Boston Fire of 1872

Boston was the Capital of North America in the early Repopulation phases. Its proximity to the coast and history with the Colonial era BS and Indians and Pilgrims means its one of the oldest cities in America. All the Spook activity came through here, though much of it was scripted in later it still is important for comprehension

Boston has some ruins of their own to explain. A simple fire doesnt cut it. Clean travel lanes and nice stacks and old-growth vegetation growing tell us these are not recent destruction.

I like the zoom, so I put all my zoomed in stuff on top and the body of fire ruins are on bottom. I got over 150 fire ruins images

Boston before the fire. How did someone know to photograph this exact spot that would burn down? We find this same story in Chicago that was in ’71

Robert N Dennis

Edward L. Allen, Haskell Allen, JW Black Photographers. Collections of Smithsonian Museum of Art, New York Public Library (NYPL).

This old church was spared intentionally; ruins are on all 4 sides. The clock is set on 3:25, I think the mark was 3:22 but it takes a few minutes for development. Clocks are featured in each location in the World in Ruins thread. Timekeeping is a modern construct.
Here is a wood cut showing how it was supposedly to have been saved. The ruins have been there so long the church was built after the event

One of the creepy things about Boston is all the posters up featuring the usual symbolism, there has been great effort to make sure nothing has survived today. All Seeing Eye’s and Elephants.

OC and the Elephant side by side. The elephant is a representation of India, India was being repopulated at the same time and much of the place ressembled Boston ruins
The Elephant is a symbol of India, The posters were everywhere but couldnt get a clear shot. Someone tried to make sure none were readable.


the only thing with more placement ads than the banks were the private eye posters. Banking was all over the ruins

Here is a close-up, I cant read anything. If you can recognize the sigil please drop me a comment. Its absolutely the All Seeing Eye poster attached to the safe.
Big Pharm

There were several ads for printers, printing is the main source of propaganda. No radio or tv meant everything was printed

Shoemakers are a code
Joachin is one of the pillars of Freemasonry, with Boaz
Fur traders are a spook intel ring, the first Whites to go into most of North America were the trappers and fur traders.

These are actors in costume, about as real as the Firemen

Appletons was the encyclopedia that printed so many fake historical icons and fictional entries that mainstream Babylon had to discredit it. They still printed anyway though and served to give the other fake encyclopedias credibility.
Group in front of the Eye posters
Street light installed, Castle in background
This is one of the best shots ever, The Eye symbolism flanking the group, each person doing a variation of the Hidden Hand or Explorer pose
RR 13, nothing spooky about that, next to the clock that meant to read 3:22
Couldnt get a clear shot of Santa. Christmas was founded as a State/Consumerist ritual
Photography is biggest spook mark after printing
Sewing machine were a military technology, the International Military Industrial Complex made the sewing machine a top priority at the start of the repopulation. Army uniforms and the creation of the Clasist society, and Consumerism.
Steam power represents the NWO, destrutive force , fire

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