Battle of Hamburg and the Great Reset: The World in Ruins

But first, a few words on Psychological Warfare.

The destruction of Hamburg during the second world war is unparalleled in human history, or so we are told, at least until Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The problem is now that I have looked at the images up close I dont see anything that stands out from the other cities destroyed in other wars. In fact I found the opposite, there are too many similarities to dismiss them all as ‘coincidence’. ‘Coincidence’ is a psuedonym for Cognitive Dissonance.

Hamburg has come up a few times in overlapping material; one of the early military intelligence officers involved with the Tibet project was connected here, which means now that I have researched it a little more in-depth I could go back and rewrite his character bio.

Then I had someone in the comment section bring it up but there were a few red flags embedded in his comment and besides, some of my best work has come from checking up on leads left in the comment section. Anybody that reads my work will tell you I follow up on everything. So potential agents come on here and try to post something as an example of an incident that supports the narrative just end up looking like an ass. I guess. I don’t know what motivates these people. Another thing is the name-dropping, theres a fake-truth guru disinfo project that is repeatedly trying to be associated with my webpage by derailing the conversation in his way, or at least keeping him on the sidelines as if he is a credible outlet. Any promotion, positive or negative, of a known liar only gets you put on the list too. Maybe its bc I exposed them in one of my very first articles but that piece only serves as a warning to people that cant tell for themselves yet and I’m not expanding or taking it down.

You really have to be careful reading the comment section of any place, this is psychological warfare, most people can’t even identify it, let alone combat it. These fools are trained to manipulate you and the techniques they use are hard to spot sometimes for me even; sometimes people are just wrong. It’s insane to me for someone to say they know all the footage is fake, all the images, all the museums house fake artifacts, blah blah blah, but then say there is no doubt the war memorial in their town square is legit. By saying things like “The town I live in…” or “My grandfather saw…” is an attempt to personalize their argument, as if just bc your pappy said he saw it it must be true. What this does is make you disregard all logic and critical thinking so that you stay chained to the lie, which is the whole point. There is always the chance the persons grandpa did say he saw it, not even calling them a liar, once someone is convinced of something is truth it is near impossible to convince them it is NOT the truth. This is the anchor of psychological warfare, it is not simple ‘propaganda’. The good news is once you are aware the illusion exists and it’s all a simple parlor trick its impossible to be tricked a second time. Once you know there is a spring that makes the flowers pop out of the wand you can’t go back. This childish type of fuckery is all we are dealing with here, albeit on a much larger scale. The scale is a part as well, make the lie so big theres no way it could not be true.

On top of that they try and casually plug a disinfo spook outfit and it would be equally insane for me to think this was an authentic commentor, the thing is, I dont’ want to sound like a dick in my reply and thus dissuade any genuine people from commenting but so far one thing I have learned is real people dont comment, if they do it is negative, or if it is positive, its only one or two sentences of single syllable words. Sorry, not sorry. Nobody has yet provided a single instance that shoots down my thesis. Its All Fake.

Moving on…

Operation Gomorrah

The first clue this is a cover story is the name. Any religious-themed title of an event is a give-away, its the same concept as the agent commentators that plug their own. The main purpose of religion is control. The separation of Church and State is part of the illusion. Its all control. This title is symbolic for other reasons not-so obvious. The name-givers are central to the illusion and mockery is one of their favorite pastimes. In the context of the psych-war against humanity Op. Gomorrah and the damage attributed to its name is the scale which it represents… IDK how to explain it. The wastelands in the narrative Gomorrah is what this is to your brain. Its trauma based mind control which burns this imagery into your fluoridated mushbrains making it virtually impossible for you accept the reality this is just another bullshit cover story and when you really LOOK at the images against the story its fucking crazy how anybody could believe this

This isn’t going to be a long post, Im not going into detail on every little memorial in every town square. Feel free if you feel so inclined. There are hundreds to start from; which brings me another key point that overlaps and will help you tell the other psy-ops, which if you haven’t figured out by now, everything is a psy-op, thats bc they are all part of the bigger picture. It is not that each event is its own separate false flag disconnected from all the rest, no no no, they are all connected bc our reality is the psy-op. Human existence is controlled by a string of proxy wars and staged media events and fake history. It’s that easy.

Repetition is where I was going with that. Repeating the same lie until it becomes truth. Go watch some of the first media circus’ after Sept 11 and pay attn to how Warlord Bush repeats the trigger words ‘terrorism’, ‘weapons of mass destruction’, ‘Saddam Hussein’… there are many. This is the same concept of having a war memorial in every single town square in Europe. It doesn’t matter if you say it 1 time or a million, it’s the same lie.

Like I said, this is going to be short on words but alot of pictures. First we have to establish the base. A lot of the websites out there all have the same information (what did I just say about repetition), some people call it parroting or propaganda, I think its more like regurgitation and at risk of being side tracked again I should explain that everything is propaganda, there is not differentiating this is and that isn’t, it all is, bc its all fake.

I found the best source is usually closest to the bone, meaning go to the earliest record possible, before they have the chance to correct errors and insert false evidence at a later date. This documentary here will serve for this, theres probly better ones but whats the difference if they are all variations of the same lie? This one just has some aerial footage and repopulation scenes.

Lets start with the cover image, one of the most commonly shared of the whole event. You don’t see anything suspicious here? I guess the bombers didn’t want to take out the trees and the fire storm didn’t want to harm the vegetation and the streets miraculously cleaned themselves. The thing is, if they said this was taken later during the clean up it could at least have a chance to scrutiny, (its called ‘Plausible Deniability’) but no, this is supposed to be immediately after the attacks and it says so in every source that shares it. (By ‘shares’ I mean ‘force feeds’.) Hamburg has been in the clean up stage for a long time, the period between the Reset Event and the Repopulation I call it the Big Dig. There is nothing but the empty husks of buildings, these serve as props in the fake war, to support the Fire storm, we’ll get to that in a bit.

There is nothing here really to even support a fire storm; theres no charred timbers, no scorched exteriors, not even any rubble. All the lots are clean and travel lanes are immaculate and the landscaping that has been planted in straight lines has fresh foliage, not looking much like a place that just barely survived the biblical fires of Hell.

Here is an uncropped version which has a little bit more greenery. Somebody removed the edges, I guess bc the parts of the plane still visible. Why did they not get the trees is what I cant figure out.

Lets zoom in on the buildings in the back not visible in the common one.

Not only is the steeples and roof intact and a manicured park nearby but these buildings look like they have a fake peak mounted on the front so from a distance it will blend in as if they were in rubble as well. Makes you wonder how many others are like this that you don’t see.

Heres another picture of a forest growing thru the city. I didn’t even notice the cars in the background
Here is a picture of the bombers coming in. They must be using the same gun that shoots the magick bullets from the Kennedy assassination. I mean, WTF is this supposed to be? I have seen similar manipulation tricks to appear as fire at the NY Capital Building.
I like the shadow cut out on this one. Nice touch. I was wondering how the streets were alight but not where the actual building should be, then I read the asphalt is supposed to be on fire. I couldn’t find any pics of melted asphalt but I did find this:

Dont get your hopes up sicko, the quote was attached to the next page, it’s from a Hoffman. Hoffmeister, Hoffer, Hoffa, whatever. Any variation will do. These fuckers are one of the biggest mindfuck families out there. It means its a fake. I’m not saying people didnt die, maybe I am, to be honest, it looks like the city was empty except for a few buildings and infrastructure for skeleton crew. The Resetters. One thing for sure is the city was already in ruins. This picture I know is fake bc of the name attached. They speak no truths, its one of the parameters.

This is worth sharing as well, an underground shelter turned museum. I found another one in a place called Brno, a tourist-trap town in bumfuck Chechia. [My Link] One day out of the blue officials announced they were turning an old ‘secret’ underground nuclear facility into a hotel. In reality they just built it and made the whole thing up as a tourist trap, the whole town is like that. This is the same thing. It’s All Fake.
Another fake victim photo; No rubble/blast projectiles, the paper on the poles isn’t burned and leaves on the trees

Heres another one of both plywood freestanding slabs and chemtrails/geoengineering in the sky. I cant be 100% sure the slabs are Hollywood mock ups but they fit the pattern of the ones I have seen. The frequency wave patterns added to the sky reinforce that.

The narrative says that the bombers went in and conditions were such that they couldn’t see the targets. Not that it mattered bc mission objectives had switched from military and industrial targets to the workers. This explains why key infrastructure pieces appear in good shape and residential places were blown to shit. Even propaganda rag Headlines in London would read:

“English Bombing attacks against German cities seem to be directed almost exclusively against Civilian and non-military objectives…”

The excuse is it was because of all the smoke and it was night and this and that, there is a hundred excuses that don’t make any sense, that’s bc they are all bullshit. Here are the only images I could find of bomb craters

That is supposed to be the port, a major piece of the military industrial complex. They put those kinds of images up next to images like these, which was a real port at some time and they make it seem like it was a total scrap job

But if you pay attn the see these hidden all over the place. One section of the port still has cranes and factories in good shape and another section has oil tanks and smoke stacks in the middle of the rubble pile.

Heres one part of the city, i guess its the one called the “fourth wall” in showbiz, NASA fans should know what this means. Its why they never pan a full 360* bc all the tech gear is hidden behind one shot. IDK what the blacked out windowless buildings are but the group of vehicles kinda gives them away. Remember, this is supposed to be immediately after the supposed attack.
Here’s another one. These places are sprinkled all over the city; a building with a roof. Roofs mean occupied.
Here’s another good one but this one is admitted to be sometime later after the clean up. Temporary housing provided by the military. When the city was repopulated many people lived in the ruins
St Nickoli Church was kept to be a memorial. Repeating the religious core belief trauma imprint

Look at these two. I left the captions from the original source so you can see why Im skeptical. Do I even have to say anything? Maybe the beer sign was added later by cgi like the chemtrails in the pictures above. The ‘before and after’ tags definitely look swapped. Is this a joke?, how can a place get get bombed out but keep the leaves on the trees and the white ‘beer” sign isn’t singed or nothing.

War room leaders. By leaders I mean actors
Heres one of the repopulation. People are streaming in like a flood. The railroad is fixed and the bridges are up before it even starts. Nobody wants to explain that though
Sure, all dressed in clean white blouses

Weather is blamed as dry conditions merged with separate fires. Climate change. You believe that? They say it was a literal fire storm with winds up to hurricane speeds. The climate change angle is from a record drought that turned all the timber into kindling.

Ok Im done with this one for now, I think I made my point. I still want to add the segement about the Tibetan explorer.


  1. caption under photo with ladies in white shirts “Sure, all dressed in clean white blouses.” Here’s also a clue from another site about Reset – why are POWs and trench soldiers ALWAYS clean-shaven? when they shaved without water and utensils behind the barbed wire? when was the offensive under a hail of bombs? they probably had a shave break as well as tea at 5pm?

    1. Funny you mention tea time, there are such images. Also the interaction between POW’s and captor’s, they just hang out and smoke cigs and break bread with each other. Clean bright white bandages

  2. “They say it was a literal fire storm with winds up to hurricane speeds.”

    That’s what a firestorm is. The fire is so intense it literally causes the air to be sucked through the streets at huge speeds as it “feeds” on the oxygen. It has nothing to do with the weather.

    1. they were referencing wind speed, hurricanes and tornado’s. I might have an incomplete sentence in the article, they also say it was record drought which turned everything to kindling, implying the damage was so great due to super dry conditions. Thank you for pointing that out

    2. ok it is. only here this ‘firestorm’ melts the asphalt, burns people, disintegrates buildings into dust, but leaves no trees, leaves, paper posters, a network of wires… the case of Dresden. and another note, these gutted buildings don’t have any fittings, in every picture from the alleged Chickago to Baltimore, Dresden, Hamburg, London – all cities of great fires, earthquakes, air raids and bombings. Empty scruples. Where tons of furniture, bathtubs, toilets, pipes, cables, windows with glass. Ba buildings had a skeleton iron frame – where did it evaporate???

      1. maybe it was ‘dustification’ that evaporated all the rubble from WTC on 9-11. You bring up a good point though, there is never anything decomposable in the ruins. Boston is a post I just made that shows literally an urban quarry with stones organized by type and size. They say it was another Great Fire, its the same time frame as Paris, Edinburgh, Pittsburgh, Richmond… All the same narrative with a few local flavors.
        There is a file of images of Chicgo and Sanfrancisco, They’re on the list but I only got so much time. Chicago is unique bc it shows before and after shots of almost every single building, as if someone knew in advance… I doubt the dates on the photos. the date might say 1870 but they could be twice that. How long did it take to dig out and prepare for the repopulation?

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