Chemtrails Added to Old Pictures

Old photos are touched up all the time, modernized, the strange part isn’t that it is happening, but the places we find them. They are already mindfuck operations to begin with so it shouldn’t be that strange that these are the places with the highest concentration. Most people don’t even recognize the geo-engineering operations going on today, when they see these supposedly old photos with the same background it makes them think the sky has always been like that.

One thing I always thought was amusing I saw on a Walking Zombies show there was an episode that showed chemtrails front and center, not only that but the exact scene was during the climactic ending a power struggle between factions. The insertion of chemtrails was good enough, it’s post-apocalypse, there are no airplanes. First I thought it was as easy as trying to make them appear natural but considering the power struggle I think it means that whatever is going on in the Peasant Class world will not affect the long game projects that the parasite class are working on. It’s mockery. The zombies are an allegory for the Reset, like Napoleon, and just as authentic.

Athleticism as a health choice

Part of the athletic clubs rise in America included a heavy German element (fake Prussians). I came across this one as it’s the meeting hall in Chicago where the first unionizers were held. They were more like embassies where the radicalists from Europe would set up shop. In our essay it’s the place where the leadership of the Strikers of 1877 and the Haymarket Incident would huddle.

Athletic clubs would soon unite to organize the Boston Marathon and the Olympic Games, which were military intelligence projects

The buildings were all called Turner Hall bc Turner is an American bastardization of the German word for gym. They said it was from when Napoleon occupied the land the citizens determined the best way to fight the soldiers was to be in good shape. This thread was also part of the Olympic Games/international military intelligence games (NWO). Napoleon was a fictional character, cover story for the Reset. Link

Mali, Dogon Tribe

Chemtrails added to old pictures, not that 1974 is old but there were no mass spraying operations going on yet, fake pic, Home of Dogon tribe in Mali

Battle of Stalingrad

Fake battle, the war is real, a real mindfuck

Dalai Lama

Child god-king and his CIA Nazi mentor Heinrich Harrer


Byrd Expedition

Admiral Byrd was an actor playing the role of polar explorer. His flight logs supposedly proving he was the first flight over North Pole was inserted decades later when it was ‘found’ in the attic of Ohio State. Everytime I link to the university archive they change it. Gatekeepers. The hollow earth camp has a tall tale about Byrd flying into an underground base and a shootout with advanced tech… That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.


Fake ruins, Fake sky, Hamburg

D.C. Obelisk

The monument to Ba’al in the Nation’s Capital. Construction images are as fake as the lines in the sky. The normie timelime of its construction is a lie. All of DC construction images are fakes. I just realized there’s enough it should have it’s own post. Lincoln memorial, capital building, library of Congress, White House, all have fake construction picturest

This spot was chosen bc there is a slight color variation at this height, normies say construction was put on hold during the Civil War, that’s bullshit, the Civil War was invented to explain ruined ghost town cities and damaged infrastructure. There was a major event that took place in this part of the country but there was no Civil War as you’ve been taught in school.

Franco-Prussian War, Seige of Strasbourg

More ancient ruins hidden behind a forgotten war. These rubble piles are in the tipping point from clean up to repopulation. The orphans that are used to repopulate these areas are told fantasy tales about recent battles or natural disasters and how are they going to know they just got bullshitted.

This is an ancient canal. Compare with images of Croton, NY

Transcontinental Railroad Golden Spike

Union Pacific’s engine No. 119 (666) and Central Pacific’s Jupiter (Lucifer)

One of the chief engineers with the champagne is George Booth, in 1869 the Booth family would be in hot water you’d think considering John Wilkes supposedly offed fake Lincoln.

This pic is from the National Park Service, other images dont yet have the added trail but this is a gatekeeper authority and an iconic image, how long do you think all the future images will have been replaced?

San Francisco Cliff House

The Cliffhouse is the place that burned down after only a few years, popular in all the Mudflood groups today.

Cliff house by Moonlight. Check the original images, they won’t include the chemtrail fallout behind the clouds.


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