Fake Death of Harriet Westbrook Shelley

Lets talk about art for a sec, the art world is completely run by intelligence spooks that use the name of art to transfer shit tons of money and pay tribute to themselves and their works. So when someone name drops a person or some event it really throws up some flags. Whoever they put up is really going to have an upswing in their career, even if they play the bad guy in his-story books. They only promote their own. The most revered get bronzed. If you see a bronze in public it is an agent or a tribute marker. I challenge you to find one thats not. Marble busts are common too. Murals. Paintings. The common ground is art. These contacts are significant and indicate a high-birth, or a lifetime of shabbas goy servitude.

Harriet’s story… Well for starters she doesn’t even have a Ministry of Truth page. Everyone thats connected to the people she is connected to has a wiki page, seeing someone without one is a tell, usually means they are hiding something.

Harriet Westbrook Shelley, successful merchants daughter, was the first wife of poet spook agent Percy Shelley. Writers are another variation of artists. The Ministry of Truth says the two met after Harriet and Percy’s’ sister were schoolmates. Percy had been expelled from Oxford as their relationship developed and the pair eloped. He was 19 and she was 16.

Percy wasn’t expelled from shit, he was sent on a mission maybe, classic misdirection with the fake falling out but nobody gets expelled.You cant get expelled bc there is no admittance either. There might be a recruitment here and there for window dressing but these people are born in. If someone does something bad enough to be expelled they are eliminated altogether and blackwashed in history books. Percy was the homosexual companion of Lord Byron. Byron the pedophile deviant. Maybe that was a quick jump, shouldn’t be, all these people are, you should already know that. I was just putting it in perspective. The marriage was a sham. They need each other to procreate and for the deception but they don’t know love

The story goes that the two didn’t last long together. Harriet got the preggers after the teens eloped and Shelley abandoned them. A short time later they remarried and she got preggers again but it is admitted the marriage was only for appearances for the children’s sake. Percy had hooked up with Mary Godwin by this time and Harriet had moved on to another man as well. A military man. Percy even writes a poem about the war medals clanking in time with the bedsprings.

Harriet was so broken hearted she drowned herself in the Serpentine Lake. Some sources call it a river but Serpent is the take-away. Oh yeah, and she was about 8 months preggers. The smart bet says she went into hiding, faked the death to start a new family with the bastard father. She needed an out and after the fake suicide was propped up by complicit media Harriet could pop back up in another part of the world somewhere with a new name. A new background can be inserted and whose gonna know? Whose gonna tell? The media that covered her slip out the back door? Intuition says celeb and elite children do not die. They are taken to be groomed for the long game. Inserted just like a fake name.

The suicide narrative also gives Percy what he needs, hes living with Mary Godwin by this time so he needed an out as well, his marriage to Mary was not recognized and she had already had children out of wedlock and they had another child 7 months after their wedding. All families concerned are aristocrat class elites… I mean this wasn’t a jerry springer show, reputation means more to these people than the law. They dictate the laws. The future-Mary Shelley’s family despised Harriet and was putting pressure on our homeboy Percy. Daddy was funding everything since Percy couldn’t really provide a living so the timing couldn’t’ve been more relieving

Mary would later be given credit for writing Frankenstein while on a vacation with Percy and Byron, she didn’t write shit. They lie about everything. Mary was also a generational spook, probs from another sham marriage, her mother was Mary Wollstonecraft, an early feminist of note and her father William Godwin was forefather in the controlled-opposition anarchist movement.

The odd thing is at the time of the supposed suicide things had turned around for the poor thing. Harriet was set up financially, her father-in-law had set up a maintenance fund for her, on top of that Shelley was paying her a fair allowance. After her grandfather died she would have been well-to-do for the rest of her life. She had met a new beau with a baby on the way.

The context of Harriet’s’ death is the subject of debate, but its intentionally derailed. Any speak of non-suicide goes to murder instead. Or accident or illness. As long as its not fake, as long as the line keeps her dead it is permitted, as soon as you say ‘that’s a lyin ass bitch’ you’re out of bounds. There is evidence to support foul play, for one a journal entry by Godwin reads ‘H.S. dead’ on Nov 9, that’s the day she disappeared but her body wasn’t ‘discovered’ till 6 weeks later. the premature journal entry is taken as evidence of murder but it shows advance knowledge of her fake death. Everyone was in on it.

Harriet was given a promo piece by Mark Twain himself, it doesn’t get any more spooky than that. Another one of her whitewashing biographers is named Boas, a variation of Boaz, the pillar of freemasonry. Every name is a lead.


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