Image’s of Spook Photographer Benjamin West Kilburn

Kilburn, B. W.

(Benjamin West), 1827-1909 Collection at New York Public Library (NYPL)

Points of US history from Maine to Key West to Alaska and California, New Orleans. The Hoosac Tunnel, Mayflower and Plymouth Rock Pilgrims. Templar Knights parade, Boston, 1895, Niagara Falls. Black Culture, May Queen, Arlington Cemetery, NYC skyscrapers, Yellowstone Park. Small Olde World New England towns of North Adams MA. and Bethlehem NH. multiple railroads, Little Round Top at Gettysburg, Battle of Chattanooga, Liberty Bell, Great Thunder and Lightning Makers (?) Machinery Hall, Cop Statue for Chicago riots, San Francisco Earthquake damage. (Nob Hill. featured in the Great Railway Strike of 77)

Multiple World Fairs;This guys probly is just a file name. If he was a real flesh and bone person he gets credit for other ppls work. To much going on to be one person. A World Fair Project himself. Including; Columbian Expo (photographed Greely Party from the North Pole and McCormick Exhibit and Womens Pavillion, Cliff Dwellings), NY ‘Great Centennial, 1889, Cali Midwinter Expo, 1894, Atlanta Cotton Expo, 1896 (Baby incubators), Pan American, Buffalo, 1901 (Where McKinnley was assassinated at Temple of Music). St Louis Louisianna Purchase Expo, 1904.

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