Nano-drone Pollinators and the Food Supply (Video)

I made this video at the end of 2019; honeybee populations had been in decline for years already and some landmark court cases raised some questions. Walmart ws filing some patents that didnt make sense at the time but now with Post-Rona vision we know exactly what they were prepping for.

This has all kinds of good info, I only made a few videos, I prefer the written format. Some people can make an hour monologue in a single take, not me. I spend more time editing than I do anything else. I would like to have some of my content converted to video format just bc so many people only receive their information that way, they’d never consider reading an article if they can watch it.

Take a few minutes and skim through

*Sorry for the youtube plug, wordpress has made it easier to upload videos directly but they take up so much memory its still impracticable. They charge for storage.

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  1. We can construe the video as a demonstration of the “Revelation Of The Method” and “Predictive Programming” effects of patents and should raise questions in the mind of most people as to the real purpose of publically published patents by the transgendered masonic oligarchy. That all current and future technological advances have always existed is not only a metaphysical reality (see Plato’s anamnesis why this is logically true), but may well be a physical one as well, as some of your other articles suggest.

    Everything that is happening now has undoubtedly occurred countless times in the past. It would be interesting to know how peoples of the past like ourselves have dealt with these situations.

    1. yes, i think about this often, about how long the prep time was between the old world and the one we live in now. If there were the mass die offs how did they rebound? The people? The only place i can think of is the catacombs in paris, I believe these are the remains of the past, but that depends on how many remains are really down there, if its just a few rooms set up as tourist traps or is there really millions and millions makes a difference. Even variation within species, like dogs and cats for example could not have evolved in just a few hundred or even thousand years as the timeline suggests. I have some unpublished stuff on terraforming operations i have found on google earth, mainly in the deserts bc they arent covered up with vegetation. So this indicates things have been going on for alot longer than anyone has put forth, except I saw that lady on Ancient Aliens mention it was 330 million years (lol). Some of the material here does get repetitive, but thats not me, the same narrative is recycled over and over, I started a report on the Dogon tribe with the ancient knowledge of Sirius but i could finish the report without even looking bc its the same thing as all the rest. plus, that bs is only NASA propaganda anyway, you have to buy outer space on their terms to believe the Dogon bait, which is another way to tell its bolony. Thank you for participating

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