Dishsoap and Coconut Oil for Fleas

The short answer for everyone included is yes, coco oil is the best home treatment for flea infestations made by nature. But, it should be only considered as a temporary relief. The oil contains Lauric acid which is particularly unpleasant for biting parasites. The oil coats the exoskeleton first causes immobility followed by suffocation, leaving your furry friend with a soft coat and healthy skin. On top of this I should add even if your pet doesnt have any fleas you should still do this for them. it made a world of difference to my suffering little fuzzy companion. The reward of having your pet look at you like their savior is worth any inconvenience it takes

Ok, lemme tell you a backstory, I was locked up for a few years. I never thought I’d see my boy again. When I got home he was strictly outside cat, he stayed with my girl. I was happy he was alive to say the least. what Im getting at is he was neglected those years. His dreads covered his whole body. They were tight, all the way to the skin. Alot of areas are sensitive, especially the stomach and back of the hind leg. They were very painful so he wouldnt let anyone touch him. My girl thought he was mean because he wouldnt let anyone touch him but he only did that bc his dreads hurt him to touch which is what made him mean… see how that works. It took me 8 hrs a day for a week to give him a shape-up. when he finally was able to stretch he laid on his back and held his arms straight out over his head for like an hour.

My cat I found crawled up under some dead bushes to keep cool and hide from bugs had been outside since April, its August now. He had a horrendous flea infestation and his skin was having an allergic reaction, you know how they get that layer of crust around their shoulders and neck. He had dread locks knotted to the skin on his belly. He lost so much weight he was too weak to move it was sad to carry him in the house for a cool bath. Angelpie has never been neglected, hes 6 mos inside/6 months outside by his own wild ass choice. When temps start to drop he brings himself back inside to nest himself on the heat vent and gets fat till the spring thaw.

His skin was the worst I’d ever seen on him, not the worst ever, just on him. You could see how red and raw it was from all the scratching and feel all the scabbys around his collar. You could see the relief instantly start and within a few mins the redness went away, his itching stopped. All the little abrasions on his undercarriage fell away once they were hydrated. I could even feel his skin itself cool down a few degrees; He felt hot and dry to the touch, a couple mins later his skin color returned to its normal shade and he was shivering, but not cold shivering but the kind thats more like shaking or quivering thats how they express relief.

Its almost been a week now, his reacted skin around his shoulders and neck is healing nice and will be good in a few days. I reapplied whenever I saw him digging in with his backlegs scratching. An application lasted about 24-48 hours depending on thickness.

It kept fleas off the skin for about that long too. you could see the fleas hanging off the tips of his hair when it started wearing off, not quite enough though to get to his skin. I was hoping the lauric acid would leave a residue on the skin and hair but it didnt seem to, once it was gone they came back. The acid builds up on their exoskeleton till the flea is immobilized and suffocates

How did I not even know about this stuff? The general lack of knowledge about the range of benefits of coconut oil shouldn’t be surprizing. Shits good for everything. Especially treating flea infestations.

Plus the oil gives many of the little bastards time to jump away. If you just want to apply to a stray or an outside animal thats fine, you dont want to treat a flea ridden pet indoors, all the fleas just jump off the cat and onto the carpet and furniture. A dish soap bath beforehand not only knocks the dirt away but kills everything on contact. Theres no fleas to jump off if theyre all dead.

Flea dirt is another reason to wash first, its essentially blood that has been turned into shit, not very healthy Im sure, and the pet will naturally lick himself once the oil is applied, you dont wanting him licking shitblood off his coat.

I thought this would be something everyone could take away from. It wont last forever so its a temporary delay at best. It’ll give you time to find a more permanent solution. It does work though, no debate, I’m just sharing personal first-hand experience.

Angelpie stretching his arms for the first time in years after i cut the dreadlocks limiting his mobility so he couldn’t jump on the fence.
Angelpie on a good day

Skin Care

When you reach down to scratch behind fuzzy ears and feel scabby, flaky, or scaly skin a hand full of coconut oil is the bestt response. Flea infestations will lead to allergic skin reactions known collectively as dermatitis, in this instance we are talking about F.A.D., Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Secondary infection can set in from scratching and biting, introducing fungi and bacteria that causes more scratching and biting. Coconut oil is anti-fungal and bacterial. It hydrates dry skin and promotes fresh cell regeneration.

Coconut oil also soothes irritated hot spots, stopping the itching swelling and discomfort associated with infestations. I have been using it for years on cats and dogs for many reasons and every time the animal is receptive and cooperative as if they instinctually know that it will help and every time it has helped.

You really want to get this stuff down to the skin and massage it in. Dry and cracked or calloused foot pads would be a great place to use this

It also helps boost the immune system so while its healing and regrowing skin cells on the outside on the inside it is working overtime as well.

Skin therapy is one of the greatest benefits of coco oil, even if your cat doesnt have fleas or some variation of dermatitis they would really just feel good having some fresh skin cells grow and wash away all the nasties.

He had gotten into a fight recently and had a cut on his head that had formed a thick hard scab, first I thought it was a tick. Trying to pull it off wasnt happening but i put a pea-sized amount on his cut to hydrate the scab and it wiped right off after a few hours. The cut itself had already been treated since I put the oil on, hurrying the healing process.

Aroma Therapy

Yes it works, its part of the experience. One of the first things I noticed was how receptive he was. The fleas took a minute or two to die and he was still recovering from a bath but when I put the oil on him he was very welcoming and even thankful, not only did it provide instant relief on skin contact but also, as I read later, coco oil is well known for its de-stressing aromatherapy properties. Even humans are encouraged to put a spoonful in the bathtub. I don’t know anybody that takes baths anymore but if you do you might want to consider it.

Later I found out the oil is prized for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety due to its therapeutic aroma. I noticed this had a slight effect on myself as well. It was an intense moment between me and the cat and the moment the smell hit our noses there was a change in body language on both our parts; he quit struggling so much and I was gentler.

I notice this same effect everytime I apply it now, puss does too, as soon as he smells it he relaxes. Never one time has he struggled against the smell or feel of coconut oil.

Cat or Dog or hippy

Dishsoap is a cheaper less toxic less expensive alternative to flea and tick shampoo and works in seconds. The degreaser penetrates their exoskeleton and they die instantly. This is the purrfect prewash cycle. Coco oil isnt messy really, I mean its oil, but its not greasy and is absorbed into the skin quickly, but it collects dirt as you go and by the 48 hr mark you’re companion will be kinda groady looking so you dont want to start with dirty right at the beginning. This is tough since the nature of flea infestations is dirty greasy fur

This works great for the fleas in direct contact, a squirt of dawn relieves hotspots instantly. The sucky part is once your cat dries out the fleas come right back. theres nothing residual to keep them away and eventually the soap will dry your cats scalp out which leads to scaly, scabby skin.

If a long haired animal is neglected for even a short amount of time they will develop mats and knots. Who isn’t time-strapped these days? One way to help yourself is to use a handful of virgin unrefined coco oil if it has been a while since the animal has last been groomed. It doesn’t have to be virgin, i got the wrong one before i knew it was a thing but it worked just fine, its a general rule, the less tampered with the better.

Dreadlocks might look cool on some animals but really most pets shouldn’t have them for a few reasons:

Limited mobility. When i came home after lock up for a few years my boy had dread locks across his armpits and rear hind legs that prevented him from jumping on the fence. the fence is the highground. In the summertime he builds a nest in the kudzu and stays up there for days.

Overheating. Pets will overheat fast af, if you’re hot, so are they. Long groomed-hair is tough enough, unkempt matted knots hold all that heat in and need to be removed. Put some fresh water out for the strays.

Fleas. Do I even have to say anything? Hey did you know the term nit-wit is about flea infested wigs? True story. Fleas are very painful and can lead to some even worse health problems. Fleas change a pets entire demeanor, if you start to see different behavior patterns check for flea dirt. Likewise if a stray or new cat acts skiddish for long consider it might have fleas, esp if it has dreads or nappy fur.

Fortunately we have coconut oil, which helps treat all the above and more. It helps get the knots out and then helps prevent them from happening again. Coco oil is one of the best natural moisturizers out there for hair, adding shine and soft and fluffy.

If you are treating for fleas you might want to keep reapplying, each application is good for about a day and a half, thats when it will start drying out enough for the little bitches to get him again. After you figure your end-game you’re going to want to wash the cat off. it will all come off eventually but it becomes dirty after about 2 days and after about 3 applications it might be time for a rinse off. Many of the other sites say to use coco oil for the reasons above but then say to wash it off shortly after, using harsh cleaners to remove the oil you just put on seems counter productive if you ask me. Leave it on till its ready to come off.

The fur coat will smell better too, none of that ‘wet dog’ smell

Catnip and fleas

Not a chance, if your fleas have gotten to the point you internet searched how to get rid of them then it is too far advanced. That being said, there is alot of people that think catnip does work, because they saw it on the internet. Parrot sites regurgitate whatever their handlers tell them too with no first hand context.

I can tell you from first hand I tried rubbing handfuls of crushed catnip plants it did nothing to affect fleas. They group up on the head and cheeks and I rub it fresh off the plant to his face but the fleas hardly notice. Maybe I am using the wrong bush but the cat really likes it. Catnip was mildly effective against mosquitoes, i mean not really but it was better than nothing, for both me and the cat.

Essential oils might work better but like with Lavender, it can make them sick, and believe me they will want to lick themselves. Everything you read on the internet has its opposite counterpart, thats why first-hand experience is so important. here is an article that contradicts everything else by saying lavender oil is good for cats. Use good discernment skills.

Old Timers

Another positive benefit of oil is in the treatment of arthritis. My boy is getting old, hes 17 people years, in kitty years that would make him like 197. giving an older cat a coconut oil bath will help with painful mobility problems they might be experiencing. Its probs best to use virgin oil as opposed to refined kind with the good shit processed out of it (see also: processed honey). So far they’ve been saying that the whole time but I have only used the refined kind and there has been a noticeable improvement. Not only is it generally accepted but has been medically proven to be more effective for treating arthritis then pharmaceuticals.

Big Pharm launched the original smear campaign against coconut oil bc it is a saturated fat. The whole saturated fats operation was pushed by the Medical Industrial Complex as a scapegoat, kill two birds with one stone, blame something that actually works and is found in nature and two, provide a cover which harmful agents can hide behind, mainly sugar. This isnt a post about how the sugar industry threw saturated fats under the bus but it is worth investigating on your own… Also related to how the cancer industry hides everything behind smoking, making tobacco public enemy no.1 to prevent people from snooping around other projects. It seems now the tobacco industry is being blamed for withholding information from the cancer doctors but this is bullshit, just like how tobacco took the fall for cancer sources, the act of the deception has been thrown on top also, as if this deception was a fluke instead of the standard operating procedure that it really is. All the debate centered on coconut oil and health comes from the medical world, the American Heart Association, American Cancer Association… Any entity that starts and ends with those words are not who they say and only serve to further their own common goals, which are not your health and happiness.

Arthritis is a another umbrella term used to describe any of the 100+ conditions that cause joint discomfort. Animals feel it too, it gets harder to climb those trees and jump fences or play fetch all day as they get older. Coco oil has a direct impact on inflammation sites by promoting blood circulation to target areas.

Lauric acid is responsible as well, here is some technical stuff if you want. Lauric is easy to remember because the name Laura is close to me, so i just associate the two. I used it to treat some negative comments on reddit that said coco oil is not special against fleas, this lauric presence proves yes, it is. The comment was made by a vet which farther supports my position that pet med care is no dif than human models and a university certified practitioner did not even know of its existence bc they are only sales reps for drug pushers that only parrot what they are told by their handlers at pfizer or Bayer.

Oil can be taken internally as well as a full body massage by mixing a spoonful in their food at meal times. This will help cartilage regeneration and stop bone-loss. Its like giving your joints a squirt of WD-40

The symptoms of dementia are the same as cats in pain. I kinda feel bad now all the times i called him an old man for displaying behavior was really bc parasites were hurting his feet. As the pain level increased so did the behavior. Keep an eye out for sudden changes in behavior, its a pretty universal communication. His posture was hunched over and protected legs, he was hiding and changing resting spots every few days. mainly you could tell by body language, ears lay back, eyes dilated, wouldn’t let anyone touch him but hes a terrible lap cat normally… it goes on, only you will be able to tell somethings up. I was lucky it was only a bad cases of sand fleas, these symptoms also fit dementia

As if things getting more difficult physically wasn’t bad enough, now we have the mental aspect as well. Older animals just lose mental clarity more frequently now than they used to. The same is true with people and mental deterioration and the rise of alz heimers and stuff.

Modern ‘experts’ are baffled right? No way it could be the environment we are held down in, whatever they are putting in the air and water supply, processed foods and petroleum by-product based tablets and unjections. Nah, couldn’t be that. Too many people would have to be in on it and I would’ve seen it on the news.

The situation for cats was even given its own name. Feline Dementia. Causes and cures are unknown, they try to spin it like every old animal gets dementia, even people, its natural and a part of life. thats some bullshit. Its environmental; food additives, heavy metals in the atmosphere, frequency radiation from tech devices…

Coco oil has been shown in reports to perform better than diazapam at treating stress.

There are psychoactive pharmaceuticals to treat feline dementia, many of them are human drugs they just give to pets to try and improve quality of life.

Mental stimulation seems to be rather effective so spend as much time as you can playing with your pet

coco oil has been shown to slow down and even reverse progression in alzhiemer patients, here is the technical jargon if you want. It all goes back to Lauric acid and antioxidents


CBD, the cannabis derivitive would be good to use as well for all the same reasons with older cats. Its beneficial for everything between appetite and mobility discomfort to anxiety and dementia progression.

Highly Evolved Interdimensional Nomads

I dont really like to use the word pet to describe my companion soul brother. Not even care taker, whose taking care of who? I just feed him.

So heres the thing about us, Im pretty sure my ‘pet’ is a highly advanced spirit guide, incarnating here to help the earth’s evolution. Angelpie and i have been companions for along time, many lifetimes. Our souls recognize each other. I think he may be close to ascending from animal to human form in another lifetime or two. There is an energy transfer between us when he lays on my chest and purrs.

For some reason people dont think of animals when they think of old souls and Lightworkers but I’ve met humans that were less evolved than my cat.

My boy, Angelpie, is a 17 yr old Norwegian Forest Cat (long dense hair). He gets fleas every year, we live on the Chesapeake Bay (North Beach Wrecking Crew), a few things are just a part of life; mosquitoes and fleas.

Hes outside from about April till Sept, when temps drop he comes back home and gets fat waiting for things to warm back up. This year we had a bad heat spell, the whole world did (Stop Chemtrails), Angelpie has lived in the same yard all his life, I know somethings up when he misses a meal. He usually meets me at the door everyday when i get home from work he tries to extort a gravy pack from me. He missed dinner that night and thats not uncommon for him to be out doing cat stuff like saving the universe but when he missed breakfast the next morning it set some bells off.

Angelpie is a bad motherfucker, or was back in his prime, i seen him whoop a dogs ass one time and he hung out with a family of opossums for a while too, but hes getting older now. Recently a new neighbor moved in along with their ugly ass cat. Smushface we named him. I think Angelpie finally got took. I was able to hit Smushface in the head with a rock this one time.

The other neighbors cat is Ruckus. Hes kinda runty and young Ruckus and Angelpie hang out now bc Smushface wont mess with the both of them.

Ruckus. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Angelpie is ready to retire. Hes coming inside to the land of face rubs and gravy packs. He never minded the heat or the bugs before. I was concerned he was afraid of Smushface in his own yard but if you have never seen the way an animal acts with a severe flea infestation I’ll tell ya, it makes more sense thats the unseen force he was reacting to, he was behaving the same way inside the house.

The first time home after being locked up for 3 yrs. It took him a sec. That bullshit about cats not caring about their owners is just some Pro-Dog propaganda. Me and Angelpie had a reunion on the couch for 8 days. it took 5 days to cut off all his dreads, he would only let me do a little at a time bc they hurt so bad, he couldn’t extend his front or back legs which means he couldn’t even jump up on top the fence. Mama kept him alive while i was gone. I was at least happy about that, she fed him and kept him there.

Angelpie stretching his arms for the first time in years after i cut the dreadlocks limiting his mobility so he couldn’t jump on the fence.

I tried giving him the flea drops between the shoulder blades, he’d freak the fuck out every time and i wouldnt see him for a few days. I dont trust them either. the whole petroleum based chemical medical industrial complex can suck a dick. Im not gonna give him cancer trying to treat some fleas, and he was a young badass the bugs didnt bother him most his life.

Shampoos are kinda the same thing, who knows what the fuck they are putting in that shit. There is no regard for human life or health, wtf would they do to my cat? Dont even get me started on cat food ingredients.

A quick online search for treatments brings up the same mirrored squawkbox echochamber pages. They are Pro-Petroleum-Product parrots. They tell you little factoid style information like youre stupid

How to give a cat a bath

Day 3 of Coconut Oil Treatment

It is potentially a traumatic event for a cat to take a bath but it should be a bonding experience, an energy exchange. everything works within their own parameters, means kittys tend to avoid water. If you go spraying them in the face with cold water as soon as they get in the tub what do you think is gonna happen?

Turn the water on first, before the poor thing realizes whats about to happen, let it come to temperature. Restricting the cats movement is bad, that will make them freak out too, I mean like grabbing the scruff of their neck with one hand and trying to hose them down with the other is tough work, especially when trying to alternate between showerhead and lather. Instead, take your time, this is a bonding moment. maintain as many points of contact as possible but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful or even violent. Use wrists, forearms, elbows to let them know you got them surrounded.

They will ultimately try to escape at the beginning, especially when you add water to a hotspot and the fleas start to scatter or dig in. You can feel when a single flea is crawling up your leg, imagine dozens of them, all biting and moving at the same time, you’d freak out too.

Once the dishsoap kicks in fleas will start dying within seconds. it will take your kitty time to process what is going on. This can be bewildering in itself so just be mindful. Start with the tail, remember, dont start off with an ice cold squirt to the face. The tail and hiney give your pet time to figure out what’s going on and where this is headed.

Even though the feet are under water you still want to squirt some soap on all parts of the legs exposed. Lather it good, from the inside of the leg to the bottoms of the feet, get around the pads and between the toes

At this point the poor kitty should have calmed down a little but they will still they to escape without constant contact so use all parts of your arm so you can use both hands to wash. The fleas will start running which will freak the cat out, keep that in mind too, when you see them leaning into the sprayer they will still try to bolt when you switch up, this is the Great Migration, the fleas on the run for their lives. Place a drop or two on top of its head and around its cheek bones. This’ll keep fleas away from its face while you’re scrubbing down the rest of their body. I don’t like doing this first bc of the chance to get into its eyes if they’re freaking out. Do this as soon as your fuzzy friend has relaxed enough to hold still for 10 secs.

Don’t try to rinse each limb off before moving on, keep the lather on to prevent flea from traveling to a new territory. The body and belly are a breeze at this point, just a squirt along puss’s spine will take care of the top. The belly is best to use a handful of soap instead of trying to use the bottle to get into hiding spots like armpits.

You will probs have to repeat several steps, you’ll know when kitty is clean when the flea dirt is gone and waste water runs off clear. Dirt is basically dried blood and flea shit and is a good indicator of hotspots. If youre fast you can identify a presence before it reaches an infestation level, saving puss from the whole experience. On some level, since we will be using coconut oil afterward, removing dirt is the primary objective, since the coco oil is a leave-on application. This means all the blood and shit will come off on its bedding or the furniture, even worse, it could be licked clean by the pet itself and who knows what health concerns could be bc of that.

By this point there shouldnt be much fight left in the cat, not only will they be physically exhausted from struggling they will also be like a dif animal from the fact all their torment just washed down the drain. Drip dry whatever you can in the tub, let them shake it off. you might need two towels, one to lay on your lap and one to hand dry.

Coco oil will displace the water, that means you can rub it in still wet. Any remaining fleas that escaped the soap are fucked now. There is some online debate about the best kind of oil to use. The most agree unrefined virgin oil is the best. It is pasty white at room temp but melts clear in your palm. Other sites claim so far as to say refined wont even work but thats bullshit. All the local supermarket had was refined, that shit works amazingly.

just take as big a handful you can manage and rub it in. I dont mean smear it onto fuzzy’s coat, I mean massage into their skin. Trust me, if puss is still struggling at this point this is the part they will settle down. Even if you have to walk away for a second, go smoke a bowl, rub some on first in a small spot first. Remember, its going to take a moment for your cat to process whats going on. If you start a spot and walk away for a min by the time you get back your buddy will be waiting to finish.

Rub as much as their coat will hold, you really cant use too much of this stuff, and you have to get down to their skin. It is an energy exchange and bonding opportunity.


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