Shout Out to Username: Lovely Sheep

This is the only cat that consistently hits the ‘like’ button. He’s been with me for most the journey, it’ll be one year next month. Lovely Sheep could be a chick, idk, dont want to use the wrong gender pronoun these days, damn.

Just wanted to give a personal thank you, drop me a line some time and let me know what kind of topics do you like, request lines are open…

Somebodies gotta read this shit so thank you for at least saying you do, even if you’re lying. We published our 150th article this weekend. By ‘we’ I mean the whole community that makes it possible.

Researchers spend a lot of time, it takes real dedication and commitment to put in the work necessary to make a proper document and nobody ever likes anything, its not discouraging, i never ‘like’ most ppls work either. Nobody comments either except trolls, I gave up on that right away but I have had a couple I felt were genuine.

Lovely sheep

Several people tried to reach out and I blew them off, not on purpose… Well, some of them were on purpose. It’s not just the trolls I have little patience for. There were some people that were regular commenters but haven’t heard anything for a while, Where’d yall go?

Trolls or not I appreciate the interaction and I support anyone that supports me.

So if you found your way to this website consider yourself lucky, theres not another one like it out there and at least for the time being internet travel is unrestricted except when search engines bury your stuff, thats why its so important you connect with like-minded people. Chances are you will never find anyone that will listen to anything you have to say, let alone agree with you.

if you happen to run into a username: Lovely Sheep, see if you can engage in a conversation.

Thanks again, that why I do it. I already know what im looking at, I dont stay up till 2am every night and go to work at 7 the next day for my health. I do it so the people with open minds just coming out of their State-induced coma’s will have a chance. Its all about planting seeds. I’m a farmer of Truth. You get out what you put in and I probs will never see results for my labor but we have to do something. The few of us that feel called to be truth farmers get it.

On that note I invite back all the trolls and agents I ran off the past year to come back and leave a comment or two, some body tell me again about how their friends grandpa knew somebody from the Old country that fought in the war. I wont even laugh…



  1. I read your posts more often than I visit Stolen History. They’re usually something I reread because there’s a lot going on visually. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Thanks again old friend. Lemme know if you have any requests.. I try to keep things visually stimulating to keep ppl interested. The hardest part I have is staying focused, everything wants to branch out in every direction. Also keeping updated, like I have been working on the pre-Columbian mound builders essay, which their history and culture is like a patchwork of details stolen from other cultures from Buddhism to Aztec. Nobody will ever know, I have to constantly add and adjust every post.
      The visuals… Oh you mean all the collections I dig out of third world country archives. shit yeah brother, the narrative has to match the visual record which means the camera wasn’t invented till mid 1800s, nothing can be before then, except daguerreotype and lithograph but you dig? Take Edinburgh, no way those pictures are really the year on the label…
      The concept of the Tartarian empire is misdirection, it does more damage than good most times, one way is it keeps ppl on the lookout only for massive steepled cathedrals and castles, as if there wasn’t anything else left over. Recognize the infrastructure; bridges, tunnels, railroads and especially canals are all artifacts.
      Some one from SH sent me a PDF of the old energy grid, it was good, missed some parts but you can’t get everything. The Anti-Russian vein is normie propaganda but everyone has to make a living… speaking of which, I gotta boogie. Thanks for the check in.

    1. Thanks Hope, you can get a free website from most providers, use it to keep notes and the essays write themselves. It’s easy when you know what you’re looking for. That’s what I try to do, show ppl how to search for themselves instead of just telling them this is what it is. Stick around. If you have any requests or questions drop me a line

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