Remember that Guy that Hijacked that locomotive and tried to Derail it into the USNS Mercy?

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Eduardo Moreno, engineer for the Pacific Harbor Railroad to be released October after just 30 months. How does that happen? lets take a look at his jacket.

First off lets rewind for those that arent familiar with this incident and hit some bullet points. News reports 44 year old engineer derailed the train to bring attn to the Navy hospital ship that he claims is not what they say it is.

When i saw the headlines I couldn’t believe my eyes, someone actually did something. My default response is its another false flag or hoax. Nothing makes the local news unless it gets green-lighted first. The news doesnt give any real details, they never do, so its up to you to dig a little deeper with whatever scraps they do release.

  1. The first thing I considered was the date, this happened on April 1st, April Fools Day, a classic spook marker. Also there is no continuity with the dates, not between news sources but also between the state. Court docs give a window between March 31st and April 2nd. 3 days is a long time to not know what day it was, especially when it is captured on video.
  2. The next thing I seen was Moreno’s home town of San Pedro. San Pedro is a mescaline-containing hallucinogenic cactus. This is a definite possible shout-out to MK-Ultra mind control.
  3. Even his name, Eduardo Moreno doesn’t exactly sound Caucasian to me but thats what it says. Marrano is a word for cryptojew.
  4. Eddie was an engineer for the Rail Road, any RR agent or event connected to the railroad is automatically suspect

*See side- post about USNS Mercy/ Templar pirate ship

Court Docs

I even mailed this guy a thank you card and offered to put 20 bucks on his books. If you ever been in a situation similar to his you understand how important this is. The system feeds off emotions like depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness… It is a conscious entity that creates this atmosphere and targets any source of Light it can find. I try to stay positive so even though I was pretty sure this guy was a set-up or at least a psychological warfare operation to discredit conspiracy theorists and make them all appear crazy and violent, I have been keeping tabs on this thread you can find some more articles in the menu above.

Nothing was returned. Not my letter refused, not a thank-you-for-caring note. Nothing. Whata dick.

I found him on inmate-locator after a little searching I found him held in the L.A. County Fed joint. Scheduled court appearances are listed but it depends on the state, federal cases are a different beast altogether. There were no charges listed or cases on the docket.

Not everybody realizes this but all court records are public property. You might have to jump through some hoops or pay a small processing fee but dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Some places will even reimburse you the fees as long as you stay within a certain limit. Its to do with attorneys that need a wheelbarrow full of records. They add up fast, do you realize the amount of waste generated by the judicial system? Say you’re a lawyer with a dozen cases that means you need all the waste x 12, that equals thousands of pages and hundreds of dollars. In this instance the complete file was about 25 items totaling just over 100 pages and costed about 25 bucks, which is reimbursed after the quarter as long as its kept under 30 dollars a quarter. See:

Lets cut to the chase. After checking up every few months to see if there were any updates in his case with no results I bit my lip and paid the fee’s to get his file from the Feds. I will try my best to upload a PDF here so you can read them for free but Im new to the website building community.

The Cast and Crew

If you don’t already, you should really start paying attention to names. Theres a few families that run shit and their names are found everywhere. Names like Rockefeller and Rothschild are out there in the spotlight so other powerhouse lines can operate right out in the open. They don’t even have to hide in the shadows bc nobody even knows what they’re looking for. The first thing I look for are the names. You will say ‘Oh thats just a coincidence, there are millions of people with that name.” Sure, ok, Im not saying there isnt. When you get to a certain level though than yes, it most certainly does matter. When it comes to celebrity or authority they only use their own. As far as history goes all the family trees, such as the Peerage that my homeboy M.Mathis bases his whole thesis on are fake af. Their generational wealth and prestige is all they have, thats why theres an army of people scrutinizing every single entry on sites like Geni. It all goes back to land grabs. We are a species ruled by binding contracts like wills, deeds, titles, charters… and theyre self-validating stage props. Thats why you should always pay attn to names.

The FBI Domestic Terrorist Special Agent is a Swain, Swains are an old spook family going back to the scripted his-story timeline founding father in Colonial America. They also had a chapter with the fictional New England witch hunts that climaxed at Salem. The Swains also are connected to the early C&O Canal project and one of the original purchasers of Nantucket when the whale-oil was booming. These are all significant and that this fella is a Special Agent of the Terrorism Division at the FBI is not a random and unconnected occurrence, except nobody recognizes it but if his name was Soros everybody would be all like “Look at him its his family connections”

The LA County detective is a Yamamoto, a Yakuza family.

The Sgt is a Clements, as in Samuel Clements aka Mark Twain, spooky pedophile that was also a charter member of the Bohemian Grove ceremony.

FBI Task Force is an Agent Wright, of the Military Industrial Complex (think Wright-Patterson base)

The original judge before the feds picked him up was a MacKinnan, This is McKenna. I have a file a mile thick on these guys from fake Indian painters to agitators in the early fem movement to acid gurus of the counter culture. a break-away faction will start up but will only charge the name one syllable or add or take away a letter, this gives the illusion of difference but they are still the same. McKenney, McKennis…The name Hoffman is one of the most variated, I’ve seen; Hoffer, Hoffa, Hoffmeister, just a sec ago I saw a Huffman was partnered with the O.G. Wright bros, they’ve been on my list for awhile now, cant wait. Hoffman and McKenna have been working together on psychological warfare operations for generations. Dont be surprized if you see a Hoffman somewhere in the train wrecker case. This MacKinnan doesn’t stay on very long, only the initial bond review

The Case

Moreno waived his Miranda rights and right to a speedy trial and filed for pre-trial detention right off the right off the top and gave a full confession. The actual confession is on audio tape and while they belong in public domain also its a little more involved getting an audio confession than it is getting some e-filed transcripts. The only sort of confessing statements we get is the soundbites in the media. “The whole world is watching”. man that shits been regurgitated so many times its even got its own wiki page and inserted into the Ferguson narrative by the Atlantic Monthly, they’re worstest ones. “We only get one chance.” Same thing. He never says anything with any substance. I would think if someone is so committed to derail a train they would have some pretty strong convictions and if the whole thing is designed to attract attention there might even be like a prepared statement. There is none of that, in fact it is clear from the very beginning he is a loner. He just decided in a flash of inspiration to steal the train with no forethought or help. The Feds never even question this, they go right for the lone gunman theory right from jump street.

He switched attorneys when his case was picked up by the feds. His new lawyer at one point must’ve been considering some kind of insanity plea bc he filed an intent notice and all the psyche-eval’s were completed. This is all theater, what’s known as ‘courtroom drama’ for a reason, but the steps are still gone through. Insanity pleas are never filed in real life. Any time you come across a case where someone goes it is a mock proxy trial.

Moreno was charged with

‘Terrorist Attacks and other Violence against Railroad Carriers and Mass Transportation Systems’ in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1992(a)(1). That carries a max penalty of 20 years. That the only charge he was EVER charged with. Normally, when you are booked the cop fills out every possible charge he can think of and then its up to the states attorney to decide which charges they can actually make stick. Its not up to the cop what to charge you with, being arrested and being charged are not the same thing. Its like a simple moving violation can get you 5 different tickets, one action can get you 5 separate charges and then you get indicted on what they can stick you with. thats why you need to keep your fucking mouth shut to police. I think it is highly fucking suspicious this cat was only booked on one charge.

And lets take this a step farther. Eddies charge is against the Railroad, its not even against the State or public. This article is a code, not a law. Codes are not laws, just like mandates, statutes, rules, polices, and orders. They do not apply to free people. The code is a corporate violation and there is no jurisdiction over living soil. This is another form of mockery. They are making fun of the general population that does not understand this, its part of the attack on conspiracy theorists. The RR kept this in-house and since they override the gov there was no criminal charges filed. Not even booked, that tells it all right there the arresting officer was in on it. The concept of Sovereign Citizen is used to make fun of people that seek the true nature of our legal system and prevents others from doing it too when they see everyone else getting beaten up by cops that try. Funny how they never show the cases where the people make the court look like shit and walk out owning the places. I touch on this briefly at the end of the post.

The Deal

Needless to say he pleads guilty. Heres where it really gets interesting. There are two things sealed by the judge i was not allowed to get. One was the results of his psych-eval. The other was what the deal was he got for pleading guilty. Whatever the details are would take an act of congress to open but the only reason is nigga got his files sealed is bc he is a Cooperating Witness. This means he is a snitch in protective custody. A Confidential Informant.. If this nigga really felt so compelled as to steal a train and derail it at the ship, if he was genuine about what he did he would have told the feds to stick their plea bargain right up their ass.

One quote from his medical records I found in another file… Eddie-

“…suffered from untreated bipolar affective disorder and was suffering an episode of
mania with psychotic features[]” at the time of the incident.

That was all I could find.

If he wasn’t a spook before he is now, maybe this was his recruitment. Like his initiation prank. Now he graduated and by contract magick he is owned by the intelligence community for the rest of his life. Not even Intel, he’s owned by the railroad, there even worse. There is no finished. These people use up the snitches till they die or someone kills them.

Most recently the Gov has filed a complaint that the sentence is too lenient and they do not agree. Wait a minute. I thought the District Attorney was working for the govt when she offered the deal, how can the same gov disagree with itself? Maybe it’s bc the deal didn’t come from the gov. The USAO was working for the railroad and the gov stepped in and was like whoa whoa whoa, we’re getting something. Who knows, Eddie could be doing Informant work up in the joint. fuckin punk.

oh yeah theres 800,000$ of damage here, lets not forget about. As far as the description of the incident goes it maybe just a little bit embellished. Prosecutors do that. Lets look at the clip again.

I dont see any of the things the gov says in their complaint. Wheres the steel and concrete barriers? Maybe they mean those jersey walls, like that would stop a speeding locomotive. gtfoh. And to be honest Im not seeing the debris anywhere that the train supposedly crashed through, I mean theres like 5 sections of jersy wall missing, they should be there somewhere. Its like a spot was removed as if they were trying for the distance record and didnt want anything to stop them. The sections of barrier were removed in advance is my point. Maybe Im wrong. Then where the fuck are the missing walls? What’s up with the track itself? It looks freshly laid and goes absolutely nowhere. Looks like it was built just to ramp something off of it. Sure there might be a jersey wall down the street a bit but what about at the end of the track? Theres nothing there at all to stop anything from coming off the track. Well except under the bridge where nothing important would be. How bout the train? Id like to see the service record and insurance policy. They’re not in business to lose money.

Soveriegn Citizen Trap

Most of the tiny bit of judical system experience I have doesnt just come from research. Personally I beat a life sentence over a bullshit attempted murder charge. Took me 3 years to get home. They put me through every type of legalese proceedings in the books. My cell buddy stabbed his landlady in the face with a corkscrew about 20 times. He said the CIA put microchips in his brain that made him do it and he was for real when he said that. Scottie-Boom-Bottie used to tell me he could make me spontaneously combust if he focused hard enough, then he would hold his breath and turn red and start shaking. I would die laughing inside but always begged him not to bust me into flames. This guy was for real fucked up and they wouldn’t even give him an insanity plea option. Thats why I say the things I say, and thats why I sent this bitch a thank you card at the very beginning… well it was actually a hand-drawn note since you the system doesnt allow the Hallmark type cards anymore. And I couldn’t just drop a 20 on his books for commissary. its a cottage industry, you have to have the recipient add you to an approved list for you to add money with a credit card. I told him if he added my name I would put 20 on there so he could call his family. In a real-world situation that smallest of gestures is the biggest move in the world. If you been there you already know. Most ppl do not know this and accuse me of promoting the Sovereign Citizen trap.

Sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron. The word “Citizen” implies you are part of a society and under its jurisdiction. Therefore it is a fallacy for a “Citizen” to declare himself “Sovereign”.Thats why ppl who work as public servants laugh and make fun of dumbass hillbillys that you see on COPS tv show. Even “Natural Law” starts off with the State of nature, making it another form of govt, same with the term Sovereign for that matter, People that want to research wordplay and spellcraft should pick up a Blacks Law Dictionary. Lets go to the Legalese Book of Shadows ‘Blacks Law Dictionary’:

“Citizen” and “inhabitant” are not synonymous. One may be a citizen of a state without being an inhabitant, or an inhabitant without being a citizen...

Mandates, codes, orders, rules, statutes are not laws and do not apply to non-citizens. Of course try explaining this to some dumbass cop recruited outta high school and hes going to lock you up. Thats does not mean you are wrong. Its a binding-contract, they swore the oath to honor it, that means if you stand your ground and dont make any mistakes, like identifying yourself as an all-caps corporation, you win. The whole system is like this. built in fire-escapes if you know how to navigate it. Taxes are voluntary. Drivers Licenses are bogus. You cant say things like “Drivers licenses are unconstuitutional” because the constitution only applies to citizens. The next time you walk in somewhere and someone tells you to wear a mask bc of the mandate never tell them you are sovereign. Just do like me and punch them in the dick, works everytime.

Silence is literally and legally your consent. By not saying anything you are giving your legal permission. So the people that are like “I just go along with it so it will just be over” are some of the worstest ones for dragging it out. When you go in front of a judge the first thing he will tell everyone to do is take a seat. This is part of the spell. By agreeing to sit down you have already lost bc you have acknowledged their authority over you. You dont have to give it to them. Starting to see a little bit?

Look, let me tell you something here for all the people that dont know. Whenever you have an interaction with the police dont say anything. Tell them politely that you do not answer questions. Some will try once or twice to challenge you but if you stand your ground they will not fuck with you. This is true for signing as well. If you are arrested the officer will ask you to make a statement, by this point they already got you as they wont press you to make a statement and will even tell you not to. You still have to sign the papers. Its all binding-contract ritual and legalese wordspells. and you there has to be your consent. When the cop makes you sign your papers and you write “no comment”, that IS your comment. The only way to not make a statement is to refuse to sign anything. Even better than refusing alone is to repeat that you do not understand. This will usually piss the cop off bc he cant complete his end without your consent Your signature is literally and legally your consent. Technically you should never sign anything that has your name in all caps as it is a corporation set up in your name with your social security number at birth.

Thank you if you read this all the way to the end. comment and subscribe. I got alot of word docs Im trying to convert over to the webpage. Good shit. Leave me a comment ya grubby wanker