Moundsville Mudflood: Pre-Columbian Mound-Builder Indian Culture

St Louis, Missouri, is said to be the Capital City of the Mound Builders, it’s casually known as Moundsville. The photographic evidence indicates it wasnt so much of a pyramid complex as a complete layer of dirt that covered everything and had to be dug out.

The narrative is so busy pushing the Euro-Colonialism guilt campaign nobody has ever even looked at these and said the obvious, these are solid earth formations, not pyramid temples. Nothing is hollowed out with burial chambers.

The last mound in St Louis was removed to be the Art Museum. The O.G. art spooks know there were Indians, thats just what they do.

St Louis was excavated, not built new.

Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collections. Thomas Easterly Daguerreotype Collection. The image source should always be taken into consideration, these are from Easterly, which is a mocking pun about Easter, and Emil Boehl, who is admitted to be confused with Easterly, sort of like Matthew Brady and Alex Gardner and Tim Sullivan. The photographers make all the difference.

*This thread will continue as information comes along, for right now I’m just publishing the Big Mound destruction images. The mound builders go all the way up into the Great Lakes region and climaxes with the Serpent Mound.

A full-scale replica of Serpent Mound was built for the 1901 World Fair in Buffalo. If you’re not familiar with this site, the World Fairs were used to insert scripted fake history and cultures in mainstream pop culture.

1852, Two distinct layers
1869 Two layers
Big Mound shown partially graded. ca. 1869.
Big Mound during destruction, The last of the Big Mound. ca 1869
Big Mound during destruction, The last of the Big Mound ca 1869
Bottom credit to E. Boehl


  1. Don’t the people in these photos look fake to you? Since you pointed it out..I look at all photos and the people look crisper than the background. The little girl in the old timey bonnet? Why is she even there? Just looks like costumes

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    1. Thanks for bringing that up, Chloe, .good to see you again, glad to know you are still around. I just skimmed past it in a hurry, bc of the photographer I didnt spend anytime looking for fakes, I havent found any by him b4; there are 2 photographer there and neither one are fakesters, maybe fake ppl like Meriwether Lewis.
      Children are present in alot of first and sec gen Reset/Inheritor places, usually I post mostly places destroyed by war and everyone is in soldiers costume but St Louis sustained minimal damage and the only thing i can tell was the old energy grid was stripped and ‘modern’ electricity was installed. This city was already being repopulated and the children are symbolic. I’ll still look though, thanx again.


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