HayMarket Massacre: Link Between Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, the Labor Question, and Controlled Opp Outlets as Political Revolutionaries

Intro and Context

The events at Haymarhet Square make for a good report just sticking to the narrative and can be told in a few paragraphs, for a fuller meaning and appreciation for how importamt this was, not just in America but on the World Stage, one must look into the past a little bit farther and to the future, even until today.

It goes like this:

In 1886, Chicago, labor organizing, Socialism, and the Industrial Revolution were just starting to pick up speed. Organized protests met with police hostility and one evening as the crowd was dispersing someone threw a homemade bomb into the police line, police opened up on the crowd and multiple fatalities occurred.
All the leaders of the organizing party was rounded up and put on a dramatic mock trial where they were found guilty without cause. A public execution by hanging finished everyone off. Later the Gov would admit they were wrong, creating working-class martyrs. The international community declared the day a world recognized labor day.

This is maybe one of the most uniting episodes in Reset history. The labor movement was picking up steam as the peasant-class debt slaves struggled for an 8 hr workday. The 8 hr day was a goal set in place by the Hidden Hand masters to make people embrace their servitude and let them feel like they had the upper-hand when negotiating with their tax-owners. The labor movement would play out in mining camps and mill towns all across the world with controlled oppositional leaders and mill/mine owners using the peasant slaves as pawns and in the end, when the 8 hr day was finally granted and acknowledged by law and by owner the population had just been duped into happily giving a full 1/3 of their life to the owner.

The Industrial Revolution was the ability to mass produce goods for consumers for consumers that had no use or need for anything but were tricked into believing they existed solely to be a shopper, the consumerculture. In New England milltowns the sewing machine was king, other instruments that were necessary for the mass-production of textile goods could themselves be mass-produced themselves in foundries and works.

One of these works was the McCormick plant in Chicago, McCormick was the top manufacturer of farm implements in the world, the agri-tech giant that would become International Harvester. The incident known as the Haymarket Affair would take place at the gate of the McCormick Works.

Only a few years earlier the factory complex was site of another large scale organized Civil disobedience episode called the Great Upheaval, or the Great Barbeque. The railroad strike of 1877 was a seemingly spontaneous nationwide strike for many of the same reasons as the Haymarket Event. Chicago was the site of the most violent chapter by far, reinforcements would arrive straight from the Indian Wars out West, the troop was the one that just fought in Custer’s last stand. Thats not only a fictional battle but there were no Indians, except the tribes US gov assembled for the appearance of such. The McCormick Works was ground zero where railroad special forces like the Pinkertons, the Blackwater mercenaries of the day, would set fire to their own property for insurance money. This is a lie too, the destroyed parts were either already in ruins or too old to be of service and in need of a massive cleansing.  The strike was intended to provide a cover story, this is the reason for the Civil War back East where entire cities like Richmond were already razed and in the process of being dug out

The location of the Haymarket Strike is also significant because of the owner, Stanley McCormick is falsely remembered as inventor and developer of the Combine Reaper/Harvester, the agri-tech farm implement. At the time this was no less than an international Military Industrial Complex project being worked on by Inheritor-class agents all over the world, thats why the end product is called the International, silly, anything International is code for NWO. The Combine was important bc it made it possible for 1 person to do the work that normally required the labor force of an entire army. It was the mass production of food and paved the road for commercialized farms. Commercial farms could be centralized, just look at who the largest owner of commercial farm land today is Bill Gates ffs. This was about creating and controlling the world’s food supply. It was recognized early that controlling the production of food was a must-need of the New World Order and one of the machines needed to accomplish this was the Combine, development began immediately and was treated as a military intelligence operation, prototypes being tried under cover of darkness to keep prying eyes away.

Research and Development was done under the guise of competition between manufacturers, each company had their own project and they would all meet up at the World Fair and compare notes. Progress and advancements were slowed down or speeded up as needed by a rigged patent office. Stanley McCormick would come out on top of the final product by being a shrewd businessman but moreso bc of birth-right, not bc he was the better engineer. He had the best public relations and advertising campaign.

The end game do-all machine was renamed International Harvester, or simply International for short. In general, anything called International is automatically flagged,  see in the sigil the red, lower case ‘i’ has symbolic value as well, same concept as all the iphone, iheartradio junk out there in Babylon. The emphasized i is probs means ‘illuminati’ or it is the separation of the top, like the ben-ben capstone, who knows, thats not why we’re here anyhow.

Illusion of New Form of Government

One of the things that makes this such a broad area and includes so many branches of people and projects is this is the creation of a seemingly new form of recognized government. This is the insertion of a type of control dedicated to the working class. In a psychological Class-war there is no multiple platform system, they are all the same, but there is the appearance of change.

The part that is real is the creation of a new class that was created as a form of slave that defends their chains; the wage/debt slave on the tax farm. The timeline goes like this: History starts at our calendar year 1800, the first part of the 19th century was spent preparing for the main body of the repopulation, a skeleton infrastructure was repaired enough to be somewhat functional and could be considered ‘new’ construction. A few coastal cities were inhabited, mainly in New England. Public school history teaches that Colonies were still recovering from the Revolution and fending off Indian attackers more and more the further South you go. This is called the Antebellum Period.

A little over the halfway point of the 1800’s was the Civil War, mass-immigration events such as the potato famine and Califormia Gold Rush helped push the repopulation agenda but the country was in ruins in many places, there had to be an explaination. The war also was a power grab, so that an armed force was present to make sure every single town was under the same control.

It wasnt always war causing the devastation; Chicago had the Great Fire, and San Francisco had the earthquake

The Reconstruction period was just that, they were rebuilding the infrastructure that the war on blamed for destroying. I call it the Big Dig. You can see from the photographical evidence the clean up had been going for sometime, cities like Richmond were at the turning point where new construction could begin.

So now you have a country with a full population of people sitting idol. Slavery, the kind with chains, has ended. There is a new Class of people for the first time. I am using America but it was a world-wide phenomenon. It was no longer Slave and Master, now there was the Worker. He is still a slave, he just doesnt know it. The system never changed, just the appearence. The Masters now are called Priests or Politicians or Bankers and the Slaves are called Citizens, Tax-Payers or whatever but it is still the same system.

The question now becomes how do you control these people and keep the status quo. They need representation, a voice. None of the old systems have a connection to the recent-immigrant laborer, what does he know or care about how the Fat Cats handle Wall St, his only concern is putting food on the table for his family, hence the symbol of bread for revolution and civil unrest.

Thats why we find a correlation in the rise of new forms of established government and a rise in industrial advancements, such as production of goods and technological breakthroughs. There really is strength in numbers, the bigger the population there is the more threat they pose to sneaky overlords, the more they need to be controlled.

The Socialism branch of government is created to trick people into thinking the politicians are standing up for the newly created labor-class. There are more fractal images of Socialism than I care to get into; Communism, Marxist, Anarchism, Revolutonary Socialism… It was refined by a group of ideologues from Europe and further refined in America where is was introduced and fanned out by agents of the same Order in the New World.

There has to be a face and a name attached to an idea, these things dont just appear out of nowhere, they have to be humanized, they create the hero and the villain. A false history was written up just for the event, not only does an idea need a face, it needs to show progression, along the same lines as a fully formed idea doesn’t just appear overnight from thin air, a history was created.

(Institutions are like that too, since we’re on the subject of slavery, the kind of slaves in chains and the institution of slavery itself is already fully formed by the time the waves of mass European immigrants started washing up on American shores. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was scripted to explain the presence of an African element and slavery. ‘The Chinese built the railroad’ is an expression created to explain the presence of Asian people, the railroad has always been here, so has ‘Chinese’ people.)

The Wage-Slave Class is locked into a consumer based economy and perpetual warfare. Another trick is to make this same group of people applaud warfare, to embrace it. One way is to tell them the people of the past were fighting for the same things still being fought for today, which is ultimately that which serves the Hidden Hand Class, the ability to mass-produce with a little bit of entertainment sprinkled on top. The entertainment value makes all the difference.

Without getting to far off-course we can say the most important war in history in regards to Socialism is the French Revolution. Its where we get the word ‘Communism’. the Paris Commune of 1871. The French Revolution was compartmentalized into 3 parts; in 1830 the working-class rose up and succeeded, they were able to hold power for 18 years; In 1848 the Aristocrats came back and regained control; finally in 1871 there was the Commune which put up a valiant effort but was put down in a few months.

In turn the French were just the push that all of Europe needed for inspiration to fight their oppressors, soon the entire continent liberated in whats called the Spring of Revolutions. Each chapter is kept isolated from the rest, compartmentalized, but collectively they represent not only the beginning of the repopulation but the creation of the Working-Class Stiff,

International Workmans Association

Assembled in London, 1864, this is one of the direct parent groups of the American Socialist Labor Party. Nicknamed ‘The International’ for short, just like International Harvester.

One of the biggest and most forefronted ideals of the new labor class struggle is the 8 hour work day. It goes all the way back to the demands and written into the Constitution of the failed Paris Commune. You always hear the same points regurgitated about working standard 12 hour days six days a week back in the old days, before the Unions were there to protect the worker. The 8 hour day has been in every picket line and protest chant all the way back

The guru’s that put together the more modern concepts of Socialism and Communism are veterans of these early Class struggles. That means they are tied to them for credibility and may have had a part in creating the fictional Normie narrative but not necessarily, many of the gurus are simply connected by birth-right status, with family lines that go all the way back with their own fictional ancestors written in the hero and villain slots both. “There’s no such thing as neg publicity” is the idea behind that, good or bad is perspective.

America and their Industrial Revolution and Labor-Class question was a few decades behind the UK. Britan started early, at the year 1800. Future Socialist gurus had practice locally dealing with how to manipulate the laborers. Land reclamation and agriculture would play a part too but not here, this is about man ruling over man, not man ruling over his environment.

You can push back the point of origins as far back as you want. The same names and concepts are going to keep coming up bc they were written in that way. For instance Robert Owen is a name I cover in another article. Owen was a proto-Socialist with several break-away utopian camps isolated where they could keep out of public sight. He was relevent in the Combine Reaper article bc his commune served as a research and development farm where a group of engineers and scientists could get together and work on new agri-tech farm implements, considered military technology. There was another Owenite community in Illinois, each community was its own social experiment to see what worked and what didn’t. None of the experiments were successful but none were ever supposed to be.

The Owenites are relevant here bc history sees them as radicals and Socialism was supposed to have a new radical image so it would only make sense to have the founding fathers of said radical government have roots in whatever radical precursor the narrative provides. The former members of the Owenite community were there when the first steps of modern Socialism were being formed.

1848 Chartist Rally at Kennington Common. First known photograph of a large crowd.

Likewise, the working class movement was known as the Chartists, deriving their name from the Peoples Charter of 1838. This protest movement was brought about by such new legislation as the Poor Law of 1832, which pretty much made it to be illegal to be poor, any abled body person was legally required to live in a workhouse, and the Reform Act of 1832, which ensured only property owners were allowed to vote. Chartists lead protests and riots for years until they finally died down after the ’48 Paris Revolution

The meeting place was St Martins Hall, a long gone venue history does not look kindly on (maybe its bc they don’t want people sniffing around so they say, Oh, that, it was nothing special.) The hall was located at Covent Garden. This is appropriate bc so much of the British Isles early modern history happened here. The formative groups that established the World Fairs and the Agricultural advancement clubs, the Highlander Societies were all held their first meetings in Covent Gardens

The first meeting was in 1864, besides the Owenites, the attendants included Pierre Proudhon, considered to be the worlds first self-admitted anarchist and held a government position after the 1848 French Revolution that collapsed the Monarchy.

Louis Auguste Blanqui– Blanqui is a noted revolutionary, a member of the Italian revolutionary group, Carbonari, before taking part in the 1830 French Revolution where he was captured and sentenced to life in prison. He was released during the 1848 French Rev v2.0 and continued his armed battle against the Man. He believed revolution should be carried out by a small highly organized sect and then Socialism imposed over the population as a whole. He did not believe the Worker had a great deal of involvement in the sayings of Big Gov. Blanqui inspired movements are what formed the League of the Just, the Karl Marx think tank of proto-Communism

Re-incarcerated by 1871 he was elected the de-facto prez of the insurgents of the Paris Commune who unsuccessfully attempted to barter for his release.

Adolfo Wolff– fought in the French Foreign Legion, Papel Army, Italian Revolution, Crimean War and others. Close associate of Mazzini, the Italian counterpart to Albert Pike, the famous Freemason; and Giuseppe Garibaldi, fictional international warlord character.

Mikhail Bakunin– Russian. Professional career revolutionary anarchist, fought in multiple country uprisings. Studied academia in Moscow, Berlin, and Paris. Composed radicalist propaganda for newspapers. Him and Marx were adversaries for a while but Bakunin was expelled. He went on to fight in uprisings in Lyons and Bolonga and wrote several books. Inspired groups such as the Wobblies and still a figure for radicalists today.

Karl Marx turned out to be the celebrity headliner but at the time was relatively unknown. A ’46 y/o obscure journalist…’

The meeting was chaired by a professor from the University of London

Its first congress was held in 1866 in Geneva and then Lausanne, Brussels, Basel, and the Hague Congresses. All Olde World Seats of Power for the New World Order. This was also the same timeframe and locations of all the big European World Fairs and International Expo’s

In 1872, the conflict in the First International climaxed with a final split between the two groups at the Hague Congress. This clash is often cited as the origin of the long-running conflict between anarchists and Marxists. The Hague Congress was notable for the attempted expulsion of Bakunin and Guillaume and for the decision to relocate the General Council to New York City. 

From here it is all silent, a few more attempts in Europe to unit were claimed fruitless but the goal was, the only thing everyone agreed upon was at the first meeting at St Martin Hall that there was a need to found an international organization for workers, this many big names doesnt just fade out, they moved to America to start prepping for Phase 2.

site of the 72 Congress in the Hague was the Excelsior Club. Excelsior is also the word inscribed on the flag of NY at the turn of the 20th century. NY is where the General Council was relocated

 International Working People’s Association (IWPA)

 The “Workingmen’s Party” was a proto-socialist party that was formed at the Philly World Fair in 1876. After the Great Strike of 77 it changed its name to the Socialist Labor Party of America. Albert Parsons was the leader.

In 1881, a congress of anarchist and social revolutionary clubs was held in London, England aiming to establish a new international organization. This new organization, the International Working People’s Association (later known as the “Black International”) was intended to provide rallying point around which various national groups could organize themselves.

The London gathering was attended by a New York social revolutionary group, which upon returning to America called for a gathering of American revolutionary groups in Chicago. The 1881 Chicago convention which followed adopted for itself the name Revolutionary Socialist Party and approved a platform urging the formation of trade unions on “communistic” principles and urging that support only be lent to unions of a “progressive” character. The platform also denounced use of the ballot as a vehicle for revolutionary social change, declaring instead that elections were “an invention of the bourgeoisie to fool the workers.” Instead, it would be “armed organizations of workingmen who stand ready with the gun to resist encroachment upon their rights” which were pivotal, the platform declared.

Johan Most arrived in dec 1882 from Germany Socialist revolutionary party, brought magazine, Freiheit, Freedom. Went on industrial cities US tour recruiting, it was a intel project. Each branch became more and more revolutionary until split between the SLP and the social revolutionists and anarchist was formalized in 1883, when the groups held separate conventions, in Baltimore, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, respectively. The October 1883 convention of the anarchists and revolutionary socialists held in Pittsburgh was attended by representatives of groups in 26 cities, including among them Johann Most, August Spies, and Albert R. Parsons.

It was the Pittsburgh conclave which formally launched the International Working People’s Association in America. The convention adopted a manifesto known as the Pittsburgh Proclamation, declaring the organization for “destruction of the existing class rule by all means” and for the establishment of an economic system based upon “free contracts between the autonomous communes and associations, resting upon a Federalistic basis. An “Information Bureau” in Chicago was established to coordinate the activity of the “loose-knit federation of autonomous groups” declaring allegiance to the organization. The mixture of anarchism and syndicalism would be known as the “Chicago Idea”. *Pittsburgh was another bloody battleground in the 1877 RR Strike

IWA had a General Council, IWPA had an Executive Committee, both formed in London. The Old Guard disbanded and sent a delegation to New York and the next generation came from NY and spread to the other Old World and World Fair cities.

Here is a copy of the Pittsburgh Proclamation, it s written by half the guys that were hung in Haymarket.


‘Turner’ Hall, Turner is an abbreviated and English form of the German word for an athletics club. These were hotspots for controlled opposition leaders. Al Parsons gives an account of police executions during the RR strike of ’77 in his final statement at sentencing. The same incident was featured in a sketch in the Aug 18 (aces and eights) issue of Harpers Weekly.

The Furniture Makers participated in the July 4 parade with a float drawn by 6 white horses. Later came the Printers’ Union float, with a press m full operation, producing copies of the Eight-Hour Agitator, which were distributed along the route.

Chi-town was chosen as the capital of the Labor Movement. Mayhap this is bc the Labor Question was being controlled by the Capitalists and this is where they chose as HQ. The police riot was at the end of May 4th but began with the MayDay parade on the 1st. Lucy Parsons said it in her own words as she wrote about it for decades afterwards.

 “In October 1885, a convention of labor organizations was held in Chicago; at said convention a resolution was passed, requesting the working class to set aside the First of May, 1886, to demand a reduction of the hours of the workers to eight.

Parsons, Spies and all the active revolutionary spirits in Chicago went to work in earnest. The result of their activities was made manifest, for when the first of May, 1886 arrived, it found Chicago the best organized city in America. In this city the working class struck between 50,000 and 60,000 strong and tied up the city more completely than I have ever seen it tied up during the thirty years that I have been a resident here.

Lucy Parsons

* 8 Hour League, Peter McGuire

The semblance on May 4th was in response to a skirmish between strikers and police the day before. Workers at the McCormick plant were from the Michigan Central RR. They had their own dry run some years in advance, They are either agigtator veterans or a fictious group that fills a gap in the narrative.

San francisco 1877 strike

Haymarket Massacre

I’m not much on timeline history but if I was I wouldn’t start with the May4th event as the beginning. May 1st was the opening salvo, the 2nd was a continuation. May 3rd things escalated before they came to a head on the 4th.

On the afternoon of May 3rd, there were large numbers of strikers in the Southwestern portion of Chicago, among them the McCormick Reaper Works’ employees. According to the capitalist papers there was rioting among them. The police were called out to quell the riots. As is usually the case, when the police were called out, the working people were sticking together in large numbers; [though the police] did manage to quell some of them. On this occasion, they shot seven working men and clubbed many hundreds unmercifully.

The next evening the Haymarket meeting was called.

The events on May 4th, 1886 revolve around labor agitation regarding an 8 hr work day. Violence that escalated and boiled over when an unnamed assailant tossed a homemade IED into a group of police offiers at the end of a political rally. This episode is an extension that started on May 1st, the first May Day celebration in Chicago, which featured a popular character in social engineering movements of the day. Lucy Gonzolas Parsons led the first May Day parade in Chicago. We’ll get back to her.

The May 1st parade goes back even farther to the 1884 national convention in Chicago, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions, which later became the American Federation of Labor, proclaimed that “eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labor from and after May 1, 1886.” Chicago was the epicenter for the 8-hour workday and labor question agitation in general.

Consequently, on this day in 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States walked off their jobs in the first May Day labor-themed celebration in history.

Here is a NYTimes articles from July 30, 1884 about the National Labor Convention. They send us back even further to the previous labor organizing political conference that happened in Philly the year before, Jan 6. (1/6, 66) Besides that there isnt much useful in this article, they name drop Union leaders with political interests, not the interests of the worker.

1884 Chicago was home to both the National Democratic ( July 8-11 at the Exposition Hall) and Republican Conference (june 3-6)

At first, most radicals and anarchists regarded this demand as too reformist, failing to strike “at the root of the evil.” A year before the Haymarket Massacre, Samuel Fielden pointed out in the anarchist newspaper, The Alarm, that “whether a man works eight hours a day or ten hours a day, he is still a slave.” Fielden Testified at the trial, here is a copy of the transcripts

This is the roughest of outlines, but it will do for now let’s see what jumps out. 

 The explosion happened after the large crowds had already left after a day of peaceful protesting. Why after the crowds had left did the extra force show up and start shoving people around. Even the mayor had retired for the evening, calling the event ‘tame’. Cops disobeyed orders to pack it up and started to bully the crowd. Most estimates agree it was close to even match at 176 cops and 200 protestors. 

The only other cops that died by gunfire from other cops…by friendly fire. So, if plain clothes officers were undiscernible in the crowd, which would’ve been the case I’m sure the few remaining protestors were undercover cops, and the uniformed cops were shooting randomly into the crowd it would be explainable. Of course, if they were all cop victims, they could all be lying.  

The anarchists arrested were nowhere near the incident. Not one of the eight on trial were present during the bombing. It wasn’t even questioned. The prosecution knew they weren’t present but tried to argue they were responsible through their message.  

3 were staff members of the German newspaper Arbeiter Zeitung; one executed, two reprieved. The name of the paper is not to be confused the jewish publication of the same name in NY. 

Court proceedings were a complete farce. The jurors were specially picked by the special baliff that promised to have them all hung. One of the jurors was even family of one of the supposed dead cops. Just like in the Railroad Conspiracy trial the newspapers offered a cash reward to the jury the found them guilty. 

The eight-hour workday was scrapped for another half century, not only that but the case scared any real opposition away. These people were convicted over a belief system, not any deed. You couldn’t even question authority, let alone speak against it. The eight-hour law was passed for over ten years but was not enforced, these people weren’t asking for revolutionary precedents, simply enforcing the law as it was written.  

Martial law was declared, any real resistance was rounded up, we have seen this same script before so I won’t spend a lot of time here. 

Not one account accusing the industrialists of throwing the bomb is out there. The bomb thrower could be whoever you want as long as it’s not the factory owners, even though they are the ones that profited from it the most, at all. 

Collectively the group is known as the Haymarket Martyrs, just like the Boston Martyrs and Mary Dyer, none of these bitches died either. 

This was making headlines on the world stage; countries everywhere were extending their hand in solidarity with the accused. They WANT everyone to know they are innocent. They WANT people to believe these defendants are going to be executed only for thoughtcrime, not for actual deeds. They have to for the creation of martyrs for the working-class stiffs.

In 1894 the entire world decided to be in celebration of workers on May 1st Everyone except of course the United States. In 1893 Prez Grover tried to sweep the whole thing under the rug by pardoning the people still supposedly still in jail and changing Labor Day to September at the behest of the Knights of Labor, who determined to celebrate Labor Day on may 1st would only be to celebrate the riots themselves. The Knights of Labor were Albert Parsons and all the other radical anarchists. They would want the date memorialized which they were all martyred.  

Another thread this connects with is the rise in Socialism and Communism, this incident brought about the first ‘Red Scare’ and many of the agitators had little interest in workers rights and was in it for the opportunity to fuck things up for the sake of itself. The Syndicalist

Some agitators were appearing to honestly be fighting for the worker. Unions were gaining traction and the labor question was the most pressing issue for the working class stiffs. This incident would push progress back decades but also would shove future leaders into the spotlight and would be used to propel the ‘revolution’ part back East to the mill towns of New England, such as Bill Haywood and the Bread and Roses Strike.

link, 1, statements

The international community ran headlines all over the world. The press saturated people all over the world for the buildup. Again, we see the press make an accurate prediction, or more likely slip up and let a little bit of predictive programming insider knowledge slip when they ran the headline stating on May 1st:  

“The Dies Are Cast! The First of May, Whose Historical Significance Will Be Understood and Appreciated Only in Later Years, Is Here!” 

This was the event for world observation of May 1st, May Day to be the worker’s holiday. Only in the United States is Labor Day not on May Day, said bc the Prez didn’t want attn drawn to the gross injustice of the court but also could be providing cover for a false flag, to keep people from investigating their selves. 

Louis Lingg is said to commit suicide in jail. We have seen this in probly every mock trail so far. In this instance the victim literally blew hid head off when he detonated a blasting cap in his mouth. How was he identifiable comes to mind faster than how did he get dynamite in jail during a celebrated worldwide trial going on. Not only the blasting cap that killed him but cops report 4 complete bombs were found in his cell. Lings early bio is impossible to clear. All accounts say he spent his adult years in Switzerland before coming to America. He was charged with making the bomb but the witness only testified for immunity, ha also admitted to being paid by the state informant, also he was given a free ticket back to Germany after trial. Reassigned.

Violence continued the next day, here are some articles about looters raiding the drug store and saloon near the meeting hall.

3/22 party for French Revolution

Mock Trial

The trial that played out was a grammy-winning performance, they dont call it a “courtroom drama” for nothing. Here is a copy of their final opportunity to convince the judge to spare the gallows. History admits the speeches were prepared in advance, at least they do that. Albert Parsons gives an 8 hr monolgue about the benefits and differences between Socialism fractals. He doesn’t even give in one shot either, speaks for 6 hours one day and then 2 more hours the next.

The ones that asked for a commuted sentence recieved it, Parsons, Fischer, Engel, and Lingg were all in, “liberty or death”, they refused to ask or accept a commuted sentence. They were working-class martyrs, this is as good as it gets.

Significance of May 1st

*May 1st also date of the birth of illuminati. 

Let’s take a closer look at the May Day connection bc sure this was big for the labor movement it is recognized on the world stage and I don’t think it was big enough to merit ‘global’ attn. Plus, some other things happened before Haymarket making this an already important date.  

Contemporary history tells us May 1st is simply known as Beltane to the Gauls. Beltane is the beginning fo summer, opposite Halloween which is the beginning of winter to the Druids who separated their year in halves. It is opposite but is of equal importance to Samhain. Halloween is known today as the demonic/witchy/spooky night but Beltane is overlooked by commoners but still celebrated by the string-puller class. As far as the Mystery Schools go Beltane has all the characteristics of the sabbat ritual that every culture shares. In this manifestation two special fires are built and the farmers pass their cattle between the two fires for blessings and protection. Lovers jumped over the fire for the same. The fires are the takeaway, the fires of Beltane. 

It was the origins of the Maypole ritual which is a phallic representation. A fertility observation, this means wild sex orgy. Marriages were dissolved for the night and virgins could drop the act although virgin pretty much means church prostitute. 

There was another custom I didn’t find any two accounts the same. Most experts agree at least in its earliest form there was human sacrifice.  There is a great attn to detail to remove all instances of human sacrifice from history books, so people won’t recognize it and that it still goes on prevalent today. Every time the story gets retold it gets more and more sanitized.  

Today in Scotland Beltane has been resurrected as of 1988 a group gets together and reenacts the burning of the wicker man. (See Butser Ancient Farm) Yeah, like the movie. Also like the military intelligence Luciferian project called Burning Man. This is the place both Burning Man and Wickerman get their origin. Fertility festivals is usually a code word for blood lust orgy, as you can see in this effigy burned in ’04 by the modern day reenactors. The only account we have, at least publicly, about the human sacrifice comes from Julius Caesar who wrote about ancient Britons tying men up alive in a huge effigy and setting it on fire. Today this is swept under the rug by calling it wartime propaganda. The pro-sacrifice crowd refer to bog mummies found that indicate an extremely violent end. 

Beltane is much older than the Druish religion, as the B-E-L in the name alludes to this is a repackage of Ba’al. Furthermore, May 1st is at the end of a 13 day festival beginning on April 19th known as the ‘Feast of Moloch’! No shit. The offer made to Moloch is children, he is the deity of child sacrifice, including aborted fetuses. Operations are held to honor this sacrifice still today and if it can be done as a false flag the energy harvested is increased. Some of the operations in this category would be Waco TX, On April 19th Killed 26 children, 19 children in ‘95 at the OKC bombing, Columbine school shooting killed 13 in ‘99 on April 20th. Those three would get us started. Adolf Hitler was said to be born on April 20th, not only that but his death was announced to the world on May 1st. This is a satanic ritual sacrifice, to get the whole world cheering and excited about killing. Osama Bin Laden was much of the same, his death was announced to much applause of the world on May 1st, but not just that, it invokes the feelings of another traumatic ritual killing, Sept, 11th. Prez Bush gave his ‘Mission Accomplished’ victory speech on May 1st, turning the whole war into a big satanic death ritual. If the ritual event happens to be a false flag it is even more valuable energetically.  And in 1955, the Roman Catholic Church dedicated May 1 to “Saint Joseph the Worker,” the patron saint of workers and craftsmen.

The opening day of the very first World’s Fair was May 1st, 1851 in Hyde Park, London, by the Queen herself. The queen doesn’t do anything in th e public eye unless its part of something much bigger. The date and formal hostess are not to be dismissed lightly. 

Remember back in 2016 the reconstruction of the arch of the temple of Ba’al went on tour through NY and London? It ran 13 days from April 19 to May 1st. This proves the connection between Ba’al and Beltane and also shows that world leaders still pay tribute. 

What all this means Im trying to tell you is Haymarket was a Satanic ritual human sacrifice,  


Seven out of eight Defendents are buried in the same cemetery, there is a bronze memorial featuring an 18ft granite shaft with a pyramid capstone. A bronze statue of a woman over a fallen worker are featured along with quote attributed to Spies “The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today.” The monument was designed by artspook Albert Wienert that worked on the 1893 world’s fair Columbia Exposition. Paid for by Pioneer Art and Supply Association; that org was founded by Lucy Parsons, wife of the executed Albert Parsons Wienert got paid the equivalent of $300 per day to direct the building of the monument. The area is a mecca for famous anarchist ashes to be scattered, referred to as the Communist Plot. Features Big Bill and Emma Goldman. Goldman will emerge from the shadows of Haymarket.   

Since we’re on to bronzes its worth note the dead cops got a statue as well, a memorial for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. This statue has its own background as well and has been moved and repaired several times due to ‘vandalism and terrorism, including being bombed by Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground Organization’… Never heard of him but hes on the radar now. A Third bronze is said to be located on the exact spot of the speaker’s cart on the night of the 1886 attack 


Albert Parsons

Note on the name of one of the said-executed, Parsons, I offer evidence of my generational spook family theory. Jack Parsons was friends with cryptojew superspooks’ Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard. Jack was given the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Alan Parsons Project worked on the Beatles and Pink Floyd intelligence projects. Ancestry also included Mary (Bliss) Parsons, remember her… from the Hampton Witch trials? Yep, same ones. 

Family also included veterans from the Revolutionary war and Albert himself was a confederate. There’s your generational military presence too.  

During the Civil War he was a member of his brother’s outfit. 13 yrs old said to be a powder monkey. His first military exploit was to intercept Gen Twiggs, Twiggs was a US general that switched sides before retiring he surrendered his entire situ over to the rubs…Kinda hard to piece together but seems like you can’t tell what side who is on. Even the first paragraph in Twiggs bio at the Ministry of Truth describes him as a ‘traitor’ general. Double agents. 

In 1868 he was editor of local paper, not just anywhere either, the Waco Spectator. Waco should ring some bells. In 70 he was elected sec of state senator, so he was involved with mainstream politics as well. In ‘71, at age 21, he was appointed to the U.S. Internal Revenue Deputy position by the Grant administration.  That means he was a fucking taxman! A 21 yr. old appointed to such a position after fighting on the opposing side during the war? Sounds more like bullshit to me. 

In 76 he joined the Knights of Labor, which again makes no sense bc the knights of Labor was the group lobbying to get Labor Day in September, who’d think since it ws in his honor it would be the day the rest of the world chose for observance. 

A traveling correspondent for his newspaper (intel) he met his wife Lucy in 76. Now lucy is mulatto, we will get to her in just a sec, after their wedding they relocated to Chicago, Parsons say its bc of the Klan (they only promote their own) but I just find it odd that somebody could have such an abrupt change. He went from confederate soldier to fighting the Klan and marrying a mongoloid, but also went from state politician and fucking tax collector to being one of the worlds most celebrated anarchists.  

He was appointed to his tax collector position by the Grant administration. I’d say his position as tax man led to him being hired out as opposition leader in Chicago. He was being paid by the factory owners as revenue agent and anarchist both 

Albert parsons started out even earlier at a railroad strike in ‘77. He was fired from his job at the Chicago Tribune. This connects him to the Rail Road Syndicate and complicit media slimeball.  This means he wasn’t fired he was recruited.  Some of his work as a journalist has been whitewashed. He would’ve been center in a socialist lead labor revolution Chicago. This was war propaganda. How much more inciteful can the headline be? That was their job to be as inciteful as possible. 

“Terrors reign, the streets of Chicago given over to howling mobs of thieves and cutthroats. This clearing shows the capitalists’ fears and outrage!” 

Pinkerton, the fake spymaster was the archnemesis of Anarchists like Parsons, but in reality, they are on the same side and prop each other’s bullshit psy-ops up. They worked together on several projects: Haymarket and the Socialist Revolution known as the Great Upheaval.  Pinkerton wrote of Parsons in 1878 he  

“is capable of making a speech that tingles the blood of that class of characterless rascals that are always standing ready to grasp society by the throat.”  

Pinkerton and Parsons would later go on and produce another chapter in His-story during the fake execution after the fake trial over the fake bombing attack perpetrated by Pinkertons ace booney-cooney,  

The RR strike of ‘77 was a string of violent protests about reduced pay that extended halfway across the country. From what we touched on in the Great RR conspiracy the Syndicate are the ones destroying their own property and their intel network includes … well, everybody. Supposedly at the execution his final sentence was cut off, ‘Men of America, let the voice of the people be heard…’ That must’ve been the queue, how much more dramatic can the script writers be. 

 It is said the ropes were tampered with before the main events, the ropes were shortened to prevent snapping the neck. The victim was suffocated instead and took longer to die. I see this as evidence of harness usage. Give them time to perform a theatric suffocation instead of the anticlimactic broken neck.  

Most fittingly is Parsons choosing to read poem ‘Reformer’, written by our ol’ friend Greenleaf Wittier, what could be more appropriate? They only promote themselves. This event is covered in detail at the website ‘Famous Trials’, so far that makes every single mock court case showcased on the site. Any article on that site is a tell. 

Lucy (fer) Parsons

His wife Lucy would go on to found the IWW and content creator for socialist propaganda rags The Alarm, the Liberator, The Socialist, as well as her own publication, Freedom. 

Lucy also connects us to Internationa Ladies Garment workers Union that was later involved in the Triangle Fire and Uprising of 20,000. Around the time of the RR strike she opened up a dress making shop which held meetings. 

Worked with Communist party in ‘25 but didn’t join til ‘39. Died in a house fire March 7 1942, the FBI confiscated all her records in the still smoldering house. FBI also kept files on Sanger and Keller. Kellers was planted disinfo, still plays along she is deaf and blind, either that or the FBI is so stupid they cant tell. 

She has one of those backgrounds like Anne Sullivan, vague, unknown, unable to confirm or reject. Even her heritage is unknown. She was probs born to a celebrity agent nobody even knows about. Say, like Sanger had a kid that died but I think it was a fake death and the kid goes away for training for a few years before being reintroduced to the world by a new name and obscure background. She wouldn’t comment about her origins to make people speculate and when she did speak it was always lies. 

The Parsons had 2 kids, one labeled black and the other labeled white. The white girl ‘Lulu’, supposedly died at 8 years old but by now the reader should know how I feel about the dead babies of spook agents. None of the kids die, they just get taken young, when they need a child for a project or a long game. We know who this child is by a different name. 

The son too, heres another knee-slapper, Lucy had her son committed to an insane asylum at the age of 18. That means he picked up the family legacy after all. Lucy convinced a judge Jr. was violent and disobedient and he spent the rest of his 20 more years wasting away in Elgin mental institution. The story goes Jr was going to join the military and enlist in the Spanish-American War, which is just as fake as the labor wars btw. Lucy couldn’t take the insult so she had short locked up. But he wasn’t really locked up. 

 Elgin is a state hospital. A Kirkbride Hospital. Take note of that name, it connects us to the early reformation movement. Chicago’s version of Worchester, I guess. The state has control of mentally ill patients now that were formally the charge of the Almshouses thanx to new laws brought about by self-investigations like Tewksbury. This facility highlights the fact they treat Vets. So, it has a military presence. Sure, they isolate all the suicidal grunts from society that sign up as enthusiastic kids only to get fed thru the meat grinder and find out who the bad guy really is and that nobody cares about them. Yeah, the gov doesn’t want them people mingling with the normies so there’s that. The other side is intelligence. What better place to hide a spy. Especially if you got a whole chain of institutions, you can move freely without detection. Jr was never locked up in a fucking insane asylum, guys, come on. *The Kirkbride building was razed in the 90’s but it appears they are still in good business; the main focus of the institute today is on patients too insane to stand trial. 

Another likening of Elgin is their involvement in radiation human experiments, like the ones held by Quaker Oats at Cool Cat Sammy Howes place. Injections of radiation given to victims in order to see if they effect mental health issues. @0 years later survivors were rounded up by the US Atomic Commission is see long term effects, as if the long game wasn’t the plan from the beginning. Im sure you wouldn’t have to dig too hard to find an mk-ultra connection but we moving on. 

The whole drama over the family is build up their character. It’s a soap opera, It maintains her illusion of ‘nothin but the cause’. It is an extension of the earlier drama when she took the kids to see their father one last time before the hanging. Lucy was said to have been stripped and locked up naked with her children during the hanging. That’s the biggest crock of shit I ever heard, how much more dramatizing can you get. Someone literally sat around and wrote down the most provoking scenario possible. Its wartime propaganda baby. 

Just like comments by the Chicago top cop that she was ‘more dangerous than a thousand rioters. No, she’s not, but it adds to her street cred and props up her character. 

 After the hanging Lucy is said to have lived in poverty, only on $8 a month from the Pioneer Aid, which is the organization she is credited with founding. Pioneer Aid is the group that paid for the Haymarket Riot monument to be built. She was also known for her keen stylishness, and trendy shopping sprees. Im guessing, she was Mink Coat Mafia, maybe too early. 

Lucy was known for her inflammatory writings. She also provided the cover his-story for Haymarket and the martyrs, along with all her little friends, the Molly Maguires for example. She edits too, which has been a universal tell since the beginning. She edits for the Wobbly paper, The Liberator, which gives her broad audience for other contemporary issues like suffrage and birth control. Meaning the same shit sho productions being put on around the country. 

Mrs. Parsons was active in San Fransico for some time. Organizing marches and protests for women rights and unemployment against the SF gov. SF made their intro during the socialist revolution known as the great strike. Her involvement there in the near future is noteworthy. Organized ‘hunger marches’ wtf is that supposed to be? Oh, I see, this was the buildup to a production with American Federation of Labor, the Socialist Party and Jane Addams Hull House (Mink Coat scarlet whore of Babylon) to restructure the unemployment issues. 

Without looking into details, it looks like her Communist work centered on race baiting, like BLM. I see some headlines that mention the NAACP and some bogus murder trials (*See Scottsboro 8) and commie propaganda. International Labor Defense is an arm of the Communist gov. The Scottsboro 8 case is about a gang of blacks that are accused of raping a white girl and sentenced to death, whatever that has to do with labor I don’t have the slightest clue. As usual the things like this are the beginnings of something much grander, this was the beginning of the civil rights movement. Of course they needed a black insider. 

 The fictional character we know as Lucy Parsons had one of her last public speaking’s in 1941. It was at the International Harvester. This was post-McCormick Reaper Works. You Know, the place of incident kicking off the Chicago segment of the great strike and also the site leading up to the Haymarket event. This is huge that she would speak here and the normie narrative doesn’t mention the significance. Maybe the two are related or something. We’ll return to International Harvester in a bit. In the end was just the level of drama as the rest of her life. In ‘42 she was killed in a house fire. Her lover at the time died of injuries the next day he sustained trying to rescue her. The fbi raided her still-smoldering home and confiscated all her records and files and books. Did she really die in the fire? Did the FBI or somebody else start the fire to murder her. How the fuck am I supposed to know, go find out for yourself. There is much to be speculated over the relationship between Emma Goldman too, perhaps at a later date. 

But Wait, There’s More

May 1 1886 was a national production, Chicago wasnt the only town, Milwaukee had violence and deaths also.

To edit and expand.

Bay View Massacre memorial ceremony

Bay View Massacre memorial ceremony

The little known history of the massacre that occurred in Milwaukee, when 7,000 building workers and 5,000 Polish workers demanded the eight-hour work day.

The deadly stand-off between workers and the National Guard was the culmination of events that began on Saturday May 1, 1886.

A historical marker, pictured above, is located at Russel and Superior on Jones Island in Bay View. It commemorates the Bay View Massacre.

In early labour history before workers had fought for and won rights which we can now take for granted and as a result employers were working them ten hours a day, six days a week for ninety cents to one dollar and fifteen cents a day.

In Milwaukee, Groups, such as the Central Labor Union led by a Socialist Paul Grottkau and Catholic Church’s Knights of Labor led by Robert Shilling, were formed to work for workers rights. One thing these groups were asking for was an eight hour workday with no reduction in pay. The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions called for a great movement to win the 8-hour workday, which would climax on May 1, 1886.

Their plan was to spend two years urging all American employers to adopt a standard eight hour day, instead of the 10 to 12, even up to 16-hour days that were prevalent. After May 1 of 1886, all workers not yet on the 8-hour system were to cease work in a nationwide strike until their employer met the demand.

In Milwaukee they formed the eight hour league with the purpose of persuading the local government to adopt the eight hour workday. Milwaukee adopted it but the law had no penalty for employers whom did not comply. These groups were extremely upset with what was happening and planned a series of demonstrations on May 1 1886, when the law was to take effect.

There were over 1,600 such demonstrations across the country. These demonstrations led to serious trouble in Chicago’s Haymarket Square, where on May 3rd Chicago police shot four workers to death and on May 4th someone unknown hurled a bomb into the police ranks killing several officers and wounding many more. There was further trouble at Rolling Mills in Milwaukee as a somewhat peaceful demonstration turned ugly. The following events led up to what is known today as the Massacre at Bay View.

May 2
The central labour union held a parade in Milwaukee. They marched with banners proclaiming slogans such as “The workmen do not beg, they demand”, “We do not work for King Mammon” and “Eight hours is our battlecry”.

The Milwaukee Journal billed it as the biggest event in city history. Wisconsin Governor Jeremiah Rusk was concerned about violence as strikes for the eight hour day were happening in the city. On April 29, he had put the state militia on standby.

The parade was watched by some 25,000 people and afterwards there was a picnic at the Milwaukee gardens with speakers denouncing the ten hour workday and voicing concerns over employers taking advantage of employees. They worked the crowd into a frenzy and before long everyone was chanting “eight hours.”

Some members of the Knights of Labor were in attendance, who then went back to their headquarters at St. Stanislaus Church [Fifth and Mitchell] and spoke to some of their members.

Soon afterwards eight hundred started marching through the streets of Milwaukee chanting eight hours everyone must strike. Polish workers and tradesmen stopped their work and joined the march.

The first factory they came to was CM&STO Car Company who built railroad cars. After gaining recruits there they marched to Edward P. Allis Reliant Steel works. There the marchers were met by foreman and supervisors who tried to keep the marchers away with high pressure water hoses, but when the workers inside heard the chanting they stopped working and joined the march.

The marchers continued and got more recruits as they went along. Businesses were closing at an alarming rate due to labour shortages. The owners of CM&STO Car Company put a special train at Governor Jeremiah Rusks disposal. He rushed to Milwaukee and set up his office at the Plankinton Hotel where employers were asking Governor Rusk to call out the militia.

Rusk at this point saw no reason as he did not want to overstep the city. The workers continued their strike and got more recruits. The Milwaukee police trailed the crowd hoping there would be no violence. Governor Rusk was asked again by employers to call out the militia and again he said no.

May 3
The strikers by now had shut down every factory in Milwaukee except one, The North Chicago Railroad Rolling Mills Steel Foundry in Bay View. The chant then went out: “eight hours, everyone must strike, onto the mills!”

By this time the marchers were now numbering about 1,500. The marchers consisted of mainly Polish, some Germans and some Native Americans. Meanwhile, the number of strikers in the city numbered about twelve thousand.

Robert Shilling convinced Edward P. Allis to offer its workers the eight hour day with a pay increase. However, the workers were firm and refused to come back unless everyone got an eight hour day.

Both Shilling and Grottkau tried to talk the crowd into dispersing speaking their native languages, but the workers paid no heed. The English speaking reporters did not understand the languages and reported that they were inciting the crowd.

The town police followed the crowd into the Bay View Neighborhood late in the afternoon and called Governor Rusk to inform him that they did not have adequate forces if violence should occur. Rusk now called out the Militia, including the Kosciuko Militia made up mainly by Polish businessmen.

The strikers began negotiating with the supervisors at Rolling Mills for permission to enter the plant and talk to the workers. The plant manager refused and the crowd would not let him back inside until he accepted.

The Lincoln Guard arrived on the scene by special train and immediately helped him get back in. Then they formed a line between the strikers, who had begun throwing rocks, and the mills. Their orders were to protect the property at all costs.

Inside the Mills workers were arguing with each other over the eight hour work day. By nightfall there were over two hundred and fifty National Guardsmen at the mills, but the closest unit, The Kosciusko Guard, has not arrived yet.

May 4
Early in the morning the Kosciuko Guard arrived on foot, to jeers and name calling as strikers called them traitors to their fellow countrymen, while others were saying “join us or go home.”

The strikers then formed a wave of people between the Kosciuko Guard and the Mills to stop them from joining the Lincoln Guard. There was not one person in the Kosciuko Guard who did not recognise someone striking.

Some strikers were throwing rocks at the Kosciuko Guard, several members in the rear of the guard got scared and fired in the air over the heads of the strikers and accidently hit the Mills.

After this incident, the strikers left the Guard alone and they proceeded into the Mills joining the other units called. The strikers then asked the supervisors to wire their headquarters in Chicago to start negotiations on an eight hour work day. They agreed but the answer from Chicago was fast and short “No”.

At this point no one in the crowd knew about the ugly events unfolding in Chicago, where police had killed striking workers, and a bomb killed a police officer in Haymarket Square and wounded several others.

Governor Rusk was under considerable pressure from employers to stop the strike. Employers were saying that they would turn the entire society upside down and use the bombing in Haymarket Square as their proof that a revolution is under way.

Rusk called the Mills and told Captain Treaumer of the Lincoln Guard “if the strikers try to enter the mill, shoot to kill.” Captain Treaumer then ordered his men to pick out a man, concentrate and kill him when the order is given. The strikers spent the night in open fields nearby while the Militia camps stayed at the Mills with sentries posted. During the night the sentries were shooting at anything that moved. A Navy tug brought provisions for the guard.

May 5
Around nine in the morning the strikers gathered again chanting “eight hours,” a reporter who slept with them reported that it was odd that this was a group with no real leadership, but everyone was united in one single purpose.

The crowd approached the mill and faced the militia who were ready to fire. Before Treaumer knew the crowd’s real intentions he ordered halt, but the strikers, who were about two hundred yards away, did not hear him.

He ordered the militia to fire. The crowd was in chaos as people fled the scene. The Milwaukee Journal reported that six were dead and at least eight more were expected to die within twenty four hours.

Meanwhile, some strikers called for revenge on the militia but to no avail. For several days afterwards a few strikers were still marching throughout the city but no one would join them. The dead included a thirteen year old boy who tagged along with the crowd wondering what was going on and a retired worker who lived in Bay View. He was struck down by a stray bullet, as he was getting water and was not part of the strike.

May 6
Leaders of labour groups met with Governor Rusk and asked him to pull back the Militia. They stated they would police their own actions, but Rusk refused until the strikers disbanded and went back to work.

While cleaning up the guardsmen found two more bodies along the railroad tracks. They were apparently Polish immigrants who were on strike. The two remain unidentified to this day. Everyone went back to work at ten hours a day.

On May 9, The Milwaukee Journal reported that Edward P. Allis was firing its Polish workers and replacing them with other nationalities because the Polish people were too radical.

Other companies follow suit for the same reason and for a time no Pole could find work in Milwaukee. Meanwhile the Polish section boycotted the businesses of the Kosciuko Guard members. The National Guard pulled out on May 13.

An inquiry of the events praised the guards’ actions calling it an unpleasant duty, a humane gesture for firing only one volley and indicts at least twenty Poles for leading an unlawful assembly.

They were sentenced to hard labour ranging from six to nine months. Among these were Paul Grottkau who received the stiffest sentence of nine months. Robert Shilling was also indicted but his first trial ended up in a hung jury. While waiting for a second trial he formed the populace party, who elected a new district attorney. He was formally acquitted.

The Milwaukee Journal reported that businesses were giving cash to the Militia units for their actions at Rolling Mills. The Journal denounced the action saying they did what was expected of them and this was going to far. As a result of public sympathy for the strikes, the voters of Milwaukee county replaced the county and city governments with socialist representatives in 1888.

Since then Milwaukee has had at least three socialist mayors the last one serving from 1948-1960. Mayor Hoan served 24 years. Victor Berger served in congress for 29 years. In 1916, he was banned from his seat for his stand on U.S. involvement in World War I. He felt it was a Capitalist war to make money for big business. During his ban, he was re-elected. His Newspaper “The Leader” was called disloyal and the U.S. Postal Service was prohibited by the disloyalty laws to deliver it thru their system.

The grassroots eight hour movement was derailed and political parties came in to the fray, claiming to fight for the rights of workers, the eight hour workday and child labor laws. Among these were the Socialist Labor party, the Populace Party (led by Robert Shilling), and the Progressive Party founded by fighting Bob LaFollette who became Governor of Wisconsin. He then went on to Congress where he died still in office, in 1924 after a close bid for president. His son took over his office and held it until 1948 when the Progressive Party folded.

The Knights of Labor were no longer recognised by the Catholic Church to preserve the Church’s image. They joined with other Unions to form the American Federation of Labor. The Central Labor Union also joined with other unions and call themselves the Congress of Industrial Organization. Several years later the two major Unions merge calling themselves the AFL-CIO.

The Dead
Frank Kunkel, Frank Nowarczyk, John Marsh, Robert Erdman, Johann Zazka, Martin Jankowiak, Michael Ruchalski, two unknown workers

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