How to Use the Wayback Machine and Why You Should Save Often.

Please archive this site.

We are in a silent war and information control is absolutely a battleground, the Internet is the frontlines.

99.99% of information is already controlled on the internet, thats why they call it the ‘web’ or ‘net’? Its a mass surveillance consumerist-propaganda driven dum-dum weapon. The .01% is legit information but the thing is, nobody can recognize it for what it is. Not the Orphan Immigrant class or the Resetter Inheritors know what the most important stuff is, thats the only reason most of my DLC (downloadable content) is available, esp the stuff in University Archives or the Library of Congress. People think these online collections are so vast theres no way possible every obscure subject could be scrutinized. Thats bullshit. Every image has to be digitized right? Every picture in every museum and university collections has to be gone through and scanned, this means whoever does that stays on the lookout for whatever falls in the

When they do find something could be helpful in anyway by discrediting the narrative they remove the info fast. Information is suppressed by algorithms that scan for keywords and red flag and blacklist any website that speaks against the grain. My webpage gets instantly removed from Reddit, regardless of who shares it. Try it out.

The Wayback machine is like the library of the internet. It is a catalog of every site on the WWW. forum. It also serves as a time stamp, a record of what a certain address looked like at the time it was archived. Website providers gives a list of links taken from the site. Every time I look at these I get some that come up as 404 broken. When an address of the webpage gets saved in the library all the embedded links will also be saved. So when you save my page you are also saving some kind of relevant material along with it.

Some links are removed the very next day I post. I think bc the website gatekeepers also notifies me when one of my links gets dropped, which means with all the links I share, someone on the other end is aware they are being embedded.

A link is provided by the gatekeepers that control the range and reach of your content so you can see the context in which your post was related. I think the fractal pattern other-self gatekeeper entities check and see I call them out so they change the address of the post by one word or something. University of Ohio is one of the worst I have dealt with, The dairy of Admiral Bryd is located there and I shared some information about them which was removed the next day and as I tried to replace the links with others they were deleted as well. An effective counter-intelligence operation.

Thats also a reason I dont share many links. I don’t want to send any traffic to their site. No promotions here kiddo. On the flip side, some of the sites that share my site have been very creative themselves. A Near-East country I had to use a translator app to interpret for me was a good source of odd history threads.

What to do

Here is the link so you can copy this and paste it in the link below.

Here is the link for the archivist. This is the first part; drop the It’s All Fake link into the ‘Save Page Now’ bar.

The second part is choosing index parameters. Clik the ‘Save outlinks’, thats really the only one you need but you can add it to your personal library too

Most Controlled Opposition outlets dont even realize what they are doing. They are just regurgitating the same feedback that they uncovered, or think they did anyway. I dont begrudge them. I dont begrudge you.

Now, I am not advocating the autonomy of the Archives, they state clear as day they reserve the right to remove any content they deem harmful to the community, however it goes without saying we must use every option available til it no longer is available. Preserving online research material should be a high priority, esp if all you have to do is take 2 mins is copy and paste a link and hit save.



    1. What’s up old friend? Guidance aye. I suggest 5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and a 4 hr motorcycle ride.

    2. I must’ve missed something, what direction are you trying to go? I think my thesis is pretty clearly stated and plenty of supporting evidence and dialogue. Modern world culture is very young but the infrastructure is very old and a psychological class war is what we’re dealing with. Fake news, sure. Fake science, history, it’s all fake. That’s the takeaway. This site is invaluable bc it doesn’t talk to you like you’re an idiot. I showcase ways that you can use to figure it out on your own. I appreciate any challenges, what ever you disagree with just bring me some links that support my error and I’ll post it up. If you want further explanation about anything or I skipped over something just say what it is. I just don’t talk much about troll-y comments, Mathis, flat earth, and tranny’s mostly. Thanx for commenting my friend. I’m on a run this weekend, not much time at all this summer… Got some stuff in the drafts folder

  1. I can’t get the comments to work in your World In Ruins article so I’m asking here.

    What does it all mean?

    It’s fascinating info for sure! But what are you saying? What actually happened in these places? Who did it? When? What are they trying to cover up? And why?

    What’s their master plan, and how do these World In Ruins pictures and captions play into it and explain it?

    1. I’ll P.S. myself.

      Are you saying that these cities like Hamburg, Chicago, Pittsburgh and so many others that we’re told were destroyed by wars, fires, etc. were actually destroyed on purpose?

      Or that they already had been destroyed or had been decaying and in ruins and empty for decades or centuries? (Like ancient ruins).

      Who destroyed the cities? Why? Where did the people who lived there go?

      Why did they decide to repopulate them? How did they repopulate them? Who did they bring in to repopulate them? Why don’t those people who were brought in know that they were repopulaters?

      How did they pull all of this off?

      I have a lot of questions lol.

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