The Infrastructure of Brazil ca. 1860; Tunnels, Canals, Bridges, Railroads

Found in the Brazilian National Archives

The town is called petropolis



    1. LOL, thanks, Someone. Man I started a new job. This one is kinda time-sensitive so I’m going to need a new back soon. All I can say is once I get my morning dose of coffee, adderal, red bull, kratom and suboxone I feel like a whole new man. Plus, on top of that I have been prospecting for the local 1%er M.C. but I cant say much about that, only except to say you need a genuine desire to make the level of committment, you aint faking that shit.
      Far as the website goes I have been reorganizing and expanding the essay on Asia. There is so much info now I’m gonna have to find another way to present it. Found a bunch of pics of the Great Wall from the 1870’s I didn’t think they existed. The pics are Russian and were hiding in the Brazilian Archives. According to American history they shouldnt even exist as the US claims to be the first ones in @ 1904 and Russia didnt follow till the teens.
      You have to keep in mind these photo albums have passed through the hands of innumerable gatekeepers and censors, only the images that fit the narrative are released.There are a few that remain that suggest a mass-execution before the repopulation. To dig out and prep would have taken an entire population that isnt there. Asia has piles of real corpses, not like American and European historical images that just show mannequins or actors. I think the entire slave class was killed off and the children became the new orphan class, which became the debt slave bound by legalese binding-contract instead of chains.
      The only other place I’ve come across thats similar is the Paris Catacombs. I think all those bones are all that is left of the Olde World inhaboitants. I’d like to see the rest of the combs, not just the tourist-trap spots. I want to know if the bones extend all through out the grid or are they contained in the pay-per-veiw zones. I also want to find out if there is evidence of de-fleshing on the bones, called excarnation. It means they were scrapped and polished while fresh and not re-arranged decades later like the books claim…
      I gotta go. Check out myAsian Report, even if you seen it already. It’ll be in the side-bar, n4xt to another page titled World in Ruin, which is a group of similar material posts that share a common theme. Peace

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