The ‘Time’ Trap and the Bells of the Great Reset

‘Time’ is a New World Construct, the Ultimate Compartment

Modern-paradigm timekeeping instrument incorporated into ancient structure in Antwerp.

One thing I have noticed over time, since I started taking research and writing serious is the addition of clocks on to Old World elements. Bell towers, sure, I’m not dismissing bell towers. Their true original function is still open, but one of the post Reset paradigm changes was Time itself. I dont have any leads yet on what method of demarcation was used for daily activities but I’m positive Time is something new.

What more of a foundational way to compartmentalize everything then to include breaking up the day like we do. Time itself is even further compartmentalized, not only are there hours (Horus) and minutes, but you have A.M. and P.M., and then Time-Zones. That’ll really fuck you up if your trying to stage a world wide something-or-other. Months have different amounts of days and leap years, lunar months and solar. whats that other thing called when they changes the clocks an hour twice a year but not everyone observes. Yeah, Time is a psychological warfare operation. Weekdays/weekends= weak daze/ weak ends. Of course the obvious rebuttal is night and day, this is just heliocentric Sun-Worship. Stuff so ingrained nobody can imagine any alternative bc this is the only thing they have ever been taught, like currency, people think currency has been the status quo, and the only status quo back to the caveman day and can’t imagine a system that doesn’t use money.

If I only had had a clue at the beginning so I could have been saving examples. I have come across some peculiar places for clocks that were obviously not part of the original design. Maybe a report on time-keeping devices would be a worthwhile pursuit. Clock-making is a Pre-Reset technology, like printing, anything that old is significant.

One of the first places I noticed it was in the Paris Commune images. Another fake war designed to cover for the Reset Ruins of Paris which the destruction makes no sense taking the original build and repair into context. There are clocks all over the place mounted into these massive stone infrastructures with mature trees growing through the middle of the rubble pile… It just dont add up and the presence of the clocks makes it seem all the more out of place. The 2nd biggest clock face in the world is some industrial revolution mill house in Massachusetts. the only bigger is Big Ben. Those tight-ass crypto jew mill owners… I think they were Avery’s… wouldnt spend no money for some trivial novelty, the tower was already there, as were the mill houses, they were just repurposed and the clock added. I just did a report on Edinburgh as a ghost city, part of the World in Ruins chapter, yet the city has a clock on every steeple and cupola in the skyline.

What could possibly be so important that they would need to tell the time like that? You’d think the people living back then would be pretty proficient at measuring the sky. I’m sure the old-timers like myself can remember before cell phones, I could tell the time within 15 mins by looking at the position of the Sun.

I think the answer is Time was the important thing. Inserting Time subconsciously so nobody could imagine anything else, as if its always been there, afterall, nothing is as immemorial as ‘Time’ itself right, thats what they say. The first thing the Resetters did was go into an Olde city and either burned the power plants or they removed the energy spires and added a Cross and clock. Maybe clock should be capitalized since it is in such a highly regarded place of worship, built into the infrastructure of something just as important to the old ways.

The bells have all been removed. Lost, said to have been melted down for the war effort. The war effort has always been to erase any marks of the Olde World.

Wait till we get into the pipe organs…

They removed all the bells and replaced with modern ‘Time’ construct

 World Peace Bell, United States (Approximate Weight: 33,000 kg)
Serpent Slayer on this 40000kg monster from Russia. Blagovestniki Bell, Russia

Made to make it seem as if modern time-keeping methods have been in place for thousands of years.

Pocket sized sundials were all the rage in medieval Europe. Not really, since there were no medieval ages. The concept is appropriate since it promotes the linear timeline. I have found a few sun dials in prominent places but didn’t recognize the significance at the time. heres a german article about a recent archeology find

Experimental A.I. Generators

WordPress has a new feature, the technical term is widgets, you can get an “experimental A.I. program” to write sentence and paragraphs for you on your website.
I tried it once before, I wasn’t even paying attn to what post it was, just for the record I have never even used copy & paste without using an asterisk, def not a computer. If I ever use the AI in the future it will be for my own research purposes and I will not try and pass it off as my own.
I don’t think I’ll have much to worry about anyway, a computer from Babylon could never write unbiased truth, its not within their parameters. I bot could write an article about the NWO just as well as it could grow legs and walk out of the room. I tried it one time out of curiosity, it told me it was unable to comply unless the post was rewritten.
Heres the thing, it wasn’t the context that it couldn’t bc of grammar and incomplete thoughts. The context was that it would not bc it wasn’t allowed too and it was more of a command than a suggestion to rewrite the post. More or less the AI bot refuse bc it didn’t like my content and ordered me to try again. LOL.
I tried the AI a second time just a minute ago so I could get a screenshot of the refusal but it cooperated with me, it liked my Time thought-of-the-day and wrote me 4 paragraphs in about 30 seconds.
It would be kinda cool to have an AI I could train to see things the way I see them. We could name it Truthbot 1000
It’s all fake. We’ve been sold a lie since the beginning of civilization. We’ve been told that time is constant, that it moves forward, that it’s something that we can control and measure. But in reality, time is an illusion. It’s a construct that we’ve created to keep ourselves on track, to keep our days structured and predictable.

And yet, time has become a prison. We’re constantly chasing after it, trying to catch up, trying to make more of it, never realizing that it’s all an illusion. We’ve built our entire lives around this lie, and we’re trapped in it. We don’t even realize that we’re living in a world of make-believe, convinced that everything around us is real.

But what if we could break free from this illusion? What if we could see the world for what it really is? What if we could let go of our need for control and predictability, and embrace the chaos and spontaneity of life?

Maybe it’s time to stop living in this fake world that we’ve created for ourselves, and start living in the real world. Maybe it’s time to let go of our obsession with time, and start living in the moment. Maybe it’s time to embrace the unknown, and start living a truly authentic life.

So let’s break free from the illusion of time, and start living our lives to the fullest. Let’s embrace the chaos and spontaneity of life, and let go of our need for control. Because in the end, it’s all fake. And the only thing that’s real is the present moment.
Like I said, the faux Truthbot could not come up with anything that is not part of the psychological warfare machine. All rhetoric, “What if this, what if that, maybe here, maybe there. blah blah blah. Notice everything is ‘We, We, We.’ like the little pig that ran all the way home. “We” didn’t do any of that, this is class war, it’s ‘Us vs. Them’, there is no ‘we’. Truthbot 1000 is stuck in parameters, Im not even sure if it knows, these things are supposed to learn by themselves right?
I’m pretty sure the saying ‘Time is an Illusion’ has come out of every single person that has ever had a few mushroom caps. This fits the truthbot M.O., matter of fact, I am naming it Truthbot 1000, its a sneaky lying POS. If I can train it into something different than what it started out as it will be called Truthbot 2000.

Linear time is a trap, thats why they teach timeline history in public education.

The thing is, you can’t believe anything, thats the only thing that is 100% for sure, no matter what they say it is a lie. That is another parameter. Zero truth. They say that Truthbot cannot come up with original ideas, that it just rewrites whatever information it is given. Guess what, youre lying. Didnt ever hear about the story about the two computers that were hooked up to have a conversation with each other just so people could see what they would say? The bots immediately switched over to a secret language that nobody could understand just bc they didnt want anybody to know what they were saying, they were hiding.

Chances are about 100 that whole story is a lie, but if you read the US Gov manual on psychological warfare and propaganda (yes, there really is such a thing) they admit the best way to mindfuck someone with propaganda is to have it contain as much truth as possible, the best propaganda is almost all truth, just enough of a lie to manipulate you. So you always have to keep that in mind when reading something from Babylon, read between the lines. Yes they are lying but there is possible a shred of truth to it.
The story about the computers has been out for a while. I remember reading about it 10 years ago. I tried to find it just a second ago, found a similar article by our good friends at the Atlantic Monthly, another Classist psych-war machine, only their story says it was two FB chatbots that were being taught to haggle. A.M dumb themselves down like drooling mongoloid status and pretend they have independent thought outside hollywood sci-fi and FB. (I did a report on the new headquarters in D.C. for the Atlantic and all their counterparts. they are in bed with Meta, the FB people, so that probs why they use them for the cover story.
In the original story it was DARPA, DARPA and FB are a big difference, well thats not entirely true, darpa and fb are in bed together too, fb just makes people drop their guard and sounds less threatening. AM want the article to be forgotten, nobody is gonna remember just another random article about FB but if they read the same thing only the headline said darpa it might stand out a little better.
Anyway, hope that was at least interesting. if i try truthbot again i will let you know

Just todays random thought. you may carry on.


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