The Agricultural Revolution, How the Food Supply was Centralized and Used to Control the Wage-Slaves

** This is an incomplete draft that highlights how multiple threads run parallel at the same time and why timeline history is a trap. The Agricultural Revolution, Inudustrial Revolution, Sexual Revolution, notice how all the cultural paradigm shifts end with ‘Revolution’, its bc they are all segments of the psych war we have been in since the beginning**

The U.k. is broken up into several pieces but they all serve each other as a single unit. Edinburgh is a Post-Reset Seat of power, specifically the University. Our report on centralizing the food supply starts here, this is where all the agri-tech projects begin. We will be focusing on the Combine Reaper, which was treated as a military technology and development was a State secret

The Highland Society of Edinburgh, founded in 1784, was established as part of a bigger movement called the Scottish Agricultural Revolution. It was controlled by the upper crust from the City of London, that means bankers, world controllers. 

There was no history before the year 1800, thats when his-story claims humanity was coming out of the Dark Ages, there was no Dark Age. Its made-up to explain all the nothing that came before the sudden advancements in all areas of civilization, namely agriculture and industrialization. Special interest projects were given a history toward the end of the 1700’s to make it seem within living memory and give an explanation since you cant just begin in the middle of a project, there has to be a beginning so they made it up

The Highland Society of Edinburgh was just a special interest project of the Highland Society of London, founded in 1778. Most history books parrot that it was founded by a group of 25 highlanders ‘to help improve that part of the kingdom.” One of the early projects was to reinstate confiscated Scottish land suggests they are an aristocrat group, this is more BS, its all about land grabs and illegitimate generational wealth. Thats what the Reset is all about. This is a Class war.

It was a charity org dedicated to preserving Gaelic writing and advancing rural development it held its first meeting in the Spring Grove Coffee House in Charring Cross. Any name containing a variation of the word ‘Grove’ is a mark, the fake Mystery Schools all had their high-priests perform rituals in the natural setting. Charring Cross has bookend C’s, CC is 33. Both the number and the grove mark are signature tells.

Charring Cross has many historically significant characters and groups call it home. The Society of Arts was the group that would go on to organize the World Fairs and International Industrial Expositions, they formed here around the same time and in the same location even but the two are never mentioned together These are all just circles within circles and only meant to confuse you and cover their trail. They are all the same fake people.

The Art Spooks are the ones that wrote the fake history. Before every person on Earth had the internet in their pocket history was told via art. Eventually the camera would come out but it was the painters and sculptors that provided the imagery history needed. Seeing is Believing. The NWO and enslaving the population without them even knowing it is often referred to as an art. The Art Society and Highlanders are fractals of each other with separate but equal special interest projects.

The Highlanders were just the Scottish branch of the Society Spooks, they are inserted into the narrative all over the world. I have found the 93rd Highlanders fighting in the Civil War at Harpers Ferry, the Indian Revolution at Lucknow, and in the Crimean War. None of these wars happened the way history says, they are written to explain already-ruined cities destroyed during the Reset Event. 93 is a 666 shout out; there is this thing called the Laws of Inversion, we truly do live in an inverted experience, 93=9×3=999=666. If this seems kind of thin to you and you are skeptical, I get it, we all go through the process. It is the way it works though so get over it. I’m not saying every number has meaning but almost, context is important. This website showcases much of the unseen communications through the sigils, gestures, and numbers language. Enjoy.

The preservation of Gaelic writing is important to these fractal splinter cells. They boast of libraries and translations dedicated to the language. It is said that the response to the first reaper contest was based off Plinys description of a Gaelic machine. Bas-relieves from ancient Egypt and roman empire show glyphs but no description. Thats bc ancient history is a lie; no Pliny, no Egypt, no Roman Empire. These were invented to provide a fake history to cover up the Reset. Thats why the ‘preservation’ is so important, its really about reaffirming the fake timeline. Dont get timeline confused with history either, Im not saying the cultures existed but the numerical date is wrong. I’m saying nothing about it is correct.

The surrounding area housing the groups merit a chapter all of its own and was a very important moments in history. The area was also home to the Luddite movement, following the Combination Act of 1799 which outlawed trade unions and drove labor organizers underground making way for radicalists. The Act was said to be in response to Jacobin (Socialists) threats. The Luddites responded by destroying mill property. The area was known by many names; Copenhagen house, Spring Gardens, Charring Cross, Caledonia. We will hit the Luddites and Combination Act later. 

New Caledonian Asylum, 1828. Engraving by Tho. H. Shepherd, He most likely didn’t exist either but his name was needed to create a file of all the Olde World structures left over, similar to M. Brady in America, and before the camera was invented.

In 1815 the Highland Society founded the Caledonia Orphan Asylum for Scottish children. Not just any old poor orphan but Napoleonic war orphans, those are my favorite kind. Napoleon is a fictional character used to explain boundaries and destroyed cities from the Reset. I just finished an essay on the fake Civil War battle at Gettysburg, they opened up a war-orphan asylum on the ground almost immediately after. The whole world was repopulated by war orphans given a false history. Queen Victoria became a patron in 1848 and bestowed the Royal title Caledonia Royal School. They changed names a few times and are still functional today as a music school. 

In 1838 a group calling themselves the Caledonian Society, founded by ‘Scotsmen’. They hold many events in Charring Cross. Their mission is to improve industry in urban areas and agriculture in rural areas. Another goal is the ‘preservation of ancient Caledonian costume’. Other records go back to 1821 and another in the 1780’s but bc of compartmentalization these are not considered the same group. One early 1780 member refers to themselves as an extension of the Society of Ancient Caledonians.  

My point is there are too many groups to cover each one. these are all groups interconnected and going back to the Beginning, all active in the same location. The City of London is a private banking center. The city limits are not part of London the city, or of Europe, the City of London is an autonomous entity, like the Vatican or Washington DC. The numbers give themselves away. The Caledonian society had 13 members one year, 18 the next year eight of which were 1st year members.

I’ve misplaced the link but much of the early Caledonian info was ‘found’ in the Hepburn family collections in the 60’s, this is how new information is inserted at any time to maintain the false claim of privilege. 

Another picture of Edinburgh circa 1840, pretty sure a population of illiterate peasants with mule and wagon didn’t build this 

The people that built this fence are not the same people that built the city. Humanity downgraded from creators of lasting beautiful stone structures to sloppy temporary wood builders that couldn’t even build a fence that stood up properly.

The Year Without a Summer

Said to be the effects of multiple volcanic eruptions around 1814-1816. This is the cause of great food shortages world wide. In the early 1800’s the infrastructure was still being repaired and this was the earliest repopulation starts in the first zones. The thing is, even if there was a co coinciding weather phenomenon the weather has always been controlled, well I would amend that to say the energy technology has always existed. I think mainly what this represents would be the first gen orphan/immigrants that were just dumped off with no resources or knowledge that had to start from scratch. The Resetter class was already set in place and the ruined infrastructure was in the beginning phases of repair. The Orphans would have been told the repairs were new projects that were just being completed and the devestated landscape was due to a recent war. Dont leave the designated border or the wild savages will get you.

The change in climate is said to have been the work of a volcano in the Indonesian Island of Mt Tambora which thrust so much ash and dust into the atmosphere it blocked out the sun and caused crops to fail, leading to worldwide food shortages.

As a subsequent reaction the price of cereal grains increased, the severity of diseases like typhus and the mass die-offs of livestock. These, in turn, led to demonstrations, food riots, begging and general destablization, even the early phases of a westward expansion.

In 2006 researchers from the University of Rhode Island led an excavation near the caldera that unearthed a village of the Tempora culture.

There’s potential that Tambora could be the Pompeii of the East, and it could be of great cultural interest,” said Sigurdsson, “All the people, their houses and culture are still encapsulated there as they were in 1815. It’s important that we keep that capsule intact and open it very carefully.” (Pompeii was similarly wiped out by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and a treasure trove of artifacts from the Roman culture were discovered encapsulated in the ash.) “It’s a remote island with very little access, so it has been little studied over the years. Everything we found had been carbonized,” Sigurdsson said. “It had turned to charcoal from the heat of the magma.”

A guide hired by the University of Rhode Island scientists during their second visit to the island told them about ancient objects the local people had found in the jungle 25 kilometers west of the caldera. When Sigurdsson returned to visit the site in 2004, he explored a gully that cut through a 10-foot thick deposit of volcanic pumice and ash where he soon found the first evidence of the village � pottery shards and carbonized lumber. Using radar to look deep into the ground, the scientist quickly found and unearthed a small house built on stilts that rest on foundation stones.

In the 2008 excavation area, another house on stilts, destructed by the forces of the eruption and completely carbonized, plus a human skeleton were discovered. This skeleton was found in upward position and there was a dagger (Kris) and a copper tobacco box found tied to his waist, together with a ceremonial spear at his side. In his hand he was holding a number of rings inlayed with precious stones. Around the neck there was a necklace with a large pendulum and a bracelet around his wrist. The pendulum was clearly an attribute of royal full dress.
Not far from the carbonized skeleton there were numerous other artifacts, such as ceramics, bottles and coins.

In the 2009 excavation area, yet another wooden house (carbonized) was discovered in linear position with the previous areas. Just outside the house a skeleton was found. The victim was clearly struck down by the collapse of the house and forced face down into the pumice and ash that had fallen on the previous day of the great eruption. It’s left hand was underneath the head protecting it from the fall. It’s legs were covered with fallen debris from the building. From the size of the skeleton one can assume it was a male person whom stood 1.85mtrs tall. The collapsed building, a wooden house with grass roof, built on stilts, contained numerous precious artifacts. 

Sigurdsson is best known for his studies of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. In 1991 he discovered tektite glass spherules in Haiti, proving that the massive impact of a meteorite caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Corn Laws

Laws against the import of cereal grains from 1815-1845. Said to be designed to keep foodstuffs local, and therefore expensive. The law was signed off by the Royal house on March 23, making it one day off from a 3/22 event. 3/22 is one of the more powerful calender markers.

This was at the beginning of the Repopulation. I’m not saying there was absolutely nobody in the UK but the total population was bare minimum and they were orphans at that. War Orphans. The Napoleonic Wars were just wrapping up, except there was no Napoleon. Napoleon is an allegory for the Reset, this is further evidence of that. Having said that, it is no surprise the Napoleonic Wars ended in 1815 with his defeat at Waterloo, just a few months after the Corn Laws said to take effect. You would think after quarter century of warfare the land would be in no condition to support such a law but this is a showcase example of how history is compartmentalized so that you never get the complete picture. This is why the public education system forces children to regurgitate timelines. There is no way after a 25 year military campaign a population could all of a sudden be forbade to trade for food.

Initially the laws said there will be no cereal grains below a certain price, ensuring prices remained high which only benefited the land owners that could grow it. The Reset was all about the land grabs, now you had a whole class of people that illegitimately claimed ownership of all the choice real estate, how do you make sure it stays that way? Pass laws that make it illegal for anybody to procure food anywhere else but from your stolen land is a good way to start. Thats one of the most evil-genius plans I’ve come across.

This system promoted a type of economy called Mercantilism, which means the rich get richer and the poor get fuck. After about 20 years there was a sliding scale in place which made it too expensive to import anything anyway, so nothing changed. In the beginning there was nothing the Orphan class had to buy food with, after a few generations people could get whatever they could any way they could so the law was changed. Now it was possible to buy food but it was so expensive nobody could afford it except those that prospered in the mercantile economy.

The Corn Laws were designed to keep the population on the verge of starvation to ensure there would be no threat. There was no civil authority to protect the ruling class, such as a complex set of social standards and a court of law. If someone wanted to challenge the validity of the ruling class nothing could stop them. The military was used in civil instances and they were kept in check by regular floggings. Keep them hungry to force submission.

The Corn Laws provided a cover for the fact that there was no outside source from which to import foodstuffs. This period also gave rise to the first controlled oppositional group, the Anti-Corn Law League

Modern historians banter endlessly the same political rhetoric for the last 200 years about free trade, they try and add political body to the measure from which would also give rise to the first controlled oppositional group, the Anti-Corn Law League. Subsequent con-op groups would soon follow as the Chartist Movement, the first union-oriented worker rights group. Combined this is the beginning of the class warfare

Manchester, Industrial Revolution Epicenter

Old textile mill on a canal. Very little of the old canal network remains, most of what was left for industrial reasons has since been filled in and the repurposed, renamed ‘Mills’ have been demolished. The rest are luxury hotels (tourist traps)


Peterloo, sketch by Richard Carlyle.

8/16/1819, St. Peters field, Manchester. 18 people killed, 650+ injured when calvary was sent in to disperse a crowd of protesters gathering around living conditions and social reform.

Originally it was called the Battle of Manchester, the newspaper the Observer dubbed it Peterloo , referencing the battle that finally took out Napoleon. As I point out time and time again, anytime the media invents a cute little nickname for something they are lying, it is a psychological warfare episode and its your responsibility to find out what.

There is no full account given of the events of that day except from a handful of sources that are the illusion of multiplicity, for each one is just like one finger that comprises the fist of the New World Bitches. Two are media, though, they weren’t at the time, they started their own papers after the event in order to get the side of the peasant out. There is no such thing as independent or unbiased journalism. These two used this to appear like they were on the side of the people to establish trust. They are lying.

John Edward Taylor would become founder of mainstream media outlet Manchester Guardian, and Archibald Prentice, founder and editor of MSM rag Manchester Times. The other reporter working for the London Times was allegedly arrested on the scene and these two feared an impartial view which prompted them to write their own story. Both of these men carry elite family names and just the fact they used the event to propel themselves into the media world is more evidence they are cover artists. Mr Taylor, for example wrote 14 lengthy weekly serials starting less than a week after the event transpired. This indicates his narrative was written in advance and sat on a shelf somewhere until the time was right.

Francis Phillips produced thousands of pamphlets defending the elites but he was a manufacturer so you can’t take him as credible. These constitute the official narrative; media scumbags.

Eye witness accounts include that of a weaver, Bamford; and the first treasurer of the Anti-Corn Law League, John Smith. Anyone named John Smith in a historical context might as well be named Joe Blow, or Jack Shit.

The radicalist that spoke at the protest was arrested wrote his narrative while behind bars, bc thats what they did back then, when the overlords slaughtered thousands of people they always arrested the lead journalist and then gave pen and paper to write all about it for the historical record. GTFOH.

Another individual narrative is that given by the Rev. Edward Stanley. He claims he came upon the scene by pure accident, and watched the proceedings from beginning to end from the room immediately above that in which the magistrates were assembled. Stanley afterwards became a Bishop. His testimony — which was accompanied by a small sketch-plan — is notable because he became one of the first Presidents of the Manchester Statistical Society. The claim he saw everything from the point of view of a stranger from outside is almost as ridicules as the Corn Law/Napoleon/climate change trifecta that got us here to begin with. His promotions to bishop and stat master were rewards for services rendered, and his title of Reverend is to be taken as so virtuous that no way could he ever tell a lie.

Inserted evidence

A common M.O. by the timeline gatekeepers is to introduce supporting evidence at any point in time after the said event. This chapter is no different and here we have the inclusion of Lord Byron, who is celebrated in the gay community for no reason other than the fact he was gay and wrote poems to his gay lovers about being gay. A piece of literature surfaced in 1830, over a decade after the event, with his name of the title, though he claimed it written immediately after the fray. Im sure it’s authenticity has never been contested. Titled, Mask of Anarchy, it contains the phrase “ye are many, they are few” which is a strength in numbers call still shouted by fake oppositional leaders at protests today. The “Its a big club and you aint in it” of its day

Another piece of later introduced evidence came on the eve of the 200 anniversary

Methyr Commune

A cookie cutter template of the railroad strike/socialist revolution and July Revolution in France. An Industrial Revolution skirmish. Mill owners claimed to be on the side of the workers but cut wages anyway. Labor organizers/agitators included National Association for Protection of Labor  

June 1st, Radicals of Merthyr Coal miners/iron workers strike uses red flag was raised for the first time (lol) under revolution. Flagstaff had a symbolic loaf of bread stuck on the top as a symbol of strikers mustneeds. Workers shouting “For Bread and Cheese” burnt the Debtors Court documents.

The 93rd Foot Division of Highlanders was called in to restore order.  This is the third time they have come up. They fought in the Crimean, wag the dog, war and at the palace in Lucknow, India during the Indian Revolution

A meeting between Crown special police (Blackwater/Pinkertons) and mill/mine owners was taking place; Lewis Lewis demanded “Cheaper bread and higher wages”. Demands were rejected, a riot broke out, soldiers fired into unarmed crowd, rioters stole some firearms.  

Terms of rioters and Riot Act read aloud in multiple languages; another commonality. It m7st be part of te “ 

Workers were given loans and mortgages the banksters knew could not be repaid and this was used as a toll to confiscate property and possessions. Angry mobs stormed the jail and set debt prisoners free. Next, they broke into the place of Joseph Coffin, the debtor Court judge, and returned confiscated possessions to the owners and destroyed the property of Judge Coffin. 

Coffins neighbor was a dirty moneylender named Thomas Lewis, his house was attacked and he was made to sign agreement to return confiscated property. How many Lewis’s live in this town? Sure, an angry mob of rioters makes contracts and written agreements, makes sense. We see some big names here which indicates these are the same family productions that are across the pond. 

After a few days of fighting the Highlander elites were forced back to their stronghold of  Penydarren, site of an ancient Roman mudflood fort and financed and owned by the City of London. It was also the first site a steam engine ran on metal rails and was a hot spot in the Industrial Revolution. The site of the Penydarrem as a fossil of the Holy Roman Empire still being used in a form of human slavery and deception still owned by the successive line now called the City of London is impressive. It is farther evidence that the same powers the be exist after all this time; or it is a mudflood starfort in periods of excavation going back to the Reset and a fake narrative inserted for a false claim of entitlement. 

By June 4th Rioters had control of the whole town, they controlled guns, explosives, ran guerilla maneuvers and created a centralized communications system. Government militia regained control a few days later. Local militia was joining rioters. Reinforcements arrived which gave the highlanders time to reorganize when rioters stalled. 

 24 rioters killed, 26 arrested. Convicts were deported to Australia. 2 sentenced to hang, Lewis Lewis, a shoe maker, and son, Richard Lewis. Lewis Lewis had sentence commuted but judge says one person has to die. 11.000 people, led by quaker philanthropist Joseph Tregelles Price, petitioned court to pardon Richard but Melbourne refused. Said they needed someone to be made an example of…or, maybe they needed to create a national folk hero and his birth records are just as fraudulent as his death record. 

Later at a death bed confession, Ianto Parker confessed to stabbing the cop that Richard was hung for. Parker fled to USA. Eyewitnesses, Abbott and a tailor named Williams, lied under oath by direction of Sir Melbourne. Melbourne quote later. “That affair we had in 1831 was the most like a fight of anything that took place.” suggest it was another production, it was ‘like a fight’ and ‘we had’.  

The execution itself was a big deal. At this time only 40 hangings a year were taking place as there was a cottage industry around exporting criminals as a commodity, usually to Reset Inheritors like Melbourne, criminals were transported to Australia on private slave farms with official capacity, the Colonies before that. 

There are 3 people involved with double names; William Williams-the lying witness, Evan Evans- the preacher given the deathbed confession, and Lewis Lewis- one of the headliners. Maybe this is nothing, just file it in the back for now. 

Dic was publicly hanged at the Cardiff jail on Aug 13, 1831 for stabbing a militiaman, or so we are told. The official records book has one little problem; it is written out of place on the margin as like a side note. It reads: “The above unfortunate man was executed…for stabbing Donald Black…during the riots June 3rd of last.” The clergy record keeper would not usually make not only an out of place entry but with emotional undertones, and specifics that only seem to reinforce the narrative. 

From the number of children’s poems and drawings this is obviously a very important character for the Welsh community, a story taught in grade schools. Hmmm, important in the public-school indoctrination system. Penderyn remains a national icon still today he is featured in the local entertainment industry and still a focus in politics, since 2000 his relative have been trying to get him a Royal Pardon, the 2021 attempt failed sparking mock outrage. 

George Arthur

He was the guy that gave Loveless a free private ride home and a pardon, loveless builds his public image up in the way his name is used in connection with the Tolpuddle martyr Bread and Circus but I don’t think he was really such a nice guy. He was the guy in office during the Aboriginal massacre going on in OZ generally but specifically Van Diemans Land. 

The Black wars 

He was also in charge of Honduras from 1804-14, That would connect him to the Banana Republic, The Latin American branch of the Reset. He is associated with dispatching a slave rebellion 

From 14- 36 he was involved with the repopulation of Taz. He built a prison colony in Port Arther. That gives an indication of things in the future, a little foreshowing, these spooks have been installed since the Reset. Note he stays just long enough to finish the Loveless Project before transporting himself. 

In 37 he is appointed LT Gov of Upper Canada. As in Ontario fucking Canada where Loveless and his chartist crew would eventually end up. It was their private colony. All the abolitionists in the late 1800s that hid out or relocated to Canada are connected. 

In all three places there is any eradication of the local population. He is one of the global resetters, establishing communication networks in the outlying country. Dealing with the Feral populations.  

He arrived right after the U.C. Rebellion *See also. He was clean up “New” leadership, was given honorary title for uniting upper and Lower Canada, 

In 41-42 he is given some kinda title like Governor of Bombay. So now he’s in India, another colony of the Empire rape and pillaging the natives there as well.  I state some version is probly more accurate to say the exterminations of these people are just a way to explain the lack people before the repopulation. There’s not much out so blame it all on a few rogues. There were tribes of Feral’s, not established tribes like they say. 


See also: 

  • * John Thomas rescue at house of Mr. Joeseph Coffin,  
  • *Important names in history of Penydarren include Samiel Homfray-married Jane Morgan, commission first steam locomotive and Richard Crawshay and Mr. Giddy -” engineer from the government” 
  • Richard sister marries popular Methodist Morgan Howell; connects to Ann Morgan of Ebbw Vale. Howell led the funeral procession of his bro-in-law. 
  • Swansea yeomanry 
  • Involvement of National Associate of Protection of Laborers 
  • Rebecca Riots, Wales, 1839-43. Farmers dressed as women attack toll gates.  
  • Massacre at Peterloo 
  • John Frost, leader of chartist movement in the Newport Rising 
  • Poor Law 1834 
  • Christmas riot of 1841 

Tolpuddle Martyrs

 The latter half of the 18th century was just one long series of labor and agricultural movements all the way to the World Fair. The incidents of resistance and rebellion are broken down into separated incidents, separated by labels and locations, they are compartmentalized to make it seem as if they aren’t connected, just like what will happen in America in the next wave. They are not unrelate incidents. Many Jacobin sects were forming in the area there was political murder intrigue, early socialist labor agitators.  

The Tolpuddle Martyrs were a group of six labor agitators, some say farmers, that took an oath as the Friendly Society of Agricultural Laborers. The crime they were convicted of was swearing a secret oath. (A joke among the initiated) the action that got them in trouble was forming a proto-union. The politicians are mill and plantation owners. They were a trade-specific benefit relief effort led by Goerge Loveless. The oaths they took were to refuse to work for lower than a set amount. (Minimum wage) the initiation would include blindfolds and skeletons. 

If the supposed crime they were convicted of was swearing secret oaths how was it prosecuted, or even known about… It was secret. There was a witness named Frampton that testified, as history says, because he feared similar results of the bloody French revolution. I don’t buy that. They were titled martyrs by the media almost immediately 

Loveless was a  Resetter. A Methodist preacher and farmer and leader of the group of secret six. Sound familiar? The Labor question in England is centered in agriculture as in America it is set in coal mines and factory towns. The Agricultural Revolution is the United Kingdom’s Industrial Revolution. 

Following a sham celebrity trial in 1833 the group was banished to a work colony in Australia, transported aboard the William Metcalf. Tasmania, then called VanDiemans Land, which by now was heavy populated by spook intelligence agents after decades of convict ships carrying radical agitators. The jury was made up of police and mill owners and the main witness, Frampton. A response of 50,000 marchers, some reports claim as high as 800,000, led by early labor organizer William Lovett protested the verdict. Other noteworthy controlled opposition anti-hero’s and Reset agents like Robert Oweb himself spoke at the gathering. In ‘34 the court changes their decision and the group is allowed to return to England. Upon their return they write a book about their experiences, ‘The Victims of Whiggery’. It’s professed from Lovelesses report he was influenced by early socialist radicals like Owens like revolutionaries like Thomas Paine. The names Lovett and Loveless could be a play on words. 

The place he was banished to was then called Van Diemen’s Land, now known as Tasmania, arriving in 1834. Hobarts TownIf he really was there as recorded, he would’ve been part of the aboriginal genocide taking place at the time. This would have provided time for an undercover operation. Maybe even just a long-term stint as trainer/trainee to prepare for next role. 

In Loveless’ journal he kept from 31-37 there are a few clues other researchers have overlooked.  

  • For starters he says immediately after sentencing he was moved to write a poem, as if convicts of this nature had pencil and paper at hand so readily, and even if one did, how would he manage to keep it during the whole ordeal. This just seems suspicious to me considering the Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia ward and Star-Spangled Banner by Key were supposedly written the similar form but reality points to the insertion of the lyrics in pop culture. Loveless’s song is the same thing.  
  • Next, he says he got so sick in the dungeon after only 2 days asked to see a doctor and was transported to the Dorchester hospital for observation! He befriends the doctors and is given preferential treatment. (*See also Dr. Arden, chief surgeon Dorchester Castle/Hospital). Eventually he gets word his cohorts have departed and he asks the doctors to please let him travel with his brothers. Not only that but on his march through town to the ship the clerk asks to removed Georgie’s leg irons lest he draw attention to himself, of course Loveless tells the escort to leave the jails on, his ‘conscious of his innocence’.  
  • Not only that but when he finally reaches the Portsmouth, he is waiting in line to have the leg irons riveted for the journey he is pulled up by the ships first mate Nicholson and sent to a new part of the ship, Ward 9 was “the quietest ward” by orders of the ships Capt. based off the reports he’d gotten from the good conduct of the convict while in prison. Wait, I thought he wasn’t even in prison, he just said he was held at Dorchester “Castle”.  
  • He also mentions in an attempt to prove his innocence of the riots he admits that he and his union brothers were appointed part of a special night-watch detail to protect the land-owners property. Now this is Railroad syndicate or Pinkerton type M.O. all the way. Think back to the railroad strikes, it was the railroad owners that were haying their own men to burn property. 
  • In the dairy he mentions an article ‘Magistrates Cautions’, he suggests it was planted evidence after the arrest, it couldn’t’ve been found on his person if it wasn’t written till months after the fact. No other mentions of the Cautions have been found in the mainstream sources. Also, this ‘diary’ is a reprint taken from original copies housed at the museum, the copier indicates there have been some after-printing editing to the original copies. Missing gaps in the travel logue. 
  • Hobart Town- This is where Loveless landed in 1834. Pics by Beattie. Supposedly this was started in 1804, before that it was inhabited by a few thousand natives. By the time Georgie arrived they were pretty wiped out. The men were killed and the women kidnapped. Tasmanian Aboriginals were bred out, there was a colony of military biracial families existing. Children were kidnaped. *See also slavers records from the early 1800s. Or not. This doesn’t look like it was built by a few convicts inbetween genociding another peoples, which today I am appalled that this system still speaks of the indigenous people as barely human, more animal like. Loveless might have caught a ride here on a prison ship and wore some leg irons through town for the cameras but this ghost town is being repopulated. Ministry of Truth says this place is so far out in the boonies but it was only established to keep French from doing it. No, I don’t believe that anyone would build this out in the boonies just to cockblock someone, even if they wanted to they couldn’t. Nope… and wipe out a native population at the same time? This has always been an important deep-water port for all world militaries. Hobart is even home to one of the five Antarctic International Gentlemens Agreement gatekeepers. Of course, is huge, they are a private guard for the Ice wall. (This is not a flat Earth endorsement) After the mudflood the Resetters were sent in to help establish the new system during repopulation and the rebuilding/excavating team, the work was done by prisoners and we have seen many cases the controlled op agents were sent here (to OZ). If Loveless really did go to Hobart he was helping the Inheritors do the foundation work 
  • The first official at the dock is named Mason, typical, after a brief interview it starts out like simple Union propaganda but turned into a iconic folk hero photo op. He begins with how important the union is for workers to unite, sounds like an IWW piece. Near the end he switches up and the magistrate tries to make him break his oath of secrecy, threatens to report him to the governor if he doesn’t reveal the secret oath he took which Loveless replies ‘Never will I break my oath of secrecy and betray my brothers.’ So he gets reported but the takeaway is even under threat of duress he maintains his composure and refuses to tell. 
  • The next day he is examined by the governor and is singled out and questioned/threatened some more but Ol Loveless sticks to his story and there’s some rhetoric about paid labor supporting a family; more IWW speak. 
  • The next day he is summoned back into Masons office; he receives his classification, hard labor on the chain gang doing road crew work. However, since his talk with the governor he was reassigned to his personal farms.  He stayed in a hut with his own bed in a group of 8. 
  • His position at the Govenor’s Farms is shepherd and stock-clerk. This is the gravy train all the high-born ‘soldiers’ are stationed during the war. (Any war) It is a privileged position. 
  • Loveless eventually gets asked about his family joining him, again he remarks some kind of virtue signaling about having his family live in misery and will not consent to his family transporting themselves while he is still prisoner. He is questioned about his wive joining him multiple times, he stands firm he will not have his wife join him while he is prisoner. The governor reminds him by Act of Parliament a 7 yr sentence is not eligible for parole for 4 yrs. Somehow, he gets early release after about 18 months  
  • When Loveless returns to England he immediately thrusts himself back into radical politics, this time with the fledgling Chartist Movement (check Pinkerton) that was kinda Labor/suffrage. He hosts Chartist meetings in his house. 
  • Later he moves to Onterio Canada and opens up a church. Siloam Methodist. 5 out of 6 relocate to Canada and supposedly start new lives with no affiliations to the past. That’s not true, I have seen his name come up before when a subject of this book stayed with him. I can’t remember which one off the top of my head but when I find it I will let you know. There was is laborer memorial park dedicated to the group in 1969, he wasn’t hiding so well afterall. The park has a monument dedicated to Tolpuddle is hidden behind paywalls. 
  • This Canadian backwoods is also the near site where many agents have been gathering for quite some time. It was another Reset outpost to infiltrate every remote corner to ensure their authority. That is the reason for Eureka being so remote. The FNS accessing the deep forest. Upper Canada was like a Radicalist retirement home. 
  • Jan. ‘36 he gets a letter saying he is free from his contract at the master’s ranch and legally allowed to work for himself, like home arrest. He gets a job reading newspapers to an old man. This is his media connection His name for his group is the Dorchester Unionists, not Tolpuddle martyrs. That’s how he learned of his own release. 
  • They received a pardon for road crew. Of course they needed road crew, someone had to dig the roads. This is connected to Eureka Springs how the Improvement Committee made road layout designer to the husband.  
  • George writes a personal letter to Governor Author, but afraid it would get lost he publishes it in the local newspaper. He probly didn’t even write it, just like he probly didn’t write the diary with his name attached to it.  
  • *See also he resided at home of Major Dr Gillern at Glenaye W. Richmond. He was working as reading newspapers to an old man. Who just happened to a high-ranking military officer. See also; Josiah Spade from the court that responded to Loveless’ letter 
  • The reply back from the magistrates off ice was posted in the paper as well, this was the hottest soap opera Bread and Cirus performance of its day. He is free to return back to England should he accept, all expenses paid he is also offered a private ship the Elphinstone’  
  • The minimum amount of time a convict can do is 4 yrs. That’s by an Act of Parliament. Either everyone overlooked that rule or that would explain why such a high-profile figure was used as Gov Arthur, the same guy that was in charge during the supposed genocide of the native people that had been there 35,000 yrs. Maybe, there would’ve been bands of feral humans after the mudflood. In my eyes the continent was developed way before the British Prison Colony. Het maybe that helps inflect on all the prison sentences throughout our journey, I’ve been saying since the beginning the prison system was a communications military intelligence network, this is that on a ‘global’ scale. Note on the word Global, I only use it in the context of the so-called globalist agenda. I’m not talking about an actual globe but I mock the people that do use it to manipulate people. 
  • The deal with his wife is part of the soap opera, at the time there was a such a shortage of women there was a massive drive to persuade women to relocate. The published drama about getting his wife was already built up when he refused to invite her bc he didn’t want her to be in the presence of a slave. The writers used it as union propaganda fore minimum wage. Now the Gov offers him a free ride, he says wait till I hear from my ol lady, I don’t want to have her show up and I just left, Ill let you know when im ready. The gov responds No, if you want a free ride it has to be now. Ol Georgie sticks to his guns and refuses to leave without knowing about his wife, The Gov caves and allows him to stay till he hears word. 
  • December 25, he gets word; wife and kids not transporting. He can come back home on his excellency’s private ship whenever he wants. The public has been following this story for 2 years, His character was the working-class hero. He never did anything wrong except feed his family. Not one blemish his entire life. It all comes to ahead on x-mas morning. How appropriate, not at all written in a script somewhere huh? 
  • the transport ship home is the ‘Eveline’ He arrived in England June 13th 1837 a folk hero, a living martyr. 

The man that stayed behind in England instead of traveling to Canada. was a Hammett, he married a local girl on sept 11th 1875, Ann Frampton. Frampton was also the name of the spy that turned them in for swearing unlawful oaths at the very beginning?! Also, in 1875 he was given a gold watch by the National Agricultural Labors Union.  

The last survivor is J. Brine, died in Perth County (AUS/Scotland shout out) Ontario on Aug 11, 1901 (8-11-01). He had 11 children, 8 born in Canada. For real, this is what his oxford page says. 

*See also 1820 general strike in Scotland 

*See also Upper Canadian Rebellion 1837 

*See Also. Hobart student of Andrew Bell pedagogue Madras India

Plug/Swing riots

A series of uprisings in southern England in starting around 1810 and continuing into the 1840’s.   

After the thrashing machine was introduced, machines were viewed as a threat and destroyed. while I’m sure the riots were organized much like the labor strikes of the Industrial Revolution the mill owners had learned a lesson and the property of the mill owner wasn’t destroyed… unless it was insurance fraud. 

They get the name Swing from character introduced by the London Times and more than likely is either a controlled opposition project or a complete media generated hoax. It seems to be the general feeling; the night-time secret trials, the threats from the local labor class. 

Wealthy land owners were sent threatening letters that were published in the media and signed Mr. Swing 

Special legislation was passed. One person was supposedly hung and about 500 deported to the prison colony in Australia. Specifically Tasmania, where the tolpuddle martyrs were sent. This was how they moved agents around without arousing suspicion. The deporting of communists to Russia under the Unamerican Activities Act of the day. 

The excuse for the starvation and population growth at the 1830’s is the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Makes no sense. 

Similarly, the Luddites get their name from a fictional character named Gen. Ned Lud, a weaver that lived in Sherwood Forest. This was the textile version and power looms were destroyed by hungry mobs that were fighting for their servitude. The stocking knitter’s guild, that’s the ladies garment union. Protested for working conditions, low wages, long hours.  

Mills had a special police force of their own, like the Pinkertons. There were a couple high-profile assassinations and special legislation was passed that made breaking frames a hanging crime. 

The Plug Riots climaxed in 1842, factory workers walked out and a general Strike ensued. Large xeowds gathered in front of a local mill where a stand-off between workers and militia ended when police fired live rounds into the crowd and killed four people. If thar doesn’t remind you of some events we already covered maybe this monument would help you out. Maybe the saying ‘History repeats itself’ is true bc they keep using the same script. 

Commons and Ogle

The story goes like this: In 1803 cartwright John Commons was installing a thresher for J. Ostens, (separates the grain from the stalk) when he got a call from his boy Henry Ogle, a schoolteacher inquiring about another farm implement called a Reaper he had read about “some years” before in the newspapers and he asked if John would help “contrive a machine.” Ogle couldn’t get the blades to cut like a scythe and was using the circular method. John traveled to Newnham and took a look, gave Henry his thoughts and went back home. Henry had a local cartwright build the model but John never saw it. Later Henry built a second model that John didn’t know about for 40 years. 

 This all started “about” 1803. Ogle has already been working on one for several years, not only that but he based his machine off an already functioning (however poorly) that was in the papers “some years” before. The earlier name mentioned, was Edward Gatis ‘cartwright’ occupation is the connecting theme.  

Commons develops his own reaping machine in 1811. In the company of a Mr. Thomas Appleby he tests it at night it his own corn field, just so happens there’s an eclipse that night. Somehow after all this time henry Ogle ‘accidently’ steps back into the shop and recognizes the machine. After a brief exchange he advises Commons to share his project with the duke. 

This says they have been in contact the whole time. Testing in secret at night must be some kinda code, they use it all the time, this one has the added twist of an eclipse probly signifies some kind of astrology practice. 

He makes a second model for the duke and sends it out on May 5 1812. The duke in turn sends it to the Society of Arts. The Society wrote back further trials were needed before they could pay the reward. There is some technical speak and its unclear on details like cutting methods. The agent writing this expects us to believe he can remember down to the exact day of a conversation that happened 40 years earlier but can’t remember the major functioning parts of his machine? It is like the fake death of Hussey article; the author answers questions before the reader thinks to ask them. 

Also, in 1812 and also at direction of the Duke Commons produces a third machine, after several failed promising attempts at John Thew’s Haver plantation he figures just to hang it up, it’s too much effort and energy its not worth it. This is when the Brown family enters the story. Commons gave Browns the patterns of his machine for Brown ran the iron foundry and was trying cast or wrought iron. Commons crying about the cost is about as parable as today. The duke is involved. Nobody is paying for this, there are scholastic institutions and art societies that are paying for this. The ironworkers were put on projects back then just like they are today. We will return to the Browns. 

In 1817 Henry Ogle produces his third machine. Mr. Brown is involved in this one manufacturing as well but Commons doesn’t make it to the trial in time to attest the success; he didn’t arrive till after dark. As if that would make it impossible to read other people’s reactions and body language. 

In 1830 the Brown family emigrates to America… with both sets of plans no doubt. Commons would think nothing of them till after the Crystal Palace Expo in 1851. After hearing reports of the machines, he travels to see for himself, low and behold they are exact replicas of the ones he designed 40 years before. Witnessed by Jas. Eadington of Flint Mill and Jas. Clark of the Broomhouse. 

A year or two after the WF the author was approached by John Nichol, son-in-law of Mr. Brown. John Commons was in the presence of Robert Nicholson, cartwright, at the Alnwick fair. Mr. Nichol said Brown gave his plans to McCormick under the condition that if any money was made Brown was to get a share. Brown died at the same time as the Crystal Palace Expo and a lawsuit was expected as McCormick reneged on his deal. If true I doubt the death of Brown was accidental 

At a subsequent meeting between Commons and Mr. & Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Nichols (Browns daughter) claims McCormick came to question her father about the reaper plans. According to Nichols, Brown said he was an old man and no longer interested in such things and gave up everything he had; plans, knives, patterns, etc. It is identifiable by the cutting implement; Ogles was a straight blade while Commons and McCormick’s was a clipper. 

 His ‘secret night trials’ in 1811 sound like a script that future inventors would use in America. They submitted a model to the Society of Arts in 1812 and demonstrated before witnesses. The pair teamed up with Thomas and Joseph Brown who ran the iron foundry (manufactured parts) The team was threaten by the field hands if they continued trials so the Browns took their plans to New York in 1824 and Ogle relocated to Chicago. The repeated reports of night trials and threats could be accurate after all, there was much civil unrest at the time and angry mobs were targeting new machinery that posed a threat to the starving population. 

Commons writes to his local paper after the London Expo and explains McCormick is using his design from 40 years earlier. Commons claims he met up with Ogle in 1803 and the two set to find a reaper machine mentioned in the paper several years earlier. 

Rev. Patrick Bell Reaper

Another Pre-Hussey reaper that proves the narrative timeline is false comes from Highlander Rev Patrick Bell (1799-1869). Bell graduated from St Andrews University and had a working field model in the year 1828. Model is in the Science Museum of South Kensington. Lifetime member of the Agricultural Society of Scotland. 

  Supposedly Bell came up with his idea while at St Andrews. He graduated in 1843 and was place at the Carmyllie Arbroath Abbey. Carmyllie was a pre=Christian site with cists found going back 700-2000 bc. It was home to a Holy Roman Empire fort during that time period. This is a very sacred site, like Punydarren Foundry. Earliest record is the monks of Arbroath Abbey in 1180. So, the problem here is its self-validation for the church to provide their own records which prove they have authority. This is the place Bell was Minister to until his death in ‘69. 

There are two stained glass windows at Carmyllie Church commemorating Bell. There is more to it than what appears. Stain glass was also big in the Cathedral repurposing committee industry and was a category in the world industrial expos. There was even a high-profile manufacturing co. named Bell, so the shout out by the window tribute in stained glass really isn’t that surprising. His-story doesn’t want the two connected. None of it. 

The Highlander Society awarded him in 1828, 30 or 50 bucks, depending on who you ask, for a plan without a working model. Then 1000 dollars 4 decades later as a lifetime achievement award. 

Also significant was the timing. In 1843 there was major conflict within the Church. Splintering of Christianity. At St Andrew church in 1843 a large group of clergies separated themselves and started the True Church 

  Bell travelled about North America from 1833-37. Known as his Canadian years but he went as far down south as NY. He Moved around quite a bit during these years between the US and Canada. He maintained exhaustive journals of his time there. The journals still exist today at Aberdeen University. They are unrestricted so I contacted the school to see if I could bribe someone to scan me a copy. So far, no response. Just from what little I could gather from the gatekeepers is that he didn’t stay long at any one place. The second volume includes agricultural development in Upper Canada and “hints at emigrants”. There was heavy presence of chartist fathers in the Ontario. All of Canada is being repopulated by the Inheritors at that time, It looks like he was on an extensive debriefing and training mission. Intelligence. Its is admitted in the text that several of Bells machines were shipped to America, as well as Australia and Poland but the manner and the recipients arent disclosed. As if those four models were all the States had to go off of; Bell spent years traveling the continent in areas known to have Agri-Tech and Old-World connections. 

This Bell graduated the same school that Melville Bell gave lectures and taught at. Melville also relocated to the same area of Canada that Pat would travel around for a few years but the times don’t add up for them to have been at the same place at the same time. Melville is said to have picked up where is father, also named Alexander Bell, left off. Pat was closer in age to this AB. The locations connect the Bells regardless of the linear timeline, maybe Pat went first to sow the seed and Melville came in later to reap the harvest, forgive my pun. The area in Canada where Bell resided is now the approximate area of Canadian Agricultural Colleges, they admit openly Bell brought with him a functioning reaper and left it when he returned to the UK. Attempts to locate the artifact by the local museum has proved fruitless, sure, as if they would fuck up linear history in America, they either destroyed it or it lives in someone’s private collection. 

  •  *See Niagara Falls and C&O canal reset. Eerie canal- NYC to Lake Eerie 

 Side note scribbled on his journals simply says Drummondville, just for kicks lets run it through… Drummondville, Ontario. One in Quebec too but I’m fixin it’s the one right outside Niagara Falls that “grew from the shadow of historic 1812 hillside battle of Lundy Lane”. Oh boy I can’t wait to see what this is all about. For now, it’s a good bet Bell was making his rounds, teaching and being taught. This is still some Reset battles taking place and getting ready to start repopulating, getting the grid in place, the net, the web. Niagara and the Great Lakes are much older than students are taught at university. 

Canda is a hot spot for UK labor agitators. George Loveless and Bell amongst many others. Chartists. Penal Colony government agents. 

Worked in the field with his brother under the cover of dark, speaking in whispers so nobody will know. Planted grain indoor, to test his model in secret (?) His brother was George Bell, of Inchmichael. *Check for AGB connection, he invents cornhusker machine at age 11 on a family farm… 

Installed gas-lighting and cultivated sugar beets (shout out?) at Mid Leoch. There are many references to the gas lighting project but no details, maybe in his archives at Aberdeen U, could be it was Olde World energy and was just described as gas to people that had no understanding. There is no substance to gas, no color or anything to confirm its presence. 

Famous for not patenting his harvester material. Honorable gift to humanity. 

One- time director of Scottish Chamber of Agriculture 

In 1850 William Crosskill brought the practicality of the machine to the worlds attn, it was also known as the Crosskill’s Bell. Crosskill was the handler from the big city of London that did the PR campaign before the World Fair. He’s listed as a whitesmith occupationally and manufactured mustneeds for the War-Machine. Interesting to note that if Crosskill was the handler for the Banksters that would explain Cresskill’s subsequent bankruptcy and forfeiture. You could tell its bullshit just bc it’s the story promoted but in reality, he probly made a fortune, faked his death, reappeared under a new name with a fake background. Whose gonna know? 

It could be possible Bell was bringing his work over to the Americans bc they had already been chosen to be the bread basket of the New World. Sure they had farmland out in the UK but nothing like the North American Midwest. During Bells time travel might not yet have been possible out so far to Chicago, which was the central command, The Resetters knew it was there and were proactively trekking west. By way of canal and river this part of North America is the closest he could get. His technology has decades to catch up in field trials as the railway takes decades to reclaim; they will eventually meet. 

  • See also: 1812 Battle for Lundy Lane (Battle for Niagara Falls?) 

*The newspaper clipping of the Ralahine Reaper points us to a Henry Bell, early developer of the steamboat

Ralahine Horse Reaper

The end result of the Reaper Wars and a century of research and development is the International Harvester. It is the collective of all the leading manufacturers that, once the technology was complete they all formed a single entity in partnership.

Americans only know of the winners, there were many helpers that lead up to the final product. One of those early developmental projects is known today as the Ralahine Reaper. The mechanism made it more efficient in the reaping, that is, cutting, the crop. Its not just the machine that’s relevant but the cast and location as well.

Coming out of the Reset Ralahine was an early staging ground for repopulating communities based on several different arenas from agriculture to industry. It was also the home of a Proto-Socialist commune of “Owenites”, devised by Robert Owens, also called the “New Systemites”, as in ‘New World Order-ites’, an attempt at building a Utopian paradise. Ralahine represented the most successful attempt of the communities built on his model

County Clare was the scene of major political and civil unrest around the time of the early/mid 1800’s. The beginning of the beginning of the Repopulation. This is the timeframe modern historians give the beginnings of the installation of new agri-tech machinery such as the thresher and reaper. This is also the time I have traced as the beginning of the repopulation after the Reset. These technological advancements were only the beginning. The term “Luddites” is given to people that oppose such advancements. As technology was marking forward in greater strides the want for unskilled labor was getting smaller and smaller. The end result is hunger and unemployment for the people that did the tasks the new mechanisms were doing. Luddites would travel around and smash new equipment such as the Power Loom and mechanical apparatus like the reaper. Not just the machines, the land itself was upturned, fields destroyed, crops ruined. The people lived in mud and stick huts and had rags for clothes.

William Pare, history of the experiment titled “Co-operative Agriculture”, 1870

Robert Owens- b in Newton Wales, 1771-1858, pioneer in industrial/civil structuring; old age pension, i.e. retirment, child labor laws. Opened educational and recreational centers. Part owner of New Lanark Mills in Scotland.

Ralahine Agricultural and Manufacturing Co-Operative Association

John Scott Vandeleur- In 1830 he established a community on his estate based on the pattern of Mr Owens. Vandeleur was closely related to the courts and was well known to be a ruinous gambler. He also opened a weaving mill and was involved with the textile manufacturing industry. All he did was put up the property, all developments only increased the value and he retained authority to remove any member of the society and veto any new members from joining. Van was nothing more than a slumlord. He inherited the property after his fathers death in 1828 and evicted all the tenets in order to house the project only to increase the value of the property without having to pay any expense. History whitewashes his name bc thats what they do.

The first steward’s name was Daniel Hastings. there is an anecdote about him kicking over a water bucket as a laborer stopped to get a drink in the hot sun. Hastings was shot through the head at night while locking his door. Blame was put on one of the ‘Secret Societies’ that would roam the land and destroy the property of landowners that mistreated the working class.The Terry-Alts was blamed in the media for the murder but nobody was charged. Directly after the murder he brought in Craig, of Manchester. The timing suggests its not impossible there was no murder and Craig was just the man for the job that was brought in just for the reason. That nobody liked the former steward supports this, you cant have a tyrant ruling over a Utopian Society.

The term “Secret Societies” was used prolifically in the media of the day, meaning it was inserted to have a lasting impression, like the term “conspiracy theory”. Groups at the time are the Ribbonmen, Terry Alts, Lady Clare Boys and the Ancient Order of Hiberions. These are also the ancestors of the Molly Macguires, the group that was doing the more political type assassinations of the coal mine foreman’s in Pennsylvania. This gives us some kind of clue as to the nature of the crimes being committed during the 1830’s Ireland period. Furthermore there was an incident when the new steward took over he found a coffin etched in the road in front of his house. This is the same calling card as the Mollies half century and half a world away.

Peace Preservation Act:

Edward Thomas Craig- manager at Ralahine. Growing up in Lancaster he witnessed the Peterloo executions of Luddites in 1813. Founding member of the Manchester Mechanics Institute (Double M’s). Ironically, the mill-owners fared very well as a result of the riots. Compensation (levied on the rates) enabled them to re-stock their mills with new machinery, and most of them became very wealthy indeed.

This is page 3 of the Sept 21st, 1833 issue of the Carlisle Journal which the first column gives a description of the field trial and circumstances of how the Mann reaper was brought to Ralahine Co-op Owenite farm. The mainstream media is the same beast back then as it is today. The media wasn’t hijacked, it was installed. It has always been the same entity. Therefore we can read past the bullshit and determine this is just a promo piece, they make it seem coincidental that Vandeleur just happened to be there at the right time/right place and the machine and Mann just so happened to take up his offer bc the reward from the Highland Society was so low. No way. It was set up long in advance that the proto-socialist community would be the place for reaper development.

Furthermore it is said all the Owenite communities ended in failure. Anytime they say that they are lying. Maybe the surface objective was unfulfilled but they are never complete failures. Maybe the community was never supposed to go anywhere. Afterall, they dont really want a utopian society thriving as a model for the world to see. Vandeleurs status ensured whatever gambling debts he incurred would just be paid off or the person owed would be eliminated. The gambling debt is a poor cover story. Supporting this is the claim that Vandeleur ran off to America and got a job as a railroad engineer. People with that kind of sway dont get jobs doing anything. Sure he might have been given a title but as far as doing any real work goes he had birth-right status


Along with the newspaper article there is a series of letters housed at the Carlisle archives between Vandeleur and Mann about the reaper. I have contacted the archives about remote access to the files, all I have is fragments from other researchers. The part that intrigues me the most isnt about the reaper but upon transport Mann is advised to use canals from Dublin, the Inland Steam Navigation Company. The canals are relics from the old world, they have all been filled in now and paved over but at this time in the early 1800’s we were still using some of them as the modern infrastructure was still being installed. A brief glance at the history of canals in the UK matches up with other pieces I have on file and I determine the channel grid was used for drainage at some point. Whether these were created as massive ‘french drain tiles’ intentionally or the old canals were also served as drainage mechanisms is yet to be determined however drainage is one of the top engineering subjects of the day all across the board with very little to no discussion about it today. This would make for an important chapter in a report on the whole. This would include sewage systems.

These letters also belie that Mr. Vandeleur is not as philanthropic as history tries to make him out to be. He refers to the community as “my place” which indicates a possessive attitude, not the “own nothing and like it” mentality that has been pushed on the slave orphan class since day 1.

The field trial might have just been a display for Van. to begin with and not necessarily an exhibition for the Highland Society. It is likely Mann was approached to make the reaper by request. Mann also is credited with inventing other agri-tech implements such as the harrower which was utilized at the co-op farm as well. The Highlanders would have documented the attempt and progress but like modern inventors the course of progress is never determined by personal choice and always by who is funding.

Not only that but the dates of the newspapers in which a chronological record can be formed of all relevant points indicates that its possible there were at least two research and development sites at the same time. The time it takes to transport the machinery and set up a trial and the dates the newspapers were printed dont add up. What I’m trying to say is it was hardly possible for both trials to be had given the dates set forth by the media. This can be easily explained if there were two machines, one at Kelso with Mr. Mann and one in Ralahine at the commune. This would make even more sense if you consider a group of engineers was assembled specifically for the reaper project under the cover of a farming co-op. Nobody from the outside would suspect anything if there were unusual practices being whispered about.

Another thing is the letters housed at the Carlisle archives were introduced generations later by descendants of Mann’s that just one day seemed to think they belonged there. This is a common M.O. of a method to insert fabricated evidence after the fact to establish or support the narrative. I have come across the Carlisle family before, this is the town in PA thats the location of the first Indian Residential school. Except there were no Indians.

The third strike is the breaking up of the commune after the reaper is developed. If it was a group of engineers assembled to advance to the next step it would only make sense if they would all move on after their objective was complete. Mr Van may have been a drunken gambler indeed but his property had just been transformed from bogs and fields into a valuable tract of arable land, complete with living quarters. Van could sell this and relocate to the States with the railroad no problem. The railroad employment is unconfirmed family lore, nobody knows what became of him.

Another figure is a character named John Rooke, interestingly, his bio is provided by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. These guys come up in my research all the time, too often just to be lucky. They are the gatekeepers of all kinds of obscure artifacts you would only seek if you are looking for them.

Rooke is of land owning stock and writer in the course of geology, specifically mudflood type geology such as the surveying of railroads and reclamation of land from the sea and the building of harbors. He also wrote on topics such as free trade and the use and potential abuse of a currency based economic system… All this means he is a Reset agent from a spook family. His letter to Mann regarding the reaper is in Sept 1832, a full year before it is on exhibit at the Highlander Fair and it is evident he has been involved at some length at this point.

This letter leads us to a Dalkieth Farming Society with a premium of $500 instead of the Highlanders &10, and to a competitor referred to only as “Mr. Smith”, possibly about James Smith, who had won at least 2 awards for a pre-1820 reaper. There are many notations to the effect of the level terrain of Ralahine being a contributing factor to the success of Mann’s reaper. Another mark that this spot was chosen specifically as an R&D location, and not just a random location where a socialist farming commune organically cropped up (pun intended)

Joseph Mann- inventor of reaper, also of Scotland. Kelso, though his address is contested in some instances. He is recorded as spending his life working on mechanical advancement and by 1820 had his first reaper. This was sponsored by the agriculture society of Abbey Holme, where he is listed as a millwright in Raby. Suggestions for improvements were made and by 1833 he was awarded 10$ by the Highland Society, with the promise of more should it be further improved.

The Highland Society is one of the Royal Arts and World Fair predecessors, They were the first ones to establish a pay-off for the ‘best of’ winners for agri-tech advancments.

Orbiston and Abram Combe, Concordia, Manea Fen, Queenwood, New Harmony, Indiana, tytherly England

Fellenberg Agricultural College in Switzerland, Lady Noel Byron Industrial School at Ealing Grove Duke of Newbury

New Moral Order

Free Negro Community in Nashoba

vision of New Harmony, IN. By Robert Owen

Milwaukee Harvester Company

 Milwaukee is a conglomerate of many individual works. By individual works I mean intelligence outfits building post reset tech.Most companies were known by the inventers name. By now you should have realized they are not real inventors, not like the way schoolbooks tell. John Appleby would be responsible for developing the twine binder. Had to be twine bc wire was killing cattle feeding. Once Appleby had it figured out the tech was distributed amongst the other partners like McCormick and Deering. Each company had a detail and a team of New England blood spook behind it. Take this postcard for example, I only see the Templar Cross in the bottom corner. They say it is a harvester track pointed in all four directions. Sure it is. Appleby was also enlisted in the Union Army where he earned a patent for a rifle mag clip improvement which eventually was fed to the Prussian Army and used extensively. While most sources downplay this as trench war drudgery this proves weapons development for the world military. This patent is admitted being what paid for the development of the twine bailer. Another contribution to the team was the steel mill they purchased in WI. Saved a lot of hassle from then having to deal with the competition. In 1881 Milwaukee hosted an industrial expositionn listed on the Ministry of Truths page of World Fairs   

This is the Milwaukee Expo center, said to be constructed for the World Fair yet this looks more like disrepair than construction. Windows busted, roof collapsing, a staircase to nowhere. Even the people don’t look natural. the scale is all wrong. I think they were added in later. Does that even come close to the finished structure?

So the thing interesting about Plano is it is a location that was developed specifically for the development of the do-all harvester. Every company has ties to it as a manufacturing center for machine parts. The most brilliant inventors of the day were brought in to help with the projects. Deering set up shop here first and brought in all the talent, once he pulled out and headed to Chicago most of the talent went with him, but the locals just moved into the factories and stayed in the biz. Plano was later Independent Harvester. The Marsh brothers had a harvester built here that was the basis for the Deering McCormick models. 

Plano was Marsh Brothrs and Gammons

Champion Brand

These three have nothing in common with the rest, this is the Spook branch. These are the greasy palms. They contribute nothing and get all the glory. Payment and recognition for family ties. 

  •  Ben Warder. Born to Quaker merchants from Philly.  Obtained some patent rights but invented nothing. He was dead before the merger and had nothing to do with it except his name is attached to the company. Must have had some insider development scoop in Washington DC. He retired from farm tech and purchased all the land around DC that was about to become part of the expansion. Urban sprawl. He built a mansion on 15th and K in NW DC. I have been to that location to many times. There is a gentlemen’s club (titty bar) on the block today. Archibald’s. 
  •  Asa Bushnell. politician, preceded McKinley as gov of Ohio (2 terms) 1896-1900. Served as Prez to gas company (Big Oil) and First National. (bankster). Started Valentine Antitrust laws aimed at Standard Oil, precursor to Sherman Act. Controlled opposition. Noted Freemason. Family ran Underground Railroad station. (*See Oberlin-Wellington Rescue case) Married Ellen Ludlow, Father-in-law owned a pharmacy. (Big Pharm) Advocated and pursued railcars in the cities and interurban rails that transferred from city to city. (Railroad Syndicate) … Jeez I don’t know if we’ve seen a resume like that in a while. 
  • John Glessner. Chicago’s Guilded Age. Active in city orphanage, art school, medical college, orchestra trustee. No background in anything related to the farm or AgriTech industry. Wife studied expert silver smith at Jane Addams Hull House (Mink Coat Mafia) Silver occult alchemical significant. Sigil logo is a bee with the letter G inscribed, for Glessner silly, what did you think it was for? Mystery school traditions say the bee is a symbol of productivity and wisdom, the bee was a gift from the gods. Modern interpretations suggest that bitch is the hive-mind. Working drones serving one. 

These were the five companies that were set up to become International Harvester. None even had anything to do with farming or inventing as much as patent contract binding spell and aristocracy privileged. Most had military connections, war mongering and weapons development.  It was one big project, to develop the All-harvester.  They all remain with their separate line of equipment, meaning nothing changed except the title on paper. 

JP Morgan brokered the deal. His cut was 14 %, maybe he did it out of kindness. JP also directed the formation of US Steel and General Electric. International was sued by the commonwealth of KY in ‘14 for violating antitrust laws. Next member of the McCormick family in control, Harold, married Edith Rockefeller, uniting the two robber baron families and bringing IH under Rocks thumb. 

The executive branch includes all the old Boston crew relatives Howe and Perkins, in addition to the Marsh clan operating in Plano. (I know I saw the Manns somewhere in the Reaper Wars too). The board could not get along and dissolved in the first year. All authority was handed back to McCormick. 

Howes presences is curious, nowhere has the name been associated with any one of the reaper conglomerates. Now suddenly, he comes out of nowhere is put on as an officer. Not just any position either, Richard F Howe is secretary and treasurer of the new company, oh we gotta peek at this guy. Richard F Howe, born in WI but schooled at Harvard, traces his line back to MA Bay Colony in the early 1600’s. Howe is from the huge family connected to royalty. This is not direct line father and son to Sammy Cool Cat but he would have been cousins. His role here is bc he married one of Deering’s daughters. He fucked his way into the business. Id say he was brought in from his experiences in the sewing machine wars. Furthermore, it appears the major textile centers of the industrial revolution such as Lowell were developed to support the sewing machine advancements much like Plano was built to support the harvester project. Richard Howe is related to a common ancestor Elias Howe, the sewing machine king, the first record howe in their line was John of Marlborough character hidden, Sammy Cat is alongside them with Abraham of Roxbury, character celebrated. All howes related. Appointed governor of Barbados connects him back to the sugar slave trade. Fought against Washington at Bunker Hill. Acknowledged bastard children of royalty. Traces line back to middle 12th century. 

George W Perkins was chairman of the Finance Committee. He was a politician protecting JP Morgans interests. An insurance salesman. Perkins helped multiple major mergers. Loaned money to the Russian Czars. Said he was not helped by his father, yet he started his professional career as in office boy at NYLI, working his way up the chain to become Morgans right hand man. Sorry I aint buying it. That doesn’t happen in real life. It is not hidden he is from the same New England crypto lines. Worked with Teddy Roosevelt Palisade Park Commission. Anti-labor. There is also a Frances Perkins, from Boston, that works for TR as his appointed sec of labor. First female cabinet. Wrote the SSA. Lived in Greenwich Village to enroll at Columbia. Safety Committee after Triangle Fire. There is an interesting story about her husband, that was confined to mental institutions for chronic mental illness. On the day the social security Act was signed she had to rush to NYC from DC after the signing to find him wandering around the city aimlessly. She was live-in lesbian. Paul and Frances had one daughter. Susanna, best-man at Suzy’s wedding was a McCormick. (Info courtesy of TIME) They are related. Its an organized crime family. 

In 2006 the world was blessed with a country song titled ‘International Harvester’. It was performed by singer Craig Morgan, but not written by, written for Morgan bc of his namesake. Showing controlling generational family lines. No-talent jesters singing songs handed to them by script writers put in place bc of the family lineage paid well to keep the status quo. We call them celebrities, well the Normies do. They only promote their own. With that in mind put the 4H and FFA on the *See also list (First National FFA convention had 33 delegates from 18 states and 4H came from the public education system.) 

The build was so important it was featured on the new bill, the first ten spot issued by the Federal Reserve and their centralized automatic robot ic reaper machines in the future this represents a big step. The US dollar is one of the most occultic pieces of material on the planet and this is a joke, an example of Resetter humor put out by the fed. Its black sigil magick. 

 International Harvester 

International Harvester is the end result of the Reaper Wars and the Reset agenda to control the worlds food supply. Before the I.H. was formed there was a bitter competition between inventors. Some were not inventors but got their end through familial connections or just general fuckery. Cyrus McCormick ended up on top at the end seemingly not through superior product or innovation but political contacts and patent maneuvering. Even in the Pro-McCormick literature it is well written that Cyrus’ father came up with the original machine. Thats a lie. There is also a thread about Cyrus and his slave, Jo Anderson, co-inventing it together. Its been inserted into mainstream narrative just to try and humanize McCormick and keep racism/slavery at the front of every conversation.

Lets do this…

Our good buddy McCormick changed the name of his self-titled outfit and merged with several other reaper projects until they finally formed the International Harvester company on March 22, 1902. (322 Skull and Bones.) McCormick was 1 of 5 companies that Became IH, or simply called the International, sharing the same nickname as Marxist Socialist International Workmen’s Party. The 5 parent companies decided to all pull together instead of battling it out in patent court, they learned a lesson from the sewing machine wars earlier. The Patent Office role is to block outsider entry and to control the speed of development. They are all on the same side and the competition is for show although there would’ve been inner-faction power struggles that would’ve never made it public. They keep the appearence of bitter rivals, Im sure on some levels they are but they all are working to the same ends by the same means

We will look at the five companies but first I want to acknowledge the similarities between this product they are all advancing technology at breakneck speed and the sewing machine development. They are working toward a machine that does all the steps (reap, bind, stack) that would normally take a small army of laborers to do, a single person could operate it. It was the beginning of the commercial farm, commercial means it can be centralized, this was the start of the controlling the worlds food supply. Much like the sewing machine did for the mass production textile industry, the first step in real organized commercial mass production factories could be monopolized by businessmen who could control the wage system. They also were both main attractions at the World Fairs, which along with the patent office regulated how fast or slow advancements could be made. They also were developed by the Military Industrial Complex families.

The do-all automatic harvester was a huge must-need for the Post-Reset long game so the call went out, an underground call to people in the know ‘hey, this is our top priority, we want every able body on it’. The importance was understood by the whole class, they are fighting to maintain the status quo. We saw each step being developed simultaneously and most of the battle was in the court room, This is known as a ‘patent thicket’, which effectively puts all innovation at a screeching halt. In this manner they can be very deliberate about the rate of progress. This parallels the sewing machine, it’s even called the Reaper Wars to match the media dubbed Sewing Wars the call goes out and they are all on the same side and have a fake competition war for the consumers which fixes prices but at the end they all come together, in this instance they started a single company while in the sewing machine war they stayed separate, and each got a cut. 

The International Harvester chapter is important for several reasons. Not only is it the company that embodies the quest to control the world food supply but it is also the site of the Haymarket Massacre which was one of the false flags of the Industrial Revolution to consolidate the labor force. During this time we see a whole new reorganizing of all the worlds commodities. Along with the manner in which the labor is performed but the laborer himself is considered a commodity. He was organized just the same through Unions.

The McCormick works in Chicago was also host to the railroad strike of 1877. Another cover for the Reset. The army troop that was called in was returning from the fake Indian wars out west.

Another power point is the McCormick line. The reason Cyrus got control of the International boils down to prestige. In Normie-World with the fantasy family trees like The Peerage McCormicks are related to royalty. These fake historic docs are scripted to be a self-validating affirmation that these people are entitled to wealth and power. All this claim is an illusion. Katie McCormick will have her hand in yet another Post-Reset world control grid project, the Pill, a eugenicist wet dream to control the population. All these things combined is what makes McCormick’s and International Harvester so significant

The International Harvester company is the only one not named after a person or family or location, it is a product. The five parent companies which are all named for a town or an inventor, usually not even an inventory, what today we would call a patent troll that just files every little thing to see what sticks. That’s someone that doesn’t really do anything but owns binding ritual contracts over somebody else’s idea. A patent thicket is the term used to describe gridlock in development due to infringement lawsuits. Be wary of anything called a patent thicket.  

Deering Harvester

 Owner William Deering inherited a woolen mill in Maine and opened a dry-goods store with partner Seth Milken. Here is a link connecting to the Pratts in a court case. All these Reset families stay closely connected. Willy had contracts to manufacture Union army uniforms (remember the Newark fire of 1910 the building was used to manufacture Union uniforms) at the least this shows a military connection in general. He funded education and medical institutions in Chicago along with the opera house, any person connected to the symphony orchestra or opera should be scrutinized.

After the war he hooked up with Elijah Gammon and the two set up shop in Plano. Gammon was the one that had rights to the reaper which was bought out by Deering when he moved to Chicago. I’m guessing the move was to be closer to McCormick; the two would become partners before the International conglomerate.

Fiske University in Nashville

Deering didn’t invent anything, he funded the Marsh brother’s harvester, then secured the patent and put his name on it. Charles and William Wallace Marsh Looks like all the same characters from Boston have just sent family business reps to Mid-west Moved to Plano in 1860 and invested in a lot of property. He built the town of Plano up to be the do-all harvester command center. Later he would move shop to Chicago to be closer to competitor/partner McCormick.

Elijah Gammon

Gammons played the cover as an abolitionist preacher. Born in 1819 to a poor farmer in Maine he got his ticket out from the Methodist church. You gotta watch out for the early Methodists, by Methodists they mean Missionaries. Watch out for Missionaries bc Indians are fake and this was an intelligence network disguised as a church. The family farm is known as Gilmore Pond Plantation, it was finally settled as the town of Lexington. His Geni page claims he was descended from an American Revolution veteran and the name Gammons is most common in New England, Canada, and Scotland. The US/Canada border is only meant to compartmentalize locations. This was one big tract of land and many important Reset families came or went from this part of the world, notably from Scotland. Our Gammons came fro Gorham where they were president of the bank, I doubt he was only a simple poor farmer descended from Patriot banksters but hey.

Gammon left Maine and started a private school in Ross Grove, Dekalb county, Illinois in 1851 but the next year he was accepted into the Methodist conference and placed in charge of the church at St Charles. The year after that he moved to run the Jefferson St Church in Chicago. Neither of these churches have specific names, making it hard to research. The Jeff St church is on a list of historic churches of Chicago but no details or pics except the pastor is a Rev. T.M. Eddy most remembered for his biography of Abe Lincoln; the first of many spook authors writing the script for a phantom icon. From Chicago he went to Batavia and retired from ministry work altogether in ’58. DeKalb is also home to the Marsh brothers

The time and location suggest he was offered a pretty good deal to walk away from the church. Gammons formed a partnership distributing for Military Industrial Complex war wagon manufacturer Newton and Company.

Levi Newton opened a wagon and wheel making business in Batavia in 1854. The first shop in Attica NY lost everything to a fire. In 1857 his son Don Carlos joined the family biz. D.C. fought with the 52 infantry during the war. Many of the members of his troop were Prindles, this will come up later. They fought at the Battle of Shiloh, Both the Siege and Battle of Corinth, and Shermans March to the Ocean. Im not familiar with the former battles but Shermans Scorched-Earth March was about destroying Old World fingerprints like architecture and cemeteries.

Gammon partnered up with J.D. Easter while in Chicago. Here is an item up for bid at an auction its a Chicago letterhead signed from Easter regarding the sale of the Marsh Harvester in 1868. Sales of the Harvester went from a few hundred per year at this time to 5,000 per year at its height. I stake Gammon brought the Marsh Harvester to Gammon once he spent some time in Batavia he realized Newton was not going to be able to make the transition from wagons to reapers. Marsh’s relocated to DeKalb around 1850; Gammon first went to DeKalb in 1851 from Maine. Its not impossible they didn’t know each other from the back East. They were not too far apart geographically; the border compartments didn’t exist back then. Plus, by 1850 Reaper development was in full swing in Europe and people like Rev Patrick Bell were traveling through this part of the world about the same time that the European factions were sending full scale working models back to their counterparts in the New World. In fact I think not only is it possible but extraordinarily likely that Marsh and Gammon locate to DeKalb bc it was a manufacturing hub, probly operating before the repopulation.

In fact this article from the 1919 publication Harvester World does proclaim Gammon and Marsh knew each other from before. I have found several errors in their report though so take it with a grain of salt. Easter and Gammon operated a small factory under license manufacturing and selling Marsh Harvesters. I take this as another example of how history gets more and more compartmentalized over time. A century ago stuff like this was easy to find but each time it is rewritten more ans more connections are removed.

1868 is also the year which Gammon and Easter part ways, each taking half of the territory they controlled for the Marsh harvester. Gammon takes up partnership with the old army buddies of Newton, the Prindles. This leads to his acquiring of substantial factory works in Plano where the two produce the Marsh Harvesters

In 1856 Gammon takes a second wife, Jane Catherine Colton, a widow that was born Prindle, and sister of Mary, who was the wife of D.C. Newton of the war wagon manufacturer. Prindles came to Batavia as the old man was superintendent of the Hoyt Barrel Company, there are two branches of Hoyts to follow, you tell me which one you think it is, the woodworking shop makes cooper barrels or the metal shop making gun barrels. So this completes the circuit, they are all one big happy family. In 1857 the couple had a son, Charles Wesley, who died unexpectedly while at school in Worcester MA in ’76. Worcester is an operations command center for Intel projects and its name throws up huge red-flags. I think it is more likely the 18 yo was sent on assignment and his death was a cover story. Charles would be given a new name and scripted background and could show up anywhere in the world and nobody would even think to question him. Thats the kind of place Worcester is. Considering in 1878 Elijah and Jane would take 2 years traveling Europe Id say thats a good place to start looking for a reunion. It wouldnt surprize me if Charles was moved somewhere that was also in the Reaper development project. Gammon could travel around and debrief clandestine operations with his son pulling the strings, check churches too.

Jane would lose her son from her first marriage much earlier, 12 year old Norman was supposedly run over by a street car in Chicago in 1863. Im not saying spook kids dont die but I havent found one yet that has convinced me they arent simply fake deaths for the public eye.

In 1880 Gammon returns to Batavia and together with bro-in-law Newton purchase the Coffin and Young Bank. The first bank in Batavia was opened by a Coffin of the Nantucket purchasers, another one of the prominent Reset families you never heard of. After the Civil War Newton barrowed 500$ from Coffin to build his house, less than 20 years later he bought the bank itself.

Another project Gammon and Newton would establish was a livestock breeding company. Any kind of selective breeding program for animals is always a back door for eugenics. Among the officers of the biz headquartered in Wyoming were a JP and Samuel Gammon, both unidentified, known only through some lawsuit docs. Speculation is they were cousins or nephews… perhaps one was his son. This would place him at ground zero of the Cattle Baron Wars of the late 1800’s. They are NEVER unconnected.

In 1881 Plano Manufacturing Company was formed with Gammon as VP until his death

At this point in the narrative Gammons becomes too ill and has to pass the reigns to Deering. Throughout his whole life every time he abruptly picks up and moves it is blamed on poor health. From his leaving Maine to leaving the ministry and leaving the reaper biz is health related. This is a common theme I see repeatedly throughout history, anytime you run across a character making sudden movements and blaming it on health you should look deeper bc they are lying. Gammon uses health and religion to conceal his movements. Religion is another cover like poor health, especially missionary work. (Methodists are cryptojews).

He started a theology campus at Clark University, which eventually became Gammon Theological Seminary, for the training of black ministers. The PC crowd of today praise and adore him for this but they dont consider these were the same black preachers that were involved with other projects like the Margaret Sanger “Negro Project” Sanger said it best in the letter to Clarence Gamble to use the Black preachers to keep the people compliant.

*See Also: Staunton comments about the reaper winning the war by keeping up the bread supply. Its another bread referrence to get joe schmoe to root for the war machine. Bread is a common theme for riots, strikes, protests, revolutions and also now the Civil War.

Marsh Harvester

1860 woodcut of the Marsh Harvester

A history of the Combine Reaper would not be acceptable without mention of the Marsh brothers, William Wallace and Charles W. were born in Ontario Canada and later relocated to the industrial town of DeKalb first then Plano where they hooked up with a Steward who financed the operation. Marsh Bros were responsible for many of the early patents that would trickle upward to finally make up International Harvester.

The sons of Samuel Marsh, a patriot jailed for participation in the Lower Rebellion of 1837, S. Marsh left his family to await the second coming of Christ with the Millerism cult. This means he was an Intelligence agent. This also connects him to the Chartist Movement. Sammy returned to the family in 1849 and they packed up and moved to Illinois to set up a reaper works. The departure and return of the father is significant. The timing suggests wherever he went he had insider-information about the food-supply project. The name suggests they had insider knowledge of ALL the Post-Reset projects.

The Marsh clan traces their lineage back to the Pilgrims of 1638 and includes railroad exec’s and canal builders. Their name is red-flagged every time.

Samuel Marsh of the Eerie railroad disambiguous but related to Sammy Marsh the rebel.

Haymarket Massacre

On May 1st, 1886 in front of the McCormick Reaper works protesters had been peacefully striking for an 8 hr work day. At the end of the day around 10 pm most of the people had left, including the mayor, several hundred cops showed up and started bullying the crowd. A stick of dynamite was thrown into the cop line, killing one cop and injuring unknown amount more. Cops respond by opening fire into the crowd, only killing more cops. 8 local agitators were arrested and put on trial, even though they were nowhere around at the time. 1 committed suicide in jail, 4 were executed and 3 commuted to life sentences. In 1893 they were all pardoned. The bomb thrower was never identified. 

This is the roughest of outlines, but it will do for now let’s see what jumps out. 

 The saixplosion happened after the large crowds had already left after a day of peaceful protesting. Why after the crowds had left did the extra force show up and start shoving people around. Even the mayor had retired for the evening, calling the event ‘tame’. Cops disobeyed orders to pack it up and started to bully the crowd. Most estimates agree it was close to even match at 176 cops and 200 protestors. 

The only other cops that died by gunfire from other cops…by friendly fire. So, if plain clothes officers were undiscernible in the crowd, which would’ve been the case I’m sure the few remaining protestors were undercover cops, and the uniformed cops were shooting randomly into the crowd it would be explainable. Of course, if they were all cop victims, they could all be lying.  

The anarchists arrested were nowhere near the incident. Not one of the eight on trial were present during the bombing. It wasn’t even questioned. The prosecution knew they weren’t present but tried to argue they were responsible through their message.  

3 were staff members of the German newspaper Arbeiter Zeitung; one executed, two reprieved. The name of the paper is not to be confused the jewish publication of the same name in NY. 

Court proceedings were a complete farce. The jurors were specially picked by the special baliff that promised to have them all hung. One of the jurors was even family of one of the supposed dead cops. Just like in the Railroad Conspiracy trial the newspapers offered a cash reward to the jury the found them guilty. 

The eight-hour workday was scrapped for another half century, not only that but the case scared any real opposition away. These people were convicted over a belief system, not any deed. You couldn’t even question authority, let alone speak against it. The eight-hour law was passed for over ten years but was not enforced, these people weren’t asking for revolutionary precedents, simply enforcing the law as it was written.  

Martial law was declared, any real resistance was rounded up, we have seen this same script before so I won’t spend a lot of time here. 

Not one account accusing the industrialists of throwing the bomb is out there. The bomb thrower could be whoever you want as long as it’s not the factory owners, even though they are the ones that profited from it the most, at all. 

Collectively the group is known as the Haymarket Martyrs, just like the Boston Martyrs and Mary Dyer, none of these bitches died either. 

This was making headlines on the world stage; countries everywhere were extending their hand in solidarity with the accused. They WANT everyone to know they are innocent. They WANT people to believe these defendants are going to be executed only for thoughtcrime, not for actual deeds. What’s scarier than being killed for believing something? No freedom of speech. 

In 1894 the entire world decided to be in celebration of workers on May 1st Everyone except of course the United States. In 1893 Prez Grover tried to sweep the whole thing under the rug by pardoning the people still supposedly still in jail and changing Labor Day to September at the behest of the Knights of Labor, who determined to celebrate Labor Day on may 1st would only be to celebrate the riots themselves. The Knights of Labor were Albert Parsons and all the other radical anarchists. They would want the date memorialized which they were all martyred.  

*May 1st also date of the birth of illuminati. 

Let’s take a closer look at the May Day connection bc sure this was big for the labor movement it is recognized on the world stage and I don’t think it was big enough to merit ‘global’ attn. Plus, some other things happened before Haymarket making this an already important date.  

Contemporary history tells us May 1st is simply known as Beltane to the Gauls. Beltane is the beginning fo summer, opposite Halloween which is the beginning of winter to the Druids who separated their year in halves. It is opposite but is of equal importance to Samhain. Halloween is known today as the demonic/witchy/spooky night but Beltane is overlooked by commoners but still celebrated by the string-puller class. As far as the Mystery Schools go Beltane has all the characteristics of the sabbat ritual that every culture shares. In this manifestation two special fires are built and the farmers pass their cattle between the two fires for blessings and protection. Lovers jumped over the fire for the same. The fires are the takeaway, the fires of Beltane. 

It was the origins of the Maypole ritual which is a phallic representation. A fertility observation, this means wild sex orgy. Marriages were dissolved for the night and virgins could drop the act although virgin pretty much means church prostitute. 

There was another custom I didn’t find any two accounts the same. Most experts agree at least in its earliest form there was human sacrifice.  There is a great attn to detail to remove all instances of human sacrifice from history books, so people won’t recognize it and that it still goes on prevalent today. Every time the story gets retold it gets more and more sanitized.  

Today in Scotland Beltane has been resurrected as of 1988 a group gets together and reenacts the burning of the wicker man. (See Butser Ancient Farm) Yeah, like the movie. Also like the military intelligence Luciferian project called Burning Man. This is the place both Burning Man and Wickerman get their origin. Fertility festivals is usually a code word for blood lust orgy, as you can see in this effigy burned in ’04 by the modern day reenactors. The only account we have, at least publicly, about the human sacrifice comes from Julius Caesar who wrote about ancient Britons tying men up alive in a huge effigy and setting it on fire. Today this is swept under the rug by calling it wartime propaganda. The pro-sacrifice crowd refer to bog mummies found that indicate an extremely violent end. 

Beltane is much older than the Druish religion, as the B-E-L in the name alludes to this is a repackage of Ba’al. Furthermore, May 1st is at the end of a 13 day festival beginning on April 19th known as the ‘Feast of Moloch’! No shit. The offer made to Moloch is children, he is the deity of child sacrifice, including aborted fetuses. Operations are held to honor this sacrifice still today and if it can be done as a false flag the energy harvested is increased. Some of the operations in this category would be Waco TX, On April 19th Killed 26 children, 19 children in ‘95 at the OKC bombing, Columbine school shooting killed 13 in ‘99 on April 20th. Those three would get us started. Adolf Hitler was said to be born on April 20th, not only that but his death was announced to the world on May 1st. This is a satanic ritual sacrifice, to get the whole world cheering and excited about killing. Osama Bin Laden was much of the same, his death was announced to much applause of the world on May 1st, but not just that, it invokes the feelings of another traumatic ritual killing, Sept, 11th. Prez Bush gave his ‘Mission Accomplished’ victory speech on May 1st, turning the whole war into a big satanic death ritual. If the ritual event happens to be a false flag it is even more valuable energetically.  

The opening day of the very first World’s Fair was May 1st, 1851 in Hyde Park, London, by the Queen herself. The queen doesn’t do anything in th e public eye unless its part of something much bigger. The date and formal hostess are not to be dismissed lightly. 

Remember back in 2016 the reconstruction of the arch of the temple of Ba’al went on tour through NY and London? It ran 13 days from April 19 to May 1st. This proves the connection between Ba’al and Beltane and also shows that world leaders still pay tribute. 

What all this means Im trying to tell you is Haymarket was a Satanic ritual human sacrifice,  

Seven out of eight Defendents are buried in the same cemetery, there is a bronze memorial featuring an 18ft granite shaft with a pyramid capstone. A bronze statue of a woman over a fallen worker are featured along with quote attributed to Spies “The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today.” The monument was designed by artspook Albert Wienert that worked on the 1893 world’s fair Columbia Exposition. Paid for by Pioneer art and supply association; that org was founded by Lucy Parsons, wife of the executed Albert Wienert got paid the equivalent of $300 per day to direct the building of the monument. The area is a mecca for famous anarchist ashes to be scattered, referred to as the communist plot. Features Big Bill and Emma Goldman. Goldman will emerge from the shadows of Haymarket.   

Since we’re on to bronzes its worth note the dead cops got a statue as well, a memorial for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. This statue has its own background as well and has been moved and repaired several times due to ‘vandalism and terrorism, including being bombed by Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground Organization’… Never heard of him but hes on the radar now. A Third bronze is said to be located on the exact spot of the speaker’s cart on the night of the 1886 attack 

The international community ran headlines all over the world. The press saturated people all over the world for the buildup. Again, we see the press make an accurate prediction, or more likely slip up and let a little bit of predictive programming insider knowledge slip when they ran the headline stating on May 1st:  

“The Dies Are Cast! The First of May, Whose Historical Significance Will Be Understood and Appreciated Only in Later Years, Is Here!” 

This was the event for world observation of May 1st, May Day to be the worker’s holiday. Only in the United States is Labor Day not on May Day, said bc the Prez didn’t want attn drawn to the gross injustice of the court but also could be providing cover for a false flag, to keep people from investigating their selves. 

Louis Lingg is said to commit suicide in jail. We have seen this in probly every mock trail so far. In this instance the victim literally blew hid head off when he detonated a blasting cap in his mouth. How was he identifiable comes to mind faster than how did he get dynamite in jail during a celebrated worldwide trial going on. Not only the blasting cap that killed him but cops report 4 complete bombs were found in his cell. Lings early bio is impossible to clear. All accounts say he spent his adult years in Switzerland before coming to America. He was charged with making the bomb but the witness only testified for immunity, ha also admitted to being paid by the state informant, also he was given a free ticket back to Germany after trial. Reassigned.

Note on the name of one of the said-executed, Parsons, I offer evidence of my generational spook family theory. Jack Parsons was friends with cryptojew superspooks’ Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard. Jack was given the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Alan Parsons Project worked on the Beatles and Pink Floyd intelligence projects. Ancestry also included Mary (Bliss) Parsons, remember her… from the Hampton Witch trials? Yep, same ones. 

Family also included veterans from the Revolutionary war and Albert himself was a confederate. There’s your generational military presence too.  

During the Civil War he was a member of his brother’s outfit. 13 yrs old said to be a powder monkey. His first military exploit was to intercept Gen Twiggs, Twiggs was a US general that switched sides before retiring he surrendered his entire situ over to the rubs…Kinda hard to piece together but seems like you can’t tell what side who is on. Even the first paragraph in Twiggs bio at the Ministry of Truth describes him as a ‘traitor’ general. Double agents. 

In 1868 he was editor of local paper, not just anywhere either, the Waco Spectator. Waco should ring some bells. In 70 he was elected sec of state senator, so he was involved with mainstream politics as well. In ‘71, at age 21, he was appointed to the U.S. Internal Revenue Deputy position by the Grant administration.  That means he was a fucking taxman! A 21 yr. old appointed to such a position after fighting on the opposing side during the war? Sounds more like a payoff to me. 

In 76 he joined the Knights of Labor, which again makes no sense bc the knights of Labor was the group lobbying to get Labor Day in September, who’d think since it ws in his honor it would be the day the rest of the world chose for observance. 

A traveling correspondent for his newspaper (intel) he met his wife Lucy in 76. Now lucy is mulatto, we will get to her in just a sec, after their wedding they relocated to Chicago, Parsons say its bc of the Klan (they only promote their own) but I just find it odd that somebody could have such an abrupt change. He went from confederate soldier to fighting the Klan and marrying a mongoloid, but also went from state politician and fucking tax collector to being one of the worlds most celebrated anarchists.  

He was appointed to his tax collector position by the Grant administration. I’d say his position as tax man led to him being hired out as opposition leader in Chicago. He was being paid by the factory owners as revenue agent and anarchist both 

Albert parsons started out even earlier at a railroad strike in ‘77. He was fired from his job at the Chicago Tribune. This connects him to the Rail Road Syndicate and complicit media slimeball.  This means he wasn’t fired he was recruited.  Some of his work as a journalist has been whitewashed. He would’ve been center in a socialist lead labor revolution Chicago. This was war propaganda. How much more inciteful can the headline be? That was their job to be as inciteful as possible. 

“Terrors reign, the streets of Chicago given over to howling mobs of thieves and cutthroats. This clearing shows the capitalists’ fears and outrage!” 

Pinkerton, the fake spymaster was the archnemesis of Anarchists like Parsons, but in reality, they are on the same side and prop each other’s bullshit psy-ops up. They worked together on several projects: Haymarket and the Socialist Revolution known as the Great Upheaval.  Pinkerton wrote of Parsons in 1878 he  

“is capable of making a speech that tingles the blood of that class of characterless rascals that are always standing ready to grasp society by the throat.”  

Pinkerton and Parsons would later go on and produce another chapter in His-story during the fake execution after the fake trial over the fake bombing attack perpetrated by Pinkertons ace booney-cooney,  

The RR strike of ‘77 was a string of violent protests about reduced pay that extended halfway across the country. From what we touched on in the Great RR conspiracy the Syndicate are the ones destroying their own property and their intel network includes … well, everybody. Supposedly at the execution his final sentence was cut off, ‘Men of America, let the voice of the people be heard…’ That must’ve been the queue, how much more dramatic can the script writers be. 

 It is said the ropes were tampered with before the main events, the ropes were shortened to prevent snapping the neck. The victim was suffocated instead and took longer to die. I see this as evidence of harness usage. Give them time to perform a theatric suffocation instead of the anticlimactic broken neck.  

Most fittingly is Parsons choosing to read poem ‘Reformer’, written by our ol’ friend Greenleaf Wittier, what could be more appropriate? They only promote themselves. This event is covered in detail at the website ‘Famous Trials’, so far that makes every single mock court case showcased on the site. Any article on that site is a tell. 

His wife Lucy would go on to found the IWW and content creator for socialist propaganda rags The Alarm, the Liberator, The Socialist, as well as her own publication, Freedom. 

Lucy also connects us to Internationa Ladies Garment workers Union that was later involved in the Triangle Fire and Uprising of 20,000. Around the time of the RR strike she opened up a dress making shop which held meetings. 

Worked with Communist party in ‘25 but didn’t join til ‘39. Died in a house fire March 7 1942, the FBI confiscated all her records in the still smoldering house. FBI also kept files on Sanger and Keller. Kellers was planted disinfo, still plays along she is deaf and blind, either that or the FBI is so stupid they cant tell. 

She has one of those backgrounds like Anne Sullivan, vague, unknown, unable to confirm or reject. Even her heritage is unknown. She was probs born to a celebrity agent nobody even knows about. Say, like Sanger had a kid that died but I think it was a fake death and the kid goes away for training for a few years before being reintroduced to the world by a new name and obscure background. She wouldn’t comment about her origins to make people speculate and when she did speak it was always lies. 

The Parsons had 2 kids, one labeled black and the other labeled white. The white girl ‘Lulu’, supposedly died at 8 years old but by now the reader should know how I feel about the dead babies of spook agents. None of the kids die, they just get taken young, when they need a child for a project or a long game. We know who this child is by a different name. 

The son too, heres another knee-slapper, Lucy had her son committed to an insane asylum at the age of 18. That means he picked up the family legacy after all. Lucy convinced a judge Jr. was violent and disobedient and he spent the rest of his 20 more years wasting away in Elgin mental institution. The story goes Jr was going to join the military and enlist in the Spanish-American War, which is just as fake as the labor wars btw. Lucy couldn’t take the insult so she had short locked up. But he wasn’t really locked up. 

 Elgin is a state hospital. A Kirkbride Hospital. Take note of that name, it connects us to the early reformation movement. Chicago’s version of Worchester, I guess. The state has control of mentally ill patients now that were formally the charge of the Almshouses thanx to new laws brought about by self-investigations like Tewksbury. This facility highlights the fact they treat Vets. So, it has a military presence. Sure, they isolate all the suicidal grunts from society that sign up as enthusiastic kids only to get fed thru the meat grinder and find out who the bad guy really is and that nobody cares about them. Yeah, the gov doesn’t want them people mingling with the normies so there’s that. The other side is intelligence. What better place to hide a spy. Especially if you got a whole chain of institutions, you can move freely without detection. Jr was never locked up in a fucking insane asylum, guys, come on. *The Kirkbride building was razed in the 90’s but it appears they are still in good business; the main focus of the institute today is on patients too insane to stand trial. 

Another likening of Elgin is their involvement in radiation human experiments, like the ones held by Quaker Oats at Cool Cat Sammy Howes place. Injections of radiation given to victims in order to see if they effect mental health issues. @0 years later survivors were rounded up by the US Atomic Commission is see long term effects, as if the long game wasn’t the plan from the beginning. Im sure you wouldn’t have to dig too hard to find an mk-ultra connection but we moving on. 

The whole drama over the family is build up their character. It’s a soap opera, It maintains her illusion of ‘nothin but the cause’. It is an extension of the earlier drama when she took the kids to see their father one last time before the hanging. Lucy was said to have been stripped and locked up naked with her children during the hanging. That’s the biggest crock of shit I ever heard, how much more dramatizing can you get. Someone literally sat around and wrote down the most provoking scenario possible. Its wartime propaganda baby. 

Just like comments by the Chicago top cop that she was ‘more dangerous than a thousand rioters. No, she’s not, but it adds to her street cred and props up her character. 

 After the hanging Lucy is said to have lived in poverty, only on $8 a month from the Pioneer Aid, which is the organization she is credited with founding. Pioneer Aid is the group that paid for the Haymarket Riot monument to be built. She was also known for her keen stylishness, and trendy shopping sprees. Im guessing, she was Mink Coat Mafia, maybe too early. 

Lucy was known for her inflammatory writings. She also provided the cover his-story for Haymarket and the martyrs, along with all her little friends, the Molly Maguires for example. She edits too, which has been a universal tell since the beginning. She edits for the Wobbly paper, The Liberator, which gives her broad audience for other contemporary issues like suffrage and birth control. Meaning the same shit sho productions being put on around the country. 

Mrs. Parsons was active in San Fransico for some time. Organizing marches and protests for women rights and unemployment against the SF gov. SF made their intro during the socialist revolution known as the great strike. Her involvement there in the near future is noteworthy. Organized ‘hunger marches’ wtf is that supposed to be? Oh, I see, this was the buildup to a production with American Federation of Labor, the Socialist Party and Jane Addams Hull House (Mink Coat scarlet whore of Babylon) to restructure the unemployment issues. 

Without looking into details, it looks like her Communist work centered on race baiting, like BLM. I see some headlines that mention the NAACP and some bogus murder trials (*See Scottsboro 8) and commie propaganda. International Labor Defense is an arm of the Communist gov. The Scottsboro 8 case is about a gang of blacks that are accused of raping a white girl and sentenced to death, whatever that has to do with labor I don’t have the slightest clue. As usual the things like this are the beginnings of something much grander, this was the beginning of the civil rights movement. Of course they needed a black insider. 

 The fictional character we know as Lucy Parsons had one of her last public speaking’s in 1941. It was at the International Harvester. This was post-McCormick Reaper Works. You Know, the place of incident kicking off the Chicago segment of the great strike and also the site leading up to the Haymarket event. This is huge that she would speak here and the normie narrative doesn’t mention the significance. Maybe the two are related or something. We’ll return to International Harvester in a bit. In the end was just the level of drama as the rest of her life. In ‘42 she was killed in a house fire. Her lover at the time died of injuries the next day he sustained trying to rescue her. The fbi raided her still-smoldering home and confiscated all her records and files and books. Did she really die in the fire? Did the FBI or somebody else start the fire to murder her. How the fuck am I supposed to know, go find out for yourself. There is much to be speculated over the relationship between Emma Goldman too, perhaps at a later date. 

Katherine McCormick

 We are still missing one major player from the His-story fable. Mink Coat Mafia member Katy McCormick uses her vast International Harvester inheritance to fund Pincus and Sanger. Her husband developed early from schizophrenia and bequeathed her an untold amount of money that would be enough to fund all the programs, even after paying an 85% inheritance tax. Ok let me just start by saying these people don’t pay taxes. This is a lie to hide money, which they don’t even use money either, but not the way youd go buy groceries. Take the Pill for an example. It has been funded enough times over by Slee, Rockefeller, the CIA, and Gamble. Each has been said they were well off enough to finance the operation alone. Katy was unnecessary if all she did was foot the bill. Every one of the Team investigated used contraceptive devices as a front to bring in the real end game which was the birth control pill. The term trolls off the tongue now after over half a century of psychological warfare butt this was not some simple undertaking that happened in a few years with a handful of people. Every single intro for these people starts off about them battling our good ol’ buddy Comstock, and all the sneaky hush hush was about contraceptives. It was never about contraceptives. It was about population control the whole time, and selective population at that, the control part is not about the individual and her personal freedom, it’s about controlling the demography in their slave pool. 

  Born into the aristocratic Dexter family in 1875, the second woman to graduate from MIT in 1904, that would put her in the same neighborhood as Helen Keller. Family home was a stop on the underground railroad. Remember the UR was a communication/information network, a literal spy ring. They may have helped a few run-aways for window-dressing, but these people did not give a flying fuck about slavery. Ministry of truth rundown lists occupation as MIT biologist (eugenicist), suffrage (agitator) and philanthropist (intel agent). Father was a Chicago lawyer and moved to Boston in 1890. Married heir of the International Harvester fortune, Stanley McCormick. Stan and Kate married in Switzerland. 

Stanley McCormick graduated Cum Laude from Princeton and was a competitive tennis athlete. In the early 90’s his mental health started to decline and not long after he wound up at St Elizabeths Hospital. A Kirkbride building. Originally it was unceremoniously named the Government hospital for the Insane, you remember, the one founded by agent Dorothea Dix back during the reformation and abolitionist days from the beginning. The circle is complete. St Eliz is the first federal hospital for the insane in America. This means they could have a lab on site and no need for grave robbing and the profitable cadaver trade that happened in other places. Pioneered in hydrotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy. 

Stanley had wild stories promoted in the press. Exaggerated stories written as a satire history fiction novel but serves to discredit the true wild accounts. Like masturbating chimpanzees in public and sleeping with a wrist binding to stop him from touching his penis kind of stories.  Surely, the tales of jerking off monkeys is a bit extreme but Katey said herself she would watch her husband through binoculars and they didn’t have physical contact for over 20 yrs. I think the monkey farm Stan is said to have kept is a shout out to the Monkey-gland transplants that were being pushed by the upper-class media, Harold McCormick is said to have gotten one perhaps he did keep a monkey farm. Stan lived his days out on the family farm, Riven Rock, which Stan had designed for his sister, who had been beset with chronic mental health condition. The mental health cover story seems to start with the mother McCormick, Edith Rockefeller. Yep, He called John D father-in-law. Stan had an all-male round the clock nursing staff bc he was known to have violent psychotic episodes around females. Yep, That’s not the perfect cover story for a homosexual spook agent or nothing 

Before hooking up with Sanger in 1917 for the birth control movement she was deeply embedded in women’s Suffrage. She had a family estate in Geneva. She would go regularly and bring specially made luggage to smuggle contraceptives over from Europe to give to Sanger back in the early years. Planned Parenthood gives us a whitewashed story about how she tricked European manufacturers into providing large orders by pretending to be a French scientist, then ‘tipped’ her way through customs and repeats several times in the same article she ‘whisked under the noses of officials’. She convinced the ship captain to drop the delivery of diaphragms to bootleggers in Canada and they smuggled them across the border. That’s all bullshit too. Everyone was in on it. The European manufacturers, customs officers, ship’s captain. Maybe the bootleggers thought it was really booze.  

McCormick joined the College Equal Suffrage League while at MIT although the group wasn’t allowed to meet on campus. The CESL was started in 1900 at Radcliffe as a national organization designed to draw young crowds into the suffrage movement. So now it pretty much sealed shut. If Helen Keller and Katharine didn’t know each other just from their celebrity status as the first women in prestigious Ivy League Schools it would be impossible for them not to have met in the suffrage movement, McCormick was in a group that was founded at Kellers school. Keller was an outspoken suffragist but had no affiliation with the CESL. I call bullshit, bullshit on the whole thing.  

In 1911 Katey was elected secretary of the International Women Suffrage Association on top of being appointed to the board as the treasurer and auditor of North American Womens Suffrage Association, later became the VP. How does someone be the treasurer and auditor of anything? She is investigating herself, no wonder she was VP. NAWSA connects her to Carrie Chapman Catt. 

During WW1 she chaired the Womens War Service Dept. and the Woman Committee of the Council of National Defense. 


Katharine blamed a hormonal imbalance in the adrenal glands for Stans mental illness, she used this as cover to establish the Neuroendocrine Research Foundation at Harvard Med. She also funded Pincus hormone research at Worchester Foundation for Experimental Biology. She had lived in Worchester as a toddler but returned later to be closer to Pincus and his work there. 

She wrote to Pincus the need to find a ‘cage of ovulating women’ to study, normie history regards this statement as frustration and skips over it but the timing suggests that’s when they turned to Puerto Rico for human trials which means the whole Island was the cage. Here we also return to the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky. 

Breckinridge had been grooming her section for decades already and had the Ozarks set up like a little controlled laboratory setting, at least as far could be expected, she had all her little lab rats so hopped up on General Hospital they would’ve consented even if she did tell them what was going on. 

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