservoir and Watertower

This is High Bridge and High Bridge Reservoir, the tag says 1871. There were multiple reservoirs from the source to the distribution center. I couldn’t find any images of the res in tact, which I find impossible to believe none existed, they are buried somewhere behind a firewall or have been destroyed. I only found some destruction pics from the 30’s when the structure was torn down, handed over to the Parks Commission, and turned into a swimming pool and recreation area.

Sleepy Hollow

Distribution Reservoir

There were two reservoirs in NYC. The collection tank and the distribution tank. Pre-Reservoir systems say there was a series of ponds in the Central Park area. The ponds were the canals and open areas, not traditional ponds like they lead us to believe

Documented Destruction

These arent the best quality images in the world but you can zoom in and make out stuff better than nothing.

Fort Field Reservoir, Yonkers

Ft Field is a historic reservoir supposedly built at the same time as the aquaduct in 1894. Not much history available aside from fishing and weather reports, unless you want to comb through the engineering waterworks literature. This tells me the structures were preexisting and they are having a multiple massive construction drive in the media to get them inserted into the narrative all at one time. Especially since the article states the workers are ‘the Italians’; they base it all off race like the Irish built the C&O Canal, which is bullshit.

  • The Croton Dam is also called the Cornell Dam

This is in Westchester County, town of Sing Sing, famous for its penitentiary. This is a supposed pic from 1884 of Sing Sing prison construction, you can tell its a fake though not only bc of the wavy glow around all the boarders but the actor and rubble pile is the foreground and the prison is a separate image, the two have been superimposed. It’s an easy one; your eye will develop over time.

When you scrutinize historic images every waking minute for years and still think them over while at work you will get better at identifying the fakes… its really not about whether it is fake or not, its just how they fake it, like I said, 99% of images are altered by the archivists that digitize them. Its not as hard as you think. Its All Fake.

Heres another post-card site in Sing Sing along the Aquaduct, the double arched bridge. This pic is circa 1890’s

Croton at the Worlds Fair

If you are new to my work one of the tenets of my thesis is the World Fairs of the late 18/early 1900’s was to establish the political/socio-economical infrastructure of the paradigm shift. Meaning, this is where the centralized international authority would meet and determine the speed and direction in which our collective culture would progress or stall. It’s also where the false historical narrative was inserted and so-called First-Nations people were displayed and inventions necessary to the advancement of the status-quo were refined as information could be shared with nations that were surface enemies.

One of the core faucets of the World Fair was the showcasing and subsequent destruction of identifiable architecture. One of those structures was the Crystal Palace. There were two, many people only are aware of the more popular building in London but there was a sister, right here in NYC. Both were featured at the World Fairs of their respective countries and both were unfortunately destroyed by fire shortly after being completed. I havent looked in-depth at these specific buildings but having studied the broader material I can confidently say both were already present at the beginning of the repopulation. A fake history was attached to them and they were centerpieces at the Fairs and afterward got torched as part of the erasure of the Old World.

The first reference I find regarding the Crystal Palace was a clipping in an 1851 issue of gatekeeper rag NYTimes.

The Latting Observatory was a wooden tower in New York City built as part of the 1853 Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations, adjoining the New York Crystal Palace. It was the tallest structure in New York City from the time it was constructed in 1853 until it burnt down in 1856 and could handle up to 1,500 people at a time.

Images of the MudFlood and Post-Reset Event in New York

So this is like a bonus round. I came across on old picture book with even older pictures and I just wanted to share a few that got my attn.

Why dont you just take the book, there are some good shots in here. You just have to know what you are looking for.