Lincoln and the Civil War are Media Creations. Out of Place Artifacts: Gettysburg Cemetery Arch

Images taken from Library of Congress

This is supposed to be the entrance to the battlefield cemetery at Gettysburg. The archway has long since been forgotten along with all mention and it was only by happenstance I found it. Archways are signal from the Old World. This particular one is somewhat of an enigma.

Note the flimsy wooden gate attached to the pristine brick structure. What looks like damage to the brick is on the picture itself, not the structure, there is nothing wrong with it aside from a few busted glass panels.

The pile of debris on the left doesnt look like fence rails. It looks like whatever was inside the structure was tossed outside for removal. The cheap gazebo on the right is more modern too. It doesnt match the other repurposed pavillions of old. Maybe the bones are old but the lattice is missing strips and the vines have taken over the upper portion.

Also the foundation appears to be made of stone, it doesn’t match the rest of the brick work. If you zoom in you can see the discoloration about halfway up, this was covered up with something, maybe water, maybe earth, who knows. I just know this is an out of place artifact.

The top decoration doesn’t match either. Not the design or the type of building material. There is no patina that comes with aging. It’s new. In fact, it looks photoshopped. People have a difficult time comprehending that photo manipulation has been around for as long as there have been photos. It doesn’t look so much as a recent addition as it looks like the contrast doesn’t match. Not only that but the two cap pieces flanking it on either side dont match either. The original top has been cut off and the bland looking fake was chopshopped to hide it. Look at the other archways similar in scope and most have a horse theme. This crosses too far over into the realm of speculation so hopefully one day we will return .

Other images of supposed corpses given battlefield burials are what one would expect given the literature on the subject, just bodies piled up in rows with some dirt thrown on top. So that begs the question, who built this magnificent archway and when and why isnt there any record of it anywhere except some dusty old files in the national archives under the name of a spook photographer that never existed?

This one appears taken at the same time as the first image. I want to point out the stance of the character with the hand on hip and leg crossed. It’s a mark. Also note the discoloration of bricks on the upper left side is present in all versions. The part where the left trunk meets the ground looks like it was cleared and undercut.
Now we’re getting closer. Piles and piles of dirt and mud and rocks and debris. Workers digging around the base of the structure. There are no tombstones in the background either. There is a door or panel of the pavilion unhinged in disrepair. This is the earliest image I could find of Evergreen Gate, its by Timmy Sullivan and Alex Gardener, students of the fictitious Matthew Brady, it is appropriate we’d find them here. The centerpiece has a flag in this image, missing from all the rest, why would the oldest image have a flag but not the later editions?
Heres another shot that gives us a names, Evergreen is a classic spook moniker, think about the ship that was just in the canal in the recent mainstream media distraction. Evergreens are used in the fake ancient mystery schools from the Osiris/Christmas tree mythos to the Druid spellcasting with holly wands (Hollywood Movie Magick). This is maybe the finalized product. The ground is graded, the foundation is supported, the headstones are placed. Two men sitting in the shade at the pavilion resting after a job well done
Lookie here, I found a hi-res close up of the poser character but what really got my attn is the openings in the foundation of the structure behind him. They are either windows or gaps between piers. could be something else but those two are my top favs.

I just realized why the focus is on the centerpiece of the Evergreen Gates. It is not very ornamental for such attn as hand drawing it in old construction photos. Not like it was part of a free-energy generator, or statuary of the Horsemen, its a plain-jane urn. Thats it. It’s a funerary urn. It’s so important bc the place is set to be a cemetery and thats why it is so important this is the showpiece.

It came to me days after publishing I was looking at images of Croatia, (you’d be amazed at the old stuff you can find lying around where you’d least expect it.) In this cemetery the gates have one on one side and its missing from the other, and I thought, well who would take such a boring piece, then I thought, wow that looks just like the Evergreen piece, then I realized its an urn. Now it makes sense. Gotcha bitches

Oh wait, heres another one even later with the fences installed. The lettering along the bootom states those are gun pits in the foreground, sorry thats a lie. In the original Sullivan image you can see the piles of mud in place, either they were part of the layout from the beginning or they were just too lazy to spread it out and decided to call them gun pits.

Evergreen Cemetery still exists today

Bonus: Evergreen Cemetery, Colonial America is a Hoax

The his-story of the gates and the people involved each have their own stories to tell. Without getting too sidetracked lets hit up just a few of the headliners.

Steven Decatur Button

The Evergreen Cemetery was built in 1855 by architect Steven Decatur Button, this guy also built a similar themed cemetery gates at Mt Moriah and the Egyptian style Oddfellows Cemetery, both in Philly. In Mt Moriah is buried Civil War Metal of Honor recipient that served on the USS Richmond, Mr McClelland. The Oddfellows cemetery buried Civil War casualties taken from nearby McClellan Hospital. All this is according to the Ministry of Truth Wiki, the connections arent pointed out, you have to know what you are looking for. This is an example of how its a self-supporting system that only acknowledge their own and steal credit for everything, regardless of truth.

Button also is noteworthy for the Gothic style First Baptist Church of Philly and the short-lived first Montgomery, AL Capitol Building. Both of these burnt down shortly after completion.

Samuel Simon Schmucker

The cornerstone was laid by Reverend Samuel Simon Schmucker on Sept 1, 1855. Sammy Simon Schmuck… The guys name is Schmuck. That’s supposed to be for real or something? Mockery at its finest, like the triple S’s, SSS, like a snake in the grass. The symbolism is everywhere.

Attended UPenn at age 15, University of PA is one of the 9 oldest universities in America, along with Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, William and Mary, Brown, Philips Exeter… Those are the ones I know off the top, there are a few more. Its a thing in the spook world to go to one of these, they’re command centrals used for recruitment and training and NWO military intelligence industrial complexes. After UP he went to do missionary work in KY (missionary is code for either slaver or intelligence agent), upon returning he debriefed at Princeton before returning to Gburg

Schmuck was one of the first religious figures in history, history being the year we call 1800, I didn’t check but if you looked Im sure you’ll find his counterpart in Jedidiah Morse, of the famous Missionary School.

Sammy founded the Gettysburg Seminary and the Gettysburg College, and started a New World politico-religious movement called the General Synod. Listen to this, on the college Wiki page it says they award…

  • The Lincoln Prize has been awarded annually since 1991 for the best non-fiction historical work of the year on the Civil War.
  • Starting in 2005, the Michael Shaara Prize has been awarded for excellence in Civil War fiction. Shaara was the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1974 novel about the Battle of Gettysburg,

Get it? It’s a joke, on you… Unless you’re a NWO spook. It’s called mockery. Lincoln is a fictional character, he wasn’t real. This is a prestigious institution offering a reward for writing a non-fiction piece about Charlie Brown. And then to top it off, they give another prize out named after the guy that did write the best Civil War fiction, and they say he himself won a Pulitzer for writing about Gburg. It’s difficult to find the right words so I can dumb it down for everyone that isn’t following… They just admitted the Pulitzer winner is the best fictional writer they have. LOL Fux sake bro.

1846 was a big year, for starters Schmuck merged with a medical industrial complex out of Philly, a proto Big-Pharm, Jefferson Medical College, anything named after a fake founding father is bad news. This was already part of UPenn so whats up? Wait for it… it was founded by a Dr. George McClellan. Yep. This family is embedded like a tick. Another JMC founder had a son graduate in ’49 that went onto become Surgeon General of the Army. *Check out W. Forbes and the grave robbing scandal that led to the legislation regarding unclaimed bodies being donated to science. I can tell you without looking the case was staged. A Forbes charged with body snatching, good one.

Sammy wrote a book in 1838 that led to the creation of the World Evangelical Alliance, which was formed in Freemasons Hall, London, 1846. As the name suggests this is the One World religion of the NWO, If you weren’t yet convinced, their office within the United Nations is located in Geneva and they also use the acronym WEF, which is World Evangelic Fellowship but also is World Economic Forum, which happens to be based in Switzerland as well.

Simple Simon the Schmuck is one of the O.G. New World Order priests, he just is credited with blessing the cornerstone ceremony at the Evergreen Gates. Gburg college is in the Matthew Brady photoalbum, you’ll see it, its fenced off with freshly planted saplings. The Seminary is the massive brick structure with the recognizable cupola in the background of many Civil War pictures.

The funniest part yet is that the home of SSSchmuck was used as a hospital during the battle, you know, the hospital camp that we have pictures of in Sullivans name that has no patients and a Luciferian sigil hanging over each tent? Yeah that hospital, that was Sammy’s place. But wait I ain’t finished, the property was attached to an all girls campus called the Oak Ridge Academy. Crazy right? Maybe not if you haven’t read my file on Oak Ridge you wouldn’t get it, thats why you have to know what you’re looking for and be able to recognize it once it’s found. I think this is location number 5 named Oak Ridge and each one has some treacherous shit behind it. More about that soon, for now we have to get back to the Evergreen Cemetery Gates.

Link to Schmuck’s Appleton Encyclopedia bio. Appleton was one of the sacrifices, all mainstream sources print fictional people, some are set up so obvious that they get thrown under the bus by their own people to make the other sources seem more credible. Appletons got outed after an unacceptable amount of nonexistant people were listed in their pages but they continued to print anyway. Anybody with a write-up is a red flag.

Back to Evergreen

Oak Ridge



The gazebo off to the right. We’ll be taking a look here too of course. Already we can see the lattice is damaged and the vines have taken over. In an earlier image the panels arent even attached all the way.

The pavilions of Old were functional as well as ornametal. I dont mean functional as they provided a spot in the shade for social gatherings either. Understanding the full role has proven difficult but it revolves around the energy production of the suppressed type. After the reset the technology was removed, or at least rendered unrecognizable, and the structures were repurposed as just a plain stage, in some of the more prominent areas we can find the first carousels in Paris and Coney Island.

There are often found alongside other pieces of the energy generators such as the archways. This is the case we have in Gettysburg. The pavilion here was here the whole time, its not like it was thrown together hastily around the water cooler. It appears in ruins in the first picture and remains throughout the sequence. Its even featured in the fake battle paintings. Not only was it here but it was fixed instead of torn down.

Whatever input I could offer of the purpose and role the original gazebo would be speculation on my part, which I avoid as much as possible. However its presence and repair is noteworthy

Arches in Art

Here are the only images available of any actual battle scenes. I mean there are tons more similar in nature but these three are representative, meaning they are all introduced later and drawings, artist renditions. There are no pictures of the battle bc there was no battle.

The obelisks and monuments were present in the art work bc the place was supposed to have been a cemetery before the battle. We have seen the photographs which refute this as they are absent in the early images and appear in the later ones.

Money Shot

You would think for all the excitement there would be literal mountains of dead bodies in the field. I have been to Gettysburg several times and seen the battlefield, its not that big, so with names like the Slaughter Pen and Devils Den you’d expect a bloodbath scene right? Sorry to disappoint but no, here are the few photos I could find, most are from Gettysburg but I included some from other famous battles too for comparison. There was no war, at least not like we have been indoctrinated to believe.

This is the only image featuring some kind of gore or what you’d expect a real war casualty to look like. Its still fake as fuck though. If someone’s guts got blown out dont you’d think there would be a mess on their clothes? Not a speck of blood. Zoom in on the face. These early fake death shot use prosethic fish lips, I guess its some sort of imagery projection. The people looking at this most likely have never seen a dead body before, swollen appendages and such are exaggerated. Plus hes got an eye hanging out that just looks like something from the Halloween Store. The hand is blown off but does the photographer expect people to think it landed there or did he toss it back with the corpse? Either way doesnt really matter bc its their favorite ‘Hidden Hand’ NWO gang sign thats what it really is.

This one here is called the Slaughter Pen. Thats the rename, originally it was called the Valley of the Shadow of Death, too bad they already had one during the Crimean War, remember, the one that finally admitted to being a fake bc it was so obvious all the cannon balls in the road were stage props? So they changed it. Still doesn’t look like much of a slaughter anyway; a few pairs of legs sticking out from behind a rock. All the young vegetation is undisturbed as well. That’s always a tell.

Heres the thing with all these pictures: 1. theres no blood on anyone, not one. Not even the guy that had his guts blown out had any blood on him. 2. The ground is undisturbed in every one. Not even the grass is flattened in most of them, no divets or craters or horse prints or cart/cannon tracks. 3. No debris. They are laying in a pristine field, no trash littering the ground. No items of a soldier like canteens or weapons or shredded clothing, nothing. Fake. 4. How did Sullivan manage to sneak out into the field and capture the dead soldiers each day. I didnt include the caption when I cropped the photos from the Library of Congress, they are specifically marked on which day the pics were taken. I guess Sullivan had a Press Pass. And number 5. Where all the the bodies? this is just half dozen tops, even if they were authentic, which they are absolutely are not, but say they were. 50,000+ people died here that weekend. Do you realize how many 50,000 dead bodies would be laying around. I sure dont, but Im sure it doesnt look like this. Here is a quote from a body detail soldier, I mean a script written by some spook that never saw Gettysburg:

Now you look me in the eye and tell me you think any one of these pictures match that description. Fakes, Moving on.

The next three images provide the only attempt to prove there were actual graves in the cemetery, albeit not exact 52,000 ppl worth of graves but 6 is a start. The last image supposedly was taken during the 1870’s during a massive exhumation process to give everyone a proper burial

So many bodies were buried in the fields of Gettysburg that not all were found, and remains were still being discovered almost a century and a half later. 

In 1996, a tourist found human remains in territory called Railroad Cut, about a mile outside town. It was the first time more or less complete human remains had been found on the battlefield since 1939, reported the Baltimore Sun at the time.

The remains were examined by the Smithsonian, and found to belong to a man about 5 foot 8 or 9 tall, in his early 20s, who had been shot in the back of the head. 

In 1997 the remains were given a military burial in Gettysburg National Military Park Cemetery alongside partial remains of other other soldiers found over the years.

If the Smithsonian is involved they are lying, they are fake history gatekeepers like Harvard.

Hints of Crimea

Here is the ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death’ from the Crimean War. Much controversy has been drummed up over the existence of two images, suggesting that one has been staged. The reality is both have been staged and the controversy is coming from Errol Morris, spook cover-story con-artist film maker and writer for the NYTimes.

Here is my link that details the Crimean War.


85 ft obelisk in tribute to the entire army.

There was no battle fought in Gettysburg. Its another tourist-trap history hoax site. The monuments tell the story for us. There are so many triggers I could waste a whole post here. In fact, it does run on a little bit, please excuse me, I kept finding more and more cool shit till eventually I had to cut myself off. Here is a link that details every monument and memorial in Gettysburg and the Civil War for that matter. An invaluable resource if such a thing is needed.

There are over 1200 individual monuments and markers in Gettysburg. Its like Harpers Ferry but much larger, and Harpers Ferry is located on the canal and river and railroad and state lines and foot paths like the Appalachian Trail, a vortex. Gburg is about midway to some major populated areas but its landlocked with no major rail system… I’m still scratching my head.

Here in a line we have the Horse Tamer, followed by another Obelisk, a Soldier Column, and Cupola.

33rd Massachusetts

See, told ya, monuments are a distinct language. A 33 obelisk in any context is a mark, they are more common than you might think. I’m not going all the way back to explain the meaning but you can find it all over the website, just read up some of the other posts.

This one is for the Massachusetts Infantry that supposedly served at the fictional battle here. The plaque has alot of number codes going on here too: 2nd brigade from 2nd division, 11th Corp… So right off the top we have triple doubles, 11, 22, 33.

July 2 would be 7/2, or 77, or 27. Not much meaning to me but it does present another case of doubles. 72 has significance in other schools, for example in the Precession of the Equinox the zodiac moves across the night sky 1 degree in 72 years. (Random link for more info). In this line it takes 26,000 years for a complete cycle of the zodiac. I can’t offer any input about this thread, except that everything said about Space and History is a lie

NY Monument

The monument was dedicated in 1893. 1893 was the year of the Chicago World Fair, many historically significant hoaxes and false flags originate from this point in time. Why would so many fake dead soldiers be from NY in such a backwoods area like Gettysburg? Families insert themselves as martyrs for generational status centuries later. Such a list to track down the decedents of fake dead soldiers would take too much genealogical research than I am willing to do but you can bet I’m pretty accurate.


This was the first Confederate monument established at the site, not until 1884. It seems they couldnt get their story straight, somebody had to go back and correct the lettering to match whatever the script called for. There are multiple excuses given as to the confusion, such as the like of since Maryland was a neutral state they had Confederate and Union troops fighting each other. Sure, whatever you need to tell yourself. They had to change that shit bc the narrative always changes on the fly.

Another obelisk, gee whata shocker. The ball on top could be the Sun over the Pyramid or the All Seeing Eye. Or both. These things are layered.

Here is a close up of the change. The fact that the change is even acknowledged is what confuses me. These corrections happen all the time. Normally the whole stone is replaced if the name cant be stuck from the original with a new one added. link

Eternal Flame of Peace

More Roman imagery

The memorial was dedicated by President Franklin Roosevelt on July 3rd, 1938, the 75th anniversary of the battle. One Union and one Confederate veteran unveiled the 47 foot tall shaft.

Over 1,800 Civil War veterans attended what was to be the last reunion, all of them at least in their nineties. They lived in a luxurious tent camp complete with electricity and boardwalks set up in the fields north of Gettysburg College, attended by a host of Boy Scouts.

The monument was the inspiration for the eternal flame on President Kennedy’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery. Thats a load o crap, the Eternal Flame is a representation of Lucifer and that is the inspiration for ALL the flames we document at this website.

Signal Corps

The Signal Corp dont try to take any prizes at Gettysburg but thres no way such a major fraud production like this is gonna be pulled off without their inclusion. The Signal Corps are some of the most scandalous perps ever. Check the Westward Expansion essay for background


L: A 4-sided arch is the largest State memorial in Gettysburg, finished for the 50th anno, 1913. Atop is perched a winged entity wielding a sword in one hand and a food crop in the other, the message said to be the biblical passage, “beat your swords into plow shares.” Others say it means ‘Victory through peace,’ which to me says ‘Peace by superior firepower.’ The truth is neither, probly more something like, ‘Go do your slave work or I’ll fuck you up.’ I havent given it too much thought though. R: Old World style castle tower topped by Maltese Cross, 91st PA


I never seen so many tributes to the New World Order in one place, they almost lose all meaning due to saturation. I would say this spot is significant in the paradigm shift but I dont see the other markers of the power structure. These are all still subservient to the Winged Lion and Serpent Slayer, and I see no evidence of ancient canal beds. The pre-existing arch is a head-scratcher for sure

Tammany Hall

Tammany Hall, the notoriously corrupt political org from NY couldnt help but get in on the action. I’ll have to go back and review his file but Tammany got started through fake history surrounding some old world Starforts and make-believe Indian Wars, Tammany was the name of the Delaware chief. They also were influential in establishing Columbus Day, a holiday most cherished by Native Americans today. Anything surrounding Columbus they have a hand in, like the Columbian Expo in 1893, one of, if not the biggest World Fair in America.

It is appropriate they chose an Indian motif for their Civil War monument… just ask them. Thats what my mind goes to every time I hear the name Gettysburg, Indians. The tipi is a symbolic pyramid. Note the hand on the hip with one leg slightly extended farther than the other, with a walking stick, sometimes it’s a cane, sometimes its a rifle, but the pose is a tell. Link

The 322 shout out is just the tits. The backplate tells it was a Kennedy that was responsible and includes the sun burst rising on a Reset and Roman seascape.

Another from NY but only from private interests, not governmental. The NY flag is included inset the granite pedestal.

Jenny Wade

Jenny Wade is known for being the only civilian to have died during the battle. Legend has it she was making bread for a Union troop when a Rebel sharpshooter shot her through the heart. Jenny’s last words to her sister were: “If there is anyone in this house that is to be killed today, I hope it is me,” because her sister had a baby. She was buried in her sister’s garden on the 4th of July, later to be moved into Evergreen Cemetery. You can’t get any more patriotic than that, Hollywood writers couldn’t make this stuff up, oh wait they do.

Can’t just end it there, lets go for over-the-top drama. The heart-wrenching tragick love story is her fiance’ is buried in a nearby plot. He was killed in a later battle and the two rest together each without knowing the others fate. I ilke the way they manipulate Jenny from Ginnie, from Virginia, from the Virgin Mary. Classic stuff here boys and girls, I love it. Her story is Puke. (Wait, Herstory, that’s kinda like History. Get it? Lol, sorry I couldnt help it)

Look, this segment is about inclusivness. She is another spook apparition, like Lincoln. Part of her includes going to see Lincoln even, they always use lies to prop up other lies, its their M.O.

Her family made her up. Dad was commissioned by the 80th PA Militia and Capt of the 10th infantry (Aces and Eights). Her sis was Mink Coat Mafia, see my post for details on who they were. She was an early Feminist. Not only that, she was a McClellan, as in General McClellan of the entire fucking Union army. I could write a whole dedicated post to this creep, but for now one sentence from his official bio, and you’ll see why this sentence in a bit…

 “Initially appointed by Ohio’s Governor William Dennison, he was soon made second only to Scott by a former attorney for the Illinois Central-Abraham Lincoln.” 

Sissy McClellan had in her resume, among other titles:

  • Civil War Nurse
  • President, National Woman’s Relief Corps (WRC)
  • President, Iowa Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
  • Matron, Benedict Home for Unwed Mothers, Ft. Dodge, IA.
  • Gettysburg house is a museum today

The background of these can be found in the Angels on Horseback, Frontier Nursing Service, and Birth Control Pill development post, I’m speaking of Mary Breckenridge.

They only reference themselves and prop each other up, so I’m not surprized to find in Sissy’s bio they lived on 49-51 Breckenridge Street before the battle. In the aftermath, she worked as a nurse for wounded soldiers quartered at the Adams County Court House. On 19 Nov (666) 1863 she was among those gathered with President Lincoln as he delivered his Gettysburg Address in dedication of the new Soldiers’ National Cemetery. The following year she worked in Washington, D.C., caring for wounded soldiers at Emery Hospital.

Looking for a fresh start, they traveled as far as Iowa, where a small railroad had just penetrated (Gen McClellan was an engineer for the railroad), and in 1866 the couple left Gettysburg to live there temporarily. On 03 Nov (333) 1866 the first passenger train arrived at the unincorporated village of Denison, laid out 10 years earlier in Crawford Co. In 1867 they settled in Denison, In Denison they had 3 more children: James Briton (1867-1936), Nellie G. (1870-1959), and John Harry (1880-1952). Lou McClellan became Denison’s first marshal, serving 3 terms. He was a building contractor by trade, remembered for many structures, including the “old” courthouse and brick schoolhouse.

So it turns out they were Resetters given their own town to settle, Given credit for building the leftover pre-reset structures like the courthouse… I wonder if I can find an image of the Old Courthouse he stole credit for… The town was named after the Ohio Gov that appointed the General. Thats why I chose that quote. He wasn’t second to Lincoln, there was no Lincoln. He won, and his family was given birth-right privilege and fictitious relatives were invented to be martyred, just I said in the beginning. I dont see where people dont get it.

Considering this is the school he is also said to have built I’d say it was the fancy white courthouse McClellan has his name on. Really it doesnt matter if a Marx or McClellan or Berliner chiseled his name on it, none of them built it, these are old world relics, like the arch in Gettysburg that led us here in the beginning.

Masonic Ritual

The above says “Laying the cornerstone for the Soldiers Monument at Gettysburg, July 4, 1865. Photographed by Gardener, purchased by Philip and Solomon, Washington. Thats the first time Gardener’s name has come up as the photographer of anything. He is part of the trio along with Brady and Sullivan, I dont think any of them are flesh and bone human, they are real in the same sense that gives currency its value. Alex Gardener is a pun; A. Gardener, get it? They are plantng the seeds and cultivating the NWO. I doubt there really was an actual photograph of the cornerstone ceremony, if so it is hanging behind the lodge doors somewhere or locked in a private collection

National Dedication: Dedicated Tourist-Trap History

The finishing touches were the most important part of the illusion of the grandiose battle scene, the cannon. The arrival of the cannons dont come until all the site prepping is complete. They are for looks, the centerpiece, nothing but stage-props. The cannon represent the cheap smoke-and-mirrors parlor trick used on such a large scale the idea someone had just been took couldn’t even enter their fluoridated brains.

Abe Lincoln delivers the famous Gburg Address on the Grand Opening day, we’ll get to him in a bit.

Gettysburg had a great big party when the site was finally ready for ticket sales. They even brought in the nonexistant prez Lincoln… or so we are told today, who knows what they told the people back then, the contemporary media reports the incident but then again they have fake papers going back to Colonial America, which never existed at all.

Oh look, its our favorite OoPA. No date listed but a good indicator is vegetation growth. Notice the centerpiece is real. No word on who or what the Weccoco Legion is either. The addition was installed in 1885.
Soldier march thru town, this is taken as an image of war games preparations but in reality its a parade for the battlefield dedication.
Whats up with the Question Mark!

Soldiers and citizens march thru town, this is taken as an image of war games preparations but listen to this, the caption in the LoC says the crowd is marching to the cemetery on Nov 19, 1863. They really shoot themselves in the foot with this footnote in the bottom corner, Gettysburg with a question mark. Come on guys, this is the gatekeeper Hall of Records and its not like this is some little obscure skirmish, Gburg is kinda a biggie…

I’m sorry but I don’t agree any battle which claimed the lives of 50,000 people should be considered “Great” or “Grand Beyond Imagination”. Imagination is the trigger word, its all a ‘smoke and mirrors’ parlor trick, an illusion. This is a subliminal command, the technical term would be ‘coaching’, or maybe ‘suggestion’, to trick someone into doing something without them knowing, in this case using their imagination to picture a ‘Great Grand’ battle bc there wasnt one, just some landscaping, stage props and a good PR team i.e., the entire Western media.

But Wait, There’s More

The next four pictures are part of the same story:


Image 1 and 2 are of the same photo, you can tell by the character midframe with the blurry face and 3 white triangle pattern collar. 1. has the guy with the red arrow mark, he appears original to the pic and not a paste job. He is about the only person not blurry, which means he is posing for the photo, the Hidden Hand and one leg extended. There is a group of soldiers on the left that are in focus but lets ignore them for now. Also note the rock by the kids foot, the rock is a stage mark. Im sure there is an industry term for when an ‘X’ is placed on the stage so the actors know where to stand but I’m real, so from here on out Im just going to call it an ‘X’.


Number 2 is the same photo, just zoomed out. You can tell by the kid with the 3 triangled collar, now center frame. There is another poser, also center frame, this one again has his hands in his pockets and a full profile shot is a One-Eye representation. This means the photographer intentionally had poser set up in the background and foreground to make sure his message was delivered. Note the ‘X’ rocks behind the foreground poser, 3 in a line.

The guy with the top hat and cane just looks like a creepy old bastard so I thought I’d mark him too


No. 3 has the same kid with the triangles but 2 new posers, in the same position by the ‘X’ mark. All three have some variation of the same symbols… Its like this ok, for the nay-sayers, if youre taking a picture of the back of a crowd and three people are turned around facing the camera and each is flipping the middle finger you are not going to be like, ‘Uh, It’s just a coincidence.’ The thing is, not many know what these gesticulations represent, it is the New World Order, it is a sign that whatever context they are found is a fake.

Furthermore I think its highly plausible the line of soldiers is providing the clearing for the photographer to get a good shot. This scene feels too much like when those monks caught themselves on fire to protest Vietnam and there was a ring of soldiers surrounding them but all they really did was stop somebody from fucking up the photo-op. (BTW, they were dummies, not living monks)The real shots of the Civil War come from a camera, there was no ‘Great Grand’ battle, its psychological warfare.


Image 4. is the same, all the posers holding some NWO tribute stance, the line of soldiers keeping the wanderers out of frame, the ‘X’ stone behind the boot of the kid with the ‘Thinking Man’, ‘Hidden Hand’, and ‘Capt Morgan’ signal. Mission accomplished boys


What? You dont really expect the top dogs to be commanding from the mud alongside the grunts. Officers must maintain a superiority complex which is conditioned in them since day 1. My position is before the supposed war there was nothing here. Im open to the possibilty that the town itself might have had some Pre-Mudflood structures, the Evergreen Arch for example, but living quarters as history provides simply didn’t exist.

How long do you think it would take to prep the site to match the narrative? A few years? Its not as much work as you think, a faux-homestead could be mocked up in a few weeks with just a few workers, multiply that as many times as you need for the entire region to be developed, the key is it need only be partially developed, its a fucking war, remember. If the house you are building doesnt get finished on schedule its ok, the rebels destroyed it. Do you innerstand yet?

This is one of the headquarters for one of the generals. It may be the shell of a house just for the appearance of habitation. Aside from the house itself there is no sign of people. The rock wall could have been built and then kicked over in a few places to make it look disturbed. The painted fence in the back has a fresh coat of paint and random panels smashed and broken. same with the wooden gate in the fore, it has been ripped off one hinge and then carefully propped up so its still standing.

The thing that gets me is the trees, All the trees are leaning over like how they look after a hurricane, they are also young. Go back up to the arch pictures and you can see them planting saplings. The trees also look too close to the house for real life. No way bro, shits fake AF.

Horses from 9th Mass, Bigelow, as in the Bigelow aerospace Military Industrial Complex family. They have been inserted into every war in American history going back to hijacked Starforts at Bunker Hill during the Revolution. The barn in the rear isnt finished
This house was not destroyed by violence, its not finished, the whole rear exteriot wall is missing. The weeds are grown up so much you cant even walk.
HQ of Lee, the woman and child are a nice touch. The fencing is stacked up, not busted up. Why do they plant the trees so close to the houses? Bc they dont you to get a good look at them. Only the appearence is necessary

Unknown Soldier

The image appeared in the 1863 edition of Frank Leslies Illustrated Journal. “An incident at Gettysburg. Last thought of a dying father.” It was the sketch of a dead soldier clutching a photo of his family.

This was a pull-your-heartstrings story that has gone on still to this day to find out who the father and the children were. Hint, there was no soldier clenching a photo, it’s made up. Its a psychological warfare tactic. Jeez, how many times do I have to say it. They’re lying.

Most recently there was an exhustive 5-part piece ran in the NYTimes that cites just about every book ever written all the way back to the 1863 First Lie. I got that bitches number too though, it was written by a guy named Errol Morris, I got a jacket on him an inch thick. He was the controlled opposition spook that finally came out and admitted openly that the Crimean War image ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death’ was fake. Remember, we just were talking about that, we must have summoned this little shit bc I found his name about an hour later. He was also involved in the Roe vs Wade abortion rights mock trial (psych war) I cant recall exactly what context and dont care to check, the link is on my homepage under the birth control pill eugenics essay, he’s in there.

They used the case to justify putting an Orphan Asylum in Gburg, as if they needed justification. The whole world is repopulated with war orphans. The head mistress of the orphanage is the one pushing the tear-jerker to begin with

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1867, by the Executive Committee of the Orphans Homestead, Gettysburg, PA– Photographed by C.J. Vyson, Gettysburg. The building, now newly roofed and adapted as far as practicable for its present use, was occupied by Gen Howard as his headquarters at the battle of Gettysburg. It stands on Cemetery Hill, within a few rods of the vortex of the angle formed by our army in the battle. It is used until a more commodious and suitable structure can be erected to shelter its present fatherless inmates, with many other soldiers’ orphans in different States of the Union, awaiting admission to the institution. This picture was taken June 21, 1867
The proposed site is a little more grandiose next to the real thing. Morris says it never got built bc the guy leading the witch hunt for the children in the image was stealing money. Of course he was, thats what the whole schtick is about, shysters like Errol Morris are still stealing money from this bogus story today.

The original image is still floating around the ethos somewhere, keep your eyes peeled for the story to make the headlines the next time they need to insert the emotional response this story was invented by the media to achieve.

I guess here is as good a place to insert the hero story as ever, every war needs a hero. Old John Burns is called the only citizen to participate in battle. Burns was wounded 3 times and fought with his trusty flint-lock musket. This pic was taken as soon as the war was over. Doubtful, this image has been cropped, the full image shows a delapidated shanty that would be condemed. Burns is another powerhouse family, thats why he was chosen, hes probly just another actor pulled from the Brady portfolio, its the name that important. Note the Hidden Hand and crossed legs, theyre a tell

Media Reports of the Day

[Gettysburg, Pa. Alfred R. Waud, artist of Harper’s Weekly, sketching on battlefield] This is supposed to be serious, as if the media has any credibility, they show a picture of a sketch artist drawing the battle, instead of showing a picture of the battle. People will look at a Harpers Weekly cover and swear that’s exactly how things played out. In the pre-camera world the news imagery was provided in sketch form. The camera was mainstream by this point, the Crimean War was held a decade earlier as a celebration to show off the newest propaganda masterpiece but it was still too early for them to be so commonplace as every outlet had access to one. Printed media such as the Chicago Tribune and NY Times didnt print images and illustated outlets were Harpers Weekly and Frank Leslies Illustrated Journal provide more images than words. They are gatekeepers of the official narrative and so far I have not found a single article put forth by any of them that was honest.

These are the sketches that Mr. Waud had published in Harpers Weekly, the August 8th edition:

General Crawford huh? Crawford was the name of the county that Dennison, Iowa is in. You know, where McClellan relocated and built the school and courthouse, remember? They named that whole part of the State after themselves
The ‘true account’ that accompanied the images in Harpers Weekly

One of Waud’s sketches is about the Louisianna Tigers, I found a Sullivan image that mentions them in the caption. Doesnt match the sketch, thats for sure. Not only are the two guys layered in, you can tell by the unnatural lighting on the heads and shoulders, but if you zoom in the buildings in the background have been drawn in, like the flag and center piece in the arch photo.

Good Ol’ Honest Abe Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address

The dedication ceremony was delivered on Nov 19, 1863. The date is important bc Nov is the 11th month, so you get 11/19, and them bc of the Laws of Inversion the 9 becomes a 6, also the ones represent whatever they are standing next to, as if you multiplied that number by one you get the same number. Therefore, this is a 666 mark, the fourth 6 is just a bonus. In this way is how Sept 11 is a 666 mark also. Flip the 9 and the ones become the standing number…

The headline speaker was Edward Everett, (the double E’s become 33. I know E is the 5th letter but have you ever seen a cursive E? Its a backward 3 and we just talked about the Laws of Inversion, trust me on this one.) Everett was considered America’s premiere orator, he also happened to be Prez of Harvard university.

Eddie spoke for over two hours straight. Lincoln followed immediately after and only had one paragraph he finished in under two minutes. You can go back and read through all the reports and flashbacks over the decades, its not that hard, there are hundreds in the internet archives. None will tell the same story, its not that they cant get there story straight, The piont IS to tell it different in every issue, it keeps conversation fresh and debate alive. You can literally say anything… except that is was a fake, you can try but i dont think many will listen. I’m trying, lets see how it turns out…

Whoa Whoa Whoa

(I’m gonna have to finish this after I get home from my slave job, I got enough to publish now though)

I thought it was kinda strange that there was no images of Big L at the dedication party, finally in the 50’s someone tried to pull it off. Now we have to return to the 4 images of the kids flashing NWO gang signs. I knew they were up to no good.

They are obvious fakes, worser than the original fakes. This one makes me smile, someone put alot of energy into this, the thing is, it works, its now entered into the mainstream official narrative as a part of history. Its all an illusion. The banners are added to the people to single them out, the precession of Lincolns entourage with the arch perfectly centered in the background, the guns stacked up are chop-shop added, and the soldier playing pocket-pool.

There were reports in the media about Gburg and instances like the orphan children, the real narrative of the events of the battle are written in stone by Eddie Everett at the dedication ritual. Here it is in his own words…

The media attempt to elevate the phantom to demi-god status has been largely successful. This was in the NYTimes, the holiest of holies in media credibility. Nov 24 is thanksgiving, check out my report on that mindfuck. There were no pilgrims or Indians so what is the holiday all about. State ritual consumerism.

Here’s one going all the way back to the 30’s that is already attacking anybody that questions the narrative. Well call me a muckraker bc the Civil War is some bullshit and Abe Lincoln never existed.

Random Images

Nothing I like more than a Satanic pentacle on the roofs of all the hospital tents. Doesnt look much like a hospital. Let me remind you there were 50,000 casualties here. Where is a single patient. Reports say there was a literal mountain of amputated limbs piled up all over the place. Maybe they are tricking you but they aint tricking me. Do you see what I mean about the posing yet, the positioning of their bodies has meaning; legs crossed, hands on hip, hands in pocket, walking stick… there are many variations. This aint no battlefield hospital, its a stage.
Encampment looking down from Cemetery Hill, at least they call it an encampment, I dont see nothing but a bunch of tarps set up in a field, thats it nothing else
Dress Parade, July 1865, thats just it, theyre playing dress up. Parades are a military game at its lowest form. 1865 was the anniversary party, the battle was in 1863. Duh

Sanitary fairs in Philly, Baltimore, Ny, Brooklyn, Chicago 1864

The Christian Commission, (CC=33), its still the Sanitation Committee, these were the World Fair hoaxsters
This is from the Brady file, titled 3 Confederate Prisoners, lol, thats just what I thought they were when I saw this, I thought, I bet those are prisoners, just look at ’em.
This is a church on the way in to town. Nevermind the custom paint job, look at the jungle growing out of the eves. Ive been here, these people take their churchin’ seriously, I dont think the town was occupied except for maybe a handful of people like the McClellans and a slave population
Some tourist sites are just some plywood nailed to a tree. Reynolds has about half dozen monuments to himself and a HQ mock-up.

Andersonville Prison Camp

Ft Sumter by M. Brady

Washington Monument

This is supposed to be the Washington Monument construction
Maybe they built this rickety wooden shanty that cant stand up by itself but these people did not build the obelisk.


  1. Well done. I will share your opinion and observations. I’ve been following StolenHistory form for some time now, the topics of mud flood, Tartaria, pseudo antiquity, Reset… everything is falling into place and fits together. I would like to add that in my country I have many similar buildings, monuments and events (1812 – Napoleonic Wars, 1861 – January Uprising, etc) – certainly partly fictitious and propagated by Masonic creators in the 19th century, Masonic commanders in virtual battles … health.


    1. Ive got alot to say about Napoleon but its too broad to put in a few paragraphs. He is used to dismiss ruined and impoverished people and landscapes and destroyed cities and imaginary borders.
      I like stolenhistory but dont get time to post much and still havent learned to navigate the site; everything it their little compartments. but please share away, Ive had some interaction with some people from there but its been awhile. Im trying to post an image of the poster ad i found in boston, the post from yesterday, there is an ad of the Eye and O. C. letters but i vant get the small print and was hoping someone could find it.
      What is your country? January Uprising is Polish right?


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