The Black Experience

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A file of jump off points I been collecting for a while now, yet to organize and expand but help yourself.

  • multiple links on Black RR history
  • Black Venus, Hottentot Venus. Side-show big butt. Check figurines found in malta catacombs
  • MLK and Capitalism
  • Black Labor orgs
  • 1881, a washerwoman’s strike in Atlanta involved 3000 mostly black cleaning women, where a labor organization was formed to petition for better wages and equal representation. This organization was later named the Washing Society.
  • 1895 Cotton States and International Expo- Booker T Washington ‘separate as fingers but same as the hand’ became separae but equal. The ‘hand’ is symbolic of the Hidden Hand. First ever negro building Nashville World Fair
  • James Wormley, black hotel owner in DC, present at lincolns death bed. had first black public school built, tranferred to Special Needs school, shut down in 94 due to lead paint and asbestos
  • Brown vs RR. about a woman thrown off a train for not using propper restroom, taken to supreme court
  • 1906 Atlanta Race Riots, interview by future head of naacp (named ‘White’) media induced racism leads to race riots, all prominent New England family names. Atlanta is Southern Seat of Reset Authority. Clark University is site of negro stronghold, Gammons school
  • history of the industrial negro, by Jackson. Jackson was said-slave of General Stonewall that directed the world fair at jamestown Negro Pavillion. introduced black banking, financed by boston cryptojew bankers. Jackson wrote the official narrative regarding Blacks in America, or at least his name was on the cover. Started Black ‘secret societies’ in Richmond. African slaves were in America before White Europeans repopulated. His book is the beginning of trans-atlantic slave trade lie and blames Whites. His book is more or less a description of Black participation in wars that never happened.

Gammons black priest school at the Cotton Expo, the black world fairs. The wagonwheel is a prop.

Economic co-operation among Negro Americans. Report of a social study made by Atlanta University under the patronage of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C. together with the proceedings of the 12th Conference for the Study of the Negro Problems, held at Atlanta University, on Tuesday, May the 28th, 1907 edited by WEB Dubois. published in 1907, same time and content as Jacksons, shows a marked push to give Black businesses, but only to make them tax slaves.

  • The Peabody Education Fund was established by George Peabody in 1867, after the American Civil War, for the purpose of promoting “intellectual, moral, and industrial education in the most destitute portion of the Southern States” except schools for newly freed African Americans. The main purpose of the fund was to aid elementary education by strengthening existing schools. Because it was restricted from founding new schools, it largely did not benefit freedmen in the South; only 6.5% of its disbursements went to schools for Black students in its early years. The Southern Education Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation, was created in 1937 from the Peabody Education Fund and three funds intended to support education for blacks: the John F. Slater Fund, the Negro Rural School Fund, and the Virginia Randolph Fund.

Negro Model Educational Institutions

Fiske U, Fiske is a major Reset powerlineage, a hidden hand string puller This is their mudflood campus in Tennessee and bottom is Howard U, in 1900, Washington DC

1896 Postmaster Shooting

Frazier B. Baker was an African-American teacher who was appointed as postmaster of Lake City, South Carolina in 1897 under the William McKinley administration. He and his infant daughter Julia Baker died at his house after being fatally shot during a white mob attack on February 22, 1898. The mob set the house on fire to force the family out. His wife and two of his other five children were wounded, but escaped the burning house and mob, and survived.

This case was used to help start the naacp. Its called a lynching but nobody was hung. Postmaster General is top intelligence agent, either the murder was a false flag or he was never the PMG. McKinley was the Prez that fake assassination at the temple of music at the buffalo world fair. Why is there a studio photo of the whole family right before the incident? bc they are actors.

WEB DuBois Graduation photo, Phi Beta Kappa at Fisk U. Most ppl have no clue the implications mean of this photo, that it even exists. DuBois is was/is a NWO spokesman for the Black Community, Phi Beta Kappa is is college fraternity going back to the fake Colonial Era, and Fisk is a generational Spook “Hidden Hand” bloodline.

Black experience in St Louis Commune, RR Strike 1877. jstor link

Silent Black film

The African Pigmy, “Ota Benga.”
Age, 23 years. Height, 4 feet 11 inches.
Weight, 103 pounds. Brought from the
Kasai River, Congo Free State, South Cen-
tral Africa, by Dr. Samuel P. Verner. Ex-
hibited each afternoon during September

Media today only says about the racism toward Ota but I think he was happy. He lived there, he wasn’t captive, well I guess he couldn’t just walk out but he was a celebrity. His smiles are genuine. He was put on display but enjoyed the attn, a poster child isn’t whipped. Modern day media is exploiting him just as bad as the ones that use him for other agendas. Heres a Post article that is lies, lies, lies but it offers a few leads.

Author note, Doyle was involved in the Helen Keller project, he wrote about the famous Perkins Deafblind School which HK’s mother first introduction.

9 prisoners in chains this is not a photo, its a drawing, you can tell buy zooming in on the legs and feet. maybe charcoal. one of the highest quality non-photo images i have come across

Congo Free Republic– the Congo was private property of the King of Belgium. The ownership only served so the international community would have a scapegoat. It was the International Military Industrial Complex that farmed rubber for the Machine.

The African interior is the only landlocked place on Earth I have come across. The old world was canal based. Whats that say if you live landlocked on a water based world. This is the only place cut off from the outside. I think it always served as a pool for slaves, the whips and chains kind, not the tax and debt kind. The institution of slavery was fully developed at all times in the past. Not like it was a new phenomenon and grew. What Im getting at is the Africans were in North America before the European Orphans came. African slaves were already here, Europeans are blamed for bringing them but the real slavers just changed their name to ‘missionaries’ and the ‘Church’.

Congo region was developed by Belgium on the surface, but they only served as a cover for international military industrial complex.

The reports of chopping off hands with machetes to save ammunition is only partly propaganda. It happened enough in reality. Much of the African story is shared with Asia. The Dalai Lama, man of peace and passive resistance.for instance. Pre-Communist Tibet was whips and chains slavery too, “the Dark Ages” of Tibet its nicknamed They use hand chopping too as a punishment. Its ‘Hidden Hand’ symbolism.

Akeley-Eastman-Pomeroy Nile Expedition 1927, Its a Hollywood set and costumes

Mali Empire

Trans-Sahara Trade Route is Africa’s version of the Silk Road

Dogon Tribe World Fair Project

The Dogon Tribe have cliff houses, pueblos and sky burials… Not only that but the masks and costumes and even the ritual dances seem too similar to the Aztex cultures of S America. Below shows a Roman Sparten mohawk hat that is in the Bon religion of Tibet… All these ancient cultures are fictional. What is more likey? that some kernel of the same Mystery permeates the whole ends of the earth and thousands of years apart, not just one or two representative cases but every aspect of their culture is a fractal pattern of every other culture, or could it be that the same narrative his-story is reused over and over everytime a new ancient culture is discussed?

And the so-called ancient space knpwledge is some bullshit too. Shore it sounds cool and all but its NASA propaganda, space is fake af. Did you ever think of that?

Shore is convienient how everytime you try and get a straight and solid answer about especially their own history the response is its an oral based tradition, the retelling varies. Sweet.

Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/17 This image is part of the Colonial Office photographic collection held at The National Archives, uploaded as part of the Africa Through a Lens project. Feel free to share it within the spirit of the Commons. Historic pics of Mali

Map of the burial cliff in Kani Bonso near Bandiagara, Mali.

 Kado tribe

In late 1946 Griaule spent a consecutive thirty-three days in conversations with the Dogon wiseman Ogotemmêli, the source of much of Griaule and Dieterlen’s future publications.  In 1991 anthropologist Walter van Beek concluded after his research among the Dogon that, “Though they do speak about sigu tolo [which is what Griaule claimed the Dogon called Sirius] they disagree completely with each other as to which star is meant… All agree, however, that they learned about the star from Griaule.”

In a 1978 critique, skeptic Ian Ridpath concluded: “There are any number of channels by which the Dogon could have received Western knowledge long before they were visited by Griaule and Dieterlen.” In his book Sirius Matters, Noah Brosch postulates that the Dogon may have had contact with astronomers based in Dogon territory during a five-week expedition, led by Henri-Alexandre Deslandres, to study the solar eclipse of 16 April 1893.

Black Culture, photo album at New York Public Library