The Repopulation of St Louis

City Hall, built with donkeys and wagons on muddy streets.

St Louis is significant bc of its position on the Mississippi River means it had access to other urban areas all the way up to the Great Lakes, hence, all of North America.

The file of Pre-Reset buildings from StL show a city already built with massive beatuiful stone structures and the few people that are there only have access to a donkey and wagon. Its not a ghost city but there aren’t nearly enough ppl to build everything here.

The old energy tech has already been stripped off the buildings and the new paradigm electric grid has been installed. The canopy sheets over the doors and windows.

St Louis was home to the 1904 World Fair, the first official Olympic Games, site of the climax of the RR Strike of 1877.

The St Louis Club is the building where the World Fair Commission held meetings
The Beers Hotel is said to have been designed by the same architect (Issac Taylor) as the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs

Earlier images are in a separate file in the Museum archives, I found someone had already made them into a pdf.

First Olympics, Human Zoo’s

The organizers of 1904 Olympic Games included two “Anthropology Days”, to be held on August 12 and 13. The Anthropology Days were a “scientific experiment” where a variety of men from indigenous populations, including Pygmies, Filipinos, Patagonians and various American Indian tribes, competed in various events so that anthropologists could see how they compared to the white man. The indigenous men were already in St Lois at the World’s Fair as part of the exhibits.

Some would be hostages, or prisoners at least. The higher-ups like Geronimo were top shelf actors, others were lower actors. Some would have grown up in the Fair circuit. Todays narrative pushes Colonial Guilt on White people without even looking at the record.

Pretty much what happened is everyone was terrible at their respective sports. Thats bc nobody there ever used a bow and arrow before, they werent literal Spear-chuckers.

The World Fair assembled all these exhibitionaires bc they supported the fake history, these cultures were scripted. The racism is to distract modern readers from the real stuff. There was no such thing as indigenous Americans. These are the actors from the Wild West show in costume. History was inserted in the form of entertainment brought to you by circus side-showman

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and P.T. Barnum hook up with human zoo organizers at the World Fair…

Play by play from Spalding

Images from MO Historical Society, photographer Jessie Tarbox Beals

When I saw this I was wondering what is the fuckin joke here? Why would they have someone look like that, thats not even close to natural. Then I found it in the MO archives at the Anthropology Days collection. Patagonians are sold as their own brand of novelty. They’re giants, fake giants. Its really only the tallest yellow people in the bunch and housed with the smallest to make them seem bigger. The ‘Giants’ thread has always been controlled.

You can find the pre-history of the Olympics in my Ancient Rome is a Hoax essay, it was an international military intelligence project where athletic clubs were organized based on cells of agents disguised as athletes.

It was appropriate the Games ran alongside the World Fair bc they both served as a place where agents separated by political reasons could interact with each other without drawing negative attention.

Official start time was 3:03 p.m. 32 contestants

Winner of the marathon. Briefly, the marathon race track went through undeveloped ground. Contestants were chased by wild dogs. The first winner was revoked bc he hitchhiked most of the way and got let off right before finish line, considering the times its more likely his buddies dropped him off, not hitchhiking. Another potiential winner was booted for failing drug test, he was given rat poison and alcohol to fight fatigue and was carried across finish line by the coach. First he was drugged then he was dragged.

There were only 2 water stops along the route, the organizer was James Sullivan. The Sullivan’s are a prestigious Reset family. James said he was testing ‘purposeful dehydration”

During the Spanish-American War, when he was 20, Carvajal joined the Mambí army (the Cuban side) as a courier in the Cuban War of Independence.  two South Africans were also message runners from the Boer War.

Carbajal traveled to New Orleans prior to the games. He promptly “lost all of his money on a dice game and had to walk and hitchhike to St. Louis.” Carbajal competed in a “white, long-sleeved shirt, long, dark pants, a beret, and a pair of street shoes.” One of his fellow competitors lent him a pair of scissors to turn his pants into cutoffs.

The Cuban was so thirsty he stole some peaches from spectators, later he found an orchard and laid down and took a nap.  Carvajal returned to St. Louis the following year to run in the inaugural All-Western Marathon, where he finished third. He gained sponsorship from the Greek government to run a marathon in Athens Olympics in 1906. However, he disappeared after landing in Italy, and never arrived in Athens. He was proclaimed dead in his home country, only for him the return a year later. He eventually turned professional and went on to defeat American distance runner Henry W. Shelton in a six-hour race in 1907.

  • See Also: 1908 Dorando Olympic fiasco, 

Most of the winners were from Chicago, above is the gold metalist, displaying the ‘C’ for Chicago. There is repetitive discussion about how the games were supposed to held in Chicago but StL pitched a bitch until they were granted the honor. It is repetitive on purpose as a way to keep chicago in conversation about early Olympics, they were always meant to be held where they were.

Chicago is another city with much of the same bulletpoints as StL; hosted a World Fair, major segment during the Great Strike of ’77, Olde World architecture… Their athletic clubs were known as ‘Turner Halls’ and were meeting sites for early Radicalist movements during the labor organizing and the industrial revolution. They say it was a lifestyle learned from the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon is an allegory for the Reset.

All the serious contestants were either already winners at the Boston Marathon or would go on to win shortly afterwards. This is a way to keep Boston in the conversation much the same as Chicago is done. Boston is an Olde World spook town, the unofficial Capital during the early repopulation pangs.

Another spooky NWO sect of ‘athletes’ is the New York Irish Athletic Club, these guys are kept in the loop, name-dropped, they are included in the runner bio’s as well. The NY Irish would manifest as the Molly Mcguires and Ancient Order of Hiberans, a media driven domestic terrorist org surrounding the coal mine and RR camps.

This is a military intelligence outfit disguised as an athletic club of missionaries. This is the ‘Propaganda Fide’ the group that realized an international competition that would become the Olympics
Heres the 1903 Indians from the Carlisle Indian re-education school in PA, also sporting the ‘C’ front and center. The athletics program was established for Indians early for practical military reasons, but the mainstream headliner.
Carlisle training academy, similar to German ‘Turner Hall’ in function

World Fair 1904


St Louis, Missouri, is said to be the Capital City of the Mound Builders, it’s casually known as Moundsville. The photographic evidence indicates it wasnt so much of a pyramid complex as a complete layer of dirt that covered everything and had to be dug out.

The narrative is so busy pushing the Euro-Colonialism guilt campaign nobody has ever even looked at these and said the obvious, these are solid earth formations, not pyramid temples. Nothing is hollowed out with burial chambers.

The last mound in St Louis was removed to be the Art Museum. The O.G. art spooks know there were Indians, thats just what they do.

St Louis was excavated, not built new.

Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collections. Thomas Easterly Daguerreotype Collection. The image source should always be taken into consideration, these are from Easterly, which is a mocking pun about Easter, and Emil Boehl, who is admitted to be confused with Easterly, sort of like Matthew Brady and Alex Gardner and Tim Sullivan. The photographers make all the difference.

*This thread will continue as information comes along, for right now I’m just publishing the Big Mound destruction images. The mound builders go all the way up into the Great Lakes region and climaxes with the Serpent Mound.

A full-scale replica of Serpent Mound was built for the 1901 World Fair in Buffalo. If you’re not familiar with this site, the World Fairs were used to insert scripted fake history and cultures in mainstream pop culture.

1852, Two distinct layers
1869 Two layers
Big Mound shown partially graded. ca. 1869.
Big Mound during destruction, The last of the Big Mound. ca 1869
Big Mound during destruction, The last of the Big Mound ca 1869
Bottom credit to E. Boehl

St L had a part in the May Day/Haymarket Affair they had participation in the form of the Knights of Labor and the Southwestern General Strike

See Also the STL Commune during the strike of 1877


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